Interdimensional milking – part 4 – Fresh air

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Each boy permanently wears an EV suit which contains a portal panel in the groin. Their genitals protrude through the portals to harvesting stations millions of light years away, where they are each milked many times a day.

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Interdimensional milking – part 4 – Fresh air

Sunday, at 1pm, Max was in his room reading a comic when Sam walked in.

“Oh hey Max. You came back early so that you wouldn’t miss skin time again huh?”

Rather than going out after lunch, Max had come straight back to their room, and Sam was spot on about his motivation. There was no way that he was going to miss another opportunity for an actual wank. He blushed furiously but didn’t answer Sam. It was going to take more than a couple of weeks at this liberal school to overcome a lifetime of modesty.

Sam grinned at Max’s silence.

“Ahhh, you boned up tarabella!”

Max looked bemused.

“What did you just call me?”

“A tarabella. Don’t you have those on Earth?”

“Never heard of them. What is it?”

“It’s a type of monkey. The males are always horny.”


In fact, the tarabella was not a type of monkey, it was nearer to a chimpanzee in appearance, size and genetic structure. Although, having evolved on Herschel Major, it was not part of the lineage of either creature, and was really an entirely unique type of primate.

The tarabellas had evolved in an environment with no predators, and as a result, their colonies grew to vast numbers, often numbering thousands or even tens of thousands of members. Because food supplies were plentiful, and the primates were cooperative by nature, there was little for the animals to do but eat, play, copulate and sleep. However, the differentiation of zygotes that lead to male or female tarabellas was greatly influenced by their diet; especially by a chemical found in their favourite type of fruit. This chemical made it hundreds of times more likely that the zygote would become female, and this resulted in populations of animals where the ratio of females to males was hundreds to one. Furthermore, the same chemical also inhibited pregnancy. As a result, the males were greatly prized, and the females were more than happy to work together to demand copulation. In fact, it was not uncommon to see a group of 30 or more females holding down a male, whilst they took turns impaling themselves on his penis. This rough sex was not without its dangers for the males, and over millennia, those with smaller, more robust penises become the most prevalent.

Over thousands of generations, the males developed huge testicles to cope with the constant demands for their semen, and it was common to see even a young tarabella with testicles that were each larger than a softball. In fact, it was the enlargement of the tarabella’s testicles that had inspired the planners of the harvesting program to add a testicular massage, and increasing-frequency milking to the human sperm-collection system.

Because the male tarabella’s lives evolved to be little more than a never-ending series of sexual encounters, they developed incredible sexual stamina, enabling them to copulate sometimes for days at a time. Even on the rare occasions when they were not engaged in copulation, the males sported constant erections. In spite of the constant calls upon their sexual services, the lusty teenaged tarabellas would usually drool a steady stream of pre-cum throughout their waking hours, even whilst  they ate or played, as their over-sexed bodies eagerly prepared them for their next coupling.

The name “tarabella” was Herschelian for “always ready”.


“Oh,” Max responded with a smirk. “I guess so.”

“So, what are you gonna do, have a tug, or are you meeting someone?”

“I was just gonna, you know…” Max said shyly.

“Yeah. You should hook up with Brill sometime. You two were hot together.”

Max didn’t answer. Instead, he thought back to his encounter with Brill. He’d never considered the appearance of a boy before, except as a benchmark to compare himself against, but he definitely found Brill very attractive. His slender body and hard muscles were nice, but it was something about the boy’s lean face and sparkling eyes that really appealed to him. He thought about their passionate kissing. It was the first time he’d ever had an open-mouthed kiss with anyone, and certainly the first time he’d ever kissed, or been kissed with such urgent passion. Max’s heart beat faster, and he smiled a little at the memory, gazing up at the ceiling of their dorm room with a faraway look. His penis started to slowly swell at the memory, and the harvesting computer took over. His light turned green and for a little while he didn’t register that he was being stimulated as the program started off slow.

Sam noticed though.

“Hey, you better save it if you want to enjoy skin time!”

Max looked at him, and sighed with exasperation.

“I don’t suppose there’s any way to cancel the milking once it starts?”

“Nah, you’re gonnna squirt now whether you like it or not.”

Max tutted to himself, then lay back with his hands behind his head, and let the program run its course. If he was going to be milked, he might as well enjoy it. He thought about Brill again, fondly remembering the details of their “fight”. Four and a half minutes later, the program ran its course, and Max’s donation joined the 70 litres of semen that had already been harvested from the young men of Friedrich Krupp that day.


At 1:45 Sam started to undress. Max looked at his watch.

“There’s still fifteen minutes to go.”

“Yeah, I know, but I don’t want to waste any time getting undressed when skin time starts.”

Sam removed his top and legs so that he was dressed only in his shorts.

“I’m gonna have a wank in here. Where are you gonna do it?” he asked.

Max had already considered the question. There was no way that he was going to be comfortable doing that in front of Sam. He hiked a finger towards the shower cubicle without a word.

“Yeah, that’s cool. You don’t get sweaty and you can use the soap for slick if you have a wet shower.”

The shower was capable of delivering water, or ultrasonic cleaning. The latter could be used whilst still wearing the Envirosuit suits. Max was used to jacking off in the shower at home on Earth, and he always used the liquid soap to form a thick lather that he could use as lube.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, noncommittally.

“Course,” Sam continued, “it’s not as comfortable in the shower, and you can’t watch porn. I’m gonna watch the latest Van Moon – she’s hot.”

“I don’t like her. Her tits are too big, and all that green skin is so fake. Like she’s trying to be Valdesian or something.”

“I know what you mean about her skin, but I like big tits. What gets you harder, girls or boys?”

“Girls of course,” Max replied without thinking.

“You and Brill looked good together though,” Sam said.

Max frowned and pondered.

“That was my first time with a boy.”

“It was hot. So, what turns you on?”

“T… turns me on?” Max stammered bashfully. This was personal. “I dunno. Shaved. Nice tits. Not too big. Long hair.”

His mind drifted from his ideal woman back to Brill. He thought about Brill’s strong, but slender jaw line, and his flat stomach.

“A flat stomach. A nice face.” He continued, not realising that he had started describing the boy.

“And what would you like to do?” Sam asked, hoping to add Max’s fantasies to his own library for future use.

Max shrugged.

“I dunno. I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Republican!” Sam challenged.


The Republicans were a political party in one of the largest nation states on Earth. For a period of 20 years during the early 21st century, they gained a reputation for telling any lie; misrepresenting the facts in any way, just to confuse the truth and undermine the presidency of the country’s first African American leader. The Republicans’ leader, Ted Cruz, was assassinated by a homosexual man who had been hospitalised after a hate speech co-authored by Cruz’s senile preacher father, and delivered by Ted Cruz. In it, Ted promised that if he got elected, there would be an amnesty on all anti-gay hate violence. Many bigots saw this as a call to arms against homosexuals, and there were several months of violence, until there was such a massive public backlash by the increasingly compassionate silent majority, against the persecution of innocent homosexuals (and anyone deemed to ­be­ homosexual for “acting gay”), that Gay-bashing became a crime punishable by life imprisonment. In the wake of this new gay-friendly sentiment, gay marriage was finally legalised in every state in America, leading to a golden age of equality. Cruz’s assassin was given amnesty.

Eventually, the American public tired of the Republicans dragging the process of government and politics down into disorder, and they faded from public life. However, even though the last Republican died millennia ago, the name of their political party was still used as a synonym for “liar”.


“Well, I guess I have thought about it a little,” he said, underplaying the truth. “I guess I like the idea of sucking a girl’s tits, or fucking her, or getting sucked.”

“Boooring,” Sam taunted loudly, adding a huge fake yawn. “Here, watch this and get some more ideas.”

He held up his pad, and Vanessa Moon was milking a tied young man, whilst others were tied in various creative ways all around her “dungeon”.

Max watched for a while, his eyes widening. For some reason that he found completely inexplicable, Max found the idea of being one of her “victims” very arousing. His light turned green. He looked at it in panic.

“No, not now! Sam, what should I do?!”

The time was 1:47.

Sam laughed uproariously.

“There’s nothing you CAN do. If you take your EV off now, they’ll sleep you before skin time. You’re just going to have to let it run.”

“But it can’t. I’ll be dried out before skin time!”

He started to undress quickly.

“Don’t do it Max. Seriously, it’s not worth it!”

Sam’s tone was solemn. Max looked at him, and paused. His friend was deadly serious.

Angry at his lack of control, Max raged.

“Fuck fuck fuck!”

“Might as well enjoy it though huh?” Sam offered.

Max didn’t answer. He was thoroughly pissed off that he was going to have to wait yet another week. He scowled. He knew it wasn’t really Sam’s fault for showing him the porn, but he couldn’t help blaming him. He breathed heavily for 20 seconds, cursing his raging libido.

Just as his surly silence was verging on uncomfortable, Max said, “Maybe I can still manage another one.”

“Yeah, that’s the spirit tarabella!”

Max grinned awkwardly, still annoyed at himself, but amused at the name, and waited for the harvesting station to take his seed.


At 1:59, Sam dropped his shorts.

“There’s still a minute to go,” Max said.

“Yeah, but the clock will stop at 2, so I’ll be fine.”

Max looked at Sam’s smooth genitals. Sam’s pale, flaccid penis was thick and 6 inches long, with a long, loose foreskin. A large, heavy pair of nuts hung below.

“Jeez Sam, who’s your dad – a donkey?”

“Ha ha ha! No, I told you, it’s all the massaging. Everyone gets a big dick here.”

Max looked appreciatively. He wasn’t particularly penis-fixated, but he knew an impressive dick when he saw one. He reconsidered stripping in front of Sam. He was still well short of the refractory period from his last milking, but he was determined to give it a go. He had two choices: he could turn his back and undress self-consciously, or he could brazen it out, and act like he didn’t care that his dick was half the size of Sam’s. Max reasoned to himself that if he wimped out now, he was going to spend the next 6 years avoiding nudity in front of his roommate. He stripped off. Max had a slim 3 incher, and the foreskin was still peeled back from his recent erection. His glans looked red and sore, especially at the base and his balls were riding high. Sam looked at his genitals for a good 15 seconds, appraising them with just the tiniest trace of a smile. Then he turned and lay on his bed with the pad.

“Good luck!”


At 2pm, Max heard a gentle beeping sound, but it didn’t seem like it entered his brain via his eardrums.

“Did you just hear that?” he asked.

“It’s in your head. Skin time!”

Max wondered how come he hadn’t noticed the sound the week before. He concluded that it must have been drowned out by the movie he was watching. He walked into the shower and turned it on. He allowed it to run for a good five minutes, simply enjoying the water on his body. He knew that he’d be lucky to get to get a rise out of his cock after ejaculating twice in the past hour, so he didn’t rush. The heat worked on his genitals, and his penis became softer and increased in length, and the foreskin slipped back over the glans. His balls gradually hung lower as his sack drooped and his cremaster muscles relaxed.

Max reached down and slowly started to pull at himself. He was still sore, and his glans felt overworked. He continued in spite of the discomfort, determined to be the master of his own body, but his penis wouldn’t respond. He tried massaging his glans between his thumb and the edge of his index finger, but even that technique – usually a sure-fire way of giving himself a fast erection – failed to stir any interest from his body. His cock stayed resolutely and utterly flaccid, but he continued doggedly working on himself for another ten minutes before finally giving up in utter frustration.

Max walked out of the shower, drying his hair with a hytowel. He glanced at Sam, who was on his bed, lying on his back, legs wide, pumping enthusiastically at his cock whilst looking at the pad that he was holding. Sam’s cock had swollen into an impressive eight-and-a-half-inch log; straight, thick, sturdy, and very veined, with a bloated and glistening glans. Max was a little in awe of it. He stopped dead in his tracks, and stood behind Sam looking down at the teen’s powerful-looking penis. Without meaning to, he stopped drying his hair, transfixed by the beast that his friend was beating into submission. He chewed his lip and swallowed; not out of desire, but as a contemplative action in the presence of greatness.

Sam suddenly turned and looked Max in the face, and Max blushed, embarrassed to be caught staring.

“Oh, hey Max, what do you think?”

“It’s amazing,” Max answered.

“See, told you she was hot,” Sam replied, talking about the video.

Max thought better of telling him that he was talking about Sam’s cock.

“Did you pull one off?” Sam enquired, still working on his own cock.

“No,” Max said disgusted. “I couldn’t even get it hard!”

Sam laughed heartily at Max’s predicament.

“Tough break buddy!” he said with absolutely no sympathy.

Max stood by his bed as he finished drying off. He only had ten minutes of skin time left. It seemed pointless to put on his normal clothes, but he was enjoying his liberty from the Envirosuit. He sat on his bed naked. He was uncertain what to do. Sam was still enthusiastically working himself over, and it seemed rude to start chatting to him whilst his mind was on the porn.

“You can watch if you like.” Sam said.

Max looked at his friend. He’d never considered himself a voyeur before, and it felt vaguely creepy to him, but he was fascinated by Sam’s impressive cock. Max stared at it for a minute, taking in every detail. The boy’s balls had risen to form a large knot of flesh beneath his penis. Suddenly Sam came, noisily and powerfully, bucking his hips, and arching his back. Max didn’t know what to do. It felt like this should be private. He looked away, uncomfortable, then picked up his pad and loaded a comic. He sat cross-legged on his bed, staring at the screen, but he couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room, and his mind was still filled with the sight off Sam’s ecstatic orgasm. Sam was still breathing heavily.

“Just time for a shower before skin time finishes!” he announced.

Sam rolled off the bed and headed for the shower, but Max couldn’t get the sight of his roommate’s hefty dick out his mind. It wasn’t that he felt any sense of desire for it, but he was taken by how powerful and potent it looked. Max was bewildered. He couldn’t understand why he was so preoccupied by the sight of a penis. He’d seen plenty in porn, but there was something about being in the presence of a porn-star cock in the flesh that was a lot different. He decided to get dressed to distract himself from the weird chain of thoughts he was having.

With two minutes of skin time left, Sam walked out of the shower. His cock was semi-flaccid – softened by the warmth of the shower, but it still had some of its erect volume. It swayed hypnotically as he walked. Max pretended to look at his pad, but he kept glancing up at Sam’s penis, which jiggled as he dried himself.

After a while Sam said, “Never seen a dick before?”

Max looked up with a guilty face, like a kid who’s been caught spying on his mom in the bath.

“I… I… I…”

Sam smiled at him.

“I was just joking Max. You can look at my dick if you like. But you just seem like you’ve never seen one before.”

“I’ve seen plenty but… but it’s just that yours is so big!”

Sam laughed kindly.

“It’s really not that big Max. Not in this school. I told you, the harvester does it to you. Yours will probably be like this in a year or two.”

Sam dressed and Max felt mildly disappointed that he no longer had the opportunity to stare at him. Max heard a variation on the earlier beeping sound warning that skin time was now over.

“So, everyone’s got a dick like yours?” Max asked.

“Not everyone. Some guys are smaller than others of course. And some of the seniors are a lot bigger. You wanna know someone who’s not all that big?”

“Sure, who?” Max asked.

He hardly knew anybody, so he doubted it would come as much of a surprise.

Sam picked up his pad and browsed through his files, then he turned the screen towards Max and handed it to him. Max took the pad and looked at it. Standing there naked, with a playful grin, was Brill. His very pale dick was soft, and only a little longer than Max’s, and slightly thinner. Max’s heart skipped a beat as he saw the picture. His mouth suddenly seemed dry. He smacked his mouth nervously as he stared. And stared. And stared.

“He’s perfect,” Max murmured, too quietly for Sam to hear.

Max’s light turned green.

“You like?” Sam prompted.

“What, hmmm?” Max said, stirred from his reverie.

He looked up at Sam. Sam pointed at Max’s light. Max looked down at it.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwww. You’ve gotta be kidding!” he said with real exasperation.

Sam roared with laughter – a deep, belly laugh that was so hard it made his guts ache. Tears streamed down his face and he was holding his belly to stop the pain. He laughed loud and long, then he bro-hugged Max, and through the last remnants of his laughter he chuckled,

“You’re so funny Max. We’re gonna be sibs forever!”



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