Conditioning 3 – Day 3

Recap: Four friends on vacation awake to find themselves in a metal room with their arms tied behind them, and electrified testicle cuffs around the neck of their scrotums, connected to cables that can retract into the walls. The current can be used to stimulate or punish.

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Day 3

The light came on. The food was delivered – Jake had milk and beans.

The usual begging for freedom or explanations began from all four boys. Rather than answering, the man with the food took out a remote control and pressed a button. The boys felt a powerful electric shock jolting into their balls from the cuff surrounding their scrotums. Jake, Dillon and  Mike dropped to floor as they experienced what felt like a cross between a kick in the nuts and a zap with a taser. Stewie had a slightly higher pain threshold, and he dropped into a crouch in an irrational attempt to move his balls away from the cuff. The heavy cuff moved with him, and the pain had instantly tightened his already tight scrotum, so there was nowhere for his balls to go to. The man stabbed at the button again, and held his finger down longer. Stewie collapsed to the floor like along with his friends. The man in the black balaclava left.

The boys writhed on the floor for a good ten minutes before they were able to recover sufficiently to talk.

“Fuck that hurt!” Mike said.

“I know. It hurt even more last time,” Dillon said.

“We are sooo fucked,” Jake said, fatalistically.

“Yeah,” Mike agreed.

“I don’t know,” Dillon said. “Why wear a mask if they don’t plan to let us go?”

Nobody had an answer, but knowing it would not have given them comfort. The man in the control booth smiled to himself. Protecting his staff’s identity was vital. It gave Interpol nothing to work with if they intercepted the video feed to his customers.


The boys ate, with a slight feeling of optimism, and when they finished, the trays were collected, and the now familiar stimulator current was switched on.

“Not again. I never knew a boner could be so frustrating,” Stewie said, his penis hard in seconds.

“Truth,” Mike  agreed, as all four boys stood with hard dicks straining.


Dillon was the first to start leaking, 13 minutes after the stimulators were turned on. Although he was the most sexually conservative of the group, he also had the highest libido, fuelled by a hefty pair of nuts that constantly flooded his body with testosterone.

A large bead of clear precum formed at the tip of his dick, then slowly more joined it. He didn’t notice it at first, but Jake notice the light glinting off it. Although locker-room rules meant that it was considered faggy to look at a naked guy’s dick, all four of them had little else on their minds.


At first the boys talked to each other, discussing their predicament, and options for escape, but after 45 minutes of arousal, the talk turned, as it had on the previous two days to sex. After 90 minutes, the boys were so distracted by the incredible feeling in their nuts and dicks, that they were no longer interested in talk.  It was unlike anything they had ever experienced before. There was a constant delicious tingling, buzzing feeling in their nuts and the base of their dicks that made them incredibly excited, but without any actual penile stimulation, their dicks simply bloated with blood, enable to pass the threshold into orgasm.


“You’re leaking Dillon,” Jake said, referring to the thread of precum that hung a foot below Dillon’s dick.

“Uuurgh,” Dillon acknowledged, already too horny to bother with proper speech.


After three hours, Dillon was literally air fucking, as though the action could provide the stimulation to enable him to ejaculate. He couldn’t help it. He had stood, horny for hours the previous two days, but he still had not been allowed to cum.

His cable was the first to release, he felt it loosening, and he stepped away from the wall. He was  desperate to cum, but the prudish part of him still had control, and he didn’t move towards the centre of the room where the rubber vagina stood on a stand ready to provide desperately needed release. A voice came from the speaker, giving a flat command.


The small part of Dillon that retained his uptight Christian upbringing gave him strength and obstinacy. He didn’t move and as he expected, a current zapped through his balls, dropping him to the floor like a sack of flour from a miller’s shoulder. It was no more powerful than the first day but it went on and on, for over five minutes. He lay on his side, with his hard penis resting on his leg. Mike could see that Dillon had ejaculated immediately, but as the current continued, Mike saw his friend ejaculate again and again as the current forced his balls to contract in an agonising distortion of the orgasmic response. For some reason watching his friend cum time and time again only made Mike feel more horny. Had he been in his right mind, Mike would have felt guilty, but all that he could think about was his own overwhelming need to cum.

The pain shot up the cords from the cords of Dillon’s balls, and the pain spread up into his stomach. He could also feel the current through the base of his dick. His dick got harder and harder, almost as though the veins were going to burst. Even his glans was bloated and shiny. The pain passed from his groin down into tops of his thighs and halfway to the inside of his knees.

Dillon could do nothing but lay on the floor, convulsing in pain as he was forced to cum and cum, until his balls had literally no more to give. Even then the current continued, making his testicles contract far too tightly in rhythmic pulses.

Finally, the current switched off and he lay there groaning.


An hour or two later, Stewie’s cable released, and without hesitation, he walked to the rubber vagina, and dropped into a crouch in order to fuck it. He started pumping, one… two… three… ten times – then the cable around his balls yanked back savagely, pulling him out of the vagina, and down onto his ass. He grunted in pain and surprise, then quickly tried to scramble back to his feet, but he was being dragged across the smooth metal floor backwards by his balls. He twisted and turned, rolling on the floor in a wild effort to get to his feet, and he managed to get the cable out from between his legs just as he reached the wall. The cable stopped pulling him. His nuts were aching fiercely but the stimulator current did not cease. His arms were still tied tightly across his back. He sat, legs apart, head between his knees, groaning. His erection was as hard as ever, and for the first time ever, he experienced the strange duality of agonised nuts and incredible horniness.


Three hours later, the other boys had still not been given release. The rubber vagina in the room dropped into the floor and was replaced by a slightly wider one lifted to waist height. Jake’s cable released and he moved immediately forwards and inserted his dick into the rubber hole.

“Don’t fuck,” the voice said. Jake pulled his dick out, frustrated, but afraid to incur the wrath of the controller.

“Put your dick back in, but don’t fuck,” the voice ordered.

Jake complied, sliding his dick back into the soft hole. He stood there, eager to do more. Mike’s cable released and he walked uncertainly forwards a few steps. He looked up at the camera uncertain of what was expected of him.

“Put your dick in, but don’t fuck.”

Mike frowned, but swiftly moved forwards to comply. It was clear that there was not space beside Jake, so he inserted his penis from the other side. The lubricated hole was snug, and his hot dick was touching Jake’s. The boys stood facing each other waiting.

“Kiss,” the voice ordered. Mike looked up at the camera unhappily, then at Jake. Jake looked back at him solemnly. It was obvious that refusal was not an option if they didn’t want to be in serious pain. Jake moved his head forwards, and Mike instinctively moved his head backwards away from him. Then he resisted his instinct and returned his head to its former position, and allowed Jake to kiss him on the lips. It was the kind of two second, puckered  lip kiss a young child gives his mother. Then they moved apart.

The voice said, “Not like that, mouths open, use your tongues. Do it like you mean it. Keep kissing until I say you can stop.”

Both boys looked up at the camera with frowning expressions of disgust. Across the world, hundreds of viewers chuckled. Then Mike looked back at Jake and Jake returned his gaze, his nose wrinkled in distaste. They stared at each other for a couple of seconds.

“Do it!” the voice commanded.

Jake parted his lips and leaned forwards. Mike did the same and they started kissing.

After 30 seconds, the voice demanded, “More passion.”

Jake closed his eyes and tried to imagine Mike was a beautiful girl. It helped, he started using his lips more.

Two minutes later the voice said, “More tongues.”

The boys didn’t know if the watcher could detect whether or not they were using their tongues, but after the morning punishment, neither was willing to risk it. They started tongue wrestling, sliding their slick tongues off each other.

Three minutes later the voice said, “MORE passion!”

The boys kissed as though their lives depended upon it. Both had their eyes closed, and both were imagining that they were kissing girls. Without even realising he was doing it, Jake slowly started humping the hole, his dick slipping and sliding against Mike’s. Mike was instantly aware, but he didn’t dare to think about it too much in case he lost his fantasy and could no longer provide a convincing performance. But he couldn’t NOT think about it. The testicle cuff was keeping him hard, but even without it, the feeling of Jake’s dick sliding back and forth against his dick head would have been almost unbearably arousing. He lost his fantasy, and now all he could think of was Jake and his hard dick. Mike wished that Jake would pump faster, on a subconscious level, feeling that if he was the passive partner, it wasn’t so bad. But his desire to cum was stronger, and he started to hump back, as they continued their passionate kiss. Jake responded by pumping faster. Now both boys were making genuine moans of passion. Suddenly Mike felt warm liquid hitting the top of his thigh. For the briefest second, he felt disgusted, then irrationally pleased that he had somehow been responsible for making Jake cum, and then all he wanted was to cum himself. He pumped even faster and Jake reciprocated. Just 15 seconds later, Mike came so hard that his knees literally buckled, pulling his dick from the rubber hole. He panicked and instantly jammed his dick back in so that he could finish. His cum dribbled down the front of Jake’s leg and the rubber pussy. Both boys carried on pumping for 30 seconds until they were both spent.

Dillon and Stewie watched in amazement. They both understood the desperate current induced lust that almost drove them crazy, and they recognised that their friends had no option but to kiss, but the fucking was entirely optional. They felt repulsed and unsettled in equal measure. Dillon was particularly disturbed. After the last punishment, he knew he couldn’t take another zapping. His balls were still hurting badly, and he just wasn’t that brave. He feared what he was going to be forced to do.

Mike and Jake continued kissing, but now that they had both cum, their urgent need for release was past. The testicle cuffs turned off, and their dicks slowly softened against each other. After a few more minutes, the cuffs retracted, pulling them apart. They retreated then sat in their respective corners feeling sheepish. The room was quiet, and nobody would make eye contact with anyone else.

Eventually, Jake felt the need to use the lavatory. He moved over to it, and squatted, stepping over the cable and turning so that the cable not up the crack of his ass. Just as he was about to start, the cable retracted, pulling him to his feet. Then the light went out.

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