During a sleepover, one boy allows himself to be electro-ejaculated for a bet

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It was sleepover at Zack’s house, and he and his five best buddies had the den at the top of the house completely to themselves. The evening was going well, and the boys were lounging around in their underwear chatting and chilling. Zack put on some music, and as usual, Aaron, Lucas and Ron were the first to leap up and start fooling around. Ron and Aaron started some goofy dancing, and as Ron started some kind of gyrating duck dance, everyone could see the effect of his penis flopping around inside his underwear.

All six of the boys had grown up together since elementary school, and they were inseparable friends. They were completely comfortable with each other, and regularly talked about guy stuff such as girls, wet dreams, fucking, and most importantly, jacking off. Although he was the shyest and gentlest in most ways, Ron knew he had the drop on the others in terms of his progress through puberty. He knew he’d reached it first, and he wasn’t ashamed for them to know it. In fact, he often boasted that he had the best jack-off “skillz” out of the group.

“Hey look, Ron is showing off again,” Zack said, to Max and Brandon. They looked over to Ron, who grinned, and exaggerated the thrusting motion of his dance to make his penis flop back and forwards more obviously inside his soft, brushed cotton boxers.

Zack walked over to a cardboard box in the corner, and after rummaging around, he returned with a small tube-shaped object made of metal and rubber. He was also carrying a remote control that had a couple of buttons on it.

“Hey Ron, if you’re such a big man, I dare you try this out,” Zack challenged. Ron stopped dancing and he walked over to see what the object was.

“What is it?” he asked.

“It’s a boner machine,” Zack replied. “From the farm.”

All of the boys gathered around now, acutely interested.

“A boner machine?” Ron asked. “What do you mean?”

“I mean it gives you a boner,” Zack replied flatly.

Ron looked closely at the device. It was seven inches long, and about the same radius as a popsicle. It was mostly made of plastic, with a couple of what looked like electrical contacts at the end. Further down the shaft, were two rubber rings that seemed inflatable. At the base was a grip and a small knob like an mobile phone antenna. He couldn’t see any possible way that it do what Zack claimed, so he called him on it.

“Bullshit Zack, there’s no way that’s gonna give anyone a boner.”

“Yeah it does Zack, and if you don’t believe me, we can bet on it.”

Zack’s counter bet put Ron in the position of having to defend himself.

“Okay, what do you wanna bet, and how are you gonna prove it?”

“How about your copy of Modern Warfare against my Assassin’s Creed?”

They were serious stakes. Neither boy would be able to replace the games if they lost. The pressure was on Ron.

“Okay then. So how are you gonna prove it?”

Zack smiled, “I’m not. You are. If I used it, you’d just say that I thought about something dirty and gave myself a boner, but if you use it, you know that there’s no cheating.”

Ron felt pretty nervous now. He was feeling like he’d been backed into a corner. Still, he was absolutely certain that he could control himself not to get a boner no matter what the machine did.

“Ooookay, you got it,” he answered hesitantly. “What do I have to do?”

Zack handed him the device and said,

“You’ve gotta shove this up your butt, with that nobbly bit outwards.” He indicated the antennae.

Ron immediately objected, “What! There’s no way I’m sticking anything up my butt. That’s really fucking gay.”

The other boys laughed and teased him, goading him onwards. He started to look a little queasy.

“Look dude,” Zack reasoned, “it’s only gay if you enjoy it. You’re just doing it for a bet, so it doesn’t count.”

“I don’t care, I’m not sticking anything up my butt,” Ron protested.

“Ahh, pussy,” Brandon taunted

“Fag,” Lucas added.

The other boys picked up the jibes and started chanting together,

“Pussy, pussy, pussy.”

Ron was feeling overwhelmingly pressured now, and he was afraid to lose face. He snatched the device and said, “Give it here then. I’ll do it. Now how do I do it?”

The other guys cheered him on,


Zack said, “It’s easy, just stick it in your butt and push it in as far as it can go.”

“Okay,” Ron acquiesced, but I’m not doing it here.”

He walked over to the air hockey table and crouched down behind it.  Then he dropped his pants, and tried to push the device into his hole. His hole was too tight and it wouldn’t go.

“It won’t go in,” he called from behind the table. The other boys snickered.

“Just push it,” Zack replied.

“I tried that, I can’t do it.”

“Look dude, it’s thinner than a turd, it’s got to go in. Maybe if you spit on the end?”

The boys heard Ron hawk up some spit, then they heard him grunting as he slowly forced the dildo-shaped device into himself.

“Uhhhh,” he groaned through tensed vocal chords. “Owww. Uhh uh uh.”

The guys laughed hysterically. After 30 seconds of grunting, Ron finally returned wearing his boxers. Zack frowned quizzically at him, and Ron turned sidewards. The guys could see the bulge in the seat of his pants where the last two inches of the device protruded. They snickered delighted. Ron kneeled down, keeping his thighs at right angles to the floor, bottom lifted high so that he didn’t have to sit on the device.

“What now?” he asked, mildly irritated at being manoeuvred into such a compromising act.

Zack got out the remote control.

“First I have to make sure it’s in the right place. When I press this button, the rubber rings will swell up, holding it in place.”

He pressed a button, and a look of alarm crossed Ron’s face, and he knelt rigidly upright, thrusting his hips forwards, his eyes wide with shock. His friend’s laughed at his reaction.

“Okay, now get ready.” Holding the remote in front of him where everybody could see, Zack pressed another button. Ron felt a powerful electrical tingling in his ass and balls. His penis instantly started to get hard, and within 5 seconds he was hard as a rock.

“Fuck, that was quick Ron,” Brandon said.

“Man, that must be some kinda world record,” Aaron added.

Because it had previously being hanging down the front of his loose cotton weave boxers, his penis didn’t have the freedom to rise up against his stomach, where it would naturally have risen to if it was unrestrained. Instead it forced its way up until all five and a half inches of it rested sidewards, facing to his left. The outline of his bulging glans was clear to see. Ron was pretty embarrassed. Although the guys had all seen each other naked on endless occasions, being seen with a boner was a first, and he was feeling really shy about it. He dropped his hands to cover himself up.

“No coversies,” Zack said, and two of the guys immediately grabbed his hands and pulled them away. Ron put up minimal resistance. Part of losing the bet, was allowing the others to see that Zack’s machine had given him a boner. He knelt there with arms held wide, and the outline of his hard dick pointing towards Aaron. He allowed himself to be displayed, but his face was flaring a lurid embarrassed red, and he was hoping that Zack would be satisfied and order him released soon.

Zack said, “You know this remote has got one more button Ron. Wanna find out what it does?”

“Not really,” Ron answered sullenly. He knew he was being a bad sport, but he was starting to feel really fucking stupid in front of his friends now.

“Oh well, you’re gonna find out anyway. It makes you cum. When I press it, these little lights light up one after the other, and when the orange one lights up, you’re gonna jizz in your boxers.”

Ron glowered at Zack now.

“Fuck you Zack, that wasn’t the bet. Don’t make me look like a total asshole.”

“Sorry,” Zack said, and pressed the last button. The lights started to light up, and Ron could feel a rapid intensification of sexual excitement growing in his balls, coupled with a strangely stimulating sensation deep in his butthole. He struggled for all he was worth to break free, but he had not loosened his friends’ grip at all when, after 5 seconds, the orange light lit up.

Everyone except him was looking at his groin. He felt a massive surge of energy from the device, and he tensed his stomach, thrust his groin forwards, and let out a high pitched grunt. To the watchers, other than his reaction, nothing had happened, but Ron could feel himself experiencing a powerful climax. Thick white cream started to ooze through the boxer material right over his dickhead. The spectators cheered.


“Well done Ronnie boy.”

“Nice one Ron.”

“Looks like you’ve jizzed yourself Ron!”

The creamy spunk was rapidly surrounded by a wet patch that grew even as they watched, quickly expanding to cover a palm-sized circle on the front of his black boxers.

Ron was mortified.

“Okay Zack, you’ve fucking made your point, can you guys let me go now. It looks like I’m going to need a shower and some clean boxers.”

“Yeahh,” Aaron said in humorous affirmation of the fact that Ron was now sticky with jizz. He let go of Ron’s arm, and Brandon did the same. They were all ragging on him, as he stood up, boner undiminished, and walked over to his former spot behind the air hockey table to remove the ejaculator from his ass. Although he had just epically lost his bet, and he was feeling pretty humiliated, now that he was free, he tried to take it in reasonable humour, giving a lopsided grin as walked away.

He knelt again, and lowered his soggy boxers. He could see that the front was slick with his adolescent cream. He reached behind his butt, and tried to pull the ejaculator from him, but the rubber rings held it tight.

He called to Zack, “Can you please turn this thing off now dude. I can’t get it out. Can you make it shrink again, or whatever you have to do.”

“I could do, but I think it would be more fun to make you spooge again.” With that, Zac pressed the ejaculator button and the 5 second cycle started again. Ron stood up from behind the air hockey table in a panic, and ran towards Zack to take the remote from him, but his boxers were still around his ankles, and he tripped over them. Leaving them behind, he clambered towards Zack on hands and feet as fast he could, his still intensely hard erection pressing up against his belly now that it was free of the confines of his boxers. He reached Zack and got both hands on Zack’s to wrestle the remote away from him, but just as he started to pull, another powerful orgasm rocked his body. Ropes of sperm spurted from his cock, landing on the varnished wood floor.

Everyone except Zack saw Ron ejaculating hard for the second time in as many minutes, his powerful spurts of jizz flying three feet from his dick.

“Oh my Goood,” Max drawled in his thick Canadian accent.

“Legend!” Brandon added.

For his part, the orgasm momentarily stopped Ron in his tracks, and he rolled onto his side gasping at its intensity. It gave Zack time to scoot away to safety across the room.

As soon as he was able to, Ron rose back onto his sock-covered feet, mindless of the considerable splashes of spooge that he had deposited on the floor. He was angry. This was way beyond a joke in his eyes. Zack was just making him look like a total choad now. He rose to his full 5 foot 4 height, and stood facing Zack in an aggressive gunslinger-like posture, not even bothering to cover himself. Zack was bigger and stronger, but he could sense Ron’s fury.

“Gimme that remote you asshole,” Ron demanded, walking across the room.

“Oooh,” Brandon said, ridiculing Ron’s rage.

“Look out Zack, he looks pretty pissed,” Aaron said.

Giggling, Zack quickly ran over, so that the air hockey table was between him and Ron. Ron advanced on him, but for every step one way that Ron made, Zack matched it in the opposite direction.

“You need to calm down Ron,” Zack said, and Ron answered him with a filthy scowl, trying ineffectively to lunch across the table. “Maybe if you shoot your wad, you might feel calmer?” He pressed the ejaculate button again.

“Awww no, Zack, you didn’t do it again?” Lucas asked laughing, and Zack nodded grinning, and playing to the other boys. Max chuckled hysterically, his voice made falsetto by the extent of his humour. The other three guys were all laughing too.

Ron was starting to look genuinely distressed. He knew that he couldn’t prevent another orgasm. He leaned on the air hockey table, bracing himself. His breathing was fast, somewhere between a grizzle and a pant. He was looking at his friend, his face screwed up in an expression of deep misery, imploring Zack wordlessly to realise how humiliating this had become.

Ron’s third orgasm in five minutes overtook him. His balls and prostate contracted simultaneously, squirting yet another impressive load. It spattered onto the side of the air hockey table, and ran down it in thick dribbles. Ron’s knees wobbled and collapsed in towards each other, dropping him to his knees, and he let out and wince of discomfort, “Ahhhow.”

His friends laughed riotously, but Ron wasn’t remotely amused. He supported himself on the side of the table, with his head hung down. He knew that there was nothing he could do to get the remote from Zack, and the ejaculator was too tightly lodged in his ass to pull out. He gave up trying to take the remote, and instead he shuffled over to the centre of the room feeling distraught. He sat on his heels, with his knees wide spread to relieve the pain on his balls. His bone was up tight against his stomach. The head was flared and engorged and shiny with cum.

Ron looked at Zack, his face desolate, tears forming in his eyes, and he begged from the heart, “Dude, enough now please. I’m feeling so fucking embarrassed in front of everyone right now. It’s not funny anymore – dude seriously, I’m begging you, you’re fucking me up. Please, please. No more.”

Everyone looked at him, and they could see that he was genuinely distressed, and it was clear that the game had already gone too far.

Brandon said, “Hey Zack, I think he’s had enough. You made your point dude.”

“Yeah man,” Lucas added, “don’t do it no more or his nuts are gonna explode or something!”

Zack said, “Awww okay, sure. Here you go Ron.”

He stepped out from behind the air hockey table and offered the remote to Ron. Just as Ron almost had his fingers on it, Zack pressed the ejaculate button one last time.

“Oops!” he said with a smirk.

Ron grabbed the remote, but he knew it was already too late. He wailed in anguish as the feeling in his prostate and testicles grew.


He covered his face with his left hand, tightly clutching the remote in the other hand. The fourth orgasm wracked him, and although there were just two small streamers of semen, they jetted from his body forcefully, rising 18 inches into the air as his testicles and prostrate powerfully contracted, forcing him to ejaculate. Ron clutched at his balls and whined in pain.


He burst into tears, overwhelmed.

“Ahhh huh huh huh.”

He rolled onto his side, his stomach tensed, then folded into the foetal position, and raised both arms, wrapping them around his head, crying his eyes out. His friends looked on with a mixture of concern and embarrassment.

Aaron said, “Oh shit, what d’you do it again for Zack? You could see he was already upset!”

“Yeah dude,” Brandon added, “you go too fucking far sometimes.”

Zack remained silent. He hadn’t expected Ron’s reaction, and now that the guys were having a dig at him, he was feeling pretty embarrassed, and his face flushed.

Aaron went over to Ron and crouched by him. He put his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Hey dude. Ron, are you okay?”

Ron was sobbing his heart out. His nuts hurt like he’d been kicked, and the base of his dick was aching fiercely. But it was his ego that had taken the most damage.

“I feel like such a fucking loser. It’s bad enough everyone seeing my boner. You know me – I’m kinda shy – but making me jizz any time you like just to burn me. How can I ever look anyone in the face again?”

Aaron tried to console him,

“Ron, it wasn’t your fault dude. It was a stupid joke, and it just went way too far.” He looked pointedly at Zack. “We should have stopped Zack after the first time, but we never realised how bad it was making you feel.”

“You guys are supposed to be my friends,” Ron moaned. His voice rose in pitch to a barely comprehensible falsetto through his sobbing. “Now I feel so fucking humiliated.”

Brandon had come over and joined them, and he was crouching in front of Ron’s face.

“Hey Ron, I’m so sorry man. We’re the ones that should be humiliated. I can’t believe we let it go that far and we never saw what it was doing to you. Dude, we’re such douchebags.”

Ron looked at him through teary, distressed eyes. Pointing towards Ron’s butt, Brandon said, “Hey dude, let’s get that fucking thing out of you huh?”

Ron gave a small nod.

“Here, give me the remote, I’ll turn it off,” Brandon said. Ron’s eye’s widened and he clutched the remote more tightly.

Brandon said, “Hey Ron, no problem. I don’t blame you dude. You do it then okay?” He turned to Zack and said, “Zack, what does he have to press to turn this thing off?”

Zack was watching with a look of deep consternation on his face. His objective had been to embarrass his friend, not to destroy him. He said, “Press the red button to make his boner go, then press the middle button to unlock it. Wait a couple of seconds, then you can pull it out.”

Brandon turned back to Ron – did you get that Ron?” he asked. Ron nodded, and carefully shielding the remote from any potential attempt to snatch it from him, he pressed the red button, then the middle one. He immediately felt the rubber rings contracting, freeing him to remove the device. He reached behind himself and gingerly retracted it a little. When it was clear that he could do so safely, he pulled it all the way out, and hurled it across the room angrily, then he rose to his feet, dropped the remote to the floor, and stomped on it repeatedly until it was smashed, his erection still bouncing in front of him. As he stomped, he cursed at it with genuine vitriol.

“I hate you. I fucking hate you. Fucking, fucking, fucking stupid thing. I fucking hate you.”

The guys all watched in amazement. Although Ron was destroying an expensive piece of equipment, Zack didn’t dare to say anything because he knew that really he was the one that really deserved Ron’s anger. As Ron finished stomping, he suddenly seemed to become aware of his nudity. He covered himself with his hands.

Max looked at the wreckage of the remote, and with a wry laugh he said, “Oh crap Ron, I think you killed it. Look, you smashed the shit out of it!”

Ron stood looking down at the remote angrily, tears still in his eyes.

Looking up from where he was still crouched, Aaron said, “Dude, I don’t think you need to worry about that any more. It’s about as smashed as it could get, unless you run it through the garbage disposal.” He paused, then with a wry grin he said, “We could take it downstairs and run it through the garbage disposal if that would make you feel better?”

Ron looked at him, and a smirk forced its way onto his face.

“Nah, I don’t think I need to go that far. Motherfucking thing is dead.” He turned to Zack.

“I hope it costs you a year’s allowance you asshole.”

Zack looked thoroughly contrite.

“Dude, I’m sooo fucking sorry. I’m so totally an asshole.”

“Fucking totally,” Ron agreed.

Zack turned and picked up Ron’s boxers, and handed them to him. Ron took them from him, and pulled them on immediately, mindless of the slime that still coated the inside.

“How long’s this going to last?” he demanded, pointing at the outline of his undiminished boner in his shorts.

“I don’t know dude.” Zack admitted.

“Well it better go soon, or I’m fucking you with it,” Ron said.



    • LockedBetaBoi-
    • 9th August 2019 at 12:57 am-
    • Reply

    This is by far one of your best stories. I’m curious as to whether changing the ending to include Ron’s revenge would make it better or take away from the story. If you’re interested, I’d love to see how you’d make a revenge part. Thanks so much for all the stories you make!

    • Funny how some stories work better for people than others. Nobody else has even mentioned this story, but it was high on my faves for a long time, not least because I knew the boys in a while back, and had a crush on Ron. TGH, Ron is not a vindictive person so he’s more likely to withdraw than take revenge on anyone once he’s calmed down from the heat of the moment. The story was not intended to be spiteful, so much as young guys getting carried away, so a dark revenge theme would spoil the original mood. Thanks for your comments!

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