A horny teenager is subjected to an unwanted medical procedure that will make him hornier than he would have imagined possible.

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Martin stood uncomfortably in his white Y-fronts, hands cupped to his groin. He’d been measured, poked, and examined for 90 minutes and still nobody would explain why he had been brought to the school on a weekend for a medical. His father simply said that ‘It was very important, but it was nothing serious’, and the doctors simply told him that ‘It would all be explained soon enough.’


When Martin initially arrived, he’d seen more than a dozen other students; a few his age that he recognised, and at least ten older and younger than himself. And judging by their body language and the expressions on their faces, none of them had any more idea about the purpose for their arrival than he did.

At first he assumed that they were all on various sports teams getting a regulatory check up, but then why were there not a lot more students present and why only boys? And if it was some new kind of physical, why all the mystery?

One particular boy caught his eye – Stephen. Stephen was the school bully, at least in Martin’s grade. He’d been throwing his weight around and making Martin’s life a misery on and off all year. Stephen was with a man that Martin assumed was his father. Stephen had a surly expression on his face, and the man; all tattoos and a wife-beater vest, was intermittently shoving the kid roughly to keep him moving in the right direction. Stephen gave Martin a disgusted sideways glance that said “If you tell anyone about this I’ll kill you.”

Martin noticed another boy who was two years older than him. Frank was the captain of the school football team. He didn’t have a mean streak like Stephen did, but at 18 he was all muscle: not a boy to fool around with.


“Almost done,” the doctor said.

Martin breathed a sigh of relief. He was sick of being there, but most of all, he just wanted some answers.

“Can you take your underpants off please Martin,” the doctor said.

Martin looked at his father, who had sat watching the entire examination. He wasn’t sure if he wanted his father to avert his eyes or intervene.

“Come on son, don’t keep the doctor waiting,” his father said, hurrying him along.

Martin reluctantly lowered his underpants and dropped them on top of the rest of his clothes which rested on a chair. He considered covering himself again but there was only one reason the doctor wanted him naked and it seemed futile to hide himself when he was going to be on full display again in a few seconds. He just wished that he had not shaved his pubes. It didn’t seem so sexy now in front of these two grown men.

Martin looked at his father and he noticed that his dad was unabashedly checking out his junk. His dad hadn’t seen him naked for four or five years, not since before he started puberty and became bashful. Well, not counting the two times his dad had walked in and caught him spanking it; once in the shower and once in his bedroom. He’d nearly died from the humiliation and he couldn’t make eye contact with his father for almost a week after each occasion. One of the disadvantages of growing up in a Mormon family.


The doctor pulled back a curtain and there was a strange object sitting there. A plastic sphere four feet in diameter, mounted on a metal stand, with various attachments and pieces of equipment sticking out of it.

“Please come here,” the doctor ordered.

Martin approached the sphere utterly bewildered. The doctor donned a pair of clear polythene gloves, then holding Martin’s penis in his left hand, he retracted the foreskin with his right.

“Sit on the seat.”

There was a small plastic seat attached to a bar that came out of the sphere at right angles. Martin sat on it facing the sphere. The doctor pushed the stool towards the sphere and the bar slid inside. Martin had to spread his legs as the seat pressed against the sphere.

“Please put your penis into the hole,” the man said, pointing to a hole in front of the boy.

Martin was apprehensive.

“What for? What does it do?”

“It measures multiple stats about your penis,” the doctor lied, “length, girth, blood flow.”

Martin looked at the hole more apprehensive than ever.

“It seems like a complicated machine just to measure the length of my di… my penis.”

“Well, I could simply masturbate you until you get an erection and do it that way if you prefer?”

Martin blushed crimson. His dad had already seen his boner more than enough already.

“N… no. That’s okay.”


He guided his penis into the hole. It was soft, warm and lubricated. His three and a half inches slid in easily.

“Please lean over the top and place your hands on these two pads,” the doctor said, indicating two indented palm prints at the top of the sphere. Martin leaned forwards and put his hands where he’d been told.

The doctor pressed a button on a panel on the side of the sphere and two rubberised restraints emerged, wrapping around Martin’s wrists.

“Hey!” Martin shouted indignantly, “What’s that for?”

“Nothing to worry about. It’s very important that you should be immobilised during measurement.”

Martin looked over his shoulder at his dad for support, but his father seemed intently interested in whatever procedure his son was about to undergo.

“Please lift your legs and place your feet on the foot panels to either side.”

Martin leaned to one side and saw a foot-shaped pad 90 degrees around the sphere. He lifted both feet, and placed them on the pads. The doctor pressed another button and restraints surrounded his ankles, trapping them against the side of the sphere.

“Okay, just adjusting your position. No need to panic,” the doctor said.

The man pressed another button and Martin’s arms were pulled away and around the sphere, stretching his arms and pressing his chest and stomach tightly to the warm plastic. Another button triggered the leg restraints which similarly retracted towards the opposite side of the sphere, widening as they went, and pulling Martin’s groin tightly against the oversized ball. When the restraints had finished moving into position Martin could barely move, and could not pull his penis from the hole even if he wanted to.

Martin was positively alarmed now. This was clearly excessive simply in order to measure his penis.

“Hey dad, what’s going on, this isn’t just for measuring my dick!” he demanded, no longer concerned about the nicety of using proper language.

His father and the doctor exchange a look and the doctor nodded.

“Dad!” Martin demanded even more stridently.

“Well, quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of you masturbating. You know it’s against the Lord’s word, and if you are incapable of exercising restraint, I’m going to have to rein you in for a while.”

The doctor interjected.

“Once a year, we bring the anti-masturbator to each school in the district, and any parent who wishes it can have their child cured of the complaint.”

“Cured? There’s nothing wrong with me!” Martin shouted angrily.

His father spoke again.

“Don’t you think we can all hear you going at it in your room night after night? You’re no better that a horny little monkey, pulling away at yourself for hours each night. And don’t think I don’t know about the filth you look at on your computer!”

Martin blushed again, but he couldn’t give up.

“Dad please,” he begged, “I’ll stop. Don’t do this. It’s not right.”

His father shook his head sadly.

“You’re not capable of showing restraint, let alone stopping. If you were, you would have stopped the second time I caught you. I’m sorry Martin, you won’t change my mind. Now shut up and let’s get it over with.”


The doctor pressed another button and the stool dropped away completely, retracting into the lower half of the sphere, and leaving Martin hanging, arms and legs wrapped around the sphere, supported only by his chest and stomach. The doctor dropped to his knees, then cupped Martin’s exposed testicles in his right palm.

“Hmmm, I suspect this is the problem. His testicles are unusually large for a boy his age. You said you suspect he’s still a virgin? With testes this large I imagine he’d be masturbating three, four even five times a day to avoid soiling his sheets every night and to relieve his sexual frustration.”

“I don’t know exactly how often,” Martin’s father said, “But he certainly seems to be at it a lot!”

Martin burned with humiliation hearing his masturbation habits discussed openly. He’d always been proud and embarrassed of his large nuts in equal measure. His right was as large as a plum, but his, left seemed almost like a malformed conjoined twin, half the size, hanging much higher and clinging to the side of its hefty twin. But the doctor was right, he WAS constantly horny, and it was certainly not unusual for him to jack off three times a day. He’d discovered to his displeasure at the age of fourteen, than if he didn’t take care of business every day, he woke up with what felt like half a cup of slimy jizz filling his underpants.


“Well not to worry, once the procedure is over, his testicles will be a tiny fraction of their size, and he certainly won’t be sexually excitable again for a long time.”

“What are you going to do to me?!” Martin yelled.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt,” the doctor assured him. “This machine will simply masturbate you continuously until your testicles are incapable of producing semen any more. It’s not permanent but it will certainly be many, MANY months before you are in the mood to masturbate again.”

“Dad, this isn’t fair,” Martin wailed, “I don’t deserve this. All the guys in my class jerk off!”

“I don’t care what ‘all the guys’ do,” his father replied, crossing his arms defiantly. “It’s YOUR immortal soul I’m trying to protect not theirs.”

“But daaad, this can’t be legal. I’m going to tell child protective services,” Martin said, threatening his father in a last ditch effort to change the man’s mind.

“You’re quite welcome to do that son, but it won’t be before Doctor Jaine has fixed you, and I’m absolutely certain that this falls within my legal scope as a parent.”


The doctor opened a panel in the sphere beneath Martin’s bottom and pulled out a small contraption. It consisted of two pairs of plastic gripping tongs. Each tong half was curved to fit a human testicle. The doctor exchanged one tong for a pair with a larger head, then gently closed off the tongs so that they gripped one of Martin’s testicles between each pair. They had a spring loaded mechanism that kept them pressed tightly against each of Martin’s testicles.

“What are you doing?!” Martin asked, resigned and nervous now.

“I’m just securing your testicles between the shakers.”

“The what!?”

“Shakers. They do exactly what it sounds like. They vibrate your testicles very rapidly. It’s extremely arousing. You won’t be able to resist having many, many orgasms once they get to work.”

The doctor’s tone was calm but matter-of-fact, as though he was describing the fuel economy of his car.

He pulled out another armature from beneath the shakers; it held a medical probe. It looked like a basic dildo but it metal rods running along the sides of the top inch. He lifted the dildo into place.

“This is going to feel… unsettling. Most boys are uncomfortable with it at first but they quickly get used to it.”

He spread the smooth cheeks of Martin’s bottom and placed the tip of the dildo against the boy’s hole. Martin instinctively squirmed away from it, but he was too tightly wrapped around the sphere to deny the doctor from inserting it. The doctor pressed with firm pressure.


Martin’s voice rose comically in pitch as the dildo entered him. The doctor managed to suppress a smile but Martin was indignant.

“What’s that for?!” he demanded, his voice a full octave higher in pitch than previously.

“It’s called an ‘electro-ejaculator’. It can be used to make you ejaculate on demand. I won’t be using it like that. Just a little tingle to get you started and a bit of sphincter stimulation to keep you aroused.”

The doctor pressed a test button and a metal ring inside the dildo moved up and down inside the rubber shaft teasing Martin’s sphincter. He rammed his soft dick hard into the soft latex hole in the sphere trying to move his ass off the object that impaled him – the boys all did at the first experience of anal stimulation. It always came as a sickening shock to discover how good their sphincters could feel.


“Okay, let’s get you hard.”

“No please don’t,” Martin whimpered pitifully, but the doctor was unmoved. He turned on the electricity and a low voltage AC current started pulsing into Martin’s prostate. There was nothing the boy could do to resist the immediate erection that developed between his legs.

Martin was horrified at how easily his body could be played, but just for the slightest moment, the image of Stephen the bully in an identical position popped into his mind. The boy would not be so tough with a dildo up his ass and a boner!


“You may wish to see this Mr Lewis,” the doctor said, gesturing Martin’s father Peter towards him.

The man rose from his chair and walked over to the side of the sphere where the doctor was now standing. There was a glass view panel and he could see his son’s five inch erection straining inside the transparent tube it had penetrated. His son’s glans was bloated, engorged with blood, seeming far too large for the shaft it topped.

“He seems extremely um… aroused,” Martin’s father commented, noting the veins that bulged from the side of his son’s rigid shaft.

“The tube is modelled on the Fleshlight, a popular male masturbation toy,” the doctor explained.  “But where the Fleshlight is also used to stimulate the glans, we have a far more advanced solution.”

Doctor Jaine activated the penile stimulator. Martin’s father watched with fascinated attention as the stimulator moved in from the front. It looked like a transparent sea anemone and all of the tiny  rubber arms were twisting and waving. But where the arms of an anemone face in one direction to entice and trap its prey, the stimulator’s centimetre long lubricated nodules all faced inwards.

Using a slider like the dial on an audio mixing desk, the Doctor slid the stimulator into place. Martin felt it touch, then engulf the head of his penis, and he knew then that he would never be able to resist squirting if it was left in contact with him for more than a minute or so.

He let out an involuntary sigh of pleasure then turned to his father, red faced, wearing a pleading expression. He had no more words.


“And now the coup de grâce,” the doctor said. “Keep your eye on the window.”

Doctor Jaine activated the testicle shakers and Martin let out a choked squeak as he felt his balls being shaken. He’d never felt such sublime bliss in his life.

“He’s ejaculating already,” Martin’s father announced. “That was extremely quick.”

Peter Lewis watched as his son’s cream spurted into the anemone head and down a collection tube.

“Yes, our system is irresistible. He’ll have many more orgasms before he’s done.”


Martin could hear them discussing his fate, but now his body was feeling far too good to think rationally, let alone beg for mercy.


“How many?”

“Well, most boys will experience one orgasm every two to three minutes. That’s 20 or 30 per hour. It takes 8 hours to reduce his testicles, so that means your son will have somewhere between 160 and 240 orgasms by the time he’s done.”

“240?! Darn that’s incredible. Will they all be, umm…”

He was loath to be crude.

“Wet?” the doctor offered?

Mr Lewis nodded.

“Yes. In a moment I’ll be hooking him up to a high potency nutrient solution that will replace his lost fluids, and his prostrate will ramp up seminal fluid production a thousand-fold. Of course, they won’t all contain sperm but I could keep him ejaculating indefinitely if it was needed.”


240! The number pierced the haze of Martin’s elated consciousness. His glans felt incredible. Indescribably good. His hole was thrumming in response to the ecstatic teasing of its lips by the rippling rubber as the ring moved up and down inside the ejaculator. And best of all; his balls. There was a glow of intense pleasure emanating from them that almost made it impossible for him to concentrate on any other part of his genitals as the shakers buzzed at 30 hertz, vibrating just below the level of discomfort.

“No, 240 is crazy!” he was about to say. But before he could get the words out, he was ejaculating again, cumming even more forcefully than the first time. Conscious thought was obliterated and he saw nothing but greyness filled with stars for 30 seconds.

When he regained his senses, his face was pressed against the plastic sphere and there was a rubber object in his mouth. It was sticking out of the sphere and stopped just short of the back of his throat. There was a restraint around his neck holding his face to the sphere.

The doctor explained its purpose to Martin’s father.

“That will feed him the nutrient solution. Every time he orgasms, he’ll get a small amount of liquid squirted down his throat. It will replenish his semen.”

“I didn’t think it worked like that. How can that get turned into sperm so quickly?”

“Not sperm, semen. Sperm take months to grow, but with the proper stimulation the body can be encouraged to make semen – the transport fluid for the sperm – as fast as you can use it. The solution we are giving him includes minerals that enable it to pass through the stomach and intestinal walls far faster than normal liquids, and it contains bio-engineered chemicals that instruct his body’s semen production to go into overdrive. Unfortunately, it does take a few days for the effects to wear off, which is why you’ll need to keep him in loose towelling diapers for the next three of four days. The fluid also contains a stimulant. It’s an enhancement of the chemical they use on prize bulls that have reached the end of their mating life. It greatly increases his genital sensitivity and arousal.”


Martin’s father and the doctor left the room leaving him alone. The head of his cock was still sensitive from his second orgasm and he didn’t want to cum again, but the anemone was still tickling him lightly. He tried to pull his hips away from the sphere so that his dick moved out of the tickler’s teasing embrace, but he was pulled tightly against the sphere by his arms and legs, and he was not even able to withdraw by so much as a fingernail’s breadth.

His legs were spread wide apart and his balls and hole were equally at the mercy of the machine. He would never have considered allowing himself to be put into such an exposed position before today, especially not naked, and now that he was here he felt totally vulnerable.

He tried to will his erection away. After two powerful orgasms in succession, surely that would not be difficult? But the lubricated nodules were tickling every millimetre of his glans and two inches down his shaft, rippling, circling, titillating, forcing his swollen glans to strain for release. He could even feel them caressing the pale skin behind the corona of his glans. When he jacked off that never got touched, and now he was discovering just how sensitive the wrinkled skin there actually was. It was almost unbearably arousing and Martin had never been so hard.


In another room, Stephen was experiencing his fourth orgasm. His four inch dick was every bit as immobilised as Martin’s but his father hadn’t left the room yet.

“Hooooey!” the man said, with a strong Southern drawl that was not native to the state, “For a boy with such a tiny pecker, you sure ain’t shy about cummin’ are you son?”

Stephen glared down at the plastic sphere he was wrapped around as a jet of insipid nutrient slime was blasted down his throat. It felt and tasted like he was jizzing into his own mouth. His face screwed up in anger and humiliation, struggling for all he was worth not to give his father the additional amusement of seeing him cry. And the worst of it, in spite of his father’s taunting, was the incessant, undeniably exquisite, undeniable hum of pleasure radiating as his small nuts were vibrated continuously, forcing his undersized dick to strain for his father.


Martin tried to turn his attention from his penis. That was the easy part because his balls demanded even more attention. The vibration coming from the shakers was doing things to him that he had never considered possible before. There was warmth radiating upwards from his testicles to the root of his cock and beyond. He became aware of the cords that suspended his nuts as the glow of exquisite pleasure travelled along the nerve endings up into his abdomen. Martin was learning things about his body that he’d never even imagined.

The warmth increased rapidly in intensity and he was coming again, his senses yet again overloaded by the sensation.


In another room, the football captain was fighting with all his considerable muscles to pull himself free. He could feel the excitement building in his balls and he was determined NOT to cum a third time. He twisted his torso, pulling at his legs to try to escape his bonds, but the exertion between his thighs only hastened the inevitable. And then he was robbed of all his prodigious strength by an orgasm better than he would ever experience with one of the many girls who constantly offered themselves to him. His formidable billy club cock with its hefty glans was no long a tool to impale eager girls – it was a weapon to be used against him. 9 inches of throbbing, greasy-looking meat no longer under his control, stealing his strength and his will as the machine worked him over dispassionately and unrelentingly.


Eight hours later, Doctor Jaine turned the machine off and removed the testicle tongs. Martin no longer cared. He was catatonic; conscious but unable to talk or think. 277 powerful, chemically enhanced orgasms had wiped his mind clean of conscious thought. He was nothing but an eager asshole, a pair of heaving nuts, and a throbbing, rock hard erection.

Jaine opened a side hatch and unscrewed the collection bottle. He lifted it and showed it to Martin’s father, giving it a shake so that the contents slooshed around. It contained more than two coffee mugs full of thick gloopy liquid.

“All of that’s from Martin?” his father asked incredulously.


“Oh my goodness. My wife won’t believe it when I tell her.”

Peter paused for a moment then took out his phone.

“I hope it’s not strange, but do you mind if I take a photograph to show her?”

“Of course not. Happy to oblige.”

Doctor Jaine held up the bottle, and Peter took a couple of shots. It was only later as he showed them to his wife did he realise that his naked son was in the background of every one, legs still splayed.


The doctor withdrew the anal stimulator then repositioned the seat ready to support Martin’s weight once more. He released the neck restraint and lifted the boy’s face from the nutrient probe. Although Mr Lewis had never seen one, the probe was shaped exactly like a large butt plug. Martin’s neck was limp. The doctor gently rested the boy’s head back on top of the sphere and moved on to release the restraints from the kid’s legs. They flopped back towards the ground.

“Please be ready to catch him,” the doctor warned Mr Lewis.

The man stood behind his son, and the doctor released the restraints from Martin’s wrists. The boy slid from the sphere, almost cartoonishly limp and his father caught him under the armpits as he came to rest on the seat, head lolling to one side.

They carried the boy to an examination bed where Doctor Jaine cleaned him and gave him a check up.

“Is he okay?” Martin’s father asked concerned.

“Yes, well within normal behaviour,” the doctor assured him.

Mr Lewis looked at the flagpole sticking straight up at 90 degrees from his son’s belly.

“I thought you said this treatment would stop that?” he said pointing at the stiff boy-meat, it’s upper half turned livid purple by eight hours of non-stop massage.

“Yes it will, but it takes a few days for the stimulant to leave his blood. Until then you can expect your son to remain erect most of the time.”

As if on cue, Martin ejaculated, an immense squirt that launched a large glob of cum skywards, followed by half a dozen smaller ones. His father noted that he would be hard pushed to produce as much on his best day, and here his son was squirting like it was his first after a month of abstinence. The boy showed no signs of pleasure or even awareness that he was squirting.

“That’s why you’ll want to clothe him in terry cloth diapers for the next few days. It’s going to be a messy few days and you’re going to be the one cleaning up after him.”

Peter looked at the puddle on his son’s shaved pubis with a look of distaste. Still it was for the greater good.

He looked at Martin’s scrotum, it was rapidly swelling up. It was already the size of a softball, and appeared to be growing even as he watched. It was dark purple, bruised almost black by the hours of violent shaking, with a wrinkled, mottled surface like cellulite.

“How long will it take for his testicles to return to normal? Is there any special treatment I should give him?”

“Well the swelling should dissipate in a week or two. As soon as he shows signs of discomfort you can give him Ibuprofen which will help with the swelling and reduce the pain. You might also give him an ice pack. After that, his testes will continue to shrink at much the same rate. After a month they will be barely detectable – smaller than a five year olds.”

“And his penis?”

“That will take a little longer, but within two months, it will be less than a third its previous length. It’s extremely unlikely that he will allow you – or anyone to see it of course, but you can rest assured that his libido will drop to zero.”

Peter Lewis nodded approvingly.

“Good, good. And how long will the treatment last?”

Doctor Jaine considered the question for a moment.

“Hmmm, well it will take his genitals at least a year to recover, possibly two. You can bring him back for another treatment when you feel it necessary, any time before his 21st birthday. If you think he will be resistant, we can send a team to collect him forcibly. Most parents like to plan a final 24 hour treatment on the evening of their sons’ 21st birthday. That way it will last well towards their mid 20s, leaving their bodies pure and their minds free to concentrate on more productive pursuits.”

“Amen to that!”

“Indeed,” Jaine concurred.


Mr Lewis wheeled his son back to his car in a wheelchair. Around him, 13 other teenagers, similarly catatonic, were being escorted by their parents. Martin was wearing a towelling dressing gown, but his erection poked through the front.

The football captain also lolled in a chair being pushed by his father. Peter glanced down at the boy and noted that the boy had a nine inch erection standing proud between the front hems of his bathrobe.

“That’s quite an impressive display of manhood Michael has there,” Mr Lewis commented to the boy’s father who he knew from the PTA.

“Yes it is.”

“Was he masturbating a lot like Martin was?”

“Well, I don’t really know. I mean all boys masturbate regularly right?” his father said. “I was more concerned about the number of girls he was having sex with. It seemed like a different one every couple of days. It was just a matter of time until he got some girl pregnant then his life would be ruined. Better this way, then at least he can stay focussed on his school work and his football until he finishes his second year of college.”

“Yes, an excellent idea. I think if this goes as planned we’ll have Martin treated at least twice more. See him through his teen years and a good way beyond.”

“Sound thinking Peter. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks after recess. Until then, you both take care.”


Three months later, Martin stood in front of his wardrobe mirror naked. He had a fantastic lean swimmer’s body, with washboard abs, but it wasn’t his physique he was interested in. He looked at his genitals with dismay. His penis was a slug of limp flesh no thicker or longer than his pinky finger from the bottom two joints down. Behind it, his formerly impressive balls were now the size of jelly beans. His scrotum had not completely atrophied, but it was a soft teardrop of soft tanned flesh, clearly revealing the small cargo within. Martin ran his fingers over his pubis. A few long black hairs adorned the top of his cock, but it didn’t look like his bush would grow back any time soon. Before the treatment, when he had normal-sized genitals, shaving was a sexy thing to do, but now his testosterone deprived baldness just accentuated what he’d lost.

He gripped his cock. It felt like it had before, but there was none of the thrill that used to run through him when he held it. It was simply a scrap of useless flesh now.

He reached beneath and felt his balls now that they had finally stopped aching. He didn’t ever remember them being so small. He supposed they must have been that small once, but he was certainly not aware of them at that time.

He held his cock again and tugged it, trying to coax it to respond. He felt no arousal but he wanted to masturbate more in defiance, than out of desire. His tiny cock refused to show interest.

Martin moved to his bed and reclined, legs apart and knees up. He licked the middle finger of his right hand and reached past his groin to his hole. He tentatively pushed his finger inside. It felt good. His cock may be dead to him, at least for the time being, but the sphere had taught him a new way to feel pleasure.

He pushed his finger deeper searching for that special place. He found and rubbed it, then gave a little shiver. A bead of sperm-free liquid appeared at the head of his flaccid cocklet. He started to massage the button deep inside, and closed his eyes so that he could concentrate on the only sexual pleasure left to him…

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