Tanner’s best days 1

A father helps his disabled son in an unusual way.

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Tanner’s best days

Tanner’s head lolled to his chest, his head turned slightly to the side. It twitched occasionally.

“D… dad, why does my willy keep doing that?”

He looked down at his naked lap where his penis was standing tall. He’d never spent a single day in school, so he lacked the peer interactions that would have made him more worldly wise. Nor had his parents seen fit to educate him about sex or puberty. It was not something that they foresaw that he would need.

His father looked over the shoulder of his seated son at the boy’s erection.

“Standing up like that you mean?”


“It means you’re excited.”

“I d… d… don’t f… feel excited,” Tanner said, with an involuntary shrug of his shoulder.

“It’s a different sort of excitement Bub.”

Tanner stared down past his right hand which was clawed and drawn up to his chest. Beneath his treasure trail and a thick but small bush, his penis stood proud of the bath water, seven inches in total and he tried to process what his father was telling him. He strained as hard as he could, but meaning refused to come into focus.

“I d… don’t get it,” he eventually said, his stammer made worse by the effort.

“Well, it’s like your body is excited. Can’t you feel a kind of nice tingling in your goolies?”

Although Tanner was far too old for childish terms like “goolies” and “willy”, his parents had always used them, and without external references that revealed how juvenile they were, Tanner took their usage as normal. He had no alternatives.

Tanner thought about his father’s question for quite a while, analysing the sensations in his own body.


“I bet it feels nice huh?”

Tanner smiled towards the bathwater. His circumcised penis was very hard indeed, and his glans looked very different to normal.


“That means that you’re nearly a man.”


This was not a conversation that Brett had ever expected to have with his youngest son. He had no prepared answer. The last thing he wanted to do was start explaining to Tanner about sex and girls, and pregnancy. It just didn’t seem fair as the boy would almost certainly never get to experience any of them. He flubbed an answer.

“Well, when your willy gets hard, that just means that you’re a man.”




An hour later, Tanner was watching TV and Brett was in the kitchen with his wife.

“Janice, Bub got an erection in the bath earlier.”

She smiled.

“I’m not surprised. There’s no reason why THAT part of his body wouldn’t work perfectly normally.”

“And he gets them all the time when he’s pissing.”

“I expect they’re automatic. He’s responding to the warmth of your hand. I’ve noticed the same thing. And he’s left a lot of other… evidence as well.”

Brett frowned, momentarily failing to comprehend her meaning.

“Every week or two, in his underpants. And I’ve found more than a couple of wet sheets.”

Brett placed a cup of coffee on the table in front of his wife and sat in the chair opposite holding his own cup.

“He asked me about his erection.”

“What did you say to him?”

Janice was a little less casual now. This was an important moment.

“I just fobbed him off by telling him it meant that he was nearly a man.”

“Was he satisfied with that?”

“I think so, but I think that it’s something we’re going to have to address. He’s 16 now. Other boys are masturbating or even having sex by now. Do you remember Travis? He was beating off like it was going out of fashion at his age.”

Janice smiled, remembering their other son’s journey through puberty. Suddenly he started  spending a lot more time in his room, taking four showers a day, and their toilet paper use jumped up through the roof.

“What do you think we should do about it?” she asked.

“I don’t know. It doesn’t seem fair to tell him about WHY people have sex, but can’t we at least let him know that it exists? “

“That doesn’t seem fair either if he’s never going to enjoy it.”

“That’s true but I know when I was his age, I had a full fantasy life.”

Brett mimed a masturbating hand. Janice laughed.

“But he can’t even do that. I really feel as though it’s better left alone.”

“He admitted to me that they made him feel good. I can only imagine the frustration of having all these erections and not being able to do anything about them. Not even being able to enjoy them.”

“Brett what are you suggesting?”

“I don’t know that I’m suggesting anything, but would it really be the worst thing if we showed him some porn in the privacy of his room. He’d probably enjoy it, and it might be a valuable release for him.”

“But he can’t…”

“He might not be able to masturbate, but I’m sure he’d enjoy getting horny at least.”

Janice sighed deeply, thinking about her husband’s proposition.

After a long pause she said, “Well, I’ll leave it up to you. If you don’t think it will do more harm than good. But you’ll have to explain it to him as well.”

Brett nodded.



Three days later, Brett wheeled his son into his room.

“Why, wh… why are am I going to bbbbed? It’s only n… n… nine thirty.”

Brett lifted his son out of the wheelchair. The boy was emaciated. Difficulty swallowing, leading to malnutrition was just one symptom of his condition.  He weighed almost nothing.

Brett laid him on his back on top of his comforter then started to undress him.

“You’re not going to bed. I have a special treat for you.”

Tanner lay on his back looking up at the ceiling, his muscles too weak to sit up. He lay naked, helpless, hands clawed to his chest by muscles and tendons that had tightened over the years.

“A t… treat? What k… kind of treat?”

Brett pulled the boy’s pajama top on. It was brushed cotton with a soccer player motif and elasticated sleeves. In many ways, his parents still treated him like an 11 year boy. He did have a little trouble thinking and expressing himself sometimes, but he wasn’t that far behind the curve intellectually. Their behaviour was a natural consequence of having a son who was totally incapable of doing anything for himself; even eating or going to the bathroom.

Brett had brought a beach towel with him. He opened it and draped it over Brett’s wheelchair, covering the chair back and the seat. The boy’s room was always at a pleasant ambient temperature. Without the ability to move at will or ingest sufficient calories it was important to keep him warm.

Brett lifted his son, carefully supporting the boy’s head, and placed him back in his wheelchair.

“Daaad, I haven’t g… got any trousers on.”

Brett turned on his son’s 40 inch flat screen TV and a laptop he’d hooked up to it. Then turned to his son smiling.

“I know Tanner. I thought you’d be more comfortable like that.”

Tanner lacked the muscle control in his face to form the nuanced range of expressions that most adults have, but his father recognised his son’s confusion. He said nothing. Instead he raised the head support at the back of his son’s chair and drew the strap around the boy’s forehead that would ensure his head didn’t loll towards his lap. He secured another safety restraint around the boy’s waist so that he would not slip down in his wheelchair, then he addressed the boy.

“Tanner, you know you were asking in the bath why your willy gets hard?”

Tanner’s mouth lolled half open. He looked at his father curious. Innocent.


“Well I didn’t tell you the whole story. When a man’s willy gets hard like yours did, he can do things with it. It’s a lot of fun. One of the most enjoyable things a man can do in fact.”

Tanner was watching him with great interest now.

“Can I d… do it?”

“Not exactly like they do. But maybe you can still have fun.”

Tanner looked sad. His entire life was a constant reminder of his limitations. Brett wondered momentarily if he was doing more harm than good, but he was sure that he would be helping his son in the long run. He turned to the laptop and loaded the media player, then navigated to a playlist he had created earlier than day.

He reached down and pulled his son’s legs apart to give his genitals more room to breathe. He turned the wheelchair’s foot supports outwards with the boy’s feet on them so that Tanner’s legs were not simply dangling off the chair. He looked down at his son’s lap, five inches of flaccid meat lay there, extended along the towelled seat, and beneath, a man-sized pair of balls rested on the seat, enclosed in a large, loose scrotum.

His son had come up massively short in his physique. Skinny, bony, short for his age, and rendered utterly dependent by his genetic disorder, but nature had been more than generous when it came to his genitals. It was the ultimate joke, Brett supposed. To give him the balls and dick of a stallion, but no possible way to use them. He hoped that this little experiment might help to alleviate that restriction.

Brett reached between Tanner’s thighs, and lifted his testicles and penis in a cupped hand, before laying them back onto the towel, ensuring that they had freedom to move without chafing.

Tanner was used to being touched for bathing, urination, clean ups, and when he was being dressed and undressed, so his father’s actions didn’t strike him as particularly odd.

“I’m going to play some videos for you Bub. Just remember all the people you see are having a good time. I’m going to leave you to watch them on your own. I’ll come back in half an hour, is that okay?”

Tanner was confused and apprehensive about his father’s vagueness, but in a nervous voice he said, “Ummm, o… okay.”

His father clicked play, walked to the door, flipped the light off so that there would be no distractions, then left the room.

In the living room, his wife was sitting.

“Everything alright?” she asked.

“I started it and left him to watch on his own. I guess we’ll find out in half an hour.”


Thirty minutes later, Brett returned to his son’s room. He opened the door.

“I’m turning the light on Bub, watch your eyes.”

He turned the light on and entered the room. Tanner was staring at the screen, his eyes wide, breathing deeply. He didn’t acknowledge his father’s arrival. Brett couldn’t tell if his son was in shock or transfixed. He moved closer and looked down to Tanner’s lap. The boy’s cock was standing up like a 45 degree flagpole, hard as iron, there was a long drool of cum dangling from the end. A fresh pool of cum glistened on the towel between his son’s legs, but judging by the size of the wet patch, it wasn’t his first orgasm. For the first time in many years, his tics and twitches had all stopped and the only part of his body that moved was his impressive penis, which intermittently twitched and rose between his legs as his libido clenched in an unconscious desire to be part of the action on the screen. Brett clicked the stop button to end the show.

“Bub are you alright?”

His son swivelled his eyes towards to him, and slowly, a huge, slack-jawed grin spread across his face.

Brett smiled back at his son.

“So you liked that huh?”

His son continued to smile at him, unable to articulate the extent of his pleasure.

“That’s called sex. Grown ups do it when they want to have fun.”

His son listened in awe.

“How did that make your willy feel?”

The answer was obvious, but Brett wanted to be absolutely sure. The boy grinned sheepishly.

“Good yes?”

“A lul… lot,”

“I think you had some extra nice feelings didn’t you Bub?”

Tanner’s brows dropped slightly, indicating his confusion.

“Did you see that the men squirted after a while?”


“Did you see that white stuff that squirted out?”


“It squirted out of your willy too. It does that when you’re very excited.”

A slow motion lightbulb lit Tanner’s expression.

“Th…. that’s what you mmmean by ‘exsssited’?”

“Well that’s the end of it. When you were watching I expect you felt excited all the time didn’t you?”

He looked down: his son’s impressive erection had not diminished in the slightest.

Tanner grinned, a goofy grin, almost as normal-looking as any horny teenaged boy.


“But sometimes a lot more excited right?”

A smile.


“Would you like to watch more of that again?”

Tanner’s grin spread so wide it almost split his face.

His father reached down and picked up the bottom of the towel that was almost dangling on the floor. It was then that he realised there were also streaks of cum on the oak floor. He grinned. His son had obviously had a VERY enjoyable half hour. He reached up and wrapped the end of the towel around his son’s drooling, still hard glans. The boy flinched, still hypersensitive in the aftermath of multiple orgasms.

“Come on then, let’s get you cleaned up and into bed.”


“Well, how did he get on?” Janice asked when Brett returned to the living room.

He held up the bunched towel.

“Let’s just say I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about wet sheets tomorrow.”

“He came?” Janice asked, genuinely surprised.

“More than once I’m sure. There must be half a cupful on here.”

“Ewww, too much information Brett!”

Brett grinned, he was being deliberately mischievous.

“Let’s just say that this won’t be the last time he watches porn.”

“You’re going to show him more?”

“Of course. After all, we didn’t only make love once!”

Now it was her time to smile.

“How often do you think…”

“Once a week. Couple of times a week even. Darling, it’s one of the few moments of happiness in his life, and if you saw how happy he was, you wouldn’t think twice.”

“Alright honey. But you’re going to be the one doing the cleanup.”

Brett nodded smiling.

“It’s the least I can do.”


For the next month, Brett set Tanner up once a week, making the porn a Saturday night treat for his son. Then on a Tuesday in the fifth week, whilst Brett was bathing his son, Tanner quietly said, “D… dad, can I watch that porn more often?”

“You want to watch it tonight?”

“Yes please,” Tanner said politely. “B… b… b…”

His stuttering always worsened when he was nervous or stressed.

Brett massaged his son’s shoulders to calm and reassure him. He noticed that his son was hard again.

“B… but can I watch it m… more than once a week?“

Brett thought back to his teenage years. He used to beat his meat at least twice every single day.

“How often would you like to watch?”

“T… two or three t… times a week?” Tanner offered, low-balling it in the hopes his father would agree.

“I think we can manage that Bub. Just one other thing, which videos do you like best?”


So that he didn’t push his son into any particular type of porn, Brett had included a range of videos, gay, straight, lesbians, older, teen. But if he was going to really make his son happy, he wanted to know what his son preferred.


“The ones with boys in,” his son answered without hesitation, no hint of a stutter.

“Boys with girls, or boys with boys?”

“Boys with b… boys. They’re very…” his borrowed his father’s euphemism. “exciting.”

If there was one benefit of never having been through the public school system, it was the fact that Tanner had not been exposed to its institutional homophobia. It didn’t even occur to him that there might be anything wrong watching young men having sex together.

“Do you like the girls at all or just boys?” Brett asked, careful not to inflect his voice.

“Just boys.”

And so it was settled. From that point on, Tanner watched nothing but gay porn.

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