Puppies 1 – Audition

A young man undergoes an audition that’s more erotic than he could ever have imagined.

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Puppies 1 – Audition

Daniel stood in his white underpants feeling self-conscious and silly. His slim body, washboard abs and swimmer’s physique were the reason he was here now. He looked down at the object in front of him standing in a pool of light in the mostly-darkened room. It looked like a large robotic puppy with strangely thick back legs. The outside was painted white with blotchy patches in brown and tan like a beagle puppy.

Chris looked at Daniel with amusement, then reached down and lifted the entire back off the puppy. The back legs were bisected along their vertical axes, and the backs came away with the upper half of the dog. Daniel could see that it was hollow inside and made of metal, and there were multiple canvas straps inside. Chris continued adjusting the metal dog. The face was hinged on the lower part of the snout, and he folded the face downwards. Daniel was surprised to see some complicated pipes and wires attached to the inside of the face mask and there was another strap.

“Get in,” Chris instructed.

Daniel frowned, uncertain how to comply.

“Kneel at the back and lay down on your stomach,” Chris clarified.

Daniel looked down at the rear legs. There were soft pads at ground level inside the paws. He knelt on the pads with his thighs pressing against the inside of the legs, then leaned forwards and lay down on the inside of the puppy’s stomach. The metal was cool against his bare skin, and Daniel was grateful that he was doing this in the summer. He turned his head and looked over his shoulder at Chris.

“Like this?”

“Yes, that’s spot on,” Chris confirmed, but put your arms inside the front legs.”

Daniel did as he was told. Although his arms were not secured, with them inside the smooth legs the posture was one that would make it awkward to stand from unaided.

Chris pressed a small adhesive patch to the base of Daniel’s spine. It had electrical contacts on the side touching Daniel and wires leading outside the puppy.

“Rest your chin on the jaw.”

Daniel looked to the front and did as he was told. With his chin on the puppy’s jaw, his body he was stretched out and he was forced to look straight ahead.

Chris nodded to two assistants who were standing nearby with smirks on their faces. They moved in and wrapped the straps around Daniel, securing him to the metal puppy. One strap wrapped around his waist, one around his back at chest height, and the third around his neck.

Daniel felt a rush of panic. All he could move was his legs, and it was doubtful he could do anything meaningful with them.

“You’re not going to need these,” Chris said gripping the sides of Daniel’s briefs. With that he pulled them down to the ground.

Daniel’s penis was pulled down between his legs by the departing underwear. The top of it was cold against the metal, but he was more concerned by his total nudity. He was glad that he was in the puppy now. His nudity seemed less revealing. He was only too aware that he was being watched by a group of people sitting in the dark at a nearby table.

“Knees up,” Chris said, and as Daniel lifted his knees from the floor, Chris pulled the boy’s underwear off completely. “Okay, you can kneel down again now.”

The two assistants moved in behind Daniel and lifted his lower legs, folding them at the knee until his heels were pressing against his bottom.

“Relax or you’ll get cramp,” one of them cautioned.

Daniel obeyed and they pulled straps from the top of each of the rear puppy legs and secured his feet in place. Daniel was glad that the padding beneath his knees was so thick.

Chris moved to the front of the puppy, crouched down and lifted the puppy mask towards Daniel’s face. Reaching into the snout of the mask he pulled out a pair of nose plugs attached via a Y connector to narrow-gauge corrugated rubber piping.

“Don’t panic,” he said quietly, “This won’t stop you breathing.”

Daniel frowned, unable to resist even if he’d wanted to, and Chris pressed the plugs into place in his nostrils. Daniel snorted and lifted his head in a moment of panic that was gone as quickly as it started. The snorting sound was amplified through the tubes, but his breathing was unimpeded.

“Mouth open,” Chris instructed.

Daniel was slow to comply, so Chris squeezed the fingers of his right hand together and pressed the edge of his index finger underneath Daniel’s nose applying pressure between the boy’s septum and philtrum. Daniel lifted his head in response to the discomfort, opening his mouth as he did so. As soon as he did, Chris used his left hand to insert a three-inch-wide, oval rubber pipe into Daniel’s mouth.

“I suggest you poke your tongue through the middle.”

Daniel complied with the suggestion, poking his tongue into the hole in the tube.

Chris lifted the puppy mask and it clicked into place, locking in position. It pushed the mouthpiece in deeper and held it there. The puppy had comically large, manga-like eyes made of one way glass. Daniel could see through them clearly from the inside.

“Make a noise to let me know that you can still breathe alright.”

Daniel grunted through the mouthpiece. It was connected to the front of the puppy’s mouth.

“Good. Now I just need to attach this voice changer.”

Chris wrapped a collar around Daniel’s neck. It fitted him like a scarf and had wires coming out of it. Chris adjusted its position then said, “Say something.”

Daniel tried to say, ‘What are you doing to me?’ but what came out was “Rrow, rrow, rrow,” in a high pitched puppy tone.

Everyone in the room except Daniel roared with laughter.

“Yeah that’s working fine,” Chris said, tears rolling down his cheeks. “And in case you’re wondering, it takes every sound you make and patches it through a synthesiser. A noise canceller in the collar and nose plugs stops the sound of your real voice. From now on, the only sound you can make is dog noises.”


Chris moved to the rear side of the puppy. He lifted the top piece of the metal animal, and firmly gripped the puppy’s tail and pulled it. A curved section of metal roughly a foot in diameter came away. On the inside was a rubber coated butt plug. The two assistants looked at it and grinned broadly,  knowing that it was going to be an unpleasant shock for Daniel. Chris smiled back at them, and gave them a wink as he lowered the upper half of the metal puppy onto the lower half, encasing Daniel completely inside it. He slid four catches along the sides, locking the top to the bottom. Now it was utterly impossible for Daniel to escape without help.

Chris picked up a tub of lube that had been out of sight in a box and smeared a generous portion onto the tips of his right hand. He put the tub down then reached for Daniel’s exposed buttocks. As he started to spread the cheeks of the 18 year old’s bottom with his hand, Daniel panicked and started to shout in alarm. With the pipe in his mouth, he was unintelligible.

“Rrrow rroow rrrrrrow!”

The urgency of his protestations was clear, even though the actual words were not. The assitants and several of the other people present all bellowed with laughter again. Even to Daniel, his voice sounded comical and pathetic.

Chris ignored his complaints and smeared the lube onto his hole. Daniel yowled as he felt Chris push a slick middle finger into his hole. It sounded like the shocked yelp of a small dog that had been stepped on.

Chris wiped his fingers clean on a towel then picked up the tail section.

“Open wide,” he warned Daniel.

Then he slowly pushed the tail section into place. The butt plug was not all that big – about four inches long, and only two inches wide at its widest, tapering to a one inch neck that would help to hold it in place. Daniel instinctively tensed against the unexpected anal intrusion but the plug was slick with lube and thanks to its tapered head, there was nothing that he could do to prevent the inevitable. As tightly as he tried to pucker his hole, it slowly, implacably penetrated him, until after 30 seconds of steady pressure, it passed the widest point and before Daniel could compensate for the narrower diameter, it suddenly slipped into place. He felt it filling him: not uncomfortably, but he felt the need to use the lavatory.

Chris locked the puppy rump into place with two more small sliders. Now, no matter how much he squirmed, the most that Daniel would be able to do would be to pull the plug an inch out of his hole, to its widest, most uncomfortable point. He would quickly realise that that was not a position that he wanted to remain in for long.

“I have another surprise for you Daniel.”

Daniel said nothing. He’d agreed to this initiation with no idea what it entailed, and now he had no choice about whether or not to complete the process.

Chris reached between the puppy’s spread rear legs and gripped a panel there. He pulled it away and Daniel’s genitals flopped out like luggage falling from an overhead locker, then bounced and swayed serpentine, dangling exposed for all to see. In spite of the cool metal and his apprehension, he still had a thick five inches soft, with a good-sized pair of nuts. His genitals dangled pale and smooth.

“Ahh excellent, you’re already shaved. That will save me doing it.”

Daniel wasn’t sure whether to be glad that he’d already shaved just a few days ago, thus negating the need for Chris to do the job, or humiliated that his smooth genitals were on display for all to see. Shaving was a minor kink that he enjoyed, and occasionally revealed to any girls that he fucked.

“Okay, I can’t do much with you while you’re soft.”

Chris took out a remote control and pressed a button. Daniel felt the thing in his rectum moving. A soft latex tongue emerged from the end and started stroking his prostate. It was a disturbingly pleasant experience, but it was nothing compared to how disturbed Daniel became when almost immediately his dick started hardening. Behind the mask, his eyes widened with horror.

“Well that didn’t take long,” Chris said, addressing the ten other people in the room.

Daniel’s penis rose until it was almost parallel to his belly. It was white, clean, sleek looking. It had a thick wrinkled foreskin that still covered its arrow-shaped head. It was as white and clean-looking as the rest of the boy’s cock. Chris knew that his clients would appreciate such an aesthetically pleasing cock.

He said, “Let’s get you measured up.”

He got out a one foot ruler and knelt where he could easily reach Daniel’s penis. Daniel could feel him pressing the ruler against the top of his cock.

“Six inches,” Chris said to no one in particular.

It was the least of his concerns, but Daniel wondered why Chris was giving the wrong measurement. He knew that he was a good seven and half inches.

Chris picked up a device. It was a metal tube, much thicker than Daniel’s penis. At the bottom end was a plate that fitted into the missing panel on the puppy’s belly, and in the middle was a hole with a gasket for his cock to fit through. Chris held Daniel’s penis just behind the head. Although the boy was exposed, he still flinched at the man’s touch. Chris moved his fist towards the root, drawing the kid’s foreskin back. His shiny glans was a very light pink; almost a pale as the rest of his cock.

Chris held Daniel’s penis in his hand and slipped the tube over it. Daniel could feel a delicious frisson as hundreds of small latex beads embedded in the inside of the tube and coated in lube, brushed against his penis. Chris pulled the tube all the way to the root of the boy’s cock, leaving the inch and half long glans protruding from the end. Then he pulled a loop of rubber from one side of the tube, behind the base of Daniel’s cock, and attached it to the other side of the tube, holding it in place.


Chris picked up another part: it was a flat semi-circular slab of rubber about five inches in diameter, an inch thick with a semi-circular notch a little thicker than a thumb carved out of the central edge. There was a raised rubber ring encircling the notch. There were two metal rods at opposite sides sticking up out of the rubber.

Chris lifted the rubber slab and attached it to the belly of the metal puppy using the two inch metal rods. Daniel’s balls were tight in his smooth scrotum. He felt his balls touching the rubber with apprehension. Shoving things up his ass was faggy but understandable, playing with his cock even more so, but when it came to his balls he could see no reason for Chris to touch him. He trembled with nervous apprehension.

Chris picked up an identical piece to the first. The boy’s nuts were tight now. They all got like that once the tongue got to work in their assholes. Even the straightest, most homophobic guy just couldn’t stop his body from becoming incredibly turned on.

Chris cupped the boy’s nuts. They were smooth, wrinkle-free, the right quite a bit larger than the left. They formed a firm knot of tender meat clinging to the root of the boy’s cock. Chris wasn’t gay, but he had a formed a definite appreciation for the things that appealed to his clientele.

He gripped the boy’s nuts gently, digging his fingers into the boy’s scrotum to work them away from his body. He pulled at them firmly but softly, coaxing them to relax. When he had drawn them an inch down from the boy’s body, he slid his grip up to the neck of the boy’s bag, crimping it into a narrow tube of flesh, then he slipped the other rubber part into place. The two halves formed a perfect circle, with the boy’s balls protruding through the small hole in the centre. Chris locked the second pair of rods into place underneath the puppy’s belly.

The boy’s nuts protruded in a compact bulge beneath the rubber circle. Chris swatted at it with his hand to ensure that the boy’s scrotum was not trapped between the slabs. The balls bounced perkily, too tight to swing.

Chris walked to the front of the puppy carrying two objects. He wanted to show Daniel what he was about to do.

“Your balls are a bit small,” he lied, “so I wanted to give you a bigger set.”

He showed Daniel a three-quarter-spherical object. It was shaped like a scrotum but considerably larger than a grapefruit.

“While I’m at it, I thought I might as well give you a dick to be proud of.”

He showed Daniel a prosthetic penis. It was 9 inches long and as thick as the tube that already encased the first five inches of Daniel’s penis.

“You’re gonna like this bit,” Chris said. He turned the prosthesis on its side so that Daniel could see inside it. The first two inches were filled with nodules made of latex. It was like looking into the gullet of a sea anemone.

It didn’t take much imagination for Daniel to figure out how good they were going to feel against his dick. He frowned, dismayed that his body was going to betray him still further. Then he noticed a small pipe sticking out of the middle of the penis. There was no doubt where that was going to be inserted. He hoped that it wouldn’t hurt too much going in.

Chris moved back to Daniel’s side, kneeling on the other side of the audience so that they could see as he worked. He lifted the large metal scrotum, surrounding Daniel’s balls with it, and attached it to the raised rim that fully encircled the hole. Then he attached a small pipe to a valve at the rear.

Next he took the artificial cock and carefully inserted the pipe an inch into Daniel’s urethra. To Daniel’s relief, it was very soft and smooth and didn’t hurt going in. Chris moved the rest of the prosthesis up until it was surrounding Daniel’s glans. As Daniel feared, the tiny nodules felt delicious against his sensitive skin. A quarter turn locked it into place on the base tube.

Once the artificial genitals were assembled, Daniel pressed a quarter inch support rod onto the top of the prosthetic penis, and pressed the other end into a receptacle on the puppy’s belly.

He stood back to survey his work. The metal puppy stood, with licking butt plug tail, voice changer, a thick 14 inch cock pressed up against its belly and balls the size of a coconut. He smiled.

“Looks like you’re just about set.”

Daniel’s heart plummeted. He was already humiliated and incapacitated. What else could Chris have planned for him?

Chris pressed another button on his remote and Daniel got a whole new understanding of just how good his body could feel…


Suddenly half a dozen erogenous zones lit up at once. Daniel’s whole body contracted. His abdominal muscles were tight and rippled. The front of his thighs bashed against the inside of the puppy and he bit down on the rubber pipe in his mouth, letting out a grunt that was translated by the mouthpiece into a yelp. The audience laughed. Most had seen it before.

He quickly recovered from the overwhelming surprise of being stimulated in so many places at once, and he was able to isolate each of the many ways that his body was being teased.

The first thing he noticed was his asshole. As a male, it was an area of his body that had always been strictly off limits to sex play, but now he was discovering just how disturbingly pleasurable it could be. The latex tongue continued to slurp at his prostate, finding it with unerring accuracy, and licking with small strokes like a gigolo working on a client’s clit, using just enough pressure to drive Daniel wild. But what also surprised him was the neck of the plug. It started undulating as a metal ring inside the rubber moved up and down the narrow shaft.  The effect was to stimulate the sensitive nerves of his sphincter.

Daniel had always enjoyed a good shit as much as the  next guy, but it had never occurred to him that the reason was because his hole had a high density of nerve endings, making it one of his body’s primary erogenous zones. Now he was discovering why gay guys were so into anal, and it was not a discovery he was happy to make. But he couldn’t deny his body’s response. His cock got even harder. He felt like his dick-head was so swollen that he could use it to play a xylophone!

It didn’t help that his cock was being played with the expertise of a virtuoso either. The rubber beads along the inside of the lower shaft all contained iron cores, and now an electro magnet was sending pulses of current through the shaft; not to deliver a shock to his penis, but to make the small beads move. As the current pulsed, each of the dozens of soft beads, each no larger than a lentil, vibrated and readjusted, massaging the length of his shaft.

Like most teens, Daniel had quickly discovered that his shaft was not really where the fun part of his penis was. Rather, it simply provided a handle for his hand to slide up and down as he masturbated, and an extension for his glans, enabling it to reach deeper into a girl’s pussy. But now he was discovering that even though it lacked the nerve density of his glans, when massaged properly, his shaft could be used to heighten his overall arousal.

Not that he needed it. The penis extension that fitted over his glans was driving him crazy with lust. He’d tried the “knob polishing” type of masturbation once after seeing it in a porn video, but his glans was so sensitive that he’d found it unbearable. He attributed his sensitivity to the fact that he had a foreskin which protected his glans from the constant friction that he presumed cut boys experienced.

Now however, every millimetre of his glans and the soft skin behind the corona was being lightly massaged by a dome lined with latex nodules, each of which moved in tiny circles a millimetre or two in diameter. He tensed the root of his cock, gasping at the intensity of the sensation. The mask amplified the noise of his panting, and to the audience he sounded like a thirsty dog on a hot summer’s day. Daniel could hear his own breathing and he tried to quieten it down but the feeling was just too intense, and the best he could do was convert his panting into trembling gasps. That sounded even worse to him, so he gave up trying.

“You alright in there Daniel?” Chris asked. “Sounds like you’re having a good time.”

“Turn it off. Let me out,” Daniel immediately retorted, momentarily forgetting the voice changer.

“What was that Dan? Rrow rr to, reh re rooow? I’m sorry, I don’t speak dog, but I guess you were saying thank you.”

Chris smirked at his companions and they all grinned back, encouraging him.

Daniel knew it was pointless to try to reason with them when his protests only added to their amusement.

“By the way Dan. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but that new set of nuts is sucking your nuts. It’s a vacuum. We’ll give you a proper man-sized pair by the time you’re finished. Can you feel it?”

It was just one of many unaccustomed experiences, but now that Daniel focussed on his balls, he could indeed feel them swelling inside the much larger hollow of the puppy scrotum. They felt they a vast, tight balloon between his legs. Inside, his testicles hung, dangling free in space for the first time in his life, no  longer in contact with the inside of his scrotum. Two Christmas baubles inside a straining balloon. And the entire artificial scrotum was vibrating. It was a bizarre feeling. His nuts were softly rattling against each other but it was not uncomfortable. Rather, it felt as though they were being charged, forced to flood his seminal pipes ready to ejaculate. He had a feeling of expectancy in his nuts like the last seconds before an orgasm, but he just couldn’t go that last step and start squirting. Instead he simply remained on high arousal, a millisecond from orgasm but never quite crossing the line.

Then Daniel became aware of an unexpected feeling. There was pressure on his nipples. He hadn’t seen anything on the chest of the puppy as he climbed into it that suggested he would be teased there, but there was undeniable suction downwards on each nipple, and a strange intermittent tweaking feeling, almost like someone pinching them rhythmically between their finger and thumb.

The final part of the puppy’s repertoire was on his tongue; the sides of his tongue more precisely. A low current was passing into it via metal contacts in the rubber, making the whole thing tingle. When he became aware of it, Daniel tried to move his tongue to one side, but that only pressed it harder against the opposite contact. Eventually he gave up. It wasn’t unpleasant – just… weird. His mouth seemed to be watering a lot more than usual even though it was open and he was mostly nose-breathing.

Daniel’s attention leapt from place to place as different stimuli drew his attention. He’d feel a little tremor of pleasure in his hole, then the nodes on his glans would touch him just right, then his vibrating balls would jangle against each other and his focus would shift again. He found it impossible to hold his attention on any single source of pleasure for more than a few seconds before his attention jumped again. In his mind, his genitals assumed monstrous size as he imagined a scrotum the size of a volleyball and a cockhead as big as a fist. Even his hole felt massive and stretched.

He was aware that to the audience, all they could see was a static metal puppy and he was glad of it. He would have been deeply ashamed if they could see how crazed with lust he was, especially having his hole reamed.

Chris said, “I think we can assume that Daniel’s having a good time. Let’s give him for a while to heat up.”


He returned to the others and they sat and played poker around a green baize-topped table, occasionally glancing towards the metal dog. After fifteen minutes, Chris said, “Hmmm, looks like Daniel is getting really turned on now.”

Daniel had been panting and gasping continuously since the puppy had been activated, but Chris was referring to something else. He walked over and the others followed him. Bending over, he pointed to the thick, six inch streamer of crystal clear drool that was hanging from the end of the puppy’s 14 inch metal penis.

Steve, one of the spectators said, “That’s crazy. It’s such an odd thought knowing that his much smaller cock and balls are inside are making that.”

He said what everyone else was thinking. Watching a 14 artificial cock as thick as an arm drooling precum, but knowing that it was actually leaking from Daniel’s regular-sized dick inside was an odd thought, and strangely arousing, made all the more horny by the knowledge that the captive within must be feeling desperately turned on. The lifeless puppy could easily be placed in a public art exhibition, and this single clear dribble was the only visible sign that there was a real person inside it going insane with lust.

Daniel had never even produced pre-cum before. When he got horny he masturbated or if he was very lucky, he had sex. He never stayed horny long enough to produce pre-cum, and he’d certainly never been so expertly stimulated as he was now.

He squirmed and twisted inside the metal puppy, desperate to somehow alleviate the tormenting teasing. But no matter how he moved he could not withdraw his genitals from their confinement, nor dislodge the butt teasing plug that was introducing him to entirely new erotic sensations.

He panted and groaned continuously – a bitch on heat begging for a dog to scratch its itch, but never quite managing to cross the threshold to orgasm. He wouldn’t have believed that he could feel this turned on without cumming, but he was not aware that it was the electrical patch on his back that was preventing the orgasm signals from reaching his genitals. The traffic along his spinal cord was one way – from his genitals to his brain. He could feel the pleasure signals, but his brain could not get the signal back to his genitals that would trigger an orgasm. A few days of this edging would be enough to literally send the strongest man insane, reducing him to a gibbering, bawling wreck, no longer capable of rational thought.

Daniel couldn’t believe how bloated his dick head felt. It was throbbing – achingly hard, shiny as a pool ball. And his testicles, gradually swelling within a scrotum that dangled like a punch bag inside the metal globe, not quite large enough to touch the sides, but growing slowly by the minute, trembling and vibrating. His testicles were 50 percent larger than their normal size and working overtime in response to the stimulating vibration.


Chris said, “I think we’ll give him another 45 minutes to simmer. Who wants a brandy?”

Daniel heard Chris’s words and groaned in exasperation. It came out as a pitiful puppy whimpering for attention. Much as he found this initiation humiliating, his greatest concern now was to cum. He wasn’t comfortable with nudity but if Chris had said ‘Get out and jack yourself off in front of us’ he would have done it instantly, glad of the chance for relief.

The others laughed at Daniel’s response to Chris’s words, then continued playing whilst a hostess poured the brandies .


By the time Daniel had been edged continuously for a full hour, Chris walked over to him and stood behind so that his guests could see clearly. Once again he knelt, there was a puddle of pre-cum as large as a dinner plate on the red marbled industrial linoleum floor and Daniel was continuing to add to it, with a long strand of sticky liquid almost reaching the puddle  from the metal dog cock.

Chris reached beneath the metal puppy and ran his finger over one of the two small teats. It came back with a small coating of thin white fluid.

“Looks like you need milking,” he said.

Daniel misunderstood and thought that Chris was offering to let him ejaculate.

“Huhhh, huhhh, huhh, huhhh,” he whined in a high pitched voice like a two week old puppy desperate to be let out for a pee.

Chris laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to let you cum now.”

Daniel was beyond dignity or self respect. He grizzled, thankful that he was finally going to be allowed released, and his voice sounded even more pathetic converted into puppy tones. The audience joined Chris in laughter.

Chris pressed a button on his remote and several things happened: first, all of the appliances attached to Daniel went into overdrive, working faster, harder, and even more teasingly. For a moment, Daniel panicked, fearing that he was simply going to be tormented even more intensely. Then the inhibitor on his lower back disengaged, and rather than preventing an orgasm, started to trigger one. Current also tingled around his scrotum and on his prostrate.

The first few seconds of his orgasm were so violent that in spite of the fact that he was tightly secured and confined, his thrashing inside the puppy sounded like half a dozen people kicking a metal door. He yelped and then roared as he was finally granted release, and he experienced the most powerful orgasm of his life. However, because the diameter of the puppy’s “urethra” was more than twice as large as Daniel’s own, his semen simply dribbled from the end of the metal cock. One second the audience could hear him thrashing, then a couple of seconds later a rivulet of creamy cum started to pour from the puppy’s cock. And throughout it, the puppy stood perfectly still.

“All that noise, then it just dribbles out of his cock like that,” someone said.

“Yeah, but look how big that cock is,” someone else pointed out. “I doubt if you could squirt very far if you were wearing that either.”

The audience watched mesmerised. What Daniel seemed to lack in explosive power, he was making up for in volume. Chris left him on “ejaculate” for a full minute and Daniel continued to deliver for almost 40 seconds, a slow motion torrent that dumped half a cupful of white juice onto the floor.

“Jesus fucking Christ, look how much he’s cum. When’s he going to stop?” someone asked.

“Whenever I like,” Chris said, waving the remote.

He turned Daniel off.

“That’s a minute.”

There was a huge puddle on the floor, slowly spreading.

Daniel was snorting through the nosepiece and whining. The nosepiece amplified the sound.

“It’s like that Roman torture,” someone said, “where they used to cook people inside a metal bull.”

“Very good,” Chris acknowledged. “That’s where I got the idea. It was in the movie ‘The immortals’. Daniel is the fifteenth boy to use it.”

He patted the puppy’s metal rump.

“Well done Dan. That was impressive. You just have 11 more to go then you’ll be done.”

Daniel whined at the thought of going through that 11 more times but this time he didn’t need the voice changer to give him a high pitched voice.

“I think we’ll increase the size of your hole a bit too while we’re at it.”

He typed some numbers into the remote and the plug in Daniel’s rear started to increase in diameter at an imperceptible rate.

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