The game

Two boys discover a VR sex machine.

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The game

“Bye Uncle John, have a good time.”

John looked at his nephew Nathan standing in the doorway of his house, his best friend Jackson, standing behind him, light spilling from the house out onto the dark driveway. He knew his house would be in safe hands. He smiled, and waved, then turned and walked away.


Nathan closed the door and walked inside.

“What do you wanna do first? Games, movie, foosball?”

Jackson considered the choices.

“Let’s play games.”

The boys walked into the media room. Nathan’s uncle was a total geek. On one wall were thousands of Bluray discs and on the other were a similar number of video games. On the centre wall was a 60 inch TV, and beneath it was every conceivable type of gaming console, from an ancient Atari 2600, right up to the very latest Microsoft and Sony machines. The boys chose a game for the Xbox One, Nathan went and got snacks from the kitchen, and then they settled down to play.

After a couple of hours Jackson said, “Hey, let’s watch a movie.”

“I can do better than that.”

Nathan picked up the remote and flipped through the channels until a hardcore porn appeared. Jackson grinned. Without asking, he got his pajama bottoms out of his bag and put them on. They were fleecy cotton with a repeating pattern of minions from the movie Despicable Me. Childish retro was fashionable amongst teenagers.

“Good idea,” Nathan said, and put his own on. They had a simple sporting theme of footballs, hockey sticks, and baseball bats.

Jackson reclined in the comfy leather armchair to watch the porn, and Nathan sat in an adjacent chair.

A few minutes later Jackson said, “This one’s boring. Can you get anything with Asian girls in?”

Nathan flicked through the various porn channels.

“Nope, but I could find something on the Internet?”

“Sure,” Jackson agreed.

Nathan switched to a browser and navigated to Xtube. He entered “Asian girls” in the search box. Dozens of links appeared and he started working through some. He leaned back in his chair to enjoy the videos, and over the next hour, he floated on the currents of the porn site’s recommended links, drifting where they took him, occasionally directed by Jackson. He noticed that Jackson was fidgeting, and he glanced over and saw an obvious erection tenting the front of his friend’s pajamas. His friend was unconsciously rubbing at it. Nathan smiled; he had a diamond cutter in his shorts too.


Nathan said, “If you promise never to tell anyone, I can show you the horniest thing ever.”

Jackson looked over.”What?”

Nathan was unsure if his friend was asking what he had said, or what he was referring to. He repeated himself.

“I said, if you keep it to yourself, I can show you the horniest thing ever.”

“Okay. Of course I won’t tell anyone if you tell me not to.”

Nathan had been close friends with Jackson long enough to trust his word. He reached for the remote, and Jackson assumed that he was going to navigate to a new website, but instead Nathan turned the television off and stood up.

“Follow me.”

Nathan lead the way from the media room to the hall, through a door and downstairs to the basement.


Downstairs, there was a utility room containing a washer, a dryer, and a large upright freezer, but Nathan lead through that room to another. This room had fluorescent lights, and was edged with workbenches and various pieces of electronics equipment. In the middle of the room, were numerous larger pieces of equipment, none of whose purpose Jackson couldn’t even guess at.

“Man, what is all this stuff?” he asked.

“My uncle’s a scientist. He invents stuff.”

“Cool. What sort of stuff?”

“He’s never really talks about it, but I think he makes sex stuff.”

“Sex stuff?”

“Yeah, toys and stuff. But not like dildos and that sort of junk, but proper sex machines. He showed me one once.”

“Your uncle showed you his sex toys? He’s not a pedo is he?!”


“Well, I’m just saying. Getting a kid to use a sex toy is kinda weird.”

“He didn’t get me to use it. He was down here working, and I asked what he did, so he told me what it does and how it works.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s this one,” Nathan said, indicating a device in front of them.

Jackson said, “I thought that was an arcade version of one of those bikes from Tron.”

“What’s Tron?”

“Oh a shitty movie from the 60s or something. It’s about a guy who gets trapped in a computer. There’s this bit where he rides this futuristic bike that puts light walls down. This reminds me of it.”

“Oh, okay. It’s definitely like a motorbike – there’s even handles and pedals. Maybe that’s where my uncle got the idea from.”

“I hope it‘s better than the movie.”

“Oh it is.”

“You’ve tried it?”

“Sure. My uncle told me how it works, and the last time he was away on a trip I tried it out.”

He didn’t feel it necessary to tell Jackson that his uncle had invited him to try it whilst he was away.

“What was it like?”

“The best thing you’ll ever feel prob’ly.”


“Imagine the best wank ever, then times it by ten, and doesn’t even come close.”

“Damn!” Jackson said, reverently. His dick hard again.

“How does it work?”

“Well, you put on this special helmet, then you get onto it and then the helmet does something to your brain, and suddenly you’re not in the room any more, and all you can feel is this amazing feeling of horniness, and then you jizz, and it’s over.”

“Does it jack you off?”

“I don’t think so.”

“So how does it work, and what do you need the rest of it for?”

“I don’t know, maybe you feel horniest in that position, or maybe there’s something in the base that sends a ray to your dick or something, or maybe it’s just easier to clean up if you jizz on the floor. I never thought to ask. All I know is it feels fucking amazing!”

Jackson was comfortable with nudity and sex talk but being naked in front of his friend with a boner was a different kettle of fish. But this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that he was unwilling to let pass him by. He mulled over the proposition for a while, then he said, “Can we try it?”

Nathan smiled.

“Why do you think I brought you down here?”

“Are you gonna have a go?”

“Of course. I’m hardly going to just watch you a having a good time.”

“You go first.”

Nathan had expected Jackson to say that and he was more than willing.

“Damn right. You didn’t think I was gonna let you have the fun first did you?”


Nathan started to undress, whilst Jackson stood uncertain.

“Should I get undressed too?”

“Nah, no point yet. You can get undressed when it’s your turn.”

Nathan continued undressing until he was down to his plain coloured boxers.

“Be right back,” he told Jackson, and left the room. 30 seconds later he returned carrying a roll of paper kitchen towel. Jackson didn’t need to ask what it was for.


Nathan plugged the machine into the wall socket and turned it on. There was a recessed vertical LCD panel on the front. He pulled it and it slid out of its recess. With a twist, he angled the panel upwards so that he could see it. He entered some details, then bent over and picked up a helmet.

“Dude, your uncle totally ripped this off from Tron!” Jackson said.

“Not TOTALLY,” Nathan said with a smile.

Nathan pulled his boxers off. He was self conscious, but he figured if he brazened it out, it would make it easier when it was Jackson’s turn. He was flaccid. Jackson glanced at his genitals. Deliberately making light to overcome his awkwardness, Nathan raised his hands behind his head, thrust his hips out and twisted sharply side to side so that his dick slapped on the top of his thighs. Jackson laughed with him.


Nathan put the helmet on, and climbed into the machine. The shell was made of black shiny fibreglass, and was clearly designed for him to use in an elongated kneeling position. There were vinyl pads for his knees, and a vinyl support for his tummy. Nathan knelt on the pads then lay on the support. At the rear, there were two foot rests angled to the front. Nathan placed his feet on them. Before him was a pod with two arm rests. Nathan inserted his hands into two holes and rested his forearms of the vinyl supports. Inside the right hole was an activation lever.

“Once it starts, I won’t hear or see anything, so no point talking to me. I’ve set it for 15 minutes okay?”

Jackson was watching fascinated, and eager to see what he would soon be experiencing.

“Sure. Do you need me to do anything?”

“Nope, it does everything. There’s a lever inside the hand grip, you push it to start. Pull up a stool. See you in 15 minutes.”

“Have fun,” Jackson said with a dirty leer.

Nathan smirked back at him, then turned so that he was facing the front of the machine and pushed the lever. A visor dropped over his face and he went completely silent.


Jackson couldn’t tell if Nathan was with him or not but within 30 seconds, his friend’s dick started to get hard. Within a few powerful surges it was rigid. With Nathan preoccupied, Jackson took the opportunity to study his friend’s junk. He was straight, but like all teenagers, he welcomed the opportunity to compare himself to his peers. This was the first time he’d seen one of his friends with a boner. Nathan had more hair than he did. His bush was just starting to spread to the top of his already hairy legs, and he had a faint treasure trail leading up towards his navel. Nathan’s dick was 5 inches long, with a loose foreskin that had peeled halfway back to reveal a glans who’s bright red colour revealed that he masturbated too often. His balls were pulling up and nestling tight to the base of his dick, with a thick wrinkle of scrotal flesh joining the two halves.

It was clear that Nathan was having a very arousing time, but apart from the erection, there was absolutely no sign. He lay silent and completely motionless, breathing calmly. Jackson wondered if there would be more, or at least some warning sign that Nathan was about to squirt, but Nathan gave no hint at what he was experiencing. At 7 minutes, with no prelim, Nathan came hard. His penis started twitching, and the semen flowed in a torrent, almost like he was pissing himself. At first, Jackson thought Nathan WAS urinating, but as the liquid landed on the black fibreglass base, he could see that it was thick, and creamy white. He couldn’t believe that anyone could cum so much, and still his friend was making more, in a series of 3 second gushers. He carried on spurting for over 25 seconds. Jackson wondered where it was all coming from. He assumed that jizz came directly from your balls when you cum, but if that was true, Nathan shouldn’t have any balls left after the amount he’d squirted. It lay on the shiny black base in large puddles.


When Nathan stopped squirting, he returned to his former inactive demeanour. Apart from a dribble of semen hanging from his urethra, and the puddles on the base, there was no sign that anything had happened at all. It was unsettling to Jackson to see his friend ejaculate so powerfully, yet remain as lifeless as a corpse. He wondered why Nathan was still lying there after cumming. He had no idea  how much time had passed. His friend’s ejaculation was well worth it, but he wished he’d made a note of what time he had started. He had no way of knowing if it was lasting too long. Jackson activated the stopwatch on his watch so that he’d at least have a reference from this point on.


14 minutes after he had activated the machine, Nathan had a second orgasm. It was not quite as meteoric as the first, but he still added a good shot glass full of cum to his first deposit. It came in a series of short but violent eruptions that launched it from his dick like some kind of ornamental fountain. Jackson didn’t think he could come that much in a week!

After precisely 15 minutes, the visor lifted and Nathan sat up. He took off the helmet and turned to Jackson with a grin.

“That was fucking crazy!”

“I could tell,” Jackson said, glancing down at the vast puddle of jizz.

Nathan looked down at it.

“Fuuuuck! No wonder it felt so good!”

It was the first time he’d risked two ejaculations. He climbed out of the machine. His dick was still hard. He covered himself with his hands, pressing his dick up against his belly.

“Hand me that paper towel can you?”

Jackson grinned.

“Dude, why are you covering yourself up? I just saw you with a boner for 15 minutes!”

Nathan looked down at himself.

“Instinct I guess. Feels weird for another dude to see my boner.”

He forced himself to lower his hands with mock casualness. His unconstrained penis sprang out, sticking up rigidly at an angle of 45 degrees. Jackson handed him the roll of paper towel, and as Nathan reached for it, he realised his wrist was wet where his semen-tipped penis had been pressed against it. He acted as though he hadn’t seen it, but Jackson’s smirk made it clear that he knew that Nathan knew.

Nathan took the towel and cleaned his dick, surreptitiously cleaning his wrist, irrationally self conscious about it. His erection was fading and he was grateful for it. Then he wadded up half a dozen sheets and started to clean the base of the machine.

“Man, your sure came a lot Nath. Did it feel good?”

“I told you dude, it’s the best feeling ever.”

In spite of his reluctance to be seen nude, Jackson was eager for his turn.

“What does it feel like? Don’t you get bored?”

“No you definitely don’t, but it’s impossible to explain. It feels unbelievable that’s all I’m going to say. You’re going to have to find out for yourself.”

Nathan finished wiping up, and he put the wadded bundle of semen moistened paper on the workbench to dispose of later.

“Your turn.”


Jackson stripped down to his briefs. Few kids at his school wore them, but he was a gymnast, and it was not safe to practice in boxers. Boxers created ugly creases in his stirrup pants, but worse, if he was wearing shorts for a floor routine, there was a serious risk of flop out if he wore boxers. He was nervous. This was it. He stood awkwardly.

“I don’t think you want to do it in those,” Nathan said, indicating Jackson’s underpants.

Jackson grinned at him queasily, then slid his briefs down and dropped them to puddle at his feet. Nathan noted that Jackson’s flaccid, cut penis was a good inch longer than his, but was awfully skinny – a “pencil dick” as the guys in the locker room would call it. His balls didn’t look all that impressive either, cooched up tight underneath his dick, and his genitals were as pale as the skin of his belly. Even his pubic hair was a small, neat bush compared to Nathan’s.

Nathan handed Jackson the helmet, and Jackson put it on.

“Try not to have too much fun” Nathan said.

Jackson inverted the customary response.

“I will.”

He clambered into the machine, and Nathan entered some commands on the panel.

“What are you doing?” Jackson asked.

“Just resetting the program,” Nathan lied.

In fact he was increasing the program duration from 15 minutes to an hour, and the orgasm count from 2 to 7.

Jackson accepted his explanation, and lay prone as he had seen his friend do. He reached into the arm holes and he could feel the lever that Nathan had mentioned. Nathan noticed that his friend didn’t have any hair under his armpits. He wondered if he hadn’t grown any yet, or he had shaved it for some reason. He didn’t ask in case it embarrassed him.

“Just push that lever when you’re ready.”

Jackson took a deep breath and did as he had been instructed…


…And his perception of reality changed instantly.

No longer was Jackson in a basement kneeling in a strange machine. No longer was he a teenage boy. No longer was he a person with memories or hopes outside the machine. No longer was he a human being at all. Suddenly Jackson became nothing more than pure consciousness floating disembodied in the void. It wasn’t black or white or grey. It wasn’t loud or quiet. It just was. Jackson was aware of just one thing – his cock and his balls. He didn’t think OF them – he was them. His thoughts could go to no other place, even if he wanted to.


From the outside, Nathan watched with interest. He’d experienced the machine, but of course, he’d never seen anyone else use it. Jackson’s comparison between the machine and a futuristic motorcycle came to him, and now, seeing his friend laying in the device, the similarity was undeniable. Nathan smiled, amused at the thought of a naked speedway bike racer. He studied Jackson in detail, as his friend had studied him. He’d never realised before just how pale and skinny his best friend was. He wasn’t just thin; he was bony thin. Nathan could see his ribcage clearly, but it wasn’t Jackson’s ribs that Nathan was really interested in. Jackson’s slender prick hung straight down four inches. It put Nathan in mind of a piece of spaghetti fresh from the pan. He had an almost overwhelming desire to grab it by the base and give it a little shake just to make it wiggle like a tiny snake, but he resisted the urge. The second he became aware of the thought, Nathan pushed it away

“Weird,” he thought, analysing his previous impulse.

Jackson’s balls were nestled up tight behind his soft dick. They didn’t look very big to Nathan.

Suddenly Jackson’s penis started to become erect. It started to get longer, and longer, and longer. The snake analogy came back to Nathan’s mind. The head looked like a snake seeking out prey, moving stealthily away from the base of his dick. As Jackson’s penis passed the six inch mark it started to thicken slightly as well, rising from its vertical position. Jackson’s erection was slower than Nathan’s. It took 16 seconds to harden. Nathan watched with rapt fascination.

Jackson’s dick had an upwards curve that Nathan had never imagined in a penis before. Not that he had ever devoted ANY time to contemplating the appearance of the male penis, apart from casual locker room curiosity before now.

The head was narrow, smooth-contoured, arrow-shaped, and appeared designed for ease of penetration.  The rim of the glans was narrower that the diameter of the penis beneath it. The glans extended far beyond the bounds of his circumcision scar, leaving almost an inch of unhealthily white looking flesh stretched and exposed. The words “Love missile” suddenly popped into Nathan’s mind, and he snorted in amusement at the randomness of the thought, but that’s exactly what Jackson’s penis was: a pussy seeking missile, streamlined and ready to launch. Even though his friend’s dick was clearly already ramrod stiff, Nathan was amazed to see veins along its sides inflating.

Watching his friend get an erection reminded Nathan of a transformer robot, with all its complicated parts unfurling one after the other until it had transformed from something innocuous into something sleek and deadly.

In Jackson’s mind, he WAS his straining erection. He could feel his dick, but he had no thoughts APART from the feeling of his dick and the roiling of his balls. The machine had suppressed all brain activity except his vital functions and his libido. All higher brain functions; reason, memory, emotion, were gone. Jackson was monstrously hard, straining to cum, balls swollen and poised ready to explode if they were given the signal to go, but the machine was not programmed to let him go over the top so easily.

Nathan saw that clear, sticky liquid was slowly drooling from his friend’s dick head. He’d heard of precum, but because he hadn’t been particularly interested in male penises before this point, he’d never gone looking for videos or photos of it. He wondered if his dick had leaked like this? The drool was halfway to the floor. His own erection had returned, although he was not aware of it.

Jackson’s attention shifted from the shaft of his straining cock to his balls. There was pressure there. They retracted upwards and came to rest in his abdomen just above his penis, as his cremaster muscles contracted in preparation for orgasm. Nathan wondered if it was hurting.

There was a sudden heave of activity in the base of Jackson’s dick and in his anus. All were churning, throbbing, pulsing, exploding as one. He felt his consciousness passing through his balls and along his cock, and then out free, released at last, again and again and again in a surge of brain searing ecstasy.


Jackson’s dick twitched upwards, and a spray of thin cum was fired, like water from a high-pressure fire hose, the droplets immediately spreading and separating, forming smaller droplets; unable to retain their collective cohesion under the pressure of such a powerful ejaculation. The first jet flew past Jackson’s head and hit the front of the machine’s cabinet. The next six jets, fired in rapid succession, reached just as far. Nathan was stunned and delighted by the power of his friend’s orgasm. He knew how incredible Jackson must be feeling to squirt so hard. Nathan looked at the dozens of semi-opaque droplets that had hit the vertical surface of the machine. It was clear that Jackson’s jizz was MUCH more watery than his own. Nathan briefly wondered why: if it meant that Jackson was not as mature. His 7.5 inch penis said otherwise, but it WAS awfully thin.

Jackson continued fire juice into space, as though his dick was trying to fertilise everything in the room. The cadence of his ejaculation was totally different to Nathan’s. Whereas Nathan’s body produced long, sustained contractions that resembled urination, Jackson’s body shot his seed in more than 20 rapid, repeating pulses, each one firing seminal fluid into the air before him at bullet speed, his penis involuntarily twitching with each and every one.

Nathan watched his friend spray paint the entire base of the machine with spunk that was as thin as his cock. He was ambivalent about the length of Jackson’s cock. On balance, he thought, he was happier with his shorter, meaty tool, but he was certainly in awe at the velocity that his homie could squirt. The droplets on the front of the machine were starting to dribble down. Their progress was slow because individually the droplets lacked the mass to respond to gravity more urgently, but as they started to bump into each other and join, some of them formed larger drops and even small rivulets.

Nathan wondered how much Jackson had squirted. It was impossible to estimate when it was spread over such a wide area, but it looked like a lot.


Jackson stopped ejaculating, and the machine sensed his completion and reset its cycle. For a few seconds, Jackson had a moment of perfect lucidity. He knew exactly where he was, and what he had just done in front of Nathan, but he was emotionally frazzled from the ejaculation. Given a few more seconds of clear thought, he might have called it quits after just one colossal orgasm and been happy with that, but before he could take action, his thoughts were no longer his own and he was nothing more than the sum of his individual lustful organs again.


Nathan wondered how much awareness Jackson actually had, hanging above a fibreglass landscape liberally doused with his own cum.

“Are you okay Jackson?” Nathan asked; not so much interested in his friend’s well-being, as his level of consciousness.

Jackson didn’t show any awareness that he had heard.

“Jackson?!” Nathan said more sharply.

Still no response.

Nathan moved closer and put his hand on his friend’s side.



Nathan shook him.

“Jaaackson?” he enquired in a rising tone, not hoping for a response.

He knelt down and touched Jackson’s abdomen just above the place where his testicles had retreated to. In his mind, Nathan still had plausible deniability at this point. He could say that he was just concerned for Jackson’s wellbeing if his friend showed awareness.

Nathan gently traced his finger over the two lumps resting side by side beneath the skin directly above Jackson’s cock. Seeing them like this, it affirmed to Nathan that they were much smaller than his own. He placed the tips of his fingers on the boy’s abdomen just above the right testicle, and firmly pushed his hand down towards Jackson’s scrotum. The testicle slid easily where it was guided, bulging the tight bag as it arrived. Nathan repeated the procedure with the left and it also descended back into Jackson’s scrotum. But the hairless scrotum was tight with arousal; the skin deeply grooved, and the right testicle was already retreating back to its pre-birth location. Nathan held the left one in place with pressure on Jackson’s abdomen, then gripped his friend’s scrotum in his other hand to prevent the testicle from escaping. Then he pushed the right one back down, and gripped that too. Both testicles together didn’t make much of a handful – perhaps the size of a small pool ball. Nathan gently pulled them down in Jackon’s scrotum to see if he could force them to hang lower. He opened his hand and both testicles slowly returned to their former position above Jackson’s dick. Nathan watched with curiosity.


There was a strange feeling of control, to know that his friend was powerless to resist anything that he did. Nathan slid a hand down Jackson’s rump to his thigh. The boy was skinny but there was a decent amount of muscle there. Nathan slid his hand back up to Jackson’s buttock, and gave it a squeeze. This was deliciously forbidden but he couldn’t resist.

Nathan reached out and poked Jackson’s penis. It barely moved. Nathan was amazed at how rigid and immovable it was. He gripped it in his hand. His fist wrapped around it easily, making a circle where the tip of his thumb passed the first knuckle of his index finger. He wondered what it was like to have such a thin dick. He wondered if Jackson was even aware that he was abnormal. Maybe his incredible hardness was some sort of compensation? Nathan gave Jackson’s dick a few pumps, then in a moment of self awareness, he suddenly realised what he was doing. He released his friend’s dick and moved away, disgusted at what he had been about to do, lulled by the erotic atmosphere.


Nathan gave himself a mental slap. He looked at his watch – 50 minutes to go. He decided to dress, and it was only then that he realised that he was hard again. He dressed quickly and picked up the wad of kitchen towel that he’d cleaned up with early. Telling himself that he was just being tidy, Nathan walked out of the work room and up two floors to the bathroom. He flushed the towel then washed his hands; something he was not usually so meticulous about doing after masturbation. He walked back down one level to the kitchen, and made himself a sandwich with forced slowness. He pretended to himself that he was simply in no rush, but in reality, he was reluctant to admit that he found the sight of his friend naked and powerless, horny beyond belief.

No matter how slowly Nathan worked, the truth was still there; the elephant in the room. It didn’t matter if he looked in the other direction, he couldn’t avoid how excited he had felt toying with Jackson’s helpless body, and it disturbed him. He was terrified to consider its implications.


15 minutes before the end of the program running on his friend, Nathan finally walked back to the basement to check up on Jackson. Nothing appeared to have changed, except that that the floor had a lot more jizz on it. Some of it had even sprayed as far as six feet in front of Jackson. In spite of his determination not to be caught up in his friend’s situation, looked at his Jackson’s floor painting and shook his head with a smile, impressed by how much area the teenager had decorated. Nathan sat to wait out the end of Jackson’s hour.


With a few minutes to go, Jackson’s dick started twitching again. In spite of himself, Nathan watched to see what would happen. Semen dribbled from the boy’s penis, no longer launched across the room, but still substantial in quantity. Nathan was impressed. Sometimes when he was tired, his FIRST orgasm was like that, let alone his seventh! The flow eventually ceased, and after a short while, the visor lifted.

Nathan moved closer to help Jackson out of the machine if needed, and now, with the change of angle, he could see that his friend’s body was sheened from head to toe is sweat.

Jackson blinked in the harsh light, taking a moment to regain his bearings.

“Ohhhh fuck!”

“What’s up, are you okay?” Nathan enquired.

“How many times did I jizz? Dude, I feel like I came 50 times!”

“Seven times.”

“Seven? Why seven, you only came twice?!”

“I must have set it wrong by mistake” Nathan lied.

Jackson clambered out of the machine and his legs gave way as he tried to stand. Nathan offered a steadying hand. Jackson took it whilst he regained his strength. He looked around at the mess he’d deposited all over the floor.

“Fuck man, why didn’t you turn it off when you knew it was going wrong?”

“I wasn’t sure if it was safe to interrupt you.”

Jackson looked at the vast splatter field again.

“I must have jizzed a whole year’s worth. I’m surprised if I have any balls left.”

He looked down at his balls, now even higher in his abdomen. They had travelled another inch or two up his inguinal canals, moving apart from each other. His scrotum was small, wrinkled and childlike. It was flat against the base of his penis. He turned away from Nathan, pink faced and embarrassed, and reached down and pushed his testes down into scrotum. The second he released them, they slipped back up towards his stomach. He tried again, but his cremaster muscles were over stimulated and would not allow them to remain.

“What’s up with your balls man?” Nathan enquired.

Jackson shrugged.

“I dunno. Sometimes they go up when I get horny, but not normally that high.”

“I’m sorry man.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” Jackson said, gesturing towards the lump in Nathan’s pajamas.

Nathan looked down, and there was a DVD sized wet patch on his indigo blue pajamas to go with the lump. Now it was his turn to blush. He didn’t know how to explain himself. He looked bashfully at Jackson.

“Well you did look like you were having a fucking amazing time! Are your balls alright?”

Jackson looked askance at Nathan, and gave him a lopsided grin.

“Well they’re aching like motherfuckers. I don’t know if that’s ‘cause I came so much or so many times, or just ‘cause my body is trying to turn me into a girl.”

“If they go any higher, they’ll turn into earrings!”

Jackson turned to face him.

“Funnee!” he said with prissy expression.

Nathan smiled.

“Do you wanna get cleaned up?”

Jackson’s circumcised dick was clean as a whistle. He turned and surveyed the floor.

“Not really.”

Nathan handed him the paper towels. Jackson took the roll and tore off a few sheets and knelt down and started cleaning up. Nathan glanced momentarily at his friend’s rear when Jackson turned away from him, and started snickering. Jackson turned and looked over his shoulder, a sopping wet handful of paper towels in his hand. He frowned quizzically.

“What? What are you laughing about?”

“Oh nothing,” Nathan said with a smirk.

“It obviously is something what’s up?”

Nathan couldn’t stop himself from sniggering. He pointed at his friend’s anus.

“Jackson’s Hole,” he said, and burst out laughing.

Jackson Hole was a ski resort in the next state. Jackson looked at him unamused. Then a grin crept onto his face, followed by a snigger, then he was laughing along with his friend.

“You’re not fucking helping Gaylord!” he laughed. “What are you looking at my asshole for anyway?”

Putting on a southern redneck accent, Nathan said, “I cain’t help it if you got such a purdy little ass!”

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