A teenager proudly participates in a hazing ritual with a sting in the tail.

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Will looked down at the dark blue plastic plate that Pedro was holding out in front of him. On the plate were three puddles of creamy fluid, and a dozen small droplets. Pedro was grinning triumphally.

“Three? No way!” Mateo challenged. “You’re not man enough to cum three times!”

Pedro’s grin widened.

“You’re just saying that ‘cause you only managed it once!”

“That’s because I jerked it just before I came out. I didn’t know we were gonna be doing this.”

Mateo looked down at his plate. It only held a small squirt of watery cream and a few odd drips.

“Yeah, whatever. Pablo spanks it all the time and he managed two.”

They looked at Pablo’s plate. It contained more jizz than Mateo’s.

“You’ve only got his word he came twice. He might just have squirted a lot but cum once!”

Pablo shook his head.

Quietly he said, “You know I don’t lie Mateo. I came twice.”

Mateo looked at his friend. The boy was half bear; huge, dark, quiet. He was peaceful, but formidable when angered. And he didn’t lie.

Changing the subject, Mateo turned to Will.

“Anyway, enough about me. Will hasn’t had a go yet.” He pronounced it “Wheel”.

Will look at the others apprehensively. Since moving to Spain from England with his parents it had taken him a while to make friends, and now he was happy that he seemed to have been accepted by these three. They had many strange customs, all of which Will attributed to cultural differences. Now, as he sat in Pedro’s bedroom, he was determined not to shame himself by being uptight.

Will picked up his plate and walked into the en-suite bathroom, locking the door behind him. Inside, a well-read porno mag rested on the floor. Will pulled his jogging bottoms and underpants down, allowing them to fall all the way to his ankles, then he sat on the lavatory seat.

It felt incredibly strange about to masturbate with his friends on the other side of the door, knowing exactly what he was doing. Even just hearing their voices was enough to unsettle him.

He picked up the magazine and thumbed past the first few pages. He quickly came to a page he liked. A young dusky woman in her early twenties, with big black eyes, mid length dark hair, and a flat stomach. He’d never considered such a woman as being his type before, but now as he looked at her, he could easily imagine doing things to her.

His right hand fell to his lap, and he started almost unconsciously playing with his penis, slowly dragging the foreskin back and forth over the head as he allowed his eyes to wander across the main photograph and the three smaller surrounding images of this woman. Pedro had excellent taste.

In spite of the proximity of his friends and the sound of their voices as they chatted in the next room, Will’s prick rapidly hardened in his hand. He turned the page and the woman was spreading the lips of her pussy. Will swallowed reflexively, imagining pushing his fingers inside. His breath was coming more heavily. He started to pump his stiff cock in his fist.

He wasn’t proud of his manhood. Five inches wasn’t humiliatingly short, but it was thin and so far as he could ascertain, his balls were much smaller than those of his friends. It was hard to compare. There were plenty of stats about how big his penis should be for his age, although he found it weird that they all concentrated on erect size, when he was most likely to be seen naked whilst he was soft, but none of the web sites or books talked about how big your balls should be, or for that matter, how much hair he should have.

But none of that mattered now. His teenaged libido had taken over, and he was lost in fantasies about good it would be to bury his slender dick in that warm, wet pussy.

In just three minutes, Will felt his orgasm approaching. He quickly put the magazine on the floor, open to a spread he liked, then he picked up the plate and held it in front of his groin, angled slightly towards him, ready to catch his spunk. He continued working on his prick, and within moments he was coming, depositing a healthy adolescent load on the plate – more than Mateo’s he noted with satisfaction.

When he had finished squirting, he put the plate down, picked up the magazine again, and continued slowly working on himself. He knew that he could manage twice. He moved his hand slowly whilst he waited for his dickhead to lose its uncomfortable hypersensitivity. It took a few minutes, but in the meantime, he continued slowly paging through the magazine. Then he came to the image he knew that he would cum to the second time.

A blonde, maybe 19, sucking a guy’s dick whilst fingering herself. Big succulent lips, pouty face, medium tits. There was something about her face – like she was someone he might actually meet in real life.

His hand became a source of pleasure again. His dick grew even harder in his hand as he lost himself in the picture. He allowed his mind to wander, exploring half a dozen fantasies involving the girl, until he fixed on one – it was his dick she was sucking, and his fingers sliding into the warmth between her legs. His fantasy didn’t bother with the mechanics of how their bodies would have to be positioned for that to happen.

Will felt himself slowly drawing close. He stopped pulling himself. He wanted to hammer this one out without interruption at the crucial moment. He stood and put the open magazine on the ceramic cistern behind the toilet, then he shut the lavatory lid and placed the plate on it ready to catch his second load.

He started pulling at his stiff dick again and almost immediately he felt himself close to shooting. He didn’t know if it was better when trying for three orgasms, to pound it and shoot hard, or stop tugging at the crucial moment and let it just dribble out, but if he had to lose to enjoy THIS one, it was a price he was willing to pay.

His hand was sliding back and forth along his dick almost as fast he could move it now. Will stared at the photo with fierce concentration, deep in his fantasy. He felt his orgasm on the way and just had the presence of mind to lower himself in a wide legged crouch that enabled him to aim his dick at the plate without interrupting himself to pick it up.

He came hard, staggering towards the cistern, his knees giving way at the intensity of his second orgasm. He managed to recover and save himself before his chest banged into the white porcelain. He continued pumping his hand until it was too uncomfortable to do so any longer, then he slowed and stopped.

Will looked down at the plate. He’d added almost as much on his second orgasm as his first. It was still not as much as Pedro had managed but there was a decent amount. He’d even overshot the plate slightly. He scooped the surplus off the toilet seat with his right index finger. He flicked his finger at the plate. A tiny splat of fluid joined the goo already on the shiny blue plastic.

Will looked at his finger. It was still coated in white. For a moment he considered simply licking it off, but he instantly pushed the idea away in disgust. Instead he reached for a piece of toilet tissue and wiped his finger clean, before slipping the paper under the toilet lid.

He looked at the tablespoon worth of slop already on the plate, pleasantly surprised that his balls had managed to produce so much. Much more than Mateo. His skinny friend with the black buzz-cropped hair might be exceedingly hairy for his age, but he must have even smaller balls! Will grinned at the thought of the kid’s two tiny balls hanging in a sack covered in black curly hair.


Two powerful orgasms were more than enough for Will and he would quite happily have stopped there, but he wanted to prove himself the equal of Pedro. If Pedro could cum three times so could he. Will’s balls were aching and his dick was sore but he continued slowly pulling at himself, waiting once more for the sensitivity in his glans to lower enough so that he could start masturbating in earnest for the third time.

He pulled at himself slowly, trying as much as anything, to avoid losing his erection as to arouse himself. His cock was rapidly wilting and he doubted he could get it up again if he completely lost his boner.

Will liked his dick. It may not be long and it certainly wasn’t thick, but when he was horny it sure got hard! He loved the feel of it in his fist, like the handle of a weapon – a dagger. It had a pale, longish foreskin that didn’t retract from his glans, even at the limit of his downstroke. Instead, it always had a little snout, like the end of the pipettes he used in chemistry class.

Sometimes he liked to see how his dick would look American-style. All the porn stars and selfies he’d ever come across had uncircumcised dicks. It made them look sleeker; better designed for penetration. So occasionally, he’d unpeel the head, allowing the foreskin to snap in tightly behind the corona of his glans. The look amused him but he couldn’t wank like that. His helmet was too sensitive, and if his hand brushed the exposed skin it was like an electric shock that interrupted his pleasure.

But now his dick was not his best friend. It was like a piece of soft putty in his fist. He had completely lost his hard on, and each time he pumped towards its root, it drooped over his thumb and first two fingers like a piece of overcooked linguini. Each time he moved his hand towards the head, it stretched, elastic, long and no thicker than his thumb. He looked down at it, irritated.

Will was not prepared to give up on his quest to equal Pedro’s performance. He continued turning the pages of the magazine in a desultory fashion, not so much looking for erotica, as passing the time until his dick would respond again. Pedro had been in the bathroom for 25 minutes, and now Will understood why.

He turned the pages, and slowly massaged the limp worm between his legs for five minutes, until to his relief, it started to respond for the third time. He felt it growing between his fingers, and he teased it slowly, not rushing things, but focussing on the glans in order to coax it back to full hardness. It hardened far slower than it had the first time, but it as Will rubbed it slowly, using his own foreskin as a slippery sheath that negated the need for lube, it eventually returned to its former almost wood-like hardness.

He gripped it in his fist and started to pump, continuing to flip through the remaining pages of the magazine in search of another photo that would inspire him as the blonde girl had. He reached the end of the magazine without finding anything, so he returned to the original spread. He’d only cum to her once – he was fairly sure that he could recapture the same excitement a second time.

He stared at the picture and his fist started to bump against his pubis more rapidly. His dick was hard but he didn’t feel turned on. He pumped faster, hoping to force his libido to kick in with an automatic response but he just wasn’t feeling it. He took off his T-shirt. He was getting sweaty and he didn’t want to stink of jack-off sweat all afternoon. He pumped faster, tensing his abs and his biceps with the effort. His forehead and torso was glistening with sweat. It formed beads that joined together to form rivulets running down his skin. This wasn’t pleasure, it was work, but he was determined to conclude his second erection with an orgasm. He’d never had three orgasms in a single session before, but he was not going to be beaten by Pedro, nor was he willing to lie. He felt himself slowly edging nearer. Not the usual rush followed by an uncontrolled spurt, but the long build up of an overworked libido forced to respond more often than it was willing. He tugged faster and faster, trying to maintain the gradual build up.

Bang bang bang. Someone was slamming their palm on the bathroom door.

“Come on, it’s been half an hour. Are you gonna spank it all day?”

It was Pedro.

“Nearly finished,” Will grunted in a strained voice, irritated that the exchange had broken his concentration. He felt his excitement drop away instantly.

“Well hurry up!” Pedro said.

“Okay,” Will grunted, hiding his annoyance.

Will tried to cut out the sound of Mateo and Pablo’s laughter. They could tell from the tone of his voice how hard he was working it. He concentrated on the photo, forcing himself to focus. He was desperate to finish now, but he had lost his edge.

Will hunched over and supported his weight on the toilet cistern with a straight left arm, whilst he pounded away with his right. He’d never worked his cock this hard or long before and it was exhausting. His bicep was aching. His forearm was aching. Even his abs hurt from tensing them so long. He felt his sap rising slowly once more and he was determined not to let it fade away again. He leaned over the toilet and pulled his pud as fast as he was capable. The skin of his penis was sore, and for the next few days he would have to masturbate carefully to avoid places where his hand had abraded the skin. But right now, all that mattered was squirting one more time.

He stared at the photo, and rather than allowing his attention to vacillate between the girl’s mouth, tits, and pussy, he focussed exclusively on her snatch. He imagined how it would feel to slide his virgin cock between her wet lips. He imagined the warmth, the tightness, the slippery feeling against his helmet, and the feeling of mild suction. In his mind, her hole would literally suck his teen cock inside.

That was it. That was the image that did it. He felt himself on the brink of orgasm and he looked with an almost trance-like fixed stare at the point of his interest, and then to his immense relief, he was cumming again. He pointed his cock down at where the plate rested without taking his attention off the magazine. He allowed himself to start ejaculating, fearful that looking away from the magazine would be enough to interrupt his orgasm, but when he was certain that it was fully underway he glanced down to see how much spunk he had produced. His flashing fist was splashing tiny droplets of jizz around, and most had missed the plate entirely, but there was pathetically little to show for his massive effort in any case. Less than a quarter teaspoon worth in total. But it didn’t matter. He’d already squirted more onto the plate than Mateo, and about the same as Pablo. And he would be able to look the guys straight in the eyes and tell them he’d cum three times. That was worth the effort.

Will closed the magazine and moved it to the side, turning it upside down in case Pedro’s parents saw it. He tore off a couple of sheets of toilet tissue and dabbed his dick until it was dry and clean, then he wiped up the jizz that had missed the plate with the same tissue. He threw the paper into the lavatory with the earlier piece and pressed the button on top to flush. Will pulled his t shirt back on, then tugged his briefs and jogging bottoms back up. His boner was long gone. He wished that there was a mirror so he could check that he looked normal before he left the lavatory, but the mirror was outside in Pedro’s bedroom, so Will picked up the plate spattered with his cum, opened the door, then walked out to show his friends what he had achieved.

“About time!” Mateo said.

Pablo said, “Shit Will, you’re sweaty. You must have spanked yourself raw.”

Will glanced in the three quarter length mirror on Pedro’s wardrobe. His face was red, still drenched in sweat, and his t shirt was sticking to him. Even his brown hair was dark and matted to his forehead. He quickly ran his fingers backwards through it, then grinned at Pablo sheepishly.

“How many?” Pedro asked.

Will held up the middle three fingers of his right hand.

“Bullshit! Show me your plate.”

Will showed him the plate. The others gathered round and looked down at it. Will’s cum was already starting to thin.

“More than you,” Pablo observed to Mateo.

“Not bad,” Pedro conceded. “Now for the last bit.”

“Last bit, what last bit,” Will asked.

“You gotta lick it all off and swallow it!” Mateo said excitedly.


“You make it, you swallow it,” Pedro said.

“No fucking way!”

He looked at Pablo for clarification. Pablo pressed his lips together and gave a nod.

“Awww guys, that’s fucking gross. What do you wanna do that for? No way I’m drinking my own jizz.”

“It’s a guy thing,” Pedro explained. “You don’t do it, you can’t hang with us.”

“But why?” Will pressed.

“It’s like, a secret. Like we all have something over each other. You keep this secret then we can trust you with anything.”

It made a weird, disgusting kind of sense to Will, but still he tried to find a loophole.

“But jizz, seriously dudes?”

Pedro got serious.

“Look Will, you’re cool, but if you’re not gonna do this, we’ll never know how far we can trust you. And anyway, it’s supposed to be good for you.”

Will looked at him with an expression as though someone was wafting shit under his nose, but he didn’t object any more.

“Look I’ll go first,” Pedro said.

He picked up his plate and dragged his tongue right through the middle of the puddle, scooping his semen into his mouth. He downed it with a swallow, then licked and swallowed again, repeating until the plate was clean.

“Now you guys,” Pedro said to Pablo and Mateo.

They picked up their plates and followed suit. To Will’s eyes, Mateo licked his spunk up with more gusto than seemed necessary.

Then it was Will’s turn. The other three turned to him. He stood motionless. Pedro raised his eyebrows urging Will to do what they had just done. Will looked at his spunk covered plate. Now he wished he’d been satisfied with just one orgasm. With a grimace, he raised the plate to his face and extended his tongue. He copied Pedro and slurped a broad swath of his own jizz into his mouth. He swallowed it in a single gulp. It was insipid and slimy, but not half as bad as he had feared it would be.

“That’s the way, good job!” Pedro said, as though encouraging him to bench press a final few reps.

Will looked at him sceptically, then swiftly licked the remainder of his spooge into his mouth, swallowing it with no enthusiasm. When it was done he looked at Pedro.

“All done, happy now?”

“Open your mouth; let me see.”

Will opened his mouth and Pedro peered in. There was nothing there but teeth and tongue.

“Awww, jizz breath,” he quipped.

Mateo sniggered.

“I can’t believe you just did that!” he said.

“What?” Will asked.

“Jacked off three times then drank your own jizz. Man that’s nasty!”

Will frowned.

“You all just did the same.”

“Nu uh,” Mateo said.

Will turned to Pedro his frown deepening.

“I just saw you. You… You changed the plates didn’t you?”

Pedro stood up.

“Naw dude. No need to do that.”

He walked into the bathroom and returned holding a liquid soap dispenser. He pressed the top and white cream squirted into his palm. White cream that looked exactly like jizz. He licked it from his palm.

“Icing sugar dude. Want some?”

Will looked sick. They’d all made a fool out of him. He snatched the dispenser from Pedro,

and squirted a little onto his finger. He sniffed the goo but it was odourless. He touched the tip of his opposite finger in the puddle then lifted it to his tongue. It was sweet.

Will swallowed deeply but it was nothing to do with the icing sugar in his mouth, or the still-lingering taste of his own jizz. His face glowed bright red. He felt humiliated.

“So now what? I suppose you spread it all around school and make me look like a freak?”

Mateo grinned.

“Don’t feel bad, they got me with the same trick, and Pedro used it on Pablo too. It’s just… It’s just like an initiation. You’re part of the club now.”

Will looked at Pablo. Pablo nodded.

“It’s true. He caught us both the same way. Fucker.”

He gave Pedro a dead arm and Pedro jumped away, holding his shoulder and grinning.

“He licked it up too,” Pedro said, grinning at Pablo. “I think he even wanted seconds!”

Pablo moved towards Pedro smiling and raised his fist to give him another dead arm. Pedro skipped backwards light on his feet, then he turned to Will.

“So what’s it gonna be spunk-breath – part of the club?”

Will looked at him, then at the others. There seemed to be no malice. He sighed deeply.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Cool. Welcome to the club. Want a Coke to wash the taste out of your mouth?”

Will nodded.


Pedro walked towards the mini-refrigerator on the other side of the room. As he approached Will, he sack tapped the newest member of the club, and Will fell to the floor like a geriatric tripping on a curb, letting out a strangled yelp as he dropped.

As he lay cupping his nuts, he wondered if maybe he could live without friends after all…

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