Conditioning 5 – Day 5

Recap: Four friends on vacation awake to find themselves in a metal room with their arms tied behind them, and electrified testicle cuffs around the neck of their scrotums, connected to cables that can retract into the walls. The current can be used to stimulate or punish.

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Day 5

Breakfast is delivered. Jake looked at his tray of bran cereal but ignored it. His stomach had been aching constantly, and he still hadn’t been allowed to shit. He didn’t think he dared to eat anything else.

His friends ate hungrily.


After breakfast, the testicle cuffs turned on for everyone but Dillon. He was relieved and grateful for the small mercy. Half a day standing around with erection that just won’t go wasn’t his idea of fun, but standing around with an unbearable erection, being ass-fucked and jizzing randomly every 20 minutes was really not his idea of a good time. His asshole was still numb from the day before. His cable stayed loose, and he sat on the floor.


Within 15 minutes, for the first time, he got to witness his friend’s stimulation without distraction. The first and third days, he’d been in so much pain he had no interest in their pleasure. The second and fourth days, he was as thought-wipingly turned on as they were, but today: the fifth day, he was finally allowed to simply sit.

Their stimulators were turned to high, and although all four boys talked to each other at first, conversation from three of them quickly dried up. It would be funny if their situation wasn’t so dire. The way that the pauses between comments grew, and the words themselves became increasingly intermittent as the effort of concentrating on anything but how horny they felt gradually became greater and greater.


Jake had been groaning intermittently for two days about his stomach ache, and the effort of holding back a 4 day diet of high fibre, high octane food. At 11.25, he finally lost the battle. It was simply impossible for him to focus on the all-consuming arousal he felt, whilst holding his sphincter clenched shut. He was standing with his knees pressed together, and his buttocks tensed, when he felt the first squirt of diarrhoea escape him, he tried to tense harder, but once it had started, it was like a floodgate had opened, and he was powerless to stop himself. He was being held near to the wall, but quickly widened his stance so that at least he didn’t defecate on his own legs. He groaned with disgust at himself, but once his bowel evacuation was underway, didn’t even try to resist it any more.


Stewie and Mike were aware of Jake’s loss of control, but barely interested. Their only thought was their desire to ejaculate.

Dillon was also aware. He was disgusted by the spectacle and the stench, but he knew only too well from his own behaviour the previous day, that their bodies were not their own any more. Unless their captors allowed Jake to use the lavatory, as the rest of them did, it was a battle that he was inevitably destined to lose.


When Jake finally stopped emptying his guts, the jailor appeared carrying a heavy duty hose. Without prelim, he opened the valve and sprayed Jake like a Chinese cop spraying a protesting student. Jake could not hold up his hands to shield himself, but instinctively he tried away from the water to protect himself. The painful yank on his balls quickly reminded him that that was not an option either. The water was ice cold, but there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

Jake’s cable released a little and now he turned away. The jailor hosed him down thoroughly, aiming  the jet directly  at Jake’s asshole. Jake felt some of the water going up into him, and turned to the side.

The jailor hosed the floor and the wall, and Dillon finally understood why the walls didn’t fully meet the floor. It had been bugging him ever since he first regained consciousness in the metal room. It was a drainage gully. The jailor washed every trace of Jake’s faeces from the room, then left.

Jake’s cable retracted again, forcing him to stand close to the wall once more. He stood shivering, covered head to toe in goose bumps, his skin pale from the cold, as the blood retreated to supply his vital organs.


Across the room, Mike’s cable extended, and he stepped forwards, mindless of Jake’s predicament, eager for relief of his own. As he approached the latex pussy, a voice in the ceiling said “fifteen seconds.” Mike’s eyes widened. He fucked the pussy frantically, desperate not to be denied release. He started squirting at 12 seconds, and doubled his pace, sensing he didn’t have much longer. He was gently tugged by the balls away from the pussy at 15 seconds, with cum still squirting from his throbbing dick. His penis bounced up as it was freed from the latex vagina. Mike grunted, trying to thrust towards the fake pussy as he was pulled away from away from it, but the cable’s motion was implacable. He returned to his wall and was allowed to sit.


At 3pm, Jake’s cable was released. He was still cold from the ice water hosing, but he’d also had his simulator on high for over six hours, and he was eager for relief. He moved towards the pussy, crouched and fucked it quickly, fearful that he would be prevented from climaxing. Without full bowels, he was able to enjoy the experience fully, and he came hard and happily. He continued fucking until he felt fully sated, then stepped away from the soft rubber hole.

“Keep fucking,” the voice said from a speaker.

Mike was momentarily confused, then he understood the instruction and stepped forwards and continued fucking. He was still horny, so it was no imposition, and ten minutes later he came again, almost as strongly as the first time.

“Keep fucking,” the voice commanded.

Mike did as he was ordered, although with two recent orgasms under his belt, it was now a purely mechanical act with little lust behind it. The stimulator had been turned down – just high enough to keep him hard, but not enough to make him horny.

He continued humping the hole. Instead of the short stabbing strokes he had used when he wanted to cum, he was using long strokes that pushed his cock right through and out the other side of the three inch deep latex vagina. His actions were designed to satisfy the commands of the watcher, but to provide minimal stimulation to his own cock. Nevertheless, each time he drew his cock back, and the back rim of his glans and his fraenulum rubbed against the synthetic vagina, and he felt the tingle of a hypersensitive, post orgasm penis that would rather not be touched any more.

Jake continued pumping, and 45 minutes from his second orgasm, he felt his excitement level slowly starting to rise once more. He fucked with more purpose, intent on elevating that excitement to a high enough level so that he could ejaculate yet again.

Mike was pumping away because he’d been ordered, but as he felt the tingle of renewed excitement, he also instinctively wanted to drive his body towards an orgasm. Some part of him wanted to please the person watching on the camera. His thoughts were not entirely rational. He felt that if he could just cum once more, that he’d be allowed to stop, but he also simply wanted to please the voice, in the hope that he could win its owner’s approval.

He shortened the length of his strokes, and increased his pace, all former chill finally sweated from his body. He felt his excitement growing slowly, slowly, his recently drained nuts unwilling to offer more sperm. Then from nowhere, he was cumming again, with none of the satisfying contractions and deep ball pleasure that might come with a less strained orgasm. His body was slowly building, then a few dribbles of cum were leaking from the end of his cock. He leaned back as he continued humping, not wanting his captor to miss the fact that he had cum again, no matter how pathetically.

“Keep fucking.”

Jake frowned. He’d never cum three times without a break, and now he was being told to keep on going? His thigh muscles were screaming from the crouching stance, and he keep changing into all manner of  weird positions to avoid repeated cramps – one leg straight to the side, both legs out, balanced on one leg; whatever it took to support his weight whilst he continued fucking the hole.

Dillon watched with bemusement. He had sympathy for his friend, but Jake’s antics were fascinating to say the least. Dillon felt a hard erection grow in his lap. The stimulator wasn’t on, but nobody else would know that. He sat with it throbbing insistently for over half an hour, strangely aroused by his friend’s performance.


“Keep  fucking. Keep fucking. Keep fucking.”

By 9pm Jake had long since stopped actually squirting, and even with the superb lube that constantly oozed from the vagina, his fraenulum was red and sore. His helmet had turned a dark purple colour around its flared rim: bruised and over used.

Dillon had long since ceased to have any interest. His interest was taken by Stewie who was clearly desperate for release over by his wall. He’d been on high stimulation for over 12 hours, and looked as though he’d leaked several mug’s worth of precum. He went through phases; for a few minutes  hunching and groaning as though he’d been kicked in the balls, then changing from foot to foot like a little boy who needs to go to the bathroom. Right now, he was doing a weird kind of sensual, slow motion air grinding, starting from his stomach, then rolling down to his pelvis, producing a rippling thrusting motion that would have been great if he had a partner beneath him.


The cable attached to Jake’s balls tugged him gently back towards his wall, and he went gratefully  – his penis numb from six hours of non-stop fucking. As he sank to the floor, drained and exhausted, the cable around Dillon’s balls tightened, forcing him to stand.


The cable around Stewie’s balls released, and he moved forwards as fast as he could, like a dog straining against a leash. Just as he arrived, the vagina and its stand, disappeared into the floor. Stewie watched it disappear with a frown, and waited for another to appear. It didn’t. Stewie stood there with his boner bouncing, twitching, all ready to go. He’d mentally prepared himself for release, like a man with a full bladder who has finally gotten to a toilet and unzipped his fly.

Stewie looked around at the others. Surely one of them was going to step forwards. Stewie was more than willing to grind against anybody in the room if he could just cum, and he was DEFINITELY not going to be beaten this time.


Dillon watched with curiosity. Following the previous pattern, where each of them got to cum or was denied each day, it was his turn. He was not even excited, and his stimulator had not been on all day. But to avoid further punishment, he was willing to partner Stewie, and do what the others had done yesterday and the day before. It was only kissing, and it wasn’t like he had a choice. His cable loosened, and he stepped forwards stoically, not in the least bit interested. He just hoped that the voice wouldn’t mind the fact that he was not hard.

Stewie saw Dillon walk forwards, and turned to him expectantly. Right now, he would have fucked a llama, in public, if he was just allowed to cum. Dillon arrived and they stood face to face. Without waiting for instructions, Stewie moved his groin against Dillon and started rubbing himself. Dillon retreated a step, somewhat taken aback by his friend’s animal lust. He wasn’t human to Stewie – he was just something warm and soft to rub against.

“No,” the voice said. “Kneel.”

The command was ambiguous and both boys looked confused. They both knelt.

“Not both of you. The skinny one.”

Dillon knew that meant him. Stewie stood up.

“Now suck him,” the voice commanded.

Dillon looked at Stewie’s penis. It was bulging, and in spite of just having rubbed against him, it was soaked with sticky precum. There was no way that he was having that in his mouth. Without really considering the consequences, he stood up and said, “No.”

“Please Dillon,” Stewie implored him.

“Sorry Stewie but there’s…”

Dillon didn’t get to finish the sentence. The cable connected to Stewie’s testicle cuff yanked him violently backwards, literally lifting him off his feet and pulling him backwards  three feet before he bounced on the floor and was tugged all the way back to the wall. Stewie let out a strangled yelp, and for the first time in 6 hours, sex was not the more important thing on his mind. The cable continued tightening lifting him to his feet. The pain was unreal, then something truly unexpected happened. The entire column of wall panels that included the one his testicle wire tethered into, started to rise. Stewie was already on his feet, but he was lifted by the testicles up onto tip toe. The panel continued lifting, another six inches, until he was dangling with his ass pressed hard against the panel, folded over in pain. He struggled, but that just made the pain worse.

“Please,” he implored the camera in a pain-strangled voice, “it wasn’t my fault. I’ve done everything you told me!”

Dillon looked at his friend with horror.  He moved towards him hoping that he could somehow support his friend’s weight, but his cable stopped him just short.

He looked up at the camera.

“What are you hurting him for? It was me that said no.”

Across the room, Jake’s cable tightened. He quickly clambered to his feet, and he was also pulled against the wall. He looked at Stewie in horror, hoping that that wasn’t his fate, but his panel also rose.

“No, please no!” he begged. “I’ll do anything!”

He was lifted from his feet. He could feel his scrotum pulled up between his ass cheeks. With his arms tied behind his back, it was incredible how powerless he was to resist.


Mike watched in dismay, hoping against hope that he wouldn’t be next. Then his cable tightened. He quickly lay on the floor with his feet in the air, hoping that the position would somehow mitigate what was about to happen. The column of panels rose and continued to rise until his head was six inches off the floor. Like the other three, he lost control of his bladder, and for the first time in his life, got to discover what his own urine tasted like. He spluttered, but it was the least of his worries. He performed an inverted sit up, his buttocks pressed firmly against the wall. The strain on his balls was excruciating.  Once his head was lifted, Mike twisted his body so that his feet hung down, hoping that this position might be less painful. It felt like his nuts were being twisted off. Once he got right way up, his feet still didn’t touch the floor, but the effort of getting there robbed all of his strength. He collapsed forwards, like his friends had.


Dillon was tugged back towards his wall. He expected to receive the same fate as his friends. He wanted to steel himself for the pain, but he had no idea how to ready yourself for that level of ball pain. But it was moot. He DIDN’T get suspended. Instead the jailor entered carrying a single tray of pleasant food, and placed it on the floor in front of him. The jailor left and Dillon’s cable was released enough for him to sit or lay, and to move freely.

He looked at his friends miserably, knowing that they were being punished for his stubbornness.

There was no way that he could simply eat whilst they suffered so badly. He ignored the meal.

After 15 minutes, the voice said, “Eat.”

Dillon shook his head sadly.

“I can’t. Not while my friends are hurting like that.”

The other three were hanging, as perfectly still as they could to minimise the stress on their balls. Suddenly all three started jerking and struggling, as current was passed through the testicle cuffs to their balls.

“Eat, for fuck sake eat!” Stewie shouted urgently once the current had stopped.

Dillon looked at them in horror, then started to eat. It went down his throat and sat in his stomach like rocks. Seeing his friends suffering made him so tense that he could barely swallow. When he had finished the food, he used the lavatory.

Then the light went out.

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