Sex Olympics: Event 27 – Running

Young men compete against their will in a kinky Olympic event.

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The Sex Olympics: Event 27 – Running

The sex Olympics had begun in 2020 as a way to profit from all the juvenile incarceration. It was a combination of pornography and sports, using only juvenile offenders. The fact that prison-for-profit had corrupted the legal system ensured that each “training camp” as the prisons were now dubbed, had a ready supply of young inmates. Eddie had been given 18 months for truancy, and Pete was in for underage smoking.

So that the Olympics retained a punitive element, the events were all organised by gender. Homosexual humiliation was a big part of the punishment, and whilst the American public had long since become completely comfortable with alternate sexualities, it was still deeply humiliating for heterosexual boys to have to publicly engage in homosexual activities.


Eddie wished that his dick was larger. Then maybe he wouldn’t be about to get fucked. Although he’d been in prison for over six months, it was an experience he’d managed to avoid until today. Now, as he lowered his plain grey prison-issue underpants, he knew for certain that he was soon going to be feeling the dick of the guy beside him inside his hole. He hoped it wouldn’t hurt.

Eddie looked around him. The other five members of his team were also getting undressed, watched closely by the guards and a team of technicians. John was the first to get undressed, and a technician was attaching a claw-headed clamp to his balls. Eddie glanced at it. John was as unhappy having his balls clamped as Eddie expected him to be. But at least he wasn’t grimacing in pain. Apart from the embarrassment of being handled by a man, the procedure didn’t appear to be causing him any significant discomfort.

Then it was Eddie’s turn. The technician assigned to him was wearing gloves, but he had warm hands. He clasped Eddie’s testicles in a loosely closed fist and teased them gently away from the boy’s body, using the warmth of his hand to coax them to relax in his scrotum. When they had been pulled sufficiently far away, the man attached the testicle clamp. It was made of plastic with 4 interlocking clawed fingers on each arm. There was a much wider gap between the second and third fingers of each arm, through which the neck of Eddie’s scrotum passed.

As the technician opened the clamp, Eddie noticed with dismay, that there were electrical contacts lining the inside of the claws and some sort of small motor in the base next to the hinge. The technician lifted the clamp until it surrounded Eddie’s testicles, then he released it. The pressure was firm; uncomfortable enough to cause a mild ache, but not actually painful. Eddie wondered if it would still feel that way once he’d been clamped for a while. He was also concerned that the motor was designed to make the two arms close, crushing his nuts in between.


The technician attached a flat flexible metallic pad about an inch across to the base of Eddie’s spine. Eddie noticed that it had electrical pathways on the inside, like the old security tags that stores used to use on DVDs and CDs before all shopping went online. The man started playing with a remote and Eddie instantly felt a tingling in the base of his cock which rapidly became fiercely erect. He blushed. It was bad enough to be naked around other males, but his bone was not something he wanted to show off. But it was going to get a lot worse soon. He resisted his instinct to cover himself, and instead stood passively as the technician confirmed that the pad and the radio signal was working properly.

The man squeezed lube onto his fist from a large tube that was being shared between the technicians, and generously greased the length of Eddie’s penis, paying special attention to the bloated glans. Eddie hunched at the man’s touch. At five inches hard, Eddie had the second smallest dick of the team. Only Pete was smaller. Sven was the largest with a thick nine incher. He was the lucky one. It was the boy with the second longest dick who really drew the short straw.

Eddie’s technician waited until Pete had been prepared. The boy’s prick was as slender as it was short. Eddie felt sorry for him. At just four inches, he was considerably undersized for his age, and his dick would be on display for the whole world to see. Or at least those that bothered to subscribe to this pay-per-view weekend.


The technician said to Pete, “Turn and face the wall.”

Pete turned 90 degrees away towards the wall as ordered, his slender cock bouncing stiffly as he moved.

The technician pushed Eddie towards him.

“Put your dick in his asshole.”

Eddie looked at the technician with disgust, then over at Pete. There was no way he dared to disobey. He moved towards the boy who was a year younger than he was. Pete looked over his shoulder with trepidation and equal disgust. The other four boys were all watching now to see what their immediate future held.

Eddie reached down and held his penis in his hand, then guided it between Pete’s butt cheeks. Eddie spread them with his thumb and forefinger so that he could see the smooth white starfish at the entrance to the kid’s hole. Eddie carefully placed the swollen head of his penis against the puckered entrance and Pete instinctively flinched away.

“Don’t make us come and hold you,” one of the guards growled.

Pete looked at the man fearfully. The guards’ cruelty was legendary, and they seemed to get away with whatever they liked. He braced himself, and Eddie slowly forced his penis inside the nervous boy. Although Eddie could feel that Pete was clenching against the intrusion, his penis slid easily inside the boy’s warm rectum. Eddie was surprised how good it felt: better in fact than the looser hole of a girl. He wondered how it felt to Pete.


Two technicians approached carrying a three inch wide rubber band that had a diameter of almost two feet. The boys watched with curiosity. The band looked like a deflated car inner tube. The technicians stretched the band then lifted it over both boys’ heads, lowering it to waist height.

“Arms out,” one of the technicians ordered, and both boys lifted their arms so that their hands would not be pinned to their sides.

The technicians released the band and it pulled the two boys snugly together. Eddie could feel his dick burying even deeper, and his hairless pubis grinding against the naturally smooth globes of Pete’s buttocks. They had all been freshly shaved that morning.

Both of the technicians picked up much smaller bands.

“Left feet off the floor,” the nearest man instructed them, and both boys lifted their left foot six inches from the floor.

The technician knelt down and slipped the band over their left legs, sliding it up to the very top of their thighs. All six of the boys had been chosen because they were the same height.

“Okay, you can put your feet down.”

The second technician had moved to the other side.

“Up.” The boys lifted their right feet, and he banded them on that side as well.

When the technicians had finished banding the boys, they connected each of the two thigh bands to the waist band with short straps that would prevent the lower bands from sliding down the boy’s legs.


Eddie was quite firmly secured to Pete’s rear, and with the spinal pad forcing him to maintain a rigid erection, there was nothing he could do to withdraw from the younger boy’s rectum.

Eddie knew what was coming next. He looked over his shoulder, expecting to see Bob waiting to penetrate him. Instead, to his surprise, Bob stood with an erection, in the final stages of having Mike secured to his rear. Bob looked every bit as disgusted as Eddie expected. Beside them, John was grimacing as Sven stood behind him, his nine inch cock buried balls deep in John’s hole. Despite his purple face and obvious pain, John still had a firm erection – seven inches long, but nowhere near as thick as Sven’s. His expression was wretched and he looked on the verge of tears.

The technicians moved Bob and his butt-buddy up behind Eddie. Eddie had been warned that it hurt less if you relaxed, but he was still far from eager to feel Bob’s five and half inch cock inside him. Bob looked to the technician, and the man nodded. Bob and his partner moved closer, and Bob grasped Eddie by the pelvic crests, then unerringly slipped his dick between the kid’s cheeks, finding his starfish first time.

Bob was always boasting about all the “bitches” he’d fucked. Now Eddie was going to be one more notch on his belt, but he was unlikely to boast about this conquest as he also had Mike’s very thick six inch dick in his asshole at the same time.

Eddie turned away. He didn’t want to watch his rapist. It was a strange sensation, feeling the older guy’s cock head forcing its way into his shitter. The helmet was slippery and felt like a snake worming into him. As much as he tried to relax his sphincter, it still felt as though Bob was entering him faster than his hole could stretch. Bob increased the pressure and jiggled around to overcome Eddie’s resistance. Then suddenly, Eddie could feel the bumpy back edge of Bob’s glans, and the other guy was in. Bob impaled himself fully. It was an odd feeling to Eddie, especially as the other boy penetrated deeply. He felt an unfamiliar pressure inside him that was simultaneously bloating and disturbingly pleasant. Eddie’s attention was simultaneously in his own glans and in his hole. His attention moved back and forth between the two, and in a weird way, he almost felt like he was fucking HIMSELF in the ass.


The technicians quickly secured Bob to Eddie, and then the last pair moved in to make a six man train, all closely secured to each other. Pete was the only one without his cock in a hole, and Sven was the only one without a cock in his hole.

Sven tried not to look smug about his unplugged status, and the fact that he was only 16, and the boy he was penetrating was 19. Any self satisfaction he may have momentarily experienced rapidly evaporated when the technician nearest to him picked up an eight inch butt plug attached to a real horse-hair tail. The tail was attached so that it stood up at 45 degrees, like the tail of a perfectly groomed dressage mount. The tapered plug was considerably wider at its widest point, then Sven’s own impressive cock. Sven looked at it in wide-eyed horror as the technician lubed it up.

“That’s much too big, it’ll never fit!” Sven protested in dismay.

The technician grinned at him.

“You’ll be surprised how much I can shove up there if I have to. Now quit your whining or I’ll use the REALLY big plug.”

Sven’s eyes opened comically wide in horror, but he knew better than to speak again.

The man moved behind him and started to push. Sven knew to relax, and the finger-wide tip entered him easily enough, but it rapidly grew too wide for his hole. Instinctively he squirmed away from the plug, ramming his own cock more deeply into John’s hole. John flinched away from the penetration, in turn penetrating john more deeply, and sending a fuck wave down the remaining three boys. The technician pushed harder, and now that Sven had nowhere to go, the plug forced his asshole to spread. Sven let out a strangled, high pitched grunt as his hole stretched wider than it ever had before, then to his relief, it passed the widest point and his sphincter snapped shut on the narrower neck of the plug, holding it in place.

The technician picked up four purple lengths of ribbon, each about a foot long, and tied them into a bow one above the other on the tail. Meanwhile, another technician was handing out purple armbands to each of the boys.

“Put these on your right arm at the top,” she instructed, and the boys obeyed, sliding the stretchy lycra rings up their arms.

Another technician dropped to his knees in front of Pete and gripped the boy’s rigid cock between the fingers of his left hand. In spite of his cock’s short length, it had a disproportionately large plum coloured glans now that he was hard. At first it appeared that the technician  was going to blow the kid’s straining cock, but instead with his right hand, he slipped a small elasticated ring around the kid’s penis, sliding it down until it was situated immediately behind the boy’s glans, resting on the super sensitive skin there.

Attached to the ring was a fine silver chain a couple of inches long, and attached to the end of that, were three small round bells like the ones used on the end of a jester’s hat. The technicians released the boy’s penis and batted it lightly to make it jiggle. The bells rang musically, each a slightly different but harmonious tone. Pete glowed crimson with embarrassment. It was bad enough that he was the only one whose penis was exposed, but now this bell was going to jiggle and ring, drawing attention to the fact.


“Alright, time to get your shoes on,” the technician in charge said. “Come over here and step into these.”

On the floor a few feet to the right of the train of boys were two planks, each six feet long. Attached to each plank was a row of lightweight sports shoes; left on one side and right on the other. The boys timidly sidestepped, discovering immediately that every movement produced friction between their cocks and the hole of the boy in front. In any other situation, the pleasantness of the cock friction would have been enjoyable, but feeling it inside another boy, coupled with the fact that each boy ALSO experienced his own anal reaming made the experience an ambivalent one.


They carefully stepped into the shoes, the furthest away right foot first, then the left foot. The shoes were a cross between lightweight rock climbing shoes and cross country skiing footwear. They were unlaced and wide open so that the boys could easily slide their feet in.

Once the boys had all stepped into their shoes, the technicians quickly dropped to their knees and tightly laced them.

“Alright,” the chief said, “Now you’re going to need to work together.”

He put his hand on Pete’s shoulder.

“You’re going to be in charge.”

The man addressed the other boys.

“I suggest that you all listen to him, or this is going to be a VERY long event. When he says ‘faster’, you go faster, when he says ‘stand’, you all stand, and when he says ‘go’, you all start. Start by stepping forwards with your right foot first. Give it a try, and I STRONGLY suggest that you start slowly and build UP to a run. Give it a try. Take a few steps now.”

He tapped Pete on the shoulder.

“You take control.”

Pete looked at the man apprehensively, then over his shoulder at the rest of his team.

“Goooo,” he called out slowly, and the boys all stepped forwards with their right foot. “Leeft, right, left.”

The shoes were only attached to the planks by the toes, allowing the boys to lift their heels in a natural walking motion. The boys quickly fell into step, walking a few yards.

“Now come back here,” the technician ordered.

Pete said, “Riight, leeft, riight, leeft,” slowly repeating until the team had carefully backpedalled to their original position.


Now the technicians dropped and attached an electrical wire to the scrotum clamps, running between all of their legs, connecting them into a long circuit. At the end of the train, a plug on the end of the wire was plugged into a socket in Sven’s butt plug, which contained a small power cell and receiver. The chief flipped the test switch on a remote control he was carrying and as one, all six boys let out a trembling gasp, and they all staggered as their knees gave way under an unexpected way of testicular ecstasy. The technician turned the switch off, and the boys quickly regained their composure.

“Almost done,” he informed them, as though they might be eager for the public humiliation that was to come.

All six technicians moved into action for the final time. They dropped and attached a three pound weight to circular rings beneath the testicle clamps. The weight was not enough to cause serious pain whilst the boys were stationary, but coupled with the discomfort of the actual clamps was certainly enough to give each of them a constant awareness of his testicles.

“Right, let’s get you out onto the track.”

The technician walked ahead and the purple team carefully marched along behind him, led by Pete’s jingling cock, which bounced brightly with every step, the small bells attached to it tinkling festively.

The boys knew that they were going to be competing in a stadium, but nothing prepared them for the sheer size of the place. As they walked up the long ramp, through the tunnel and out into the bright sunshine, they were greeted by cheers from over 15,000 people! They wanted to turn and flee back out of sight, but the guards ensured that that was NOT an option. Instead, they were marched to their starting position on the track, at the end of the 100 metre straight, just before the first semi-circular curve.

Pete’s face was glowing with humiliation every step of the way as his cock jingled for attention. The others were hardly any more at ease. Their cocks may not be visible, but knowing that the crowd knew each of them was being impaled by another barely made them any more comfortable. It was a strange feeling to be naked before so many people.

Eddie looked around the track. There were seven other teams already in position. Those on the curves of the 400 metre oval track were spaced 45 metres apart, whilst those who were positioned to start running down a straight, were 55 metres behind the team in front.


A man walked onto a raised dais in the middle of the arena and his face was projected onto a 200 foot screen at one end of the field. His voice came over the Tannoy.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now that the final team is in position, let me just recap the rules of this event. Each of the competitors has a small patch on his spine that can control his level of arousal. At the moment each of them is extremely aroused but will not be allowed to ejaculate without the proper signal. They are of course connected, so that the back five members of each team are each impaled in the rear of the boy in front.

It is the objective of each team to catch the team ahead of them, and when they do, the front man must remove the ribbon from the tail of the team that they are chasing. If a team successfully steals a ribbon, they may retire with no further participation, leaving the remaining teams to continue running. The team that has been caught will instantly experience a powerful orgasm.

The event is over when the field has been reduced to just four teams. They will then experience an extremely powerful one minute orgasm as a penalty for losing.”

The spectators cheered loudly.

“Each of you has a keypad with 8 coloured buttons; one for each team. If more than 80 percent of you press the same button within half second of each other, that team will all experience a very powerful orgasm. However, any time that more than 30% of you press the same button, that team’s arousal level will be raised by 50 percent for 10 seconds, which is almost certain to be quite distracting. If you time it correctly, you could theoretically raise a team to 150% arousal, which I am told can be extremely hard to ignore!

Bear in mind though, that YOU can only press once every 20 seconds, so if you want your vote to count, no button bashing!

There is one final caveat. Each team can only be forced to orgasm a maximum of three times, so be careful how you time your votes!

Each of you also was also randomly assigned one of the teams as shown by the colour on your ticket, and if your team is one of the losing four, you will pay an extra 50 credits for today’s event. If your team is first to catch another, you will be refunded the entire cost of your ticket.

Have fun, press your buttons judiciously, and good luck!”


The compere stepped down and the race starter replaced him.

“Competitors, are you ready? Raise your right hand to show that you can hear me.”

All eight teams reluctantly raised their hands.

“Good, then on your marks, get set, go!”


All eight teams started to move. Across the field, the orange team immediately fell over as they tried to run before they could walk, so to speak. Behind the purple team, the yellows strode out powerfully, but out of sync, and they too tumbled to their side on the track.

The purples started at a walk to synchronise with each other, but within a few strides had increased their pace to a trot. Eddie found the friction of his straining penis inside Pete’s hot hole almost unbearably arousing, and it felt as though the boy’s steps were deliberately designed to massage Eddie’s cock.

For his own part, the feeling of fullness with Bob’s dick deep inside was as uncomfortable as it was strange. But in spite of that, Bob’s cock was doing something to Eddie deep inside; touching him in a way he’d never been touched before. It made him feel like he was the verge of cumming but he couldn’t quite squirt.

However, the weight hanging off his nuts was more than a little uncomfortable now, and the faster they ran, the more uncomfortable it became, bouncing up and down with every step.


Behind them, the green team was racing to catch up with the downed yellow team. For their part, the yellow team was struggling to get back onto their feet, a process made all the more difficult for the fact that their feet were all attached to long planks. They managed to right themselves whilst the green team still had 20 metres to cover, and their front man took control, shouting instructions to his team-mates.

Across the way, the orange team were not so efficient, and the black team leader snatched one of the four orange ribbons connected to the rear runner’s tail. He waved it triumphantly in the air, and immediately afterwards, the orange team, which had finally risen to its feet, all doubled up, faces halfway between a grimace and ecstasy as they were forced to orgasm. It staggered them for another few seconds as they filled the holes of the boy in front, then they finally managed to start running.


Around the field, the various teams were increasing or decreasing their leads on the teams behind.

The purples were going exceptionally well, in spite of the fact that their average age was just 17 – the second youngest on the field. They had opened up a 75 meter lead on the yellows and were bearing down on the whites.  Each of them gritted his teeth against the pain except Pete. He screamed instructions at the team, becoming more hysterical as they closed the gap to 10 meters.

“Come on, faster, faster, almost there, FASTER!”

The white tail could hear Pete’s screams as the purples closed and he started shouting at his own team, urging them to redouble their efforts.

Pete’s cock bells were bouncing and tinkling in time with his bouncing wood. He reached out to take a ribbon. Then pearly white cum was squirting from his cock head his team were knocked down by a breathtakingly powerful orgasm. All six boys staggered and fell, overwhelmed by an orgasm more intense than any they had ever before experienced. John could feel Sven’s massive balls filling him with hot cream whilst at the same time, he seeded Mike. For a moment, they lay on the floor, stunned into insensibility. Then Mike, first to regain his senses, roared at his team to rise to their feet.

The purples blinked and staggered, but they were too slow, and the yellows were upon them. Sven lost one of his tail ribbons, and before the effects of their first orgasm had subsided, their balls were pumping, assholes clenching and suckling cocks as they came again just as powerfully.

The experience left them gasping from the ecstasy, but they forced themselves to continue rising. The white team was now a disheartening distance away: further than they had been when the race started. The purples started to run again, but had not covered five paces when the green team also snatched another ribbon.

The third orgasm in one minute turned the purple’s leg to jelly and they staggered to the floor as though they were drunk. Pete and Mike’s knees were fluttering in and out as though shivering, as their bodies coped with the immensity of so many orgasms. This time the whole team had no choice but to lay on their sides for a few seconds whilst they recovered.

The crowd appeared to take pity on the purples, as the red team behind them was ramped twice in 20 seconds. Now they were not only running with achingly hard boners stretching each other’s holes, but they were so horny they could barely move. Every step felt like as though they were going to explode into an immense orgasm, but of course, the spinal pads prevented it. Instead, the reds writhed and took increasingly small mincing steps as they dealt with their own euphoria. The orange were finally running at full speed and blues bore down on them, but as they got close to the oranges, the audience dropped them with an orgasm of their own.

The whites finally managed to find their rhythm and started to chase the blues with a vengeance, but the audience quickly hobbled them with not two, but three arousal ramps in quick succession, and the whites were reduced to a timid walk whilst they waited for the ten second ramps to finish.

Finally, the purples got back to their feet and started running again. Several of the boys could feel the squelching of three massive deposits of jizz in their holes, which rapidly turned into a milky froth. Although Eddie felt his hole was stretched by Bob’s 6 inch dick, there was still enough space as they started moving for Bob’s jizz to leak out and down the back of Eddie’s nutsack. As they started to pick up pace, it flicked from his caged nuts onto the inside of his thighs, and started to run down the inside of his legs. Eddie was disgusted, but he didn’t dare to allow himself to be distracted. Three hard ejaculations in a minute was all his balls could take, and none of his team was willing to take another.

The purples were in clear track – nearly 70 metres ahead of the reds, and not that much further behind the whites. They started running, their legs weak and wobbly from their triple orgasm. As if by mutual consent, they ran at no more than a light jog, satisfied for now simply to avoid the team behind. The crowd appeared unhappy with that plan, and within 25 metres the boys could feel a tingling in their balls as the audience ramped them.

Eddie didn’t think he could take much more. His balls were already hurting from coming so much and so hard, and the clamp and weights were definitely taking their toll.  The base of his cock ached and now it was even harder. He could feel Bob’s cock stretching hole even wider too. And despite the discomfort, he was desperately horny. The cum and grease-lubed friction of his own cock inside Pete’s hole was tantalising. He’d had sex with a couple of girls, but even counting the first time, when he came within 30 seconds, he’d never felt as turned on as he was now.

“Come on, faster!” Pete shouted gamely, and Eddie could hear that the boy was struggling not to cry.

Eddie glanced around the track. His team had completed three quarters of a lap. The other teams were starting to bunch up behind the oranges. It wouldn’t be long till orange or blue were caught by one of their chasers. That would be it. Four teams out. Eddie knew it was unrealistic to expect his team to catch whites, but if they could at least avoid any more orgasms, their suffering would be minimised.

“Come on, run faster or the fuckers are going to make us cum again!” John shouted, unexpectedly adding his encouragement to Pete’s.

The purples all upped their pace, but not before the spectators had ramped them one last time.

Eddie would never have believed he could get so horny that he wanted to cry, but that was exactly how he felt now. In spite of the aching between his legs, the massive arousal induced by the spinal pad, the vibration of the testicle clamp, and the constant prodding of Bob’s helmet against his prostate were driving him to distraction. He knew it would hurt, but he was desperate to cum, and he wasn’t the only one. The other five members of the team were all panting audibly now. It wasn’t the gasping breaths of lungs aerobically stressed; rather it was the throaty panting of boys gradually losing their minds with lust.

And they weren’t the only ones. Blues had been dropped with another orgasm, reds and whites had both been triple ramped, and orange, who only had an average age of 16, was struggling to keep up with teams older and stronger than they were. The blues closed on the young orange team. The boys struggled to keep their distance but the spectators double ramped them just as the blue ramping dropped down to zero. The blues closed fast, but just as they were in reach, the audience dropped them with their third orgasm, allowing the frantic orange team to escape. Before the blues could regain their feet, the white team was on them, and that was it. The event was over.

Whites shuffled to the inside of the track, their small-dicked lead holding a blue ribbon.  The other teams continued running, none of them aware that the event was over.

And then the race coordinator hit them all with their penalty. 24 boys collapsed to the floor as one, as their bodies were hit with the biggest orgasms yet. 48 testicles all contracting simultaneously. 20 stiff cocks involuntarily thrusting deep into their team-mates’ holes, meat spears impaling the boys in front. 4 smaller cocks, once again spraying thin cream to the chime of 12 bells that bounced and jiggled in time with the short pricks that they were attached to.

The spectators were transfixed and cheering, going wild as the boys writhed and groaned, their senses oblivious as they came, and came, and came. Many of the spectators had their dicks out masturbating, just like audiences in the Roman gladiatorial arenas 2000 years earlier.

Others were fucking; women and men riding hard cocks with gusto and complete abandon, as they shared the hypnotic and euphoric atmosphere out on the track.

The purple team was writhing like pythons trying to smother their prey, as their orgasms went on and on and on. By 30 seconds none of them was squirting any more, but the orgasm continued. Eyes rolled back in their skulls, mouths agape, backs arched, clawed fingers grasping at the red rubber track as the endless orgasm held them in its irresistible grip. All 24 boys were groaning, moaning, growling, even screaming; each in his own unique way, as his body was forced to continue trying to squirt seed that had long since dried up.

The scene in the stands was like an ancient orgy, but the boys were way past caring, as their red, glowing, sweat covered bodies, twisted and contorted.

Finally, one minute after it began, the boy’s orgasm came to an end, and each of them ceased moving, exhausted as any marathon runner at the end of a race. 8 of the boys were crying, some from the discomfort, but most from the emotional reaction to such immense pleasure. The others breathed heavily, some still panting from their exertions.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you enjoyed this event. Black was the winner. Event 28 will be starting in one hour in the velodrome.”

In the stands, the audience continued their orgy, mindless of the announcer.


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