Conditioning 4 – Day 4

Recap: Four friends on vacation awake to find themselves in a metal room with their arms tied behind them, and electrified testicle cuffs around the neck of their scrotums, connected to cables that can retract into the walls. The current can be used to stimulate or punish.

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Day 4

Lights. Breakfast. No-one risked speaking to the jailer this time.

Jake’s high octane diet continued. Everything possible to upset his stomach. He ate and drank quickly, hoping to use the toilet before he was noticed. He moved to the crouch lavatory, but the second he went to squat, the cable connected to the collar around his scrotum pulled tight, lifting him to his feet, facing the wall. When he was a few inches away, it stopped retracting. It was clear that his captors didn’t intend him to take a shit. He wondered how long he could hold it.


The others finished eating, and their cables also tightened, forcing them to stand with their backs against the wall. This was the fourth day, and they were already getting used to the routine. Eat; stand; a few hours of unbearable forced arousal; then release if they were lucky. Except for Dillon. He had so far refused to put on a show for their captors, and he’d been punished for it. After yesterday, he’d already decided that he would capitulate to their demands. His modesty was less important than his safety. The punishment the second time was more severe than the first, and it was agonising. He didn’t want to discover what would happen if he held out a third time. But he never got the chance.

The cable attached to his balls retracted fully into the wall, pulling his testicles against the metal, and forcing him stand so close to the wall that the cheeks of his bottom spread against it. A panel opened above the one that the cable entered. Dillon could not see it, but he felt it open. He strained  to look behind himself, but his cheeks were spread against the metal. He pulled away from the wall a couple of inches, stretching his balls painfully. The cable immediately countered, pulling his balls into the cable hole. He squirmed in discomfort, but it was clear that the entire purpose of the tension was to restrict his movement.

An object came out of the upper hole and touched his bottom between the two cheeks. It was a thick dildo with a separate articulated head that could move in a circle along the dildo’s longitudinal axis. Dillon straightened in shock as he felt it touch him.

“You okay Dillon?” Mike asked.

“Something just moved behind me.”

“What sort of thing?”

“I don’t know. Something just touched my butt. Hey are your cords really tight? It feels like they’re trying to rip my nuts off.”

He looked at the others one at a time.

“Nope,” Mike said.

“Me neither,” Jake confirmed.

“No more than before,” Stewie said.

Dillon frowned, even more concerned. He could see that the other three already had fierce erections, so it was obvious that the stimulators in their testicle cuffs had been activated, but his had not. With a sense of foreboding, Dillon wondered why his hadn’t yet. He didn’t have to wait long to find out.

The thing that had touched him was carefully positioned, and then pushed between the cheeks of his bottom. He grimaced as he felt the lubricated head slipping between his cheeks, and move with unerring accuracy for his hole. His eyes widened apprehensively as he guessed correctly, where the object was going to end up. It pushed against him, and he tensed against it. It continued to push with firm and steady force and he continued push back.

Jake noticed that Dillon’s abs were hard and he was snorting through his nose as though fighting against pain.

“Hey man, what’s happening?”

Dillon looked at him, but was too modest to tell them about the invasion of his hole.

“Something’s pressing my back,” he said euphemistically, as he continued to resist the dildo with a grimace.

The dildo continued to push with relentless pressure, and although he manage to counter its movement for over five minutes, despite the fact that he was clenching his anus for all he was worth, he could feel the cool plastic tip ever-so-slowly spreading his ass lips wider and wider. His hole was starting to sting as it stretched to accommodate the intrusion. By eight minutes, Dillon didn’t think he could resist much longer. If he could just take one quick breath and rally his strength. He exhaled, relaxing for just a moment, and the smooth dildo instantly slipped inside him. He gasped loudly.

“Dude, you okay?“ Mike asked.

Dillon didn’t answer, unwilling to let his friends know he was being anally invaded. Instead he screwed his lips into an oval grimace and gave a curt nod, his distressed face on the edge of tears.

The dildo penetrated deeper; almost five inches, until it pressed against his prostate. The cable holding his balls loosened a little. Now that he was impaled, there was no need to hold him in place. Dillon moved forwards, relieved that at least the dull ache in his nuts would soon stop. Then he felt the stimulator holding his balls come to life. Even if he had not been aware of the pleasurable tingling, the impressive speed that his penis went from complete flaccid, to diamond-cutter hard was a clear indication that his body was being manipulated.

Stewie saw Dillon’s dick standing swiftly to attention.

“Decided to join us,” he joked.

“Looks like it,” Dillon quipped back with forced humour.


Then the vibrator in his buzzed into life.

“Hnhh,” Dillon said, shocked by the movement within him.

The egg-shaped head of the dildo started vibrating in circles over one centimetre from one extreme to the other. This wasn’t the gentle buzzing of a normal vibrator whose purpose was to gently tease and arouse its subject, edging them slowly towards orgasm. This was an aggressive prostate pounding with just one purpose, to drive its victim towards an irresistible orgasm as quickly as possible.

The neck of the vibrator was also moving. It was made of soft rubber, and within, a spiral of hard metal balls that ran from the base to near the tip, span in a constant circle, creating rippling undulations in the slime lubed rubber. The movement massaged the inside of Dilllon’s sphincter. He tensed against it, but it was impossible to hold his hole tight against the constantly changing shape.

The vibrations of the rotating head were so powerful that Dillon’s penis started bouncing, and then spinning in sympathetic resonance, and it was clear as day to the others that this was more than merely something pressing his back.

“What the fuck is happening?!” Mike demanded.

“B… butt. Something in my butt. Mmm. Mmm… mmmmoving,” Dillon stammered, almost rendered speechless by the intensity of feelings he was experiencing.

“Can’t you move away?” Jake asked.

Dillon stared straight ahead, but gave a small tense shake of his head.


Then he came. Ropes of cum sprayed and were cast in wide circles by his oscillating penis. He’d never cum as hard in his life. The cum was thrown four, five, even seven feet away in every direction like streamers at a new year party. His legs shook and trembled at the intensity as the cum was literally hurled from his penis. He tried to resist, but his body was completely out of his control and he continued to cum for almost 20 seconds.

When his balls finally had no more to give, he collapsed on legs robbed of their strength by his monumental orgasm, but he was held up by the cable. He managed to lock his legs so that his weight was not supported by his testicles, and he hunched forward, sweating and panting.

“Fucking hell!” Jake said.

Nobody else said a word. Dillon’s penis continued vibrating in time with the device inside him. The prostate massager had been working for just 80 seconds!


The controller watched in his studio with a grin. NO boy could resist the Analizer, as they had dubbed it. NO BOY. It didn’t matter how stubborn, or uptight he was, nor how much self control they had, within three minutes, EVERY boy was flinging his jizz like he was trying to fertilise the whole room.


10 minutes later Dillon came again. Then 15 minutes after that, then 17 minutes later. He didn’t produce as much sperm, but he did cream each and every time. His body was being forced into erotic overdrive.


The self lubricating vibrator continued working for 12 hours straight. After two hours, Dillon’s hole went numb, and a little after that, his prostate did the same. But each and every time he came, he got the same massive ball rush, and the deep dick feeling of an immense orgasm. One second he’d be standing there, then with no warning he was cumming, and his spunk would be flicking around the room.


Dillon’s body settled into a rhythm, ejaculating roughly every 20 minutes. But after 45 minutes, his friends no longer cared. They had distractions of their own. They were fidgeting and hunching and groaning, desperate to follow Dillon’s example and cum. Each day was worse than the one before. Rather than getting used to the stimulation, and coping with it better, their arousal became more unbearable. Their balls felt huge, and their dicks impossibly hard.


Jake was facing the wall, and he started rubbing his dick against it.

His cable loosened and he realised that he was going to have the chance to fuck the rubber vagina in the middle of the room. That was much better than the wall. He turned and stepped over the cable that had been running  in front of him to the wall, so that it was back between his legs. As soon as he did, it tightened again, pulling him to the wall. Jake gave a little moan of disappointment.


“Don’t hump the walls,” the voice said over the microphone.


Stewie, Mike and Jake continued to roast, like a mixture between a horny dog and a junkie going cold turkey. Meanwhile Dillon continued to involuntarily redecorate his part of the room with his jizz every twenty minutes, unable to resist the device that was forcing him to orgasm.


Finally, after six hours, Jake’s cable released and he was allowed to move towards the rubber vagina. The double had been replaced with the single. As he crouched before it, and inserted his dick, the voice said, “Twenty seconds.”

Jake correctly interpreted it to mean that he only had twenty seconds to get off. He humped the rubber fast and deep as though his life depended upon it. At 15 seconds Jake came, and he continued fucking until he was slowly pulled by the balls back to his wall.


Stewie and Mike  watched  with envy, hoping that it would be their turn soon. But they were left to suffer for another six hours before their cables finally loosened. They both moved forwards together eager to use the latex pussy. They arrived together. It was the single unit, and they were both desperately horny. They looked at each other, neither willing to sacrifice the first go. Mike was more aggressive and bigger. He stepped forwards ready to assert himself, then the vagina stand dropped into the floor.

Both boys looked at the hole where it had gone, waiting for the double to appear. Mike had already got off with Jake the day before, and although he felt very sheepish about it when he was rational, right now, he was so horny that he would gladly repeat the performance with Stewie. For his part, Stewie was so eager to cum that he was almost incapable of thinking at all.

They stood waiting for a full minute before it dawned on them that the pussy would not be re-appearing.

“Rub against each other,” the voice said.


Stewie looked at Mike and moved towards his friend. Mike looked back at Stewie, and his eyes lit up like a dog desperate to pee who suddenly spots a lamppost. They moved stomach to stomach and without hesitation started humping up and down against each other. It wasn’t sophisticated or erotic, but it was effective. Their sweaty stomachs slid back and forth against each other. Mike could feel Stewie’s thick 8 incher pressing against his stomach, trapped between their bodies. His own dick measured just under five inches and was much thinner. He had to push hard against Stewie to ensure his dick was stimulated too. He leaned his head forwards onto Stewie’s shoulder, nuzzling so that they could get closer. Stewie leaned his head into the nuzzle. It served no erotic purpose, but was an instinctive gesture of closeness he ordinarily reserved for female partners. The fact that he was showing affection to a male didn’t even cross his mind. Mike was moving his pelvis up and down in short stabbing motions. Stewie was using longer slower strokes.

Although their dicks were rubbing beside each other, each boy was moving to his own selfish rhythm, interested only in self gratification. Mike started gasping and humping faster. Stewie felt Mike’s cum squirt onto his stomach, and Mike increased his pace still further. Stewie was getting turned on by how turned on Mike was.

Mike slowed and stopped, taking a small step away, and Stewie followed him, eager to cum himself. Realising his obligation to allow himself to be used as a humping post, Mike stood his ground as Stewie continued humping. He was just a few seconds from coming, and his nuts had entered the final run up to a much-needed orgasm. Then he felt his balls being pulled, and he and Mike were pulled apart. Stewie looked at Mike, mortified; desperate.

“No, please!” he said to no-one in particular.

He started to ejaculate, but it was not the hearty orgasm of a body stimulated throughout the process, but the pathetic half orgasm of a libido interrupted. His penis gave one big squirt, but the tugging on his balls was short-circuiting his orgasm. Another tiny squirt pumped from his cock, followed by a dribbling ejaculation that produced more frustration than satisfaction. He growled with the feral frustration of a dog pulled off its mate, but he couldn’t resist the pull of the cable.

Mike looked at him with sympathy, as he allowed himself to be gently tugged back to his wall. He felt sated now that the desperate need to cum had been taken care of.


Meanwhile, as Dillon stood watching, yet more cum was launched in every direction from his wildly spinning penis.

The dildo finally withdrew from Dillon’s hole, and his cable loosened, allowing him to sit, along with Stewie and Mike. Everyone’s stimulators were off, but Stewie felt disconsolate and cheated. He glared at Mike, blaming him for cumming first and for selfishly moving away.

“I’m really sorry bro,” Mike said, reading Stewie’s thoughts.


Although his sphincter was numb, Dillon could feel fresh air in his hole. It was stretched wide open after a day of vibrator rape. He curled into a foetal position. His nuts had been milked for 12 hours straight, and he didn’t ever want to think about ejaculating again. He couldn’t ignore the fact that he had cum over 30 times as a result of being ass raped. He tried not to think about what that said about him, but the thought kept returning to the forefront of his mind.

Meanwhile, Jake stood by his wall, held upright by the tether to his balls. His stomach was really starting to ache. He didn’t know how much longer he could manage without taking a crap.

Then the light went out.

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