Puppies 2 – Audition 2

Daniel has undergone an unusual audition whereby he must kneel inside a metal puppy shell. Inside, he is edged and teased expertly for hours upon end, all the while, his whimpers of ecstasy are converted into puppy sounds.

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Puppies 2 – Audition 2

12 hours after he had first been strapped into the metal puppy, Daniel whined and trembled, and his giant metal puppy cock finally stopped dribbling. A final two minute orgasm had drained every last residual drop of fluid from his sex organs, leaving his balls and the root of his cock feeling as though they were in a vice.

Chris said, “Well done Daniel, you’ve passed the audition. Let’s get you out of there.”

Daniel was too exhausted to hear, much less comment.

Chris addressed one of his colleagues.

“Can we have some light please?”

Somebody turned the room lights on and for the first time since Daniel had arrived, the room was fully illuminated. Chris tapped the remote and all of the appliances attached to Daniel’s body stopped operating. He reached down and disconnected the penis extension, with its lining of tiny latex tentacles first, sliding it away from Daniel’s glans. He tipped it on its end and three quarters of glass of pre-cum and semen trickled out, thin and watery, to join the massive puddle on the floor. Daniel’s glans was a deep bruised purple colour, and the sensitive skin of his fraenulum and the inside of his peeled back foreskin was a livid red from 12 hours of continuous teasing. It would be weeks before he could touch his cock for pleasure again.

Next, Chris slipped the metal tube off that encased the main shaft of Daniel’s cock. The boy was still so hard that his prick sprang up against the puppy’s belly once it was freed from its sheath.

“His dick looks like the surface of a golf ball,” one of the spectators said.

He was right; the pale length of Daniel’s penis was covered with hundreds of small indentations from the latex massage beads.

Chris smiled.

“Let’s check how his balls are looking.”

He undid the volleyball-sized metal scrotum. It came away with a hiss as the vacuum pressure was released. Chris pulled it down away from Daniel’s body and within, the boy’s scrotum plopped free from its now snug confinement. Over the past 12 hours, his scrotum had been slowly inflated to match the diameter of its metal prison.

“Jesus Christ, that’s a fucking big bag,” someone said. “How big are his nuts?”

Chris grabbed Daniel’s sack to show the audience. The kid’s nuts were each the size of grapefruits and his formerly pale cream coloured scrotum was now a deep crimson colour.

“Damn, how did you do that?” the questioner asked.

“It’s the vacuum,” Chris explained. “Over 12 hours, it doesn’t just stretch his bag, the internal pressure makes his nuts swell. They’re full of water from his body.”

“Wow, THAT is impressive technology right there,” the man said. “How long does it last?”

“Hmmm, well normally anywhere from a few days to two weeks.”

Dan’s cock was starting to wilt. Chris pulled apart the two rubber plates surrounding the teenager’s scrotum and the boy’s genitals flopped heavily down beneath the puppy’s painted metal belly.

Chris moved to the front of the metal puppy and pulled its hinged snout forwards. Inside, Daniel looked at him through heavy lidded eyes like a man who had been drugged. His skin was sheathed in sweat.

“You alright in there Dan?”

Daniel blinked in slow motion and moaned softly. Although the mouthpiece was no longer in his mouth, his voice was little different to a soft puppy whimper.

“Let’s get these out,” Chris said pulling the nose pieces out of the boy’s nostrils.

He moved back to the rear of the puppy. The butt plug had returned to its original smaller diameter. Chris removed the rump panel and the butt plug slid easily from Daniel’s hole. He looked inside and a hole an inch wide showed him the inside of Daniels rectum.

“Excellent. You’ll want to be careful for the next few days. You might have trouble controlling your bowels,” he warned.

Daniel heard what Chris was saying but the words didn’t really register. He was mentally and physically shattered, and now his brain was wrapped in a thick cotton wool fog that made it hard to think properly.

Chris gestured to his assistants, and they removed the top of the metal puppy. Daniel was tightly restrained, still completely at their mercy, but with his now completely flaccid genitals dangling beneath for all to see.

Chris removed the straps holding Daniel’s head in place, but the kid barely moved once released. As Chris started to remove the noise cancelling collar from Daniel’s neck, his assistants undid the straps around the boy’s legs. Once they were removed, they lowered Daniel’s feet to the floor and he finally found his full voice again. He bellowed in agony as his previously confined joints regained their full movement and blood flow. It felt like a mixture between the worst cramp and when your fingers have been freezing for a long time and you go back into the warm. Daniel lifted his head and squirmed against the pain, the sharpness of it finally rousing him from his torpor. But he was still constrained by straps at his chest and waist, and he was weak from 12 hours of constant edging, interspersed by epic milkings.

“That will go away in a minute or so,” Chris informed him in a calm, low voice.

Daniel gritted his teeth and tried to limit his pained outbursts to quieter guttural groans through his gritted teeth.

The assistants removed the remaining straps holding Daniel in place, and he struggled to stand, but he was too weak from such long confinement. Even if he’d been fresh, the position, with his arms and legs inside the metal puppy limbs was too awkward to stand from. He allowed the two men to lift him from the metal puppy. His genitals slid free as they lifted him, and placed him in a soft vinyl-covered chair. Daniel reclined, exhausted and breathing heavily, his legs immodestly wide apart. He was too tired to care about modesty now. His head drooped to his chest and he looked down at his groin. His scrotum was enormous – like a half deflated volleyball resting between his thighs, and his flaccid cock looked a good inch or two longer than he’d ever seen it before, and much thicker. It’s helmet reminded him of a plum, both in size and colour. His cock flopped over his scrotum, droopy and utterly lifeless, foreskin still retracted. It put Daniel in mind of a dead snake. If he wasn’t so utterly exhausted, the thought might have put a smile on his face.

Chris said, “I think Daniel needs some time to recover. Steven some water please.”

One of the assistants walked to a mini-bar near the poker table and poured a glass of water from a glass jug, then returned to Daniel with it. The boy was too exhausted to lift his arms, so Steven lifted the glass to his lips. Daniel sipped at the cool water gratefully, gradually regaining strength. After a few minutes he reached up and took the glass from Steven.

“Thanks,” he said, his voice hoarse.

Chris said, “We’ll give you a bit longer to regain your strength. Steven would you attend to him please.”

Steven nodded, and Chris and the others returned to their card game.


25 minutes later Steven called to Chris.

“Chris, I think he’s ready to go now.”

Chris left his card game, watched by his guests, and walked over to Daniel. The boy was sitting up and wiping his face and body with a towel, and although he still looked extremely tired, he looked capable of conducting a conversation.

Chris handed the boy his clothes.

“You can get dressed now.”

Daniel took his clothes and started to dress. The first thing he put on was his white underpants. As he pulled them up, he became aware that his massive testicles and tender red scrotum were not going to fit comfortably any more. He pulled the front of his underpants away from his body, gingerly allowing his immense bull balls to fall into the crotch as he raised them around his waist, then even more carefully, he reached inside and adjusted his massive testicles so that they rested evenly on each side. To his surprise, they were not soft and malleable as he would have expected. In his mind, they should have been like two water-filled balloons, but in both size and consistency, they felt like his half tensed biceps.

Daniel put on his t-shirt then leaned down to pull on his socks. He was unaccustomed to having such massive testicles and he grunted in pain and surprise as he squished his nuts into his crotch. He adjusted himself, lifting his nuts out of the crack of his crotch, then continued dressing.

With his socks on, he picked up his trousers. When Chris had told him how to dress, he had thought that it was strange that he was ordered to jogging pants. He had assumed that it was to do with the position he was auditioning for, but now, Daniel viewed them in a whole new light, and he was grateful for Chris’s forethought.

He looked up at Chris, and Chris was watching him with amusement. Ironically, Daniel had a puppy dog expression on his face now. Half sad, half quizzical; hangdog eyes beneath a mop of black hair. Chris nodded.

Daniel pulled on the joggers and using both hands, he lifted the huge mass of his nuts into the basket of the pants. The front of his pants was bulging in a comical parody of large genitals, as though he had a pillow stuffed down the front.

All that remained was to pull his sneakers on and put on his jacket. He leaned forwards slowly to put his sneakers on, and his immense bulge literally impeded his ability to bend. He opened his legs wide, and leaned forwards again to put on his sneakers.

It was the fastest tie in sneaker history, and when he sat up again, his eyes were watery and his face was sheathed in beads of sweat. He reclined in the chair with a comically large gasp of relief, lifting his hips right off the chair as though straightening his body would bring additional relief. The audience laughed loudly at his behaviour. He was unwilling to bend at the waist anymore so he lifted himself from the chair like a pregnant woman rising to her feet, supporting his weight on the arm rests, and lifting his body as high as possible before standing.

Once he was up, his nuts threatened to pull both his underwear and his joggers down. He held his nuts to support them, and awkwardly pulled on his thin cotton jacket.

“Congratulations Daniel, you’ve passed. You’re exactly the kind of boy that we want. You start on the 27th. And make sure you’re completely smooth down there.”

Chris handed him a wad of notes. One thousand dollars as promised. Daniel accepted the money, and stuffed into his inside pocket.

“Steven, would you drive Daniel home please?”

Steven nodded then walked slowly towards the door. Daniel walked carefully, like a man with elephantitis of the scrotum. The other people in the room laughed loudly.

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