Conditioning 2 – Day 2

Recap: Four friends on vacation awake to find themselves in a metal room with their arms tied behind them, and electrified testicle cuffs around the neck of their scrotums, connected to cables that can retract into the walls. The current can be used to stimulate or punish.

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Day 2

The light came on, and Jake, Stewie and Mike were instantly awake. They blinked and looked at each other. Dillon had not managed to sleep. He’d spent the night standing, with his nuts pulled painfully tight against the wall. Now his scrotum looked bruised, and his balls were shiny and tight in his bag. His cable released and he was finally permitted to drop to his knees. He sagged, exhausted and in pain.

The door to the metal room opened and a male dressed in black and wearing a black balaclava entered carrying four trays of food. In front of Stewie, Mike and Dillon, he placed a tray containing cereal, sandwiches, fruit and plastic beakers of water. In front of Jake, he placed a bowl of chilli, bread and a beaker of milk. As he placed the meals, the boys jabbered at him non-stop, trying to get information, and begging for their freedom. The person ignored them utterly and left the room.

The boys looked at the food.

“Do you think it’s safe to eat?” Mike asked.

“If they wanted to kill us, they could do it any time,” Dillion said. “They’re fucking with us. No point in killing their toys.”

He looked pained. His balls were dark, and now that he was freed from the wall, they had visibly swollen, like two small dark plums.

“Good point. I’m going to risk it,” Mike said.

He moved from a sitting position, up onto his knees. Like his companions, Mike’s arms were tied behind his back, each wrist secured next to the opposite elbow. Spreading his knees, and carefully balancing his weight, he leaned forwards and started slurping at the cereal as a dog would eat. The others watched, then followed suit. Jake’s chilli was very spicy. He had to keep eating bread and drinking from the beaker of milk.

“Why do I get chilli for breakfast?” he whined.

The others looked at him then Mike shrugged.

“Maybe they were out of the other food?” Stewie offered.

15 minutes after the trays had been delivered, they were all empty. Then the testicle cuffs started to tug at the boys, forcing them to their feet.

“Now what,” Dillon said.

The cuffs retracted towards the wall, stopping when the boys were each about six inches away. Then the current started up again.

“Oh not again,” Mike said, as his dick rapidly hardened.

A minute later all four boys stood with rigid tools straining hard, bloated with never before experienced volumes of blood. The door opened and the jailer entered and collected their trays. The boys couldn’t shield themselves from him, so they stood, shifting from foot to foot, jiggling, and hunching as the arousal set in. They looked at him with pained looks, like freshly spanked schoolboys.

“Please man,” Jake begged.

The jailor left wordlessly.

Six hours later, all four boys were going out of their minds again. There were puddles of clear precum beneath each of them.

Mike’s cable was the first to loosen. He moved away from the wall cautiously as the cable continued to pay out. He was desperate to cum. He shuffled towards the dildo slowly, afraid of being yanked back as he had last time, but the cable continued paying out. He reached the vagina and crouched, inserting his penis into the soft rubber hole, then the cable started to retract slowly. He turned and looked at the wall behind him where the cable was disappearing.

“No! Please…” he implored. The cable retracted slowly, pulling his balls backwards, and him along with them, until he had just the head of his dick in the pocket pussy in front of him, then it stopped. Mike looked at his friends, but they were all squirming and writhing as their extreme arousal dominated them. He looked back at the wall again, nervous in case he got yanked out of the latex vagina. He stood, uncertain for almost a minute. His balls were still being zapped, and his libido was on overdrive. Finally, he gave up and decided to risk it.

He pulled his dick out, and pushed it back in again. There was less than an inch of travel. He repeated his action half a dozen times, unable to get enough friction on the lubed pussy. He pushed an inch deeper, the testicle cuffs stretching his balls painfully back between his legs. On each forward stroke, he yanked his balls, creating a dull ache, the pain blending with the pleasure. He became fearful that he would be denied just at the crucial moment so he increased his tempo to 3, 4, 5 short pumps per second, humping the vagina like an oversexed rabbit. It wasn’t satisfying, but at least it was better than standing around with an infuriating hard on. He came hard. His jizz squirted through the rubber hole and landed on the floor four feet beyond. He carried on humping until he didn’t need to any longer, then he took a step back, and another, returning to the floor by the wall, where he sat down.

The others were watching with avid interest. As overwhelmingly horny and distracted as they felt, they were also aware that it would hopefully be their turn soon. But another cable did not release. Instead, the current in Mike’s cable increased, keeping him horny and hard. He sat with the boner sticking up between his legs for half an hour, before his drooling penis drove him to his feet. Looking at his friends, he timidly crept towards the fuck station again. He looked up at the wide angle camera in the ceiling like a kid about to shoplift, then he pushed his dick back into the rubber hole. He fucked it as hard as the first time, squirting a couple of feet on his second go, before returning sheepishly to his former location. The others watched him. Surely it would be their turn soon? The last time was just an oversight?

An hour later, Mike fucked the vagina again, and another hour after that, and two hours after that. Meanwhile, his friends were crawling the walls. Even Dillon, who was previously so reserved, would have fucked the hole like a paedophile let loose in an orphanage if he’d just got the opportunity. But it didn’t come. The only thing that did come was Mike, five times in total, before his cable finally retracted, forcing him to sit by the wall.

The current in all four testicle bands turned off, and denied the stimulation, all four boys gradually lost their erections. Mike was thoroughly sated, and his penis wilted immediately, but the other three were not so quick to lose their hard-ons. Ten and a half hours of continuous electro stim had aroused them like never before, and although they felt the absence of current in their balls, their dicks remained hard as steel for another ten minutes before very slowly drooping between their legs. They stood, foreskins fully retracted semi hard dicks swinging between their legs, wondering what would happen next.

Eventually, when the last penis had lowered it head the cables loosed and the other three were permitted to sit. There were puddles of precum the size of dinner plates where each of them had stood.

Mike was feeling physically good. A five orgasm day was a first for him, and even if they weren’t as good as proper fucks, at least their captors had let him finish this time. He looked at the others, unwilling to speak in case he came across as too chirpy or insensitive. They were morose and clearly frustrated. Their dicks hung down large and floppy, like small elephant trunks, in that way that only a recently hard dick can do – not quite a semi, but nor as flaccid as normal. Even though their captivity was a terrifying uncertainty, at that moment, all three of them would have ignored that if they could just get their right hands free for two minutes.

Five minutes later, the jailor entered and placed a tray of food within reach of each of them. All but Jake had burgers, fruit, juice, and a small candy bar. Jake had curry, bread and milk.

They ate in silence.


After the meal, the trays were collected. Jake was the first to realise that he needed to use the lavatory. He squatted over the squat toilet and dropped a load. It exploded from him, the curry,  chilli and milk, doing their work. His liquid faeces splattered into the low pan, as his body noisily evacuated two day’s worth of waste in 20 seconds. The stench was nauseating.

“Errrrrrrgh,”  Stewie said disgusted as the stench hit his nose.

“Sorry lads, all that spicy food,” Jake offered.

“Smells like something died in there,” Mike bantered, free to talk now that Stewie had broken the ice.

Jake finished and made to move off the toilet when cold water hit him in the ring. He jumped away from the toilet with shock.


He looked back at the toilet and a small jet of water was rising a foot in the air from a nozzle inside.

Dillon laughed. It’s a bidet. It’s for washing your ass. I’d sit back down and let it if I was you, or you’re going to have a crusty ass. Jake tentatively did what Dillon suggested and the jet did indeed clean him. When it was done, a flush cleared the pan.

Then the lights went out again.

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