A young man is captured by aliens and forced to perform in a strangely familiar event.

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Ahead of him, the nano-door dissolved. Deke hated this. He knew that he was not going to like the next few minutes.

He felt prods behind him on his naked rump, urging him to pass through the newly created doorway, and he quickly complied, knowing that they would use electricity if he didn’t comply. Deke walked on all fours. He had black synthetic hooves moulded over his hands and feet, and he couldn’t remove them even if he was permitted to. They were a part of him now.

He looked around the arena – hundreds of faces eager for him to begin. Not that he could read their expressions. He felt the current in his rectum, sharp and stabbing. It made him involuntarily kick his back legs out and arch his torso. Then he felt the familiar pain between his legs as the harness tightened around his testicles, crushing them painfully. He flinched against the pain. He knew the game: the sooner he could dislodge his rider, the sooner the pain would stop.


The Sk’tg’tk had gotten the idea from watching human rodeos. The idea of trying to ride an animal bucking as though its life depended upon it was exactly the kind of challenge that appealed to them. They were only three feet tall, but size was no impediment; they were a race that thrived on challenge.

At first they tried simply harnessing humans and riding them, but it immediately became apparent that humans lacked the fiery spirit of the rodeo horses that the Sk’tg’tk were inspired by. After months of experimentation, the diminutive aliens discovered that powerful muscle contractions in the torso and lower body could be induced by inserting a plug into the humans’ anuses, and delivering repeated high voltage shocks. This produced the scale of movement that made the mounts hard to ride, but they had a tendency to roll over onto their backs in an effort to dislodge their riders.

The final part of the equation was the motivator. The anal shockers certainly produced regular dramatic kicking and bucking movements, but it was the spastic, uncontrolled movements of a robot. If the Sk’tg’tk had wanted that, they would simply have replicated the humans’ automated rodeo bulls. What they wanted was a mount that actively worked to dismount its riders. Ironically, it was studying footage of bulls that revealed the solution.

Although more powerful and with a savage disposition, bulls did not tend to buck in the same way as horses did. When they scrutinised footage of bull rides, the Sk’tg’tk discovered the humans’ ingenious solution. The ropes tied around the animals’ necks for the riders to hold onto, passed beneath its forelegs and along its flanks.  They were then wrapped in a very specific way around its testicles so that the moment the rider gripped the rope for support, the bulls’ pods would be squeezed, producing a violent reaction.

The Sk’tg’tk adapted the system, and after much experimentation and a lot of human pain, they adapted the system for use on humans.


The buzzer sounded, and Deke immediately felt a zap deep inside. His back arched and his legs kicked out. There was nothing he could do to resist the impulse. As he moved violently, the small alien clinging to his back adjusted its weight, clinging to the rein that was wrapped around his mount’s shoulders. This immediately tugged the rope that passed along the human’s belly, tightening two complicated knots that encircled and quartered each testicle. The result was an immediate and painful squeeze along both the longitudinal and transverse axes of each testicle, delivering what felt like a sharp kick between the legs.

Deke instantly rolled onto his shoulders, legs wide apart, feet waving in an instinctive effort to diminish the pain. Clinging tightly to his back, the small alien’s shell-like exoskeleton protected it from being crushed, and it tucked its head in tightly the side of its mount to avoid damaging its neck.

Fr’tki yanked on the rein and Deke felt the same pain again. He knew that if he didn’t rise to his feet, his rider would pull again, squeezing his already swollen balls still further.


There was a trick to producing the best mounts. Don’t ride them too often or too infrequently. Once a mount had been trained to rise to its feet and fight to dislodge its rider, the skill was to make them sufficiently motivated so that they would fight continuously until that objective was attained or the time ran out. If their pods were too fresh, they would react, but not strongly enough. If their pods were too damaged, the mounts would simply collapse to the padded surface of the arena in tears of agony, simply kicking out in time with the anal shock.

The perfect interval was determined to be approximately one to two Earth weeks – too soon for the swollen pods to return to their normal size, but not so quickly that the mount could not function.


Deke’s bulging balls were suspended back between his legs, pressing against his anus. They were the size of a large grapefruit and if he tried to recline, he would sit on them. They’d been that size for months, ever since the Sk’tg’tk had started using him regularly. There was absolutely no way to avoid the torment. He knew that if he simply stood and refused to play along that his rider would pull and pull on the rein until there was nothing left between his legs. Then he would be used for sport of another kind, perhaps something even less pleasant. At least this way, although he had to spend perhaps the rest of his life with aching nuts, apart from that, he was well cared for – fed, kept comfortable, allowed to watch recordings of Earth entertainment, and allowed to socialise with the other mounts.

So he clambered to his feet just as another painful shock zapped his prostate.

The audience looked for the tell-tale sign that the mount’s reaction was genuine. A few drops of sticky white fluid dribbled from its small meat tube each time it was zapped. Perhaps as many as 15 times in a ride.

Deke knew that his only salvation was to dislodge his rider as quickly as possible, but the rider had something special to prove. He was a Jgrnk – a teenager, trying to demonstrate that he was worthy to progress to adult mounts that had more power. It wrapped five of its spindly legs around him; four around his torso and one over his shoulder, and with a clawed sixth, it held the rein. Two teens locked together in a battle that only one could win.

As Deke felt the zap, he twisted, trying to surprise his rider, then he deliberately performed a forwards roll, in an effort to wipe the creature from his back. Straight back onto all fours, then he rose onto his hind legs, exposing his bulging scrotum and shrivelled flapping dick to the audience.

The zap came again whilst he was still rearing. It was a deliberate ploy. He had timed it so that the involuntary contraction would occur whilst he was almost upright. The contraction in his legs and spine propelled him into the air two feet, dribbling cum, and again he twisted, landing on the small alien. Momentarily crushed, a lower spinal plate cracked, three of its legs unwrapped, and Deke rolled over and over sidewards, like a child rolling down a hill, but Fr’tki regained his senses and yanked the rein hard. Deke’s legs flew apart; an automatic response to the testicle pain, then knowing his gambit had failed, he scrambled to his feet again.

It was considered poor form to yank the rein deliberately when a mount was on its feet, so Fr’tki eased his grip, but Deke’s continuing pain propelled him to try one last gambit. Before his abduction, he had been a gymnast, so now he launched forwards into a desperate series of handsprings across the arena. It was his signature move, and the reason that he was one of the most prized amongst the junior mounts.

Fr’tki clung desperately to Deke’s back, pulling the rein now simply to steady himself. With each flip the pain in Deke’s bloated nuts worsened, until finally, after the fifth, his tiny rider still mounted, he collapsed to the arena floor defeated and groaning.

Fr’tki tugged on the rein again, forcing Deke to his feet, and although the anal zapper continued to make Deke kick out and ejaculate, he had no more fight left. The buzzer sounded. One minute. Fr’tki had broken Deke and was ready to move up to the adults!

He leapt off his mount’s shoulders and landed on his rear legs, claws and eye stalks raised in triumph to the clicking and squeaking of an appreciative audience.

For his part, Deke limped slowly back to the open nano-door, his bulging, cord-wrapped balls protruding between his legs, his flaccid cock dribbling the results of his fifteenth micro-orgasm.

He knew that he would be called upon to fight another day.

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