The photographer’s assistant 1 – A new job

A young man takes on an evening job with his uncle and discovers that it’s far more erotic than he imagined.

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The photographer’s assistant 1 – A new job

“Hey Cooper, if you promise never to tell your father about it, I have a lot more work for you. Are you interested?”

Cooper looked at his uncle Jim with curiosity. What could be so secret that the man needed to swear him to secrecy first?

“Ummm, okaaay.”


Cooper had just turned 15, and he’d been working weekends for his uncle for two years. At first he merely assisted around his uncle’s photo studio; running errands, cleaning up, changing sets, and doing a hundred other menial tasks that would otherwise have interrupted the flow of his uncle’s photography.

Jim owned his own studio, but he primarily contracted his services to one of the largest modelling agencies in LA. He produced the full range of images, from head and shoulder shots, topless, full body, portfolios, and even glamour work. It was the sixties, and model agencies had books full of young hopefuls who had come to Hollywood in the hope of making it big.


After six months, it became clear from his questions and his close attention to Jim’s work, that Cooper was interested in learning about the art of photography, so Jim was only too willing to accommodate his only nephew. In fact, he now saw the kid as more of an apprentice than an assistant. But there was one area of his business that he’d never revealed to the boy, or anyone else in the family…


“Are you sure Cooper? Once I tell you about this, it will change the way that you think of me forever, and I gotta repeat, you can NEVER tell your dad, or anyone else.”

“Can you give me a hint what it’s about uncle Jim?”

“That’s difficult without giving it away. Let’s just say it’s an area of photography that wouldn’t make it onto the cover of Newsweek.”

Cooper considered for a moment what his uncle’s cryptic comment might mean. Then it occurred to him – nudes; his uncle was talking about nudes! Visions of a studio filled with Playboy models filled his mind. His eyes widened at the prospect, and he all-but-salivated at the thought.

“Okay, I promise never to say anything to anyone.”

“Cross your heart?”

“Cross my heart,” Cooper said, making a cross on his left breast with his right hand.

His uncle smiled.

“Excellent. Look, in the evenings, I photograph glamour. Stuff for guys to beat off to. It pays a lot more, but for obvious reasons, I don’t advertise it. If you want to, you can stick around this evening, and get a feeling for what it’s like. If you’re okay with it, I can give you a lot more work… and a lot more pay.”

Cooper didn’t hesitate for a second.

“Sure, that sounds great.”

“Very good, well you’d better phone your pop and tell him you’re going to be a few hours late. Tell him you’re going to be helping me out in the studio. When you’ve done that, just run down to the deli and get us a couple of subs and some chips.”


When Cooper returned with the food, he walked into the studio to find his uncle photographing a young man. The kid was a little older than Cooper; perhaps 18 or 19, with light brown, flowing shoulder length hair, and freckles. He was wearing bell-bottomed hip-hugger jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt, denim jacket, and a cowboy hat. Apart from the hat, they were exactly the kind of clothes Cooper liked to wear.

The kid looked up as Cooper entered the studio, then back at Jim with a quizzical expression as if to say, “What’s this kid doing here?”

“This is Cooper. He’s my assistant.”

The kid looked back at Cooper.

“Cooper, this is Jed. He’s my model for tonight. It’s his first time.”

Copper nodded towards the boy.


“Hey man,” Jed drawled, with studied Texan coolness, but Cooper could tell he was nervous, just like they all were when they started a shoot. His uncle was a master at helping the models to relax so that he could get the best out of them, and tonight was to be no exception.

As always, Jim started slow, giving Jed some easy poses to build his confidence, keeping his instructions simple and unambiguous.

“Jacket open. Look straight at the camera. Turn to the left. Jacket off. Over your shoulder. Chin up. Look over there.”

As he talked in a continuous stream of short instructions, Jim peppered his talk with banter, and small compliments to give the kid’s ego a boost.

“That’s the way. You’re doing great. Yeah man. The girls are going to love you. What a stud. Man what a great find.”

Cooper watched his uncle work, as always, impressed by the man’s easy manner, and the skill with which he rapidly turned a nervous model, into a glamour centrefold. Jim’s words literally sculpted the kid’s ego and his photographic persona into the person Jim wanted him to be.

After half an hour, Jim got the kid to take off his sneakers and his shirt, so that he was showing off his tanned body. He was lean and hard. As he continued snapping with his Leica M4, Jim said,

“Hey Coop, Jed here’s an authentic cowboy, isn’t that right Jed?”

“Sure is,” Jed replied, proud of his career. “Been ranching ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper.”

“Cool,” Cooper replied, genuinely impressed. “That must be why you’ve got such a great tan.”

“Nawww. Can’t ride baretop. You’d get burned to a crisp in next to no time. That’s from walking around on the beach here, impressing the lay-dees!”

Cooper chuckled. He was all about impressing the ladies.

“Do you work out much?” he asked. “You look like you do.”

“Thanks man. Not really, that just comes from hard work and good living.”

Jim allowed the conversation between the two boys to continue. The more at ease Jed felt, the better he looked to the camera. Occasionally he’d throw out another instruction and Jed would comply, but just as Jim had hoped would happen, the two boys got on like a house on fire.

“Okay, you wanna take your jeans off now please Jed.”

Jed did as he was asked. He was wearing fancy silk underwear.

“Hey, your shorts are terrific, but not quite what I’m looking for. You wanna try these on instead?”
Jim handed Jed a pair of white hipster briefs made of soft cotton. Jed took them, turned his back and put them on in place of his shorts. The briefs were snug around the waist, but loose enough in the pouch to show off what Jed had.

Jed looked uncomfortable, but Jim said, “Yeah, that’s great. You look fantastic in those. They really show your package off well.”

Jed looked at Jim and could trace no sarcasm in his face. Until he’d come here, he thought that he was pretty ordinary in the dick department, but as this professional photographer spoke to him, he started to realise that he had a lot to offer.

Jim continued giving Jed posing instructions, increasingly focussed on showing off his package.

“Good. Hands on hips. Pelvis up. Thumbs in the top of your briefs…”

Cooper found it fascinating to see how a professional glamour shoot was handled. He’d expected it to be sleazier somehow, but it was no different to a normal shoot. His uncle was just as confident; just as professional.

After an hour Jim said, “Right if you just want to take your briefs off now, and throw them over there please.”

This was the moment that many beginners balked at, but by focussing on where the underwear had to go, rather than the fact that they were undressing, Jim found that many models made the transition more easily. Jed paused for just a moment, and glanced at Cooper, then, as his bravado kicked in, he pulled his briefs off in one motion and threw them over to the place that Jim had indicated. Jim had hoped that having Cooper present would produce that reaction, and reduce the small number of guys who never overcame their fear of nudity. So far, so good.

Jed stood with his hands on his hips, almost defiantly, as if to say, “What? I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of!”

It was a typical bravado reaction to the embarrassment of nudity, and Jim was already snapping away. It was hard to simulate that deliberate cockiness, and a lot of his customers loved to see that awkwardness.


Cooper didn’t immediately look at Jed’s genitals. It was partly because he sensed the other boy’s discomfort at being nude, but also due to a misplaced sense of schoolboy code, where you just didn’t look at another guy’s junk unless he deliberately drew your attention to it.

Jim issued a stream of instructions, and Jed complied with a mixture of professional pride and deferential obedience to an elder. Jim had worked on his tone, mostly warm and friendly, but sometimes, as now, clinically assertive and in control. When he used the latter tone, it cut through their insecurity and self-consciousness, and seemed to trigger a models’ innate eagerness to please.

As Jed began to follow Jim’s instructions, Cooper eventually allowed himself to take a good look at the boy’s genitals. Jed was pre-occupied, so Cooper felt quite safe to have a long hard look. In fact it was probably the longest he’d ever stared at another boy’s junk. Jed wasn’t all that big – a bit longer than him, and quite a bit hairier, especially on his balls, but it was a soft, fluffy kind of fuzz, rather than the rough wiry hair found on an adult. He had a decent sized pair of nuts that hung a little below the end of his dick. He was also uncircumcised, which surprised Cooper. He was also uncut, but he was the only boy he knew of that was natural.

Cooper watched, fascinated, as this macho boy was instructed through an increasingly sexualised series of poses. Jed’s penis appeared to be getting ever so gradually larger, like a slowly inflating balloon. Cooper’s uncle was skilled in selecting poses that would both show off the boy’s assets, and arouse him at the same time. He told the boy to crouch, knees wide apart, with his pelvis thrust forwards, leaning back on one arm. Jed complied, and Cooper noticed that almost immediately, Jed’s penis lifted its head in a series of rapid surges as the posture excited him. Cooper wondered if Jed was remembering some girl he had fucked in this position, or if against his conscious will, his body was preparing to do so.

Jim cooed reassurance and instructions to the boy.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Very nice. Great cock. I bet the ladies love that. Pull your foreskin back. Now start beating your meat. Yeah, perfect. Amazing.”

Jim continued with a stream of instructions and ego building comments, and Cooper watched intrigued. He’d never seen another guy jacking off, and if he stopped and thought about it, he’d have been weirded out by it. He’d never been one to ponder his sexuality. He liked girls, and that was as much thought as he’d given the matter. But now as he watched this boy masturbating, and clearly getting more and more into it, he became fascinated. At first he was primarily interested in comparing the boy’s physical attributes against his own, and getting an idea of what further changes he could expect as he got a little older. But after a while, his interest shifted to the boy’s technique; again, comparing against his own masturbation method. Jed seemed comfortable to take more time working himself up than Cooper did. For Cooper it was still all about the destination, not the journey, and his masturbation sessions were fast and athletic.

Initially, Jed used a traditional pumping action, but as he became harder, and his penis reached its full length, his foreskin retracted fully down his shaft.  He shifted to a shorter-pumping corkscrew action with each stroke of his hand.

“There’s lube there if you want it,” Jim said.

He gestured towards a bottle on the side and Jed opened it and greased his palm generously.

Jim had never even heard of lube. He always masturbated dry, depending upon his foreskin to protect his glans from chafing. He could see that Jed was barely pumping at all now, instead using his fist in an endless cycle of circles; twisting and releasing as though he was trying to unscrew his glans from the rest of his penis. Jed was concentrating totally on his penis now, and Jim had stopped speaking to him, allowing him to work on himself. Jed suddenly looked up, straight into Coopers eyes, and a slow, horny mixture between a leer and a smile spread across his face. Cooper blushed furiously and looked away, unsure why the boy’s look had made him feel so self-conscious. He had a perfect right to be here, watching.

He looked back at the cowboy. Cooper could see that Jed was maintaining almost continuous and firm contact with his glans. The lube on his hand made a squelching noise as he massaged his glans. Cooper wondered how it felt. When he’d tried rubbing his cum-lubed glans with a finger after ejaculation, it had almost made him jump at how sensitive it was. He’d felt tiny bolts of electricity shooting down to his balls that had made him twitch his knees together at the intensity. He wondered how Jed could bear to rub his glans like that. It must feel as though his nuts were exploding! Perhaps it was the lube, or the fact that he hadn’t already cum yet that made the difference?

“I’m almost there,” Jed announced.

“Great. Move your hand off and pump it. Let’s have a big cum shot. Tell me just when you’re about to shoot. Once you start, move your hand down on your dick, and stop pumping so that I can see the jizz squirting.”

Cooper was surprised at how much planning went into making porn. He hadn’t seen much, and what he had seen had been all heterosexual, but he’d just assumed that it happened naturally. He didn’t realise how choreographed everything was.

Jed did as he was told, and started pumping furiously, and within 15 seconds he tersely grunted, “Now!”

Jim zoomed in, just as the boy released a massive cumshot, splashing the first jets high up onto his chest, and leaving a sticky puddle from there, in streaks, right back down to his pubic hair. Cooper was thoroughly impressed. He had reached his own chest with one or two squirts on quite a few occasions, but he’d never produced such a volume of jizz. Jed was writhing and groaning completely oblivious to the other people in the studio as he came, thrusting his pelvis upwards in what was clearly an extremely stimulating orgasm.

Eventually he stopped writhing and moaning, and opened his eyes.


“Yeah,” Cooper agreed, lost in the moment.

He looked at Jed, his mouth slightly open and his bottom lip pouting loosely. He felt like a curious little boy seeing his father naked for the first time.

Jed looked surprised at the power of his orgasm. He looked down at the rivulets of gooey semen that lined his stomach. Jim moved in for reaction shots, then closer still to snap away at the creamy ribbons that streaked Jed’s abdomen.

“Fantastic job man! Now run your finger in it, like you’re wondering what it is. Great, smear it around. Now pick some up on your finger and hold it in front of your face. Look at it. That’s it. Make out you’ve never seen cum before. Terrific. That’s great, let that long bit dribble down. Now hold it over your mouth, and open your mouth.”

Jed stopped and looked at Jim disgusted.

“Ain’t no way I’m doing that man. It’s disgusting.”

“Awww come on,” Jim purred, feeding Jed’s ego. “You’ve been such a professional up to now, and chicks love that shit. Trust me.”

Jed looked at him sceptically. Jim raised his eyebrows and nodded, urging Jed on. The kid lifted the streamer of semen above his mouth, and opened his mouth timidly.

“Yeah, thattaboy! Wider. Look right at it, like you’re looking forwards to the snack.”

Jed tried his best to look enthusiastic.

“Yeah Jed. That’s the look. Man what a pro! Now lower it slowly into your mouth.”

Jed shot him a disgusted look. Jim laughed.

“Don’t look at me like that. This is what it means to be a professional. This what I’m paying you for.”

The implication was clear. Jed looked back at the jizz, and slowly lowered it into his mouth.

“Nice. Really. You’re the man. Now lick your finger clean and show me your tongue.”

Cooper watched breathlessly. He kept wondering where the kid’s limits were. He was amazed at how easily his uncle manipulated this tough young cowboy. How easily he used his authority to compel the boy to go way beyond his comfort zone.

Jed licked his finger clean, and showed the camera the puddle of jizz that was on his tongue.

“Fantastic. That’s the way. Now swallow.”

Jed complied, with the same grimace that a small boy might make swallowing medicine. Cooper chuckled to himself. He recognised the face, and found himself wondering what Jed’s cum had tasted like.

Jed had come in full of macho swagger, and now, just a couple of hours later, he was drinking his own jizz.

Jim continued snapping away as Jed cleaned himself up with a towel. Jed rose to his feet, his penis at half mast, and got dressed. He was quieter, and less confident than when he’d started. He wouldn’t meet Cooper’s eyes now. He didn’t feel like the big man any more. He kept thinking about the jizz he’d gulped down. He wished he’d drawn the line there and refused. But he didn’t want to lose the money. He realised that he was no better than a 5 dollar whore, doing the most disgusting things for a bit green. Cooper felt bad for him.

“Man that was really amazing. I’ve never seen so much cum.”

Jed looked at him wanly.

“Thanks man,” he said quietly.

“You’re welcome dude. I bet you get laid every night,” Cooper said, trying to stoke the kid up again. “I wish I could cum like that,” he added, sincerely.

Jed started to lift his head at Cooper’s words, starting to feel a bit more like the man in front of this obviously less-mature kid.

“Great shoot!” Jim said. “Here’s your money. And because you were such a pro, there’s an extra 25 for you. I know it’s not much but…”

Jim knew that $25 was a lot to the kid, but by underplaying it, he made the kid feel like the big man again. Like $25 was just small change to him.

Jed was brightening all the time, and by the time he walked out, he was almost back to his old self.

“Hey Jed, it was a pleasure working with you. I might have more work for you in the future, so keep in touch. He handed the kid a business card that read, “Mason Studios”, and said goodbye.


As soon as the door was closed, Jim turned to Cooper and said, “Well, what do you think?”

Cooper pondered his answer.

“It wasn’t what I was expecting.”

His uncle laughed.

“That’s why I didn’t tell you the details in advance.”

“Do you ever do girls?” Cooper asked, hopefully.

“Nah. There’s a million studios doing women. There’s no money in it.”

Cooper didn’t bother to hide his disappointment, as his visions of watching hot chicks go through the same routine as Jed had, went out the window.

“That’s a shame.”

Jim laughed again.

“Maybe it’s just as well,” Cooper added, as he considered it more deeply. “I imagine it would be pretty hard to concentrate on work with a big boner sticking out of my pants all night.”

“So you’ve got a big boner?”

Cooper blushed, and looked at the floor.

“Naw.” He admitted, “I was just saying…”

Jim tousled his hair.

“I was just messing with you Coop. By the way, you did a great job at the end there. Jed was feeling down. A lot of ‘em do. You know how it is after you nut. You said exactly the right thing.”

“He just looked embarrassed. I wanted to let him know it was okay. That he did good.”

“And what you really think of his performance Coop?”

Cooper shrugged.

“I don’t know. I’ve got nothing to compare it against. It seemed like he did what you told him, and he sure did cum a lot.”

“Yeah, he was a good kid.”

“Do you err, do you always make them drink their sperm like that?”

“No, not all. I play it by ear. But because he was so cocky, I thought the customers would enjoy seeing him come down a couple of pegs.”

“You seemed happy. Do you often pay them extra like that?”

“Oh yeah, unless they’re shits, I always pay them an extra $25 – sometimes more. I build it into my quote when I offer them the work. That way, they walk away feeling good about themselves. If I meet someone exceptional that I know the customers will like, then I might throw him a little more, just to make sure they’re available for more work in the future.”

“Wow, that’s smart,” Cooper said, impressed by his uncle’s business acumen. “I notice you saying a lot of nice stuff to him, especially at the end when you wanted him to, eat his stuff.”

Jim smiled at his nephew’s momentary discomfort at using the word “jizz” or any of its synonyms.

“Yeah, most models are like nervous puppies. You gotta coax ‘em along gently. Build their confidence so that they feel safe and comfortable. But sometimes you’ve gotta use strong tactics. Be like a cop. Or their dad.”

“I noticed you doing that. I was impressed.”

“Thanks Coop. I can teach you all that if you like. Soo, you gonna come work for me?”

Cooper thought for a moment.

“I guess so. Just so long as I don’t have to do anything like that myself.”

He waved in the general direction of the set.

”Nah, of course not. You’re just here to work.”


That evening Cooper got home tired, thinking about the nude shoot. He felt like he’d looked into a new world. That night, as he was masturbating, he decided to try making it last a bit longer. He was hard in no time. He pulled his foreskin back with his left hand, and spat on his right. He wanted to try Jed’s technique.

He twisted at the end of his penis, and just as he’d expected, he found it almost unbearably arousing, but he stuck with it. He started fantasising about a girl at school, but his thoughts kept switching to Jed’s performance. He repeatedly forced his thoughts back to the girl, but just as he was about to ejaculate, he found himself thinking about the wild thrashing and thrusting as Jed reached his orgasm. Cooper pounded his fist faster and faster, and reached a very satisfying orgasm of his own. As he cleaned himself, he realised that he had cum to the thought of another boy. He contemplated it briefly, but, confident in his masculinity, he rolled onto his side under the covers, put it from his mind, and went to sleep.

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