Praying mantis

A school is attacked by alien robots. Then things get a little weird.

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Praying mantis

Jack didn’t know what the proper etiquette was, but he stared at his Principal’s hard penis anyway. It was a decent size – at least an inch longer than his own but it had an old, grey, dried out look to it. It was hardly surprising; after all the man was in his mid sixties.

Jack could feel his own dick straining hard and he was close to ejaculating.

“My face is up here Jack,” the man said.

Jack raised his gaze to meet Principal Stein’s. The man looked at him with an air of mild disapproval in spite of their nudity. Jack’s face burned red with embarrassment at being caught. After all this time, he still felt constrained by the old etiquettes. As much as it felt rude to stare at the man’s erection, he was also embarrassed to be seen naked and in such a state of excitement by the man who had formerly held such authority over him, but there was nothing he could do about it. The pounding at his hole was forcing him inexorably towards his fifth orgasm of the day. He knew that he was about to lose it. He always did without exception, but he wished that he could control his body’s reaction to the epic orgasm that he knew was coming.

Jack looked away, self conscious. Principal Stein was leaking pre-cum, every bit as excited as Jack. It was incredibly weird to see the man who had wielded so much power over Jack’s life in this state; horny, just as much a victim of his own lust as Jack was. Jack wondered which of them would jizz first. He was usually quickest off the draw…


11 weeks earlier

Jack heard a shout coming from the kit shed. Mr Andersen had sent him find out why it was taking Mitchell so long to get the plastic cones he’d been sent to collect. Today was soccer in phys ed, and the rest of the class stood on the pitch waiting for Jack and Mitchell to return with the small cones that would be used for practicing their dribbling skills.

Jack ran the last 25 yards towards to kit shed, a wood-clad building that stored the kit used for outdoor sports, thinking that Mitchell had probably had some kind of accident. He skidded around the corner of the large wooden double doors, and for a moment he couldn’t process what he was seeing. He froze, unable to make sense of it.

Mitchell was lying on his face, and there was a metal contraption standing over him. Robotic, but not like any kind of robot Jack had ever seen. It had six limbs: four for walking on, and two at the front that were being used as arms. The limbs were attached to a body that looked distinctly like the abdomen of an insect, and the entire thing was topped with camera unit that looked unmistakably like the head of a grasshopper, with two cameras where an insect’s eyes would be, and some kind of mechanism forming its snout. In fact, to Jack’s mind, the robot looked like a giant praying mantis.

Mitchell was quiet and motionless. Jack stared in horror at the tableau, standing equally motionless, lest he attract the robot’s attention. The robot carefully arranged Mitchell’s body on the floor, like a compact version of Michelangelo’s Vitruvian Man, but with arms down near his sides. The robot moved until it was standing by the boy’s feet. Jack watched bewildered as panels opened along the front of it first pair of legs and its arms. Then the robot leaned forwards so that its front was parallel to Mitchell’s prone body, and it lowered itself on top of him, adjusting so that the teenager’s arms and legs disappeared inside the open panels.

Jack could see two flat serpentine extensions burrowing beneath Mitchell’s body; one at waist height and the other beneath his chest. They wrapped around him, then retracted, drawing the boy tightly against the robot. Then the robot raised its front again, resuming its praying mantis posture, and lifting Mitchell with it. Jack saw that in addition to the chest and waist restraints, smaller ones encircled Mitchell’s arms at the wrists and just above his elbows, and at his legs at the ankles and knees. It was clear that Mitchell would not be able to move as long as the robot held him.

The “head” of the mantis was just above Mitchell’s head, and Jack watched in bewilderment as a large claw unfolded from the robot’s neck, firmly gripping the boy’s skull. Now Mitchell would be able to look no further than he could see by swivelling his eyes.

A series of thick wires with pads on the end emerged from the head of the mantis, and pressed against Mitchell’s skull in a circle. Momentarily Jack recalled an image he’d seen of Jesus on the cross wearing the crown of thorns. Mitchell was in a similar upright position, but instead of his arms being held in a T position, they looked more like the unconscious boy was doing a Mexican wave.

Jack knew that he should run and get help, but morbid fascination kept him watching, and the robot didn’t even seem to have noticed him.

A nozzle on a flexible arm came out of the robot and appeared between Mitchell’s legs. For a moment Jack thought it was going to squirt the boy’s groin, but instead it quickly sprayed him from head to toe. Jack was mystified as to the purpose of the dousing. It made no sense to clean him whilst he was wearing his clothes.

Then Mitchell’s sports clothes started to melt, slowly at first then faster and faster. To Jack, it looked as though everything the boy was wearing was made of nylon and was melting in a high heat, but it was clear that Mitchell’s skin was not being harmed by the process. Small holes formed, then larger ones, and they joined to form larger ones still, spreading all across the teen’s body. In less than a minute, so far as Jack could see, every millimetre of clothing had dissolved into dust.

Maybe it was the cool air, or perhaps Mitchell was simply recovering from whatever had rendered him unconscious in the first place, but he started to rouse groggily. A few low groans emanated from his vocal chords and his eyelids started to flutter. A few seconds later his eyes opened slowly, then he blinked a few times. Finally, as he became aware of the strange position he was in, his eyes opened wide.

“Jack, what the fuck is happening? I can’t move.”

Jack stared at him horrified.

“Jack!” Mitchell demanded, angrily. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Ssshhh, sshhh, it wasn’t me,” Jack whispered urgently, afraid that the mantis would notice him.

Confusion passed over Mitchell’s face.

“Am I naked?!” he asked.

As he spoke, Jack started to back away ready to run.

A narrow articulated hose appeared between Mitchell’s legs, splitting into two smaller hoses each six inches long. On the end of them were small cups, like rubber soap dishes, each large enough to support an egg. They rose under the teenager’s testicles. Mitchell’s already wide eyes grew as large as Oreo cookies.

“Jack, what the fuck is happening?!” he screamed.

“Some kind of robot thing has got you,” Jack said in a low voice.

“A what?!”

The mantis crouched, and opened its front legs, within which Mitchell’s legs were also secured. The effect was to open his legs wide, bending them to 90 degrees at the knee, as though presenting the boy’s genitals for appraisal. Suddenly Mitchell flinched as though he’d been electrocuted, then he started squirming as though his life depended upon it.

“Get me the fuck out of here Jack!” he screamed.

Within seconds Mitchell’s penis started to fill with blood. Jack saw it thicken and rise, and he backed further away.

“What’s happening?!”

“I’ll get help,” Jack said quietly.

But before he could take three more paces, he heard a soft sighing noise to his right. He looked towards the noise and another mantis stood there, less than ten feet away. Jack turned and ran back towards the soccer pitch, but as he rounded the corner from the kit shed, the sight that met his eyes terrified him. All over the pitch, boys were running in every direction. A dozen mantises were already picking up boys, and other lay unconscious on the grass. Jack saw a blue flash emanate from the snout of one of the robots, and twenty feet away, a boy fell to the floor as though he’d been felled by an expert hunter.

Then Jack was falling…



When Jack awoke he was befuddled for a few moments, then he was wide awake. He remembered only too well what he’d seen on the pitch and in the kit shed, and he could tell in an instant that he too was now in the grip of a mantis. He struggled to move, but he realised that he had no effective motion. His heart pounded in his chest and he was on the verge of a full on panicking fit.

From what he could tell, he was in the same location as when he had lost consciousness. He was naked, and could feel the spring air on his skin. He could see the soccer pitch ahead. None of the other students were on their feet, but the pitch was swarming with robotic mantises. He didn’t bother to count, but it seemed as though there was one for every coach and student who had formerly been on the pitch.

He could hear many of them shouting; as confused and afraid about their captivity as he was. It was clear that most of the captives were naked, and Jack was pretty certain that the remainder would be soon enough.

Some of the voices he could hear were angry, shouting curses and making threats, but he doubted that they had any more freedom than he did.

Then Jack’s captor sank down and opened its legs and he was forced to follow, like a frog pinned to a dissection table. He felt horribly exposed and vulnerable with his legs spread so wide. Then two warm bowls rose beneath his testicles. Before he could ponder their purpose, he felt something sliding up between the cheeks of his buttocks and pushing straight into his anus. He barely had time to flinch before it was in him. It felt like a thick thumb, warm and slimy. The tip reached unerringly for his prostate, and when it arrived, it immediately delivered a low current to the organ.

Jack was shocked at how intimate and how sexual it felt. But the thing that dismayed him the most was how his body responded to its violation, like a lonely spinster in sight of a hard young cock. His hole quivered and sucked at the object, involuntarily maximising his pleasure, and quicker than he believed possible, his cock was up and straining, angled up from his pubis a little higher than 90 degrees. His long, thick foreskin spread, exposing the purple eye of his straining penis.

Then the cups beneath his testicles started to vibrate and Jack lit up like a fireworks display on the fourth of July.


Jack had certainly never wanted to find out why gay men liked having dicks in their asses, but it had never even occurred to Jack that his testicles had such immense erotic potential. Now all of a sudden, as his nuts vibrated in time with the cups they rested on, Jack felt an almost instant desire to cum. But it was disconnected from his body’s actual readiness to ejaculate. He was experiencing such a deep down sense of sexual excitement that it took his breath away and made his toes curl as his body struggled to cope with the magnitude of the pleasure it was experiencing. It felt so good that he couldn’t even think straight. Something deep in his nuts was driving him crazy. Something that was desperate for release, and yet didn’t produce an orgasm right away. Jack’s eyes rolled back in his head, and for 30 seconds he didn’t care where he was, only how he felt. His penis had never felt so hard.

Then the anal probe began pulsing and gyrating. The tip swirled in small circles across the surface of Jack’s prostate, whilst deep ripples passed along its length, stimulating Jack’s sphincter.

Jack screamed as though he’d been stabbed, but it wasn’t pain he was responding to. Although he’d masturbated that morning, thick ropes of cum were launched from his penis, falling to the dewy grass, and his balls vibrated even faster. He stopped screaming, grimacing now at the immense intensity of his orgasm as his cock continued to launch thick slops of jizz in a cone shapein front of him as his cock bounced and twirled in response to the vibrating bowls beneath his nuts. It was like a hose being turned on, and he came and came. He forgot to breath in as his abdominal muscles clenched and clenched against the power of his ejaculation.

Finally, after nearly 30 seconds, he stopped squirting and collapsed in his restraints, taking a huge intake of breath to restore desperately needed oxygen.

The cups continued vibrating and the anal probe continued working on him to ensure that he had no more to give, and for a while Jack couldn’t tell if he was still cumming or it was simply the vibrating in his balls overwhelming his senses and robbing him of the ability to discern the difference.

He swallowed deeply half a dozen times, and then hung there, unable to move or resist as the robot teased him.

Two minutes after his orgasm, the machine eventually stopped working on him. The cups dropped away from his testicles and the probe withdrew from his anus. Then it rose to its full height, closing its legs and Jack’s along with them.


As he started to regain his senses, he could hear his fellow soccer players screaming and groaning, and he correctly surmised that they were experiencing stimulation and orgasms of their own. Thirty five 16 and 17 year old boys, each experiencing the best orgasms of their lives.

One voice in particular stood out.

“Oh fuuuuuck!”

It sounded like coach Andersen. Apparently nobody was spared.


A minute after the biggest orgasm of Jack’s life, a quantum transit signal was beamed from his mantis up to a tiny satellite in a high altitude geostationary orbit, which in turn relayed the signal to a larger craft hiding behind the moon. From there, the recording of Jack’s mental waves as he enjoyed the most powerful orgasm of his life was transmitted via an artificial dimensional rift, to a star system half way across the Milky Way.

In their homes across a dozen planets, millions of subscribers shared Jack’s orgasm. And then waited eagerly for the next one…



The present

Principal Stein let out a long groan.


Jack felt wetness splat repeatedly onto his abdomen. Although he could not see his own stomach, he knew the Principal Stein had just ejaculated onto him. He could just about make out the head of the man’s penis. It was still pumping jizz.

Jack took satisfaction that his Principal had come first. Although he was not gay, for some reason, the feel of the man’s juice running down his belly triggered Jack, and moments later he began his own orgasm. It was as powerful as the very first time in the mantis robot. They always were. His eyes rolled back and he groaned in ecstasy as he returned Stein’s donation with a jizz barrage of his own.  There was nothing he could do to stop it or to direct it in a different direction.

He and the principal were suspended, straining cocks less than a foot away from each other, arms raised and legs spread wide, like two peacocks displaying at each other for the right to court a female. But there was no female. Only them.

Both mantises continued stimulating them until their orgasms were completely over. Then they raised out of their crouched stances closing Jack and Stein’s legs. Stein conspicuously refused to look anywhere but Jack’s face.

With studied blandness he said, “See you later Jack.”

“See you later sir,” Jack replied.

Their mantises wandered off in different directions, carrying their two passengers. Both Jack and Stein were still erect, their rigid penises bouncing ahead of them…

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