Pay the piper

Two teens discover that their horniness can be used as a weapon against them.

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Pay the piper – Part 1

Blake glowered at Zio expecting nothing but a painful beating or even death. He had played the man for a fool and he knew it was a risky game. Everything, EVERYTHING in their town fell under his control: drugs, alcohol, women, and of course, gambling. But Blake had a rebellious, aggressive streak – it was what made him such a good quarterback. But compared to Zio his power amounted to no more than a fart in a hurricane.

“Well look who we have here: if it isn’t Blake and Andrew. You cost me fifty k Blake. I don’t like wasting money, even small change like that.”

It was more money than Blake or Andrew had seen in their 18 years of life. Combined.

“You were told to throw the game. Nothing crazy, just a couple of points. How hard was that?”

“I don’t work for you,” Blake said, hiding his contempt as he looked around at the dozen other gang members in the room. They were mostly in their early to mid 20s, and there were even a couple of women of similar age.

“I get that, I really do,” Zio said calmly, “and that independent streak is one of the things I like about you, but you need to understand that sometimes there are larger forces at play than just your wishes, and you don’t always get to do what you want. Do you understand?”

The boy stood facing Zio. Blake was bookended on either side by two of Zio’s enforcers, each of them six and a half feet of lean muscle; far more than a mere high school quarterback could handle. They each held him by the shoulder and elbow, keeping him just far enough from Zio that he couldn’t suddenly leap forward and strike their boss if Blake suddenly lost his mind and decided to do anything so stupid.

Further to Zio’s side another guy was filming everything with a HD camera.


Just 24 hours earlier Blake had celebrated his team’s victory over MLK high, but now he wondered if that victory was really worth the price he was about to pay. He glanced over at his best friend Andrew. Andrew didn’t even play football, but now he was going to suffer as well. Andrew looked back at him, his face doing nothing to hide his fear.

Blake looked back at Zio.

“So now you’re going to kill us. Over a high school football game?”

“Kill you? Ha ha. What do you think this is, the 1940s? Nobody’s getting killed. I just wanted to have a little chat. Motivate you to do what you’re told in future.”

Blake frowned at Zio confused now.

“So what do you want then?”

“I just told you. I’m going to give you some motivation to be a better team player in future. This is 2017; you’d be amazed what you can do with technology now.”

Zio nodded to two men standing nearby. One of them moved in and pulled Blake’s t-shirt over his head, revealing a lean body. Next they pulled off one of his sneakers each. Blake realised they were not stopping there and he started to struggle as they reached for his joggers. The two men holding his arms effortlessly controlled him.

His jogging pants were thrown to the side. Leaving him in just sports boxers and socks. He wished now, that he hadn’t chosen today to wear comic boxers. He’d had them since he was 14 – Joboxer, yellow, showing a cartoon face with its tongue hanging out to the side in crude penis symbolism. He loved them, but they were not the kind of underwear he would want professional gangsters to see.

A moment later, his boxers hit the floor and his choice of clothing took a back seat in his list of concerns as his cut cock bounced free. Now he wished that he hadn’t shaved his pubes. It seemed so sexy when he thought about a girl seeing him naked, but it seemed ridiculous in front of these adults.

“Hey, come on!” he entreated Zio, not expecting his words to accomplish anything.

The two men to either side forced him to the wooden floor face down, each holding him spread-eagled by one arm and one leg. For a moment Blake had visions of being raped, but Zio had a more humiliating fate in store for him. Zio turned and addressed a fifth man.

“Okay Mule, you can strap him in now.”

The man came over carrying a complicated mechanical device. It looked like a medical full body brace, with a rigid central spine and four limbs, but there were all manner of additional attachments. The man lay the device along Blake’s back. The teenager struggled wildly. One of the men put his foot on the teenager’s head and pressed, grinding Blake’s cheek into the floor. The man issued a warning.

“I suggest that you stop struggling. We can make this EXTREMELY painful for you if you want us to.”

He ground his foot onto Blake’s face to emphasise the point. Blake knew that he had no way out, and there was no point exacerbating his situation with a fractured skull. He stopped struggling.

“Very sensible. Now stay that way.”


Mule wrapped a metal restraint around Blake’s waist. It also wrapped around his inner thighs and would support the bulk of the contraption’s 50 pound weight. He extended the device’s two legs along the back of Blake’s thighs. The legs were comprised of circular tubing with straps at the end. The length of the legs could be adjusted, so the man extended them until the straps at the ends reached just above Blake’s knees. The straps were made of leather with buckles at the front. Mule opened the straps, wrapped them around Blake’s legs tightly enough that he could not move his thighs independently of the tubing.

The upper half of the contraption was far simpler – just a shoulder height crossbeam with straps. Mule extended Blake’s arms to the sides then strapped them to the beam holding the boy’s upper body in crucifix position.

“Good. All ready?” Zio asked.

“Yeah Zio,” Mule acknowledged.

“Let’s get him on his feet then.”

The two heavyweight guards lifted Blake back onto his feet. He stood feeling like a human scarecrow waiting to see what would happen next.


Mule walked behind him and swung a device down between Blake’s legs so that it hung a foot from his genitals before walking to the front and dropping to a knee in front of the young athlete. Blake looked down with a deep scowl as Mule tugged his left testicle down in his sack. Then the man pulled a small three fingered claw upwards to meet the testicle. The claw closed around the testicle, and tugged it lower. Blake gasped, certain that he was about to have his nut torn or twisted off, or crushed, or… The gripper stopped moving long before its movement became uncomfortable.

Mule gripped the right testicle and repeated the procedure, locking it into place in a second clawed gripper which drew the testicle down away from Blake’s body.

Zio watched with amusement at the boy’s discomfort. He’d seen dozens of boys go through the same procedure, and every one of them now obeyed the instructions that they were sent before matches and other sporting events: football, soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, hockey, even swimming. All were subject to gambling and where there was gambling, there were testosterone laden boys who needed to be convinced to do as they were told.

“Hope you have strong legs; you’re gonna need ‘em,” Zio said.

He took out a remote control and pressed a button. The rods attached to the back of Blake’s thighs slowly moved from vertical to 45 forwards, spreading as they went. The boy was forced to bend and spread his legs further, crouching to maintain his balance. Zio pressed stop and Blake was left with his legs spread in a low crouch.

Blake had a decent dick; slightly larger than average, and he wasn’t ashamed of being seen in the showers after training, but this was definitely not how he cared to be seen. He glared at Zio knowing that he’d be risking his life if he spoke his mind.


Mule walked behind him once again and he adjusted something large behind Blake’s rump. Blake tried to see what was happening but he couldn’t turn his upper body far enough. He felt cold metal pushing against the spread cheeks of his butt cheeks, like a metal hand supporting his buttocks. Then to his horror, something hard and slimy slipped between his cheeks.

“Hey!” He said in alarm, “For fuck’s sake!”

He took a few small steps forwards trying to avoid whatever it was, but it moved with him, and without the use of his arms to steady himself, he was fearful of falling flat on his face.

Mule grabbed the base of the metal spine and used it like a handle to pull Blake back to him. He continued adjusting the device attached to the boy’s rear, and a moment later Blake felt something hard slowly forcing its way into his asshole. His expression as he looked at Zio was comical; a mixture of anger, alarm, and disgust as he realised what was being done to him. The cameraman zoomed in on Blake’s face. They all looked like that the first time they felt the dildo in their assholes.

Mule carefully calibrated the dildo and the testicle claws, ensuring that each had a full range of movement, without travelling so far that they would injure him.


“You know what your problem is Blake?” Zio asked.

Blake shook his head, jaw tense, a scowl of fury deeply furrowing his brow.

“Too much testosterone. It’s what makes you such a great athlete, but it’s also what makes you take stupid risks. Like disobeying me when I come to you for a favour. You could have just taken an easy 500, but no, you had to show off that you’re the great quarterback, and now look where it’s got you.”

Blake’s heart was pounding. He glanced around the room, there was a bar, stools, tables, comfortable chairs. It was clearly Zio’s lounge or club room. All eyes were on him.

“Now I could just cut your balls off or arrange a nasty accident to send a message to any othr boys who might make waves, but I’m not a pointlessly nasty kind of guy. I’d rather come to an accommodation. It seems to me that you’re just a bit too full of cum for your own good. A bit too eager to prove yourself. You won’t be soon.”

The comment was cryptic and Blake didn’t know what Zio was talking about, but his nudity and the contraption wrapped around him was giving him all kinds of unpleasant ideas. Maybe if he just promised to quit playing? But it was his dream. He’d worked since middle school to get where he was now. He couldn’t just quit.


“As for Andrew here,” Zio looked towards Andrew, Andrew looked back fearfully. “Well, I’m afraid he’s simply paying the price for being your best friend.”

Zio nodded to Mule.

“Get him ready.”

Two minutes later Andrew was standing next to Blake, wrapped in an identical contraption of his own.


“You know you two are a real pair of pretty boys.”

Blake had a shock of bleached blonde hair. Andrew’s was naturally blonde, darker, curly, almost angelic. Blake was muscular – not huge like a college quarterback, but solid nevertheless. Andrew was lighter.

“If I wasn’t straight, I’d fuck you myself. But I bet you two have played ‘Hide the weiner’ together huh?”

“No, we’re straight!” Blake said indignantly.

“Hmm, my bad,” Zio said with a grin. “Anyway, enough talk. Enjoy yourselves. And in future, when I ask you for a favour Blake, remember this day. And if you don’t want the video to get out to everyone in the school, to say nothing of paying us another ummm, extended visit, you’ll do what you’re told.”

Zio pressed a button on each of the two remote controls he was holding. The claws immediately started shaking each of the boy’s testicles, vibrating like washing machine on the spin cycle. Both boys gasped and instinctively tried to double up to protect their groins. However, the rigid spinal braces prevented them from leaning forwards more than a few inches. The glow of pleasure emanating from their balls was as shocking as it was intense.

Andrew gasped deeply, expecting the surge of pleasure to decrease as his body got used to it, but the euphoria remained undiminished. He looked at Blake squatting next to him with an expression of shock and Blake looked pained, as disturbed by the sensations he was feeling as Andrew was.

“Enjoying that are you boys? See what you think of this.”

Zio pressed another button on each remote and the dildos started pumping up and down in each boy’s asshole. To Blake’s horror his dick was hard in five powerful surges, and pressing against his belly in ten. He’d never felt so horny, nor so humiliated. His faced turned deep crimson. He didn’t know where to look. Everywhere he turned members of Zio’s crew were looking at him sniggering or outright laughing. He turned to Andrew, and his friend looked like he was on the verge of tears. Andrew was staring at him, with a face that begged for rescue.

Blake turned back to Zio.

“Please stop this. I’ll quit playing. Just stop.”

“You don’t understand kid,” Zio said, “I don’t want you to quit. I don’t make money if you quit. I want you to play for me. Most of the time that means you just turn up and bring your A game as usual, but once in a while, maybe you miss a pass, fumble a catch.”

Blake stared at him. His dick was so hard, and his groin felt so good. How could he possibly feel this horny in front of all these people? He was disgusted at his lack of control even more than he was disgusted that the dildo reaming his hole actually felt good. He turned to look at Andrew again. Andrew was not as tough as him. He could be brave, but there was a reason why he didn’t play football. The bottom of Andrew’s red eyes were shiny with water. He was holding back the tears of humiliation so far, but he didn’t look like he’d manage much longer. Blake couldn’t do that to him. Not in front of all these guys. He’d agree to anything just to get them away from this place.

“Alright alright I’ll do it!” he said, turning back to Zio.

Zio smiled indulgently.

“Of course you will. Right now you’ll do anything to get away from here. But tomorrow that testosterone will kick in and you’ll be feeling braver. You’ll go to the coach or maybe the police, and whilst they’ll never be able to prove anything, you’ll probably get dropped from the team, or you’ll keep on playing and fucking up my little enterprise. No, I already told you, you have far too much testosterone. You need it draining to take that edge off your wilfulness. Also, I want to be sure that this is a memorable experience for you so that you never want to come visit with us again.”

A couple of the other guys laughed. They’d seen it before.

Blake looked to Andrew. His friend’s dick was not quite as big as his, but it was no less hard. Andrew was gasping as the dildo reamed him, but it was the shaking claws that were really driving them both wild with lust.

Blake looked back to Zio. Then to his horror, he felt a rapid surge in his balls. His face screwed up, and he looked down at his dick in surprise. Then he came hard, squirting cum four feet in the air. He grunted at the force of his orgasm watching his dick with a feeling of pure disgust until he’d stopped squirting. The men around all laughed and taunted as he came, but there was nothing he could do to hide it. His legs were spread wide, his cock was pointing skywards and his adolescent libido was squirted for all to see.

When he finally stopped cumming, he looked at the floor, unable to meet the gaze of anyone in the room.  It wasn’t his fault: his body had been forced to give up its load by the damned shakers yet he felt deep shame for cumming so hard whilst being fucked in the ass. His jizz lay on the floor in a wide arc in front of him incriminating him.

Blake looked askance at Andrew’s feet and was surprised to see that the dark industrial linoleum was spattered there as well. He hadn’t even been facing that way, how had his jizz… Then he realised Andrew must have cum as well. Blake allowed his eyes to slide up to Andrew’s face. They were comrades in arms. There was no shame between them. But to his surprise Andrew was not crying. He was staring at Zio with a hatred that was so intense it shocked Blake.

The men in the room were laughing at them both for their adolescent libido. Both 18 – in their sexual prime, but with no dick control. Fast to rise and fast to cum. But Andrew was not cowed, he glared around the room glowering at every pair of eyes he met, committing their owners to memory in case he ever got the chance for revenge.

“Looks like you’re not the only one with too much spunk. Your friend here looks like he’d take on the whole room if I’d let him. Isn’t that true Andy boy?”

Andrew stared at him with a white hot hatred that almost scared Blake. His mouth formed a snarl. He didn’t answer. He would sooner die that give Zio a single second of satisfaction from verbally tormenting him.

Zio turned to his two enforcers and with a smile that was only half humorous he said, “We’re gonna have to watch this one. I do believe he’d kill us without a moment’s hesitation.”

He addressed Andrew.

“Son, I know you’re angry. You can thank Blake for this. If he’d done as he…”

“YOU did this, not him,” Andrew interrupted. “Don’t blame him because you’re a criminal!”

“Ooooooooh!” one of Zio’s men said in a rising pitch, but there was an awkward atmosphere. People didn’t stand up to Zio very often.

Zio walked forwards and grabbed Andrew by the face, squeezing his cheek.

“Careful kid. I cut you a lot of slack because you’re just here to send a message to your thick-headed friend here, but make no mistake, I know where your family lives: your mom, your grandparents, even your favourite teacher, and if you EVER cause me trouble, I’ll send some friends around to visit and it will be the stuff of nightmares for them do you understand me?”

Zio slapped the boy lightly on the cheek in a “capiche” gesture he’d stolen from a classic gangster movie. It would embarrass him to know how many mannerisms he’d picked up from movies like Goodfellas, Casino, and others.

In spite of himself, Andrew came again hard. He was not as well hung as Blake, but his smaller dick size gave him a higher launch velocity, and his cum hit the front of Zio’s black slacks. Zio stepped back to avoid it, but not before three substantial jets splattered onto the cotton.

“You little bastard!” Zio yelled uncharacteristically losing his cool.

In spite of the fact that they both knew it wasn’t Andrew’s fault, the man gave him an open-handed slap that was hard enough to knock him four feet sidewards. Andrew fell to the floor, where the machine continued to work on him.

“PLEASE!” Blake yelled, “Please it’s not his fault. You know it’s not. If you have to hit anybody hit me.”

Zio turned towards Blake furious just in time to see Blake ejaculating for the second time. Zio looked down at it as the kid’s jizz spewed out in five huge gobs. Although Blake was preoccupied with Zio, his legs momentarily went weak from the force of it and he staggered forwards two small steps.

The anger drained from Zio’s face and he shook his head, laughing.

“You horny little bastards,” he said with an unconscious phony New York accent.

Blake looked at him, his expression pleading for calm, and Zio pulled himself back together. He liked to cultivate a demeanour of ice cold dispassion so that his decisions appeared more clinical. He was irritated to have lost his cool with the kid, especially as the boy had every right to be pissed. He turned to Mule.

“Can you get me a towel or a napkin please, so I can clean this kid’s jizz off my damned leg?”

Again, he unconsciously pronounced the word “off” with a Brooklyn accent that was half Italian half Jewish. Considering the fact that he was a West Coaster born and bred, neither were genuine.

He turned to Andrew.

“Pick him up.”

One of the musclemen walked over and lifted Andrew to his feet, there was a brutal purple bruise across his cheekbone but his eyes still smouldered with hatred.

Zio ignored him and threw Blake’s remote to one of the watching men, and Andrew’s to another sitting nearby.

“Here you go, have fun with them.”

With that, Zio walked out through a side door to see where the towel was, Andrew’s sticky cum still clearly clinging to his dark trousers.

Blake and Andrew looked at each other and then at the other people in the room.

“What now?” Blake asked. “Are we just gonna stand here naked all day?”

One of the men who’d stripped him answered.

“Pretty much. Like Zio told you, your balls need emptying. They’re getting you into trouble, making you think you’re a man when you’re still just a boy.”

Blake swallowed deeply. He knew that he and Andrew were completely at the mercy of Zio and his crew, but he took some heart from the fact that Zio had already made it clear that he intended to release them so that he could continue playing. He looked at his friend again. Andrew was sullen and understandably angry but Blake was impressed by the fire that his friend was showing. Andrew had always shied away from physicality, but now here he was showing real spirit. Blake felt a strange swell of pride as Andrew looked back at him, no trace of condemnation in his expression. The middle of the red slap mark on Andrew’s cheek bone was turning purple now, and there was a slight cut where Zio’s ostentatious ring had caught him.


Both boys could feel the dildos pumping in and out, stretching their holes. It was a new sensation, and even if it was not so humiliating simply to be naked in front of all these strangers, having their virgin asses raped by machines was almost the perfect combination of humiliation. The only thing that made it worse, was the fact that they were both so extremely hard whilst it happened.

Was it the dildos or the ball shakers that was making them hard? It was a question that both would ponder a lot in the future.


Suddenly, to his surprise, the leg braces started moving forcing Blake’s feet to move side to side like a crab walking. He looked up and one of the thugs was pressing buttons on the remote with a grin. Blake initially tried to resist but he immediately realised that the braces were far stronger than he was and he was forced to move wherever they made him go. It took all his effort to stay on his feet as the man with the remote steered him around the room like a radio controlled robot, whilst his compadres laughed at the show.

Blake looked across the room at Andrew and he too was being steered around.

Blake found himself being moved until he stood in front of the couch where two of the men were sitting, arms draped around women who were presumably their girlfriends.

Blake felt himself being lifted from his squat into a slightly higher posture, forced to thrust his hips forwards, then suddenly he dropped to his former lower position. He was lifted again, thrusting his hips forwards, and for a second time dropped again. It was only on the third time that Blake and the seated audience realised the controller was forcing him to simulate a crude fucking motion.

The guys on the couch burst out laughing as the penny dropped, and even though there was something innately masculine about fucking, doing it to the air in front of these women in particular, made Blake cringe.

The person in control of him continued repeating the motion, and with no warning, Blake was cumming again. This time it was a rapid sputter of jizzlets that launched onto the couple nearest him.

“Aww  shit, come on D, he’s fucking cumming on us!” the man in front of Blake said.

The other couple and others in the room laughed uproariously, but the guy with jizz on his legs was not amused. He reached out with his right leg, planted a foot on Blake’s chest and shoved the kid away hard. Blake staggered backwards and fell onto his butt. As he landed, he felt the dildo rammed deep into his butt. His eyes opened wide with alarm, but it was all he could do to stop his head slamming into the floor as he rolled over the mechanism that was clamped around his waist.  He twisted as much as he could with his arms in their T pose, then lay, his lower body a quarter twisted.

The other end of the piston that was thrusting the piston in and out of his butt stuck out from the housing on each downwards stroke, and each time it withdrew from him, it pushed against the floor lifting his hips. He was powerless to stop it, but the effect was to make him look like a horny turtle that had rolled on its back, powerless to right itself without help. The gangsters found his feeble thrusting hilarious. Blake most certainly did not.

The other guy on the couch came over and lifted him to his feet, whilst the guy with jizz on his leg walked over to the bar to get a couple of napkins. He passed one to his girlfriend and used the other to wipe his leg.


Meanwhile, Andrew was being forced to put on his own performance in the centre of the room. Because of the way the brace was connected, it was easier to move him side to side, so the person in control of him was making Andrew do his own little dance. He sang a song to accompany it.

“Ya da, dahhh da, du, DAH. Ya da, dahhh da, du, DAH.”

On each louder “dah”, he emphasised it by making Andrew thrust his hips.

The audience was laughing at the show but if looks could kill, the looks Andrew was giving him would have dropped the guy on the spot.

“He looks like Zoidberg,” someone commented. “Woob woob, woob woob woob woob!” he added, imitating the scuttling noise of the alien lobster from the Futurama cartoon.

This drew more laughter.


For the next couple of hours Zio’s crew fooled around, using Blake and Andrew as their personal toys, and all the two teens could do was endure, wondering when the ordeal would be over. Then the men holding the controllers apparently hit upon another idea. They manoeuvred Andrew to the middle of the room and raised him up so that he was almost standing fully upright. He felt a surge of relief in his trembling thigh muscles although he would have liked to shake his legs off to help them recover.

Andrew hoped that perhaps the new position meant that his ordeal was coming to an end. He’d ejaculated 9 times and had 17 orgasms in the last two hours, but he was still as horny as a rabbit that had been celibate for six months and had accidentally eaten Viagra whist watching porn. It was something about the shaking balls he’d long ago concluded. The vibration made him incredibly horny but it also prevented him from detecting the normal signs of arousal and controlling his responses to it, especially as his asshole was being constantly drilled at the same time. It was more than a mere distraction. He was a smart student. He was going to take business analytics as his major, and he had no trouble concentrating, but this was way beyond his abilities to control.

He experienced a constant level of sexual excitement that was way higher than anything he’d experienced before, and then suddenly out of nowhere he’d feel himself having another orgasm. It was like the claws holding and vibrating between his balls literally shook the spunk out of him, forcing his nuts to give up their seed regardless of anything he might do to stop it. And there really was nothing whatsoever he could do.  How could you exercise restraint and self discipline when your entire groin was a seething mass of sexual excitement?

Even the dildo sliding relentlessly in and out of his hole was contributing. Before today, he could imagine nothing he was interested in less, than a cock-sized piece of plastic drilling his asshole. Ignoring the fact that it went against every instinct in his heterosexual body, and every piece of conditioning his time in high school and junior high had provided, even the thought of a cock in his asshole did nothing for him. He’d wondered on a couple of occasions what gay guys got out of it, but he’d never been tempted to explore his own body, and without ever probing his hole, he’d never realised what a potent erogenous trigger his prostate was, nor discovered how intensely sensitive and arousing the nerves in his sphincter were. Now, he was unsettled to find out exactly why gay guys enjoyed butt sex so much, and it was not a discovery he was happy to make.

The lips of his asshole tingled with hitherto unexperienced excitement each time the ribbed dildo slipped into him, and at the end of each stroke, as the dildo was at its deepest, he felt as though it was pressing a button inside him; a place that felt so intensely sensitive that it made him gasp. It was almost like his balls were being primed each time the dildo brushed his prostate. But the erotic massage was only for less than a second and then the dildo was sliding back out, and against his will, his body craved for its stimulating touch to return.


The man holding Blake’s remote lifted Blake out of his lowered stance, and even Blake, with his superior fitness was relieved to stand up. He was walked in front of his best friend until they stood face to face, then carefully shuffled closer. Like a pilot painstakingly positioning a space shuttle for orbital docking, he was moved ever closer until the head of Andrew’s dick touched Blake’s penis. There was an inch of difference between their length, but Blake was five foot ten to Andrew’s six one so their helmets met almost perfectly.

Blake’s  brutally hard penis was vibrating in time with the shakers that were working on his testicles, yet the moment their penises touched Blake instantly felt the vibrations from his friend’s penis in his own shaft as well. And to make matters worse, both of their heads were slick; slippery with a mixture of jizz and pre-cum.

As soon as Blake realised what he was being forced to do, he pulled his hips away.

He looked over his shoulder at the laughing man controlling him and implored.

“Awww man, come on, this is so fucking gay, please!”

The man only laughed harder, along with the other watchers, then he carefully forced Blake’s hips forwards until his dick was touching Andrew’s again.

Zio said, “Tell you what kid, why don’t you two give each other kiss. If you do a good enough job I might consider letting you go.”

Blake looked at him then back at Andrew. They were both standing there will boners getting ass fucked and jacked, a kiss seemed like a small price to pay to end their ordeal. He leaned forwards and kissed Andrew on the cheek, then turned to Zio to ensure he had met the terms of the man’s request.

“Call that a kiss? Do it like it’s he’s your girlfriend and she’s just come back from a month’s vacation. I wanna see tongues in mouths.”

Blake looked at him like he was something nasty he’d just stepped in.

“Don’t look at me like that son or I’ll leave you two motherfuckers here for a week until your balls fall off.”

It wasn’t an image that Blake relished one bit, and horny though he felt now, he could easily imagine that a week of having his nuts continuously rattled might very well do exactly what Zio had threatened.

Blake turned back to Andrew, afraid that he’d be unable to hide the disgust on his face if he looked at Zio a single second longer. Andrew looked at him. Andrew had always been the more passive of the two. Almost always willing to go along with whatever Blake suggested they do. But he had shown new colours today. Blake was unsure whether Andrew­ would even let him, but ultimately, he reasoned, they were close friends. So what if they kissed? He’d passionately kissed girls he cared about far less.

Blake whispered to Andrew, “No homo.”

Then he leaned forwards, turning his head so that their lips would meet properly, opened his mouth and pressed lips together. Andrew allowed him. Compared to the alternative, it was a no brainer.

They ground lips together for a moment, and Blake figured Zio would never know if he used his tongue so he kept his firmly in his mouth and Andrew followed suit.

“Call that a kiss kid,” Zio said, “I wanna see passion, excitement, and I told you to use your tongues.”

Blake couldn’t imagine how Zio could possibly tell if he was using his tongue but he didn’t want to risk angering the man when they were so close to freedom. He pushed his tongue into Andrew’s mouth. His friend’s tongue was tasteless, but it squirmed like a basketful of cobras. At first Blake thought that Andrew was trying to avoid their tongues touching, but then realised that his friend was actually working with him, pushing against him with his own tongue.

Blake continued kissing for ten seconds. Surely that would be enough to satisfy Zio. He moved his mouth away from Andrew’s.

“What are you stopping for?” Zio asked, “I didn’t say you could stop. You go at it until I say you can quit.”

Blake looked him, then returned to kissing Andrew. He looked into his friend’s eyes, and Andrew stared back. His expression was indecipherable, but looking into his friend’s face from that close was weirding Blake out so he shut his eyes and Andrew did likewise.

With his eyes shut, Blake could almost convince himself that Andrew was a girl. He was certainly kissing as well as any girl he’d ever kissed.

Except any time he’d ever kissed a girl it had been without the feeling in his nuts like he was constantly about to explode.

Suddenly he felt wetness on his dickhead, then it was dribbling down his shaft. Blake didn’t think it was from him but it was hard to tell with the ceaseless vibrating between his legs, and he didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that one of them had just jizzed while kissing. But Andrew made a little moaning sound.

“Uhnnn,” and Blake realised it was his friend who had cum.

Then Blake WAS cumming and there was no question. Something about feeling Andrew’s jizz running down his own cock shaft triggered him. He didn’t think of Andrew like that – sexually, and there was no other guy that he was interested in that way either, but the feel of Andrew’s cock buzzing against his own, their bloated cock heads slipping and sliding against each other, and then the knowledge that his kiss or his cock had driven Andrew over the edge did the same thing to Blake. And as he came harder than he would have believed having already cum 14 times in the past two hours. An image slammed into his mind, that the dildo was Andrew’s cock, not a piece of cold plastic. He could feel it rhythmically sliding in and out of him and the thought of it being Andrew’s cock added to the power of his orgasm. He pushed his hips forwards, trying to get away from the image in his mind, by that only added to the frisson between his glans and Andrew’s, and his orgasm increased in intensity.

Blake was overwhelmed by the thoughts rushing around his head, as well as the sensations in his groin. In spite of the circumstances in which he experienced it, it was the most satisfying orgasm he’d ever had. Emotionally and physically he felt at one with his friend in a way that he never had with any girl. He continued kissing Andrew, his mouth working on automatic and Andrew was kissing him back hard, their tongues wrangling for dominance.

As his orgasm came to an end, Blake’s legs turned to jelly as a full body shiver passed over him. His knees buckled and he staggered against his friend, almost knocking him over. Andrew just managed to save himself by leaning back against Blake.

“Well well, what have we got here? Looks like you boys just discovered something about yourselves.”

Zio was looking between Blake and Andrew at the shared cum dripping off the claws still vibrating their balls. It was forming sticky little half inch whips of jizz that would break off and fly into the air between them, splashing on their legs or landing anything up to a couple of feet away. Mule was watching with amusement. The jizz reminded him of youtube videos he’d seen of corn starch non Newtonian fluid being vibrated by a bass speaker. That also looked almost exactly like cum, and it made complex patterns and almost mathematically formed sprays in response to a bass tone, just as the boys’ jizz was now responding to the vibrating claws.


Blake and Andrew ignored Zio. They had not been given leave to stop kissing yet, and that gave them both a useful reason not to acknowledge his comments.

“Okay faggots,” Zio said, “I think that’s enough kissing. Time to move onto something else.”

Blake and Andrew parted mouths. And they were moved three feet apart by the men controlling them. Blake looked at Zio. Blake’s face was deep crimson, and he wore an expression of deepest humiliation caused by the way that he’d actually started to fantasise that Andrew was fucking him, and worse still, he  was certain that the fantasy was written all over his face.

“Like that did you kid?” Zio asked. “The camera certainly did.”

He looked towards the cameraman who had been filming everything since Blake and Andrew’s ordeal had begun.

“Who knew you were such a faggot? Star of the team as well. I think your team mates are really going to enjoy seeing this little home movie. Let’s hope they never have cause to see it.”

Blake looked wretched, and it was hard to tell if his expression was one of self loathing or that of a broken man. Jizz was still dangling from the eye of his dick head, clearly incriminating him, and proving how much he had enjoyed kissing and rubbing against his friend.

If he’d stopped and thought for a second, he would have remembered that he had also cum multiple times without Andrew’s help, but he couldn’t wipe the image of Andrew fucking him from his mind.


Zio nodded to the guy holding Andrew’s remote.

“Get that dildo out of him.”

The guy stood up and pressed a button on the remote. The dildo stopped pumping in and out of Andrew’s hole. Then he walked over and fiddled around behind the boy, before removing the dildo and the entire motor that powered it from the brace that Andrew was connected to. Andrew felt suddenly empty, and in spite of himself, his body yearned for the dildo’s stimulation.

Blake watched silently. It looked as though Zio was at least going to be true to his word.

Zio nodded to the man holding Blake’s remote with a grin. The man moved the controls and Blake was steered behind Andrew. With the push of a button, Blake was forced once again, to open his legs and lower his stance. Blake frowned and looked at Zio.

“You said you would let us go,” he said.

“I said I might consider it. I considered it, and I decided I want to give you two a chance to get to know each other even better. You both clearly enjoyed the kissing. Call this a community service. You can think of it like therapy. I’m saving you a lot of money in counselling bills here.”

The man controlling Andrew adjusted his remote and Andrew slowly lowered himself into a squat, his asshole moving down the front of Blake’s body. Blake’s cock was still facing upwards towards the ceiling, straining eagerly for a hole to find relief in. Using his first two fingers, the man guided Blake’s cock towards his friend’s hole. Blake tried to pull away but the man held him in place with a palm in the small of the boy’s back.

“Awww no Zio please!” he begged, “Not this. This is so fucked up.”

Zio didn’t answer but Blake felt his penis sliding smoothly into the gaping hole that had recently been vacated by the dildo. Andrew squirmed as he felt his friend slide into him, but there was nothing either of them could do to prevent it. Blake could feel the warmth of Andrew’s hole, as warm as any pussy and much tighter. His cock felt as though it was swelling within the hole, eager to form an even closer connection. Blake started snorting, not with pleasure or even the strain of maintaining the lowered stance, but as a way of fighting off his own tears of humiliation.

“I don’t know why you’re so upset Blake. You both got off on the kissing. There’s clearly some feelings there between you. If you stopped fighting it, who knows, you two might actually be grateful for this.”

Blake looked at him with contempt, but a tiny part of him feared that Zio was right. He HAD enjoyed the best orgasm ever brushing cocks with his best friend. It didn’t make sense. He wasn’t gay, he was sure of it. He’d never entertained the tiny gay thought until today. “But then why did you think about Andrew fucking you” a voice in his head asked. He had no answer, but the insistent vibration in his balls was taking its toll.

For his part, Andrew was squirming above Blake. The shakers already sent vibrations up his sack and along his gooch and into his cock, but Blake’s cock inside his hole was sending a separate vibration all the way to his prostate.

Andrew had never felt shy about facing his love for Blake, although he was careful how he expressed it because he knew his friend was more reserved about such things than he was; an alpha male you could say. But even Andrew never imagined himself or Blake to be gay. He enjoyed his friend’s company at sleepovers, and the physical contact during a rough and tumble wrestle always left him feeling happy, but now, as he felt the warmth of his best friend’s eager cock filling him, he realised that there were worse things in the world than being gay. Far worse things. He just wished that he could be making that discovery away from the gaze of these thugs. He looked at the ground so that he didn’t have to meet their gaze.

Suddenly Blake started to move as his body was forced to lower by four or five inches before rising rapidly, slamming his cock violently up into Andrew’s hole. The motion was repeated over and over, and Blake also was no longer protesting, looking at the floor to the side of his friend. He came hard, without warning, but gave no outward sign and the fucking motion continued unabated.

The gang members jeered and taunted, urging him to fuck harder and faster, encouraging him to nut inside Andrew’s hole.

Blake continued fucking Andrew for a couple more minutes then he heard the gangsters cheering. For a moment he wondered why then he looked over Andrew’s shoulder and saw that his friend was ejaculating, shooting cum six inches into the air. What it lacked in velocity it made up for in volume and viscosity. It left his cock in thick pearly ropes that twisted and looped in arcs that rose and splatted on the dark linoleum floor. Blake was fascinated. How could Andrew be cumming so hard after already experiencing so many orgasms? Where was he getting all that cum from? But yet again, the thought of his friend orgasming drove Blake to another of his own. His balls were so hot; turned pink compared to his pale skin from all the shaking, and goose-bumped too. Yet he felt himself cumming even harder than the first one. He moaned, letting out a long involuntary groan as his body was forced to give up its precious seed once again.

The cameraman zoomed in on the boy’s faces. Andrew’s eyes were closed, his head tilted back in ecstasy. Over his shoulder, Blake’s was twisted into an orgasmic grimace.

Thirty seconds after Blake stopped cumming the quiet sound of the robotic servos that forced him to pump Andrew’s hole were joined by a wet squelching as his semen started to seep past the seal between his cock and Andrew’s hole. It was a sound he knew well from his jack off sessions, but it was not one he had ever expected to hear in the presence of his friend, much less with his cock in Andrew’s hole.


Zio left them fucking for a couple more minutes, just to ensure that they had both finished nutting completely. Then he instructed his guys to pull the boys apart.

Both teenagers stood now, cocks still ridiculously hard and eager. Zio grinned, more than a little jealous of the boys’ virility.

“Get them outta that junk. I think Blake has learned his lesson haven’t you kid?”

Blake looked at him briefly. Their eyes met and he knew that he was utterly beaten. He dropped his gaze to the floor and nodded without a word. Blake knew that he would do ANYTHING to prevent footage of this day’s event from ever seeing the light of day.


Zio’s men removed the braces from Andrew and Blake’s bodies, and each boy immediately covered himself, self conscious in spite of their hours of forced nudity.

Zio said, “Take them back to the van, dump them out by Macklin’s field, they can make their own way home from there.”

Macklin’s field was five miles from town out in the middle of nowhere.

The two muscle men shoved the naked boys towards the door. Just before they passed through, Zio had a final word of warning.

“Remember boys, if you tell anyone what happened here today, the video will be all over the internet before you know it. You’ll NEVER be able to clear that shit off. And then your families and friends will be getting a little visit from my crew and I can assure you, it won’t be a social visit.”

Zio had gone through this performance with dozens of boys and he’d never once needed to demonstrate what that veiled threat meant, but he’d certainly made a lot of money from all the compliant sports stars.


Half an hour later, the windowless van came to a halt 50 yards off a dirt track. The back door opened and the boys blinked in the bright light. Their ordeal was almost at an end.

“Get out,” one of the men said. “This is your stop.”

Andrew and Blake clambered out of the van and stood awkwardly in the spring sunshine. It was chilly and they had goose bumps.

“Okay, I suggest you listen to Zio’s warning. We don’t wanna have to come back and cut your balls off.”

The boys listened attentively, eager to be away from the men.

The man pointed across a huge grassy meadow.

“Town’s that way.”

He turned to leave but Blake spoke up.

“Um, can we get our clothes please?”

The man turned to face him with a grin.

“Nah, the fresh air will do you good. Keep you focussed.”

He turned away and returned to the van. It drove away leaving the naked boys to walk home.


“Let’s get out of here quickly in case he decides to change his mind,” Blake said.

“Right,” Andrew agreed.

They set off purposefully across the huge empty meadow, both still covering their groins with their hands. They walked in silence for ten minutes before Andrew dropped his hands from his groin.

“It seems kind of pointless after… after what just happened.”

Blake thought for a moment then dropped his hands.

They carried on walking, both wondering how they were going to get into their homes naked without anyone spotting them.

They walked without saying a word, each lost in thought, the silence between them awkward and uncomfortable. Eventually after 20 minutes it was Andrew again who broke the silence.

“It’s cold.”



He hesitated then spoke again.

“Blake, do you think what happened makes us fags?”

It was the main question on Blake’s mind too.

“Nah, it wasn’t like we had a choice.”

“True,” Andrew agreed, “but…”

He let the word hang in the air between them for 30 seconds. Blake was afraid to say anything but eventually he had to.

“But what?”

Andrew looked at the floor and coloured up, not just out of embarrassment but from the emotion of what he was about to say.

“But, well, I kind of liked it. Not those fuckers watching, but the kissing, and… And the other stuff.”

He didn’t need to clarify what other stuff.

They walked on in silence again. Andrew was desperate to know how Blake felt about his admission, but he didn’t want to push it. The last thing he could bear would be to lose their friendship over it.

Blake looked ahead, his thoughts were a maelstrom of confusion. A lifetime of social conditioning was at odds with what he had experienced.

They walked side by side for two more minutes before he said, “Yeah, me too I guess.”

Andrew turned to look at his friend to make sure he’d understood properly. Blake continued walking, looking straight ahead. Their dicks were shrivelled in the cold.

“Did you just say…”

“Me too,” Blake interrupted. “I liked it too.”

Andrew gave a wan smile.

“Blake, will we still be friends? I think it would be the worst thing ever if we lost our friendship over this. Out of you know, ‘cause we’re embarrassed.”

Blake frowned and looked at Andrew.

“Are you kidding?!”

He draped his arm around Andrew’s shoulder and pulled him close for warmth and reassurance.

“Of course we’ll still be friends.

“You know, you were pretty brave in there. Thanks for standing up for me.”

“Me? It was all my fault. If anyone was brave it was you. How’s your face?”

Blake lightly ran his fingers over Andrew’s bruised cheeks.

“Nah, it wasn’t your fault at all. I’m glad you at least tried to stand up to that motherfucker.”

He touched his face.

“It hurts but it’ll be okay.”

He smiled at his friend and they continued walking. Blake put his arm around his friend’s shoulder again and pulled him closer.

“It’s cold,” he explained when Andrew looked at him.

Three and a half miles to go, but now the silence between them was no longer oppressive.

Timidly, Andrew slipped his hand around Blake’s body. Blake assumed that his friend was going to encircle his waist but at the last moment it dropped, and Andrew’s hand cupped his bottom.

“Conserving body heat,” Andrew said looking straight ahead with a deadpan expression.

Blake spluttered and burst out laughing. Andrew had erased the humiliation of the past few hours. He always managed to make things better. He turned and hugged Andrew close, face to face, in the fresh spring air, and kissed him open-mouthed once again. This time neither boy minded that their cocks were touching.


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    Wow! Amazing story!

    I’ve been a reader for a while now and can’t believe I only just read this one. I love your work in general and this one story ticks pretty much all of my boxes in one go.


    • Thanks very much. Really glad you liked it!

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    Very hot and very Good


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