Puppies 5 – Daniel gets more adventurous

Daniel has gotten a very well paid job at a night club called Puppies where all of the servers are young men dressed as puppies.

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Puppies 5 – Daniel gets more adventurous

The next weekend Daniel stood in front of the mirror getting into costume when Chris approached.

“Hi Daniel. Good to see you back. Ready to try something a little more adventurous this week?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you could have a stint on the stage. Can you dance or sing?”


“What about exchanging this,” Chris held up Daniel’s skimpy posing pouch, “for this?” He held up a transparent chastity cage.

Although Daniel had never seen one before, he immediately intuited what it was for. He pulled a “don’t make me” face.

“Nah not yet. I’d rather keep my clothes on.”

“No problem. But when you’re ready to make more money, speak to me.”

Chris handed Daniel the white posing pouch and Daniel pulled it on.

“Have a good night. You can take any of the order pads.”

“Thank you, I will.”

Chris wandered off to speak to another boy, and Daniel turned to the boy next to him.

“Hi, my name’s Daniel.”

The boy smiled.

“The new boy. You started last week. I’m Jonathan. Jojo to the clients.”

“Good to meet you man. Hey look, last week I saw a kid dancing. He had no balls. I asked the bartender but he wouldn’t tell me anything. What’s that kid’s story?”

“Oh you mean Bailey? He was a bad dog.”

“What does that mean?”

“Look, there’s some things here that we don’t really talk about openly. That’s one of them. It’s better if you ask him yourself. He’s over there.”

Jonathan pointed to the boy. Daniel’s curiosity was well and truly piqued now.

“Okay thanks Jonathan. I will.”

He finished putting on his make up and the rest of his costume, then he turned to go speak to Bailey but the boy had already left for the night club floor. Daniel picked up a pad, took one last look in the mirror to ensure that he looked the part, then he walked out into the night club.

The place seemed busier than the previous week, and there was already a boy on the stage doing a crazy puppy dance, waggling his tail and falling about as if he was drunk. The audience was laughing like crazy.

Daniel walked into the tables and started to circle until someone raised a hand and called him over.

“Hello boy, I’ve not seen you here before.”


The man smiled.

“Good boy. Come and kneel by me while you take my order.”

Daniel knelt on the parquet floor and the man started to stroke him on the head and behind his ears.

“You’re very nice puppy. Not too muscular, not too scrawny.”

The man ran his hand along Daniel’s side.

“Shame about the jock. Puppies shouldn’t wear human clothes.”

The man slid his hand along Daniel’s rump, then slipped it between his legs, feeling the boy’s bulge. Daniel tensed, then turned his butt so that his privates were out of reach. It felt too early for that.

“Awww, little puppy is shy? Never mind. You’re still cute. Tell you what, why don’t you get us our drinks. Maybe we can get to know you better when you’ve relaxed.”

Daniel took the table’s orders, and when he returned the man accepted them and gave Daniel a ten dollar tip. It was the least he’d received since he’d been there, and it was an important lesson. He was going to have to make a decision: either get comfortable having his junk constantly groped, or lose a lot of money. He decided to watch how the other boys behaved.


At one table the boy with no balls approached on all fours and nuzzled the sole patron on the ribs with his nose. The man turned to the boy and when he saw who it was, he smiled clearly happy to see the boy. The man patted his lap and Bailey clambered on, resting his head on the man’s chest. For a few minutes, the man stroked the boy’s head affectionately, then his hand dropped to the empty place between the boy’s legs…

Staying beyond the outer ring, Daniel circled, to see who else he could see. At one table two boys, both dressed in full face masks, were on their hands and knees and behind them the two patrons from that table crouched, hands on the boy’s hips, fucking them side by side. The two puppies were making little noises of encouragement.


Straight though he was, Daniel was strangely fascinated by the display. He caught a movement from the corner of his eye. He turned. A man at another outer table was waving to him. Daniel wanted to watch the other boys longer, but he felt it would be rude to ignore the man so he walked over to his table.

The man placed an order for himself and his colleague, and Daniel collected the order and delivered it promptly. Some of the customers were not interested in prolonged interaction. They were there for the general ambiance, or they had their favourite puppies. Daniel was about to leave and return to watching the other boys from the shadowy near darkness outside the outer ring, when the man said, “Hmmm, you look awfully tall up there. Why don’t you get down onto your paws?”

Daniel did as he was asked.

“Goood. Good boy,” the man said in a friendly voice like warm treacle.

Daniel looked at the man and smiled. Then he thought he’d try out the move he’d seen no-balls do earlier. He nuzzled at the man’s ribs. The man smiled broadly, delighted.

“You’re a fast learner.”


“You know, you look awfully thirsty. Why don’t you have a drink?”

He poured one of the bottles of water into a bowl that Daniel had mistaken for an ash tray and put it on the floor beside his table. Daniel looked down at it then dropped his head and started lapping at the water. It was remarkably difficult to scoop up much water on his tongue.

The man stroked his back whilst he drank.

“You’re SUCH a good boy.”

Daniel suddenly remembered that he had a rubber tail sticking out of his butt. He gave his hips a few experimental wags and he could feel the tail boinging back and forth. The man laughed.

“Now you’re really getting it!”

Daniel continued lapping at the water until it was mostly gone, then he raised his head from the bowl.

“All done boy?”

Daniel panted rapidly to acknowledge the question.

“Tell you what, you must have a full bladder now. Why don’t you pull that silly piece of material out of the way and relieve yourself?”

The man pointed to the nearby tree. Daniel looked at it sceptically. The whole peeing thing seemed pretty silly to him but on the other hand it wasn’t THAT embarrassing, and if it earned him a big tip…

He looked to make sure that his first table wasn’t in sight – the last thing he wanted was the customers thinking he was playing favourites. Their table was a third of the ring away, near one of the exits, and in a near darkness that was accentuated by the glow of the stage. He decided to play along.

Daniel had already seen several of the boys peeing against the potted trees that ringed the stage, and he knew the drill. He sidled up to the tree. He was about to reach down and remove his posing pouch when the man said, “Here let me help you with that.”

Daniel allowed the man to move his pouch to the left side and his genitals flopped out.

“Hmmm, good doggy. Lucky doggy!”

Daniel nuzzled the man to show his approval, and the man’s guest grinned broadly.

“I think you made a friend there Bryce!”

“I certainly hope so,” the man said.

Daniel grinned and waggled his tail.


“What a good puppy. You can relieve yourself now.”

Daniel waggled his rubber tail again then lifted his tail, he moved carefully closer so that he would hit the small tree. He suddenly realised that the other puppies he’d seen all had much smaller dicks than him. Theirs pointed at the tree when they lifted a leg; his penis dangled straight down.

Although the tree pots were covered in a layer of scent-killing, splash reducing charcoal, Daniel still lowered himself so that his penis was close to the lumps of black wood. Then he let loose. At first he controlled his pressure so that he didn’t splash the man, but as he grew more confident that the charcoal was doing its work, he let go and peed at full power. In spite of the sound of the audience reacting to whatever was on the stage, he could still hear his urine gushing onto the charcoal.

“Dunno about a puppy,” the other man said, “I think Danny here is part racehorse!”

Daniel ignored him and continued peeing until he was done, then he gave a waggle of his hips to drip dry.

“Here, let me get that for you,” Bryce said.

Bryce reached beneath Daniel with a napkin and dabbed the end of his penis dry. He threw the  napkin into the tree planter and cupped Daniel’s nuts in his hand.

“Very nice,” Bryce said, hefting Daniel’s nuts.

Daniel was embarrassed being man-handled in front of the other guy. He looked at the man and the man looked back, clearly interested. Daniel gave him a sheepish grin and allowed Bryce to continue fondling his nuts.

“Danny’s a horny little puppy,” Bryce said.

Daniel could feel his cock swelling, not hard but certainly no longer limp between his legs.

Bryce continued playing with his nuts. Daniel was not used to the experience. The girls he’d fucked were not that creative yet.

The man ran his palm along Daniel’s thickening cock, lifting it against his belly. It was difficult for Daniel to look behind him where the man’s hand passed between his legs, so he looked around at the few tables that he could see in the gloom. To his amusement, at the table directly adjacent to his, about ten feet away, another boy was also on his knees receiving exactly the same treatment. The boy had black painted whiskers, spots painted all over his pale body, and alert puppy ears.

The boy turned and they saw each other. The other kid grinned at the synchronicity. Daniel could see the other master’s hand working beneath the kid’s legs. Both men had passed their hands between their puppy’s thighs from the rear and were now briskly rubbing back and forth.

To his surprise, the sight of another boy receiving exactly the same sexual treatment as him was tremendously arousing, as though he was seeing himself getting jacked. Daniel felt himself rapidly moving towards orgasm.

Suddenly the other boy lifted the knee nearest to his “master” almost as though peeing, then started panting in wheezy little breaths. Daniel couldn’t see the boy ejaculating, but it was clear that’s what was happening. The other boy was now looking straight ahead, no longer interested in…

Daniel orgasmed hard! It came out of nowhere, and he literally gasped as it started happening; something he’d never been moved to do before. Bryce felt Daniel’s slime on his fingers and he pumped his hand rapidly to maximise the boy’s pleasure. Daniel rode the wave that was emanating from between his legs and let the man control his pleasure.

When it was finally finished, Daniel was surprised to discover that he was genuinely panting and out of breath, in spite of the fact that Bryce had been the one doing all the work.

“He enjoyed that,” Bryce’s companion said. “Look how far he shot. Horny little mutt.”

Daniel looked down at the wood flooring and was surprised to see jizz three feet in front of him. That meant he’d squirted over six feet! Even HE was impressed. That was definitely a personal best!

Bryce took another napkin and wiped Daniel’s juice from his hand, adding the tissue to the first one in the tree pot. Daniel remained on his knees. What now? Should he just stuff his hard dick back into his pouch and walk away?

Bryce stuffed two hundred into Daniel’s collar.

“Very good Danny. Hopefully we’ll see you another day huh?”

Daniel recognised that he was being dismissed. Should he wipe his dick or clean up the mess he’d made on the floor? He took a chance and picked up the napkin from the planter, then wiped his dick clean.

“Wow, he’s hygienic, well trained,” the other guy said. “Wanna come home with us boy?”

Daniel smiled and shook his head in the kindliest way he could.

He looked over at the other boy for a cue about cleaning the floor. The other kid was on his feet and had made no effort to clean up whatever he’d left on the floor, but it didn’t seem right to Daniel. He leaned forwards to wipe his spooge off the expensive varnished floor.

Bryce put a restraining hand on his shoulder.

“No need to be quite THAT hygienic. Leave it there for us to remember you by. Maybe another puppy might want to see if he can squirt further later on.”

Daniel looked at the man.


He waggled his tail and stood up, stuffing his still hard dick back into his pouch.

Bryce winked at him.

“Good boy Danny. Thanks for the fun.”

Danny raised his paws to his chest, drooped out his tongue and panted in what he hoped was an appealing, appreciative gesture. Bryce smiled back at him. Daniel glanced down at the streaks of cum he’d deposited, impressed by how much he’d squirted. He glanced at the other boy, who was completely naked, with his dick so hard it pressed against his belly. They exchanged a grin, then Daniel wandered off into the darkness, his own hard dick still pointing north and tenting his tiny posing pouch.

In the darkness behind, Chris smiled. Daniel was adapting quickly. Chris had big plans for him.


By the end of the shift, Daniel had cum four times, and made 1300 dollars. But he still hadn’t solved the mystery of puppy no balls…


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    • I took it in a dark direction and decided against making it public.

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