The game – part 2

Recap: Nathan’s uncle John invents virtual reality sex machines for the government. Upon John’s invitation, Nathan and his best friend Jackson have regularly been using one of them.

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The game – part 2

Ring ring. Ring ring.


“Hey Jackson, I’ve got awesome news.”

“Your uncle is out of town?” Jackson offered hopefully.


Ever since Nathan let Jackson use his uncle’s VR sex machine the VE-4, Jackson constantly pestered him to use it again. Any time his uncle was away, Nathan would invite Jackson to join him at his uncle’s house, and they’d enjoy the machine together.


“Better than that.”

“Better, dude, NOTHING is better than that.”

Nathan and Jackson were both straight, virgins, with all the teen horniness that implied, but even the best sex, the most skilful blowjob, the most artfully prolonged edging could not have come close to competing with the VE-4.

“Guess again. My uncle invented a new machine.”

“A new machine? What’s it do?”


“Oh yeah, dumb question. Have you tried it yet?”

“Nah, I only just found out. But my uncle’s out of town tonight. Wanna come over?”

Jackson was already hard.

“Fuck yeah!”


At 5.15, Jackson was standing on Nathan’s doorstep. They always met at Nathan’s house then rode over to his uncle’s on their mountain bikes.

“Dude, I’ve had a boner all day thinking about this,” Jackson admitted.

“Yeah me too,” Nathan said smirking. “I can’t wait to try it out.”


The teenagers rode around to Nathan’s uncle’s house, and went through the usual rituals. Nathan had to all-but force himself not to hurry his uncle along so that he and Jackson could check out the new machine. The boys watched John driving away down the quiet suburban street.

As they turned and walked back to the house, Jackson said, “Dude, I thought he was never going to leave!”

Nathan looked at his phone.

“We’ve only been here four minutes Jackson!”

Jackson gave him a sheepish grin.

“Really? It seems a lot longer.”

“Yeah I know what you mean.”


They headed to the lounge to dump their bags. Jackson was shuffling from foot to foot, buzzing with excited energy.

“Jacko would you calm down, you’re making me nervous just looking at you.”

Jackson looked at his friend, his brows furrowed into a question.

“You’re jumping around,” Nathan explained. “I’ve never seen you so excited man. If you don’t calm down you’re gonna jizz in your pants.”

Jackson smirked at his friend. Then the smirk cracked into a broad grin.

“I know, I know. I’m just so excited. I’m really looking forwards to this.”

Nathan grinned back.

“No shit. I can tell.”

Jackson gave his friend a lopsided grin.

“Can we try it now?”

“Dude we only just got here. If we use it now, it’ll all be done in an hour.”

Jackson mulled the proposition for just the briefest of moments.

“Maybe we can use it twice.” He thought more deeply. “Or even three times?” he offered optimistically.

A wide smile split Nathan’s face in two.

“Dude you crack me up sometimes! Come on then, let’s check it out.”

Jackson beamed and followed his friend down to the basement.


The VE-4 had been moved against the far wall, and there standing pride of place was the new machine, the VE-DUO. It looked similar to the VE-4 which was designed for the user to kneel inside the open cabinet. The user’s torso was angled at ninety degrees to his knees, so that he lay forwards horizontally, supported by a padded rest at the chest. His head was positioned face down and a virtual reality helmet lowered into place from the ceiling of the unit. The user’s arms were extended to the front, into a recess in the cabinet.

The VE-DUO was essentially just two such machines linked at the head end, with a single control screen between them.

Jackson looked at the machine with curiosity.

“Looks just like the other one,” he said. “Have you tried it yet?”

“Nah, it doesn’t work with just one person.”

“Weird. I wonder how the two player bit works.”

“Yeah me too.”

“Maybe it’s like an orgy?”

“I dunno. It’s not like you’re really thinking about much with the other one.”


The VE-4 induced a sensory deprivation state, where the user’s mind was wiped of the ability to sense any external stimulus, and was prevented from thinking of anything but his genitals. For the duration of the program, the user’s mind was blanked and he became nothing more than a cock and balls, straining and throbbing until he ejaculated the pre-programmed number of times.


Jackson frowned.

“Then why two players? He persisted, referring to the Duo as though it was a game.

“I dunno, let’s find out.”

“Yeah!” Jackson agreed with enthusiasm.

“Just gonna get the paper towels,” Nathan said, looking over his shoulder as he walked back through the door to his uncle’s lab. They were both shocked by the impossible amount of jizz that the VE-4 coaxed their teen bodies into giving up, so if the Duo was anything like the VE-4, there’d be a lot to wipe up after they were done.

Nathan returned a minute later and Jackson was already stripped down to just his briefs. They were basic, unbranded, with a loose elasticated waistband, and a loose pouch. They were made of soft brushed cotton. Nathan could always tell if Jackson had gymnastics that day by his briefs. He wore branded ones with a much less roomy pouch on the days that he trained.

“Eager much?” Nathan asked with a broad smile.

Jackson returned the smile with a shrug and a sheepish grin of his own.


“Okay, let’s see how this works.”

Nathan stood in front of the touch screen, and pressed the rocker switch to turn the unit on. The screen lit up. A line of text at the top of the screen said “Program parameters loaded.”

Beneath that was a large window showing a timer beneath which were the words “Enter duration.”

Nathan frowned at the screen.

“It’s a lot simpler than the other one, but it says parameters loaded. I wonder what parameters?”

He pressed the text but the screen was not programmed to accept his input at that location. He swiped his finger over the countdown digit and it rapidly increased from its reading of 00:00. Nathan swished his finger over the rest of the screen, trying to find further hotspots that would enable him to change the parameters. Nothing responded to his actions.

“Hmmm, I can’t change the parameters. I wonder what they are and how you set them?”

He looked around his uncle’s workshop. Jackson stood in his boxers watching.

“What are you doing Nath?”

“Looking for a user manual or something.”

Jackson stood waiting whilst his friend hunted around the room, but after two minutes his patience was at an end.

“Dude do you NEED a manual? You didn’t use one for the other one.”

“Yeah but that didn’t have parameters like this one does.”

“I bet it did. It just didn’t say so on the screen. Come on, let’s just try it, it’s not like it’s gonna hurt us is it?”

Nathan pondered his friend’s rhetorical question for a moment. His uncle would hardly have left the machine out if it could hurt him, at least not without a warning.

“Nah you’re right. Let’s give it a try.”


Nathan stripped down to his boxers then turned back to the screen.

“How long shall we do?”

“Let’s start with 15 minutes and see what it’s like.”

“Sounds good.”

Nathan adjusted the readout until it read 15:00 then he turned to his friend. Jackson was watching him, waiting to take down his pants, but unwilling to stand around naked despite having used the VE-4 more than a dozen times together.

“Ready?” Nathan said.

Jackson nodded.

Nathan pushed his shorts off and threw them onto a nearby workbench. Jackson pushed his pants down past his thighs then wiggled his hips in a shimmy to encourage them to fall to the floor. He stepped out of the puddled underwear, hooked his toe into the material and flicked them towards the bench where Nathan’s boxers lay. His pants passed underneath the bench and fell onto a tool box.

“Great shot Korver!” Nathan said, referencing NBA top shooter Kyle Korver.

Jackson waved his hand at the pants in a “Ahh what the fuck” gesture.

“That’s why I don’t play basketball,” he said with a smirk.


In spite of his mild bashfulness, he glanced at Nathan’s junk, holding his gaze just a few moments longer than necessary. Nathan returned the examination and Jackson resisted the urge to turn away. It was the price he paid for getting to look at his friend’s genitals. Neither boy was gay, but briefly checking each other out before they used the VE-4 had become something of a ritual that satisfied their mutual curiosity without the risk involved in scoping other guys out in the showers.

Nathan wished that his flaccid dick was five inches long like Jackson’s was, but Jackson would have given up the extra inch he had over Nathan just to have a dick that was normal thickness rather than the pencil dick nature had given him.


“Get in then,” Nathan said, and gestured towards the left hand station.

Jackson moved to the rear of the station that he had been assigned and clambered in, kneeling on two vinyl knee pads two feet off the floor.

“Something’s different. These legs are wobbly.”

He leaned forwards and lay on the chest support, then extended his hands into the deep depression  in the plastic in front of his head.

“There’s two handles, like bike grips,” he informed Nathan.

“Just grab ‘em I suppose,” Nathan said.

Jackson did as his friend suggested. The virtual reality helmet lowered from above him, surrounding his head.

A female voice spoke from a small grill above the control screen. She had a calm, sensuous voice, like the Star Trek computer.

“First user in position. Ready for second user.”

“What was that?” Jackson asked.

“Just the computer I guess. Seems like uncle John has made some upgrades. I’m getting in now.”

Nathan clambered into the second station as Jackson just had. His friend was right, the knee supports WERE wobbly. Nathan leaned forwards.

“You ready Jacko?”

“Yup, let’s roooock!” he said, repeating Vasquez’ line from the movie Aliens.

Nathan gripped the handgrips inside his station and the VR helmet lowered.

“Second user in position. Securing users,” the computer voice purred.

Something soft wrapped around Nathan’s hands, trapping them against the hand grips.

“Hey!” Jackson protested in alarm. “It just grabbed my hands.”

“Yeah mine too. Just relax.”

Further restraints emerged from beneath the waist support, wrapping around each boy’s waist, preventing him from sitting up.

“Hey what’s it doing?!” Jackson asked, yet more alarmed.

“How should I know. This is the first time I’ve tried it remember.”

“What if it’s not a sex machine?” Jackson said, panic in his voice now.

“Of course it is. That’s all my uncle builds.”

Yet more restraints emerge around each boy’s knees, pulling outwards, and holding them tightly against the side panels of the knee supports.

“This is messed up Nath. It didn’t do all this shit to us before. Stop it. I wanna find out what it does before we use it.”

“I can’t stop it,” Nathan admitted.

“Seriously? Dude, this is freaking me the fuck out.”

The knee supports moved apart on both units.


“Jeez would you calm down Jackson!”

“I’ll calm down when this thing isn’t splitting me in half.”

The legs stopped moving when each boy’s legs were open to 90 degrees.

The voice said, “Measuring user dimensions.”

A red beam of light, three feet wide started passed beneath Nathan’s body, although he couldn’t see it because the VR helmet that surrounded his head prevented him from looking around. But in his mind, he could see an image of Jackson’s body building up.

“Hey, I can see your dick,” Jackson said.

“Yeah, I can see yours too.”

For some inexplicable reason, Nathan felt his dick getting hard. He noticed that the image of Jackson was also developing an erection.

“Have you got a boner?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Jackson confirmed.

“Calibrating,” the computer purred.

“Why do I need to see your boner?” Jackson puzzled. “I hope this thing isn’t gonna make us gay!”

Then his perception of reality completely changed.

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