Conditioning 1

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Conditioning 1

Four pairs of eyes looked towards the object in the centre of the room with trepidation. Just 12 hours earlier the owners of those eyes had been having the time of their lives during spring break. Four spiked drinks later found the boys awakening in a steel-walled room, staring at the most unlikely object imaginable. The object was a latex vagina on a stand that held it approximately 18 inches off the floor.

The four boys had already gone through a gamut of emotions: bewilderment, the belief that this was all just some kind of frat joke, anger, disbelief, denial, and now, fear.

Each of them woke up lying naked on the floor, with genitals freshly shorn and smooth as an English schoolboy’s bottom. Their arms were secured behind them, wrists shackled closely to the opposite elbows. They were wearing metal collars, and a thick, smooth-edged, metal band encircled each boy’s testicles. The band was tight enough to prevent either testicle from escaping, but not so tight as to cut off the blood flow. Attached to the band was a metal-stranded cable; quarter of an inch thick, and coated in plastic, which passed backwards between each boy’s legs and into a hole in the wall three feet off the floor. Beside each boy was an Arabic squat toilet buried in the floor.


When all four regained consciousness, the cables slowly tightened, forcing the boys to rise to their feet. The cables continued retracting into the wall until each boy stood, with his bottom pressed tightly against the wall, and his hairless balls tugged backwards against the cool metal.

A low current passed through the cables, and the boys felt a tingling in their balls.  Within seconds, each had the hardest erection he’d ever experienced. They squirmed with embarrassment to be hard in front of each other, but there wasn’t enough play in the testicle cables to allow the boys to turn to hide from each other.

… Three hours of continual erections later and all four of the boys’ dicks were drooling rivers of precum. The teenagers twisted and writhed liked little boys desperate to go to the lavatory.

…Six hours later, and the only thing on any of their minds was orgasm.

Then the cable holding Jake loosened. He moved away from the wall, and the cable loosened further. He continued to move and the cable continued to give.

“Can you, can, can you use your teeth to free me?” Stewie panted from the wall to his right.

Jake walked carefully towards Stewie. The cable yanked his balls and pulled him up short whilst he was still two feet away. He tried to walk to Mike, secured on the opposite wall of the 20 foot square room. He walked a foot past the vagina stand, and was pulled up again. The others watched his lack of progress with dismay, but Jake suddenly had eyes only for the stand in the middle of the room. He looked right at Stewie, then left at Dillon, then without a word he dropped into a low crouch with his legs spread wide, and fucked the vagina with animal desperation. It was only three inches deep and his penis poked out of the other side on each downstroke. He came quickly, grunting like a rutting gorilla, and thrusting as though he intended to break the metal stand the vagina was mounted on. As the sperm stopped pumping from his dick, the cable between his legs slowly tightened again, pulling him back to the wall. He allowed himself to be pulled, and the cable stopped retracting when he was still 5 feet from the wall. He sat down, grateful to rest his legs, and the tingling in his balls stopped as the electric current was turned off. His spent cock slowly wilted.


Long before Jake lost the last of his boner, Stewie’s cable released, allowing him to move away from the wall. He looked around at his friends, desperately horny, then he walked up to the vagina and followed the example set by Jake. He crouched, and fucked the soft rubber vagina hard and fast: a little monkey fucking the pack leader’s female before he gets noticed. Just 24 seconds later, he was adding his sperm to the deposit that Jake had left on the metal floor. A few seconds after he stopped thrusting, the cable slowly retracted pulling him back to a sitting position by the wall. He looked across the room at Dillon, sheepish now that his lust was sated. He sat with his back against the wall. Unlike Jake, the current continued in the testicular band, tingling his balls. He raised his knees to hide his still fierce erection, but his tethered balls pressed uncomfortably against the inside of his thighs, so he opened his legs wide, as though deliberately exposing himself to Dillon.

“Fucking boner!” he offered, vaguely embarrassed that his had remained after ejaculation whilst Jake’s had disappeared. He had no way of knowing that the current in Jake’s band had been turned  off.


Dillon watched him bemused. He was more reserved than the other three, and he gave a sympathetic half smile. Then he felt his cable loosening. He sat on the floor, determined not to put on a show for their captor. 30 seconds later, a voice came through a speaker in the ceiling.


Dillon ignored it, unwilling to degrade himself.

“Fuck!” the voice said, more determined.

Dillon raised his knees resolutely.

Suddenly the collar around his neck and the cuff around his balls sparked into life, delivering a continuous taser-voltage electric shock. Dillon spasmed into motion with a yelp, and rolled on his back, knees drawn together and the muscles and tendons of his neck standing out like ropes. The voltage in his  balls felt like a white hot vice grip, both stabbing and crushing at the same time; arcing from one testicle to another inside his sack, and travelling along the cords to his stomach. He squirted instantly; unconsciously, as the electricity triggered his ejaculatory response, but there was not even a trace of pleasure in the experience. The current in his neck was less powerful, but it robbed him of the ability to maintain coherent thoughts, and his head was thrown back in torment. His entire consciousness was consumed with the pain between his legs and the thought-robbing short circuit caused by the collar.

After three minutes of pulsating voltage, and three orgasms, the current ceased. The other three boys looked at their sweat and cum drenched friend in horror. Dillon automatically rolled into a foetal ball whilst he tried to regain his composure, but the controller was not interested in allowing him recovery time. The cable between his legs tightened, drawing the boy onto his knees. He groggily rose to his knees as the cable continued to retract, briefly lifting his bottom into the air. Dillon got his feet under him and the cable tightened ever further until it disappeared entirely into the wall, crushing his balls firmly against the wall.

“You fuck, or I make you cum,” the voice said calmly.

Dillon stood, painfully immobilised, knees together, doubled over and sobbing.


Mike waited for his cable to loosen, expecting to have to perform for their captor, and already only too willing in order to achieve release, but it didn’t happen. Instead, he stood, hard, drooling precum in a continuous stream, and closely tethered to the wall as further hours ticked by.

Even before Dillon’s electrocution, he was desperately horny, but two hours later, Mike was writhing against the wall, almost doubled up, and panting. Two hours after that, he was barely coherent.

“Gotta, gotta, cu…cu…cuuuuuum,” he groaned, as though begging his friends. He’d already tried to turn so that he could rub his dick against the wall, but his balls were too tightly pulled against it to allow him to turn more than 15 degrees. He’d crouched forwards in the hope that he could somehow get his dick down between his thighs in order to hump the crack between his own legs, but even if he extended his belly out as far as it would go, he just couldn’t push his dick down far enough. He even tried to lift a leg over the cord so that he could face the wall, but despite pulling his testicles unbearably tight, there was not still enough room to get his leg over.

Jake and Stewie watched, initially bemused, then sympathetic as it become clear how totally the need to orgasm had overtaken him. In the control room, the controller was laughing to himself, and subscribers all over the world were masturbating to the live feed of the boy’s exploits.


Finally, 12 hours after he had first been forced to an erection, the cable holding Mike started to loosen. The instant he felt it give, Mike moved towards the vagina, so desperate to fuck that he was straining at the cable, pulling his balls back between his own legs like a hockey freshman playing tug.

He moved closer and closer, so desperate for release that he would do anything. Finally he was in range of the fake pussy, and he jammed his dick into it as though his life depended upon it. His hard, drooling helmet popped out of the other side. The pleasure of that first thrust was greater than anything his dick had ever experienced previously.


Then the cable tightened, and he was pulled back away from the rubber pussy.

“No! No stop. Please. Noooooo!”  Mike screamed, as the cable tightened and he was pulled back across the room. He struggled against the cable like a mountaineer leaning into a blizzard, but it was to no avail. It was only when he slipped to his knees, and his balls got a savage yank that he finally accepted the inevitable, and allowed himself to be pulled back to his former standing position. The current switched off, and aided by the pain in his nuts from the fall, Mike’s penis drooped. When he was completely flaccid, the cable relaxed, allowing him to sit. Then the overhead light went out…

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