Puppies 3 – Daniel’s first day

Daniel has undergone an initiation test where he was turned into a horny, pre-cum dribbling human puppy for 12 hours straight. Now he gets to find out what he was auditioning for…

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Puppies 3 – Daniel’s first day

One month later Daniel got out of the car that had been sent to collect him, and he looked up at a nondescript door in a side alley brick wall of a downtown building. He was ushered inside, and once through the door was greeted with a classy sign saying, ‘Puppies’. His driver pointed him towards the staff area. He went where he was directed, and Chris was waiting for him. He greeted the boy warmly.

“Daniel! Great to see you again. I’ll show you the changing area.”

Chris lead him to a changing room and inside were half a dozen more college-age boys already preparing for their shift. Each of them was naked or nearly naked and wearing various types of puppy attire. Daniel had been told by Chris what to expect, but it still came as a major shock to actually see. Each of the “puppies” had a different look. One boy had perky brown ears, a full brown furry snout and he was wearing a studded leather collar. A very muscular black boy had his genitals in a full wire cage that was attached to a belt, and he was wearing a mask that made him look very much like a Rotweiller dog.

“You’ll be dressed up as a beagle. You never, and I repeat NEVER use human words to, or in earshot of the clientele. They pay a lot of money for this fantasy, and if you mess it up even once, it’ll be the last time you work here and you won’t get paid. The customers understand that there are strict rules about what they can and can’t do. They can pretty much SAY whatever they like, and a bit of touching is acceptable. If you don’t mind allowing them to jack you off, then that’s your business, but you won’t get penalised at all if you decline POLITELY. If you do allow yourself to be jacked, you can expect at least a hundred dollars from the client as a reward. If that doesn’t happen, let me know, and I’ll sort things out. They might ask you to do any kind of thing from getting on your hands and knees, sitting on their laps, pissing on one of the fake trees, or more. They are expected to tip generously for everything. The more you are willing to do, the more you’ll earn, isn’t that so puppies?”

Four of the other boys turned.

Each of them signalled his agreement according to his own unique idiom.




One boy simply twerked his butt left and right, making his rubber tail wag side to side.


“You’ll get a base pay of 500 dollars per night provided you treat the clients with respect. Any tips you earn are yours to keep, and are not deducted from your base pay. Any questions?”

Daniel was feeling a little overwhelmed. He wondered if he was supposed to answer in puppy talk as the others had, but he couldn’t even conceive of a way to ask questions in character.

“Um, is it okay to um, talk normally here?” he asked timidly.

“Yes, yes, of course. They’re just getting into character. It makes it easier. What did you want to know?”

“Oh good. So what are my actual duties? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Chris smiled.

“Good question. You’re what’s known as a host. That means that your job is to circulate, give the clientele something young and pretty to look at, take orders on a pad, serve drinks. Just keep them hard and happy.”

“Hard? How am I supposed to do that? I’m not jacking anyone off.”

“That’s okay, I don’t expect you to, but if you choose to, that’s between you and the client. They’ll get hard just looking at you pretending to be a puppy. The more you get into the character, the happier they’ll be.”

Daniel looked sceptical, but he was relieved to hear that he retained the choice over how far he took things.

Chris was used to nervousness from his new puppies, and he knew how to ease them into things gently.

“Okay Daniel, let’s get you ready. Undress over there. You can leave your clothes in this locker. Nobody will touch them.”

He pointed to a locker.

Daniel moved to the changing area Chris had indicated. There was a long mirror with lights around it. He nervously started to undress. Next to him was a boy about his age. The boy was just putting the finishing touches to some white face make up in the mirror. Daniel looked at the kid in the mirror and the boy winked and grinned.


Daniel looked back. It was ridiculous. He grinned at the absurdity, but if Chris was willing to pay him $500 for pretending to be a puppy for a few hours he was not going to turn it down. He undressed, leaving his briefs on. Calvin Klein. His special underpants. He only wore his expensive pants when there was a chance he would get seen in them. Or when he might get laid.

Chris watched him change. When Daniel was down to just his pants he said, “I thought we’d start gently. Here, take your pants off and put this on.”

He handed Daniel a posing pouch. Daniel accepted the small piece of material. He held it up and looked at it. It was tiny; a jockstrap made of silky white Lycra and some strips of material to wrap around his waist. He looked back at Chris.

“I don’t think this will fit me.”

“Yes it will,” Chris reassured. “Unless you’d prefer to work nude?”

“No. No thanks. I’ll try it.”

“That’s the spirit. Remember the idea is to show as much skin as possible.  Give our clients lots to get horny about. Remember a horny client is a generous client.”

Daniel dropped his expensive briefs and pulled on the thong. He was right, it was extremely snug. He had to adjust his penis to squeeze it in. He looked in the mirror at himself. His balls bulged at the bottom and the curve of his penis was clear. He could even see the outline of his glans. He was reminded of a comment his grandmother had once made. She was complaining about boys wearing skinny jeans. She said that they were “so tight that you could tell their religion.” Daniel laughed about it at the time, but now it didn’t seem so funny.

“It’s way too small. You can see everything in this.”

“That’s the idea. It’s perfect. They’re going to love you.”

Daniel looked back in the mirror. The pouch really left almost nothing to the imagination. He glanced at the boy next to him. He was wearing nothing at all except a pair of ears and a collar. He was painting a white circle onto his nose. The kid had even put white paint onto his smooth genitals. They stood up perkily. The boy was much smaller than Daniel down there.

The kid lifted one foot onto the counter in front of the mirror, and carefully squeezed a lubed butt-plug attached to a tail into his hole.

Daniel felt like he had fallen down the rabbit hole into a different world. He turned back to Chris.

“Here, put this on.”

Chris was holding out a pair of ears attached to a plastic band. It reminded Daniel of the headbands he used to wear on Halloween to attach antennae to his head. He accepted the ears and put them on.

“Now this.”

Chris handed him a puppy snout. Daniel took it and placed it over his nose, pulling the elasticated strap behind his head to hold it in place. He turned to the mirror again. He looked ridiculous, in a cute kind of way. He’d seen people who liked to dress up as animals on the internet, but until now had always viewed them with the same sense of mild amusement as he viewed kids who liked to dress up as their favourite comic characters.

“Face me please,” Chris said.

Daniel did as he was told.

“Eyes closed.”

Daniel closed his eyes and Chris smeared black paint on his eye sockets in two circles.

“Okay, you can open.”

Chris wrapped a leather collar around his neck.

“Turn to the mirror.”

Daniel turned to the mirror as Chris fastened the buckle at the rear of the collar. He looked at himself in the mirror. The collar had a name-plate; “Danny”. His eyes look big. Daniel was surprised at how, well, damned cute he looked! He smiled at Chris’s reflection.

As he looked in the mirror, Chris said, “You’ll make a lot more money if you stick your tongue out, and lift your paws up occasionally. Play along.”

The boy next to him demonstrated. He drooped his tongue out, lifted his “paws” to his chest and opened his eyes wide like a cartoon dog begging its master to play with it.

Daniel stuck his tongue out like the boy showed him. He felt ridiculous again. He was feeling that a lot.

“That’s it,” Chris encouraged. “Try panting too.”

Daniel did as Chris suggested. He felt even more stupid.  He was on the verge of pulling the nose off and calling it quits.

“It feels silly at first, but when you have your first three thousand dollar night, you’ll appreciate that feeling silly is a small price to pay for that kind of income.”

Daniel’s eyes widened at the thought of three thousand dollars in a single night. He glanced in the mirror at the boy next to him and the boy raised his eyebrows and nodded to confirm what Chris was saying.

“For the money,” Daniel said to himself.

Chris handed him a butt plug tail.

“Last thing. You know where it goes.”

Daniel looked at the small plug. It was already lubed. He accepted it, and with a sigh of resignation he lifted his foot onto the counter as he’d watched the other boy do. He placed the plug between his cheeks and guided its slick head towards his hole.

“It goes in easy if you relax,” Chris said.

Daniel did as his new boss suggested, then pushed the plug. He could feel his hole opening, and then suddenly the small plug slipped inside and his sphincter snapped shut around its narrow neck, holding it in place. Daniel twisted the tail so that it curved upwards, then he dropped his foot back to the floor.

Chris gave Daniel a small computer pad on which the waiter ordering software was installed, and in two minutes, he explained how to use it.

“Excellent. Time to get you started.”




Two minutes later Daniel was following Chris into the club. It was a large room, perhaps 50 yards across. In the centre was a round glass-floored stage. Surrounding the stage were dozens of tables each with between two and four chairs. The room was dark. So dark that apart from the tables closest to the softly lit stage, he could barely make out the rows that formed a second concentric circle beyond. Tiny halogen bulbs twinkled, recessed into the ceiling like stars.

To one side of the room was a bar, over which, in subdued neon strips, read the word “Puppies”. There were illuminated exit signs over two doors.


Daniel scanned the room quickly, curious about the place that he would be working. There were at least 50 men seated at the tables, and over a dozen other puppies moving among them. Some of the puppies were serving drinks, others remained near particular tables, fulfilling whatever fantasies the clients had in mind for them.

Nearby, Daniel could see the black boy in the Doberman snout. He was on all fours alongside a table. One of the men seated at the table was petting the boy’s head, whilst at the other end, the other man was reaching between the caged boy’s legs and fondling his nuts. The boy was wiggling his rear like a contented dog.


Daniel looked to the stage and there were two boys performing. They were both naked, wearing puppy snouts, but they also had paws on their hands and feet and they were wearing strap-on tails rather than the butt plug tails all the other puppies seemed to be wearing. They were on all fours, stalking each other like two wolves circling for a fight. One of the boys pushed his nose underneath the other’s belly. The other boy lifted his leg allowing the first boy better access, and the audience a clearer view of what was happening. The boy underneath made theatrically loud sniffing noises for a few moments as he burrowed his snout into the other boy’s genitals, then he stuck out his tongue and gave a single, slow lick of the other boy’s nuts. He pulled his head out and the other boy moved behind him and made a show of sniffing at his anus. The first boy lifted his bottom higher and the sniffer started licking at his hole. Daniel was a little disgusted. That was definitely a performance he was never going to give. The licker continued working on the other boy, who was now getting hard. Then he climbed on top, so that his belly rested on the other boy’s back, and he rubbed his soft dick against the crack of the bottom boy’s ass. He continued for a few minutes, playfully nipping at the other boy’s neck and making growling noises. The bottom boy would yip as the top bit him playfully. After a few minutes of grinding, the top clambered off. His dick was long, very hard and clearly dribbling pre-cum. Both boys turned to the audience sat back on their haunches, erections straining between their legs, lifted their paws to their chests and made panting noises. There was appreciative clapping and money was thrown onto the stage, which the performers collected with nods and barks of gratitude. Then the boys left the stage in different directions, heading towards nearby tables.

“Those two will both be getting fucked this evening. More than once I’m certain of it,” Chris informed Daniel. “You can make a LOT of money if you’re willing to go that far, but you don’t have to.”

Daniel shook his head adamantly, and Chris smiled.

“That’s okay. You definitely don’t have to, but maybe one day you’ll change your mind. Anyway, let’s get you going. Please follow me.”

Chris walked to the stage. As he strode confidently to the centre of the stage, Daniel hovered at the edge uncertain what to do.

“Good evening gentlemen. It’s time to introduce a new puppy.”

He gestured to Daniel and the boy walked into the pool of light and stood beside him.

“This is Danny.  Danny is 18 years old, and this is his first night as a beagle. Please be gentle with him and respect his boundaries. I give you… Danny!”

The men seated at the tables clapped appreciatively and made a surprising volume given their small number. Daniel smiled self consciously, looking around at the nearest tables, but he was happy to follow Chris out of the light as his employer left the stage.

“Just walk around, take people’s orders, get to know the customers if they call you over, and remember, never, ever speak. The better you stay in character, the more money we both make, got it?”

Daniel looked at Chris.


Chris smiled.

“Thatta boy. Now get out there and have fun.”


Daniel looked around, men on several of the nearest tables were gesturing towards him. He smiled at the nearest and approached.

The man at the table said, “Hello Danny, nice to see a new face.”

Daniel smiled.

“I’d like a Jack on the Rocks, and a whisky Sour please.”

Daniel nodded and entered the drinks on the pad he was holding. He looked back up at the man. Suddenly he felt really stupid standing there in his puppy costume and posing pouch. If he allowed that thought to grow he knew that he was going to be unable to function. He pushed it from his mind before it could take root. He felt that he’d better make some kind of sound to acknowledge that he’d successfully recorded the order. What was an appropriate sound? The man looked at him. He felt as though he was being scrutinised.

“Rrow!” he barked, mimicking a dog that wanted its owner to throw a stick. The man beamed at him and patted his butt. Daniel resisted the urge to pull away.

“Good boy. Good doggy!” the man said. “Now go fetch our drinks will you please.”

Daniel made a panting happy noise and lifted his “paws” to his chest, then he turned and walked to the bar. There were no stools and the clients were not permitted to approach directly.

“Hey Danny,” the barman said, looking down at the order on the pad Daniel was holding out to him. “First day huh? Feels weird but you’ll get over it soon enough. So long as you keep your voice down, and there are no customers nearby it’s okay to speak here.”

“Thanks uh…” Daniel looked at the man’s name badge. “Thanks Jamie.”

“No problem, and feel free to come to me if you have any questions.”

Jamie was fixing the drinks.

“This is the Jack,” he said, pointing to the rocks glass.

Daniel watched the stage. A solo performer was on. A boy who looked a little too young to be working. He was doing some kind of dog dance, jumping up and down, twisting around. Then he moved close to the edge of the stage and lay on his back with his legs open like a dog inviting its owner to rub his tummy. Daniel grinned at the boy’s antics, especially when, to the cheers and laughter of the audience, a man came over from a nearby table and started rubbing the boy’s tummy.

“Good boy!” the man said.

Daniel would quickly learn that that was the most common way for the clients to show approval.

The man continued to tickle the boy’s tummy, then his hand wandered down to the kid’s groin. He gave the boy a few more tickles, which the audience seemed to find hilarious. The boy squirmed, arching his back left and right as though he was enjoying the experience immensely, but when the man removed his hand, Daniel could see that the kid was still soft. In fact his penis was quite tiny; little more than a lifeless slug between his legs. Daniel looked closer and frowned.

“Has that boy got any nuts?” he asked Jamie.


“What happened to them?”

Jamie pushed the tray over to Daniel.

“You’ll have to ask him that when your shift is over.”

Daniel was anxious now.

“No-one’s gonna try and do that to me are they?”

Jamie smiled.

“Nah, of course not!”


Daniel picked up the tray and walked back to his customers. He held out the sour to the other man who accepted it with a smile and a nod, then offered the Jack Daniels to the orderer. The man held out two hundred dollar bills.

“Good boy. Why don’t you come sit with me for a few minutes?”

Daniel looked at the money and swallowed. He was unsure what to do. The man reached for his waist and he allowed himself to be guided to the man’s lap. As he sat, the tail jammed the butt plug deeper into him and he stood up with a start at the unexpected intrusion.

“Tail a bit deep for you?” the man asked with a grin.

Daniel nodded.

“I’m sure you’ll get used to it soon enough,” the man said, pulling Daniel back onto his lap.

Daniel sat, feeling the plug burrowing into him, and the man rubbed his tummy. It was weird but not too uncomfortable. Daniel watched the stage, separating himself from the man’s actions, but as the man’s hand moved to his inner thigh, he couldn’t ignore it any longer.

“Owrrr,” Daniel said, in what he imagined was a plaintive puppy noise and he shook his head.

“A little soon for you Danny? I expect you’ll be more comfortable once you’ve been here a while. Anyway, I’m happy to be your first customer.”

He held out the two hundred dollar bills held between his index and middle fingers like a cigar. Danny reached for them gratefully, but the man pulled them away at the last second. With his other hand he pulled at the front of Daniel’s posing pouch. He looked inside at the boy’s penis curled within, smooshed on top of plump testicles. Smiling, he pushed the money down into the pouch, his fingers brushing against the top of the boy’s smooth-shaved penis.

Daniel watched and in that moment he knew exactly what he was; a well paid whore. He made what he hoped was the sound of a grateful puppy, and rose from the man’s lap ready to serve the next customer…

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