Conditioning 6 – Days 6-14

Recap: Four friends on vacation awake to find themselves in a metal room with their arms tied behind them, and electrified testicle cuffs around the neck of their scrotums, connected to cables that can retract into the walls. The current can be used to stimulate or punish.

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Day 6

Nobody slept on the night of day 5. Dillon could hear the groans of pain from his three friends. He lay on the floor, restless, unable to simply shut his eyes and sleep knowing that they were suffering, especially as he was partly responsible.

For their part, Jake, Mike and Stewie were hanging from the wall by cuffs that were secured around their scrotums. Any movement or attempt to lessen the pain, only made things worse, and quickly after being tethered, all three simply collapsed, faces towards their knees, waiting for release or…


At some time during the night, Dillon could hear Stewie starting to cry. All three had been groaning intermittently, punctuated by shouted profanities of exasperation, anger, or agony, but this was different. Dillon could hear Stewie start snivelling, the wretched sound of a child alone and totally bereft of hope. But Stewie wasn’t a child, and to hear such pitiful mewling from a nearly grown man was particularly distressing. Dillon had been zapped in the balls twice for disobedience, but he could only imagine how his friend was feeling with his full body weight supported by his nuts. Stewie continued sobbing for a long time, before finally losing the energy even for that lamentably small show of distress.


The following morning, the light came on, and Dillon looked around. Mike and Jake were standing on the floor. Mike was on the soles of his feet, and Jake was on tip-toes, but it was clear that during the night, their scrotums had stretched enough for them to support themselves on their feet. Dillon didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. There was no blood, so at least nobody had lost his balls in the night. They blinked in the new light. Both had dark rings under their eyes, and they looked as though they’d been deprived of an entire week of sleep.

“How are you guys doing?” Dillon asked.

“Uhnnnng,” was all Jake could manage, turning slightly in Dillon’s direction. Mike just stared ahead, lost in his own pain.

Dillon looked at Stewie. The boy was still three inches from the floor, and he didn’t react when the light came back on.

“I think Stewie’s passed out,” Dillon said.

The others didn’t acknowledge the comment, in too much pain themselves to expend the energy on speech.

Dillon wondered if he should shout to try and rouse Stewie, but he decided it was kinder to leave him passed out. He felt his own testicle cable pulling slowly tight and he rose to his feet and stood by the wall. The jailor entered, and placed a tasty breakfast tray in front of him, and a beaker of water in front of the other three.

“Please sir,” Dillon said, hoping that his politeness and abject capitulation would appease the jailor, “please let my friends down. I’m so sorry I said no. Please don’t hurt them anymore.”

The jailor left without even acknowledging that Dillon had spoken. However, 30 seconds later, the cables on all four boys released. Mike and Jake collapsed to the floor grunting, and Stewie fell slowly – a total dead weight. Mike and Stewie curled up, but bizarrely, now that they were no longer being supported by their balls, the pain got dramatically worse as the blood circulated and the nerves tingled back to life. Although he lay on his side, exhausted and in agony, Jake lifted his top leg wide open like a dog taking a pee, in an effort to provide breathing room for his balls. Dillon could see that Jake’s balls were tiny and bruised a deep purple.

Dillon ate his breakfast, as he watched his friends with deep concern. Then he was forced to stand, and the jailor came and collected his tray, leaving the beakers for the others. Dillon felt his stimulator turn on.


In spite of his concern for his friends, with each passing minute of stimulation, Dillon’s focus on them diminished, as his own incredible arousal dominated his entire consciousness. It felt so wrong to be standing with a boner, whilst his friends lay incapacitated by agony, but any moral concerns Dillon may have had, dissipated in inverse proportion to his own horniness.

Around 10am, Stewie started to rouse, but Dillon barely cared by that point. At 11am, when his cable released, Dillon was more than happy to fuck the latex vagina in the middle of the room. He stepped forwards immediately, barely aware of his friends, and fucked it hard and fast, enjoying the first time where he controlled his own orgasm since his captivity. He came quickly and powerfully, and was returned to his wall.

Freed of the immediate desire to ejaculate, Dillon felt guilty that he had enjoyed himself whilst his friends suffered. He looked at them. Jake was still lying on his side, his knees apart. Mike and Stewie sat with their backs to the metal walls, legs also spread. They were morose and quiet. Dillon could see that the scrotums of all three were bruised deep purple, and swollen to the size of grapefruits between their legs. There was nothing Dillon could say that seemed appropriate, so he maintained a respectful silence.

His stimulator remained turned on, and it didn’t take long for him to recover from his first orgasm. He was sitting comfortably, rather than standing, as he had for the past five days, but that did nothing to alleviate the arousal he felt. A little after noon, he was freed to use the rubber vagina for the second time, and he took advantage of the opportunity without hesitation.

Stewie and Mike watched him dourly. They knew that he was as powerless to resist the lust, as they had been to resist being suspended by the balls. They had absolutely no interest in sex themselves, and the pain in their balls was their primary focus at that point.

After he was allowed to fuck, Dillon was again returned to his wall, and soon after, a delicious meal was delivered to him, whilst his companions received nothing but water.

He was stimulated all afternoon, and allowed to use the rubber pussy twice more, before an evening meal. His companions were given nothing but water.

And then lights out. Everyone but Dillon went to sleep hungry and in pain.


And that was the routine for the next three days. Stewie, Mike and Jake were given enough water to keep tem alive, but no food whilst they slowly recovered from their injuries. Meanwhile, Dillon’s days were filled with pleasant food, and constant fucking.

On the tenth day, the swelling in the boy’s scrotums finally started to decrease. Breakfast was delivered to all four. It was placed on the floor three feet in front of them but on small tables 18 inches off the floor. The tables were an odd development, and Dillon wondered as to their purpose.

Mike, Jake and Stewie looked at the food ravenously. All three were still sore, but the pain had diminished enough that they had been able to start talking again, and their hunger was now more important than their ball pain. They had discussed their fear that they were simply going to be starved to death, and seeing the food was a huge relief.


Dillon’s cable released and he moved forwards, dropped to his knees and ate the food that had been placed on a plastic, multi-compartment tray in front of him. He’d gotten used to eating without the use of his hands, which had been secured behind his back since he first woke up in captivity, and he was grateful of the extra height provided by the small table. It enabled him to eat without lowering his face all the way to the floor like a dog. Furthermore, not being doubled over allowed the food to pass into his stomach a little easier.


The others were also released, but when they moved towards their food, they realised that they could not get close enough to drop to their knees as Dillon had. Jake looked at his food and frowned. It was tantalisingly close. He tried to bend at his middle and reach it that way, but he could only get his head a little lower than his waist. He strained towards it, famished after four days of starvation. Then he realised the whole point of this nasty little exercise. There was only one way to reach the food. He shuffled forwards until his balls were pulled tightly back between his legs, then as carefully as he could, he started to lean forwards. Stewie and Mike watched him closely, as he tried to resolve the same dilemma that they both faced. Jake grimaced, his already abused balls aching as he leaned, closer, closer, cloooooooser. Finally, when he was leaning at an angle of 45 degrees, supported by his balls, his head reached the tray, and very carefully he started to eat.

Once they had seen the solution, Stewie and Mike followed his example. Stewie leaned very gently, but immediately the pain was too much to bear. He tried again, gently, but the pain was even worse. He made an exasperated noise through half clenched teeth that was a mixture between a pained gasp, and a sorrowful sob, then gave up and returned to his wall, still famished.


Mike had a little more luck. He leaned forwards as Jake had done, and started to eat, but he made one crucial mistake: he didn’t notice that Jake had set his feet wide apart for balance before starting. As Mike ate, he lost concentration and twisted to the side, losing his centre of balance. One it was gone, it was impossible from that angle, and without the use of his hands, to save himself. He started to fall, but rather than dropping straight down as gravity decreed, his tethered balls yanked him back in a cruel arc towards the wall. He let out a yelp, and twisted 180 degrees trying to save himself. He threw one leg high in the air and over the cable, thrusting his pelvis upwards, as though it would somehow mitigate the imminent pain. It didn’t and he fell to the floor screaming and landed on his shoulders – his tortured balls in agony.

Dillon watched with sympathy, and Jake carefully turned his head to see. Mike laying on the floor, legs apart, groaning in pain.


After breakfast, Dillon was stimulated and allowed to use the pussy twice before lunch, and twice after. His friends were allowed no closer to their meals, but at least food was available.

Mike and Stewie declined to try again.

On day 11, their tethers were loosened by 3 inches, and Dillon got to fuck 5 times. On day 12, another 3 inches, and Dillon fucked 6 times. All four boys  were able to reach their meals, albeit with some discomfort. On day 13, the boys were finally allowed to reach their food without having to hurt themselves.


Day 14

On the 14th day, Dillon’s cable was fully released. In the middle of the room, the rubber pussy disappeared, replaced instead by a vibrator with a movable head. Although he’d never seen it before, Dillon recognised it as the device that had anally raped him on day 4.The head was buzzing and moving. It embarrassed him even to look at it in front of the others.

He was stimulated on maximum, and as mid-morning approached, he was starting to look forwards to his first fuck of the day. It didn’t come. He looked at the vibrator. By midday, Dillon had missed two, and by 2pm he was four fucks down, and getting desperate. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the vibrator. He hated it. Hated the thought of being anally raped, especially in front of the others, but he also knew it was the key to his sexual release. By three, Dillon was drenched in sweat as the effort of coping with six hours of high intensity stimulation wore him down. At 3.15, he gave up, and without being ordered to, he walked to the centre of the room. He knelt down with the vibrator behind him, then slowly lowered himself onto its buzzing head. Mike and Jake watched him with disgust, but Stewie sympathised. He knew only too well that you could be forced to almost anything if you were turned on enough.

As soon as the vibrator touched Dillon’s bottom, its buzzing took on a deeper pitch, as it anchored  against his body. Although it had been in him before, Dillon’s hole had returned to normal. He eased it ever so slowly into him. The others watched, only able to judge the progress of the thing by the height of Dillon’s buttocks from the floor. The buzzing noise was almost completely muted, and Stewie realised that that meant the vibrator was fully inside Dillon’s hole. Dillon was breathing heavily, with tremulous breaths, as the vibrator touched a place inside him, that had been virgin until until a week ago.

Dillon sat back, his buttocks fully against the floor, and in spite of himself, he started grinding against the vibrator, trying to maximise the anal stimulation. He grimaced at the intensity of the pleasure, and lifted his face to the ceiling, unable to see through his tightly clenched eyes. He reclined for deeper penetration. It felt so fucking good. He felt his balls churning. He was oblivious to his friends now. He wanted his ass pleasure to go on forever.

“Ahhh, ahhh, ahhhh,” he gurgled in time with the grinding of his hips.

All too soon, he came hard. In spite of having ejaculated six times the previous day, his bloated cock launched a geyser of cum into the air. It landed on his own inclined stomach, spurt after massive spurt.

“Fuuuuck,” he growled throatily, a primitive expletive of triumph and elation torn from his vocal chords. He bounced his hips up and down like a jackhammer, smashing his prostate against the vibrator to anally pleasure himself and maximise his orgasm. He was barely aware of the rivers of thick cum sliding down his hard stomach and into his treasure trail.

After 37 seconds, he started to slow, and after 70 seconds he finally stopped moving. He sat back, eyes closed, breathing heavily through a gaping mouth, enjoying the afterglow of the gargantuan orgasm. He was dimly aware that his friends must have seen everything, and were doubtless still watching, but Dillon didn’t allow his thoughts to go in that direction. He was feeling too good. His dick was still standing up, forced by the testicle stimulator, but even without it, he’d be hard as nails right now.

Dillon was discovering just how much pleasure his asshole could bring him, but the only way that he could enjoy it, was by not thinking about it. He let his thoughts drift in the post orgasmic bliss haze of balls effectively emptied.

He could feel his dick still trembling and vibrating in time with the dildo in his ass. It felt good. Without the direct stimulation of his glans, he stayed hard without discomfort. He didn’t want the experience to end, so he remained on the vibrator, and allowed it to continue working on his asshole. His breathing slowly returned to normal, but his excitement didn’t. It was incredible. He had a constant feeling of being right on the edge of cumming. His balls felt as big as apples!


His friends continued to watch. There was absolutely nothing else to do, and they were all long past the point where the nudity or even sexual behaviour of one of them was something to be looked away from, or afforded privacy.

In spite of his initial disgust, Jake now had fierce erection of his own. He sat with his knees together and legs raised to hide it, afraid that his friends would somehow be able to discern simply by looking, which erections were cause by his own lust, and  which were caused by the stimulators. Admittedly, the  stimulator produced an erection of unequalled hardness, but truth be told, his own unassisted erection was not that far behind it right now.

Jake couldn’t understand why seeing his male friend anally fucking himself should give him an erection, but he took a small comfort from the fact that Mike and Stewie were both hard too.


Stewie suffered no such guilt or self-doubts. It was fucking horny! Watching Dillon having an amazing orgasm made him want one too, and he was no longer at all discerning where he got it from.

Mike was less introspective. He simply watched with a boner, and didn’t bother to second guess himself at all.


Dillon continued to sit, as the vibrator forced his body into sex mode more effectively than any amount of porn, any good looking women, any sexting, snapchat, or any actual sex. The fact was, Dillon wasn’t particularly good at sex. He was selfish, and his movements were all about cumming. Now, parts of his libido that he didn’t even know existed were being teased and stimulated. His body was being played, and tantalised like a master musician plays a violin. He allowed himself to be played. The circling motion of the vibrator head massaged his prostate, whilst the rippling base stimulated his sphincter. The overall vibrations ran from deep inside; from his asshole, along his perineum, and into his balls and the base of his cock. There was not a single millimetre of his genitals that were not throbbing, vibrating or tingling with pleasure. Dillon had never been so aware of his own testicles, or the various parts of his reproductive system. He didn’t know that his ass lips could produce such delightful thrills, nor that his insides could make him feel so horny.

Dillon rode the wave as he was milked to a second orgasm. He continued to sit, unwilling for it to be over yet. He opened his eyes, and looked straight into the face of Stewie. His friend was watching him closely. Their eyes locked, then Dillon notice Stewie’s erection. He grinned sheepishly, and Stewie grinned back. Dillon remained impaled as a third orgasm was urged from his willing body. Then he finally clambered off the vibrator, allowing it to leave his eager hole with a quiet slurp. Its vacancy left a sense of absence, as though a part of his body that belonged, had been removed. Dillon retreated to his wall, his hole gaping.

Over by his wall, Stewie also had an interesting experience – his hands free ejaculation since the wet dreams of early puberty. He didn’t even bother to hide it.

A few hours later, the boys were fed.

Then the light went out.

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