Interdimensional milking 8 – Programming

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Max is developing a strong crush for a beautiful brown-eyed, blonde haired boy called Brill.

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Interdimensional milking 8 – Programming

Max slid his finger across the screen of his pad, moving the icons that programmed the software he was using. He was creating a computer game, although “programming” was really the wrong word. He was entering the parameters that enabled the software to program the game for him. He’d been working on it for a few hours.

His friends had invited him to go to Central for the afternoon with them, but Max was in the mood for some solo time. He went to his favourite spot by the sponge trees and reclined in the sunshine against a thick, soft wooden tendril that drooped against the fur grass. The tree was in bloom, and it emitted fine clouds of spores that filled the air with a soft, exotic floral fragrance. The aroma was intoxicating: heady enough to enhance Max’s already chilled mental state, but mild enough not to dull his thoughts.

Max concentrated on his project, with just the mildest trace of a smile on his face. He’d spent a long time setting up the boring details, such as the location and the character roster and the time period, but now he was just getting to the interesting stuff.  It was a role-playing game in which he played the central character. He chose to make it an adventure set in modern day Friedrich Krupp and the surrounding area. The software automatically pulled the plans from central archives so that the building looked precisely like the actual school. Then it integrated the roster of students, staff and other habs from the local records so that the game would be populated with actual people. These would be used by the game to occupy in minor roles and other filler positions. Next Max specified which students he had relationships with, and what the nature of those relationships were. It was laborious work.

Creating a computer game was easy enough so long as you didn’t want it to feel personal to you, and usually Max was happy enough simply to play a ready-made action game, but he was especially motivated today. He wanted it to be something special.

Now he came to the part he’d been looking forwards to; the secondary character. When he started creating the game, Max simply wanted to make a game in which he and school friends were participants, but as he continued working, he thought more and more about the role that he wanted Brill to play. Should he be the helpless victim to be rescued, or even the bad guy to be defeated? No, he wanted Brill’s role to reflect the role Max wanted for him in real life. So, he created Brill as his partner in the adventure. But the program was more sophisticated than that, and that was why Brill was currently smiling as he continued entering details.

As he neared the bottom of the character file, he discovered a section labelled “Sexual details”. Max had not considered adding a sexual component to the game – he just wanted a game that would include Brill – it was a way for him to get closer to the boy. But the second he came across the sexual details section, he felt an immediate stirring in his penis, and his mind whirled with the possibilities.

He entered the sexual details of his relationship with Brill. He told the program that they were lovers. The program already had an image of Brill from the school records, as well as copious videos of him recorded throughout the school as a normal part of student security and monitoring. But Max wanted to take it a step further. He registered the nudes that Zhena had given him. The program integrated them into Brill’s parameter files. Although the software pulled personality files from recordings taken of Brill, Max refined the parameters to add specific details he wanted. He opened the sexuality file and made some tweaks:

Sexuality = Homosexual

Horniness = 100%

Preferred roles = Versatile

Favourite position = All

Kinks = Bondage, role play

Special skills = Oral, masturbation, kissing, massage


There were dozens of categories and options that Max could only guess at, but he smiled happily to himself as he imagined how his fantasy Brill would behave. As he continued creating his dream Brill, he felt his dick being milked at the harvesting station. Sometimes, the feeling was a distraction; less frequently, he simply ignored it; but today, he was happy to be hard. He allowed the sensation to fuel his programming.

He came to the final parameter, and he answered without hesitation. The choice was Initiator or responder? Max entered Initiator. In his fantasy, his own shyness wouldn’t be an impediment to his relationship with Brill, because Brill wouldn’t be afraid to take control of the situation.

Max wasn’t a particularly passive person, but when it came to relationships, he was awkward and shy in the extreme, and a part of him longed for Brill to just walk up and get things started, so that he could just be carried along with it, instead of having to overcome his insecurity.


Max pressed the store button and put the pad down, then he closed his eyes to think about Brill whilst the harvesting program ran the last minute of its cycle.

The sensation of feeling a tongue on his glans and on the rim of his anus was interesting. Max didn’t usually analyse the feelings that the implant in his brain made him feel whilst he was being milked; he just allowed them to wash over him, contributing to his overall arousal. But now as he fantasised about sex play with Brill, he realised the physical impossibility of Brill’s tongue being in two places at once. He changed the fantasy so that it was Brill’s fingers teasing his hole, whilst Brill sucked at his stiff dick. In his mind’s eye, he could see Brill’s sparkling eyes looking up as he expertly fellated him. It only lasted a minute, but Max gave himself over totally to the fantasy, and this time there was no annoying interruption at the crucial moment. It was several hours since he’d last been milked – the perfect combination of good timing and a strong fantasy, and Max couldn’t help but arch his back in pleasure as he imagined Brill between his legs.


In a totally quiet, warehouse-sized harvesting plant on planet 1RXS1609 b, the root of the penis of donor 184,675,809 started contracting and the penis started twitching. The collection tube inserted into the donor’s urethra suddenly filled with thick, pearlescent goo. The donor’s testicles were riding so high that if they pulled any tighter, they’d pass back through the portal and into their owner’s stomach.

Controller Jan watched with amusement. Donor 184,675,809 had increased his donations by over 100% during the past month, and such a high milking schedule tended to decrease the power of a donor’s orgasms. Clearly today was an exception. Jan wondered what the donor was doing or thinking about to produce such a strong orgasm. The controller was homosexual, as most tended to be. Even the most well-balanced heterosexual male found it uncomfortable to spend hours and hours every day looking at disembodied penises. A few tried, but they quickly moved on to other careers. The few heterosexuals that stayed, found themselves developing an appreciation for male genitals that they had not suspected was within them, and they usually ended up becoming penis connoisseurs, and moving into homosexual relationships where they could use their newfound appreciation.

But Jan had no such problems. Ever since he’d first noticed donor 184,675,809’s penis bouncing and twitching, desperate for release a couple of months ago, he looked in on the boy whenever he was on duty. Max’s was one of a couple of dozen penises that Jan took a special interest in. He yearned to know more about the owners, but the controllers had no means of finding out about the donors.

Each portal had a small camera that could be used by the physician at the donor’s end to look in, in case of problems, but that was the extent of the video communication.

Jan zoomed in on donor 184,675,809’s penis so that it filled the 50-inch monitor in front of him. The boy was smooth as a newborn, just like all of the donors. He’d been depilated with a gallinide shaver before being fitted, and he was likely to be smooth as a billiard ball for at least ten years.

The boy was so aroused that the tube of his urethra stood out along the underside of his penis, and his penis was so hard that even the rim of the glans flared like the edge of a speed cyclist’s helmet. Controller Jan watched as the boy’s semen was sucked away to the processing module. There was little doubt that donor 184,675,809 had enjoyed the orgasm immensely – the elevation of his testicles and the amount semen were testament to that. Jan looked at the orgasm count – it was the boy’s fifth of the day. He must have been extremely aroused by something. Jan hoped it was a boy rather than a girl.

He watched the boy’s penis, post-orgasmic twitching. He liked to watch that too, imagining the pleasant afterglow as the donor’s erection wilted. But donor 184,675,809’s penis did not wilt. His testicles drooped a little lower in his scrotum, but his penis pointed unwaveringly skywards. The kid was obviously feeling really horny. The controller smiled to himself as the milking program started its sixth cycle.


After his double green, Max did something he’d never done before – he fell asleep in the grass. It was as soft as a bearskin rug, and he felt a deep sense of wellbeing. He lay, comfortable and utterly spent, with his eyes closed, and before he knew it, he’d slipped into a deep, contented slumber.

He awoke a couple of hours later and decided to go to the Shay for a drink before returning to his room. He walked across the field, and through the school to the small quad where the supermarket was situated. He wandered through the aisles to the chiller cabinet at the rear.  When he first arrived on Herschell Majoris, Max was a little disconcerted to discover that hardly any of the foods he was used to, existed on that planet. Even common drinks such as orange and apple juice had been replaced by fruits that were native to the distant planet. He was relieved to discover that chocolate was as popular on Herschell as it was on Earth. He reached into the chiller and took out a wylo squeeze, then picked up a bar of chocolate and left. As he walked through the door, a scanner detected his implant as well as his purchases, and automatically debited his student account.

He strolled to a bench surrounding the quad and sat down to drink his juice. As he drained the last of it, and started to unwrap his chocolate bar, he saw his friends approaching from the direction of the twister bay. He waved to them as they approached.

“Hey guys, you’re back early.”

“Yeah, bonzo here lost his pad.” Sam hiked a thumb in Troye’s direction. “He freaked out so we had to come all the way back looking for it. Turned out he just left it in his room.”

Bryan grabbed Troye’s head under his arm and messed his hair with the other hand.

“You stupid bedhead!” he said laughing.

Troye squirmed free and stood up looking sheepish.

At that moment, Stan came out of the ‘Chay and wandered over and joined the group. He wasn’t popular, but the guys tolerated him out of kindness.

“Why’d you even take your pad in the first place?” Max asked.

“Ahh, you know. Never know when you might get some new data that’s not on the download. Always like to be prepared, like a good little ranger!”

“Speaking of which, what are you doing with your pad?” Bryan asked.

“Oh, just working on a game,” Max replied, hoping that they wouldn’t ask for details.

“What sort of game?” Brill asked.

“Just an adventure,” Max responded with deliberate vagueness.

“Oh cool, I love those, let’s have a look.”

Brill reached out and grabbed Max’s pad. Max panicked and snatched it back. Brill looked at Max with suspicion.

“Who’s in your game?” he asked.

Max felt like Brill’s eyes were burrowing into him.

“Um, no-one. Just computer generated,” Max lied unconvincingly, his cheeks reddening.

Brill leaned forwards and took hold of Max’s head between both hands forcing Max to face him. With a smile he said, “Maaax, have you been putting me into your sick little games? You have haven’t you?”

Max blushed more strongly and the others laughed. How did Brill always managed to see right through him?

“No, course not. Why would I put you in a game?” he blustered.

“Because you like me?”

“No, I don’t.”

Brill was being playful, but Max’s bluntness hurt him. Max was horrified. He tried to fix things.

“I mean yes of course I like you, but I don’t like you like you. Why would I put you in a game?”

Max couldn’t stop his instinctive defensiveness about his attraction. Brill looked at him sadly and shrugged his shoulders. There was an uncomfortable silence. Even the others recognised that Max had denied someone who cared about him. Max felt wretched. He tried to find a way to make things better.

“Sorry Brill. I didn’t mean that. I don’t suppose you wanna wrestle?”

Brill scrutinised him. He knew Max was trying to apologise. It was well within his right to make things difficult for Max, but he wasn’t the vindictive type.

“Sure, that sounds great. When?”

“How about now?” Max offered, hoping to get away from the others so that he could apologise in private. Maybe this would even be his opportunity to express his feelings for Brill. If only he could be braver, he just knew that he and Brill would be great together. Brill smiled kindly at him, but there was still a sadness in his eyes. It killed Max to know that he had put that sadness there.

“Why not?” Brill said.

“Heyyy, you said you were going to wrestle me. When’sh it my turn?” Stan interjected.

Yet again he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Max already regretted the way he’d snapped at him the other day, and now with Brill on his conscience as well, the last thing he wanted was to be mean to Stan a second time. He pushed down his instinct to show his irritation, and turned to Stan ready to offer a kindly raincheck, but it was Brill who spoke first.

“Actually Stan, Max did mention how much he was looking forward to wrestling you.”

Brill gave Max’s shoulder a friendly shove.

“Go on, you guys wrestle. We can hook up another time Max.”

Max looked at Brill, amazed at the lie, and there was a twinkle in Brill’s eye. Brill smiled sweetly, and Max knew that he deserved this. He gave Brill a wry grin, knowing that he’d been manoeuvred into this as a gentle rebuke for his behaviour. He accepted it with good grace, and turned to Stan. Stan was waiting expectantly.

“He’s right; I have been looking forwards to it.”

He looked at Brill.

“If you’re sure you don’t mind?”

“Nah, not at all,” Brill said, withdrawing the lifeline, “You guys have fun!”

“Thanks Brill,” Max said.

He and Stan left in the direction of the gym, and Stan looked like a puppy about to receive a treat. As they left, Max looked over his shoulder at them and they all waved at him sarcastically.

Bryan said, “Oooh Brill, you got him good there. That was citric.”

Brill grinned.

“He deserved it. And anyway, the best things come to he who waits…”


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