Conditioning 7 – Day 15

Recap: Four friends on vacation awake to find themselves in a metal room with their arms tied behind them, and electrified testicle cuffs around the neck of their scrotums, connected to cables that can retract into the walls. The current can be used to stimulate or punish.

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Conditioning  7 – Day 15

Dillon knew that the others had no more say in their arousal than he did, but he was nevertheless relieved on the first day of their third week in captivity, to see them hard again. It signified a return to what passed for normalcy in the bizarre existence that they had been subjected to for the past two weeks. Already, he felt himself adapting to this new paradigm. He was certainly not happy, but he was becoming accustomed to their new way of life. By the end of the day, his thoughts would be in turmoil again.


It was 9.15am. The stimulators were on and all four boys were hard as could be. Dillon looked at his friends.  None of them seemed to be suffering continued pain from their night of testicular suspension.

The boys talked, and as usual, the only subject of conversation was their predicament. Also as usual, over the first half an hour of stimulation, the boys’ desire to talk grew less and less, until eventually their vocalisations were reduced to grunts, gasps, and the occasional expletive uttered in frustration out of a desire for orgasmic release.


At 10.45 Stewie was pulled close to the wall by the cable that was attached to a collar wrapped tightly around the neck of his scrotum. He knew better than to resist. He allowed himself to be led, unresisting, simply hoping that he was not going to be hurt again.

When he stood close to the wall, the cheeks of his bottom flattened against the cold metal, the panel behind him opened and a lubricated wedge-shaped butt plug was inserted into his anus. He squirmed against it; not out of any masculine desire to impede its progress, but simply because it was too big for his virgin hole. It was pressed slowly into place, with care not to tear him. It was five inches long, widening towards the base, but with a narrow neck. His sphincter stretched slowly wider and wider to accommodate it. It was a strange feeling – like trying to pass a very large, hard stool after a few days of dehydration. Then his sphincter snapped shut on the neck of the plug, holding it inside him.

The others watched him, both curious, but at the same time overpowered by their own arousal. His writhing had a different motion to theirs. Theirs was the wriggling of horny teenagers desperate to get out of class for a recess jack off in the school bathroom. His was clearly the squirming of someone being anally invaded.

Dillon wondered if Stewie was receiving the same dildo that he had become familiar with. He was both jealous and relieved. His day of milking had been incredibly erotic, but being forced to ejaculate more than 30 times in a single day had left his nuts exhausted and the base of his penis aching for many, many hours.


Jake hoped that Stewie WAS receiving another vibrator. It was s selfish thought, but watching Dillon riding the vibrator yesterday was an incredible turn on. Just two weeks ago, Jake had been a virile heterosexual male, but in just 14 short days, he had been conditioned to find the sight of his friend impaling himself on a buzzing vibrator a massive turn on.

Of course, everyone was simply happy that they were not being tortured, but with nothing else to occupy their thoughts but the way that they were feeling, and the actions of the other boys in the room, each of them had subconsciously come to associate his own arousal with what he was seeing.


Stewie’s cable was released and he was permitted to step away from the wall.

The plug gave him a strange feeling of fullness. It was a new experience for him. Not quite the same as when he needed to take a crap. The plug’s wet coolness pressed against his insides, and he could feel his hole suckling the neck of the rubber bung.

Everyone waited to see what would happen next. In their experience, activity always led to someone getting to cum or getting punished. They were already desperate to ejaculate, but nothing more happened. Stewie was left standing with his butt plugged, whilst all four of them fidgeted and groaned, hoping that they would soon be offered relief.


At 12.45, Stewie’s cable was released further. The rubber vagina was absent from the centre of the room, so he waited to see what would happen next.

“Forwards,” the voice in the control room said, and Stewie walked to the middle of the room. The plug rubbed against the inside of his rectum as he walked. Now that his sphincter was used to the width of the plug, the sensation of being filled whilst still alien, was not entirely unpleasant to him.

By this stage, Stewie was more or less willing to do anything with anyone if he could just orgasm and avoid more pain.

The voice said, “Kneel.”

Stewie was in no doubt where this was leading, but he knelt without hesitation.  Mike’s cable released and he walked to the middle of the room without prompting. He looked down at Stewie kneeling before him, hoping that his friend would soon be ordered to fellate him.

“Lick,” the voice on the speaker said without inflection.

Stewie looked at Mike’s cock. It was short and thin. The glans was bloated and shiny. Stewie had  never seen an erection this close up.He realised that the deep purple head was not as perfectly smooth as it had at first appeared; it was completely covered with tiny indentions, like hammered metal. Stewie was fascinated. There was a dribble of precum hanging stickily down a couple of inches from the eye. Mike moved his hips slightly towards Stewie’s face, inviting his friend to comply with the voice. He was eager for release, and he didn’t much care how it came.

Stewie saw the drool swing towards him, bright and shiny as it sparkled in the overhead light. Without thinking, he poked out his tongue and caught it before it could swing away again, curling his tongue and lapping upwards towards Mike’s helmet in one smooth motion. The juice pooled in the curve of his tongue. Stewie was surprise that the liquid had a slightly sweet taste. It was not in keeping with what he’d heard girls say.

As his tongue slid across the underside of Mike’s glans, Mike shivered and let out a gentle, trembling sigh, “Oh-h-h-h-h,” as his body instantly responded to the stimulation.

Stewie heard the noise and teased at his friend, running the rough surface of his tongue back and forth along the underside of Mike’s penis, flickering across the arrow-shaped convergence of the two hemispheres of the cock-head like snake sampling the air. He teased his friend’s tight fraenulum.

Even though he had only be physically stimulated for twenty seconds, Mike started slowly air-humping. Stewie moved his head back, tantalising the standing boy, and denying him the quick release he desired.


In the control centre, Stewie’s stimulator was turned off. Stewie was too pre-occupied to notice, but his penis remained hard as he dedicated himself to pleasuring Mike.

Stewie never for a second considered refusing the commands given by the voice, but with his asshole filled and his own cock throbbing and eager, it felt to Stewie as though giving Mike pleasure would someone lead to his own sexual release. It wasn’t exactly that he expected a blow job in return, but in an irrational way he felt as though he was licking his own penis, that his effort to do a good job was an investment that he would somehow receive when his turn came.


Mike moved towards him, greedy for more attention. Stewie gave him some of what he wanted, but not everything. He lapped at the back of Mike’s dick in long  strokes, like a dog licking its owner’s face. Starting from the metal band that encircled Mike’s balls, and travelling  all the way up to the tip of his penis, Stewie coated the teenager’s slender cock in saliva, but he minimised the attention he paid to the teenager’s glans, so that Mike couldn’t get off too quickly.


“Now suck,” the voice commanded, “and swallow it all when he cums,” the voice added.

Stewie obeyed, wrapping his mouth around Mike’s penis. He’d seen enough internet porn to know what was expected, and he wanted to please the voice by pleasing Mike. He started bobbing his face up and down on Mike’s cock, and Mike immediately winced, pulling his groin sharply away from Stewie’s mouth. Stewie looked up at his friend bewildered.

“Teeth,” Mike said, keeping his explanation succinct so that Stewie could resume.

Stewie grinned sheepishly.

“Sorry, it’s my first blowjob.”

It was a detail that one didn’t necessarily appreciate simply from watching blowjobs. He puckered his lips, covering his teeth, and resumed his fellatio, his head bouncing like a kid bobbing for apples. His tongue was flickering back and forth inside his mouth, titillating Mike’s glans whenever it was in reach.


Jake and Dillon watched, horny and fascinated as Stewie gave the sort of blowjob that the most attentive girlfriend might lavish. The small part of Dillon that was still rational beyond his lust, was amazed that his heterosexual friend was applying himself to the task with such gusto. Jake felt nothing but pure lust as he watched, hoping desperately that he would receive the same attention. His thoughts were not preoccupied with pointless ponderings about morality or sexuality, all he wanted was to get a blowjob just like Mike was receving.


In next to no time, Mike started thrusting into Stewie’s face again, and this time Stewie allowed it. Mike’s pace accelerated, and he pumped deeper with each stroke, until Stewie was not so much fellating Mike, as being face fucked by him.

“Cumming,” Mike announced, and without disrupting  his cadence, he squirted a five-day load into Stewie’s mouth. Most of it bypassed Stewie’s tongue, and was squirted to the back of his throat. The warm gloop hit Stewie’s uvula; the dangly node at the back of his throat, and Stewie had to suppress his gag reaction. He was breathing through his nose, and with his mouth open he was unable to swallow as long as Mike was still humping him. It felt as though Mike deposited half a cupful of warm jizz into his mouth, and for a few moments, Stewie because fully self-aware. A fleeting sensation of self-disgust entered his mind but he immediately pushed the thought away for the sake of his sanity. He had no choice in what he was doing, but if he did it well, he hoped that it might earn him favour.


Eventually, Mike withdrew his rigid member and Stewie swallowed what his friend had deposited in his mouth. There was so much that took three gulps to get it all down…

The cable around Mike’s scrotum gently tugged him back to his wall, and he went, well satisfied by what had just transpired.
From his wall, Jake was breathing heavily, eyes as big as saucers as he watched Mike using Stewie’s mouth. He desperately hoped that he would be given the same opportunity. He didn’t care that Stewie was being forced to suck them off. All he cared about right now was getting some for himself. His cable loosened and he made a beeline towards Stewie; a child racing to the tree on Christmas morning. Stewie turned to meet him, the slightly cloying taste of Mike’s spunk on his tongue. He swallowed hard repeatedly, scouring his tongue against the roof of his palate to clear the last residue of Mike’s slime from it. Although he wasn’t conscious of the thought, Stewie was not simply clearing Mike’s semen away because he didn’t like the texture on his tongue – he was doing so because he was curious to taste Jake’s penis. Stewie’s own penis was still standing up rigid. His subconscious had rapidly come to equate his friends’ sexual pleasure with his own. He knelt up waiting to receive Jake’s penis with something akin to excitement. He wanted to please his friend; to make Jake feels as good as Mike had. He felt an irrational pride in how much and how powerfully Mike had ejaculated. Now he wanted to do the same to Jake.


Jake arrived in front of him, and both Jake and Stewie looked up to the ceiling camera, seeking permission to begin. The man in the control booth smiled to his colleague.

“Horny little fuckers can’t wait to get started!”

“Yeah, they’re all the same,” the other man agreed. “Looks like you’ll be ready for a new batch soon. Another batch of wrestlers, or swim team next time?”

“Oh I don’t know, let’s be creative. How about gymnasts. Or boy scouts??”

The procurer smiled.

The controller spoke into the mike.

“Suck. Pull out just as you’re about to cum. We want to see your cumshot.”


Across the world, a network of voyeurs had 16 hours of daly access to the video feed. On a separate channel, the clients could tune into the highlights show. The video was routed via a transmitter connected to high-altitude stealth-enabled balloon that was constantly on the move, making it impossible for the government to track. The idea had been borrowed from international copyright thieves The Pirate Bay, who pioneered the idea and sold the technology on via Eastern European contacts to The Club. The clients could also make suggestions or give feedback via a secured chat forum. But right now, bidding had opened on Stewie. He was ready, and all over the world, men were bidding on the right to own him. Bidding currently stood at $273,000.


Stewie of course, didn’t know any of that. All he knew, was that he wanted to give Jake the blowjob of his life. That wasn’t saying much, because none of them had had a great deal of sex, let alone a vast number of blowjobs to compare against. But Stewie had an advantage that the girls never had: the testicle collar that ringed Jake’s scrotum was also sending an electrical current to his balls that drove him wild with lust. Furthermore, the collar Jake was wearing transmitted a signal to his brain that both lowered his inhibitions and increased his libido. As if that wasn’t enough, the food and drink that they had been consuming was laced with so many sexual stimulants that it could have given a 90 year old eunuch wood!

But the boys didn’t know that they were being subjected to an intensive program designed to break down their emotional barriers. Of course, they could feel the humming in their balls when the stimulators were turned on, but they didn’t realise that the very physiology of their bodies was being altered to turn them into drooling sex maniacs. All they knew, is that they wanted to cum, again, and again. And they wanted to do whatever made that experience more pleasurable.


Right now, Stewie was repeating the performance he had given with Mike. Jake was slowly gyrating his hips. He wanted to cum desperately, but a small part of him didn’t want it to be over quickly.  Stewie had quickly learned to read the small tremors and groans and thrusts that told him when he was hitting the right spots, or using his lips and tongue in the best way. It became of battle of wills, as Jake tried to prolong his orgasm and Stewie forced him towards it: it was always a battle that Jake was always going to lose.

Stewie moved his lips to and fro across the rim of Jake’s glans, using shorter strokes than he had  with Mike. This allowed him to keep his tongue in constant contact with Jake’s glans. He flickered the tip from side to side across the eye of Jake’s urethra. To Jake the sensation was unbearably erotic. It felt as though his balls were swelling, preparing for something, but it was not the usual rushing excitement of an imminent orgasm. Rather it was slow but intense and unique sensation deep in his testicle, almost like burning. It wasn’t painful, but it was maddening and arousing almost beyond endurance. Jake was tormented by lust. Now he wanted it to be over. These new feelings were more than he could bear.

Stewie’s tongue slipped to the back of Jake’s glans and Jake flinched as the sensitivity jumped up a notch. Stewie felt the movement, and focussed his tongue on that area. Jake started panting, with short gasping half sobs, his reactions beyond his control. He’d heard that only a man knows how to really give a decent blowjob, and now he was in no doubt. He stopped grinding and started humping Stewie’s face. For the second time in an hour, Stewie allowed his mouth to be used as a pussy.


Dillon watched with intense, rapt interest. It was going to be his turn soon, and just the thought alone made him almost shoot his load. But the stimulators had an optional function: orgasm suppression. Dillon was drooling precum by the cupful, but no matter how turned on he became, he could not reach orgasm without the controller’s consent.


Jake reached the point of no return and he just had enough presence of mind to pull his pelvis away from Stewie’s face as he started to cum. The first four jets were so prolonged that it was more like he was pissing than cumming. Each jet delivering half a tablespoon of jizz. Right onto Stewie’s face. He didn’t  even try to avoid it. He was in his own porno movie and Stewie was his bitch, to be unloaded on for his satisfaction. Stewie shut his eyes as the jizz ran down from his forehead in rivers, but rather than moving away in repulsion, he tilted his chin upwards to receive more of Jake’s “gift”. It was a present Jake was happy to give.

Although the lack of direct stimulation at the crucial moment was frustrating to Jake, he compensated by thrusting his hips forwards in short stabbing movements, unaware that  he was actually massaging his own sphincter as he clenched his buttocks. The movement launched gusher after powerful gusher, all onto Stewie’s waiting face. Stewie was like a pagan sun worshipper rapturously looking up at the first warm rays after a long winter. He was delighted to have driven Jake to such ecstasy.

Eventually, Jake stopped squirting, and his body ceased moving. He opened eyes that had been closed in euphoria and looked down at his friend. Stewie was drenched with thick creamy spunk. Jake had seen dozens of facials in porn videos, but none had come close to soaking the receiver with such a tsunami of jizz as he was now looking at. He was both amazed and gratified by the unbelievable volume of semen that he had produced. He felt a sense of jubilant triumph at his emphatic display of manhood.


Stewie’s mouth was slightly ajar and he was licking at the cum that had run down to his lips. He had a half smile on his face. Jake’s spunk was his now. He had made his friend do that. He tasted his friend’s splooge. It was subtly different to Mike’s – more metallic, more savoury. He wondered what Dillon’s would taste like. He half opened his eyes but they were all gloopy with spunk, and his hands were still secured behind his back so he had no way of wiping it off. He closed his eyes to wait whilst  it dried or ran off his face.


“Lick it all off and swallow it,” the voice said.

Stewie frowned. He would never be able to reach it all, but he stuck out his tongue and licked in a big circle around his lips.

“Not you, the one that just came,” the voice said.

Jake looked down at Stewie, and the thought of licking all that mess off repulsed him, but painful experience had taught him not to defy the voice. He dropped to his knees and started licking his own cum from Stewie’s chin. Stewie’s face was still upturned. All of a sudden, Jake was less pleased about his gargantuan cum shot.

He continued slurping and vacuuming his own cum into his mouth and swallowing it with disgust. He lapped at Stewie’s forehead, even his eyelids, working his way all over his friend’s face cleaning away his massive discharge. Like most boys, Jake had sampled a tiny amount of his own semen after masturbating when he was younger, simply out of curiosity. It wasn’t an experience he had particularly felt compelled to repeat, but now he was forced to drink down a vast gunky mass of the stuff. He swallowed it with all the gusto of a young child swallowing unpleasant medicine.

He saved Stewie’s mouth till last. In spite of all that had happened, it still seemed more intimate than anywhere else. As he finally licked over Stewie’s lips, Stewie surprised him by leaning forwards  and giving him an open-mouthed kiss. Jake recoiled slightly, shocked by the unexpected action, but Stewie went with him, massaging with his lips as he went, and leaning against him. Their cocks touched. They were both still hard. Jake felt a little thrill run through his groin as his wet cock brushed against Stewie’s. He stopped resisting, and allowed Stewie to kiss him. Stewie was hungry for it, and his kiss was passionate. He pushed his tongue into Jake’s mouth. There was still cum on Jake’s tongue that he had not swallowed. Stewie sloshed it around in Jake’s mouth with his tongue, then took it from him greedily and Jake was glad to let him have it.

The controller allowed the boys to continue. Stewie had become a great little cum whore in short order. He ground his dripping cock against Jake’s and Jake pushed back against him. Jake’s stimulator was still turned on, but Stewie no longer required any such incentive. He was kissing like a man who’d been in solitary for a year. He was urgent, strident, passionate; almost frantic. Jake was a little overwhelmed, but he still felt horny. He started to grind with more enthusiasm. He was past the point where he cared which gender he made out with so long as it resulted in a happy ending.


The controller smiled with satisfaction. It was always satisfying to see a heterosexual boy surrendering so totally to homosexual lust. It was a straight man’s worst nightmare, but they all – ALL ended up with a strong desire for cock after a while in the steel room. Most males were surprisingly easy to turn, as these boys had been. Although Stewie had taken to his new sexual paradigm more completely, more rapidly than most. The sensitive ones often did. The controller wondered if Stewie had always been a closet homosexual, or if he was completely straight, as the procurer had promised. The customers preferred straight boys. It was something about their innocence of gay sex that turned the buyers on. The clients were wealthy enough to go hire a rent boy any time, but to subvert a male who defined himself by his sexuality; well that was a whole new level of enjoyment.

Some liked their property fully broken, others preferred them wild and still straight. But it was clear from the bidding, that Stewie was very popular indeed.


The longer they kissed, the more that Stewie liked the taste of Jake’s jism in his mouth. As it broke down in the saliva that both were copiously producing, it lost its slimy insipidness and he could appreciate the subtle nuances of its flavour.

But his primary focus was on his own cock. He loved the feel of Jake’s prick against his own. He loved its veiny hardness. He took it as a vote of confidence because it reminded him that Jake was as turned on as he was. He pressed the rigid lengths of their penises together, enjoying the bulk of Jake’s penis against him. He rolled his hips up, and his penis rubbed upwards against Jake’s, pulling his already retracted foreskin even tighter, then he rolled his hips in the opposite direction, half sheathing his dick, and unskinning Jake fully in the process. He repeated the motion slowly time after time, using the delicate sheathing and unsheathing to maintain his excitement without crossing the threshold and climaxing too quickly.

His pace gradually increased, and it wasn’t long before his penis slipped to the side of Jake’s so that they were now grinding against each other’s bellies. It wasn’t as sensuous but it provided far more stimulation. Both boys instinctively picked up the tempo, synchronising their rhythm together. Jake was really getting into the tongue wrestling. His eyes were closed, and now Stewie was simply another partner. Both boys were clenching and contracting their buttocks in perfect harmony, and humping up against each other. Dillon could see their leanly muscled buttocks as they alternated between the concave dimples of contracted muscles, and the soft curves of their bottoms when they relaxed. It was a mesmerising transformation, and he watched in wide-eyed wonderment, licking his lips just the slightest bit as he gained a new appreciation for the male body. In his mind, strictly speaking it should have been his turn right after Jake came, without all the cleanup and the second go, but Dillon was enjoying the show.


Jake had given himself totally to the experience now, when he felt warm wetness as Stewie deposited a huge load on his belly. The thought excited him tremendously, pushing him over the edge, and he came a second time, just seconds after Stewie. Both boys continued grinding and Jake could feel Stewie’s spunk dribbling down the crease of his de-pubed groin. Stewie’s cock was sliding in it, turning it to foam against his groin. It acted as lube against the side of Stewie’s cock. There was something deeply erotic about feeling another boy’s jizz being rubbed into his groin. It was as though Stewie was becoming a part of him. As though the jizz was being absorbed through the side of his cock and the smoothness of his shaved pubis. Sharing his maleness. Jake’s feelings were primal; undefined. Just as a dog scent marks its territory without really considering the deeper motivation, he felt as though Stewie was declaring his ownership. It was a strange synergy. When Stewie had sucked him, and then willingly accepted his load on his face, Jake felt like the alpha, establishing who was the bitch and who was the dog. It was exactly the role he saw himself in around his friends. But now, somehow, the dynamic had been subtly reversed, and it was Stewie’s turn to deposit HIS seed on Jake. Jake felt as though Stewie had skilfully manipulated him into surrendering his dominance, yet he couldn’t feel angry or even unhappy about it. The only feeling in Jake’s mind was a sense of wellbeing, as he gradually came down after his second orgasm.

The testicle cable tugged him gently but irresistibly back to his wall, and both he and Stewie looked at each other with warm affection of two people who had shared and deeply enjoyed intimacy together.


Stewie could  easily have developed post orgasm remorse, but whenever his mind started to ask what the fuck he was doing with another boy, he simply reminded himself that he had no choice, and let his thoughts slip back into the role that the controllers has created for him. It helped that both Mike and Jake had both committed so totally to their roles, without so much as a trace of guilt.


Stewie turned towards Dillon. It was clear that he still had more to do. Now that he’d cum, he was less enthusiastic about fellating the only boy in the room who had yet to cum, but it seemed inevitable, and sure enough, he saw Dillon walking towards him grinning, as his cable was released. Dillon’s rigid cock lead the way like a compass pointing north. It bounced, at a right angle to his body, and he followed where it pointed. His eyes were bright with excitement. Going last was an incredible torment, but it did mean that he got to see the others put on one hell of a show for him.

Stewie opened his lips, in readiness to receive Dillon’s cock. Dillon moved gleefully to insert it into his mouth, and just as it was about to touch Stewie’s lips, his cable contracted, yanking him backwards at freight train velocity towards the wall. Stewie saw the shock registering on his friend’s face, as he flew backwards through the air, utterly surprised, in spite of the fact this had had happened multiple times during the fortnight that they had all been in captivity. Dillon’s single-minded lust had caused him to overlook the fact that their captors liked to play cruel games, but he was instantly brought down to earth, figuratively and literally.


The control room knew precisely how much forced could be applied to the human scrotum without causing permanent  damage, and the backwards pressure applied to Dillon’s balls was just a fraction short of that amount. As his butt hit the floor, he instinctively curled into a foetal position, even though he was still being dragged backwards by his nuts. The cable stopped contracting a few feet from the wall and Dillon lay there crippled with pain. With his arms behind his back, he couldn’t even cup himself. The others looked at him. Although his refusal to suck Jake the week before had caused them all a lot of pain, they were sympathetic, and his pain reminded them in no uncertain terms, that they were they playthings of sadistic people who were as likely to torture them as to allow them pleasure.

Dillon lay sobbing in pain for several hours, and then something truly unexpected happened. Two men entered the room carrying what appeared to be a huge metal flight case. They placed it on the floor in front of Stewie and opened it. It was lined with high density foam, and there was a shape cut out of the foam; the shape of a person standing to attention with his arms by his sides. In another cutout, there was a gas bottle, like a huge diver’s air bottle.

Stewie looked at it in dread.

One of the men said, “You’re done here now. You’re going on a little trip.”

“What do you mean? What sort of trip?” Stewie asked fearfully.

Their predicament was bad enough, but the thought of being separated from his friends was terrifying. The thought occurred that “a little trip” might be a euphemism for killing him.

“Please don’t hurt me. I’ve done everything you’ve told me to do.”

“Settle down kid, nobody’s going to hurt you. You’ve done exactly what you were supposed to, and now somebody wants to meet you. Now shut up with the question and turn around.”

Stewie had a million and one more questions, but he didn’t dare to disobey. He turned, and the man unclipped the powered cable from the scrotum cuff, replacing it with a much shorter piece of wire. The man pulled the wire tight up Stewie’s back, pulling the boy’s balls between his legs and up towards his asshole, forcing his penis to point towards the floor, then he connected the wire to the collar that Stewie was wearing. Stewie could feel the wire between the cheeks of his buttocks, holding the butt plug that he’d been wearing all day, tightly in place. His balls were stretched to their limit, and his foreskin was retracted by the tension. He tried to look down at himself, but as soon as he did, the wire pulled on his already aching balls.

The men picked Stewie up; one holding him by the back of his knees, and the other lifting his torso, then placed him into the case like an Action Man doll in its box. They pulled canvas straps from the  sides of the cutout shape and wrapped them around Stewie at his chest, waist, and knees and pulled them tight.

The man in charge picked up face mask that was attached by a thin clear hose to the gas bottle, and placed it over Stewie’s face. The man held the mask over the boy’s face, whilst his colleague strapped it into place. Once the mask was secured, there was no possibility of Stewie shaking it loose. For a moment, there was no air in the mask, and Stewie panicked and tried to turn his head away, begging for mercy, his voice muffled behind the pliable transparent rubber. But it was too late.

The head technician twisted the valve on the gas bottle to a predetermined position and a mixture of air and sedative flowed into the mask. Stewie tried to hold his breath, but with the heightened adrenaline of his fear, he didn’t even last 30 seconds before he was forced to take a big gasp. The moment he did so, he started to calm down. Suddenly nothing seemed quite as important or threatening. Nevertheless, he tried to hold his breath again, as though a single lungful might not contaminate him. He didn’t even manage 10 seconds the second time, before taking in a bigger lungful, and then he was gone. His expression mellowed and he stared vacantly into space ahead of him, as though he was in a trance. His breathing slowed and in next to no time, he was taking calm, steady breaths.

The technician leaned down and gripped Stewie’s penis, then inserted an inch long rubber sound into his urethra. He twisted a nut on the end of the sound, and a bulb at the end expanded to fill Stewie’s urethra so that he couldn’t urinate, intentionally or otherwise, until it was removed.

The man repositioned Stewie’s penis so that it was lying between his thighs facing straight down.

“Gotta make sure they look pretty when they arrive!” he joked to his colleague.

The other man laughed dutifully and attached an adhesive wireless heart monitor to Stewie’s chest. He looked at a handset to confirm that the monitor was working properly. Next, he pulled a large piece of transparent rubber out of the lid of the case. It was a full body wrap made out of similar rubber as the face mask, although it was more elastic. The two technicians stretched it so that it completely surrounded the front of the boy resting tranquilly in front of them. He looked as though he was being prepared for stasis in a science fiction movie.

“That’s it. Safe and sound. All ready for transport,” the senior technician announced, closing the lid on the flight case. He snapped shut three clips on the side of the case, and the two men left, taking Stewie with them.

The other boys looked at the vacant space, momentarily silenced by the enormity of what had happened.

Then the light went out.


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