Punishment on Draconis 3

Five teenagers discover that living on an alien planet gives the authorities new and creative ways of punishing them.

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 Punishment on Draconis 3

Five boys stood huddled against the 30 meter Perspex wall. Just meters away on the other side of the wall, dozens of spectators had assembled to watch. In the air, were numerous camera drones that could rapidly buzz around to catch the action from every conceivable angle.

In the commentary box, two men watched the action from multiple close up camera feeds. One of them spoke.

“Those boys are looking pretty nervous Steven.”

“And so they should be John. They’re just seconds away from receiving their just punishment. Sexual assault is a serious crime, and it won’t be tolerated anywhere on Draconis 3.”

“What do you think about arguments that simply having sex with a consenting girl of the same age should not be a crime?”

“It’s bullshit John! Pregnancy is a serious commitment, and girls under 21 are not ready for it. I don’t care how young these teenagers are, if they do the crime, they must take the punishment.”

“Still, I can’t help feeling sorry for the little guy. What’s his name?”


“Yes, Logan. I mean, he’s only 12, and he didn’t even have sex with anyone at that party. He just watched his brother.”

“Well, he was unlucky, but you know the law – if you’re present during the crime and you don’t report it, you’re considered just as guilty. Still, I agree, it is unfortunate.”

“I think that this is going to be hardest on him. I doubt if he’s even old enough to ejaculate yet.”

“Well if that’s the case, he’s going to be in for a rough time. The sperm worms are remorseless, and they’ll suck his little worm until it’s raw.”


In the arena, there was a seventeen year old, two fifteen year olds, a fourteen year old, and twelve year old Logan. All of the boys were naked. They were waiting for their punishment to begin. On Draconis 3 it was considered that the punishment should fit the crime. They had violated four teenage girls, and now they were to be publicly violated live on public television.


In the worm nest were over a dozen eager sperm worm families – perhaps as many as 100 worms in total. Sperm worms were creatures that collected the DNA of other species as part of their reproduction process. By far the most efficient way to harvest it, was by sucking sperm directly from their victims, and they were very good at it. Sperm worms functioned using a telepathic hive mind, which meant that every piece of information learned, was instantly understood by all the others. Over the hundreds of years that the worms had been encountering humans, they had learned where the males stored their seed, how best to retrieve it, and how best to stimulate the males so that they would produce more.


A siren sounded and a panel opened in the far wall. A roiling mass of multi-segmented sperm worms slowly slithered into the dusty pen. The boys watched them horrified. The worms ranged in size from one to six inches in diameter, and ten to thirty feet long. They slowly covered the 50 metres from the panel to the boys. The boys knew that the worms wanted their seed, and each had one or both hands covering his groin. Logan stood at the left end of the group with his fifteen year old brother Michael. Michael had one arm wrapped protectively around his little brother’s shoulder. Logan pressed close, terrified. He was too young to be allowed to watch previous worm punishments on holocast, so he only had a vague idea what to expect, but the exaggerated stories he’d heard at school were horrific.

“Keep your butt pressed against the glass,” his brother warned, and Logan stood beside his big brother, his pale bottom spread against the glass, doing exactly what he was told to. The other boys were also doing likewise, and staying close to each other so that the worms could not pick an easy target to attack. On the other side of the Perspex, the audience was laughing at the boy’s attempts to protect themselves. Watching five young bottoms spread against the glass was comical enough, but what made it particularly amusing was the fact that EVERY person sentenced to the arena, tried exactly the same thing, and it had never yet saved a single one.


The worms operated in families of between 6 and 12 creatures. They approached the boys and without hesitation went straight for their groins. The boys tried to fight them off with their free hands, keeping their privates covered tightly with one hand, but the worms were powerful and persistent.


Jack was the first to get caught out. He was second from the end furthest from Logan and he was being simultaneously assaulted by four worms. A small one was trying to work its way under his hand, and a large one was entwining around the same arm. Meanwhile two more were sliding up the inside of his legs. He tried to close his legs to interrupt their progress, but they forced his legs implacably open. The thick worm around his arm tensed and pulled his arm away from his privates. He reached out with his other arm to push the creature off him.

“Oh, looks like the worms are about to get their first victim Steven. Jack has made a big mistake taking both hands away from his groin!”

The second Jack’s groin was exposed, the small worm went straight for the boy’s shrunken penis. Its maw opened in three parts, revealing hundreds of soft villi – fleshy, centimetre long, finger-like protrusions that waved and strained to touch the boy’s penis. It closed its maw around his penis, and Jack immediately realised his mistake and switched his focus back to his penis. He was shocked to feel that the villi had already peeled back his foreskin, and it took less than two seconds! He gripped the neck of the slender worm but it was muscular and covered in clear mucous, and his hand slid along its body. Meanwhile, one of the worms sliding up his leg, detected his distraction and immediately clamped onto his scrotum with its own warm maw.

“Uh oh, that big one’s got the kid’s testicles. Once they do that, it’s all over.”

“What do you mean by that Steven?”

“Well, you can sometimes pull them off your penis once they start sucking on it. Your penis is pretty tough, but with your testicles, it’s pretty much impossible. If you pull, they swallow down on them, and it gets very painful. The more you pull, the harder they squeeze.”

“Sounds uncomfortable Steven. Is there anything Jack can do?”

“Nah, I don’ think so. Probably his best bet is just relax and let them have their way with him now. At least that way, he won’t get injured.”


Jack was in shock, and he didn’t know where to focus his attention. His dick head was being licked, for want of a better word, by dozens of warm, slimy villi, and he could feel himself rapidly hardening. Suddenly he saw flashes of white-blue light inside the head of the worm holding his penis, closely followed by the one that had his testicles.

He gasped, “Ahhhh,” and his legs weakened at the intense pleasure.


“Looks like Jack is getting zapped. You were right, it really is all over for him now. Why don’t you talk us through what’s happening to him Steven.”

“Sure John. Well the worm is basically zapping him with bio-electric shocks, very much like a terrestrial electric eel, but instead of hurting him, the current is perfectly modulated to arouse him. Once this starts, most victims quickly lose their capacity to fight back.”

“And what will he be feeling right now Steven?”

“Well, I’ve never experienced it myself John, but I’m told that it feels like a gentle tingling vibration in every millimetre of his testicles and glans, that instantly makes a man feel as though he’s on the verge of an intense orgasm.”

“It sounds quite pleasant Steven. How is this a punishment?”

“Right now, it undoubtedly feels intensely pleasurable, and I daresay Jack is already experiencing his first orgasm as we speak, but you need to consider two things: in the first place, it’s happening on global television, which I imagine Jack is somewhat self-conscious about, and secondly, it’s only his first orgasm. The worms need to keep him at that level of intense arousal for ten or fifteen minutes at a time in order for him to ejaculate, so by the time he’s on his fifth or sixth orgasm, the feeling is usually so intense that it reduces even hardened space marines, if you’ll pardon the pun, to tears of frustration. I imagine it will be something that a fifteen year old lad like Jack will remember for the rest of his life.”


Jack had lost all his strength as the stimulation in his nuts and prick drove him wild. The other worm between his legs slid up behind, parting his butt cheeks. It was three inches thick, and it placed its bullet-shaped head against his anus. He felt it there, and clenched feebly, but the worm wriggled and pushed until it had worked a couple of centimetres into the boy’s hole. Jack could feel his ring spreading slowly, then the worm smoothly and powerful drove up into him. His ring burned as the worm stretched it wide. Jack could feel it filling his bowels, and then immediately, the same tingling. He ejaculated immediately and powerfully, and the worm on his dick suckled his semen down hungrily. When there was nothing else pumping from the boy’s penis, the worm released him and fell to the dust, and the boy’s rock hard penis bounced up towards his belly, sticky with worm mucous. Another worm immediately took the first one’s place.

“Oh boy, they’re double teaming him. They aren’t going to give him a second to recover are they Steven?”

“Actually John, they are. The worms somehow perfectly understand the refractory time of each victim – that’s how long it takes before he’s ready to, um, make another donation. We don’t know how they know it; they just do. That second worm is just getting ready. They work as a family, and each worm takes a turn.”

“That seems very, erm, fair of them Steven.”

“It’s not fair, so much as co-operative John. The worms’ objective is to collect as much different DNA as possible. As soon as one has finished, another member of the family will get into position ready for their turn.”

“I see. So what’s to stop the boy from simply running away whilst they’re waiting for him to recharge?”

“Good question. The small tendrils in their mouths exude a chemical that is absorbed through the victim’s skin. It acts somewhat like a paralysing agent, but instead of stopping his body from moving, it simply interrupts the connection from his conscious mind and his limbs. I imagine by now Jack is pretty much incapable of resisting.”

“Gosh, that sounds frighteningly efficient. So how long will they keep draining his reproductive juices Steven?”

“Well, these boys are scheduled for 24 hours, but if we didn’t get in and rescue them, the worms would continue until every one of them had harvested the boy’s seed.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad. There’s only about eight in that family. I don’t know about now, but in my younger days, I could manage eight times in a day!”

“No, not the family John; the entire group.”

“But there must be over 50 worms down there Steven. They couldn’t all get a sample!”

“There’s 76, but they can be very persuasive John. There have been cases where people have stumbled into wild nests, and been literally milked to death. I believe it takes about four or five days.”

“Ohhh, but what a way to go Steven!”

“Indeed. We’ve seen people in the arena who have been milked over a hundred times in 24 hours, but I imagine that these boys will go somewhere between 30 and 50 times each.”

“Ouch! I don’t suppose they’ll be interested in porn for a few days then Steven.”

“No, I don’t imagine they would John…”


Michael and Logan watched Jack fall to the worms, and soon Ben and Reece were also under attack as well. But the brothers were in no position to help. The first worm to reach the pair rose its head five feet in the air and swayed before them, almost as though it was assessing which target to go for, then it moved towards Michael’s neck. Michael grabbed at it, but it was one of the more powerful ones – a full six inches thick, and the teenager was unable to stop its progress as it slithered across his shoulder and down his back. Another one rose directly between the boy’s legs, heading straight for the boy’s large swinging balls. Logan kicked at it hard to save his brother, as Michael continued to struggle with the large beast that was wrapping itself, python like, around his torso, and then down his leg. The sheer weight of the worm staggered the teenager forwards onto his knees.

A worm attacked Logan, and he screeched in fear. Michael mustered all his strength, and grabbed it to stop it sliding up his brother’s leg. He wrestled heroically with it, as another approached Logan. Logan skipped away, unable to help his brother, and the worm turned to Michael. Like Laocoon struggling for his son’s lives, Michael grabbed the new attacker, and struggled to his feet, the other worm held under his arm. Sensing an opportunity, three further worms moved in for the kill. A slender worm slid effortlessly into Michael’s rectum. His low balls and flaccid penis disappeared into two more mouths at the same time. All three worms instantly started to shimmer and sparkle as the electricity flowed from them. Michael reacted as though he was holding a live outlet, vibrating, then collapsing back onto his knees.

“Gosh, that didn’t take as long as the first boy, and the lights seem to be flickering in time with each other,” John said, surprised.

“Indeed, this is very unusual. Once in a while, when a family of worms is very closely in tune with each other, they form a special group, and the shocks work in harmony with each other. The shocks pass between the worms and can also occur at the same time. It produces a far more intense experience. I think that Michael is in for a very… stimulating time of it.”

Michael could feel the current passing from his balls to his prostate, and from his prostate to his penis. They literally formed a circuit, and the feeling was unbelievable. He instantly lost all interest in the two worms that he was holding, and finally, he collapsed to his side on the floor. The two worms he’d been holding slithered behind him, and wriggling like beached tadpoles trying to return to a pond, they both forced their way into his rectum beside the one that was already there. He could feel his hole stretching and vibrating and they twisted and turned to force their way into the tight opening. He groaned in pain, and another worm came from nowhere and entered his mouth, stretching his jaws so wide that he couldn’t even close his mouth enough to bite. It was almost as though the family was angry at him for resisting. The one in his mouth clamped firmly onto his tongue with its soft maw. He could feel the ones in his rectum writhing, jostling for position, and one of them started to work its way much higher through his bowels. Then they too started zapping in harmony with the others. Michael felt as though his penis was growing monstrously large under the sucking ministrations of the worm that was on him. Like using a vacuum pump, his dick had been expanded to its maximum six inch size, and it was so hard that veins bulged along its length in the worm’s mouth. The one on his balls was being much rougher than the one that had attached to Jack. It was tugging on the boy’s fat nuts, twisting with its whole body, like a crocodile trying to drown its prey. It was squeezing and massaging his nuts – not hard enough to cause damage, but enough to cause a dull ache.

“Those worms really look like they’re doing a number on young Michael, Steven. We didn’t see this level of activity with the other boys. It almost looks like they’re trying to punish him. Is there any danger?”

“No, I don’t think that the boy’s in danger of permanent injury. The worms value their donors too highly for that, but I think that his spirited resistance may have caused this. I suspect that testosterone in his sweat, as well as what were clearly an ample-sized set of testicles has sent the worm family into frenzy. It’s a bit like a shark feeding frenzy, and they’re all very eager to get their share.”

“Yowch! Well the way that one is tugging on the boy’s bag, I sure wouldn’t want to be him.”

“Quite John. That’s one young man who’s going to be in need of an ice pack tomorrow.”

Michael was beyond fighting. He could feel the worms writhing all over him, and in him, but his only thought was how horny he felt, and how badly he wanted to cum. He lay, as the electricity coursed throughout his body – lighting up his erogenous zones, and he came; time after time after time.


Logan looked at his brother. Michael wore a shocked expression, but there was no sense of awareness beyond his own feelings. Logan knew that there was nothing he could do for him. He trod on the small worm that was slithering up his own leg, and slipped his other leg free. Then he ran for the opposite corner of the arena. The worm pursued him, followed by two more, all moving at the leisurely pace of a predator who knows its prey has no escape.

“Looks like the little guy’s made a break for it. He’s the last one left. I don’t rate his chances very much.”

“I don’t rate them at all. The only reason he survived this long is because the worms all went after the largest targets, but now they have no one else to focus on. I don’t know if this young man has had a sexual experience yet, but if he hasn’t, he’s very soon going to find out what all the fuss is about.”

Two of the worms caught up to Logan at the same time. One of them went straight for his small hairless penis, and he batted it away. The other one instantly wrapped around his ankle and proceeded to coil up his leg. Logan bent to force it back down, turning his back on the first small one. Like a cobra striking in slow motion, it unerringly targeted his puckered hole. Logan felt the moist head against his hole and straightened in shock, thrusting his pelvis forwards, but he was already too slow as the slender worm drove up into his rectum. Logan hobbled almost comically away with the worm trailing from his bottom. The one on his leg engulfed the boy’s two inch penis skinning back the kid’s foreskin as it did so, but Logan was momentarily more concerned by the one in his rectum. It was horrible feeling of invasion. He yanked it out savagely, holding to prevent it re-penetrating him. Then he became aware of the one on his penis, he pulled it off him too. But in the five seconds since it had swallowed his penis, he already had a straining three and a half inch erection. The glans was hard and shiny.

“Wow, now THAT is a quick erection there Steven. I didn’t know it was possible to get hard that quickly.”

“I guess he’s at that age, and let’s be honest John, he doesn’t have much to make hard!”

Logan fought with the squirming worm in his hands. The worm and the boy were of similar strength to each other, but the worm was so slippery that the boy couldn’t grip it properly, and slowly, it forced its way through his hands towards his penis. He saw its maw open and was horrified by all the villi inside. It closed around him, and he was surprised to discover that it was warm. The villi felt like tiny tongues licking his helmet. He’d never had his dick head stimulated before, and it instantly gave him a straining, tingly feeling in his balls. They were licking every millimetre of him, even behind the rim of his glans.  More worms reached him. Wrapping around his legs, and writhing over the one that was already on his dick. A worm went for his balls. Logan tried to fight it off, but he tripped over the mass of muscular flesh at his feet. Even as he fell, the worm was touching his scrotum. Logan’s balls hadn’t dropped yet, and in the cool air, his scrotum was not very loose. The worm probed his tight bag with its open maw, until it found what it was looking for, and clamped firmly onto his small right nut, instantly going to work on it. Logan was unused to such intense sensations. The worm behind, slithered back into his rectum. More worms were arriving. Logan tried to clamber back onto his feet, but another worm wrapped around his free leg and jerked it out to the side, and the boy fell to his face, widely spread-eagled. Even as he rose to his hands, he felt his left nut disappearing inside another worm’s mouth. The three that had attached first, started to zap him, and he went weak with the intensity of pleasure in his rectum, on his right testicle, and penis. He tried to hold himself up on his arms in a press-up position, but he was woozy with pleasure, and collapsed to his face in the dust. He was just able to roll onto his back, before he could fight no more. Soon, as they all started zapping him, he was lit up like a Christmas tree. He could only lay there trembling whilst the worms worked on him.

After half an hour, yet more worms attached themselves to him via his nipples, and even his tongue. For three hours, Logan lay in a stupor, his eyes droopy, staring into space, writhing in time with the worms’ undulations. Every five or ten minutes, the boy would give a major shudder for ten or fifteen seconds, before returning to his more soporific state.

“Damn, those worms are really doing a number on that kid. Talk about making up for lost time.”

“Indeed John.”

“Why do you think so many of them are attaching to him Steven?”

“Well John, I think this proves what you suggested earlier.”

“What’s that Steven?”

“That this boy is not old enough to ejaculate. You only get a whole family of sperm worms going to work like that when the victim is not delivering the required fluids. You’ll notice that the boy shudders every five or ten minutes. I’m willing to bet that those are orgasms, but because he’s not delivering, the worms are stimulating him in more and more ways to force him to produce what they want. They’ll most likely continue like that until the time is up tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if the boy has well over 100 orgasms. His little testicles are going to be utterly worn out.”

“100 in 24 hours?! Hmmm, well I certainly don’t envy him.”

“No, me neither. He’s going to be in constant state of extreme arousal, and even when he orgasms, they won’t give him time to rest and recover. I honestly think that by the time we take him out of there, that young man is going to have trouble walking without assistance.”


Logan could no longer think straight. He was only aware of his surroundings in the most peripheral sense. His whole existence had been reduced to a series of hyper-stimulated erogenous zones. His glans, his frenulum, the ring of his anus, his prostate, his testicles, tongue, nipples, and now even his earlobes and neck were at a fever pitch of excitement. There was an almost cloudless blue sky above, and he lay on his back, eyes open and staring, but he could barely see the sky. Little flashes were constantly going off in his vision – not the blue-white electrical flashes produced by the worms, but the colourless fireworks of senses overloaded. He could feel his dick throbbing and pumping, and his balls seemed to be vibrating. He was as powerless to resist, as a leaf being swept off a waterfall. His body was writhing on automatic, as it was utterly swept along by the erotic waves that crashed continuously throughout the various parts of his body. Every so often, he was aware that the feeling became briefly more intense, and he had the sense that his balls and his dick were trying to do something, then the moment would pass, and he would revert to the previous almost equally stratospheric level of arousal.


21 hours later…

“Hello again Steven. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re all back from a break and as you join us, the boys are in the last few minutes of their sentence. As you can probably see, they all have tears streaming down their faces. What do you make of that Steven?”

“Hello again John. We’re used to seeing males crying as they endure this sentence. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever seen one who did not. The answer to your question is simple John – the boys are simply unaccustomed to feeling this level of sexual arousal, and their emotions are unable to cope with it.”

“So they’re crying because they’re happy Steven?”

“No, not happy Steven – overwhelmed. In fact, I think we can pretty much discount happiness right now. At the beginning maybe, but now, after as many as 50 ejaculations in 24 hours, I can only imagine how their genitals must be feeling.”

“Pretty worn out, to say the least. And look – even as we’ve been speaking, the little guy has cum two more times. He’s still going strong – what a little stud. He’s going to make someone an amazing boyfriend one day.”

“I don’t think he’s cum. In fact, it’s the very fact that he cannot actually squirt, that enables him to orgasm so many times. Because his body doesn’t need to recharge sperm, his refractory time is almost zero. Clearly, over the last 24 hours, the worms have learned precisely how to bring him to orgasm, and they seem to have it down to less than three minutes between orgasms. I can tell you now, that boy’s testicles are going to be aching for weeks after this.”

“That’s fascinating Steven. I see now that the heating lights have been positioned around the arena. The audience are booing because they realise that the spectacle will soon be over.”

“Yes, John, it’s interesting how this public display of justice, has for many, become an erotic event. Some politicians have even called for the end of it because tens of thousands of people use it for sexual stimulation.”

“You mean as porn Steven? I guess it doesn’t take too much imagination to see why.”

“Indeed. There are even clubs where captive worms are used for sex purposes.”

“Yes I had heard that. It’s very creative. Anyway, I see that the lights have been turned on the arena now. How warm will it get in there Steven?”

“Not particularly warm at all – no warmer than a summer’s day, but the worms are very sensitive to temperature. The second it gets even 20 degrees warmer, they’ll vamoose back to the damp humidity of their underground nest, allowing our medical staff to safely get the boys out.”


The worms started to untangle from the boys, and slid with almost desultory slowness back to the entrance they’d come through. The boys lay limp and fatigued wherever they had been taken down around the arena. The medical technicians entered, two to a boy, bringing anti-gravity gurneys. When they reached each boy, they held a hypo-spray to his neck. The spray contained an anti-toxin that countered the worms’ paralysing agent. The boys quickly regained their gross motor controls, and instead of writhing and bucking on auto, they slowly sat up, looking shell-shocked.

Logan’s body was sheathed in sweat from head to toe. He lay still, spread eagled on his back, knees up almost as though he was giving birth, when the medics reached him. They injected the anti-toxin and waited, but he didn’t move. They checked his vital signs, and apart from severe dehydration, he was fine. They picked him up and placed him on the gurney, and his head lolled utterly limp. Amazingly, his penis stood up at right angles. Because he was so young, even the audience was hushed, as he was taken from the arena.

“The little guy didn’t look too good there Steven.”

“No indeed. Catatonic is the word I’d use. I just got the word from the studio, and by their reckoning, he has experienced over 200 orgasms in the past 24 hours. I would imagine the kid’s brain is fried, to say nothing of his testicles. I think we can safely say that he’ll be spending a few weeks in hospital recuperating, and goodness only knows how many years in therapy.”

“I certainly don’t think normal sex will ever be able to compete with this experience when he’s old enough.”

“That’s a very good point, and it’s one of the reasons that some people suggest that this is not the most effective punishment because it risks producing sexual deviants John.”

“And his little prick is still standing up like a flagpole. Incredible. The vigour of youth, eh Steven?”

“Well actually John, I suspect his body is simply so over-stimulated that it’s unable to shut down just because the worms are no longer working on him. We’ve seen this before, and sometimes it can take days for the person to lose his erection.”

The medics continued ministering to the other boys. As they regained the use of their faculties, each was given a hypotonic drink to counter the dehydration caused by 24 hours in the sun. They were helped onto the gurneys, and were clearly exhausted and embarrassed. They held their hands to their groins, and it was impossible to tell if it was out of modesty, or because of the extreme discomfort of ejaculating so many times.

“Well John, as the boys are escorted from the arena, I think that we can safely say that there are  five young men who are unlikely to be thinking about sex for a looong time.”

“Ha ha. True enough Steven, I think it’s safe to say that those youngsters have been thoroughly milked. I imagine their scrotums are as shrivelled as balloons two weeks after the holidays!”

“That’s a very evocative simile John. And on that note, it’s goodbye from the Justice Broadcast team here at the Sperm Worm Arena. We wish you all a very pleasant day.”

“And remember boys, if they’re under 21, keep it in your pants!”


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