Interdimensional milking 5 – Explorers

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Each boy permanently wears an EV suit which contains a portal panel in the groin. Their genitals protrude through the portals to harvesting stations millions of light years away, where they are each milked many times a day.

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Interdimensional milking 5 – Explorers

Max nervously stood outside the door of hall 2. His first couple of weeks at Friedrich Krupp, had been nothing but one introduction after another, as he met his new classmates in different activities and subjects.  But that was a few week past now, and he was starting to become familiar with many of the students in his grade. But now, as he prepared to enter hall 2, he felt the familiar nervousness of moving centre stage amongst a group of strangers.

Back on Earth, Max had been a member of the Rangers since he was five years old. Rangers was an organisation for boys based upon the old Boy Scout organisation, which had fallen into disrepute in the early 21st century when most of the governing body had been caught running a rent boy ring.

Max was keen to continue some of his Earth routines in order to restore a feeling of normality to his new life in this very different school on an alien planet. As soon as he started to settle in, he visited the school counsellor to find out if there was any similar club that he could attend at Friedrich Krupp. Miss Troy informed him that there was indeed, such a club, called Explorers, and it was held on a Wednesday evening.

Max didn’t tell Sam that he was going along. On Earth, the Rangers was not seen as particularly cool, and he wanted to see what the Herschelian version was like before admitting to membership.

So now he stood outside, about to meet yet more new people. He took a breath, pressed the door button, and walked in.

Inside the small hall were about fifteen boys, all but one dressed in Envirosuits. They appeared to span the entire age range of the school from 14 to 21, but the only boy not dressed in an Envirosuit looked younger. The boys were gathered in small groups talking, and waiting for the club to start. By the door, there was a small desk, and seated behind it was a man in his forties. He was the only other person not dressed in an Envirosuit. He was wearing a vaguely militaristic looking uniform.

As Max entered the man looked up and smiled.

“Hello. You must be Max, my name is Jarvis, I’m the squad leader here.”

The man held out his hand. Max slap-tapped it.

“Yes, I just moved here from Earth,” Max responded cautiously.

“You look nervous. You’ve got not nothing to worry about. They’re a great bunch of guys here. They’ll be sure to make you feel welcome.”

Max glanced at the other boys. Some of them had noticed the newcomer, and were looking over with interest. Jarvis called one of the older boys over.

“Jivan can you come here please.”

The boy he addressed appeared to Max to be about 18 or 19 years old. He had dark skin and straight hair. If they’d been on Earth, Max might have thought that the boy was from India, but here on Herschell, where all the races had colonised the planet in equal mixtures, skin colour denoted nothing about where they lived. The boy had hard eyes and chiselled features. Max felt a mild sense of trepidation, and an undercurrent of admiration at the aura of danger that the boy gave off.

Jivan came over and said, “Yes sir?”

“This is Max. He’s from Earth. He’s going to be in your unit.”

Jivan turned to Max, and looked him up and down dispassionately. Max was just starting to feel uncomfortable, when unexpectedly, Jivan beamed at him, white teeth sparkling against his dark skin, and black eyes lighting up warmly.

“Hi Max!”

Max was astonished at the transformation, and he let out the breath he was not even aware he was holding.

Jivan held out his hand and they slap-tapped.

“Great to have you in my unit. If you have any problems, you come to me okay?”

“Sure. Thanks,” Max mumbled, still overwhelmed by the change in the boy’s demeanour.

Jivan put his arm around Max’s shoulder and led him over to the other boys and introduced him.
At precisely 7pm, Jarvis walked to the front of the hall and shouted, “Orderrrr up!”

The boys arranged into two lines facing towards the front and each other at 45-degree angles, and stood with arms by their sides at attention.

Jarvis said in a loud voice, “State the creed.”

The boys all responded equally loudly, “Be strong, be honest, be true.”


After roll call, the boys split into groups for activities. The first activity was map reading. Max was partnered up with a younger-looking boy called Shaun. As Max was already an expert at this from his Ranger days, he sat on a stool with the electronic map in front of him on a desk, with his partner standing behind to his left. Max traced his fingers over the 3D projected holomap, pointing to the various features and tracks that Jarvis had instructed them to find. As the exercise continued, Max became aware that Shaun had changed sides and moved a lot nearer. Shaun was standing so close to Max’s right shoulder that Max could almost feel the other boy’s body heat. He tried to ignore it, but his skin tingled at the proximity of the other kid. The boy was so close now that Max could feel the boy’s breath; warm on the back of his neck. Max ignored it for 30 seconds, but he was simply unused to such close proximity, and soon he couldn’t ignore it any more. He turned with the intention of pleasantly asking the boy to give him a little breathing room, but instead of seeing Shaun, he found himself looking into Brill’s face.

“Wondered how long you were going to let a stranger breathe down your neck!”

“Brill!” Max said with a happy smile and far more enthusiasm than he felt was cool to show.

“Hey Max,” Brill returned casually. “How ya doing?”

He gave Max a smile and an impish wink.

“Pretty good thanks.” Max answered, belatedly dialling his excitement down a notch. “What are you doing here?”

“I had homework to finish.”

“So you’re an Explorer?”

Max was surprised. Brill seemed too hip for this.

“Sure. Been in since I was a little kid.”

“No way! I’ve been a Ranger since I was five.”

“Ranger? Is that like an Earth version of Explorers?” Brill asked.

“Yeah, it seems like it. That’s what Miss Troy said.”

The boys exchanged notes about the syllabus and badges for a few minutes before Jarvis noticed their lack of activity and said, “Hey guys. How are you getting on with the map?”

It was a gentle way of nudging them back onto their task, and they took the hint. Max returned to the holographic map, and he and Shaun continued working through their tasks. Brill leaned forward and stood close to Max’s right side with one arm draped around Max’s left shoulder and his head over Max’s right shoulder.



Max did his best to ignore Brill’s closeness, but for some reason he couldn’t figure out, he kept thinking how great it would be if he just turned and kissed the face that was so close. He wondered how the other boys would react if he did. He wondered how Brill would react. He wondered how he would react. Brill just seemed so nice. He was so relaxed and assured, yet he was equally comfortable in the slightly nerdy environment of the Explorers. Max had never met a person so totally at ease with himself. He was really starting to admire this boy who managed to meld such contradictory traits so effortlessly into his personality.

Max couldn’t resist turning to steal a glance at Brill’s face. Their cheeks brushed. Max could see the light catching on the soft golden down on Brill’s cheek. He stared at it for a moment. It seemed angelic.

Brill turned Max’s head back to the desk with his hand.

Smiling, he said in a low voice, “Concentrate on the map Max.”

Max grinned. Then Brill gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and just as quickly returned his attention to the map, as though nothing had happened. Max stared down at the map, but he wasn’t really seeing it. He was delighted, but overwhelmed by how strongly he felt about Brill.

He couldn’t help but think about the naked picture Sam had showed- him. He wished that he’d had the confidence to ask Sam for it, but he hadn’t wanted to reveal how interested he was in Brill, or even acknowledge that he liked boys at all.


Although homosexuality was completely normal, Max perceived that guys who liked guys still seemed to be treated differently on Earth by many people, just as women were. It was far more subtle than in the old days, but there was still something that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. And so, it wasn’t a position that he was eager to take on; especially as he’d always assumed that he was completely heterosexual.

But now, for some reason that he couldn’t fathom, Max started to imagine how it would feel to hug Brill whilst they were both naked. He considered how it would feel to wrap his arms around Brill’s lean body; to feel his hard muscles. In his fantasy, they were both sweaty, and he could almost feel their slick stomach muscles and chests sliding off each other. His focus moved down, and he realised that Brill’s slim penis was brushing against his own. As soon as he became aware of it, Brill started playfully rocking his hips side to side so that their penises rubbed against each other, bouncing as they went. Max reached down and gripped Brill’s butt cheeks. They were firm. He pulled the blonde kid towards him so that their cocks rubbed more firmly.


Max’s penis started to harden. The implant in his brain detected his arousal and immediately activated the milking program. Even though he’d already been milked six times that day, Max was not even aware as he was aroused in preparation for his seventh ejaculation.


His growing erection fed into his fantasy about Brill. His boner lifted Brill’s still soft cock. Brill allowed his soft prick to be lifted and nudged by Max’s vertical dick. Brill pulled away, allowing their stomachs to part, and looked down at the flagpole that was flying at full mast between them. He laughed playfully, and his voice was sweet and musical.

“Maaax. Bad boy!”

He smirked and moved closer again, then started grinding his own penis against Max’s. Brill was hard in no time. Max could feel the heat of Brill’s cock against his own dick, and his balls started churning. In Max’s imagination, Brill’s cock was hard as wood from the root to the tip.

Max’s mind drifted further and he began to wonder what it would feel like to have Brill’s penis in his mouth. It was a radical idea. He’d never thought about doing that with a girl’s genitals, but now he found himself fantasising about Brill. He wondered what it would be like to feel the tube of flesh between his lips. He imagined the boy’s puckered foreskin on his tongue. In his mind, he was playing with Brill’s balls whilst he sucked him.

He continued to fantasise about sucking Brill’s penis. He’d never given or received a blowjob, so the detail of his fantasy was limited, but he imagined Brill’s hard but slender cock, with his foreskin retracting to reveal a swollen glans. He licked at the glans, enjoying its smoothness. In the real world, Max’s mouth literally started watering, and he chewed his lip as he continued to enjoy his fantasy.


Jarvis had noticed something between Brill and Max as soon as Brill had arrived. It was clear as soon as Brill stood close, that Max was happy at the boy’s proximity, but it was also clear that Max was unsure of how to handle the situation. He became distracted, and barely seemed to be working at all. Jarvis noticed the peck on the cheek that Brill gave Max, and he saw how Max glowed with awkward happiness at the simple gesture. Then Max’s light came on, and it confirmed that the boy appreciated Brill’s company on much more than a platonic level.


Just as with Rangers, and the Scouts before, a disproportionately large number of the boys who joined the Explorers were homosexual, and joined because they enjoyed the close company of other boys. It was a thin line between camaraderie and affection; affection and sexual desire. Jarvis was perfectly happy with that. He saw Explorers as a way for boys to follow masculine pursuits whilst learning survival skills. That many of them also developed physical relationships, and learned about sex together was fine by him. He viewed homosexuality much as Earth’s ancient Spartans had: a natural extension of close male bonding. Jarvis was heterosexual himself, but he recognised that sexual relationships between the boys only increased their sense of esprit de corps, and created a more effective squad.


“Max. MAX!”

A voice stirred Max from his reverie. He looked up, surprised. Jarvis was in front of him.

“You seem a bit distracted there Max. Why don’t we see how Shaun manages? Pass the map across.”

An expression of bemusement crossed Brill’s face, then he glanced down and saw Max’s light.

“Who are you thinking about Max?”

The pitch of his voice rose on the word “you”.

Max blushed brightly.

“Naughty boy!”

The expression was so close to Max’s fantasy, that it was like Brill was reading his mind. He turned rapidly and looked at Brill, eyes wide in surprise. Brill smiled and winked, then using his right hand, he reached around put his hand on Max’s flat tummy.

“Bad boy!”

“What did you say?” Max asked, amazed.

“You know what I said.” Brill replied, grinning.

Max wrinkled his forehead. This had to be a coincidence.

“Don’t stress out Max. Just enjoy. Maybe we can wrestle again soon. Or maybe even share skin time together sometime?”

Max’s thoughts were crazy. He wished he could just rip Brill’s clothes off there and then, and act out his fantasy.

“Uhh… Uhhh… That would be great,” he said lamely.

Brill hugged him, then slid his right hand all the way down between Max’s legs, to the flat place where his genitals should have been. He squeezed, and even though Max’s hard dick and tight balls were in a milking station light years away, Max understood the meaning of the gesture. He swallowed hard.


On planet 1RXS1609b, the balls attached to the penis at portal 184,675,809 rose so high that they almost disappeared back inside their owner.  With millions of penises sticking out of portals all around it, in an empty corridor, in a vast warehouse, Max’s penis started to twitch as he found the unbearable pleasure of Brill’s closeness drove him towards orgasm. The harvester was not quite ready to give him release, so Max’s penis bounced up and down as his eager perineal muscles tensed and relaxed, desperate to initiate orgasm.

On a monitor, one of the two controllers on duty watched Max’s penis with interest. Just by its modest size, it appeared that its owner was either quite young, or was new to the harvesting program. The controller stared with amusement at the way that Max’s penis was bouncing as the boy desperately tried to ejaculate. Some boys never did that, and those that did, generally grew out of it quickly, except during high intensity milking. This boy was on a normal cycle. He must be extremely horny indeed.

The thin tube in the end of the bouncing penis suddenly filled with semi-translucent liquid, and the penis continued to bounce. For most boys, they just got hard, then the collection tube filled with their sperm, and was pumped away; then it was over. There was no sign that the boy was getting close to climax unless you looked at the timer. Or at his balls. But even a boy’s balls were not a reliable measure. Boys with smaller testicles that didn’t so much hang down, as nestle under the root of the penis would usually rise still further, tightening right up alongside the base of the penis, or even in the case of retractile testicles, up into the lower abdomen. But after a boy had been harvested for a couple of years, his testicles became enlarged and tended to hang low, and these barely moved as the boy became more aroused.

As the penis continued to spurt, the controller tried to imagine what its owner looked like, and exactly what he was doing at that moment. Was he writhing around on the floor incapacitated, or was he trying to play it cool? Given the boy’s evident arousal level, it was doubtful that he was going about his day as usual. The controller made a note to look in on this donor again…


Brill was close, and his hand was still between Max’s legs. Max opened his mouth wordlessly. His lips had reddened and his pupils dilated as he approached orgasm. Brill smiled warmly at him, and Max leaned in towards the boy. Max’s orgasm hit; powerful and overwhelming. He let out a few heavy breaths and clenched his knees together.

Shaun caught the movement with his peripheral vision and looked at Max to see what was up. Max was wearing an expression of pained ecstasy, and was looking far off into the distance. Shaun recognised the signs of a powerful orgasm.

“That’s another cupful!”

Max turned to him, not initially understanding the comment. Then he put two and two together. He gave the kid a lopsided grin as he continued squirting.

“Feels like at least two!” he said.

Although Max had been very shy about sex talk when he initially started attending Friedrich Krupp, he was gradually becoming comfortable with it.

The kid gave Max a dirty leer. It seemed out of place on such a young face.

“Hmmm, tasty!”

Max tried briefly to figure out if the kid meant the comment literally or figuratively. It had never occurred to him that someone might actually enjoy the taste of jizz.

Brill chipped in.

“Hopefully I can let you know soon!”

Max’s thoughts went into overdrive.


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