Tanner’s best days 2 – Upgrade

A father helps his disabled son in an unusual way.

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Tanner’s best days 2 – Upgrade

“Well, is it true?”

The young marine stood with his hands on his hips, his posture aggressive.

“I’m perfectly willing to discuss this matter with you Travis, but not if you adopt that attitude. And can you keep your voice down; I don’t want Tanner to hear.”

“It’s fucking sick! You’re making him watch gay porn. Why are you trying to make him gay?”

Brett turned his back on his son and walked from the kitchen down into the basement. He simply refused to have this discussion if there was a chance of Tanner overhearing.

Travis followed him down, furious and determined for a confrontation.

“Don’t walk out on me dad. What are you fucking doing to Tanner? Do you stay in there and jack him off too?”

In the basement, Brett turned on his son, furious.

“How DARE you fucking speak to me like that Travis! You’re only here two weeks a year, if that, and now you’re going to come here and tell me how to take care of your brother?!”

Travis opened his mouth to offer an aggressive rejoinder but Brett cut him off dead in his tracks, shoving him hard in the chest with an open hand.

“No! You shut the fuck up. You have NO IDEA what’s happening in your brother’s life. Let me fill you in some facts.”

Travis was momentarily stunned. His father had never laid a hand on him.

Brett continued.

“Tanner was horny all the time. He was having wet dreams every week, and almost every time I took him to the lavatory, he was hard. The kid was so horny it was driving him crazy and he didn’t know why. So I started showing him porn as a way for him to understand why he felt like he did, and to let him blow a little steam off. Nothing different to the way YOU watched porn when you were his age. Nothing different to the way you still do.”

Travis looked at his father still angry.

“But why are you showing him only gay porn dad? Are you trying to make him into a fag?”

“I’m not TRYING to make him anything. Unlike you, I didn’t just assume he was straight. When I started, I showed him every type, then after a month, I gave him a CHOICE about what to watch. I don’t suggest any particular type. He chose the stuff with guys in.”

“Tanner’s gay?” Travis said, softening his language now that he was starting to understand the truth.

“It fucking seems so doesn’t it? And without all that shit that happens at school, he’s fine with it. No guilt, no embarrassment, and I’d be happy for it to stay that way please.”

“So DO you jack him off?” Travis asked, still trying to insinuate wrong doing to justify his anger.

“No I don’t, but frankly, if I thought it would bring a few minutes of happiness into his sad fucking life, I’d do it for him without hesitation.”

“So what, he just watches it. Nothing else?”

“He sits in his chair naked. I leave him alone for half an hour, then I come back and clean up the mess. Are you happy now?”

Travis was starting to feel really guilty.

“How often does he, you know?”

“Cum? Every time. Sometimes a couple of times by the look of it. I don’t stay and watch, but he’s always REAL happy when I come back.”

Travis laughed.

“No not cum dad, how often do you let him watch porn?”

“Oh,” Brett grinned at the misunderstanding, “A couple of times a week. I guess he’d like to do it more, but, you know, it takes time to clean up.”

His voice softened.

“Look Travis, your brother’s condition is worsening. His hearing is going. His eyesight is going. He has no friends and no life apart from your mother and me. He may not even be ALIVE in 5 years, let alone ever having a girlfriend.” He corrected himself. “Boyfriend. This is the one thing that he enjoys. And boy does he enjoy it!”

Travis grinned at the observation. His father continued.

“Do you know he said to me the other week that watching porn was the happiest thing in his life? If I didn’t think it would ruin it for him, I’d let him watch it 24/7. Are you really going to tell me you have a problem with that? The one piece of pleasure in your brother’s life? Do you really care if he gets that watching porn? Or that he gets it watching boys instead of girls? He can’t even take a piss without someone holding his dick for him, but now here’s something that he can really enjoy in spite of the fact that he can’t even sit up without being strapped to a chair.”

Travis was feeling shitty now. His father had never been anything but supportive towards him and his brother. He should never have doubted him. And the news about the decline in his brother’s condition was devastating. He’d always known that it was not a condition with a long life expectancy, but five years?! The sudden reality of it was a sledgehammer blow.

He spun around and walked out of the basement without saying another word. A mixture of macho pridefulness and emotion prevented him from saying he was sorry. Also, he wanted to get out before his father saw the tears in his eyes.



A few days later, Travis cornered his father in the kitchen and handed him a bag.

“What’s this?”

Their relationship has been simmering the past few days. Travis was not a person who found it easy to apologise.

“It’s for Tanner.”

Brett reached into the bag and pulled out two boxes, both were plain white. He wrinkled his forehead, curious now.

Travis said, “I was thinking about Tanner just sitting there waiting to cum. I mean, it’s better than never cumming at all, but it’s still kind of frustrating.”

Brett opened one of the boxes. It contained a vibrating massage wand with a sheath designed to wrap around the head of a penis. Brett grinned from ear to ear, then laughed from his belly. He reached out and grabbed his son’s head, pulling their foreheads close.

“It’s a fantastic gift. I think I can say with absolute, 1000% certainty that your brother will love it.”

“I’m so sorry dad. I should never have gone off on you like that without checking the details first.”

“No, you shouldn’t. But I can understand why you did. I hope that you can learn something from this?”

“I already did. I learned that Tanner is a horny little fucker!”

He grinned.

“You don’t know the half of it. You don’t have to clean up after him!”

“Awwwwwwww daaad! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

All of the tension from the past few days evaporated.

“So how do I use this? Have you ever used one?”

“Weeell, there was this one time in a massage place in Thailand…”

Brett was seeing his eldest son in a new light. He was adventurous, worldly.

“Go onnnn.”

Travis coloured now, embarrassed in front of his father.

“Well, long story short, you put that ring over his helmet and it vibrates. It feels incredible.”

Brett reached into the bag and took out the second smaller box. He frowned.

“Why two?”

“The ring goes over his dick. The other one rests against his nuts. It vibrates. It’ll drive him wild I promise.”

Brett realised that his eldest son was a lot more sexually adventurous than he would have imagined.

“I think that this is going to change his life. You may have just bought your little brother the best gift he will ever receive. But I think you’re going to have to show me how to put it on him.”

“Dad, seriously?”



“Hey Bub, Travis has got a really nice surprise for you.”

Tanner was sitting on his bed naked, supported by his father as the man pulled his pajama top on.

“He bought you a present to make this feel even nicer. It goes onto your willy and vibrates. Travis said it will feel really exciting.”

For some reason, they continued to use the euphemism.

“Yeah Tan, it’s gonna make you real horny!”

“H… horny?” Tanner asked.

“Excited. It’s a better word for excited,” Travis explained. “It’s what we use in the marines.”

The mere thought of something even better was enough to turn Tanner on. His penis quickly rose in his lap until was facing his chin. His father looked down at it.

“It only points that high when he’s really excited. I guess you like the idea huh Bub?”

“Yyyeah,” Tanner responded grinning lopsidedly.

His father lifted him into the wheelchair and secured him in place.

“Over to you,” he said, addressing Travis.

Travis had had his share of times taking his brother to urinate. He’d even wiped his bottom a few times, but this was much more intimate. Travis overcame his reluctance touch his brother’s erection by reminding himself that he was doing it because he loved the kid. He was like a doctor, nothing more.

He knelt in front of Tanner and slid the ring along his brother’s cock.

“Wow Tanner, you’ve got a big dick. It’s grown a lot since I last saw it.”

Tanner was too sheltered to know that a large penis was admired but he felt oddly proud of his brother’s approval.

Travis pulled his brother’s large nuts forwards in their loose sack, resting them against the towel, then positioned the head of the first wand so that it was on top of them both, then he ran the power cable across his brother’s leg, and plugged it into the extension block that sat on the floor to the side of the wheelchair.

He took the second wand out of its box and connected the transparent rubber sheath to its head.

“You gotta lube it up or it will be like sandpaper on his dickhead.”

For some reason, Brett mentally tensed against his son’s crude language. He instinctively wanted to protect Tanner’s innocence, as though his physical dependence meant he should be babied for the rest of his life. He realised the incongruity of wanting to protect his son from words such as “dick” and “horny” when the boy was 16 years old. He put it aside to contemplate and maybe discuss with his wife later.

He watched as Travis smeared lube on the inside of the sheath. It was covered in tiny nipples designed to provide erotic pressure points. Travis reached between his brother’s legs for the second time, and gripped the shaft of the boy’s thick penis in his left hand. With his right, he slid the sleeve over the head of Tanner’s glans. Tanner gasped as he felt it slide over him. Travis looked up at his little brother’s face.

“You okay TanTan?” he asked, using his childhood pet name.

“Yah. Sen… sensitive.”

“Yeah,” Travis agreed, “it sure is.”

He positioned the wand so that it sat in the crook of the boy’s thigh, then he lead the cable up across his brother’s hip, out the back of the chair and down into the socket.

“All set?” Brett asked.

Travis nodded.

“Hey Bub, look we’re going to stay this time, just the first time, to make sure everything works right, okay?”

Having grown up completely dependent upon his family for every bodily function, Tanner had never developed a sense of self-consciousness about his body. Even his regular public erections during baths and at other times ensured that he did not see them as anything to be ashamed of, and his parents had always carefully avoided shaming him for something he could not hide, nor had any control over.

“Kay,” Tanner responded, eager to get on with it.

He’d not watched any porn for five days since his brother arrived home on furlough.

“Okay ready then, here we go.”

Travis turned on the wand.

It started buzzing at low speed.

“It’s got different speeds Tan. I’ll turn the speed up, and you tell me what speed you like.”

He turned the dial slowly. His son said nothing until it was close to top speed. Travis grinned up at his brother, but Tanner was staring straight ahead.

“Horny little fucker” Travis thought to himself.

Then without warning, less than 20 seconds after the wand had been turned on, Tanner ejaculated hard. The boy let out a short gasp followed by a few panting breaths.

Travis looked at his brother’s face. The boy’s eyes, staring straight ahead, were wide. Surprised at the suddenness of his own ejaculation. The wand continued to vibrate, milking him

“There,” Tanner said in a soft, hoarse voice.

“I think you’re already done bro.” Travis said, as his brother’s cock stopped pumping.

“We can try again another day if you like.”

Travis turned off the wand and slipped the sheath off his brother’s penis.

“Sss… stop!” Tanner said, alarmed. “Whu… whu… why are y…  you t… taking it off?”

His stammering was worsened by his urgency. Travis looked at him kindly.

“You just squirted Tan. I think you’re finished for today.”

“Th… that was only the first whu.. one.”

Travis looked at his father who was standing behind his brother’s wheelchair. Brett was grinning. He raised his eyebrows as if to say “Told you so.” Travis shrugged.

“Okay bro, you’re the boss.”

He slipped the sheath back over the glans his brother’s still hard penis and turned it on. It resumed its high speed buzzing.

“Ok, now I’m going to turn the other one on. You’re going to feel it on your balls.”

Travis turned the vibrator on and Tanner immediately took a deep intake of breath and arched backward in the chair as fast as his restraints allowed him, his head turning upwards within its strapping. His father moved to the front of the chair so that he could see his son’s face. The teenager’s eyes were rolled back in his head, and his clawed hands were vibrating against his chest. Brett feared the boy was having a seizure. It was another side-effect of his condition.

“Bub! BUB!” he slapped the boy’s cheek lightly to draw his attention.

Tanner’s eyes rolled back down in his sockets and he looked towards his father gasping. It took a second for his eyes to focus.

“Bub are you okay?”

For a moment Tanner’s mouth opened and closed without making an articulate sound, then he said, “Feels sss… so good!”

He whimpered, writhing spastically in his chair, as his body was electrified by paroxysms of ecstasy.

“Do you want me to leave it on Bub?” Brett asked.

“YES!” his son said emphatically, without a second’s hesitation.

Travis rose from his knees, and walked behind his brother as his father pressed play on the laptop, and the gay porn show began. Tanner’s eyes fixed on the screen as his body trembled under the euphoria of his first masturbation.

Travis consciously looked away from the screen towards his father. The man was wearing a “see, told you so” expression on his face. Travis dropped his head, shaking it and grinning at his brother’s elation. Travis was happy to bring this much joy into his brother’s pitiful existence. He leaned forwards and kissed the back of his brother’s short cropped head.

“Have a good time bro,” he said.

But Tanner was already midway through his second orgasm.

Travis and his father went and sat on Tanner’s bed. As they played cards to while away the time, Travis tried shut out the sound of teen boys having sex that was emanating from the TV. Occasionally he or his father glanced over at his brother whilst Tanner experienced the best half an hour of his life.

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