Reprogramming Logan

A photographer reprograms a straight teenager

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Reprogramming Logan

Logan had been persuaded by his friend to do an erotic nude shoot for a gay web site and it had turned out to be easy money. All he’d had to do was pose a bit in the nude, have a quick wank and he got five hundred big ones. He wasn’t gay himself, but so long as he didn’t have to do anything too faggy, he didn’t mind the thought of queers jacking off over his photos.


It was his third session and he was just getting dressed when Perry, the photographer said, “Hey Logan – wanna make a couple of hundred more? Easy money – nothing kinky?”

Logan was very interested and he’d come to trust Perry in the time he’d known him.

“Sure, what do I have to do?”

“Well, I’m developing this machine that can work out a guy’s perfect partner. I hook you up to it, and it shows you videos and it measures your response to different videos and photos, and works out exactly who your perfect match is.”

It sounded quite cool. Logan knew he was straight, but he wasn’t really sure exactly who his type was. He was only 18, and he’d only had one serious girlfriend.

“That sounds interesting. So what do I do?”

“Well, before we get started, I just have to warn you that if you agree to do this, you agree to see it through to the end okay? Even if you really don’t like the videos and stuff that you see, you have to stick with it. My machine has a built in sensor that checks that you are watching the video and if you try to shut your eyes or look at something else, it will give you a mild shock until you concentrate again – nothing harmful, but if you try to be clever and ignore the shock, it’ll keep getting stronger until you’re forced to look back. Do you understand?”

It sounded a bit less straight-forward than he had first thought. Logan considered the proposition for a moment. He didn’t like the idea of electric shocks, but he’d only be shocked if he tried to cheat and look away.

“How long does it last?” he asked.

“About an hour or two,” Perry answered.

“What the hell – that’s not long. Let’s go for it!”

Perry smiled.

“Rock on! If you come through to the other room, we can get you started.”

He opened the door and lead Logan through to an adjoining room. In the middle of the room was a chair like a dentist’s chair, except it had straps on the arms and legs. In front of the chair was a desk and a computer and some pieces of equipment. Perry gestured towards the chair.

“If you’d like to sit down.”

Logan looked at the straps dubiously.

“What are they for?” he asked.

“I already told you – if you try to avoid looking at the video, you’ll get a shock. If you were free to move about, you’d just pull the electric contacts off your arms or get up and leave. So long as you play fair, I swear you have nothing to worry about.”

Logan thought about it and what Perry said made sense. He sat in the chair. Perry looked at him sitting there fully clothed.

“Uh no, sorry, I should have explained. You need to be undressed for this.”

Logan looked at him sceptically. He’d already been naked in front of the man for hours so he had no logical reason to be shy but this was sounding weirder by the second. Perry saw Logan’s expression and elaborated.

“My equipment measures your sexual interest to various images. One of the easiest ways to do that is to measure the blood-flow through your penis and the volume of your testicles. As you become interested, the blood-flow will increase and your testicles will grow slightly larger.”

It all sounded completely plausible so without further hesitation Logan took off his clothes. Perry showed him a slender probe about five inches long.

“I’m going to need you to put this into your bottom. It’s going to measure your prostate activity.”

Logan looked at him in disgust.

“My what?! I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m putting stuff up my ass.”

“I understand. It probably seems a bit gay to you huh. But the fact is, one of the most important organs for sexual arousal is your prostate; a small gland about four or five inches inside your rectum. Look, the probe is lubricated and it’s very thin. You’ll barely even notice it’s there.”

Logan looked at the probe. It was only as thick as his thumb; far narrower than some of the dumps he’d taken. ‘Focus on the money,’ he told himself. He reached out and took the probe with a look of disdain on his face.

“What do I do?”

“Just reach around, hold your bottom cheeks out of the way and slip that into your rear all the way up the wide base.”

Logan held his cheeks apart with his left hand and placed the tip of the probe against his hole. It was cool and slimy. It felt really wrong. He pushed it gingerly and was surprised at how easily it slid past his ring. He pushed it all the way up to its base. He could feel its coolness slipping up inside him. He’d expected it to feel like an invasion but apart from the strangeness it was not at all unpleasant.

“Now what?” he asked.

“If you could just sit down please.”

Logan did as he was asked and Perry walked over and strapped his arms and legs down tight so that he couldn’t move. Then he picked up a small elasticated band with sensors on the inside. He slipped it over Logan’s flaccid penis, pushing it down until it snugly surrounded the root of the boy’s dick leaving his balls beneath to swing free. Perry produced another band with electrical contacts on the inside and wrapped it around the boy’s scrotum so that the internal sensors were in contact with Logan’s testicles. Logan watched with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension. Perry took some electric wires from the back of the computer and attached them to the testicle and penis bands.

Perry walked over to the table and typed something on the computer.

“Okay Logan, I’ve just got to test that the zapper is working. It’ll be uncomfortable, but you won’t have to suffer again if you don’t try to cheat.”

Logan had visions of his balls getting fried and he was just about to object, when Perry zapped him.

In fact the shock was delivered through plates in the chair touching his calves and wrists. The force of the shock instantly silenced him as every muscle in his body contracted. It lasted a couple of seconds then Perry stopped it.

“Oooow! That really hurt!”

“Well of course it did. It wouldn’t be a deterrent if it didn’t! That was level 5 – it goes up to 10. So long as you play fair, you’ll never feel it again.”

Perry picked something up from the table and walked over to Logan. He showed it to the boy – it was a weird headset. He placed it onto Logan’s head and secured it so that it was impossible for the boy to shake loose. There was a small emitter a centimetre in front of each of the boy’s eyes. Perry pressed a button on the headset and a light beamed directly into each of Logan’s eyes.

“Okay Logan – what can you see?”

“Whoah!” Logan answered, shocked by the sophistication of the technology. “Where’s the room gone? Erm, I can see a car.”

“Excellent, sounds like it’s working. You can look around the scene and you’ll see what I want you to see. In fact, you can look anywhere, so long as you don’t close your eyes for more than half a second or try to roll your eyes back in your head. Now I’m just going to calibrate the equipment.”

Perry walked over to the desk and sat down. He typed a few commands on the computer and the software measured the diameter and resting pulse of Logan’s penis. It also measured the volume of his testicles. Perry walked over to Logan.

“Son, this is your last chance to back out. If you give me the go ahead now, I’ll start the test and you won’t be able to stop it until it’s over. Do you understand? I promise, you will not be hurt unless you try to cheat, in which case the machine will automatically administer increasingly painful electric shocks until you comply. I will be here all the time on the tiny off-chance that something unforeseen happens, in which case I can override the machine manually for your safety. Say ‘Yes I agree’ if you accept these terms”

Although he was now very apprehensive, Logan had come this far and he was very curious to find out how the machine worked.

He said, “Yes I agree”.

“Okay, if you can just open your mouth please.”

Logan did as he was asked, and to the boy’s surprise Perry immediately wrapped a ball gag around his head. Perry explained.

“Don’t worry, I’m not up to anything. It’s just that if the machine does have to zap you, I don’t want you shouting the place down or swallowing your tongue. Okay, here we go.”



Perry walked over to the desk and pressed start, then he sat in a chair to watch the screens. One screen showed what Logan was currently watching, and another showed readouts of his pupil dilation, respiration, heart rate, penile blood-flow and testicular volume, along with a close up of the boy’s genitals.

The emitters projected a video of an orgy straight into Logan’s eyes. The scene comprised of a bunch of men and women in their 20s and 30s all having sex. Logan watched with interest. The video continued to show directly into his brain for two minutes as the computer registered the boy’s level of interest.

Next, was a scene showing lesbian action, Logan’s penis started to respond very gradually, inflating just the slightest. Logan’s heart rate increased and his pupillary motion decreased as he focussed more closely on the main action.

The next scene was a homosexual one. The guys were all in their 20s, and Logan showed absolutely no interest.

Next the computer projected a scene showing young kids engaged in sex, and it was all Logan could do not to recoil in disgust. He shouted a muffled protest into the gag and shut his eyes but after half a second, as promised, he received a low level shock. He opened his eyes and continued to watch the preteens making out, shocked that Perry even had footage like that to include in his program, let alone the fact that there were people who might be turned on by it. He didn’t realise that the kids were completely computer generated. It completely killed his interest.

After that the computer depicted another scene depicting sex, this time between adults in their 40s and 50s. Whilst Logan was not actually repulsed by the video, it did nothing to stimulate him either.

The computer continued varying the gender and age of the participants to establish exactly what type of sexual activity aroused Logan. It showed footage of two fresh-faced 18 year old girls making out. Logan’s heart rate rose and his penis responded rising out of his lap and hardening. Logan had not realised that he was interested in lesbian action, but now as his dick strained upwards becoming almost painfully hard between his legs, he realised that seeing these two girls playing with each other was quite a turn on. The computer projected numerous variations on the same theme and Logan responded lustfully to them all, continuing to pitch a tent pole between his legs for each of them.

Although Logan didn’t realise it, this was only the calibration stage of the program. Now that Perry had established beyond any doubt that Logan was heterosexual, he pressed some buttons on the computer and activated the next stage.



The headset switched the view so that it showed a naked 18 year old boy. The boy started to masturbate sensuously. Logan watched disinterested, but unknown to him the sensors on his genitals were also capable of delivering erotic current. The one on his penis delivered a low-level current that increased the hardness of his erection. Logan didn’t know that he was being manipulated, but he was surprised to feel his dick getting harder. The contacts on his testicles sent a subtle and continuous pulse that increased Logan’s arousal. As he watched the boy masturbating, he found himself feeling almost unbearably horny. As the boy on the screen reached orgasm, the probe in Logan’s rectum, along with the ones on his testicles sent a subtle current that induced a massive orgasm in the boy. Logan arched his back as far as the chair would allow. He raised his pelvis, contracting his sphincter tightly around the probe inside him as jet after jet of hot spunk squirted from his penis up onto his belly.

Logan was shocked at his spontaneous orgasm and more than a little embarrassed that it had occurred whilst watching a guy jacking off.


As the boy on the screen cleaned himself up, Logan could feel his own cum dribbling down his belly. He wondered if Perry had seen him cum. He’d never considered himself gay or even bisexual before, but his reaction said differently to Perry. With his dick now soft between his legs, Logan started to reason that it didn’t matter what Perry thought about him. The man spent his life photographing nude guys for gay guys to jack off to and he was almost certainly gay himself. But Logan’s orgasm confused and him. He started to wonder if his reaction had simply been in empathy to the other kid’s masturbation, rather than arousal by the kid himself.

A new video started playing. It showed a couple of young guys making out. As they kissed passionately, the video showed them getting spontaneous erections. The machine sent out a subtle current that ensured that Logan’s penis grew hard along with theirs. They hugged and fondled each other, and the machine very gradually increased Logan’s arousal. When they started to fuck, the camera provided a leave-nothing-to-the-imagination close up, and the machine elevated Logan’s arousal so much that his balls tried to crawl into his body. It was only the band around his scrotum that prevented them going, and gentle counter-currents to his nuts that prevented him spooging right there and then. A ring inside the core of the rectal probe in Logan’s ass started to move up and down, massaging the ring of Logan’s sphincter. Logan had never felt anything like it, and involuntarily, he started squirming in the chair whilst his dick strained with excitement. Unconsciously, Logan was clenching and relaxing his sphincter and the base of his dick in rhythm with the movement in his ass. His dick was drooling but the machine wouldn’t grant him release.

Finally, the video concluded with one of the two guys coming into the ass of the other, whilst he jacked his buddy to an explosive orgasm. The machine cooled Logan down whilst a new video started – this time a video depicting a young guy receiving a sensuous blowjob from a middle-aged man. The computer used the probes to keep Logan’s young cock stiff as a rod. As the teen in the video reached a spectacular orgasm, the machine triggered another powerful orgasm from Logan, yet again, associating his sexual response with what he saw.


Unbeknownst to Logan, there was also a compound of long-term psychotropic drugs in the lubricant on the probe. These passed through the porous membrane in his rectum, lowering his inhibitions, and increasing his arousal. Meanwhile, the soundtrack was playing barely audible sounds that invigorated him, aligning his thought patterns with that of the people he was watching. The final component in the reprogramming process was a carefully targeted series of electromagnetic beams delivered by the headset. The beams stimulated the formation of positive associations and arousal in the amygdala in Logan’s brain.


And so the program continued for three hours, showing Logan every conceivable permutation of male on male sex and keeping him desperately aroused, inducing orgasm after orgasm. The camera would zoom in on the crucial action – a tongue teasing the edge of shiny skater boi’s glans; a hairy bear’s ring stretched as a goth kid’s rock hard prick slowly slid in and out; low-hanging balls slapping against a smooth ass as a muscled stud roughly nailed a skinny nerd. And all the time, Logan was being aroused almost beyond endurance. His own ring being tweaked by the probe; his prostate buzzing with erotic energy as it was continuously stimulated electrically. He watched a Mexican boy going down on a huge fat man that was clearly his father. The man had nine fat inches and he was drooling precum wildly; covering the kid’s face as the kid skilfully fellated his father. Normally, even the thought of such activity would have repelled Logan, but now when the man put the boy on his back and spread his kid’s thighs, Logan’s only thought was to wish it was him being fucked.


The change in his mental state came stealthily. At first Logan was simply analysing why he seemed to be aroused by what he was watching. Then as his lust grew and grew, he ceased analysing and simply watched with interest, allowing his body to react to what he was seeing. And now, without him even being aware, he was no longer merely observing; he was actively engaging in the fantasy; imagining himself in the various scenes that were played out before him.


The final fantasy featured a college boy, who was in every way identical to Logan. He was at the centre of an orgy that had been set up by an older friend. The boy was tied in the middle of a room, and he was used and abused by everyone at the party – some 30 or so guys – mostly older than him. He was face fucked, his hole was nailed, his hands were used, he was oiled, rubbed, masturbated to repeated orgasms, and all around him, horny guys were having sex in heaving, sweaty piles of bodies. At the end the scene closed naturally with the Logan character falling into a blissful sleep after multiple orgasms that Logan was triggered to share.

The real Logan was exhausted. He’d been brought to orgasm an incredible nineteen times in three hours. Most of them after the third had been dry and his penis and testicles were aching from all of the activity. The simulation closed down and Perry took off Logan’s VR headset. Logan blinked, like a man coming out of a trance looking at Perry, shell-shocked. He tried to find something to say, but there was nothing that could convey the magnitude of his feelings. Perry undid the straps on the boy’s arms then removed the ones from his legs. He handed the boy a towel. He indicated the bands on the boy’s genitals.

“Do you want to clean yourself up before I take those off?”

Logan looked down at himself. His belly, pubic hair, legs, and the chair seat were drenched in cum. He didn’t know it was even possible to produce that much in a single day. It looked as if there was at least half a pint sprayed around. He accepted the towel and sheepishly began the clean up.

“Wow,” he offered by way of explanation, “that was intense.”

“Yeah,” Perry agreed, “I never met a boy yet who didn’t get off on gay sex when it got down to it.”

Logan pondered Perry’s words. The implication was that he was actually gay or at least bisexual. He hadn’t thought he was. He loved fucking girls and boys did nothing for him. Hadn’t done anything for him until today. But he couldn’t deny his unbridled lust in response to all the gay porn he’d just watched. A part of his brain was afraid to admit to it out loud.

“Hmmmm, ” he murmured non-commitally.

“I know one thing; after today, you’re never going to see sex the same way again.”

“I guess not,” Logan said, wiping the last of the cum from his drenched pubes.

Perry moved in and removed the bands from Logan’s genitals.

Logan stood up.

“Okay to take this out?” he asked, indicating the probe in his rear.

“Of course. We’re all done.”

Logan pulled the probe out, noting with surprise, the little thrill as the tip slid past his ring. His anus felt strangely empty and he was already considering what he had at home that would produce the same feeling as the probe. He couldn’t help but wonder if a penis would feel even better. He resolved to find out as soon as possible, unaware of how effortlessly he had been conditioned to crave cock.

Perry paid Logan, knowing full well that from this point on, the boy would simply be unable to get aroused by women any more, but instead, he would become intensely horny at the thought of other males. He loved turning boys from macho alpha males into cum guzzling, eager whores who would spend the rest of their lives looking for cocks to impale themselves on.

Logan thanked Perry for the money and left the studio, already pondering  which of his friends were most likely to let him ride their dicks…


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    I came to this story many times throughout the years. It’s one of my reliable ones, and even just thinking about it gets me off. Kudos

    • Thank you. Glad to help!

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    nice story

    i write erotic stuff on the web so i appreciate good stories nicely told too

    kyle cicero

    • Thank you!

  • Logan got the better end of the bargain. First, he got the shock – he most likely enjoyed it. Then, he got the gay sex turning, and lastly, he got paid.

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