School surprise

Tom moves to America, where forced masturbation is the law.

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School surprise

Tom unlocked the door to his home and walked through. He threw his backpack to the floor by the door making more noise than was necessary.

His mother’s voice came from the utility room.

“Hey Tom, you home?”


He was still furious with her.

“Are you okay honey?” she asked, coming through the door and into the hallway.

“Of course I’m fucking not!”

It was language he would never dream of using with his mother normally but he had been furious all day and he felt completely justified.

“Darling let’s talk about it. It’s the law.”

“It’s fucked up. You should have told me in advance.”

They were going over the same argument they’d had when Tom called her in a rage that morning.

“I didn’t want to worry you. You have to have it done, and I thought that at least you wouldn’t have the worry in advance.”

“You betrayed me. I don’t want to talk to you again. It’s sick.”

With that, Tom stomped up the stairs to his room, and slammed the door emphatically shut behind him. His asshole still felt weird. He pushed his dresser in front of the door to prevent his mother barging in, put headphones on and cranked up his music full blast.


Nine hours earlier

Tom clambered into the small MPV and sat down in the only available seat. To his side sat a girl he didn’t know, while sitting in seats opposite, their backs to the driver were Laurie and Caitlin Riggs, the daughters of his next door neighbours. At 17 Laurie and girl to his right were two years older than him, whilst Caitlin was a year younger than he was.

“This is Zoe. Zoe this is Tom. He just moved here from Canada.” Laurie said.

Tom turned and smiled at the girl.

“Hi Zoe.”

“Hi Tom, good to meet you.”

She returned the smile.

This was the first day of the Autumn semester, and for Tom his first day at Brailey High. His father was an industrial chemist and his family had migrated down from Canada to follow a new job placement.

Tom was apprehensive about attending a new school. Initially he felt resentful about being forced to leave his old life and friendships he’d spent years building. But they had moved to a great rural neighbourhood, the girls seemed really cool, and at least he could still stay in touch with his friends via the internet.  The thing that really started to make a difference was when he discovered that the school had a decent basketball team. It was his passion and he planned to try out for the squad as soon as possible.

Tom glanced past the girls to the front cabin of the van. Mrs Riggs was in the driver’s seat. She looked over her shoulder.

“All set?” she asked.

Laurie looked around, her sister, the other girl and Tom were all seat belted in.

“Sure mom, let’s go.”

Mrs Riggs smiled broadly.

“Okay. Enjoy the journey everybody.”

Tom thought at the time that it was a strange comment to make. They were only going to school. 20 minutes. Not some epic trip through the wilds of Africa! Later he realised he should have listened to his instincts, although in retrospect, he wondered if there had been any possibility of escape even from the first moment he sat down.

A visor window rose between Mrs Riggs and the rear part of the van’s cabin. Yet more strangeness.


“So this is your first time in an MV huh Tom?” Laurie asked.

Tom furrowed his brows.

“An MV?”

“You don’t what an MV is? Oh damn, you are in for SUCH a surprise!” Caitlin said.

Laurie and the other girl exchanged a glance. The other girl smirked.

“What? What!” Tom asked, noticing the expression. “What’s an MV?”

He was already mildly uncomfortable surrounded by so much oestrogen, but now their little secret exchange was heightening his unease.

“If your dad didn’t tell you I guess he wanted it to be a surprise. You’ll find out soon enough.”

Now Tom was becoming irritated. He hated secrets and he especially hated being left out. He had a feeling that something bad was going to happen but he couldn’t tell what. He looked at Laurie, scowling slightly at her rudeness, but trying desperately to play it cool in spite of the blatant smirks on the faces of the other two girls now.


Suddenly the light in the cabin changed. The windows were gradually darkening, hiding the occupants from outside view. Tom was momentarily impressed, then he realised that this was probably the start of whatever Laurie had alluded to. His anxiety started to climb rapidly and he swallowed heavily. To his surprise, panels opened all over the roof and walls and small rubber hands extended on the end of long hose-like arms. Tom retreated away from the wall but two arms followed him. One gripped his wrist. He tried to fight it off with his other hand, but another arm simply grabbed that wrist as well. Two arms from the roof grabbed his ankles.

He looked at the girls in a panic, and they were being similarly restrained, but all three were simply sitting calmly allowing it to happen.

“What the hell!” Tom said, trying to squirm free.

“No point trying to break free,” Zoe said. “You can’t, and even if you could, you’d just get forced at school.”

Tom was wriggling, struggling pointlessly to break free as his shoes and socks were removed by more arms.

“Forced to do what?!”

“To be jacked off,” Caitlin said, gleeful to impart the bad news.

Tom’s hoody and T shirt were being pulled over his head. The second they cleared his face he said, “To do what!!”

This time it was not a question.

“I guess they don’t have compulsory masturbation in Canada,” Zoe commented to Laurie.

“What do you mean ‘compulsory masturbation?!” Tom demanded, his voice becoming increasingly hysterical as his school trousers were pulled down, leaving him in nothing but sports boxers. His trousers joined the rest of his clothes in panels in the floor.

Laurie explained.

“They found out that most juvenile crime is committed by kids who are horny. So they brought in a law that all kids have to be masturbated every day.”

Tom’s eyes were as wide as jam jar lids.

“You’re fucking kidding me!” he said, any effort to be polite now gone.

“No, it’s the law,” Zoe said.

“It’s actually really nice once you get over the weirdness,” Laurie added.

The arms pulled her bra off. Tom couldn’t help but look at her breasts. They were decent for her age. A nice handful. Not too big and… He stopped himself in his tracks.

“I don’t fucking want this. It can’t be legal.”

He started shouting at the glass panel that divided him from Mrs Riggs in the driving seat.

“Let me out. Let me out. Stop this thing!”

Mrs Riggs voice came over an intercom.

“I’m sorry Tom but your parents already agreed to it, and it IS the law.”

Tom was shocked. His parents KNEW and they didn’t even warn him. His surprise turned to anger. He struggled with all his strength.

“I didn’t agree,” he shouted, emphasising the word “I”. “Fucking let me go NOW!”

“I’m sorry Tom, just relax and enjoy it.”

The machine pulled his boxers down and his penis bounced free; brown, shrivelled, with a long foreskin and cooched up nuts.

“No, no, nooooo!” Tom screamed, no longer talking to anyone specific.

“See, told you he’d be uncut. They don’t do it in Canada,” Laurie said to Zoe.

Mrs Riggs heard her daughter and glanced over her shoulder at him. She smiled at his nudity. She’d seen numerous teen boys in her van – her daughters’ young friends. Most had smaller penises than they would have liked. At least Tom had a foreskin to make him look bigger but his penis was boy-thin. For a moment she pondered why boys never cared about the size of their testicles. Visibility, she concluded.

Tom twisted and turned in a desperate and futile effort to restore his modesty. Two hands gripped the back of his knees and pulled his legs wide apart, lifting at the same time until he was laying back on his shoulders. As his ass rose, the rear of the seat reclined. When the two hands finally stopped lifting, Tom looked as though he were at a gynaecologist’s office posed ready for an exam. It was a humiliating, his junk lifted and exposed for all to see.

He looked at Mrs Riggs. She was still intermittently watching, glancing at him in the internal mirror. It was extremely unlikely, but she wanted to make sure he didn’t injure himself struggling. There had been cases of boys dislocating their shoulders when the policy was first introduced.

Tom literally snarled at her in his anger. It would be terrifying if he was free to get at her, but she’d seen it before and he was no danger for now.

Tom looked back at Laurie, on the verge of tears.

“This is so fucking wrong. What’s this fucking thing going to do?”

“It’s just going to jack you off, that’s all.”

He pulled an expression like someone had smeared shit on his top lip.

“Here, in front of everyone?”

“It’s just easier on the way to school, that way mom knows we’ve been done. If we don’t get masturbated each day she could be sent to prison.”

Tom was trying to wrap his head around the information he was receiving. It seemed insane. How could any modern society force their children to get masturbated in public?

“But what’s the point? I’ll never get a boner.”

Caitlin grinned.

“The boys all say that but they always do. ALWAYS.”

Tom felt queasy now, like he’d slipped into an alternate reality; a dream world where he was forcibly jacked off in front of girls he barely knew. His face was glowing, burning purple with humiliation and anger. He looked at Laurie, his own small, soft genitals between them. He couldn’t blame her. It wasn’t her fault. She was as naked as he was.

One of the hands stuck out its index finger. The surface looked slippery. The finger approached the front Laurie’s smooth pussy. It slowly twisted and entered her. She squirmed and a grin appeared on her face.

“Oooh,” she sighed happily. “Might as well enjoy it Tom. It’s happening whether you do or not.”

He stared at her like she was insane as the finger started to twist inside her.

A hand gripped his penis between two fingers and drew the skin back from his foreskin, then another lightly gripped his shaft just be low the glans. The original hand lightly gripped his glans from the top, holding it between the thumb and first two fingers. They started rotating back and forth in a circular motion, diddling his helmet. They were slimy, obviously coated in lubricant. He felt little tingles of excitement shooting down his cock despite himself, but he was determined not to allow his body to respond.

He glowered at Laurie and Caitlin. They were both looking at the hands working on his prick.

“Do you have to look at me?” he demanded sulkily.

“Why not. Might as well enjoy the view. You can watch us too.”

“I don’t want to watch. This is sick.”

“Whatever. America has been a lot better since it started. Hardly any fights at school, much less crime. Kids even do less drugs.”

Tom had given up struggling. He was exhausted, bathed in sweat from his exertions. He felt as powerless as a two year old in his father’s arms. He reclined with his ass in the air, legs spread wide as the machine worked on him.

“Anyway, you’re cute. I’m looking forwards to seeing how big your boner is,” Laurie said.

Tom looked at her sharply. There was a glint of humour in her eye.

Caitlin was looking intently at his small brown cock getting worked over. His nut sack formed an almost perfect sphere, deeply grooved with a thick seam bisecting it.

“Do you fucking MIND?!” he said, glaring at her.

She grinned widely.

“No not at all.”

She turned to her sister.

“I win. I get to use the shower first for a month.”

Tom asked a question he was afraid to learn the answer to.

“Win what?”

She turned back to him.

“Oh we had a bet how long your dick would be. Laurie said four inches. I said less than 3.”

Tom’s mouth opened and shut. He didn’t know what to say. He blushed bright. He knew he wasn’t all that big, especially when he was cold or as now, nervous. But it wasn’t something that others got to witness. Until now. There didn’t seem to be any comeback that would regain his lost dignity, so he gave up and shut his mouth.

He looked down at Caitlin. She was also smooth. He wondered if she and her sister were late bloomers, then he correctly guessed that it was more comfortable and sensual to be masturbated if they were smooth. A finger was stroking her vulva, the tip moving up and down as though patting a gerbil on the head. She was pushing her hips forwards to increase the pressure.

Tom looked away, annoyed at his weakness. How could he demand privacy if he didn’t show it?

At least he wasn’t getting a boner.

Another hand joined the two that were already working on him, and its index finger started to tickle his fraenulum using much the same motion that was being used on Caitlin’s pussy. To his dismay, it had an instant effect. The tingling intensified and went straight down the back of his shaft to his balls. He gasped out loud, then gulped at the pleasure that suddenly filled his groin.

“Here it comes,” Caitlin said.

Tom looked at her with a frown, assuming for just a moment that she meant her own orgasm. Then he felt his penis rapidly hardening. He looked at his stiffening shaft with dismay.

“Haven’t you got anything better to do?” he said with annoyance, then instantly regretted it.

She gave him a look that was like something you’d give to a child after they’d just said something particularly stupid. ‘Why are your eyes in the front of your head not in the bottom of your feet?’ It was a mixture of contempt, and condescending humour.

“Oh no, um, course you don’t,” he muttered, embarrassed at his own stupidity now.

And now his dick was hard; root achingly hard. It felt as though it was trying to burst out of its own skin. Tom heard a voice from beside him.

“Boys always get so hard when they’re in the wank bus. I wish Elijah got that hard for me,” Zoe commented.

“It’s the hands, they’re experts. You should watch what they do. Maybe you could copy them,” Laurie.

“Well I tried sticking my finger in his butt. He liked that.”

Caitlin laughed, a child hearing a conversation intended just for adults.

“Don’t you dare tell anyone that!”  Zoe chided.

All three girls were being fingered, yet they were chatting away as though this was nothing more strange than sitting in adjacent chairs at the hair salon. Tom wasn’t really listening though. As soon as Zoe mentioned sticking a finger in her boyfriend’s butt, he started to worry. He didn’t dare to ask in case he didn’t like what he heard.

His dick head was a deep crimson, verging on purple, its colour the result of extreme arousal and too many hard wanking sessions in his bedroom. It was shiny, slimy with precum. His glans topped his slender penis like a large purple button, larger, juicy looking, almost good enough to eat. Where his brown shaft met his body there was a small neat patch of pubic hair, not particularly thick, nor long enough to have much curl.


One of the hands gripped his nuts in a fist, teasing them away from his body, then encircling the root of his sack with a finger and thumb to keep them there. Then it started tugging at them, twisting and working the nuts in its fist like his sack was a rubber grip strengthener. It sent shivers around his groin. He would never have thought that having his nuts lightly squeezed could feel so good.

He couldn’t help himself, he started to gasp. His eyes met Laurie’s and she smiled at him kindly. He was gasping like he’d just jumped into a cold swimming pool but it was pleasure that elicited his gasps not discomfort. He looked away, embarrassed, but everywhere his eyes fell there was sexual activity. He could see that two hands were tweaking at her nipples, and the finger between her legs was joined now by another, and they were twisting inside her pussy.

She looked at his face. His stiff cock stood between them. A little less than five inches, and skinny. Cute. His expression was adorable, mouth gaping, brows raised, shocked at how good his body could be made to feel in public.

He felt a slimy finger sliding down the line of his raph, following his seam along the back of his cock, across his tight sack, following his gooch towards his smooth asshole. It was like watching with dread at the inevitable as someone in a horror movie walked towards some hidden beast that would soon devour them. Then the finger touched his hole. His entire body tensed. The finger wiggled, pressing, forcing his sphincter to admit it. He pushed against it, afraid if he pushed much harder that he would fart or worse. But it was heedless of his efforts and mindless of his macho squeamishness about anything entering his rear. It slipped into him and his entire body tensed as it penetrated him.

Caitlin laughed.

“Why do boys always do that the first few times?”

“Oh you know,” her sister said, “they like to be the ones doing the fucking, not getting fucked.”

The finger started to pump in and out of his hole. Tom let out a long series of strangled groans, more out of the futile effort of resistance than from any discomfort. In fact – and this was the worst part – his body was really enjoying being fucked.

He looked away from the girls. He felt shame at the pleasure emanating from his hole. He was a guy. Guys weren’t supposed to enjoy getting their holes reamed! He looked up at the ceiling. In his reclining position it was the only place he could look for long without getting a neck ache.

Another hand joined the ones working on his cock. It started lightly stroking the top of his glans. He’d only tried touching the skin of his glans directly a couple of times during masturbation. Thanks to his foreskin, the exposed skin was insanely sensitive and he quickly found that the sensations it produced were unbearably intense. He’d never thought of using lube to ease the friction, and it definitely helped, but even so, feeling the rubber finger tips sliding directly over his glans was almost more than he could bear. He squirmed, trying to move his groin away, but he could only move so far, and the hands working on his body moved effortlessly with him.

“Uhhh h… h… huuuh…”

He let out a series of shuddering groans as his cock was deliciously tormented.

Suddenly without warning, he came hard. His virgin cock fired off five massive volleys of cum towards his head. They launched high into the air. The first arced through the air and hit the seat behind him. The second hit his head leaving sticky semi opaque trails festooned in his spiked hair like party trailers. Each trail fell a little lower. The third hit him on the cheek, the fourth landed high on his chest, and the final shot landed just a little lower, just above the curve of his lean belly. Then it was over. Like a faucet being turned off. There was none of the feeble trailing off that usually marked the conclusion of his ejaculations; just five gargantuan volleys then no more. It was almost like his body wanted to divest itself of cum in the fastest way possible.

Tom’s whole body was rocked with pleasure and he couldn’t suppress a grunt of elation as he came. He felt the cum hit his face. For a fraction of a second he felt disgust, only too aware that the girls could all see him jizzing on himself, but then the third pump wiped his mind of focussed thought and he was back in the tide of his most powerful ever ejaculation.

In spite of his anger at being forcibly masturbated, there was something crazily erotic about being jacked off in public. It was not something his conscious mind would have sought in a trillion years, but his libido didn’t care about his conscious desires. It was wired into the primate brain that wanted to show his genitals to every female in the tribe and spread his seed as widely as possible.

He lay still for a minute whilst the blinding power of the orgasm gradually subsided. He felt overwhelmed by its intensity, and although he knew exactly where he was, he was in no rush to restore his focus to the van he was sitting in or its occupants. A part of him knew that held only humiliation and self loathing.

To the corner, Caitlin was doing her own erotic dance, triggered by the sight of Tom’s unwanted orgasm and the fingers that were expertly working inside her.

After a minute, Tom breathed heavily as the massive surge receded, leaving his senses to resume their normal operation. He blinked several times, shocked at the power of his orgasm. Under other circumstances, he would have paid three month’s allowance for that kind of orgasm. More maybe. Six months even.

He knew he couldn’t pretend what had just happened had not just happened. He slowly bent his neck, looking past his still hard cock at Laurie. His face was a picture of self disgust at his weakness coloured purple once again. So much for not getting hard. So much for his self control. His body was just a toy to be played with. His cock could be made hard and forced to spit at this machine’s will and there was nothing he could do about it.

Laurie smiled at him kindly.

“Admit it, that felt good,” she said.

She was not gloating or rubbing it in. It was a simple statement of undeniable fact.

Tom stared at her, emotional again. Disgusted that his body had betrayed him. He could feel the jizz trickling down his face, and a pool had formed on his solar plexus which was the lowest point due to his inclined position.

He didn’t answer her. He didn’t trust his voice not to crack, and it wasn’t her fault that he had just been force-milked.


The hands between his legs continued working. His nuts were still being pumped like a nervous man working a stress ball before a big interview. Even now that the orgasm had passed, that felt strangely pleasurable. Almost like his cum glands were being massaged. He didn’t even know if he HAD cum glands exactly, but it still felt like… like… suddenly an image popped into his mind. A photographic air blower. A small hollow rubber ball that you pumped to blow air off camera lenses or keyboards. That was EXACTLY how his nuts felt. Like the hand was pumping them, sending the jizz somewhere else.


“You shouldn’t feel bad about coming Tom. It ALWAYS works. No boy or girl has ever managed to resist.”

He looked at her silently, his rigid member still standing between them like a thumbs up, confirming her words.

Eventually he said quietly, “So now what. When does it stop?”

“It depends how long it takes to empty your nuts.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well the whole…”

She stopped mid sentence and started grinding and moaning, thrusting her groin towards the hands that were fucking her. It was clear to Tom that she was experiencing her own powerful orgasm, and a few seconds after she began, she was joined by Zoe to Tom’s right. Stereo orgasms. It was as erotic as it was disturbing, and in spite of himself, Tom felt his sexual excitement rising again already.

The hand that was stroking his glans changed shape, forming a ring between its index finger and thumb, then it began quickly jacking up and down, lightly brushing the corona of his glans. He gasped, but this time he didn’t lean back. He realised that Laurie was staring intensely at his groin as she came, and he correctly intuited that she was using the sight of him to fuel her sexual fantasy.

He allowed his gaze to drop from her face to her groin. Her fat pussy lips were rippling as they adjusted to the two fingers thrust deep inside her. Sticky liquid squelched around the fingers.

He couldn’t help himself; Tom imagined what it would be like if it was the head of his cock inside those wet, meaty lips. He wouldn’t thrust too deep, just the head, then he’d twist and turn, see if he could drive her crazy like that. Then he’d push all the way in. He’d feel the warmth of her pussy surrounding his skinny cock. It would feel… It would feel…


Suddenly the hand on his nuts started pulling them. Hard enough to cause light pain. Twisting them in its fist, the finger and thumb still encircling the neck. And the finger in his asshole was pounding him now. Not just lightly pushing in and out, but banging him like he imagined banging Laurie. The hand on his cock was whizzing up and down, jacking his head with a mechanical speed that Tom would never have been able to maintain.

And then he was coming again, launching his boy-cum onto his body and pubes in a series of staccato spurts that spun in the air like short pieces of glistening string, landing on his chest and belly as his body was forced once again to give up its seed.

All three girls watched him ejaculating for the second time, as they enjoyed their first orgasms. Laurie smiled at him, knowing that she had been the cause of his second orgasm.



Fifteen minutes later, the car pulled up in the school car park. There were forty other MPVs of various models parked, all with darkened windows.

The hands released Tom and the girls, gently depositing them back in their seats. Tom had cum seven times in twenty minutes and now his nuts felt utterly exhausted, drained completely. Nozzles in the back of the car sprayed warm mildly soapy water, turning the cabin into a mixture of a sauna and a shower. The girls washed themselves down, and Tom watched resentfully, his arms crossed over his body, refusing to participate.

“You don’t have to, but you’ll feel better if you do. You don’t want to stink of sweat or jizz all day do you?”

Grudgingly he washed himself, cleaning under his arms and around his groin, taking particular care to wash the jizz from his face and body.

“There’s some in your hair,” Laurie said, leaning forwards and pointing.

Tom scrubbed at the area she indicated. Zoe reached forwards and rubbed further back.

“There,” she clarified.

He gave her a wan grin, both grateful but kind of disgusted. The last thing he needed was to spend his first day at a new school walking around with jizz in his hair.

The nozzles turned off and towels emerged from wall panels. Tom and the girls dried off thoroughly, whilst the water was replaced with warm air. Caitlin pressed a panel and it slid back to reveal a mirror and cosmetics. She handed Tom a comb and a bottle of gel.

“Your mom thought you might want this.”

He took it gratefully. At least he wouldn’t spend the day LOOKING like someone who’d just been raped.

Their clothes emerged and Tom dressed. As he pulled up his pants, he noted with disdain that his drained genitals looked tiny now, dangling down like something a middle schooler might have.

As they dressed, Mrs Riggs busied herself in the front, listening to the radio, playing with her phone. Eventually all four teens were dressed and ready for their first day of the semester.

“See ya later mom, thanks for the ride,” Laurie said.

“Yes thanks Mrs Riggs,” Zoe said.

Mrs Riggs turned and smiled.

“You’re welcome girls. Don’t forget to get your bags out of the trunk.”

She looked at Tom. He was quiet and withdrawn.

“Tom, honey, I know this was a shock, but you’ll get used to it soon enough. The kids really enjoy it now don’t you girls?”

The girls nodded and smiled their agreement.

Tom looked at her, too drained to be angry. Without a word, he climbed out of the van. His asshole felt like it was wide open and his nuts felt like someone had used them as a punch bag.

Caitlin walked to the driver’s side window and kissed her mother. Meanwhile Laurie draped an arm around Tom’s shoulder.

“Come on Tom, no more surprises I promise. Let’s take you to the office so you can find out where your homeroom is.”

He got his backpack from the back and looked around the parking lot. Dozens of other teens were slowly clambering out of their vehicles, all subdued, all showered, and every one of the boys all freshly drained.

“This is a fucking weird place,” Tom thought to himself.


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