Summer heat

Two boys come to terms with their feelings for one another.

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Summer heat

“That’s 86 24! You officially suck at NBA 2K, AND it’s your game!”

“Yeah yeah, some of us don’t have time to dedicate our lives to playing like SOME people do!”

Jesse grinned. His friend’s bad sportsmanship only making the victory sweeter.

“I only played it once before!”

“Lucky then,” Martin replied, and punched Jesse hard in the arm.

The younger boy dropped his controller and grabbed his shoulder.

“Ah, ahhh, you dick, whaddya do that for?!”

“’Cause you were gloating.”

“I wasn’t gloating I was err… celebrating.”

He was rubbing his shoulder. It would be bruised tomorrow.

Martin laughed.

“Yeah right.”

He glanced at the clock. 1.15am.

“We’d better get some sleep, it’s late.”

At the mere mention of sleep, Jesse took a long yawn. A Pavlovian response.

“Yeah, I am kind of tired now. Must be all that winning.”

Martin raised his fist to give his friend another dead arm and Jesse flinched away from him, arms raised.

“No don’t Mart!”

Martin gave him just the lightest of taps and Jesse grinned at him. The tap was a gesture of friendship not spite.


Martin walked out of his bedroom and returned two minutes later.

“Do you need to use the bathroom?”

Jesse shook his head.

“Nah. Didn’t drink much and I brushed my teeth earlier.”

Martin closed his bedroom door.


Jesse dug into the hold-all he’d brought for the weekend and pulled out a pair of pajama bottoms. He pulled off his shorts and turned to Martin. Martin was naked.

Jesse frowned.

“What are you wearing in bed?”

“I wasn’t gonna wear anything. It’s 90 degrees dude.”

Jesse’s frown deepened.

“Yeah but…”

He didn’t want to say that it was weird if one of them was nude when they sleeping in the same bed. Martin was 17 – two years older than him and he didn’t want to insult his friend. Truth be told, Jesse thought Martin was the epitome of coolness and just about everything he did impressed him.

Sleeping naked was very grown up, macho even, but it had never occurred to him that Martin might do it tonight.

Martin saw Jesse’s hesitance.

“Why, what are you gonna wear?”

Jesse held up his pajama bottoms. Plain blue, soft brushed cotton with an elasticated waist. The most mature pajamas he owned.

“Whatever dude. Wear those if you like. If you’re shy.”

“I’m not shy,” Jesse quickly replied, taking the bait.

“Oh, okay, I thought that you might be embarrassed by a small dick or something.”

“I haven’t got a small dick!” Jesse protested. Then he looked at the 6 inch salami that dangled flaccid between his friend’s legs. “Well, not REALLY small,” he added hesitantly.

Martin grinned at him broadly.

“I’m just messing with ya dawg, you wear what you like. Makes no difference to me.”

Jesse looked at his friend, standing totally comfortable with his own nudity, neither hiding nor showing off. He wanted that confidence. He pulled his underpants down and threw them along with his pajamas on top of his bag.

He turned back to Martin, looking his friend in the face. Unsure whether he was challenging him to say something about his much smaller dick or hoping for some indication of approval.

Martin looked down at Jesse’s dick. Jesse had expected a glance, but Martin stared for an uncomfortably long time. After five seconds Jesse remembered with horror that he’d shaved his pubes. After ten seconds, Jesse could stand the attention no longer, he started to squirm. He made as though to cover himself, but resisted the urge. He didn’t want to appear self conscious, but he couldn’t stop himself from blushing or stop his left knee from momentarily moving inwards as though protecting himself.

“What? What is it?!” he eventually demanded after fifteen seconds of unbearable scrutiny.

Martin lifted his gaze, smiled and said, “Shaved pubes.”

It was a flat statement of fact.

“What’s wrong with that?!” Jesse challenged, hiding his embarrassment by going on the offensive.

“Nothing Jess. Nothing at all. Looks good on you.”

“Some porn site said it makes it look bigger,” Jesse explained, his face glowing red now.

“That’s cool,” Martin said nodding.


He turned and flung back the light weight over-cover, leaving Jesse feeling awkward and unsettled.

“You don’t mind if we don’t sleep under the covers do you Jess – it’s far too hot.”

“No, not at all,” Jesse said, recomposing himself.



Martin climbed onto the bed. It was a small double, four feet wide.  Jesse watched, waiting for Martin to position himself before joining him.

“Head to toe?”

“Nah,” Martin answered, “I don’t wanna wake up with your feet in my mouth.”


Jesse climbed onto the bed, careful not to allow any part of his body touch any part of Martin’s, then he lay on his back next to his friend.

“If you move any further over you’re gonna fall out!” Martin laughed.

Jesse looked at him with a self-conscious grin.

“Come on scootch over a bit, there’s plenty of space.”

Jesse move a couple of inches closer.

“All good?” Martin asked.


Martin pulled the summer over-cover across them, turned off the light on the wall behind them, and lay down, deliberately letting his arms and legs touch Jesse’s.

They lay in silence for a minute before Jesse said, “This feels so weird.”

“What does?”

“Laying here naked next to another dude.”

Martin sniggered.

“You’ll get used to it.”

They lay in silence for another couple of minutes.


Jesse tried to get comfortable. He didn’t usually sleep on his back. He rolled on his right side with his back to Martin, and lifted his legs into a foetal position. His bare bottom touched Martin’s thigh. He immediately straightened out, but without curled legs to balance him he couldn’t feel at ease.

He turned towards Martin, lying now on his left side, and immediately found himself facing the side of Martin’s head. Even in the dim moonlight coming through the open window, that felt too intimate; too close to kissing or spooning.

Jesse rolled back onto his back, but continued to fidget.

“What’s the matter, can’t get comfortable?” Martin asked.

“Nah, I never sleep very well when I’m not in my own bed. And it just feels, you know…”


“Yeah,” Jesse admitted.

“It’s so hot as well. That’s not helping. Do you mind if we get rid of this cover?”

“Nah, guess not.”

Martin flung the cover aside, allowing it to fall to the floor on his side of the bed.

They both lay on their backs and for ten minutes they quietly chit chatted about nothing; school, basketball, their summer plans, before falling into silence again.


Ten more minutes passed, then Martin said, “Man, I’ve got such a boner.”

‘What the fuck am I supposed to say to something like that?!’ Jesse thought to himself. He glanced down in the darkness and he could see the silhouette of his friend’s nine inch cock resting against his belly. He looked away fearful, even in the darkness of being caught looking.

“Have you?” he asked as innocuously as possible.

“Yeah, it’s really aching.”


Jesse’s mind was racing. He was supposed to say something. Finally he asked, “What made it come on?”

He was afraid of the answer.

“I dunno. It just did. It’s so hard it hurts. Give me your hand.”

“What?! Why?”

“Feel how hard it is.”

Jesse didn’t know what to do. Was this a new stage of openness in their friendship? Was this how the coolest guys behaved around each other? So comfortable that they talked about sex and even touched each other’s boners. Or was this the gayest thing ever?

He timidly extended his hand and Martin grabbed it and steered it to his own cock. Jesse allowed the back of his fingers to touch his friend’s boner.

“No not like that, grab it. That’s it, now squeeze it. See how hard it is?”

Jesse’s mind was in turmoil, but he was also in complete awe of Martin’s cock. It was unbelievably thick.

“See what I mean?”

“Yeah.” Jesse’s voice squeaked and cracked.

Jesse held his friend’s cock in his fist. He couldn’t touch his thumb and middle finger together.

“It’s massive!” he said softly, speaking like a man praying at church.

“Thanks. Yeah it’s pretty big. Check out my helmet; that’s even bigger.”

Jesse slid his fist along Martin’s cock. It seemed to go on forever compared to his own. Then he was at the end. Or rather, he was at the start of the end. Martin’s glans was half as wide again as his shaft. Jesse was unsure if he should slip his fingers along it. It seemed even more intimate, but he figured Martin had invited him to check it out. He slid his fist across it. It was like half a large chicken’s egg. Jesse swallowed. He knew he was in the presence of something special.

“Now you’ve got a boner,” Martin said.

That snapped Jesse right out of his reverie. He let go and turned away from Martin to hide his hardness.

“Why are you getting all shy, it’s just a boner.”

Jesse didn’t answer.

Martin rolled on his side to talk to him. He raised himself onto his elbow and leaned across so that he was looking at the side of Jesse’s face instead of the back of his head.

“Are you embarrassed ‘cause you got a boner?” he asked.

Jesse could feel Martin’s immense dick pressing against the crack of his buttocks.

“Yeah,” Jesse whispered.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just a part of your body. Come on, lie back down.”

Martin tugged on Jesse’s shoulder to roll him onto his back. Jesse resisted at first, but the more Martin tugged, the more his massive glans prodded at Jesse’s buttocks. Eventually it became the lesser of two evils, and he allowed himself to be returned to his original recumbent position. He covered his erection with both hands.

“Are you very hard?” Martin asked.

“I guess so,” Jesse replied, making the understatement of the century.

“Let’s feel.”

Before Jesse could say no, Martin was pushing his hands aside and gripping his slender dick between his finger and thumb. He squeezed it, then boinged at the narrow glans with his fingertips. It barely moved.

“Jesus fucking Christ, I thought mine was hard. You could play baseball with that!”

Martin gripped it in his fist. Only the glans extended beyond his knuckles.

He pumped it.

“What are you doing?” Jesse whispered hoarsely.

“Does it feel good?”

He continued pumping Jesse’s dick. Jesse didn’t answer. Martin could feel the boy’s cock twitching in his fist, eager for more attention. He continued pumping.

Jesse’s thoughts were bouncing around like a pinball in a crazy table. He’d always thought of himself as straight. He’d not had a girlfriend yet, but he assumed that his interest would develop in time. But now, as Martin pulled on his cock, he realised that his interest in the older boy had always gone deeper than mere friendship. That some part of him had always wanted to see Martin naked.

But he was also afraid. What if this was just a circle jerk to Martin? He didn’t dare to show his true face; his real feelings, so instead, he lay quietly in the moonlight whilst his friend; his role model; his hero slowly jacked him off.

“Come on Jess, don’t just lay there. You look scared to death. You do me and I’ll do you. It’ll be cool.”

Jesse looked across at the outline of Martin’s cock. It was like a billy club rising between his legs. Without even consciously realising it, Jesse had always been trying to catch glimpses of Martin’s cock. He was strangely satisfied when his friend wore loose joggers, catching glimpses of a bulge in jeans, and once even the outline of a glans in a wrestling singlet.

An image flashed into his mind of the time when they went swimming in boxers and Martin’s soft cotton shorts stuck to him. Jesse could see the clear outline of his friend’s cock. Jesse was 12 then and Martin was 14. The sight excited him in ways that he didn’t even understand at the time. Unaware of his own body, he grew hard without even knowing it, a tiny pinky finger of excitement tenting his own boxers. Martin saw with a grin, but even at his most bratty age, was too kind to mention it.

But now, looking down at Martin’s hardness, it was more than he had possibly dreamed. He hadn’t imagined that normal people might have cocks that big. It was so large that he felt intimidated in its presence, his own thin prick unimpressive enough compared to boys his own age, but in comparison to this…

Yet Martin was still pulling on it, making him feel good, pushing him towards an inevitable singularity of pleasure.

He wanted to do the same for his friend. He took the chance and plunged in.

He grasped Martin’s cock. It felt like a baby’s hand grasping a corndog. It accentuated the two years between them. Every difference was highlighted in that single grip. Martin was powerful, confident, older, more mature, and hung like a porn star. Jesse was slim, younger, cautious around Martin’s friends, and of course, his dick… his dick was a mere twig.

Which Martin was pumping!

Jesse started to move his own hand up and down along Martin’s cock savouring the smoothness of its sides.

Both boys were inept at jacking the other. It was a first for each of them, and it was doubly awkward for Jesse using his left hand. He was wracked with uncertainty. Were his strokes long enough, should he touch the sensitive helmet, how hard should he squeeze?

He decided to concentrate on the end section more. There was simply too much to slide his hand along. He shortened his strokes, and started to use the twisting motion he used on himself.


It suddenly occurred to Martin that Jesse was revealing the technique he used on himself. It made him feel even hornier.

“Is that okay?” Jesse asked, timid and insecure in a way that Martin had never seen before.

“Aww yeah Jess, that’s just great. You’re doing it just great!”

Jesse glowed at the encouragement, and continued twisting the top off Martin’s cock.

“I can’t believe how hard your dick is dude!” Martin repeated. “I’m fucking jealous.”

It was a weird experience holding Jesse’s cock. Slim as a saveloy, but stiff and completely unyielding, with a slender head, and veins bulging along its length. It felt to Martin like a cock that was designed for speed. He squeezed it harder in his fist, watching Jesse for signs that his grip was too tight but Jesse gave no such indication. Martin pumped faster and Jesse took a deep breath in response.

“You good?”

Jesse nodded and released the breath in a trembling gasp.

“Yeah. Very.”

Jesse lay for a minute, no longer pulling on Martin. Overwhelmed by the strength of his body’s response to Martin’s warm hand. He felt Martin’s fat cock in his hand, and it added to his pleasure, but he lacked the mental faculties to give it any attention.

For his part, Martin was prepared to forego his own immediate pleasure so that he could work on making Jesse feel good.

He sat up and Jesse was forced to release his softening cock. A momentary feeling of guilt at his selfishness passed across Jesse’s mind. Martin spat on the fingers of his left hand then started twiddling Jesse’s glans with his slimy fingers like a burglar cracking a safe. At the same time he continued to make tiny pumping motions with his right fist, using MUCH less pressure now.

Jesse groaned in a long guttural voice, all feelings of guilt driven away by his body’s pleasure.


Martin looked at his face to check if his friend was okay. Jesse’s eyes were closed and he was twisting and turning his slim body, wriggling like a slow motion snake.

Martin grinned and continued working on Jesse’s cock.

Suddenly Jesse was arching his hips upwards like a wrestler trying to buck off an opponent, bridging on his shoulders and feet. Martin quickly moved his left hand away from the head. He wanted to see his friend ejaculating. He pumped with lightning fast strokes using his right hand and Jesse fired off a thin squirt of cum so long that it was almost like he was pissing. It rose three feet in a thin unbroken  ribbon of watery jizz, before falling off to his right, and onto the pine board floor. It was chased by seven more powerful jets, each following the first to the floor. Jesse writhed and groaned, his body not remotely under his own control as his senses were seared under waves of ecstasy. His balls clenched, but with little left to give now, three short pumps delivered his vinegar strokes onto the carefully shaved smoothness of his pubis just above his penis. Martin leaned down and licked it away.

Jesse slowly stopped writhing, temporarily exhausted by his orgasm, and lay motionless on his back, breathing heavily. Martin was content simply to look at him smiling softly at the pleasure he’d given.


Eventually, Jesse’s eyes flickered open. He stared at the ceiling as his senses returned. There was a question he had to ask. He was afraid to know the answer but he HAD to know. Too nervous to look his friend in the face, in a quiet voice, and more timid than he’d ever felt in his life, he asked, “Why did you do that?”

Martin leaned over him and kissed him gently on the lips.

Jesse’s thoughts went into a frenzy. Suddenly everything was different, exciting, perfect. He loved Martin, but Martin cared about him too! He faced feelings that he had not even dared to admit to himself. He was elated, so happy that he wanted to cry with joy, but he didn’t want to come over like some wussy tearful queen. He smiled, grabbed the back of Martin’s head and pulled him closer, then returned the kiss. It was the first time either of them had kissed in passion. They were inept; their noses bumped, they didn’t lock together well, and neither was quite sure what to do with his lips, but it was still a kiss that lasted nearly two minutes. Martin’s cock rapidly regained its former hardness.


Eventually Jesse let Martin go, and pushed him gently onto his back and Martin allowed himself to be guided, the master now becoming submissive. Jesse clambered onto his knees by Martin’s waist . He wanted to make Martin feel as good as his friend had made him feel. He lowered his head to his friend’s cock and gripped the beast in his right hand. He stuck out his tongue tentatively and started to lick. At first he felt like he was licking at a giant lollipop. Martin was clearly enjoying the roughness of his tongue on his helmet, but Jesse wanted to do more. He thought about what would make him feel good. He started jacking Martin’s cock in his fist whilst licking at the rim.

Martin responded immediately, arching his back.

“Oh yeah Jess, that feels fucking amazing.”

Jesse continued for a minute or two, but he felt compelled to add variety to his performance. He added a twisting motion to his jacking hand, as though trying to unscrew the lid of a jar. In Martin’s mind, he was suddenly in Jesse’s bedroom, watching as his friend twisted his own cock.

“Yeah, yeah,” he panted softly.


Suddenly Martin pushed away from Jesse. Jesse looked at him bewildered, his expression barely visible in the moonlight.

“Did I do something wrong?” Jesse asked.

Martin reached up and pulled the short light chain.

“I want to see you.”

Jesse smiled at him. Martin thought it was the sweetest smile he’d ever seen. Happy, relieved, loving, innocent. Martin returned the smile.

He started to clamber towards the foot of the bed.

“Head to toes,” he explained.

Jesse was momentarily confused, then the meaning became clear. He lay on his side and looked  down at Martin. There were two stiff cocks between them. His was half the length and a third the width of Martin’s but it didn’t matter because Martin wanted it; wanted him!

Jesse gripped Martin’s cock and resumed his licking.

Now that it was light, Jesse could see that a bead of pre cum had formed at the eye of Martin’s glans. He’d not seen it before except in porn but he knew what it meant. He licked it, poking the tip of his tongue into the eye to pursue it. To his surprise, it tasted sweet. Martin squirmed as Jesse’s tongue probed his urethra. Jesse noticed the response and continued tonguing the opening.

“Ohhh fuuuck!” Martin moaned in a low voice.

Jesse knew the feeling, and he was determined to drive Martin even higher. He flicked his tongue in and out, like a snake tasting the air.

“Jeeesus Christ Jess, what you doing to me?!”

Jesse stopped and looked down, momentarily uncertain.

“You don’t like?”

“Don’t stop, jeez! I fuckin’ LOVE it!!”

Jesse grinned and continued, adding a light jacking motion to his blowjob.

Martin lay on his side, accepting Jesse’s gift for a few more minutes before deciding it was time to return the favour. All the time that Jesse had been teasing him, the kid’s dick floated in front of Martin’s face, its hardness undiminished, kept rigid by the excitement of pleasuring him. Martin reached out and pushed it lightly towards Jesse’s knees with his finger. It barely moved. He pushed it down towards the bed. Equally little movement.

“Jesus Jess!”

Jess stopped sucking and looked down.


“What? Your dick dude. I can’t believe how hard it is!”

Jesse gave Martin a wry grin. He may not be all that big, but at least he had one thing in his favour.

“You make me horny,” Jesse said, finally admitting it to himself and his friend.

“No kidding!”

Jesse grinned and returned to Martin’s dick.

Martin held Jesse’s dick low on the shaft and adjusted its angle towards his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and copied the motion that Jesse was doing to him. Jesse flinched his groin away.

“You okay?”

Jesse stopped licking Martin’s dick long enough to say a single word.


He gingerly moved his groin back towards Martin’s face, and Martin tried again. Jesse forced himself not to move away. He may not have lost his boner, but he was still well inside his refractory period. Martin’s tongue was delicious torment. Gradually the discomfort diminished, leaving just the pleasure.

Jesse opened his jaws wide and slid his mouth over Martin’s glans.

“Oww shit!”

Jesse moved his head back immediately and looked down again.

“Teeth dude,” Martin said. “Your teeth on my helmet!”

“Sorry,” Jesse said with a sheepish grin.

Martin laughed. They were sooo bad at this. It was like a comedy of errors.

“No problem dude. We’ll both get better with practice.”

Jesse’s emotions soared at Martin’s casual affirmation that this was something he expected them to be repeating.

He covered his teeth with his lips and tried again. He didn’t feel as though he could open his mouth so wide this time but at least Martin didn’t light up as Jesse slid his mouth down his helmet!

Martin’s glans was so big it felt like it was almost choking Jesse. Nevertheless, the younger boy bobbed back and forth, encircling the entire thing and teasing the flared rim of the 17 year old’s glans with his lips.

Martin gasped at the pleasure of it. He opened his mouth and slid it down Jesse’s cock. Jesse’s glans was so streamlined that Martin could barely tell where the light pink glans ended and the pale shaft began. There was just a slight bump on the sides. He puckered his lips into a small “ooo” encircling and touching Jesse’s moist cock, then he started bobbing his head.

Jesse groaned, his face impaled on Martin’s monster, and he couldn’t help but draw his knees together at the intensity of the pleasure that Martin was creating in his dick and balls.

He sucked at Martin’s cock, and in return Martin sucked at his, doubling down by licking Jesse’s glans at the same time. Jesse wanted to make Martin cum hardest and first in return for… well, in return for what he’d started. However, everything he did, it seemed like Martin did it better. Jesse felt himself getting close, and he desperately wanted to push Martin over the edge, but everything he tried, Martin gave back with interest. Jesse was almost afraid to try anything new because he knew his own cock couldn’t withstand much more stimulation. He stuck out his tongue and shook his head like a dog worrying at a bone. Martin did the same. It almost felt like Jesse was sucking his OWN penis. Then Jesse felt a finger slip into his bottom. That was it, he was done for. He gasped and started squirting. Martin sucked and licked at Jesse’s cock thirstily, draining him dry. His lips wrapped tightly around the glans whilst his tongue swished side to side across its surface. Jesse felt not so much as though he was squirting, as if the cum was being extracted from him. He tried to pull free of Martin’s mouth but that only impaled him deeper on the older boy’s finger, and then he was thrusting away from the finger, giving up every last drop of juice from his tight balls. Martin swallowed everything that Jesse had to give, which was not a lot as it was his second orgasm in five minutes.

As Jesse groaned at the power of his orgasm, the vibration of his moans tripped Martin’s switch. Martin suddenly jammed his cock deep into Jesse’s throat. It caught Jesse by surprise, and he gagged, choking as Martin’s meat ground into the back of his throat. He pulled away, just in time to feel Martin flooding his mouth with hot cum. Jesse was determined to swallow it all; a token of gratitude for earlier and a sign of his affection, but there was so much of it, and it didn’t have the mildly sweet taste of his pre-cum. Jesse immediately abandoned his plan and pulled his mouth right off Martin’s cock, still licking and pumping with his fist.

Martin instinctively face fucked his friend, and now that his dick was completely out of Jesse’s mouth, his thick jizz gushed all over the younger boy’s face, smothering his mouth, nose and neck with glistening pearl juice.

Martin continued until he too was dry then he stopped moving and lay side by side with Jess, sated.



Both boys lay motionless for a minute, then Jess was the first to move. He rose and turned to face Martin.

“Oh fuck, I’m so sorry dude!” Martin said.”I slimed the shit out of you!”

Jesse gave him a sheepish look.

“I guess I should have tried harder to swallow it like you did.”

“I dunno. I don’t blame you. I’ve never cum so much in my life.”

“Nah, me neither,” Jesse admitted.

Jesse stood up and walked to his pajamas.

“Might as well use them for something.”

He wiped his face clean on the trousers then dropped them back onto his bag. He returned to Martin, his finally limp cock jiggling between his legs with each step. Martin opened his arm to receive him and Jesse snuggled up to his friend.

“That was the best,” Jesse admitted.


Jesse rolled on top of Martin and lay so that they were face to face, belly to belly. He looked into his friend’s eyes, his soft cock resting on top of Martin’s.

Jesse wanted to say something. He opened his mouth several times to try but nothing he could come up with seemed adequate.

Martin smiled.

“Yeah I know.”

Martin reached up and pulled Jesse’s face towards his. He opened his mouth to kiss. This time they met more naturally.

As Martin turned off the light a second time, Jesse didn’t think he could ever be more comfortable or happy.


The next morning, the door opened quietly as Martin’s father John came in to wake the boys. They were both fast asleep, resting on top of the covers. He looked at their naked bodies. They were laying on their sides and his son had an arm loosely wrapped around his friend’s slender waist. Jesse’s upper leg was raised forwards slightly to help him balance enabling John to see between the boy’s legs. The boy’s flaccid 3 inch cock lay curled on the sheets and there was a palm-sized stain beneath that was clearly the result of cum dribbling from its head.  Martin’s leg was draped over Jesse’s and his morning wood was bent down between the younger boy’s thighs, the end poking at the younger boy’s soft nut sack, spreading his nuts on the bed. Martin’s own sack looked plump and potent. John wondered if he had emptied them into Jesse’s hole last night.

John looked at the two boys for over a minute. Both were breathing deep and slow, clearly happy and comfortable together. He’d wondered if they’d ever get around to acting on their obvious feelings for each other. His wife would have been happy for them. John felt his own dick rising. It took him back to the smouldering summer days of his 15th year with his own best friend. He smiled and backed out of the room, leaving his son and Jesse to slumber in blissful, naked peace for an hour or two longer.

On the wooden floor, streaks of dried Jesse cum sparkled in the summer heat.

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