Parasite 3 part 1 – Incubators

Four boys are captured by giant bugs who use their bodies in new and unsettling ways.

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Parasite 3 part 1 – Incubators

Arizona.  The sound of small two stroke motorcycle engines grew in the hot desert air, and four bikes rapidly expanded from specks on the horizon as their riders approached the mesa walls. The lead rider suddenly slammed his bike onto its side, and skidded across the dusty floor. He and his bike stopped just short of a large sinkhole that wasn’t there the day before.

Two hours later, the four riders returned. This time, in their backpacks, in addition to emergency tools, food and water, they carried flashlights, batteries and a rope.

They left their helmets with their bikes, and clambered carefully down into the sinkhole, but they were disappointed to discover that, although the bottom was in dark shadow, it was barely 40 feet deep. They looked around, curious as to the cause of the hole, and Ryan spotted an opening on one side of the hole.

“Hey guys look; a tunnel.”

This far under the sand, the ground was made of hard packed mud.

The others looked where he pointed, then they walked over to investigate. Lucas shone his torch down the tunnel: it continued for some distance before sloping downwards out of sight. The boys walked into the tunnel without needing to stoop, following it for a few hundred feet. It opened into chamber with multiple tunnels leading off it.

“Man, this is so weird,” Ryan said.

“Yeah,” Brandon agreed. “What do you think dug all these tunnels out?”

“I dunno, but I don’t see how it can be natural, with all these branches.”

“I don’t like it. I think we should go back.”

“Don’t be a pussy Austin. So long as we’re careful, we should be okay.”

Austin was as cautious as his brother Brandon was reckless. A good deal of Brandon’s behaviour was bravado, playing up for his kid brother, but there was still a distinct difference between their willingness to take risks.

Ryan said, “Let’s mark the tunnel we came in so we don’t get lost on the way out.”

He took out a screwdriver from his pack and gouged a circle into the dirt wall next to the tunnel they’d just exited.

“Which one shall we go down?” he asked.

Ever the leader, Brandon said, “Let’s keep on going straight.”

There was no reason to disagree. There was nothing to commend any of the tunnels over any other. The teenagers continued down the tunnel, and as they walked, they noticed that other tunnels joined their tunnel at an angle. Facing the opposite direction, the pattern was like branches of a tree, and they were heading down the trunk towards the roots.

There was a strange rustling noise behind them.

“What’s that?” Lucas said.

They stopped moving and listened. The noise was getting louder, moving towards them. It sounded like someone rubbing his hands together loudly, but there was also another noise mixed in with it; a kind of scratching sound like a dog’s claws on concrete as it tried to run.

“I don’t know but whatever it is, I don’t like it. Let’s hide.”

They stepped into side tunnel moving back a few yards. The noise got louder and louder.

“Turn your flashlights off!” Brandon said.

Everyone complied, except him. He put his hand over the lens.

“What are you doing?!” his brother asked.

“We’ve got to see what it is. We can’t stand here in the dark.”

Something large and dark skittered past the opening without stopping.

“Oh shit, what was that?” Ryan asked.

“I don’t know but it was big,” Lucas answered.

“Let’s get out of here,” Brandon said, and nobody disagreed.

They moved back into the main tunnel, and headed back where they’d come, but they barely got a dozen paces before they heard the noise ahead of them.

Suddenly ahead was an insect. A huge dark insect that stood over four feet tall.

“Oh shit!” Ryan said.

The boys skidded to a stop.

“Run!” Brandon said.

They started racing in the opposite direction, their flashlights bouncing wildly off the walls ahead.

Lucas was bringing up the rear.

“It’s following us!” he screamed, terrified.

The sound got louder, as more insects were drawn to the noise from side passages. Suddenly the boys emerged into another chamber, and the insect hurtled in behind them. Their way ahead was blocked by more insects, some much larger than the first. More insects poured in from the tunnel that they had come from. The boys huddled in a circle, back to back, but before anyone could offer a plan, the insects jumped onto them, knocking them to the ground with their weight. Austin dropped his torch, as one of the insects landed on his chest. He held up his hands to ward the creature away from his face, but he saw its tail curling between them. It stabbed him in the stomach with its venomous tip and in moments, he was paralysed. He could hear his friends screaming. Even his brother, four years older than him at 19, was screaming in terror. That scared him the most. And then silence. Or at least, silent of human voices…


The boys lay paralysed on the floor. Lucas was on his back, staring up at the chamber roof. The bugs continued to move around them, and Lucas realised that they were tearing at his clothes with their razor sharp mandibles. Soon, all four boys were completely naked.

Austin felt himself being lifted in the mandibles of one of the creatures. He expected that they would start to tear at him as they had his clothes, but the creature was surprisingly gentle. He was carried along a long series of pitch black tunnels, and he wondered what the insects had planned for him. In his experience of nature programs, any time a colony of creatures captured another, the victim ended up being eaten. Lucas was terrified beyond reasonable thought. He felt himself urinating as he was carried.

He gradually detected light ahead, and he hoped it was daylight. If he was going to die, he didn’t want to do it underground. The light grew brighter, but instead of daylight, the bugs emerged into a huge cavern, with glowing blue bioluminescent walls.

In the middle of the chamber, was a giant queen bug, some thirty feet tall.  She looked like a giant leather back bug, but she had a distended, almost transparent belly.

The worker bugs deposited the boys in front of her, then waited attentively nearby. Austin could see the queen dragging Brandon towards her by his legs. His eyes were open, and Austin presumed that his brother was wide awake and aware, just as he was. The queen spread the boy’s legs apart, and forced them over his head, exposing his anus. Then, she extended a slimy ovipositor over two yards long, and forced it into his rectum. Austin could see as six objects the size of billiard balls passed along the ovipositor, and into his brother.

When she had delivered her eggs into Brandon’s bowels, the queen extended a different organ. This one had a slender spike on the end. She drew it up behind the teenager’s scrotum, and slowly punctured it, injecting the boy’s sack with something.

When she was finished, she withdrew her spike and dark brown ichor oozed from the half inch hole. She turned to Lucas and repeated the procedure, whilst a drone carried Brandon away.

After she had finished with Lucas, it was Austin’s turn. To his surprise, it didn’t hurt as the slimy ovipositor entered his butthole, but as the eggs were passed into him, his eyes watered. They were soft, but it still felt like some was ripping his hole open. He felt a horrible sense of bloated fullness as the last of them was deposited.

And then he had the ball spike to look forwards to. To his surprise, it didn’t actually puncture his balls, instead, it just filled his sac with warm ooze. He wondered what the purpose was.

He could feel a warm tingling feeling on his balls as he was carried away, and the familiar sensation of his dick hardening.

He thought to himself, “What the fuck?! Now! Of all places!”

But his dick wasn’t interested in reason. It just got harder and harder. It was throbbing. Achingly hard.

He was carried into an adjacent chamber, where Lucas and Brandon had already been deposited. It was no larger than his living room at home – a rough circle perhaps 20 feet in diameter. Water trickled down one wall, and there was the same blue glow. Austin realised it was coming from a kind of fungus that was growing plentifully near the water.

The bug lowered him onto his back, where he lay, looking up, his head facing the roof.  A few minutes later, Ryan was also delivered to the chamber, then the bug that had delivered him, withdrew from the chamber leaving them in silence.

Although he was terrified, Austin’s breathing was infuriatingly even. Somehow the venom from the giant bug had severed his conscious control over his body, without affecting his autonomic systems. He couldn’t hear the others breathing and he wondered if they were alive. He could just make out Lucas’s body in his peripheral vision, but he couldn’t make out if his friend was breathing or not. Then he noticed that there was something sticking out in front of the boy’s body. It was his dick. Lucas was as hard as he was! If he could have moved, Austin would have sniggered, in spite of the seriousness of their situation. Instead, all he could do was lay there, with his dick standing up like a sundial, awaiting his fate.

At some point Austin fell asleep, and when he awoke, he was still paralysed. He was aware that Ryan was up and moving around. He was leaning over Brandon shaking him. Brandon didn’t respond. Ryan put his ear to Brandon’s mouth. At least he was breathing.

“Brandon, can you hear me? If you can, you’ve got to get up!” Ryan whispered urgently.

Brandon remained unresponsive, so Ryan came over to Austin and tried to rouse him. Austin could hear and feel everything that Ryan was doing and saying; he just couldn’t show it.

Ryan moved on to Lucas, with equally little response, before sitting on the ground with his head in his hands.


Austin was unsure how long he continued to lay there – it seemed  like hours – when Lucas started  to move; slowly at first. He started to sit up, and as soon as he did, Ryan noticed and came over to help him.

“What time is? How are the others?” Lucas whispered.

“I don’t know. I fell asleep, and it feels like I’ve been waiting for you to wake up for hours.”

“I wasn’t asleep. I just couldn’t move.”

“Yeah. Me neither.”

They looked at Austin and his brother.

“I wonder how much longer they’re going to be out for.”

Brandon was already starting to move his toes. Ryan scooted over to him.

“Hey Brandon, you’re alright. We’re all still alive.”

Brandon spoke slowly, just regaining his muscle control.

“How’s my brother?”

“He’s still not moving, but he’s breathing, and…”

“And what?!” Brandon demanded.

“Well, he’s got a boner, so I guess he’s alright.”

Brandon sniggered.

“He always does, so what else is new?!”


Brandon took about ten minutes to regain full movement, and it was a further two hours before Austin regained his faculties fully. Meanwhile, Brandon took control of the situation.

“Has anyone checked if there’s a way out?” he asked.

Ryan shook his head.

“Nope. I didn’t want to run into any more of those bugs, especially on my own, and without a flashlight, I thought it would be suicide sneaking around the tunnels.”

“Yeah, good point,” Brandon agreed. The last thing we need it is to get separated, or for one of us to get killed.”

He voiced a reality that none of them wanted to say out loud: the fact that they were all in mortal danger.

“Why do you think they haven’t killed us already Brandon?” Lucas asked.

“I don’t know. Usually when bugs carry animals back to their nest, I thought they eat them right away.”

“Not always,” Ryan said. “Sometimes they lay their eggs in them and then the little ones eat their way out.”

Brandon put his hand to his asshole.

“That big bug put something in my asshole. Did she…”

The other two teens nodded.

“Oh shit. We’ve got to get them out. How long do you think we’ve got?”

“I don’t know,” Ryan mused. “Days, weeks?”

Brandon felt his belly. It was bloated like he’d just eaten the biggest dinner ever. He pressed the skin, and he could just make out the shape of some of the eggs.

“I’m getting rid of these right now!” he said.

He went to the edge of the cave and squatted, ready to take a shit. He had a sense of bloated fullness, as though he was ready for one. He pushed, and could feel one of the eggs in his bowels. He squeezed, but it wouldn’t come out. He squeezed harder. He could feel it right at the lips of his hole, but it was too big. His asshole had contracted since the queen had removed her slime-coated ovipositor, and without the lubrication, there was no way he was going to force such a large orb back out of him. He strained, and he could feel his hole stretching. It was so tight that it burned. But his hole wasn’t even half as big as it needed to be. He felt into his hole with his finger, and he could feel the smooth surface of the egg. It was leathery. Brandon thought that maybe he could poke his finger through it and pull it out in pieces but he couldn’t even puncture it. He tried to relax so that his hole would spread more, like he did when he had to pass an epic turd, then he tried again, with no success. Finally he pushed as hard as he could, straining so hard that the veins on his forehead stood out.

“You’re gonna bust a blood vessel if you keep that up,” Ryan warned him.

“It’s too big,” he told the others, “I can’t get it out. I wish I’d been a faggot now, then my asshole would have no problem stretching.”

The other two boys sniggered at his joke.

“And while we’re on the subject,” Brandon said, rejoining the others, “what’s with these goddamned boners?!” He swatted at his rigid dick. The others were all still hard as nails too.

“I figured it’s the stuff that bug squirted into our balls,” Lucas said. “I can still feel it tingling.”

Ryan clutched at his own nuts, yeah me too.

Brandon examined his bag. It was swollen to twice its normal size. He palpated it, and it was tender. He lifted his testicles gingerly to see the hole where the insect had injected him. It had almost closed, but there was a little bit of brown liquid oozing from it.

“Has anyone else got sore nuts?” he asked. “Not just where that goddamned thing stabbed you but like, all over?”

The others touched their balls.

“Yeah, me,” Ryan acknowledged.

“Me too,” Lucas agreed.

“What do you think that shit is that thing  injected us with,” Brandon asked.

“I don’t have a fucking clue,” Ryan said.

Lucas shook his head.

Ryan said, “I mean, I’ve seen plenty of insects that lay their eggs in other insects – wasps and spiders and shit, and I’ve seen loads of spiders that paralyse their prey, but I never heard of anything that injected them in the nut sack!”

“I watched this TED talk on tube,” Lucas said, “it was about parasites. And there were these worms that get into shrimps, and they castrate them. Maybe it’s like that?”

“Castrating us? Hell no! It’s bad enough if we gotta die, but I’m not going out without any balls!” Brandon said. “I’m getting that shit out right now.”

He grabbed his bloated sack between his fingers, careful to avoid his testicles, and squeezed, hard, hoping to force the liquid back out of the hole it had been injected through. It was as though someone had stamped on his nuts, even though he wasn’t actually touching them. Brandon doubled over in agony.

“I wasn’t saying that was DEFINITELY the reason,” Lucas said. “It was just an idea.”

Brandon looked up from where he was groaning.

“Now you fucking tell me.”

Even though he was paralysed, Austin couldn’t help but be amused by his dumb ass brother.

“Yeah, I mean, if we’re being castrated, what’s with the hard ons?” Ryan asked.


The boys continued discussing their situation until Austin eventually regained his ability to move. Once Brandon had assured himself that his little brother was okay, they started discussing a plan of action.

Ryan said, “I think we should take some of that blue fungus for light, then try to find our way out of here.”

“Agreed. But I wish we had some kind of weapon.” Brandon added.

They looked around the chamber. The floor and walls were made of dirt. There was literally nothing that could be improvised as a weapon. Even the mud was too hard to break off.

“I guess we’ll just have to take our chances,” he said.


Each of them grabbed a handful of the blue fungus, and holding it out in front they walked forwards quietly, erect penises pointing the way like arrows. They walked into a tunnel, and as they reached the point where it rejoined the main chamber, there were three big bugs, each heavily armoured, and at least six feet tall, waiting for them. The lead soldier bug hissed at them menacingly, and advanced on them. The boys backed away. The bug advanced still further, making clicking sounds and a scissor motion with its mandibles. The boys hastily returned to their chamber. The soldier followed them a few more steps, just to ensure that they returned, then it returned to its post.


“Fuck, well that rules that out then,” Lucas said. “Now what do we do?”

“I don’t know. Maybe those guards don’t stay there all the time, and even bugs have got to sleep,” Ryan said.

“I’m thirsty,” Austin said. “I didn’t drink before we came out.”

“That was dumb,” his brother said.

“Well I brought something, but I didn’t know we were gonna get kidnapped by fucking bugs Brandon!” Austin snapped.

“Fair enough,” Brandon conceded. “I wonder how long till someone notices we’re missing. They’re gonna start searching for us eventually.”

“Yeah!” Austin agreed, “And I told dad where we were gonna be riding. As soon as they find our bikes, they’re going to know where to look.”

Lucas brightened.

“They might even be looking for us already. How long do you figure we’ve been gone?”

“Hard to tell,” Ryan said. “We were all asleep. We could have slept for days.”

“Well that explains one thing,” Brandon chipped in.

“What’s that?” Ryan asked.

Brandon gestured towards their fiercely hard erections.

“Morning wood.”

The others snickered.

“I dunno,” Austin said seriously, “mine got hard before I fell asleep. Didn’t yours?”

“Yeah,” Lucas agreed.

“Anyway, the point is,” Ryan said, “all we’ve got to do is stay alive till they find our bikes and rescue us. There’s no point doing anything stupid.”

“Good point,” Brandon agreed.


On the surface, the bugs had already collapsed the sandy desert beneath the motorcycles, and a team of worker drones was busy filling their former funnel trap so that no sign remained that it had ever existed. The hive had all it needed, and these incubators would serve them for a long time to come.

Austin dipped his finger into the water running down the wall, then put it into his mouth.

“Tastes okay,” he told the others. “I’m gonna risk it. No point of dying of dehydration.”

“Or water poisoning,” Lucas added.

“Dude do you have to be so negative. I’d sooner die of poisoning than dehydration. At least it’s quick. If we’re going to survive, we have to drink something. I’ve already got a headache.”

“You’re right man. Sorry. I’m just going out of my mind down doing nothing here, and this boner is driving me nuts.”

“Well go over there and jack it or something. I’m trying the water.”


There was actually quite a good stream of water running down the walls. Austin put his lips to it and started to drink. A couple of minutes later, he’d had his fill.

“Seems okay. No cramps, I can still see.”

The others took turns afterwards, each drinking until they’d slaked their thirst.


After they’d drunk, Brandon walked to the other side of the cave away from the others.

“What are you doing?”Austin asked.

“I’m taking your advice,” he brother replied. “My nuts are churning and this boner is driving me mad. I’m gonna beat it till it goes.”

The others laughed, and he sat on the dirt floor and started to beat off. Ryan went over and joined him. Neither Lucas nor Austin were that comfortable with themselves, so they sat near the water talking, and glancing over at the others every so often. In under three minutes Ryan came, squirting a big load, and Brandon did likewise almost immediately after. They both kept jacking.

After three more ejaculations, Ryan quit.

“My dick’s getting sore. And I’m still horny.”

Brandon stopped mid stroke.

“Yeah, mine too.”

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