Puppies 4 – Daniel’s first day continued

Daniel has gotten a very well paid job at a night club called Puppies where all of the servers are young men dressed as puppies. He’s just doing his first shift.

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Puppies 4 – Daniel’s first day continued

Daniel served several more customers, and he quickly discovered that a few well-timed puppy noises or gestures went down well with them all.

He had noticed early on that the outer ring of tables each had a medium sized tree in a large planter next to it. Daniel had assumed that these were purely decorative, but then to his surprise, after serving drinks, one of the boys who was wearing a full face puppy mask but was otherwise naked, lifted his leg like a dog, carefully positioned himself so that the stream would hit the tree, and took a long doggy-piss against it.

Daniel expected annoyance from the people at the table but they were clearly delighted, nodding and grinning. When the puppy was finished he gave his hips a little waggle to shake the drips off, and then was rewarded with a tip.


Throughout the night, Daniel noticed several other puppies repeating the performance. He even noticed one puppy taking things further. The boy had lifted his leg and relieved himself, and as he was drip drying, the client at his table reached beneath his raised leg and cupped the boy’s genitals.

Rather than flinching away, the boy moved closer, resting his shin against the tree so that he could hold his leg up as long as was required. The man cupping his genitals started moving his palm back and forth and the boy quickly became hard. Daniel thought at that stage that the man might simply grab the boy’s cock in his fist and jack him off conventionally, but instead he continued the same belly stroking motion.

Daniel drifted closer so that he could see and hear better. The man was talking to the boy continuously, encouraging exactly as he would a dog.

“Who’s a good boy. Do you like that? Does Alfy like having his tummy rubbed? Awww Alfie’s a big boy. Do you want daddy to go faster?”

At the same time, the puppy was responding with a constant stream of enthusiastic and encouraging responses  and tail wags.

“Wruff wruff, arf, aruf!”

The transaction was concluded in about 3 minutes with the puppy squirting a load onto the man’s palm and on the floor. The man smiled, slowly licked his hand clean, and then gently tickled the boy’s balls as his erection diminished. Then he smiled at the puppy, tousled its hair, and tucked three bills into its collar. The puppy yipped his thanks, and walked away on all fours. His slender semi drooping between his legs.


Daniel went about his way, doing his best to play along and perform his duties, but he declined any invitations to go further with a head shake, an apologetic smile and a curt “Ro!” which he hoped was acceptable to the clients. They all seemed to accept it in good humour which surprised him. He had thought that in such a kinky environment, the clients would be depraved monsters who would get angry at his refusal to go further. He even half expected them to force themselves on him if he declined their wishes, but they were all civil and self controlled.


Daniel looked at the clock behind the bar. It was quarter to two. Just 15 minutes until the end of his shift. He served a man sitting alone at one of the outer tables in the darkness far from the bar and the exits.

When Daniel brought the man his drink, the guy patted his lap.

“Puppy want a rest?”

Daniel sat as he had on several laps. If it made him a few extra bucks he was willing.

The man put his hand around Daniel’s waist and stroked his opposite side. Daniel allowed it, looking down at the man. The guy was in his 30s, professional looking with a pleasant face.

“Puppy horny?” the man asked and slipped his other hand inside Daniel’s posing pouch.

Daniel’s first instinct was alarm, but after 6 hours in the unique and almost mesmerising atmosphere of the club, his inhibitions had been lowered. He glanced around. No-one was near or paying attention, so he decided that he might as well allow the man to continue. ‘What the fuck,’ he thought to himself.

“Ruff,” he said.

The man looked at his face to gauge if the noise meant assent. He smiled and cupped Daniel’s balls in his hand, before closing his fist around them squeezing lightly.

“Good boy Danny. Big nuts. You’ll make lots of little puppies with these when you get old enough.”

Daniel assumed the comment was a play on the fact that he was pretending to be a puppy, not because the man thought he was too young to cum.

“Arf,” he said with a broad smile, exaggerating his approval at the joke.

The man nodded approving, and continued groping Daniel’s balls for a while then switch to the boy’s cock.

“Nice. God’s been kind to this little puppy!”


The man slid his palm up and down the length of Daniel’s flaccid cock, and to Daniel’s surprise, he felt himself hardening immediately.

“Horny puppy.”

This time it wasn’t a question, but Daniel was shy about admitting that his cock was eager. Seeing the other boys getting jacked and behaving erotically for six hours was enough to give any healthy boy a hair trigger, and Daniel was quickly straining inside his soft posing pouch.

“Let’s get this out of the way shall we boy?”

The man pulled the pouch away from Daniel’s cock and tucked it to one side freeing the boy’s cock and balls. Daniel felt exposed and naked. He almost reached down and covered his straining dick again, embarrassed in case any of the other boys saw him. But they had all gotten down and dirty with at least one client during the night he reasoned, so he pushed his discomfort to one side and allowed the man to continue.

As expected, the man started jacking him off. What Daniel did not expect, was how horny he was feeling. He felt ready to blow his load after just 30 seconds!

He was certain it would be rude or disappointing to the man if he came that quickly so Daniel tried to distract himself by watching two puppies on the stage. One was rolling on his back legs splayed wide apart, the other was giving him a puppy-style blow job with lots of exaggerated licking.

Daniel felt himself getting even hornier. Seeing someone else enjoying a blow job, even a gay blow job made him horny. He knew his dick wouldn’t care if it was the mouth of girl or boy on his dick and his mind started to imagine how good it would feel.

He realised what he was doing and snapped out of it. He stopped watching and concentrated on not cumming. He tensed his stomach and the root of his dick in an effort to forestall an orgasm.

“Puppy getting close?” the man asked, slowing his pumping.

“Arf!” Daniel responded, aware that his sound effects were getting repetitive. He’d have to learn some more puppy vocabulary.

“Slide back so that your bottom is off my lap,” the man ordered.

Daniel frowned bewildered, but complied anyway. Now he was sitting on the man’s lap with just his upper thighs.

The man reached beneath with his left hand and gripped the now-exposed tail which was inserted into Daniel’s rectum with a small butt plug. Then he started jacking again in earnest, using faster strokes. As he did so, he started wiggling the tail, moving the plug around inside Daniel’s rear. Daniel immediately recognised the disturbingly enjoyable sensation that he had first experienced inside the metal puppy. He was about to blow. He squirmed on the man’s lap.

“Hoo, hoo, hoo” Daniel whined frantically, trying to warn the man that he was close, but the man had already recognised the boy’s squirming.

Daniel didn’t know if there was an etiquette for this: the last thing he wanted was to squirt on the man’s clothes.

The man pumped him fast and light, directing Daniel’s cock away from him, and now, etiquette or not, there was nothing Daniel could do to avoid his orgasm. His first squirt was a fountain of cum, more like a stallion than a puppy. It was quickly followed by six more powerful squirts, and three feeble ones barely powerful enough to rise from his swollen glans.

Daniel grunted and groaned, unable to maintain the puppy pretence as he came. His body was temporarily out of his own control, ruled instead by the man who played him with expertise of a lifelong hooker.

Eventually Daniel stopped squirming and cumming, but he was still panting heavily, shocked at how hard he’d cum. He looked down at the man wide eyed, both stunned and a little embarrassed at the way that his body had responded to the man’s attention. Now his puppy expression was genuine; not a deliberate act for the clients.

“First time cumming as a puppy?” the man asked.

Daniel nodded.


His voice was squeaky; adolescent.

“You did REAL good.”

The man pulled the posing pouch back over Daniel’s hard cock, then tucked $500 dollars into Daniel’s collar.

“I know you were shy tonight, but I think you’ll do just fine at this club. I hope to see you again REAL soon.”

The man gave Daniel’s tail a playful tug, then allowed the boy to rise to his feet. Daniel’s legs felt wobbly under him. He very rarely came that hard. He smiled down at the man.


He didn’t know what he was trying to say.


Five minutes later, he was in the changing rooms surrounded by all the other puppies.

He spoke to one of the other puppies.

“So the customers don’t get annoyed if you turn them down?”

“Nah, there’s loads more of us, and if you just came with another client you wouldn’t be much fun for them.”

“Do you always, you know, let yourself get jacked off?”

“Oh yeah, that’s the easiest way to make money.”

“But you can only do that once right?”

“Nah, if I don’t jack off for a few days before, I can do five or six in a night easy. You just have to be careful who you go with early on.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well some of them are better at it than others. If you go with the wrong guy they’ll drain you dry first time and you’ll have trouble walking straight for the rest of the night, let alone cumming again!”

“Who should I watch out for?”

The other boy smiled and winked.

“You’ll find out for yourself soon enough.


“So you lost your P plates tonight?”

Daniel turned towards the voice behind him. He smiled then furrowed his brows quizzically.

Chris looked conspicuously down at the large wet patch on the front of Daniel’s white posing pouch. Daniel blushed in sight of the evidence.

“P plates?”

“Yeah, your puppy virginity. I saw you with Mr Aster. You did a great job. I could tell that he was very happy with you. How much did he give you?”

“Errr, five hundred dollars,” Daniel replied sheepishly, and a little concerned that Chris would dock his wages as a result.

“How much altogether?”

“Eleven hundred.”

“Good job. Here’s the five I promised. Like I said, you can make a LOT of money here if you’re good at your job. Same time next week?”

‘Sixteen hundred for a night’s work?! Damned right you’ll see me!’ Daniel thought.

“Yes sir,” he said to Chris.

“Excellent. I’ll send one of the drivers to pick you up again. Same place, same time. Leave the pouch here. The girls will wash it.”


That night, when Daniel got home, before he went to bed, he looked up “human puppy” on his computer. He spent a long time browsing…

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