Sex Olympics: Event 14 – Rowing

Young men are forced to compete in sexual sporting events

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Sex Olympics – Event 14

“Pull, pull, pull. C’mon Matt – keep it up!”

McCormick was urging his older brother to maintain his work rate. He was sitting on a small seat in a two man scull, and his brother was seated on another, four feet away, facing him. The flat bottomed boat was on land, in a large warehouse.

On the wall behind his brother, was a video of the River Thames in London. They were just past the three and a half mile mark. One and a half miles to go.

He looked to his left. The twins were in a boat next to him, and beside them were three more pairs. To his immediate right were the reigning champions, and besides them two more pairs.

McCormick didn’t have time to check, but he could feel the cum trickling down his rigid penis, and cooling on his high balls. He was naked with his legs apart, rigid penis straining skywards.

His 21 year old brother Matt, who was pulling at two corded rowing machine handles, was also naked. His thick, brown cock was also rigid. There was a small, soft rubber sleeve wrapped around the top of Matt’s penis, and there was a small vibrating pill embedded into the sleeve just behind the boy’s glans, pressing lightly on his fraenulum. It buzzed continuously, teasing his glans and sending scintillating feelings down to his testicles. His straining cock twitched and bounced as involuntary muscle spasms in the root responded eagerly to the vibrations.

In their years together, McCormick had never seen his brother’s naked erection before today. Eight inches of thick, straight meat that looked like it would satisfy any girl. McCormick was impressed, and more than a little jealous.

There were also electrodes attached to Matt’s large testicles, which had been shaven smooth to increase the contact. A dildo up his ass with an electrified tip completed the arrangement.

Matt was sweating from the exertion of rowing, but more than that: the dildo and electrodes were keeping him in a constant state of high arousal. In his hole, he felt it as a continuous light throbbing sensation that kept him maddeningly hard. The electrodes on his testicles were sending a continuous series of pulses: five per second, that made him feel as though he was constantly just on the verge of ejaculating. But he was also a wearing an inhibitor at the base of his spine that prevented his body from reaching orgasm. It would only disengage when he finished the race.

So, Matt strained and grunted, uniquely motivated to achieve his reward.


Meanwhile, his kid brother McCormick had a different problem. For months, just like his brother, his diet had been carefully regulated so that it would massively increase his sperm capacity. To coin a phrase, he was young, dumb and full of cum.

McCormick was strapped into a low seat that was sculpted to the shape of his buttocks. The two halves of the seat were spread wide, forcing the two hemispheres of the kid’s buttocks apart. His knees were also spread wide, and strapped to the sides of the boat.

Before the event, he had been given a massive dose of sexual stimulant, and keeping hard was one problem the boy did not have – in fact it would likely be another seven or eight hours before he lost his erection – “Cox Cock” as it was jokingly termed.

His hands were secured to the sides of the boat so he could not touch himself. Each time his brother pulled the “oar” handles, a series of complicated gears converted the motion into a thrusting action, that was transferred to a dildo beneath McCormick’s seat. Each tug of the handles produced three thrusts, and each release produced three more. That meant that the faster his brother rowed, the faster his brother’s hole was fucked.

McCormick’s erection was as maddening as his brother’s. He had not been permitted to masturbate for an entire month, and before the event, he was so horny that he felt as though he would blow his load if so much as a gentle breeze touched his cock. In fact, towards the end of the month, it was common to find his underwear soiled with precum, from his near constant erections.

And now the only way for him to cum was for the dildo controlled by his brother to ream his hole.

The dildo was ribbed to stimulate his sphincter, and penetrated the precise distance to massage his prostate on the up stroke. It was continuously lubricated from within, so friction was not a problem. However it was almost as thick as his brother’s cock, so before the rowers could begin the actual race, five minutes of very slow rowing was allowed just to ease the cox’s assholes into the event. It was McCormick’s first race, so he was grateful of the opportunity for his hole to be gradually stretched, rather than blasted apart from the start.


The sex Olympics was instituted across America in 2020, in response to an explosion of the nation’s young prison population. The corruption of the nation’s democracy, combined with the rampant spread of the prison industrial complex meant that entire families were being imprisoned for crimes as minor as jaywalking or skating on the sidewalks – the “crime” that Matt and McCormick were imprisoned for.

As predicted by right wing politicians in 2015, sexual decadence became the norm following the national legalisation of gay marriage that same year, and the first human/animal marriage had occurred in 2019. Left wing outcry at the expense of all the prisoners in for profit jails, lead the recently elected Tea Party government to offer up an interesting solution – the marriage of pornography and sport in pay-per-view extravaganzas.

A series of events were drawn up, in which the inmates were forced to participate in demeaning sexual competitions. The events were organised by gender; after all the public didn’t want their inmates actually enjoying their incarceration, so the males competed either in solo events, or homosexual ones.


Once the start whistle blew, Matt started rowing seriously. McCormick felt the dildo pumping up into him in earnest, and within a minute he experienced his first anally induced orgasm. One moment he was sitting there with a diamond cutter, and the next he was filling the bottom of the boat with his goo. He momentarily lost his capacity to think, much less coach his brother.

Matt continued rowing. Looking up at a smaller screen behind his brother, he could see eight distance and position meters showing the relative progress of each pair, so he could tell if he was in front or behind. It also showed his stroke rate, so it was fairly easy to maintain the pace.


Any team that did no place in the first three had to do another five miles. The exercise was not all that hard – the “oars” had been set to a light resistance, but the extra distance came with massive penalties. For the rower, he was not permitted to orgasm until he had completed the additional miles. That would mean anything from 30 minutes to an hour of further exasperating arousal. An hour or more of such intense sexual stimulation was enough to turn some competitors into gibbering wrecks, some so desperate for orgasm that they were reduced to tears.


For the cox, there was a quite different problem. The average, reasonably healthy rower completed the five mile race in around 30 minutes. That was 30 minutes of erection straining, hole pumping, prostate pounding, punctuated by orgasms every half a mile to a mile. By the end of the first five, a virile, horny youngster such as McCormick, might orgasm five or more times. The record was 14. Then to have to repeat the entire event all over again. Well, sexual stimulant or not, that was a massive strain on a pair of young bollocks.


McCormick had completed his fourth orgasm a couple of minutes ago, and based upon his current frequency, he was going to have at least one more, if not two before the race was over. His first had been desperately needed, his second satisfying, and even his third was quite enjoyable, but by the time he reached four orgasms in under an hour, his dick was starting to feel the strain. He looked at the position meter that ran down the side of the river video.

“We’re in sixth place. Come on Matt, faster,” he urged.

Matt was suffering. With each mile, the intensity of the stimulation was ramped up a little and now he was having trouble concentrating on anything but his churning nuts, and his almost primal need to cum. He looked at his brother with a pained expression and grimaced. To either side, the panting of the other rowers, and the shouting of their coxes was punctuated by the grunting of an orgasm, or the groans of a rower struggling to cope with his overwhelming lust.

Next to them, Phil, the twin in the cox position, came for the sixth time noisily, whilst his brother rowed even harder.

Apart  from the penalty for failing to place, there was an incentive to the cox to finish sooner rather than later, for it meant an end to the reaming his hole was receiving.

The champions had pulled ahead of the field by quarter of a mile, and were all-but uncatchable by the four mile mark, but Matt and McCormick had managed to overtake one of the other pairs, and has put clear, albeit virtual, water between them.


At four and a quarter miles, McCormick felt an orgasm slowly building again. It was not like his first, that suddenly arrived out of nowhere with no build up. He felt a gentle glow of excitement slowly forming in his balls. Normally, without direct penile stimulation, the feeling would simply have fizzled out, but the drug that was keeping him hard, so the excitement never diminished, it just kept implacably growing, fuelled by the constant pumping in his hole. He stopped his continuous stream of verbal encouragement, curled his upper lip up and gave his brother a pained look.


A few small spurts of cum pumped from his penis. It was curled up, almost touching his belly. The floor cam pointing up between his legs caught the feeble ejaculation, and fed it to the studio, whilst a face cam focused on his look of discomfort.


Back at the studio, the producer was pointing to the boy’s feeds to ensure that they were integrated into the video that was being broadcast to the nation.


Matt watched his brother, both sympathetic and desperately jealous. He squirmed on his own seat, wishing more than anything that he would be allowed to ejaculate. He briefly lost concentration, off in his own fantasy, and the team in sixth place caught them up again.

As McCormick’s orgasm subsided, he reconnected with the word around him. He saw the position indicator.

“Matt!” he said sharply. “Row!”

Matt snapped out of his reverie, and started rowing like his life depended upon it.

McCormick’s glans remained swollen and shiny, now glossed with a fresh, albeit watery coating of cum. The base of his cock was aching, but his balls rode high, as though ready at a moment’s notice to try again.


Next to them, Phil came for the seventh time, groaning in discomfort as he did so. The teenager slumped, exhausted, no longer able to coach his twin, and his partner gradually lost tempo.

Matt and McCormick powered past the sixth boat and the one in fifth place. The third boat contained the twins. It was just twenty yards ahead, but the finishing line was coming up.

“Faster Matt, faster!” McCormick shouted.

All around, the other coxes were becoming equally vocal, either urging their rowers to maintain their lead, or chase a position.

“Nearly there. Just a little faster,” McCormick shouted, coaxing his brother to give his all.

On the screen, the boat in third was an indistinguishable distance ahead. McCormick screamed at his brother frantically, and beside them Phil was equally vocal. Both coxes, unable to rise from their seats, were being reamed with jackhammer speed. The champions had already finished, and now second passed the line to the sound of horns.

Matt and McCormick crossed the line at almost the exact same time as the twins. The horns were indistinguishable from each other. Matt looked up at the screen to see if it indicated which team had passed first.

Then to his left, Jamie, Phil’s rower said, “Yessss!”

He reclined in his seat, and Matt could see the guy’s jizz flying four feet into the air as he was rewarded with release. The device on his spine switched from inhibit to orgasm, and the currents in his hole and on his testicles simultaneously jolted, triggering a monster orgasm. The boy looked ecstatic beyond measure.


Matt slumped, and his head dropped.

“I’m sorry Mac,” he said.

“Oh no,” His brother said.

The electrodes on Matt’s testicles started to deliver painful shocks, forcing him to continue rowing. He started pulling the handles again…


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    • Glad you enjoyed it. Afraid I have not written any additional events in this series. Sorry.

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