Beach Party

An older sister deals with her annoying teenager brother in a way that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Inspired by a story by Storytime Sam. If you like this story, you’ll also enjoy The Don’s Daughter and School Surprise which are part of the same universe.

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Beach party

“Mooom, Megan won’t drop us off at the mall!”

Sarah Wilson walked into the lounge where Jack was arguing with his sister.

“I’ve already told you Megan, if you’re going to borrow the car you have to drop Jack and Willie off at the mall.”

“But mom, I’m already late, the party will be half over if I swing by the mall first.”

“It’s a beach party for goodness sakes. It won’t be over if you turn up 15 minutes late.”

“But mom…”

Sarah cut her daughter off dead.

“I’m not going to go over this again! If you want continued use of the car, you have to occasionally put yourself out the tiniest bit or you’ll be walking everywhere this summer. Now what’s it to be?”

Sarah dangled the keys to the car with a no nonsense “Well, your choice?” expression.

Megan scowled at Jack then her mother, but she knew that she had no choice but to acquiesce. Her mother’s request was reasonable, but she didn’t want to spend any time with her boogersnot of a younger brother. His personal hygiene was non-existent, he stank of sweat all the time since he’d hit puberty, and he seemed to have a sudden interest in many of her female friends.

Megan wasn’t completely stupid. She lingered just long enough before taking the keys to show her disapproval, then she snatched them from her mother without thanking her.

“Come on then snot, and if you’re not waiting outside the movie theatre at 10.30 when I get there, I’m leaving you at the mall.”

“You’ll do no such thing Megan,” Sarah chided. “It’s too far for the boys to walk at that time of night, and I don’t want them getting mugged or kidnapped on the way home.”

“Jeez we live in Idaho, not the hood mom!” Megan protested.

“Yes, and boys disappear here just as they do anywhere else. Could you live with yourself if something bad happened to Jack and Willie?”

Megan looked at the two young teens. Right now a sex pervert could kidnap them both as far as she was concerned, but she thought better of saying so.

“All right, come on then, and you’d better not keep me waiting.”

Kendra was already hovering near the entrance to the living room. Megan walked towards the door, making it clear with her body language how displeased she was. The boys followed her. Just before they walked through the front door and out into the street, Sarah called after them.

“Jack, have you got your phone?”

Jack smiled.

“Mom, I’m 14 not 4. Course I have. What teenager do you know that goes anywhere without his phone?”

“Good question,” she thought.

She gave her son and his best friend another smile.

“Enjoy the movie boys. And girls, have a good party. Don’t drink too much.”

Megan acted as though she hadn’t heard. She got into the driver’s seat of their MPV and Kendra got into the passenger seat. Jack and Willie opened the mid passenger door and sat in two of the six rear seats facing opposite each other before Jack slid the door shut behind them.


Megan pulled out and headed towards the mall. In truth it was a very small inconvenience, but in the six months that she had been driving, she had been co-opted to act as a taxi on the infrequent occasions that her 14 year old brother needed taking somewhere. It was not a lot to ask, but she valued every second of her time and resented having to put herself out for him.

“JP Couldn’t you two go to the movies another day?” she demanded grumpily, using abbreviations of her brother’s first and middle names.

“Why should we? It’s best on Friday – that’s when everyone else goes.”

She looked over shoulder at them.

“So we have to ruin our night so you and your boyfriend can go hold hands in the dark?”

Willie blushed but he knew better than to get involved in what was a brother sister dispute. Megan was being particularly obnoxious. Jack and Willie were not gay, but she just wanted to make the journey as unpleasant as possible for them as a way of punishing them for inconveniencing her.

“It’s not going to ruin your night at all. It’s 15 minutes out of your way. You’re just being selfish Megan. And can you keep your eyes on the road please?”

Jack was not afraid of his sister, but he offered a concession.

“If we really have to, we’ll walk home after if that will shut you up. But it will be your fault if anything happens to us.”

“Oh you’d love that wouldn’t you? And if you got kidnapped, I’d never hear the last of it!”

“Good to know you care so much about me sis,” Jack said sarcastically.

“Pah!” Megan spat in disgust, and returned her attention to the road.


After ten minutes of urban driving they came to an intersection. The mall was three miles to the left Megan turned the car right.

“Hey you missed our turn. The mall’s that way,” Jack said.

“Nah, I didn’t miss it. We’re not going to the mall. You’re coming with us.”

Megan turned to Kendra with a grin. Her friend grinned back.

Jack was outraged.

“Hey that’s not the deal. Take us to the mall right now or I’m calling mom!”

“I think I’ve heard enough from you now. You need something else to distract you, don’t you think Kendra?”

Kendra didn’t know what Megan had in mind and she returned her friend’s smile with a puzzled look.

Megan reached forwards and pressed a few buttons on a touch screen panel. The windows started to darken as one-way glass polarised, preventing people outside from looking in. In the back of the vehicle, hands on the end of long snake-like articulated arms emerged from panels all over the car.

Jack looked at them with panic.

“What are you doing Megan?! You’re not allowed to do that. Only mom and dad are allowed. It’s vacation; we don’t have to do it in vacation time!”

The arms twisted and the hands started reaching for the two boys. Jack and Willie tried to swat them away, but they had both experienced this many times before and they had learned that it was futile to try to avoid what was about to happen.

“Megan! Don’t you fucking dare! Willie’s mom hasn’t given permission. You’ll get in serious trouble.”

Megan smiled.

“You two have done this loads of times together. She won’t mind.”

The hands gripped the boys’ wrists and ankles, then more hands moved around them, tugging at their clothes. Both boys were shouting and struggling. In moments, they were both stripped down to their underwear; Jack to his boxers and Willie to his briefs. Finally Willie spoke up.

“Don’t do this Megan. My dad is gonna blow a gasket when he finds out!”

“Yeah maybe, but I don’t think you’re going to want to tell anyone about it by the time you’re finished.”

“Megan, you fucking bitch!” Jack screamed at her. “I’m going to fucking kill you when I get free!”

“Yeah yeah,” she taunted, “and pigs will fly too.”

“I fucking mean it. I’m gonna beat the shit…”

“I think we’ve heard enough of you,” she interrupted. “Have fun boys.”

She pressed a button behind her and a glass panel rose separating the front of the car’s cabin from the soundproofed rear.

In the rear, the boys’ underwear was pulled down. Jack’s short fat cock bounced free; a thick brown two inches including its circumcised head, resting atop a fat, soft round sack, with a small bush of jet black hair. Willie was the polar opposite: a  pale four inch snake, thin as an index finger, with a long anteater foreskin. His nut sack was smaller than Jack’s, pulled up tight as though cold, with a deeply grooved surface. His bush was as red as the hair on his head.

When the boys’ underwear was gone, the hands lifted them by the back of the knees so that they were reclining at an angle of 45 degrees, with their asses in the air. Kendra watched with amusement as the boys were prepared for milking.



In the year 2025, researchers discovered that 95% of all youth violence and other criminal behaviour was a result of unresolved sexual energy.  As a result, the Sexual Dissipation Directive was introduced which made it mandatory for all males past the start of puberty to masturbate at least twice every day during term time and once a day the rest of the time.

Many boys resisted or lied about their masturbation due to embarrassment or religious conditioning, so the 2027 masturbation amendment was introduced. This made it mandatory under pain of a ten year prison sentence, for parents to visually supervise at least one masturbation session to completion every single day.

Now the parents became a weak link, as most were initially self-conscious about watching their sons masturbating. Most quickly overcame their discomfort, even if their sons didn’t.

However, the government continued to work on solutions that would eliminate both parental discomfort and resistance from the boys. Their solution was the MV or milking vehicle. This incredible feat of engineering became compulsory for all parents of high school age boys, and riding it every day during school time was mandatory.

The MV was an automated masturbation system with various settings. It could be programmed for basic masturbation and ejaculation, and more sophisticated recreation or punishment routines could be configured. According to the size of the vehicle, up to eight boys could be masturbated simultaneously during a single journey.

In 2030, after complaints from men’s rights activists, girls were also added to the program.

In 2032, the compulsory bedroom milking system was introduced for young people who found ways to avoid their daily journey, or for whom their schools were close enough not to require a car ride.

In 2035, the program was extended to boys and girls of middle school and college age.

In 2034, the first school bus installations were tested. 32 students of all ages from 12 to 18 could be simultaneously milked. It was a total success, and quickly replaced ALL school buses across the country.

In 2038, milking girdles were introduced. Police squads collected youths who refused to be milked by other means and locked them into milking girdles. Once locked into place these forcibly masturbated their wearers 4 times a day.




Both boys continued to struggle fruitlessly as the MV man-handled them. Jack had been naked in Megan’s presence before and both had been masturbated en route to school dozens of times. Jack and Willie had also been masturbated in each other’s presence. However, it was one thing to be milked with your sister because it was the law, and another thing entirely to be masturbated in front of her and her friend simply for their amusement.

Kendra watched the boys being teased, sitting half-turned in her seat so that she could see comfortably. Megan occasionally glanced into the inside mirror to watch. Both teenagers grinned as Megan’s little brother and best friend were groped by the MV.

Jack screamed abuse at his sister, knowing that she could not hear, but any time he caught her looking into the internal mirror, his abuse became more animated. She smiled back at him and continued driving.

Meanwhile, Willie was more concerned with Kendra. She’d never seen him naked before, let alone hard, and he would have preferred to have kept it that way.

It was a funny thing about teen modesty that boys could be compulsorily masturbated every day of their lives in the presence of a variety of friends and family members, yet still feel self-conscious about being seen naked by someone new.

Willie knew his dick was skinny, just as Jack knew his was short, and being studied by Kendra like bacteria on a petri dish was humiliating.


The hands pulled Willie’s soft white foreskin back, exposing his pink glans. It looked strangely colourful compared to the paleness of his skin. Then two fingers began rolling his glans, whilst a third teased his fraenulum. In spite of himself, he was soon hard; a six-inch twig straining between his legs.

Opposite, Jack’s penis also responded quickly to the teasing. He lacked Willie’s length, but he had a respectable five-inch log when it was hard, much too big to wrap his teen fingers all the way around. Kendra looked at it for a long time then she said something to Megan and licked her top lip. Jack’s sister glanced in the mirror and nodded with a broad grin.


Additional rubberised mechanical hands joined the melee, working the boys over, teasing nipples, stroking gooches and lightly touching assholes. The boys squirmed, unable to prevent their bodies from responding with enthusiasm to the expert attention.

Jack arched his back involuntarily like a cat stretching in a sun beam. Willie ground his hips, trying to avoid the anal teasing, but serving only to intensify the pleasure on his cock as he did so.


Megan had selected the “Edging” program. Her parents had never seen a need to use it on either of them before. They viewed the MV as a necessary evil, something to be used and dispensed with as quickly as possible. Now the boys were discovering for the first time, just how much more there was to the MV’s erotic repertoire.



15 minutes later, they arrived at the beach. In the back, it was like a scene from a gay Roman bordello. The red, sweat covered boys were panting and grinding, rolling their hips like sinuous snake dancers, desperate to avoid the fingers teasing their holes and cocks, but equally eager to cum. Both wore grimaces that were a mixture of pain and lustful torment, wholeheartedly yearning to ejaculate, maintained masterfully on the edge of orgasm but never allowed over it.

Megan parked the vehicle 30 yards from the shore where she could see that the party was already in motion. A large driftwood fire was blazing in the dusk light and her friends were drinking and dancing against the glowing flames and the gentle waters of lake Great Salt Lake. She lowered the window and waved. Her gesture was returned by a handful of revellers.

Then she lowered the internal divider.

“Hey boys, hope you’re having fun? You know there’s a new program, it was automatically downloaded in the last software update. I thought you might like to give it a try?”

“Uhnnn,” Jack grunted, barely able to speak through his lust, “stop it please Meg. Can’t… can’t take it any more.”

It took all his effort to get the words out.

“Awww, you having trouble not cumming Jack? Not to worry; soon be over, then you can cum as much as you like. More than you like,” she added cryptically.

Jack was too horny to engage in a conversation with her. He could barely think. He was aware of the fact that he was thrusting his hips back and forth, slowly air humping, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Megan pressed a couple of buttons on the panel and the program changed.

“Enjoy your evening boys. I’ll be back for you later. With that, she rolled the soundproof divider back up, then she and Kendra got out of the MPV and went to join the party.


Three hours later

“Hey, has anyone else got any beer?” Jason asked the partyers.

“Yeah, there’s a couple of six packs in the back of my car,” Megan replied. I was saving them, but I don’t think I’ll be drinking them all now.

She threw him her key fob. He caught it and walked over to the rear of the van and waved the digital fob in the direction of the door. It unlocked automatically. He pressed a button on the door and a hydraulic opener slowly raised the door.

“Hey what the fuck is this in the back of your van Megan?!” he asked.

She looked at him momentarily confused, then she remembered. Jack and Willie!

“Oh it’s my brother and his friend, they were being real assholes. Mom said I had to bring them so…”

“They’re being milked Megs. Looks like they’re pretty much losing their minds back here.”

Jason took out his phone and started filming the scene with a broad grin. Others were starting to listen in on the exchange now.

“Yeah well, like I say, Jack was being a real fungus. I figured it was the best way to deal with him.”

“Oh shit Megs, that’s brutal. Remind me never to get in the back when you’re driving.”

A couple of other guys walked over to see what the fuss was about. After one glance, Stu laughed.

“Ohhh fuck Megan. That’s evil. It looks like these guys have been milked dry. Brutal!”

More people went look and Megan walked over to the back of the vehicle, and within 30 seconds half a dozen phones were filming the scene.


Inside the vehicle all the seats had folded into the floor. Jack and Willie knelt with their asses facing towards the door, pinned to the floor on their hands and knees by the car’s robotic hands. Their knees were spread wide apart. The two boys stared straight ahead, standing like dumb cows being milked in a stall, heedless of the audience behind them.

Between their legs, each of their cocks were being pulled downwards so that it faced the floor. At their holes, a hand with a lubricated and extended index finger was banging their virgin puckers at a rapid pace, repeatedly withdrawing just past the rubber knuckle before plunging hard all the way in again.

And below that, each boy’s nuts were gripped between the tips of five fingers of an additional hand. The hand gripping was vibrating as fast as a hammer drill, shaking the boys’ young eggs like a manic cocktail shaker.

The boys were groaning and moaning softly, their bodies completely entranced by the ecstasy the hands were delivering. Willie was grinding in slow motion, fucking a partner that didn’t exist. Lubricated finger tips slid over his glans, flickering with light, fast strokes in a jacking motion designed to maximise his pleasure so that each time he came, he was quickly able to recover ready to continue.

Beneath his chest, fingers tweaked and teased his nipples.

Next to him, Jack was receiving exactly the same treatment from the automated hands. Suddenly a long drool of cum emerged from his dick, not so much squirted, as falling from his overworked nuts. It landed on the floor to join the dinner plate sized puddle that was already there.

Jack looked over his shoulder as though suddenly realising that he had an audience, moving slowly. His tongue was half out and he wore a heavy lidded, dreamy expression. The dirtiest leer slowly spread across his face, as though he was saying to the growing audience, “Yeah I just came again. Do you like it?!”

His eyes met his sister’s. Far inside there was a dim hint of recognition but no real connection. His leer broadened, then he slowly turned back to the front of the van as the hands kept his body at a level of ecstasy that had literally erased all rational thought.


The new anal mode was designed for advanced users, particularly those who knew that their sons were gay. It was a far more potent milking mode than any of the others, and was deigned to be used for no more than 15 minutes at a time. The human mind simply couldn’t cope with being elevated to such levels of euphoria for any longer.


“Ah ah ah,” Willie panted.

He started grinding his butt back against the finger fucking him then a tiny dribble emerged from his dick and splattered onto the large puddle between his knees. Megan glanced at it. The kid must have come fifty times to make that much spooge!


“Oh fucking hell Meg, how long have these two been kneeling here?” Jason asked laughing.

“Since we got here.”

She looked at her watch.

“Just over three hours.”

“Jesus Christ! It looks like they’ve had enough. They’re totally cooked. Look how out of it they are.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I was gonna have to take them home at 10.30 anyway.”

She reached past her brother and grabbed the two six packs, then handed them to Jason.

“Here, you might as well drink these. I’ll try to get back later if I can.”

She turned to Kendra.

“Hey Kendra, you wanna lift or you gonna get one from someone else?”

“Nah, I’ll come with you thanks. Don’t wanna get stuck out here.”


Megan lowered the rear door, leaving the two boys on their knees, and then she turned and made her goodbyes to the nine people who had gathered around to see, in no rush to end her brother’s sexual torment.

Eventually, she climbed back into the car.

“I guess I’d better put these two hose-monkeys out of their misery.”

“Yeah sister, they’re totally out of it.”

Megan pressed the screen buttons that would end the milking program. The hands stopped working the boys over just as Willie came yet again. As a tiny drool of cum spurted from his cock in a single jet, the hands flipped him and Jack onto their backs lifting them into the air. Automated hoses rinsed the boys and the floor clean, washing away three hours of jizz and sweat with a light spray.

“At least this is one day you’ll get to shower,” Megan thought as she watched her brother being cleaned.

Then the chairs rose back to their normal position and the boys’ limp bodies were deposited on them in a sitting position. Their clothes and towels were delivered from waterproof wall cupboards then the hands retracted back into the walls, and other than the two naked boys sitting there dazed with erections, the back of the MPV looked normal.

Both boys slouched in their chairs unmoving, still breathing hard. Megan looked at them through the unbreakable glass. She pressed the button to lower the screen. Her brother’s head was down and he appeared to be staring towards his friend’s lap, although from his blank expression he wasn’t actually focussed on anything.

“Boys come on, snap out of it. It’s over. Get dried and dressed. It’s time to go home.”

Neither boy showed the slightest hint that they had heard her.

“BOYS!” she said louder.

Jack blinked slowly a few times then returned to his vacant staring.

“Fuck, I can’t take them home like this. We’ll have to give them a while to come down.”

She looked at her brother’s lap. His erection stood like a flagpole.

“And give them time to lose those. Is Willie still…”

Kendra craned her neck and peered at Willie’s lap. A stiff twig stood tall from a small patch of red

hair. She turned back to Megan and nodded.

“Shit. Let’s go get coffee at Mackie D’s, maybe that will help.”


10 minutes later she was in the back of the MPV holding a coffee to her brother’s lips. She blew the surface to cool it then poured it.

“Coffee JP. Drink. It’ll make you feel better.”

She glanced at his undiminished erection.

“If you’re not already feeling great,” she thought.

He didn’t move as the coffee touched his lips.

“Drink!” she repeated but he made no move to obey.

She put the coffee on the floor to the side by his clothes. Kendra was watching from the passenger seat.

Megan returned to her brother.

“Come on, snap out of it!” she said, moving until they were nose to nose.

He showed no reaction.

“JACK!!” she said, then slapped him hard across the cheek.

His head whipped to the side, then he blinked a few times, then again, as though coming out of a trance. Then he blinked faster and he looked right into her eyes. Then down at his erection.

“What did you do to me?” he slurred. “You’re gonna be in so much trouble when mom finds out what you did.”

She thrust his clothes at him. He had long since drip dried in the summer heat.

“Get dressed, we can talk about it later. There’s coffee there.”

She turned to rouse Willie. A sharp slap did the trick again.


Five minutes later, she pulled the MPV to a halt half a mile from their home. She turned and spoke to the boys. Both were dressed, but both clearly still had fierce erections. They looked exhausted.

“Look you’d better tell mom you just hung out at the mall or she’ll want to know all about the movie. If you tell her what I did you’ll regret it.”

“I’m telling her bitch. That was totally fucked up.”

“You’re not telling her Jack. If you do, by tomorrow, there will be ten videos of you on your knees taking it like a faggot and loving it going all over the internet. By next week everyone you know will have seen it.”

Jack didn’t remember the loving it part, but he did know that he’d lost his mind as the hands kept working him over. After that, he guessed anything was possible.

“People filmed us?” he asked, feeling a lump of fear and emotion that almost choked him.

“Lots of people.”

He glanced at Willie. His friend looked terrified. The boy made the tiniest of head shakes. He knew they were beaten. Jack looked down at the tent he was still making in his board shorts, then he glanced at Willie’s lap. The tent was even more visible.

“What are we supposed to do about these? How long are they gonna last?”

“I dunno, jack off till they go?” Megan offered.

Jack looked at her with genuine hatred for the first time in his life.

“Just get us home Megan. And I’m telling you now, I AM going to get even with you for this. If it takes ten years, I’m gonna make you pay.”

“Maybe your boners will have gone by then stumpy.”

She turned away and drove them home.


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    Great story that will teach boys who is the boss!.. Girl power!

  • I absolutely love this universe you’ve created (and story Sam)!

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    I don’t know why exactly but this is still my favorite of all your stories. I love your work in general, but this one always gets me.

    • Thanks. Yeah, the whole milking bus series is really hot. I have Sorytime Sam to thank for the original idea.

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