The photographer’s assistant 3 – Duet

A teenager discovers a new side to his uncle’s photography business that he finds unexpectedly arousing.

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The photographer’s assistant 3 – Duet

Recap: Cooper has been persuaded by his uncle to assist at his photo studio where he produces gay pornography. After his first session, Cooper is surprised to discover that his body responds to watching another teenage boy getting it on.


“Give me a hand can you Coop?”

Cooper’s uncle Jim was standing at the end of a heavy couch. The couch was usually used for the models to relax on before the shoot. It gave Jim time to put them at their ease whilst they went through the formalities with proof of age documentation and signed release forms.

Cooper walked to the other end of the couch.

“Okay lift – use your legs not your back,” his uncle cautioned.

Cooper adopted a wide stance, and picked up his end of the couch, then he and his uncle walked it to the back of the set.

“Use the lounge set. We’re going to need a bit more space for today’s shoot Coop. We’ve got two in.”

Cooper wheeled in the false living room walls behind the couch, then started to arrange the lights so that the scene would be well lit.

“Two?” he queried.

It was the first time he’d attended a shoot with more than a single model. After more than two dozen solo masturbation shoots, he’d automatically assumed that that was the only type of shoot his uncle did.

“Yeah, nothing special. It’s their first time together, but they’re friends, and one of them has done solos so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Cooper continued arranging the set in readiness for the shoot, then he went into the small kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. Whilst he was there, he heard a knock on the door, and the sound of his uncle answering. A few moments later, he heard the sound of voices. One of them was familiar. Cooper poked his head out of the kitchen doorway.

“Anyone want coffee?” he asked, using it as an excuse to see who’s voice he recognised.

He saw two guys, one dressed in California beach casual, the other was wearing a Stetson.

“Oh hi Jed!” Cooper said, recognising the first model he’d ever helped with, and his favourite.

Jed looked over, and a smile of recognition lit up on his face.

“Hey man, good to see ya. Coffee would be great. Strong, black and sweet please.”

“Sure thing,” Cooper acknowledged.

He turned to the other guy. He was tall, and skinny, with far less swagger than Jed.

“What about you, want coffee?”

“Nah, not before…”

He left the sentence hanging.

“I won’t be able to… finish.”

Cooper was bemused by the guy’s reticence to use sex talk. He was about to bare all for the camera, but he was uncomfortable with the words “jack off” and “cum”. Cooper wondered if the guy was going to be a problem.

“This is Michael,” Jim said, gesturing towards the nervous kid, who looked to be late teens, early twenties – a year or two older than Jed.

“Hey Michael,” Cooper said, with a nod and a friendly smile.

He was getting comfortable in his role now, and he had quickly learned that the more relaxed he was, the more relaxed the models were.

“Hey Cooper,” Michael responded, with a nervous grin.

Michael wore rectangular glasses, and he looked to Cooper, as though he’d walked straight out of an English class.

Cooper returned to the kitchen and made coffee for his uncle, Jed and himself. When Cooper returned to the studio with the drinks, Jed was already naked apart from a towel around his waist. He looked as though he had just come out of the bath. He was sitting on the end of the couch, and Michael was standing at the other fully clothed and looking down at Jed.

Cooper looked at the tableau, bemused, but as his uncle was already snapping away, he quietly put the coffees down, and waited for instructions. He knew better than to speak and interrupt the flow. Cooper had learned early on, that this kind of work was often about creating a fantasy for the viewers. When the models also got into the fantasy, they got more turned on, and the results were far more arousing. If he started talking, it might snap the models out of the imaginary world his uncle was weaving, consigning the shoot into something quite mundane.

Jim was talking constantly, both directing the models, and describing the scenario.

“Okay Michael, so you’ve just come around to your friend’s house, and he’s just come out of the shower. He’s sitting there on the couch in his towel. He lifts his leg up and you get a flash of his junk. That’s it Jed, just a bit.”

Jed raised a leg, revealing his genitals.

“That’s great – not too much for now.”

Jed lowered his leg until just the bottom of his genitals was visible.

“Good. So Michael, you catch a glimpse. You can’t help looking closer. Good that’s it. Jed catches you looking and decides to show you more to see if you’re interested.”

Jed lifted his nearside foot and put it on the couch, slowly spreading his knees, whilst Jim snapped away furiously.

“Michael, you can’t help it, you lick your tongue – nervous and excited at the same time. You’ve fantasised about seeing your best buddy naked for years, and now he’s giving you a show. You can’t look away. Jed, you let the towel slip down your knee. Now you’re blatantly showing your junk to your friend. You’re getting off on showing him. That’s it, look him right in the eyes, like you’re reading how far to go.”

Jed’s penis very slowly started to inflate. He was clearly getting turned on by the voyeur fantasy Jim was creating. Cooper watched as the kid’s dick gradually started to fill with blood. It lifted from his lap, but rather than rising all the way, it stopped half way, curved downwards – what Cooper’s uncle would call a “lazy lob”. Jim got in close and snapped like crazy. The punters loved boys who got hard without touching.

When he stood back to continue the narrative, there was a rigid lump running up from between Michael’s legs towards his hip. Jim discreetly snapped it. Most of his models claimed to be straight, and until they admitted anything different, Jim knew that it could ruin a shoot if he said anything to the contrary. Even drawing attention to the fact that Michael was turned on by the sight of Jed’s dick could be enough to send a closeted model into panic and kill the whole mood.

Acting as though the kid was not already obviously hard as nails, Jim said, “Great, now Michael, you reach down and start stroking your dick through your jeans.”

“Fantastic, make it hard. That’s it, cup it between young fingertips and your palm and slide your hand slowly up and down it. Greaaat.”

Everything Jim said was designed to inflate his models’ egos, and make them feel fantastic about themselves. His tone was a mixture between reverential hero worship, and lustful awe. Everything about his articulation made it clear that each model was the hardest, the best looking, with the greatest dick he’d ever seen. Cooper had witnessed it time after time, and from the outside, it was clear that it was all part of the act designed to help put the models at their ease, and think of themselves as porn superstars, but it worked almost without exception. Cooper had to resist grinning as he listened to his uncle working the models’ emotions as effortlessly as he worked the camera.

Jim continued.

“Now Jed, your buddy has showed he’s interested, let that towel slide off your knee completely and start working your dick. Great.”

Jed did exactly what he was instructed to do. He was totally at ease in front of the camera now, and he effortlessly worked his semi up to a full erection. Meanwhile, Michael was continuing to work on his denim-covered cock, and Cooper suspected that Michael would have been turned on even if he wasn’t getting paid for it.

“Michael move in and sit on the other end of the couch. Keep looking at Jed’s cock.”

Michael didn’t need to be asked twice.

“Take your shirt off. Now slide your jeans down. Fantastic! Move your hand so that we can see your bulge.”

Michael moved his hand, and Cooper could see the kid’s penis tenting the front of his underpants. It was clear, even through his underpants, that his penis was considerably longer than Jed’s.

“Film change,” Jim announced.

He had three Leica cameras – two more loaded on standby so that he never needed to interrupt the mood of the shoot. He picked up another, and Cooper picked up the first, and changed the roll, hiding the camera under a black velvet hood that prevented the light from destroying the shots.

Jed kept slowly working on his dick, and Michael needed no help to keep hard. He continued watching Jed work. A small wet spot appeared on the front of his underpants. Cooper finished changing rolls, and he saw that his uncle was snapping at the wet spot. Jim was an expert at noticing the little details that might turn his audience on, and precum was golden because it demonstrated that the models genuinely very horny, and were not merely going through the motions.

“Fantastic. You guys are real professionals. Now slide your underpants down and start working on yourself Michael. Look Jed in the eyes like he’s the only person in the world.”

Michael complied. His cock sprang free eagerly, from the confines of the damp cotton. His cock was as long and pallid as he was. It was only since working for his uncle that Cooper had taken much interest in penis sizes, and he correctly estimated Michael’s tool at seven and a half inches. It looked odd on such a, skinny, geeky looking guy. It had a narrow glans, that curved smoothly on the backside into a tight circumcision scar. The skin there looked over-tight, and Cooper wondered if it was uncomfortable.

“That’s it,” Jim purred, “Look into his eyes like you love him.”

Michael started to blush, and Jim snapped away. The boy’s embarrassment would look great on film, but he’d have to be careful not to push him too far.

Cooper was certain now that Michael was either queer, or had a crush on Jed. He wondered what their relationship was away from the studio.

“Now Jed lean back into the corner and start working your cock like you mean it. Give Michael a cocky smile, like you knew all along that he couldn’t resist you.”

The expression came effortlessly to Jed’s face, and it was one that Cooper could all too easily imagine the kid giving it to a girlfriend as he pounded her into quivering tears of ecstasy. Jed’s dick was not in any way exceptional, but he had the confidence that came from having a fantastic, lean body, flowing light brown hair, freckles, a killer smile, and a great personality. Cooper really liked him a lot. He watched intensely as Jed slowly jacked off. Cooper was as hard as Michael.

“Now move close Michael. Jed, sit up so that you’re sitting side by side, with your arms and legs touching. Good, very good.”

Michael’s eyes were wide with excitement. Cooper wondered if this was a fantasy that he had entertained for real. If it was, he could completely understand why.

“Jed, lean over and get that bottle of baby oil. Grease yourself up good, then offer it to Michael. That’s it, hold the bottle out to him and hold…”

Snap. Jim captured the moment.

“Good. Just keep on jacking yourselves. Yeah, now we’re having fun. Michael look down at Jed’s dick like it’s the only thing in the world that matters.”

Michael didn’t need prompting twice. Even the way Jed worked his dick was arrogant: sure of himself. Whilst Michael was pounding away with all the sophistication of a 14 year old frantically spanking it before school, Jed was using a far slower, more studied, half twisting, half tugging action.

Just the schlpp schlpp schlpp sound of Jed’s oily masturbation was making Cooper feel weird deep in his stomach. He’d never felt so excited before. His mouth was watering like crazy just watching, and he couldn’t seem to stop swallowing.

Jed looked across at Cooper, looking pointedly at the younger teen’s very obvious erection. Jed flashed him that self confident grin.

Easily adopting the photographer’s abbreviation of Cooper’s name, he said, “Enjoying the show Coop?”

Cooper gave him a guilty, self conscious grin.

“Yeaah,” he admitted.

Michael watched the exchange, relieved that he wasn’t the only one so turned on by Jed.

“Slow down Michael. Don’t want to blow your load yet and spoil the shoot,” Jim cautioned.

Michael switched his attention to the photographer.

“Slooowwwer,” Jim repeated, and made a slow masturbation gesture in the air in front of him.

Michael complied with Jim’s request.

“Fantastic Michael. Now, Jed, just put your left leg across Michael’s thigh, and pull his leg towards you so both your legs are open a bit so we can see those nuts. Yeah, just like that. Great. That’s just great.”

Cooper knew it was all just an act for Jed, but he wished that it was his leg that the cowboy was wrapped around.

“Michael, let go of your dick and start jacking Jed’s. Jed lean back against the couch like it’s your right to be jacked off. Yeah, arms behind your head, that’s a great touch.”

Jed leaned back and closed his eyes – cock of the roost, alpha male, and allowed Michael to service his cock.

Michael’s cock was drooling precum profusely as he masturbated Jed.

Jim asked, “Michael do you think you can jack yourself at the same time?”

Michael glanced at Jim.

“I can try.”

“That’s the spirit!” Jim said, encouraging him.

Michael gripped his own penis in his left hand and jerked himself in rhythm with his pumping of Jed’s dick.

“Okay, you can go all the way now. Don’t forget to let me know when you’re about to shoot.”

Michael continued to pump Jed. At first it seemed that his left hand was tracking in time with his right as he did his best to pleasure the freckled young cowboy, but after a while, his rhythm and technique changed and it was clear that he was pumping Jed in time with his own rising excitement. Michael started to breathe hard at the effort, and after just three minutes of serious pumping, Jed started grinding his hips and he announced with a casual drawl, “Ah’m gonna cum.”

Michael beat him to it. Whether it was the knowledge that he was about to draw an orgasm from Jed, or that he just had an even quicker fuse, it was impossible to tell, but cum he did. He pumped both fists in a frenzy, and pounded each all the way down its respective penis, stretching the skin taut.

Thick gobs of cum spurted from Michael’s dick, rising a few inches into the air. What he lacked in distance, he more than made up for in volume, and his fist and pubic hair were quickly saturated with thick, creamy juice. Cooper couldn’t believe how long Michael kept squirting.

Jim noticed Michael start to cum, but he didn’t want to draw his attention away from Jed; the real star of the production. He twisted the zoom ring on the camera so that both guys were in shot, and captured as much of Michael’s orgasm as he could.

Before Michael had finished, Jed thrust his hips violently forwards, and launched a jet of his own far thinner jizz into the air. Jim caught the first spurt off-centre in the shot then immediately redirected his camera to give the boy his full attention. He wasn’t disappointed. The first jet flew past Jed’s shoulder, landing on the back of the brown padded leather Chesterfield couch. The next landed on the upper curve of his lightly tanned left pectoral, where it was quickly joined by two more squirts. They immediately started to trickle down his chest in narrow rivulets. The virile wrangler continued to launch jets of watery cum at least half a dozen more times, each landing a little lower than the one before, until finally he had no more to give. He stopped thrusting his hips and let out an exaggerated sigh, then he lay still, face tilted up to the ceiling.

Michael continued to pump them both at a much slower pace, decreasing his tempo until just after a minute, he stopped. He looked up at Jed’s face, and the smile of satisfaction on his own was unrehearsed and completely genuine. He released Jed’s penis and his own.

Jim said, “Good, just hold it there for a minute. Don’t… move… a muscle. Just need to do finishing shots.”

He buzzed around, zooming in on all the places that the boy’s spunk had cum to rest, taking close ups. Michael was looking at Jed’s wet chest, and it made for a few great shots. Then Jim focussed on Jed’s face. His eyes were still closed, and he looked thoroughly sated.

“Eyes open now please Jed. Look over at Michael. Rub your fingers through all that juice in his pubes.”

Jed gave a wry grin as he did what he was told.

“Oh yes – great expression Jed. You’re a natural.”

Jim finished off the last few shots.

“Okay, clean up. Coop?”

Cooper reached over and picked up a roll of paper towel. He tore off a dozen sheets and handed them to Michael. Then he tore off half a dozen more. Jed reached for them, but Cooper tore off another half dozen sheets and gave them to the cowboy. Jed furrowed his brows momentarily puzzled, then reached down and started to clean the spunk off his dick. Without asking, Cooper leaned forwards and started to wipe the jizz from Jed’s chest. Jed looked up at Cooper surprised, and their eyes met. Cooper was just a kid taking a sneaky chance to get close to someone he was rapidly developing a crush on. He stared apprehensively back and waited to see how Jed would react. The glance seemed to last an eternity. Then Jed gave him a warm grin.

“Thanks Coop.”


The boys finished cleaning up then they got dressed. Jim paid them, and gave them the usual spiel about keeping in touch. Then Michael and Jed headed for the door, where Cooper was waiting to see them out. Just before they passed through, Jed leaned close to Cooper and said in a low voice, “Thanks for the help Coop. Looks like you need a little clean up yourself.

Before Cooper had time to ponder the meaning of the comment, Jed reached down, and using the side of his index finger, he rubbed Cooper’s still hard penis a couple of times through his jeans, targeting the boy’s glans perfectly. Cooper inhaled sharply and looked down at himself. The entire front of his pants was dark and damp. He flushed bright crimson, and Jed gave him a grin and a friendly wink, before he and Michael walked out into the night.

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