The photographer’s assistant 2 – Learning the trade

A teenager discovers a new side to his uncle’s photography business that he finds unexpectedly arousing.

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The photographer’s assistant 2 – learning the trade

Recap: Cooper has been persuaded by his uncle to assist at his photo studio where he produces gay pornography. After his first session, Cooper is surprised to discover that his body responds to watching another teenage boy getting it on.


“Hey Coop, all ready for the shoot?”

“Sure, who have we got tonight?”

It was the seventh gay shoot that the boy had assisted with, and he was getting comfortable around the models now. He got a boner every single time, and he no longer questioned what it meant, he simply got on with the job at hand.

“It’s a guy called Mason. I think this one is going to be a bit more difficult than most.”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s a construction worker. A bit older than the others. I saw him at a bar. He’s desperate for the money, but I don’t think he’s going to be all that flexible about what he needs to do to earn it.”

“Why, what are you gonna ask him to do?”

“Oh nothing more than usual, but he just seemed kind of macho and uptight. We’re going to have to handle him carefully, but don’t you worry, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Cooper grinned. He was so impressed by the way his uncle handled the models, putting them at their ease and getting the best out of them.

“There’s just one thing…”

Cooper looked at his uncle, curious. It was clear that this was going to be important.

“What’s that Uncle Jim?”

“I don’t think it will help matters if this guy sees you with a boner right off the bat. It will probably spook him, and you can never be quite sure how that will turn out.”

Cooper blushed bright red. He’d been pleasantly aware of his erections, but it never occurred to him that they were visible to anyone else, especially his uncle.

“W… what do you mean,” he stammered, caught completely off-guard.

“I’m talking about the tent you pitch in your pants every time we start work of course!” his uncle said with an amiable grin.

Cooper glowed even brighter. He opened his mouth instinctively to deny that he was getting hard, but he didn’t want to insult his uncle’s intelligence. He closed his mouth again without speaking, embarrassed to have been busted. His uncle saw his discomfort and effortlessly put him at ease.

“Hey Coop, it’s ­nothing­ to get bent out of shape over. Watching other guys having a great time is damned horny. I’m fucking sure that none of your buddies from school would be any different. In fact, I’m pretty sure that a few of them would have jizzed in their shorts by now. I’m impressed by your self control!”

Cooper scrutinised his face to see if he was patronising him, but the man was an expert at hiding his real feelings. Jim wrapped his right arm around the boy’s shoulders and gave his nephew a warm hug.

“You’re doing a great job kid. The boner is just a bonus for you to enjoy!”

Cooper looked up to his uncle, and he knew that the man would never deceive him. He accepted the hug in the spirit it was meant, and grinned happily, his cheeks still patched with pink.

“I can’t help it. It just happens,” Cooper admitted.

“Course it does, course it does!” his uncle agreed heartily. “You’re a teenager, and your dick has a mind of its own at your age!”

Cooper dropped his head, and looked at his uncle sheepishly. He gave the slightest nod.

“Yeah,” he affirmed softly.

“Anyway, best thing would be for you to take care of business before Mason arrives. You’ve got fifteen minutes yet.”

Cooper furrowed his brow.

“Take care of business?

Then the penny dropped and he gaped slightly as he realised what his uncle was suggesting.

“You mean…”

Cooper lowered his fist to his groin and made a slow masturbation gesture. His uncle Jim nodded with a grin. Cooper’s blush returned with a vengeance and his eyes widened. He and his uncle were close, but this was far more candid that they had ever been. The boy stood uncertainly.

“What, now?”

“Well, I think it’ll freak this guy out even more if you do it in front of him!”

Cooper gave an awkward, lop-sided grin. Then he shuffled off in the direction of the bathroom with all the enthusiasm of a boy on his way to the headmaster’s office.

His thoughts were whirling. Knowing that his uncle knew that he was getting turned by watching guys do gay porn was unsettling, but now being ordered to go and jack off so that he could maintain some semblance of control was really weird. Still, he rationalised, it wasn’t like he thought that his uncle didn’t already know he spanked it regularly. Jeez, his uncle made porn for Christ’s sake! But still, there was something weird about jerking it whilst his uncle knew exactly what he was doing.

Cooper considered trying to strap his dick to his belly, or using his belt to keep it up and out of sight, but he didn’t want to disobey his uncle, and he certainly didn’t want to risk ruining the shoot, so he dropped his jeans and his underwear, and took a grip. To his surprise, he was already half hard. As bizarre as it was to be ordered by his uncle to beat off, he was also strangely excited. It felt a little like exhibitionism.

His dick was fully rigid in seconds, and he tugged at it in short, fast strokes designed to bring him off as quickly as possible. The last thing he wanted was to get all stinky just before having to work. He leaned forwards, supporting himself using the wall behind the lavatory. He looked down, so that he could aim his dick at the bowl, but his vision was a million miles away. Without realising it, Cooper had started to anticipate and even fantasise about the young men that his uncle would be photographing on the way to work each weekend, and now his mind replayed some of their performances, fuelling his own arousal. His dick-head was swollen and tight, and in a little over 90 seconds, he was spurting a generous load of teen cum into the toilet bowl. He closed his eyes and let out a little moan. He swayed back and forth once, weak kneed with ecstasy, then steadied himself. His lips parted, his thoughts floating freely, no longer thinking of anything, but carried away on his own euphoria, he continued pumping until he was drained.

Finally he was done, and he opened his eyes reluctantly, uncertain of how much time had passed. He cleaned what little thin cream remained on the tip of his still bloated glans with a few sheets of soft toilet tissue. He looked into the bowl, and he could see ribbons of his jizz slowly sinking and merging into a shapeless tangle at the bottom of the water. He watched for 30 seconds. He loved to see his jizz under water, especially in the bath. It was like seeing himself cum in slow motion.

He tugged at his penis slowly to clear his tubes, running his knuckles up the back of the urethra. A final bead of cream oozed to the tip. He wiped it with the same wad of tissue then threw it into the bowl, and pulled the flush handle. He pulled his underpants and jeans back up over his softening dick and returned to join his uncle.


“Good one?” the man asked.

Cooper looked at him with a very sheepish grin and nodded. His face was still blotchy pink, but this time it wasn’t embarrassment that coloured his cheeks.

“Good. Look, we may have to play this one a little different usual. Here’s what I need you to do…”


Mason arrived late, twenty minutes later, with no apology. Jim let it slide without mentioning it, but Cooper took an instant dislike to the man. It was common for the straight ones to exaggerate their  sexuality with adolescent swagger, aggressive language and talk about all the girls they’d fucked, but Mason was different. Cooper thought he was a real asshole.

Mason took one look at Cooper and demanded, “What’s the kid doing here?”

“He’s my assistant. I need him to do the shoot.”

“I ain’t doing it with no boy watching,” Mason said, emphasising the word “boy” to make it clear what he thought of Cooper.

His uncle answered calmly.

“He’s essential. I can’t do the shoot without him.”

“And I’m not doing it with a boy in the room.”

“Then you won’t get paid, and you may as well leave now.”

“You never said anything about no boy!” Mason said, angrily.

“I didn’t tell you what camera I’d be using either. Cooper is older than he looks. Now do you want the work or don’t you? I don’t have time to stand around to argue with you. If you’re not interested you can fuck off now!”

Cooper was surprised at his uncle’s aggression. The man stood up with his hands on his hips waiting for Mason to respond. For the first time, Cooper saw his uncle as others saw him. The man was buff and quite imposing.

Mason’s aggression drained away in the presence of a superior alpha.

“I suppose it’ll have to do,” he grumbled, as though making some epic concession.

“Good, that’s exactly what I thought,” Jim said. “Now take your stuff and go over there.”

He gestured to the set.


From time to time, Jim liked to place his models in sets that were appropriate to their careers or interests. It created a nice little fantasy for the viewers, and helped them feel like they knew the models better. For Mason, Jim had set up a fake construction yard, with a few up-ended paving slabs, some scaffold, and a bright yellow “hard hats” sign on the wall.

Mason walked over to where he had been sent.

“Have you got your props?” Jim asked.

Mason nodded.

“Put them on then, and we can get started.”

The man reached into his bag and took out a yellow hard hat, a tool belt, and sleeveless safety vest. He put them on over the t-shirt and jeans he had arrived wearing, then stood waiting to be told what to do.


Jim guided the man through a series of poses, gradually  undressing until he was nude except for the hard hat. The man had a superb body – lean muscles, a bulging six-pack, healthy tan, and now naked, Cooper could see that he also had six inches of flaccid meat hanging between his legs and a hefty pair of medium low balls. Cooper was impressed but not particularly interested. Mason easily had the biggest cock he’d seen so far, but the man’s surly attitude and refusal to smile in any shots really made the boy dislike him.

In spite of his dislike for Mason at the start of the shoot, Cooper did his best to put the man at ease. Initially he had murmured encouragements: “That’s great; man great abs; wish I had biceps like that…” and so on, but after Mason continued to show him nothing but contempt, Cooper stopped trying, and instead concentrated on moving the various props in and out of shot, setting up lighting, and angling reflectors so that his uncle could get on with the  photography.


“Okay, pull yourself. Make it hard for me please,” Jim instructed.

Mason glared at him, and it was clear that he was resenting every second of the experience. Cooper wondered what sort of straits the man must have gotten himself into to do something that he so clearly despised.

Mason pulled at his sausage-like penis. It flopped heavy but limp in his hand. He continued working at it, but it resolutely refused to respond. He tried focussing just on the glans, rubbing it between his thumb and the side of his index finger, but there was no hint of life. Mason was getting angry at himself.

“Fucking thing. I usually have trouble STOPPING it getting hard!”

“Yeah, know what you mean,” Cooper thought.

Mason was embarrassed at his inability to perform.

“This has never happened before,” he said defensively.

“No problem. It happens to most models the first time,” Jim lied smoothly. “Maybe porn would help?”

“Yeah maybe. What have you got?”

“What do you like?”

“I dunno. Blondes. Big tits, tight pussies. Young.”

Jim walked over to a bookshelf and rustled through a bunch of magazines, pulling a few from the pile. He handed a couple to Mason. The young man looked at the covers and nodded appreciatively in spite of his gruff demeanour – they were precisely his sort of thing. Working his cock in one hand, he leafed slowly through the pages with the other. Every now and then, he’d pause on a particular page and scrutinise it for a minute or two, clearly fascinated. Yet no matter how much interest he had in the scenes before him, he just couldn’t overcome his discomfort at being naked in a room with two other males. Finally he threw the magazines down in exasperation.

“This is not gonna fucking work!” he said, as though it was Jim’s fault.

“You’re just out of your element. You’re more used to banging chicks. You just need to relax that’s all.”

Mason was only too willing to accept the bone being thrown to him.

“Yeah man. That’s what it is. It’s just freaking me out with you two here.”

“Like I said, it’s no problem. Do you drink? Maybe a beer will help you relax?”

“Yeah, that might do it,” Mason said, glad for an excuse to stop modelling for a moment.

“Bud okay?”

“Yeah that’ll be great,” Mason said, starting to warm to Jim’s easy-going, patient manner.


Jim walked into a small kitchen attached to the main studio and took two bottles out of the refrigerator. He walked back to the studio, removed both caps in front of Mason, and casually handed over the bottle that he had drugged earlier. He always kept an emergency bottle on hand.

Mason took the bottle gratefully and chugged half of it in a single gulp. He finished the rest in two more swigs.

Jim said, “What say we just do a few more soft shots?”

Mason nodded, unaware that the drug had lowered his inhibitions and more susceptible to suggestion.

“We’ll do some oiled shots. Coop, can you take care of the oil?”

This was the moment he had briefed the boy on earlier. Cooper went and got a bottle of oil from the oven where it was being kept warm. He walked in with the bottle and unscrewed the lid. The oil was fragrant. Mason watched the boy pour some onto his hand, and he looked at Jim as if to ask what the kid was doing.

“It’s easier if Cooper applies it. He knows what I need. Just relax and let him get on with it.”

Mason no longer felt as sharply hostile to the boy anymore, nor so nervous about his nudity. He turned back to Cooper with a shrug.


Cooper cautiously approached and rubbed a big handful of oil on the man’s well defined chest. The scent of the oil was intoxicating. Cooper had had nothing to drink, and even he felt as though he had slipped back in time to a Roman bordello. He put the bottle down and used both hands to spread the oil across Mason’s well defined pectorals.

“I’m just gonna tweak your nipples to make ‘em stand up more,” Cooper warned.

Mason didn’t object, and Cooper lightly pinched the man’s brown nipples giving them a pull. When he released them, they stood up as though aroused.

“Arms up please.”

Mason lifted his arms and Cooper rubbed the oil up his lats and into his arm pits. Then the boy poured more oil and continued working over the front of Mason’s body, making him shine. Neck, arms, face; no part was spared. He worked down over the man’s sculpted abs, and down towards his groin. Cooper rubbed the oil on his lower abdomen and even in his pubic hair but stopped short of touching Mason’s genitals. Then the boy dropped to his knees and started working his way up the man’s legs. It was strange to be kneeling with his face so close to such a Herculean piece of meat. As he reached the v near the top of Mason’s legs, he allowed his fingers to brush the man’s penis, then he stopped and said, “Turn around and kneel down please.

Mason was drowsy, and starting to feel a tingle in his dick. The massage was mesmerising and the exotic scent soporific. His thoughts felt like they were coming through warm treacle; slow and with an artificial sweetness.

The boy started to oil his back, starting at the nape of his neck, and working down. When Cooper reached Mason’s waist he said, “Bend over and put your hands on the floor in front of you please.”

Normally, the pose alone would have set off violent alarm bells in Mason’s mind, but it didn’t seem important somehow. He obeyed the boy’s request, and knelt patiently like a bitch in heat waiting to be serviced.

Cooper continued oiling, rubbing the warm liquid slowly and methodically into Mason’s calves and feet. His uncle had explained earlier, that the purpose was not to make Mason oily, although the glistening fluid certainly added an appealing lustre to his skin; the purpose was to relax the man and lower his inhibitions enough so that he would perform.

Cooper worked his way up Mason’s thighs, and then continued rubbing the oil into the kneeling man’s buttocks and rump. Mason knelt, quiet as a lamb and let him do it.

“Make sure you’re thorough,” Jim commanded. “Get that oil right in between his cheeks. Right in there.”

Cooper was feeling rather ambivalent about doing this. He was doing his best to be professional, and he had already been warned in advance exactly what he would be doing, but it still fell mighty strange to be rubbing a grown man’s bottom.

He spread Mason’s cheeks with his finger and thumb, and dribbled fresh oil into the crack, then he put the bottle down and ran his palm between the warm orbs, smearing the oil along the inside of Mason’s butt cheeks. His finger touched Mason’s hole. It was unexpectedly smooth and devoid of hair.

There was only one area of Mason’s body that had not been treated. Cooper oiled his hand, reached through the muscular young man’s thighs, and gently gripped his testicles. Mason remained calm and docile as the teenager slowly massaged oil into his scrotum.

“That’s it Cooper, take your time. Don’t miss anything.”

His uncle’s commands were all part of the predetermined act that ensured that Mason’s drug-addled brain would find the whole process plausible.

Cooper was almost as impressed by the size of Mason’s balls as he was by the size of his penis. They were at least twice as large as his own, and he was astonished at how cool they felt through the man’s soft, thick scrotum. Cooper made a mental note to check if his were that cool later. He couldn’t resist squeezing them gently out of curiosity as he continued meticulously massaging oil into them. Whenever he squeezed his own testicles, Cooper had difficulty separating the feeling in his fingertips, from the feeling in his balls. He didn’t expect that Mason’s would be soft, but they felt far more delicate than he had anticipated. He’d assumed that they would be firm like an unripe plum, but instead they had the delicate feel of cooked liver.

“Don’t miss his gooch,” his uncle instructed.

Cooper ran his slippery finger and thumb back and forth along Mason’s perineum. Mason squirmed involuntarily and gave a little quivering breath of excitement.  Jim smiled. The man was almost ready.

“Alright, last but not least…” Jim said.

Cooper poured a generous handful of oil and grasped Mason’s penis in his fist. The thought flashed through Cooper’s mind that this was what it must be like to actually have a dick that big: to hold it whilst you take a piss or get dressed. He felt mildly jealous, but he continued with his job. He tugged his hand down the hefty organ like he was milking a cow. Once his hand slipped off the bottom, he opened his fist, gripped at the top again and repeated, and repeated, and repeated.

Mason looked straight ahead, placid, absolutely no expression on his face, but his body was responding. Cooper could feel the man’s dick thickening and hardening in his hand. He continued the milking action until he felt Mason’s dick was rock hard, then he concentrated solely on the glans, twisting his oily hand in circles like he was trying to unscrew the lid off a soda bottle. Mason started to moan and squirm.

“Okay, that’ll do Cooper, you can stop now,” his uncle said. Cooper stopped and moved away, using a towel to wipe the oil from his hands.

“Mason can you hear me?”

“Sure thing man,” Mason responded, in a voice that sounded like he was stoned.

“I want you to stand up and turn around so that we can see you.”

Mason did as he was told. His penis was magnificent nine inches, thick as a salami and pressed up flat against his belly. His balls were pulled up tight to the base.

“Perfect T,” Jim commented, looking at Cooper.

Cooper frowned not understanding.

“The shape of his dick and balls.”

He drew an upside down T between Mason’s dick and balls.

“A perfect T. The clients go nuts for a guy that gets that horny.”

Cooper grinned, taking strange pride at his role in achieving such perfection.

Jim addressed Mason again.

“Okay, I want you to start jacking off slowly, like it’s the best thing you ever felt. Look at the camera, lips open, tongue out a little, that’s it, great…”


45 minutes later, Mason was lying upside down on his shoulders, a dildo in his ass, and his own cum dribbling down his face and into his mouth, with a look of total rapture on his face. Jim always made the difficult ones do the most depraved stuff. It was his way of getting even for all the attitude they gave. He really enjoyed breaking the most wilful heterosexual stallions utterly. He considered it a civic duty to knock them down a few pegs.

He pulled the dildo out of Mason’s ass and wrapped it in a paper towel to wash later.

“Okay, you can get dressed now Mason. No need to clean up first.”

Mason stood up and pulled his shorts up over his still hard dick, then continued dressing, seemingly oblivious or unconcerned by the half cup of his own cum that was splattered all across his face.

“You can pack your things away as well,” Jim said, as Mason finished dressing. Mason did as he was told, like a man in a trance.

“Thanks for your time, you can see the photos next week if you like.”

Jim handed Mason the agreed upon fee and ushered him to the door.

“Thanks for your time Mason.”

“Oh um, yeah, thanks,” Mason replied, walking through the door, money in hand.


As soon as the door shut, Cooper burst out laughing.

“That was NASTY,” he said. “I can’t believe you got him to do all that stuff!”

“Yeah, like I said, it’s the massage and the beer.”

Jim hadn’t told his nephew about the drugs IN the beer.

“But he was so uptight at the beginning. I didn’t think you’d ever get him to relax.”

“You did all the work. All guys like having their dicks stroked, and they don’t care who’s doing the stroking once they get over the whole fag panic thing.”

“Fag panic?”

“Yeah, most guys are terrified of being accused of being fags, even though they’re quite happy to do fag stuff. Once they get over the fear of being caught, they can usually have a good time.”

Cooper sniggered.

“Sending him out with all that jizz on his face was evil. What if he meets his friends?”

“What if he does? He desperately needed to be knocked off his horse. That’ll certainly do it. When he remembers this tomorrow it’s really gonna blow his mind!”

“Yeah, he was SUCH an asshole,” Cooper reflected. “The way he kept calling me “boy” made me want to hit him in the face.” He paused and thought for a few moments. “Still, he did have a goddamned huge cock. Do you see many that big?”

His uncle smiled and draped and arm around his shoulder.

“Nah, I doubt if you’ll ever see another one quite that big in here.”

He handed the boy his pay.

“Now you get home quickly. You look like you need to take care of business again.”

Cooper looked down at himself and was shocked to see the front of his pants was sticking out like a pup tent. He groaned.

“How long?”

“Since the moment you touched his dick,” his uncle responded.

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