The photographer’s assistant 4 – The substitute

A teenager discovers a new side to his uncle’s photography business that he finds unexpectedly arousing.

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The photographer’s assistant 4 – The substitute

Cooper glanced up at the clock for the tenth time in 30 minutes – it was 6.45pm. Their evening appointment was over an hour late.

“I guess he’s not coming,” Cooper said, stating the obvious.

His uncle Jim shook his head and sighed heavily with feigned exasperation.

“I think you’re right. Dammit. This is really gonna fuck me up!”

Cooper tilted his head and furrowed his brow.

“Why’s that Uncle Jim?”

“It’s just…”

He smacked his mouth with mock irritation.

“It’s just that I made a commitment to a publisher on the East coast. I really needed this kid to come in. They have specialist tastes, and I was depending on this one to seal a deal I made with them.”

“What will happen when you don’t send the photos?”

“It will almost certainly mean the end of our business deal. To be honest, it’s going to cost me a LOT of money.”

“Can’t you just get another model?”

“It’s not as easy as that. Stephen was special. Young looking. They’re hard to find. And I have to get these sets off to the publisher tomorrow.”

“Oh,” Cooper said, out of ideas.

His uncle let out another huge sigh.

“Not to worry. Can’t be helped. It’s not your fault. Let’s pack up and go get a burger.”

Cooper looked at his uncle’s despondent face. It wasn’t like him to get so down about things. He wished that there was something he could do. He moved towards the set, ready to start disassembling it.

“Unless…” his uncle said, leaving the word hanging out there as though he was mulling over a new idea.

Cooper turned to face him, curious.

“Unless what?”

“Well look, I really hate to ask, but I’m going to lose out on the opportunity of a lifetime here, so how would you feel about modelling for me? It would really be doing me a solid.”

“M… me?” the boy asked, surprised. “But I’m only fifteen.”

“That’s okay. That’s legal, and like I said, this publisher likes his models younger.”

Cooper’s heart was pounding in his chest. He didn’t want to let his uncle down, but nor did he want to model for him.

“Umm, I don’t think I’d be a good model,” he said.

He knew it was a lame excuse.

“Of course you would. You’re in great shape, you know what’s expected of you, and you’re a good-looking kid. The camera will love you, and so will my publisher.”

“But it would be too weird being naked in front of you. Letting you see my…”

He trailed off, unwilling to say the word “boner”. Cooper had seen plenty of shy models who were coy about using sex words, even though they were about to model naked. It always amused him, and now here he was – a porn photographer’s assistant, and just as bashful.

“Look you know most of the models are nervous the first time. And it’s not as if I haven’t seen your hard-on pretty much every day since you started helping me. It’s not like a layer of cloth did much to hide it!”

“I can’t. I just can’t. I’m really sorry Uncle Jim. What if my friends saw the photos?”

“Nobody you know will EVER see these photos except me. My publisher has a very limited clientele overseas, and these photos will never appear in any magazines.”

Cooper was starting to feel increasingly under pressure, as though his objections were unreasonable, and he was being selfish for denying his uncle’s request. He tried to formulate an objection that would resist his uncle’s counters but he couldn’t come up with anything.

Jim sensed his nephew’s resolve weakening.

“Look Coop, I know you feel shy, and you know I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t totally desperate, but this contract could totally transform my life.”

Cooper stared at him silently, unhappy but unwilling to be the one who robbed his uncle of his happiness.

“And anyway,” his uncle reasoned, “it’s only a dick. It sure as hell won’t be the first time you’ve jacked yourself off will it?”

He gave Cooper a wry grin, and Cooper lowered his head and returned with a bashful smile.

It all sounded so reasonable when his uncle put it like that, but Cooper still felt a deep sense of dread, as though he had been backed into a humiliating corner. He took a deep breath, and with a huge sigh that was not exaggerated, he said, “Okay Uncle Jim. I’ll do it. But just this one time okay?”

“Of course, of course. Thanks a lot Coop. You’re one hell of a regular guy.”

Cooper smiled wanly, grateful for the strangely outdated compliment, but deeply troubled by the situation.

“So what set do you want to use?” he asked.

Jim nodded over at the set that he had selected with his nephew in mind from the start.

“Might as well stick with this one huh?”


Cooper stood on the set wearing a football uniform that unremarkably, fit him to a tee. He had the full kit, from cleats to helmet. and he was wearing a loose shirt over body armour, and tight, white, crotch hugging pants. Behind him was a tiled section of wall, a bench and a row of lockers, designed to give the illusion that he was in a changing room after a game.

Jim moved a couple of heaters in close, to warm the already warm studio up more. Cooper watched him bemused.

“I’m already warm enough thanks Uncle Jim.”

His uncle smiled at him.

“It will all become clear soon enough.”

He cranked the heaters up to maximum.

“Before we start, I need you to jog on the spot for a few minutes.”

“Excuse me?” Cooper clarified.

“Just jog on the spot for me. I want you nice and sweaty, like you just came in from the game.”

Comprehension dawned on Cooper’s face, and he started jogging. After a few minutes he was still barely warmed up.

“Faster,” his uncle instructed.

Cooper picked up the pace.

After five minutes his uncle said, “Hmm, fit kid. Tell you what, drop and give me 50 squats.”

Cooper obeyed, and by the end of the squats he was starting to work up a sweat.

“Almost there,” his uncle informed him. “Now 50 press ups should do it.”

Fit as he was, Cooper was unaccustomed to doing press-ups. By the time he reached 15 he was starting to struggle, and by 25 he was nearing his limit.

“C’mon, push them out!” his uncle urged.

Cooper strained and struggled through 6 more, his arms trembling at the effort. On his 31st pressup, he got half way up, but simply could not finish it. He strained and grunted and heaved, but it simply wasn’t in him, and after ten seconds of effort, he accepted defeat and collapsed to the floor, exhausted.

“Great effort.”

“Sorry I couldn’t do them all,” Cooper responded.

“Not at all. It did the job. You’re red and sweating. Now stand up and we can start the shoot.”

“My arms are like jelly,” Cooper said, rising to his feet.

His uncle smiled.

“Okay, hands on hips. Look straight into the camera… Now off into the distance.”

Jim dropped to a knee so that he could focus on the bulge at the front of Cooper’s pants.

“Great, now thumbs in your waistband, fingers near your package. That’s it; stick your hips out just a bit like you want draw people’s attention. Perfect… Untie your pants and pull them open so that we can see a flash of underwear.”

Cooper had seen it all, and he complied effortlessly.

“Okay, now boots off, and pull your pants down.”

Cooper obeyed. He already changed into the plain white briefs that his uncle favoured. The pouch at the front was baggy and the leg holes were damp with sweat.

“Great, chin down. Stare at the camera like you’re challenging it to a fight. That’s it – stern.”

Cooper’s face was red, and his hair was sweat-matted to his forehead in dark strands. He glowered at the camera beneath furrowed brows in his best impersonation of a tough guy expression. Beads of sweat covered his face.

His uncle snapped away for a few minutes.

“Just gotta damp you down a bit more.”

He pulled out a squirt bottle that was used for moistening the leaves of plants, and started pumping the handle. A fine spray was ejected, and he aimed it at his nephew’s legs to simulate sweat. Then he thoroughly drenched the front of the boy’s underpants.

Cooper was not happy about it.

“What are you doing that for?” he asked.

“Fake sweat,” his uncle answered.

Cooper frowned. The answer was explanatory, but he felt as though there was more to tell.

Jim stood, apparently satisfied, and continued shooting.

“Yeah, that’s it. They’re going to love you. Look straight at the camera. That’s it, nice.”

Cooper would probably have been even less comfortable if he’d realised that the spray had made his briefs semi transparent. The curve of his penis and his tight nuts were perfectly revealed as they pressed against the thin cotton. Even the tight wrinkled pucker of his foreskin showed as light and dark stripes against the wet material.

Jim worked his way around the boy, shooting from every angle and taking plenty of the boy’s wet underwear. And then came the moment that Cooper was dreading.

With studied casualness, Jim said, “Fantastic. Now if you’d just like to slip your undies off and throw them over there.”

He gestured to the floor out of shot.

Cooper felt a surge of panic. He briefly considered declining but he’d come too far to say no, and his uncle was depending on him for this shoot. In a single movement, he slipped his briefs off and threw them out of shot, tossing them further than he had been directed, subconsciously putting them far from reach as if to make it clear to himself that changing his mind wasn’t an option.

He stood with the upper half of his body still fully clothed in his football uniform, but apart from his socks, his lower half was now naked. To his knowledge, it was the first time his uncle had ever seen him nude, and every fibre of Cooper’s body screamed at him to cover up. With supreme effort, he resisted the urge, but it felt so wrong to be with his pornographer uncle like this.

“Look at me” his uncle said, not allowing the boy any more time to think. “Turn your body at an angle but look straight into the camera.”

Cooper obeyed, and his uncle continued working. Jim was glad that he had strapped his own penis up beneath his belt, and he had deliberately worn a long, loose-fitting sweat shirt. He knew that it wouldn’t do his nephew any good to see his throbbing erection.

Cooper’s penis was shrivelled small and firm from the exercise. Jim’s clients would like that. The boy’s scrotum was tucked up tight, pulling the boy’s nuts up close underneath the root of his cock in a small round knot of flesh. Although the studio was hot, the boy’s scrotum was deeply grooved.

It was unusual for boys to be uncircumcised at that time, but on the West coast away from the heartland of Christianity, people were more liberal. Cooper’s great grandfather was a Polish immigrant, and as a result, the males in his family had never been clipped.

To Jim’s surprise, the boy was smooth as a billiard ball, without even the merest trace of stubble or five o’clock shadow around his groin.

“You shave?” he asked, careful not add any inflection to his question just in case the boy was a very late bloomer.

It wasn’t until his underwear was halfway down that Cooper remembered he’d done it. He wished now that he hadn’t.


“Looks good on you,” Jim said, building the boy’s confidence. “When did you start?”

“A couple of months after I started helping you with the porn.”

“You liked the look huh?”

“No. It’s not that. It’s just that…”

Cooper trailed off, suddenly realising what he was about to say.

“What?” his uncle asked.

Chit chat with the models was generally beneficial. It put them at their ease, but Cooper was clearly uncomfortable. But Jim’s curiosity got the better of his judgement. He pushed.

“What is it? Come on, ‘fess up.”

Cooper squirmed.

“Well, a couple of the guys said it makes your dick look bigger.”

Jim looked at the shrivelled three inch maggot protruding from his nephew’s crotch. The tactic didn’t appear to have worked.

“Ahhh,” he said. “Good call.”

Cooper felt ridiculous, as though he was just a little boy in front of his uncle.

Jim started snapping again. The boy’s visible discomfort contradicted his tough guy clothing. The audience would recognise that the real person was not as cocky as the character he portrayed. It was a complicated emotional mix, but one that usually went down well with them.


Over the next hour, Jim conducted a very thorough session, gradually undressing his nephew, and taking shots from every conceivable angle until the boy was completely naked.

“Okay, can you make it hard for me,” he asked as though it was perfectly normal for a man to ask his nephew to masturbate for him.

Cooper had gradually been relaxing over the past hour, but the moment his uncle asked him to start jacking, the tension was right back on his face.

His uncle soothed in a reassuring tone, “Relax, it’s nothing to worry about. You’ve done it hundreds of times before I’m sure. Just do what you normally do.”

Cooper’s penis had relaxed in the heat and was hanging a soft four inches. He took it in his fingers, and drew his fist down, unsheathing the glans. Then he slid his fist back, covering the head again. His moist foreskin eliminated the need for lubricant that the cut guys all used.

He continued working his penis, and it ever so slowly started to fill with blood. After a few minutes, it was clear to Jim that the boy’s cock was not rising well to the occasion. It was a little thicker, but quite obviously not standing to attention. The last thing the boy needed was to add performance anxiety to the mix.

“Wonderful,” Jim encouraged. “Take your hand off and let me photograph it before it gets all the way hard.”

Cooper let go of his dick. It stuck out from his groin at right angles, but the head drooped like a cut flower starved of water.

“Yes, that’s exactly right,” Jim said, in an effort to make Cooper feel as though this was precisely what he was looking for. “Perfect.”

He snapped away, then lit some incense sticks. He’d found that they could create a soporific atmosphere that helped some models to relax. But Cooper had seen it all before.

“Tell you what, before you get a full boner, why don’t we do some rear shots?”

“Alright,” Cooper said turning around.

“Why don’t you grab that football,” Jim said, indicating the oval leather ball that they had been using as a prop.

Cooper picked up the ball.

“Now kneel on the floor in front of the bench leaning far forwards. Yes that’s it. And now prop the football on its end between your legs so that it’s pushing up against the top of your cock.”

This was new to Cooper. He’d never seen his uncle use a prop quite like this. He positioned the ball between his legs and tilted it so that it was standing on its point, then he lowered his body until the other end was pressing against the root of his penis between his testicles.

“No not like that,” his uncle corrected, “poke your cock back between your legs so that the ball is pressing against the top of your cock. We want to see your cock from this side.”

Cooper did as he was told. The ball was pressing into his pubis at the top of his cock.

“Both hands on the bench in front of you.”

Cooper obeyed. He wasn’t keen on the position. He felt like bitch offering herself to a dog.

“That’s the ticket. Now look over your shoulder at me.”


“Now lick your top lip.”


“Now pull your foreskin back.”


“Hold your butt cheeks apart with your hands.”


“Now put your index finger against your hole.”

Cooper frowned.

“Do I have to Uncle Jim?”

“Of course you do. That’s what it means to be a professional.”

Cooper had never claimed to be a professional but his uncle’s words were carefully chosen to appeal to the boy’s desire to do right by him, and not to be worse than all the other models that he’d seen. Cooper held his buttocks apart with the fingers of his left hand, just as he’d seen many other models do before. Then, he placed the index finger of his right hand against his hairless white hole.

Snap. Snap. Snap.

“Now slip it in, just to the first joint.”

Snap. Snap. Snap.

“A little further.”

Snap. Snap.

“Okay, you can take your finger out. Hands back onto the bench. I’m just going to rub some oil on you to give you a bit of a shine. I’ll be back in a jiff.”

Jim walked into the kitchen and took a pot of oil from the oven, where it had been on a very low heat in readiness. He returned to find his nephew still dutifully down on his knees, facing away from him, rump facing outwards, his penis framed by the football. Cooper was watching him over his shoulder. Jim gave his nephew a wink, and Cooper gave a half smile back. Daddy’s little trooper.

Jim dipped his fingers into the warm oil and scooped up a generous portion. He rubbed it onto both hands and slowly started to smear it all over Cooper’s neck and back. Jim reloaded his hands and worked his way up the boy’s thighs, allowing his fingers to brush the boy’s glans lightly. More oil, and he started to massage his nephew’s buttocks. He spread the boy’s cheeks, and without asking, he slipped the oily tip of a finger into the boy’s hole. Cooper gasped.

“Stay still please Coop.”

His uncle reloaded his hands one more time and started smearing oil on the boy’s penis. He slowly drew his hand back and forth in a masturbatory motion, giving extra attention to the glans. Cooper had never tried oil on his helmet before. Little tingles were zapping to base of his nuts. Jim stopped oiling the boy’s penis, and transferred his attention to his teenaged nephew’s scrotum. The boy’s bag was riding high, but this time it wasn’t caused by fear. Jim used his thumbs to methodically rub oil into the boy’s ballbag, and the kid’s nuts slipped and slithered beneath his fingers. Jim continued the scrotum massage for over three minutes

“I know what you’re trying to do,” Cooper said.

“What’s that then,” Jim replied, playing dumb.

“You’re using the massage to try to give me a boner. You taught me to do it. It won’t work. I just don’t think I’m gonna be able to jerk it today.”

“Hmmmm, we’ll see,” his uncle said, looking down at the raging boner that was straining between the boy’s legs.

Jim used this pose for the most nervous models because the pressure of the ball on their pubis made it hard for them to tell what their penis was doing. It was more subtle than using a cock ring. All he had to do was hold them in that position for a few minutes, and the model literally could not avoid getting a throbbing hard on.

Jim looked down at the puddle of precum beneath Cooper’s penis and smiled to himself. It always amused him when a model didn’t even know the feel of his own body. He cleaned his hands thoroughly on a towel, then resumed shooting.

“Push the ball back just a little – about an inch so that it lifts your cock up. That’s it. Perfect.”

Cooper’s penis was facing directly towards his uncle. Hanging from the eye was a drooling string of glistening precum five inches long – the same length as the boy’s penis. Jim snapped it from multiple angles. Cooper was going to make him a lot of money.

“Nice, nice. Now turn around and sit back up on the bench.”

Cooper rose and turned, glancing at his penis a he did so. He frowned.

“I’ve got a boner!” he said, genuinely surprised.

“Of course you have.”

“How long have I been hard?”

“About ten minutes. Pretty much since you put that ball between your legs.”

“Wow,” Cooper said. “I couldn’t feel it at all.”

His uncle smiled.

“That’s the idea. Now let’s do something with it while it’s still strong. Hold it in your fist and look down at it.”


“Now jack yourself.”


“Now lift your leg onto the bench. Legs apart so we can see your balls.”


“Finger in your hole.”

Snap. Snap.

“Okay, now all we need is a cumshot. Let’s get you jerking it to some porn.”

Jim went to his porn stash and returned with a magazine. He opened it to a spread and lay the magazine on the bench beside Cooper.

“Right, I need you to beat off whilst you look down at the magazine okay.”

Cooper was still sceptical that he would be able to cum whilst his uncle was watching.

“I’ll try.”

He looked down at the magazine, expecting to see the same hetero porn that Mason had been given. Instead, staring up to him, finger up his own asshole, was Jed. Cooper’s heart started pounding. Did his uncle think he was queer, or was it just a prop?

“Okay, start jacking,” his uncle said.

Cooper felt himself breathing heavily. It seemed as though time was stretching out. He stared at the magazine for what seemed like an eternity, but he wasn’t seeing the photograph, he was panicking over how to handle the situation. Eventually he said feebly, “But it’s a boy.”

“Of course it is. It’s Jed. You almost came in your pants watching him the other week.”

“No ‘almost’ about it,” Cooper thought, but he didn’t feel any urge to set his uncle straight.

His thoughts were racing. He was at a crossroads. He could try to make out that he wasn’t aroused by Jed, or all of the other models, or he could just go with the flow and act like it was no big deal that his uncle knew that he liked guys. He loved his uncle dearly and was not in the habit of lying to him. He decided to play it cool. He started jacking himself.

For a few minutes, he still didn’t really see the magazine in front of him. He felt like he was in another dimension – somehow isolated from the room. His pulse was pounding. His actions felt surreal.

“That’s it. Ohh you are a natural!” Jim purred.

He started snapping again.

His nephew didn’t have a sophisticated masturbation technique: straight up and down, but damn the kid’s pecker looked hard as wood! There were pale veins bulging along its length, and the head was bloated, far bigger than the meat it was attached to.

The rushing in Cooper’s ears began to subside as his brain reordered to match the reality in which his uncle knew that he was queer. In which HE knew that he was queer. He realised that he’d been hiding from the fact ever since he had started working at his uncle’s other business, and now he was finally, grudgingly forcing himself to accept it. It was crazy, he reasoned, to be fearful of his uncle knowing his sexual tastes. After all, the man’s business was all about catering to other queers. And never once had the man expressed any negative judgement.

Cooper looked at the magazine, seeing it clearly now. He remembered the shoot; remembered Jed’s cocky attitude and easy mannerisms. He looked at Jed’s cock, finally able to truly appreciate it. His hand started to move faster on his own cock.

“Great job, now put your fingertip back in your hole,” Jim said, recreating a classic pose that he included in almost every shoot. “Use your middle finger this time.”

Cooper obliged.

“Now pump your finger in and out.”

If Cooper had had the mental clarity to think about his uncle’s request, he would have realised that the stills camera was barely going to show the difference from one position to the other as he finger fucked his pucker on command; that the action was intended for his pleasure, not viewer’s, but he was beyond the point of questioning his uncle. He simply obeyed.

“Outstanding,” his uncle praised. “Jack yourself faster. Push your finger deeper.”

Cooper was staring at the magazine. His vision was alternating between Jed’s face, his penis, and his hole. He felt like Jed was the one finger fucking him, and he liked it. Cooper was breathing very heavily now, his breath coming in noisy gasps. He obeyed his uncle’s command without hesitation. He’d never felt so horny. He had no idea that his hole could provide such pleasure. Meanwhile, his right hand was flying up and down his rigid shaft. He’d never been so hard in his life.

His uncle realised that Cooper was lost in a private fantasy now. The boy was chewing his lips and trembling with euphoria. His abs were tight, and his expression made it clear that he would give anything if Jed was there sucking his member right now. Jim stopped snapping the boy’s rapturous face and turned his entire attention to his nephew’s lower abdomen. The boy was going to cum soon and it was going to be worth recording.

Jim snapped away, silent now, leaving Cooper to enjoy his own fantasy world undisturbed. Suddenly the boy moaned.


A jet of cum rocketed from his tightly clutched dick and flew past the photographer standing four feet away. Jim knew better than to be too close when a boy was this turned on.

There were two ways that it could go at this time. Some boys would stop pumping, and take pleasure from watching their own orgasm, even going so far as to let go of their penis entirely. Jim always found that rather narcissistic, although it certainly made for better shots. Then there was the other type, so eager to intensify their own orgasm, that no request for professionalism or calm could derail them from their frantic, animal pumping, and their primal desire to ejaculate as hard as possible. Jim noticed that the less experienced wankers usually fell into this category, and Cooper was no exception.

His hands moved even faster, his fist becoming a blur, flinging spray after milky spray from his cock, and out into the studio. Cooper’s head was thrown back, his eyes closed, and he was panting emotionally, his tone a cross between sobbing and jubilation, unused to this level of emotional and erotic abandon.


Gradually, Cooper’s fist slowed on his penis, and then eventually stopped. He reclined, his mind still on overload. His uncle was still working the camera, quickly capturing the aftermath of the boy’s gargantuan orgasm. Cum was sprayed everywhere. Cooper’s hand fell from his penis, its job done, and Jim quickly snapped his nephew’s rapidly deflating cock. The head was deep purple from the pounding it had taken and even his balls looked rosier than they had at the start.

Cooper’s ability to think rationally slowly returned. He slipped his finger from his hole. The he opened his eyes, staring up at the opposite corner of the room, unwilling to make eye contact with his uncle right away.

Post orgasm self-loathing. If Jim had seen it once, he’d seen it a hundred times. The realisation by a model, that they have just abandoned themselves totally to feelings they never even knew they had. It could destroy any chance of working with a good model again. What Jim said in such moments made all the difference.

“That was ffuc-king incredible!”

He was not exaggerating. Few models were overtaken so fully by their lust.

Cooper lowered his gaze cautiously and met his uncle’s eyes. His face was a mixture of scepticism, sadness and exhaustion.

“Wow Cooper, you are a total superstar. One in a fucking million!” his uncle gushed.

Praising the models was an ingrained habit for him by now, but his enthusiasm was genuine. He put his camera down and walked quickly over to where Cooper was sitting, still slightly shellshocked.

“Get up. C’mere,” his uncle said.

The naked boy stood, and his uncle gave him a bearlike hug. Cooper was surprised. They were not a family that was afraid of physical contact, but this level of ebullience was way beyond his experience. At first he stood arms by his sides, allowing his uncle to hug him, but then he wrapped his arms beneath his uncle’s, and returned the hug.

“I can’t believe I’ve had such a goddamned megastar working for me all this time. Coop, you are inn-CREDIBLE!”

Cooper started to believe his uncle. He’d never seen the man so effusive in his praise before. He put his head on his uncle’s shoulder, starting to feel good about himself.

Jim reached between Cooper’s legs and cupped the boy’s nuts, rolling them in his palm. Cooper flinched with surprise, but didn’t move away.

“Who knew these guys had so much fucking cum in them Coop? Jeez, you could seed an entire college with these!”

Cooper grinned at the thought.

Finally his uncle uncupped his nuts and released him from the hug. Jim moved back a pace, smiling at his nephew with genuine warmth. Cooper looked at him and smiled back uncertain what to say.

Jim said, “Suppose I’d better start cleaning up all this mess you fucking stud!”

The man didn’t swear a huge amount as a matter of course, so his unrestrained profanity only served to convince Cooper that the man was not simply playing him. His smile broadened into a grin.

“Sorry uncle Jim.”

“Yeah sure you are,” Jim said, grinning right back. “Now why don’t you get dressed while I clean up?”

Cooper did as he was told, but he couldn’t hide the perpetual smirk on his face. He actually felt pretty good about himself.


When Cooper was dressed, his uncle said, “Just help me put the sets away can you Coop?”

“That’s not a job for the talent,” Cooper quipped.

“You cheeky…” his uncle swung at Cooper’s head with the now closed porno magazine. Cooper skipped lightly out of range with an impish grin on his face.

Jim grinned right back at him. He held out the magazine. The title was “Cowboy special”.

“You can keep this if you like.”

Cooper stopped, his expression instantly serious. Last chance to back away. He stared at the magazine. He considered his options, and looked his uncle in the eye. There was nothing malicious there. He reached out and took the magazine. The new Cooper was born.

“I think I will actually. Thanks.”

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