The game – part 3

Recap: Nathan’s uncle John invents virtual reality sex machines for the government. Upon John’s invitation, Nathan and his best friend Jackson have regularly been using one of them. John has invented a new dual user version and the boys are just trying it for the first time.

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The game part 3

Jackson was home alone. There was a knock at the door and he answered to find was Katie standing there, the girl he’d been lusting after for months. He’d been trying to get to know her but he couldn’t get her to pay him any real attention. She was out of his league and moved in different circles, but his adolescent hormones didn’t care about probabilities or reality. All his dick cared about was how gorgeous she looked.

In this fantasy he smiled and invited her in without questioning why she was there. He poured her a juice and brought it to her in the living room where they made small talk. She was clearly flirting with him. She removed her top under the pretence of it being too warm. Underneath she had on just a T-shirt, but Jackson was more interested in the fact that she was not wearing a bra. He couldn’t help but notice her nipples straining against the material. His dick quickly hardened in his jogging pants. She looked down, then back at his face with a playful smile.

“See something you like Jackson?”

“Yes you,” he replied, with more candour than he would normally have dared.

“You want to fuck me?”

He nearly blew his wad on the spot.

“Hell yeah!”

“Why don’t you show me what you’ve got?”

He looked down at himself. His dick was making a tall tent in the soft cotton of his pants. He looked back at her.

“You wanna see my dick?” he asked.

She put on a deep voice mocking his, threw his word back at him with a mischievous pout, “Hell yeah!”

Jackson stood, for the first time apart from his adventures with Nathan, unabashed for his erection to be seen in public. She watched closely as he slid his joggers down past his knees. His dick was straining in his loose briefs. He unhooked them from it, and allowed them to fall as well. His eager dick sprang free, curving upwards. Katie grinned and took out her camera. She started taking photos, and for some reason none of his warning bells fired.

“Dance for me,” she said.

He complied, doing what he thought was a sexy little shuffling dance, waving his stiff erection from side to side. She continued filming with a smirk on her face. After a minute Jackson tired of dancing. He wanted to move things on.

“Now you take your clothes off.”

She looked at him like something she’d wiped off the bottom of her shoe.

“You’re joking. For you?”

Jackson was stunned by the change in her personality. His heart plummeted like an anchor from the Titanic. He felt sick in his stomach.

“What do you mean?”

“There’s no way I’m letting you anywhere near me with that… thing. It’s pathetic. Look how skinny it is! It wouldn’t even touch the sides.”


The Duo had scanned Jackson’s brain. It had picked up his sexual tastes and aspirations… And his fears, then created a scenario that would precisely target his personality.


Jackson looked at Katie in horror, trying to figure out if it was just a really edgy joke, but her expression immediately disabused him of that possibility. He covered his slender erection with one hand, and picked up his briefs in the other. He was embarrassed to let her see his penis any more. He turned his back to her, and pulled his underwear up with both hands. His dick was already softening, drooping like a thin savaloy fresh out of hot water. He looked over his shoulder, she was pulling on her top, laughing. He didn’t know what to say. His instinct was to lash out verbally but he resisted. As he pulled his joggers back on, she was already at the door to the living room on the way out.

“I’d never let you stick that pathetic thing in me Jackson. How desperate do you think I am?”

She walked out of the door leaving Jackson crushed and humiliated.


The scene switched. Nathan was there. Jackson was telling him about the incident.

“I thought I was gonna get to fuck her. Finally a chance to lose it,” he said referring to his virginity, “but she was just messing with me.”

“What a total bitch,” Nathan commiserated.

“Yeah, and the worst thing is, I got all horny for nothing.”

Nathan was silent. After a moment his silence became obvious. Jackson looked at him and tilted his head to the side.


“What do you mean ‘What?’?” Nathan replied, being deliberately obtuse.

Jackson frowned.

“You’ve gone all weird.”

Nathan shrugged.

“Well, we could, you know, jack off now.”

Jackson looked at Nathan for ten seconds without saying anything. Evaluating the implications. Would it make him gay? Would Nathan tell anyone? Was Nathan saying it to test if HE was gay? He quickly assessed the possibilities. Of course Nathan wasn’t testing him, he was his friend, and it would be just as harmful to Nathan if he told anyone.

“Okay, but no homo okay?”

“Jacko! What do you think I’m gonna do, get down on my knees and give you a blowjob?!”

“Oh you’re fine with that,” Jackson joked. “I just don’t want you sticking your dick in my butt or anything!”

He gave a broad smile that showed most of his teeth, and Nathan returned the toothy grin.


Two minutes later, they were in Jackson’s bedroom lounging on his bed with Jackson’s laptop open between them.

“What porn do you want to watch?” Jackson asked.

“You can choose,” Nathan answered.

Jackson felt a momentary flutter in his stomach. He felt as though his tastes in porn were being evaluated. He navigated to a locked folder on his computer, entered the password, then opened it. He double clicked an MP4 and a video started to play. Nathan watched for a couple of minutes as the performers went through the preliminaries. It was an amateur couple; teens maybe 18 or 19. The boy looked awkward and dorky, almost as skinny as Jackson but he had a huge dick. She was petite, blonde, with a tight body and tits to match.

“Niiice,” Nathan murmured as the couple moved from kissing to mutual touching.

He took off his sneakers and socks, followed by his T-shirt.

“You take your socks off to spank it?!” Jackson said with a grin. “Seriously?”

“Yeah man, I like to feel free when I do it.”

“Does it make a difference?”

Nathan squeezed his lips together and pulled an “Hmm” face.

“Well I think it does.”

“I’ll try it then.”

Jackson stripped until he was just wearing joggers. Nathan was down to his boxers. They looked at each other sheepishly. This was a big step.

“On three,” Nathan said.

Jackson nodded.

“One… two…”

Jackson hooked his fingers into the waistband of his joggers and briefs.


Jackson dropped his clothes to the floor in one smooth movement and Nathan wriggled out of his boxers. They looked at each other’s genitals.

“You’ve already got a semi,” Nathan said, and lightly batted at his friend’s dick. To both of their surprise, a small, single bead of pre-cum looped away from the head, like dew sparkling on an early morning spider web.

Jackson blushed.

“I already told you I was horny.”

Nathan grinned at him and they both reclined on the bed again, facing each other with the laptop playing between them. Jackson watched the video in silence. His heart was pounding in his chest but it wasn’t the video that was raising his pulse. The situation was dangerous and unbearably erotic at the same time. He’d never had ANY sexual interest in Nathan, but now that they were both naked together, he couldn’t stop swallowing. His dick rapidly stood up from semi-erect to a full on flagpole curving back towards his stomach.

Nathan was lazily tugging his own penis. It was not as long as Jackson’s. Initially it was hidden from view inside his fist, but like a shy mouse peeping from its burrow, it gradually lengthened into view as he watched the video.

Jackson kept glancing furtively at his friend’s dick, drinking in every detail with his eyes: its length, the size of his balls, the way he held it, how he jacked it. He would never have believed that he would have so much interest in another boy’s cock, but now that they were naked together, the sight of Nathan slowly masturbating was making him so horny he could hardly cope with it.

They continued watching and jacking off, Jackson spending as much time looking at his friend’s dick as at the action on the screen between them.

Nathan stopped masturbating and said, “Move your hand off your dick.”

Jackson stopped pumping his dick and frowned at Nathan, confused.

“Move your hand off your dick,” Nathan repeated, miming the gesture with his own hand, exaggerating spreading his fingers wide.

Jackson frowned again bewildered at the request, but this time he complied uncertainly. Without asking, Nathan leaned forwards and gripped his penis firmly in his fist. Jackson’s expression of shock was comical. His mouth gaped, eyes wide, big as Oreos.

“What are you doing Nath?” he asked in a husky tone. It never occurred to him to push his friend’s hand from his dick.

“It feels great. You can pretend I’m Katie. Or you don’t have to.”

This was just too gay. This wasn’t what Jackson wanted! He reached now, to pull his dick free. Then Nathan started pumping. Jackson gasped at how good it felt, and how sensitive his dick was. Nathan’s technique was different to his own. His fist encircled his helmet. He touched lighter but he touched the skin of Jackson’s glans with each slow twisting pump.

“Ohhhhh,” Jackson gasped softly, his resolve to resist swept away by the pleasure.

He collapsed back on the bed, weak as a kitten against the onslaught of ecstasy emanating from his penis. He never knew he could feel this good.

Nathan closed the lid of the laptop to protect it and he went to work in earnest on Jackson’s cock. Almost immediately, Jackson started squirming, gyrating his hips side to side, staring at the ceiling stupefied and entranced by feelings he’d never even imagined. Nathan smiled down at him benignly, and continued working his cock. Jackson raised his hips, repeatedly trying to grind his cock deeper into Nathan’s fist. With the expertise of a 30 year bordello prostitute, Nathan gripped his friend’s balls in his other fist and tugged them downwards, stretching the boy’s scrotum and squeezing them lightly. Jackson’s body was reacting completely on automatic now, at one time trying to move his balls away from the gentle-yet tantalising manipulation, whilst simultaneously trying to hump Nathan’s fist. He was groaning continuously, unaware and out of control.

Nathan felt his friend getting close and switched to fast light strokes with his right fist whilst continuing to lightly knead his friend’s small, low hanging balls. Jackson let out a gasp and Nathan pumped even faster, releasing his friend’s nuts so that he could cum without restriction. Jackson arched his hips, bridging his groin two feet off the bed, and Nathan went with him, rising on his knees so that he could continue pumping.

A huge jet of cum spurted from Jackson’s cock, and landed with an audible splat on his own face. Jackson was too lost in rapture to notice, and his cock quickly launched three more jets that joined the first. Then, as his reservoir of semen diminished, the subsequent squirts landed on his chest, his belly, his washboard abs, before finally dribbling down onto his smooth shaved pubis.

Jackson gasped with lust as his mind was seared by the monster orgasm, and then as it slowly passed, he collapsed once more onto the bed.


He kept his eyes shut for two full minutes, but he could feel Nathan gently playing with his penis as it wilted between his legs. He was uncertain how he felt about what had just happened. When he finally opened his eyes, Nathan was leaning over him smiling gently.

“Feels good huh?” Nathan said, softly playing with Jackson’s droopy balls and limp cock.

Jackson was afraid to say the words. To admit how fantastically good it had felt. He smiled tightly and nodded.


On the plastic floor of the Duo virtual reality simulator beneath Jackson, there was a huge puddle of cum.

On his side of the machine, Nathan had just experienced the same fantasy, with the roles reversed, and he also, had deposited a massive puddle of teen cum onto the floor. It was the first of many for both of them…


    • Rory-
    • 27th July 2018 at 6:44 pm-
    • Reply

    I can’t find part 1, very hot storys, wish I was there.

    • Anonymous-
    • 22nd April 2019 at 11:40 pm-
    • Reply

    Can’t wait for part 4

    • Ahh, never got much love on this story but it was a long running fantasy for me. Maybe I will return to it.

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