Steven – A Christmas story

Two friends fall in lust for Christmas.

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Steven – A Christmas story

It was a few days before Christmas and Steven was over. I love it when Steven sleeps over. He’s my lifelong best friend but I’ve only known him for six months. How can I know him for so little time yet feel like we’ve been close forever?

He’s a little older than me. He’ll be 16 in a few months, and I’ve barely turned 15. He’s cool in a relaxed not-trying-to-prove-himself kind of way. He has a great smile; easy going, natural, lots of teeth but not that over-smiling that some kids do when they’re lacking in confidence.

I love to be around him. He just makes me feel great, like I must be important because he takes the time to give me his attention. Not that I’m insecure you understand. We both have of lots of friends, but when we’re alone it’s different. There’s none of the negative competitiveness, none of the edge that’s a constant presence with other kids our age.


Outside there was snow on the ground, bright in the clear moonlit night, and sparkling where the lights from my house crept around the curtains to illuminate it. But Steven and were inside playing video games.

We loved to play. Usually we’d play something edgy with guns or cars but on this night in December we went with Guitar Hero because it’s multiplayer. It was pleasant, the basement boiler ensuring that every room was toasty. We stood side by side  dressed only in our shorts pressing plastic buttons on silly little plastic guitars in time to the on-screen melody. We’re both crappy at the game. Neither of us has any innate sense of rhythm but that makes it all the more hilarious. Steven sang along with the tune in an exaggerated tone and he sings even worse than he plays. I was laughing my ass off as he did his tone-deaf best to carry the tune.

The level finished and we both had scores that my 10 year old brother could beat.

“You’re fucking useless!” I told him with a huge grin.

“You can fucking talk!” he laughed back at me, pushing my chest.

I stumbled backwards and he jumped onto me. We threw the contollers to the side and started to wrestle. It was our favourite game. There was literally no activity that couldn’t degenerate into wrestling. Only that night it was different.


We rolled around, grunting and ineptly trying to pin or submit the other against the carpeted floor. Neither of us had any actual moves so it was all brute teen strength.

I stood up to step free and he grabbed my basketball shorts to stop me going. They came down to my knees, and my sports boxers went halfway exposing my neat bush and the top inch of my cock. I grabbed at my shorts but they were too low and he pulled them all the way to the ground laughing uproariously as they went.

Grinning, I yanked my boxers up, and I turned and jumped straight back into the fray, determined to get my revenge. We rolled around for another minute or so before I managed to take his shorts, although I’m certain he was just manoeuvring for an opportunity to lose them without being obvious. Now we were both in boxers.

Festive coloured lights twinkled from the mini tree that stood on my dresser alongside my TV.


We were both fit but the heat took its toll and soon we were both slippery with sweat. We momentarily found ourselves on our knees face to face. He quickly pecked me on the cheek with a kiss and I reacted with stunned paralysis and a shocked expression. Laughing, he used my momentary surprise to take double underhooks on me, wrapping both arms under my armpits and gripping my shoulders. He pushed me onto my my back and we rolled face to face as he attempted to control me, although he had no endgame objective in mind.

I wrapped my legs around both of his from outside to in, hooking my heels behind his knees trying to minimise his leverage. Our sweaty stomachs were slipping and sliding off each other, and our cotton-clad groins pressed together as we tusseled and struggled for dominance. I was only too aware of our bulges grinding together and I found it immensely exciting but it was not overtly sexual. I’m sure now that that was why we wrestled so often: it was a way to enjoy physical intimacy without the risk of admitting to each other; to ourselves even, that we were sexually interested in each other.

Suddenly with a huge effort and unexpected competence, Steven bridged and threw me off. He leapt to his feet grinning, and I jumped to mine and we stood facing each other in Greco Roman start poses, in low stance, arms up as though  ready to jump in for another entanglement.


“Dude,” Steven said.


He looked pointedly at my groin. My boner formed a six inch curve to the left angling slightly downwards in my green American Eagle boxers. I couldn’t pretend as though it was just the outline of my soft cock. I was clearly extremely hard. Even my balls seemed to have grown.

I looked down at myself then back at him. What should I say? Should I make a joke? Apologise? Try to brush it off? I looked him in the eyes in a moment that went on forever whilst I weighed my options. He didn’t look away but neither was it an uncomfortable pause. It was surprisingly safe, non-judgemental. It was like there was something passing between us – something unsaid, questions and answers. His expression was amused, friendly. He looked down at my boner again.

“Horny?” he asked, stating the obvious.

I grinned sheepishly now as he continued staring.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Nice boner.”

Now I blushed. Boys weren’t supposed to admire each other’s junk.

“Umm, thanks.”

“What got you turned on?”

I shrugged. It still felt taboo to even consider that it was the friction between our grioins.

Then I noticed subtle movement at the front of his boxers. As we wrestled his cock was scrunched into a tight little lump by his boxers, curled on top of his nuts. Now it was slowly unfurling, like a creature awakening after hibernation. It slowly straightened from its cooched up position until it came to a rest aligned up towards his belly button. Straight as a ruler. I could see the outline of his glans clearly. It was arrow shaped. He was not quite as long as me but he looked even harder. I could see the swollen urethra outlined down the back of his cock.

“Now you’ve got a boner too.”

He looked down at himself, then back at me. He smiled, a wicked elfish grin. There was a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.


“What got YOU turned on?” I asked, turning his question back on him.

“Your boner I guess,” he offered looking me straight in the eye.

I was shocked at his candour.


Steven walked forwards looking me in the face the whole time. I was breathless with anticipation. He stopped when he was six inches away, then he slowly grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close. Our boners touched through the fabric of our boxers. I pushed my hips towards him instinctively and he started slowly grinding back.


Our flat, smooth chests pressed together.

He pulled the back of my head towards him and turned his head ready to kiss me. My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it echoed back off his chest. I parted my lips a little and he pushed his lips against them. He took control and I allowed him to kiss me. After a minute of massaging each other’s lips, I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. It was my first french kiss. I thought having someone’s tongue in my mouth would be slimy and disgusting but it was unbearably erotic. As I felt him slithering around inside my mouth, it was like my mouth was a proxy for another part of my body. At that time, I’d never had a blowjob, and it wasn’t even within my imagination to contemplate the pleasures of a tongue at my hole, yet his tongue proimised so much unspoken pleasure.

My dick was straining so hard in my boxers. I stopped and pushed him away, pressing his shoulders. He looked at me concerned.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah it’s just that… “

I was still self conscious.


“Well, my dick is trapped in my boxers. It’s really aching.”

Steven gifted me with a huge beaming smile then he reached down and pulled the front of my boxers away from my dick. I watched as wetness connected my helmet momentarily in sticky streamers that connect to a slimy patch inside my boxers.

“You’re so fucking horny,” he said.

“Yeah,” I admitted in a low voice.

He continued pulling my boxers away, setting my cock free. I watched. My dick sprang upwards towards my belly, throwing off a tiny whippet of clear fluid as it rose. The end was shiny and there was a wet patch in my boxers where the head had been. I frowned unaccustomed to seeing it.

“Precum. Cool,” Steven said, as though reading my thoughts.

He reached down and made little circles on my dickhead with the tip of his index finger. I squirmed, shocked at the sensitivity. Steven smiled and pushed my boxers all the way to the floor.

He reached between my legs and cupped my nut sack. I’m proud of my nuts; they’re big for my age. Sometimes I think my man-cock and balls look almost silly on me – too big for my slim frame and 5 foot 5 height. But I’d rather look silly for that reason than the other way round – a teenager with a young boy cock. At least I never neeed to feel embarrassed in the school showers.

Steven massaged my nuts and rolled them as though he was hefting a pirate’s doubloon pouch.

“Nice nuts!”

He seemed to have such confident control of the sitauation. No self consciousness.

“Have you done this before?” I asked.

“No, but I guess I kind of wanted to ever since I first saw you.”

“You’re gay?”

“I didn’t think so till I met you.”

He said exactly what I felt.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

I guess if I was honest, deep down I always knew I wasn’t like other boys. I didn’t get off talking about girls like they did, and I wasn’t always looking for a chance to get a look at one of them semi-nude. But I thought the pleasure I got from being around Steven was just because he was such a nice guy.


Steven cupped my cock in the palm of his hand, my glans up past his wrist and my balls near his finger tips. He slowly slid his palm up and down. He started kissing my neck as he slowly jacked me. I swallowed, panting, then swallowed again, and again. My mouth seemed full of saliva.

I felt like he was the one guiding our interaction, but I wanted to take a more active role.

I stepped away and dropped to my knees. Before he could ask why, I unhooked his boxers and pulled them down to the ground. His cock was just below my eye level, pointing straight up. I examined it for five long seconds and he stood patiently, giving me time.

He was smooth as a baby. At 16 it must be because he shaved, but if so, he’d taken incredible care to ensure that there was not so much as a hint of hair. No treasure trail, nothing on his balls, and not even the five O’clock shadow that showed where the follicles were.

“You shave?”


“You’re so smooth,” I marvelled.

“Hair remover. I started using it when I used to swim. No danger of cutting your nut sack!”

I grinned broadly and gripped his cock in my fist.

“Man, you’re so fucking hard!” I said in wonderment.

I leaned forwards and opened my mouth. I wanted to make him feel as good as he was making me feel.

“Yeah, it’s you. You make me so horny. I can’t believe we’re doing this. Do you have any idea how fucking hot you are?”

I paused, my mouth just inches from his dick and looked up at him. I wondered if he was joking. I was lean, with no real muscles except the hint of untrained abs and lats. I had a geeky face, a bit young for my age, and a big dumb smile. And unruly wavy mousy brown hair that would never go where I wanted it to. He couldn’t mean me?

“I guess I got lucky with my dick,” I said, referencing the only thing I could possibly imagine he meant.

“No not just your cock, but that’s great,” he added as an aside.

Steven lifted me to my feet so he could address me as an equal.

“You. Your cute face. Your smile. Your messy hair. Your braces. Your personality. The way you laugh. The way you never know what’s cool and what’s not. The way you’re kind to people when you don’t have to be. The way you keep trying even when you know you’ve got no chance of winning. The way you were quick to be my friend even while everyone else was waiting to see if I was worth the effort. You’re a great guy!”

I was slack jawed with surprise; truly taken aback. I’d never considered any of those qualities to be assets before, but now Steven was telling me that they were. I looked at him, wide eyed, speechless, happy beyond words. All of a sudden I wasn’t just another kid on this planet, I had qualities, likeable qualities.

He pulled me close again and this time our warm cocks touched. I thought for a moment I was gonna jizz right then, but the rush faded and we stood, cocks resting against each other like crossed swords.

We kissed and rubbed cocks for ten wonderful minutes, then he dropped to HIS knees. I looked down at him in amazement. What was he doing? He was the cool one. If anyone should be on their knees it should…


The instant his lips and hot tongue touched the head of my cock, I stopped caring about all other matters. It felt so good. I gasped and hunched, looking skyward, my mouth gaping.

“Oh my fucking god!” I thought, my mind blown.

Steven sucked me for a few minutes teasing, driving me wild.

“How are you so fucking good at this Steven?”

He grinned.

“I watch a lot of porn!”

He continued licking me. Instinctively I grabbed the back of his head. After a while, I started to pull him onto my cock, fucking his face in rhythm. Then he started resisting. I looked down at him and he looked back up at me.

“Not too quick or you’ll cum and it’ll all be over.”

“Oh,” I said.

His words made sense but I was still disappointed. The idea of making sex last was alien to me. It wasn’t an issue when sex was always a solo event. Often I was in a rush to cum during a shower before I left for school. I was a master of the 30 second wank. If I got up early I would sometimes take a minute or two. In the evenings sometimes, I would take longer, watching porn and half jacking for five or ten minutes. But this was different, I was fully turned on, ready to pop and Steven was slowing me down.


He moved away from me and picked up the duvet cover from my bed, spreading it on the carpeted floor.

“Lay down.”

I complied, lying on my back.

He lay next to me, facing the opposite way.

“Turn to face me.”

As I turned, he scootched down until we were laying face to groin and everything clicked into place for me.

He reached forwards and gripped my dick again, then he formed his lips into an “O” and moved his mouth over my helmet. He started bobbing his head, using his lips to wank me and his fist to pump my shaft. Then his hot tongue started flickering over the surface of my dick. I couldn’t help grinding towards him.

I could see his dick was twitching, excited and eager for attention. I reached out and gripped it between four fingers and a thumb as Groucho Marx would grip a prized Havana cigar. I poked out my tongue and tentatively touched the tip of his cock, expecting that it would taste of piss but it didn’t. It pretty much tasted of nothing: perhaps just a hint of salt but that was soon gone. I licked him more entusiastically now. It felt so right. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to feel a cock with my tongue, and knowing that it belonged to Steven just made it perfect. All this time, a part of me had been yearning for sex with another boy, and I’d somehow suppressed it, kidded myself into thinking I was just a late bloomer, or not really into sex. But now, my mouth seemed made for Steven’s cock.


I copied his actions, determined to make him feel as good as he was making me feel. It was a strange experience. I felt a weird duality, like my body existed in two places at once; above my waist and below it. For a few seconds I would be totally concentrating on his helmet, licking, sucking, bouncing and jacking to make Steven feel as good as I was capable of making him feel. Then my attention would be drawn to his reciprocal actions on my cock, and I couldn’t believe how my attention could ever have been focussed on anything else. Then with a supreme act of will, I would focus back on the beautiful, perfectly smooth cock in front of my eyes, and just the sight of it made me want to jizz on the spot.

I started face fucking again. I couldn’t help it but this time Steven didn’t slow me down. Suddenly I knew I was close.

I pulled my cock from his mouth.

“I’m gonna cum!”  I warned him.

“Gimme it all,” he said then pulled me back into his mouth and continued, pumping my cock with his upper hand.

Then I was squirting, cumming hard into his mouth. I let out a triumphal moan, stifling it so that my parents and brother would not hear down the hall in the living room.

Steven sucked and flickered his tongue and jacked until I was squirting no more, then he closed his lips into a tight “O” and continued sucking me with vaccuum pressure like I was a lollipop, draining me dry.

“Oh god, oh god, oh fucking god!” I moaned, as I writhed in ecstasy.

Then it was over and I was spent. I lay still, and Steven lay patient, making no effort to draw my attention to his own boner which was twitching and bouncing, eager for its own resolution.

After 30 seconds I looked down at him.

“That was fucking unbelievable!”

He smiled up at me.

I glanced at the clean duvet, then I looked around to see if he had spat my cum out on tissue or an item of clothing.

“What happened to my jizz?”

He shot me his mischievous look again then licked his upper lip. Then he smacked his lips together comically and grinned again. I grinned back at him.

“What’s it taste like?”

“Okay. Not much of anything really. You can find out.”

He wiggled his hips at me and his stiff cock bounced in front of my face. I suddenly remembered that I had not finished him.

“Oh sorry dude!”

He grinned at me. I gripped his dick and resumed.

Nomally after I squirt, I have no interest in sex for at least 10 or 15 minutes, but his dick was still of great interest to me. It was so hard and so straight. A horny spear that looked like it could push its way effortlessly into my hole no matter how much I might resist. It was a strange thought. I’d never contemplated anal sex before, and now I was imagining how effectively Steven could fuck me. I wondered how it would feel.

I worked on Steven’s dick for a minute before he announced that he was about to cum. I was hesitant about having his jizzz in my mouth, but it seemed like it would interrupt the rhythm if I switched to my hand so I put aside my hesitance and continued sucking, increasing the speed of my head bobbing. In just moments, Steven was moaning and I felt him blast the back of my mouth with squirt after squirt of cum.

I continued working him until his moaning and squirming came to an end then I moved my head away from his cock. It felt like my mouth was full of his slime. It took an effort of will but I swallowed it down in two gulps. I certainly didn’t like the taste or the texture, but there was something deep, almost primal; a sense of powerful connection to have his spunk in my stomach. It was like he was a part of me that would never be gone. His living sperm cells were swimming in my stomach. Then they would be digested and his cells would literally become part of the fuel that created my own.

I looked at his cock head. It was lightly coated in a thin spunk froth that was all that remained of his jizz. I was fascinated. I’d never seen a cock this close before, not even my own.


Steven turned his body until we were laying face to face. He gazed into my face with a beatific smile. It was the first time I ever recognised love for me in the face of someone who wasn’t my family. I smiled back, satisfied and content in a way that I’d never been at any time in my life before.

“That was great dude,” Steven said, “thanks so much.”

“No problem man. Thank YOU. You give amazing blow jobs!”

“First time. They’ll only get better from here.”

I felt a thrill at the implication.

“I hope I’m the one who gets to find out.”

“Dude, there’s no-one else I ever want to give them to!”

His response made me happy in a way I couldn’t express. I felt a glow swelling throughout my entire body, starting at my stomach and radiating out to infuse every cell. I leaned forwards and kissed him lightly on the lips; a simple act of gratitude. He pecked me back then encircled me with his arms, pulling me close.

Our dicks were both still hard. They pressed together and it made me horny but I was in no rush to do more. He draped his upper leg across my thigh using it to pull our groins closer. Our nuts were squashed against each other, but we were both happy simply to lie, basking in the sense of companionship.

Finally after ten minutes of snuggling, my cock wilted, and a few minutes later, I felt his cock wilt on top of mine. We pressed even closer together and fell into a deep contented sleep.

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