A young man and his brother share an erotic breakfast ritual.

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A tap tap on the kitchen door attracted Travis’ attention. He turned from his brother to see his friend Jason peering through the glass door pane. Jason often called via the rear door rather than the front.

Travis waved his friend in.

“Hey Jay, want a coffee?”

“Sure man, thanks.”

Jason straddled a chair back to front at the end of the table.

“Hey Tanner,” he said, greeting Travis’s younger brother who was sitting shirtless at the other end of the table.

Tanner didn’t respond. He couldn’t respond.  He was sitting in a wheelchair, his head strapped upright with a band across his forehead.

“How ya doing bro?” Jason asked, as though Tanner had responded to the previous comment.

Tanner sat motionless, not even his eyes betraying any emotion. Born with a degenerative muscular disease, he’d lost the ability to communicate six months ago, just before his seventeenth birthday, and now he was totally dependent upon his brother for survival.

Jason knew that the boy’s mind was functioning just fine, trapped inside his malfunctioning body, so he continued to address him as though he was having a conversation.

“How you feeling today Tan, okay? Hey did you see  the game last night? The Lakers were really something huh?”

Travis placed a coffee in front of his friend, then returned to what he was doing. He walked over and crouched alongside his brother, picked up a spoon, loaded it with milk-soggy Weetabix and lifted it to his brother’s mouth. With the fingers of the other hand he pressed downwards gently on the boy’s chin to open Tanner’s mouth then he carefully poured the small spoonful of food inside, before lifting his brother’s jaw shut.

Jason watched with interest. He’d never been present during Tanner’s mealtime before.

“Can he swallow?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, but he needs help.”

Travis stroked his brother’s throat a few times inducing a swallow reflex. He continued stroking until his brother had swallowed three times, then he opened the boy’s mouth to make sure the food was gone.

“I guess he can’t chew then?”


“Bummer. I’d miss bacon!”

“Yeah, that’s why I put his favourite foods in the blender. It doesn’t have the texture but at least he can still enjoy the taste, eh Tan?”

He stroked his brother’s cheek with the back of his hand and gave his brother a kiss before feeding him another mouthful.

“Oh that’s cool. Better than nothing I guess.”


As Travis continued to give his brother his breakfast Jason’s brow wrinkled.

“What’s up?” Travis asked.

“That noise, can you hear it, like a vibrating, buzzing sound.”

“Oh that. It’s Tanner’s vibrators.”

“His what?!”

Jason assumed he must have misunderstood.

“You know,” Travis said, dropping his fist to his groin and mimicking a masturbation motion, “his vibrators. It was something he really enjoyed when he could still move, so I figured he’d enjoy it even more now that he can’t do so much for himself.”


Travis thought back to the time his father first introduced pornography into Tanner’s life. Just a year ago, and although it had seemed strange at first, the pleasure it brought to his ailing brother’s life was more than enough to get Travis past any squeamishness. In fact, Travis had bought the first vibrators for Tanner when the boy could still speak, and the kid just couldn’t get enough of them. It was like all Tanner’s Christmases had arrived at once and if that was the only way he could bring joy into his brother’s life, then he was happy to do it.


Jason looked at Travis as though he was joking.

“You’re kidding right?”

“Nah, not at all. He loves it don’t you Tan?”

He tousled his brother’s hair.

Jason scrutinised Travis’ face for signs that he was ribbing him, but Travis showed no signs of deception.

“So right now, while he’s eating breakfast, he’s got a vibrator on his dick?”

Jason was incredulous.

“Yup, you got it.”

“Do you mind if I…”

“I don’t suppose Tanner would mind would you Tan?”

Tanner had no way of responding but never having interacted with other teenagers he’d never developed the self-consciousness that might have caused him embarrassment.

Travis nodded at Jason and Jason dismounted his chair and walked around the table before squatting down on his haunches to take a look at Tanner’s groin. To his surprise, the teenager was naked below the waist as well as above and there was a vibrating massager attached to the side of his chair. A hummingbird attachment was fitted to the rubber head. It was made of softer transparent rubber and lined with dozens of latex nodules. The hummingbird encircled Tanner’s penis, encapsulating his glans. The head was vibrating in tiny strokes.

But what really interested Jason was below. The chair had a u-shaped cut-away at the front and rising from a motor on a shelf supported beneath the chair were two pairs of thick wire arms, and each arm terminated with a small quarter-circle rubber cup. The cups were arranged in pairs, like tongs, with each pair holding one of Tanner’s large testicles. Jason could see that each pair was moving rapidly from front to back, not so much vibrating, as violently shaking each of the boy’s testicles, moving in an inch long path from front to back. Each shaker worked in opposition to the other, so when one testicle was moved forwards, the other was moved backwards.

“What the fuck is happening to his nuts?” Jason asked.

“They’re shakers. I got them from a medical supply outlet.”

Jason frowned.

“What do they do?”

He looked at his friend and he could tell that Travis was about to give a smart assed reply.

“Apart from shaking,” Jason interjected quickly before Travis could say it.

Travis grinned, his joke pre-empted.

“They feel fucking incredible. They use them in hospitals for paralysed patients.”

“Why are they jacking off paralysed guys?”

“Same reason as me I guess. Can you imagine being constantly horny and never being able to jack off?”

“I’m constantly horny as it is!”

“Yeah, truth!” Travis agreed.

“Hey man, there’s jizz all over the floor. I think your bro already shot his load.”

Travis smiled.

“I’m sure he has. He’s been hooked up for 15 minutes.”

“Aren’t you gonna turn it off then? How long do you leave him hooked up?”

“Nah, I leave him running as long as we have breakfast. Sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes an hour.”

“You leave him in for an hour!? Dude, I’m sure he’s had enough long before that.”

“Nah, he’s a horny guy aren’t you Tan?”

Travis grinned at his brother and tousled his hair again.

The kid’s nuts were shaking like crazy, and the vibrator was working his dick head over with tantalising proficiency. Suddenly Tanner spurted. One big jet followed by two small ones. Tanner showed no sign that he felt it. He just kept staring straight ahead, his expression devoid of emotion.

“He just came again,” Jason informed him.

“He’ll keep coming as long as I leave him hooked up. When he could still talk, he used to like being jacked off for four hours at a time!”

Jason rose from his crouch and looked Tanner in the eyes.

“Four hours? Fuck, Tanner, way to go bro!”

He crouched again and looked back at Tanner’s dick. It was bigger than his own and the skin of his sack was soft and heavily wrinkled. His junk looked too old on the kid’s body. More like the dick and balls of a guy who has been screwing for 20 years. It had that world worn look.

“So how many times can he come?”

“I dunno. Never counted. Every five or ten minutes I guess. Over an hour that’s what? 6 maybe 10 times. My dad once left him all day and he was still squirting after 8 hours.”

“No fucking way. That’s insane! How can he cum that much? My nuts are done after two three tops.”

“It’s the shakers. They do something to you. They don’t just make you horny.”


Jason watched as Travis fed another mouthful of food into Tanner’s mouth.

“Dude, you feed him while he’s getting jacked off?”

Travis frowned.

“Sure, why not?”

“He’s sitting with a throbbing hard on busting a nut while you’re making him swallow his food?”

Travis shrugged.

“It was hard to find time later in the day to hook him up and he always sleeps well for a few hours after this.”

“I dunno Trav, doesn’t it seem weird to you?”

“He’s disabled. I’m trying to make the best of it for him.”

“Yeah I see that dude. I guess I just never even thought about this side of things.”


Travis fed his brother another mouthful of cereal.

“He just came again,” Jason said as Travis stroked his brother’s throat to induce the swallow reflex.

Travis grinned.

“Yeah, he’s a horny mofo aren’t ya Tan?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. That was only like 3 or 4 minutes since the last one. If he carries on at that rate, he’ll cum 20 times in an hour!”

“Oh yeah. Well, I guess if he can, he can.”


Jason contemplated for a moment, then a wry grin appeared on his face.

“So have YOU ever tried it Trav?”

Travis was unabashed.

“Course I have Jay. Had to check it out. Make sure it was okay for Tanner to use.”

“What was it like?”

“Incredible. Man, I’ve never felt so horny. I came three times. It’s like it literally shakes the cum out of your balls. You can’t stop it. I tried. No matter what I thought about or how much I concentrated.”

“How long did that take?”

“What, to cum three times? Dunno, maybe ten minutes. Less probably.”

“Do you still use it?”

“Nah, just a few times to test it.”

“Why not if it feels that good?”

“To be honest it was TOO intense. I was blowing my load so hard it was making me see stars. I loved it but I couldn’t do that all the time.”

Jason pondered a while longer.

“What if it’s too intense for your brother? How would he ask you to stop?”

“Nah it’s… He’s done four hours before.”

“But you could only manage ten minutes?”

“He’s different, aren’t you Tan. He’s crazy horny.”


Jason stood up. There was a bulge in the front of his joggers and a dark wet patch.

“Dude!” Travis said looking at his friend’s groin and grinning.

Jason looked down at himself.

“Guess I’m pretty turned on by the whole idea.”

“I guess so,” Travis said his grin broadening.

Jason went silent for five seconds. Travis looked at him, wondering at his friend’s sudden reticence.

“What up man, spit it out.”

“Hey Trav, I don’t s’pose you and Tanner would mind if I have a go some time would you?”


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