Before Dawn

A teenager is forced to give up his sperm to a stranger.

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Before dawn

Bill stared at the darkness. Although it was hidden beneath the frame of his bedroom window, the first traces of winter dawn light were creeping over the horizon. He was desperate for the dawn. Then hopefully his sublime torture would be near to its end.

He laid on his side, paralysed, knees slightly raised. His dick was hard. More than hard; it was achingly, throbbingly, painfully hard, as it had been for more hours than he could count. And his sheets and the mattress in front of his groin were soaking, drenched through with his cum. How many times had he cum during the night, 20, 30? He had not bothered to count but it felt to him as though he was squirting every five or ten minutes. How many times would that make it? He started to work it out, then he felt the constant excitement in his balls rising towards an all-too familiar orgasm. He continued to breath slowly and deeply, unable to tense against the unwanted orgasm. He felt himself squirting yet again and momentarily he felt light-headed, dizzy at the power of it. Each of the orgasms he’d experienced over this long night had affected him the same way. His eye lids fluttered as he wavered on the verge of consciousness, his senses overwhelmed by the potency of his orgasm. He felt his balls contracting powerfully and although he couldn’t see it, he was delivering a hefty load. It landed on the pale blue sheets, thick and gloopy, where it rested for a while before slowly soaking into the cotton and the mattress beneath, increasing the size of the dark patch. Bill had spunked enough into his mattress this night to seed an entire nation of women.

Yet to anyone viewing him from behind, there was no sign that the boy was experiencing the sort of orgasm that most men will never even experience once in a lifetime. His breathing remained calm. Apart from his fluttering eye lids, there was no movement. He didn’t even let out the involuntary moan that sometimes accompanied what he had thought were strong orgasms before this night.


Gradually, Bill regained his senses. He tried to count how many times he had cum, guesstimating at 20 times. How long had it been, five hours? Six? It was still dark. What time did it get light? 6am, 7? It was almost Christmas. Deep winter. That meant it would get light later – surely no later than 8am though?


The first moment Bill realised that there was something amiss in his bedroom, it was already too late. Something woke him. He’d only been in bed for an hour, since 11. He opened his eyes in the darkness. He slept facing the window and the curtains were open a few inches; enough to see shadowy outlines. But the room was slightly brighter than usual. There was another source of light behind him. A small penlight, aimed at the floor.

Bill turned to see the source but before he was half way around, a gloved hand pressed onto his mouth. He screamed into the glove, struggling now to sit up and turn fully. But the glove held a pad doused in strong smelling liquid. Bill inhaled deeply as he fought and within moments he slipped back into unconsciousness.

He awoke 10 minutes later to the feel of someone lightly slapping his face. Bizarrely, his eyes were already open.

“Come on Bill, time to wake up,” a male voice whispered.

There was a small flashlight shining into his eyes. Bill could vaguely make out a shadowy figured crouched in front of him now, holding the light. He tried to focus but the intense white LED light was all-but blinding him.

“Thattaboy Bill. Welcome back. It’s good to finally meet you in person.”

Bill tried to sit up but his muscles wouldn’t respond.

“In case you’re wondering, I’ve injected you with an intramuscular paralytic. You’re quite safe, but you won’t be able to move for about 24 hours. Don’t worry, it won’t affect your heart or any other vital organs. And to answer your second question, no, I’m not going to hurt you.”

Bill listened with dread as the man described what had been done to him.

“Bill. Billy. You don’t mind if I call you that do you? A beautiful boy like you should be careful what he shares on the internet, especially when you have a beautiful big cock like yours. What is it hard, seven inches? Eight? Not to worry, I can measure it soon enough.”


The man pulled the covers back from Bill’s body. Bill would have preferred a quilt – it was more fashionable, but when the outside temperatures plummeted and the snow was on the ground during the long Montana winters, it was nice to have the all-round seal of tucked in sheets and blankets.

The house was pleasantly warm, but Bill was wearing towelling pajama bottoms with elasticated ankles. They weren’t trendy either. The style was perhaps too young for his age but he found them comforting.


The man said, “You don’t mind if I take a look in person do you? After all, you’ve already showed it to the rest of the world.”

Bill was not an exhibitionist by nature but he remembered his conversation with a boy who lived in another state. They’d been talking for a few months, when the conversation turned to sex, as it had on many other occasions. This time the conversation progressed to dick size. One thing led to another and before he knew it, he was beating off and sending photos of his dick to the other boy. Bill was not gay, but it was wildly exciting to jack off together even though they were separated by hundreds of miles. Bill came hard and over the next few months they e-turbated together most weekends.


The man rolled Bill onto his back and tugged the boy’s pajama trousers down. Bill usually wore boxer briefs, but at night he liked to dispense with the underwear so that he could be unrestricted as he slept. He’d heard that it made you infertile to sleep in underwear.

Bill had a meaty six inches even whilst flaccid. Any time his fourteen year old half brother Lucas saw Bill in his pajamas, he was in awe of the way that Bill’s cock flopped around down there. He hoped that Bill had got his dick size from their shared father, not from his mother’s side of the family. Bill was aware of his brother’s admiration and curiosity, doing nothing to hide his porn-star cock. But now he wished he’d been more discreet.


The man pointed his flashlight and looked down at Bill’s beast, languishing down between the boy’s legs. Fear had not diminished it. It was like a large floppy anaconda. He blew air quietly through his teeth in a stealth whistle of appreciation.

“Jeez, you sure won the dick lottery kid.”

Bill was not happy to accept the man’s compliment.

The man removed the leather glove from his right hand, then reached down and flopped Bill’s hefty cock back onto his belly. It fell heavily, but utterly limp, curving slightly to one side. Between Bill’s legs hung an equally impressive pair of nuts in a generous, loose scrotum. The man pulled Bill’s legs apart a little for better access, then cupped the teenager’s nuts. He played with them in their soft scrotum. They felt like two warm plums in his palm.

“I’m glad you’re smooth. Boys look better shaved top and bottom.”

The man lifted Bill’s right arm and looked at the small patch of hair in the pit. Then he gripped Bill’s face lightly in his right hand and ran his fingers and thumb down the line of Bill’s jaw.

“Nice. Have you started shaving yet?”

Overcome by Bill’s good looks, the man gripped Bill’s face once more, leaned forwards and gave the boy a slow open mouthed kiss. Bill would have recoiled if he could have, as he felt the man’s tongue inside his own mouth sliding against his own tongue. But he couldn’t even gasp against the intrusion.

Eventually the man stopped kissing him and stood up again. He grinned down at Bill.

“I could stay and enjoy you all night, but then I’d be robbing you of the real reason I came here.”

He looked down at Bill’s groin.

“Well maybe just one quick treat.”

He knelt between Bill’s legs and lifted the gargantuan meat, holding it near the root, gripping it lightly between all four fingers and thumb like a giant cigar. The upper four inches drooped down, bloodless and soft. The man pushed his grip towards the base of Bill’s penis and the soft skin drew back from the head, retracting the loose foreskin.

“What did a sixteen year old boy ever do to get a cock like this?”  the man mused aloud.

He moved his head forwards and started gently sucking on Bill’s glans as though it was a lollipop. For a minute it showed no signs of life. It was the first mouth to touch Bill’s penis and it sent a thrill straight to the root of his balls. In any other circumstances, if this had been a girl sucking him he’d have been hard in seconds. Damn, even if it had been Matt, his online friend, it would not have taken him much longer to get hard, but here, with this unknown man sucking him, his fear isolated him from his lust.

But not for long.


The man patiently sucked the boy’s penis, not being creative, just allowing the warmth and wetness of his mouth and tongue to cut through the boy’s conscious resistance to reach his libido. He felt the boy’s meat slowly thickening, like a timid child’s first time on the stage, cautious, reluctant, hesitant. But inflate it did. It took a further two minutes. At first it just grew thicker but then as more and more blood flowed to the area of interest, it started to support its own weight, lengthening as it did so.

The man stopped sucking and released Bill’s cock. It languidly flopped back onto the boy’s belly.

“All boys love being blown; even the straight ones. But you’re not really straight are you Bill? You like beating off with other boys.”

Bill screamed in his mind,

“Yes I am! I am straight. That was just spanking it. Just for fun.”

But he could say nothing.

The man took out a vinyl tape measure and ran it along the top of Bill’s penis.

“Eight inches. Whooo, nice. A boy with a tool like yours deserves to be milked properly. That’s why I’m here.”

The man took out a syringe and injected it into the side of Bill’s neck.

“That’ll make sure you stay rock hard.”

Then the man took out a small pot. He unscrewed the lid, and dipped two fingers and a thumb in. Bill watched the fingers come out, coated with something that looked like Vaseline.

“And this will make sure you feel everything. It massively increases your nerve sensitivity.”

The man reached down and smeared the greasy substance onto Bill’s glans and the upper two inches of the boy’s erection. Bill would have gasped as the warm substance touched his exposed glans if he could have.

He could already feel the injection having an effect. His balls were tingling and he could feel the pulse in his cock. He didn’t get this hard very often.

The man rolled Bill onto his side, then took out another gloop of the grease. He lifted Bill’s right leg high in the air, exposing his hole. Bill feared and correctly guessed where the man’s fingers were going. He felt them between the cheeks of his bottom, reaching for his hole. The fingers touched Bill’s anus; a place that even Bill had only touched with a layer of toilet tissue. Bill could feel the man smearing the grease there, a single finger slipping an inch inside him.

Bill was in mortal terror now, praying to a God he didn’t believe in that he was not about to be fucked.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck you Bill.”

He held up a vibrator.

“This is going in there.”

Bill was both relieved and disgusted. Nothing could be worse than feeling someone’s dick inside his butt. It was the gayest thing he could imagine. But that was more a sign of Bill’s lack of sexual imagination. He looked at the dildo. It was quite a bit smaller than his own penis. The man showed it to him, shining the flash light at it. It was pinkish brown. Disturbingly realistic. Having that thing up there would not be as bad as the real thing, but it would be a close second.

The man parted the cheeks of Bill’s bottom. The boy was surprisingly hairy for his age. Black hair carpeted his legs and rear. Bill felt the head of the dildo at his hole. He could do nothing to resist as he felt the man push against him with gradual pressure. Bill’s relaxed sphincter slowly spread and the dildo slipped inside. When it was all the way in, the man lowered Bill’s leg, moved around the bed and dragged Bill’s knees upwards until both were level with his waist, supporting and balancing the boy.

“You’ll enjoy it more that way,” he explained, as though Bill was curious about the precise minutiae of his sexual assault.

The man presented another object to Bill. It was a transparent sleeve made of soft latex. The inside was ribbed and covered with small nodules. The sleeve was attached at the side to a massage wand with a vibrating head.

“See if you can guess where this is going?”

The man slipped the head of the sexual massager over the glans of Bill’s penis. The heads came in four sizes: small, average, large and extra large. The man had brought the extra large one but it was still tight on the egg sized head of Bill’s prick.

“Jesus Christ kid, you must have been very good in another life to get a cock like this.”

Bill could feel the sleeve hugging his glans. The latex was soft enough that it felt snug but not uncomfortable. The man rested the massage unit on the bed alongside Bill’s stomach. Bill’s cock was pointing out at right angles to his body.

“Anyway, enough talk,” the man informed him. “Time to get down to business.”

He reached behind the boy and turned a dial at the base of the dildo. The head of the vibrator immediately started buzzing deep inside Bill. Bill felt a ripple of excitement in a place he never even knew existed before.

The man reached down and turned on the massager. In spite of his paralysis, Bill gave a short gasp as his body’s automatic systems reacted in response to the sudden burst of ecstatic stimulation on his glans.

“Feels good huh?” the man asked grinning at the boy’s reaction.

“Good” was a massive understatement. “Mind blowing” was a more accurate description. Bill felt a rushing, swelling, glowing sensation in his balls and an electric zap all over the head of his cock. He thought he was going to blow his load instantly. He didn’t but he did temporarily lose his mind. For a few seconds the only thing in the universe that mattered was how good his cock felt.

As his mind adapted to the ecstasy, the first thought in his head was, “Oh fuuuuck!”

Bill knew that he couldn’t endure that level of sexual excitement for long. An orgasm was inevitable, but Bill’s primary concern was that he would have a heart attack or pass out from the sheer pleasure he was experiencing.

And the worst of it was that he couldn’t do a thing to prevent it. If he was tied or chained, he could struggle against his bonds and the exertion itself would take some of his attention away from the teasing of his sensitised helmet. But the paralytic was forcing his body to remain infuriatingly relaxed in complete contrast to the sensations in his nerve endings. Bill was buzzing like a high tension wire, attuned to the harmonised vibrating in his hole and around his cock, all the while lying there calmly as though he wasn’t losing his mind with sexual excitement.

A large bead of pre-cum appeared at the eye of his cock, and swiftly transformed into a dribble and then a large drool. The man watched with satisfaction. Teenagers rarely had the self discipline to remain horny long enough to produce pre-cum, but this power stim, coupled with the sensitivity grease he had smeared the boy with earlier took the kid from nought to drooling in under a minute. He could only imagine how horny the kid was feeling right now. Then he didn’t have to imagine.

A loop of cum launched itself from the kid’s penis, splatting onto the clean sky blue sheets. It was quickly joined by another, and another, squirting five powerful gloops of cum three feet in front of him. The man shone the torch at Bill’s face. The kid’s eyes had rolled back in his head as he experienced the most intense orgasm of his life. The man continued watching, making sure that Bill was all right. Eventually, after 45 seconds, Bill’s eyes rolled back down to their normal position. Bill looked at the man, stunned at the power of the ecstasy that had just washed over him like a tsunami.

“Good huh? Don’t worry, lots more to come.”

The man took out his mobile phone and twisted the head of the torch to wide beam.

“Say cheese!”

He held the torch in his mouth, aiming at Bill, then started snapping photos, some from afar, some close, some in portrait, others landscape as though he was a professional photographer. Bill hoped that the constant flashing might attract attention but his bedroom door had no windows and the carpet was too snug to the door for light to escape beneath.

Bill watched as the man snapped dozens of photos. His cock still felt pleasant in the afterglow of his orgasm, but his body had had enough stimulation now. It wanted the massager to stop. But it didn’t. Instead it continued implacably teasing him, forcing his genitals to respond.

“You can find these on the internet too. I’m sure the world will enjoy these as much as they enjoyed watching you and that kid jacking off together!”

The man pulled the covers over Bill, lightly tucking them in.

“I have to love you and leave you now Bill. They’re nickel metal batteries in those things. They should be good for about 36 hours. I expect you’ll be able to move in less than 24, but hopefully someone in your family will discover you before then. You can keep the toys. They’ll be a reminder of the time we spent together. Happy Christmas.”

The man turned and walked stealthily towards the bedroom door and then he was gone and there was no one for Bill to appeal to for rescue.


Bill lay in the dark, the two devices buzzing silently beneath the covers; one working on his cock and the other in his hole. His excitement had not diminished and there was nothing he could do to prevent his body’s inevitable response to the expert stimulation it was receiving. He stared at the crack in the curtains, alone now. His slow, deep breathing belied the raging excitement he was experiencing beneath the bed covers. His hole was stretched; wide enough to be constantly aware of, but not so wide that it caused pain that would distract him. He could feel the buzzing in his asshole, arousing him in places he didn’t want to be aroused. The nerve endings in his sphincter had formerly been used solely as warnings not to injure himself whilst defecating, but now they were revealing a new function, whilst deep inside, his prostate was sending waves of pleasure rippling through his lower gut.

But of course, it was his penis where the real party was going on. He could feel the dimples and ribs of the latex sleeve pressing against his exceedingly engorged glans. As the sleeve vibrated, each nodule slid back and forth moving just the slightest bit, stroking and massaging the surface of his head. He was certain his cock had never been so hard before, and with the grease, the sensations were unbearably stimulating. Each point of pressure was sending zaps, almost like electric shocks, along his cock, but strangely it was in his huge balls where he seemed to feel the bolts of hyper-stimulation converging, as though his testicles formed the nexus for all the nerves in his glans.

He had nothing to do but focus on the multitude of pleasurable sensations that would have left him breathless if he’d had total control over his muscles, but instead, the covers slowly rose and fell in time with his breathing, whilst beneath his genitals were a raging torrent of lust.

In just a few minutes, he felt his sap rising again. He moved quickly from close, to squirting, and he was powerless to prevent it. He felt the rush; the vibration, then he momentarily lost his capacity for conscious thought again as his brain was overwhelmed by the euphoria that swept through him like a searing white light of rapture, briefly robbing him even of his sight.


After his eighth orgasm, Bill’s body settled into a different rhythm. Each one was followed by two or three minutes of hypersensitivity where he would have done anything simply to remove the teasing pressure from his glans. Then as that discomfort receded, a different feeling drew his focus – the pain of a cock that has been hard too long and ejaculated too many times. The root of it ached as though he had been kicked, yet despite the pain, his balls tingled with excitement as the massager kept his cock hard and drooling, eager for its next orgasm.

Remarkably, his body managed to continue producing seminal fluid to squirt, although the fluid had long since been depleted of sperm. The wet patch he was creating would never be cleaned from the mattress, and his mother would replace it in a few weeks for a new one that did not carry the stains of his night of unwanted passion.

Although he was unaware that it had happened, forced by the continuous throbbing erection, his dick had remarkably grown an extra two inches as the glans extended away from the shaft, leaving the top three inches of the shaft a livid red colour, ugly, raw-looking, much thinner, and deeply grooved. It would always grow that large in future, intimidatingly large but ugly.


The first rays of dawn slowly lightened the sky where Bill could see them. Thank fuck! How much longer till his parents would get up? 30 minutes? An hour?

Bill came again, forced to give up more of his pearly cream. His immense nuts throbbed, not simply with arousal, but from the unaccustomed exercise. Bill wanked daily; sometimes two or even three times when he was feeling particularly horny and he had the time, but now he had ejaculated nearly 40 times in one night. It was more than any testicles were designed by nature to manage, yet he couldn’t stop himself. Throughout the night he’d tried distracting himself, even thinking about lust-killers such as his aged male teacher naked or his grandpa’s funeral, but his body continued to respond in spite of his thoughts, and each time, every ten to fifteen minutes, whether he paid attention to it or not, he’d suddenly find his mind wiped of all thought for 20 seconds as his body was taken to a place of elation he had never visited before this night.


In fact, it was two hours before his parents started to rouse and a further two before they finally sent his brother in to check up on him. Almost two dozen further orgasms, soaking silent and unwanted into the cotton, adding to a wet patch that now extended almost a yard in every direction.


The day light didn’t make things better, and the sounds of his family didn’t serve as a distraction or a relief. He could hear them talking, then going downstairs for breakfast, unaware that just ten yards away, their eldest was being milked like a reluctant prize bull, having every last drop of its semen extracted.



Two days later and 300 miles away, the man hacked another chat conversation. He watched as Aaron showed his cock proudly to a girl 1000 miles away.

The man traced the boy’s IP and cross checked it with a database he had access to. He wrote down the boy’s address. His 63rd victim would be receiving a visit over the next month.

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