Interdimensional Milking 3 – Making new friends

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Each boy permanently wears an EV suit which contains a portal panel in the groin. Their genitals protrude through the portals to harvesting stations millions of light years away, where they are each milked many times a day.

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Making new friends

Although he was a very sociable boy, Max also enjoyed his own company, so on his first Sunday at Friedrich Krupp, immediately after lunch, he wandered off to a quiet corner of the school’s massive grounds to watch a movie. Normally, Max enjoyed watching holo-movies, especially interactive ones, but sometimes it was nice to just go old-school and watch a movie on a 2D screen such as the pad he’d brought with him.

It was a warm day, and Max curled in the soft, gold coloured fur grass, resting his back against the comfortable cordons of a large sponge vine. This was a species of vine unique to Herschel. It grew 30 feet tall, and its cordons spread out to the sides by two or three times as far. The lowest ones rested on the ground, whilst the higher ones drooped under their own weight, making the entire massive plant look as though it had wilted in the sun like an upside-down octopus. Although its fat trunk was solid, the cordons were soft and spongy, making for a very comfortable resting place. The vine had no leaves, but reproduced via spores that drifted from the soft cordons. The spores filled the air with a subtle fragrance similar to lilacs.

There was a low buzz of insect activity, but the bugs stayed a few meters away from Max thanks to the tiny repeller badge that he wore. It emitted an ultrasonic frequency that the insects didn’t like.

Max felt incredibly content. Although he’d only been at the school a week, he’d quickly settled in and made friends.

It was sunny, and it felt like a summer’s afternoon on Earth. The star around which Herschel orbited, was a yellow supergiant, 30 times larger than Sol, and a little brighter. However the planet orbited much further out. Nevertheless, the sun was far larger in the sky than on Earth. Sometimes Max found it disconcerting, especially when he saw Herschel Minor passing large across the sun’s face between them. It was a little smaller that Herschel Major, but orbited far faster. It was too hot for habitation, although, it was the centre of a massive mining industry. But today, the sun was clear, and Max felt good.


He selected a movie; it was a science fiction about exploring distant galaxies. He specified the characters that he wanted to feature in it, and the media computer seamlessly integrated them into the plot. Years of monitoring had already determined what Max most enjoyed in a movie, and the computer produced one that perfectly matched his tastes, with just a small amount of unpredictability to keep it interesting.

He lay on his side, leaning on his elbow, with his head supported on his raised hand, and drew his knees up towards his chest. Max had been milked during lunch, and now he could feel his balls being tugged and massaged in the harvesting station. Nurse Janeway had been correct about the testicular massage being mildly painful. His nuts were aching as the manipulator arms tugged and pulled at his genitals to increase their size and sperm generating capacity. But what he hadn’t anticipated, was how erotic he would find that pain. In spite of the four times a day that he was forced to ejaculate, he enjoyed the constant awareness of his genitals that the massage gave him.

By nature, Max had never been sexually outgoing, but the feeling of his balls being tugged and pulled and lightly squeezed, as well as the sense of not being in control of his own privates produced a background level of sensuality to his days that he had not even fully recognised yet, and would not feel comfortable discussing with anyone. Instead, Max lay on the fine grass, and watched his movie contently, whilst the massage continued.


When the movie finished, Max walked back to his room. He entered to find Sam sitting at his desk.

“Hey Sam,” he said cordially.

“Hey Max,” Sam responded. “What did you do with your skin time?”

“Excuse me. My what?”

Sam wrinkled his brow.

“Your skin time – you know, when you’re allowed out of your EV suit.”

Max looked at him blankly.

“I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.”

Sam pivoted on his chair to face Max.

“Oh man, I am sooo sorry. I must have forgotten to tell you about it.”

Sam held his hands up submissively and made a wincing expression.

“Forgotten what Sam? Tell me what you’re talking about.”

“Well, once a week, on Sunday at 2, you get to take your EV suit off for half an hour. You can have a shower, but a lot of guys like to have a wank. Or sex if they can find someone.”

“But you said that I couldn’t have a wank till I was 21!” Max said indignantly.

“I meant whenever you want to. I didn’t explain it very well. I’m really sorry.”

Max looked at his watch. It was 3.30.

“So, I can’t take my suit off now until next week?”

“Nah, sorry Max. My bad. I should have told you about it.”

Max considered the new information. He was somewhat irritated not to have been told in time to enjoy “skin time” today, but, he reasoned, a few hours ago he thought he’d be wearing the suit for the next six years! He put his hand on Sam’s shoulder.

“No problem Sam. But is there anything else important you think I should know?”

Sam thought for a few seconds.

“Not that I can think of, but if I remember anything, I’ll let you know.”

“Thanks sib. So what did you do at skin time?”

Sam looked at Max with a dirty schoolboy leer, and made a masturbation gesture in his lap. Max laughed loudly. He was beginning to think that his room-mate thought of nothing else.


Whilst he certainly held no grudge against Sam, the missed skin-time opportunity did play on Max’s mind. A couple of days later when they were alone in their room, he said, “Hey Sam, I know you said it would be bad if I took my EV suit off, but what would happen if I just took it off right now?”

“Well, I think you get two minutes to put it back on, then that implant in your head tells you to put it on, then you get another warning, then they send you to sleep.”

“You think?” Max queried, “So you’ve never tried it?”

Sam shook his head.

“Nah, why would I?”

Max pondered the question. It was strange to him that Sam would be so perfectly satisfied to spend years of his life wrapped up in a mobile prison cell, albeit one made of cloth, having his body manipulated to serve the wishes of the government. Having grown up on Earth, where personal rights trumped everything, he found it bemusing to encounter people who were perfectly happy to sacrifice them for the good of mankind. Max wondered whether his resistance made him a better or a worse person.

“So, don’t you ever, you know, get horny in between milking?”

“Yeah of course I do, sometimes.”

“And doesn’t it drive you crazy, not being able to do anything about it?”

“Well, I can’t just have a wank, but there’s lots of things that I can do about it,” Sam said. “Why, are you feeling horny Max?”

Max blushed and lowered his head, still far from comfortable talking about his personal sexual habits.

“Yes, all the time.”

Sam laughed.

“Why didn’t you say something? Look I can give you the address for all sorts of movies. There’s passives, interactive, holo, and virtu – whatever you want.”


Pornography was a normal part of life for teens on Earth. Earth had gone through many cycles of repression and openness about human sexuality since the invention of video porn in the 1980s. Every 50 years or so, a retrograde government would be elected, usually lead by Christians or Muslims. These ancient religions, although greatly reduced by the global availability of knowledge thanks to the Internet, still had huge numbers of followers, and usually in response to a perceived increase in “immorality” or criminality, they would gain enough support to govern for a while – usually no more than 10 or 20 years, until everyone realised how much less healthy everyone’s emotional state became under such primitive views of sex.
Max had grown up with pornography, and it was normal for boys to have access to vanilla porn as soon as they reached puberty. They were given pornography accounts at school, and part of the school syllabus was devoted to exploring and explaining different types of sexuality and sexual behaviour. More exotic sexual practices were restricted from youngsters until the age of 21. However, such matters were a matter of planetary jurisdiction. Many colonies had been founded by the New Quakers, and other archaic religious groups, with the express purpose of raising their families within the suffocating morality of ancient religious beliefs.

Although Max’s fathers had confirmed that Herschel was a progressive world, setting up a porn account had been the lowest of their priorities.

Max was relieved to hear that porn was legal on the planet.

“It’s all white right?” he confirmed. He’d heard too many tales of sexual deviancy to want to risk the attention of the authorities. Public health videos were a normal part of school education, and these often-graphic cautionary videos were both salutary, and hilarious. Max’s favourite was “Sheep have rights too.”

“Of course, of course,” Sam reassured. “I mean, unless you’re into really kinky stuff, you don’t need to go black. But if you’re into that stuff, I know people who could probably hook you up.”


White and black were not in fact, references to skin colours, but referred, ironically, to ancient concepts of good and evil. White was the colour of angels and purity. Black – well that was what the bad guy always wore. White simply meant “legal”.

“No thanks, I’m not into that stuff. Does your school have a porn hub?”

“Of course. Jeez, how backwards do you think we are? Didn’t you get an account when they processed you?”

“No, they must have forgot.”

“No probs. I can take you to admin tomorrow and get you set up.”

“That’s great but…”

Max furrowed his brow.

“But what?” Sam prompted.

“Well, it’s not the same as having a tug is it?”

“No. It’s better. I mean honestly, how many of your wanks were as good as even the worst milking?”

Max pondered.

“Not many I guess,” he answered reluctantly. “But I like having control.”

“Yeah,” Sam admitted, “that bit is kinda frustrating, but you get used to it, and I think it’s worth it.”

“I suppose it depends what you’re used to,” Max added ruefully.

Sam said, “Come with me.”


Sam led and Max quickly followed, curious about where he was being taken. They arrived at the gym, and Sam walked past it to a smaller hall. Before he opened the door, he turned to Max.

“You wrestle don’t you?”

“Sure,” Max replied.

Sam opened the door and they entered, quickly making their way to the rear of the three-tiered bleachers. At first it appeared as though the matted area was full of boys wrestling, but Max soon realised that the boys were making very little effort to win. A kid from Max’s Galactrix class was sitting in the front row. He noticed them enter and before Sam could even start to explain what was happening, the boy turned and said, “Hey you’re Max, the Earther. You’re in my Galactrix class. I’m Brill. Great to see you. Wanna wrestle?”

Max looked to Sam uncertainly, and Sam shrugged. Brill was taller than Max, and a little more slender.

“I’m not all that good. I haven’t wrestled in a long time.”

“Who cares? It’s just about the squirts right?”

Max was unfamiliar with the expression, but he mistakenly assumed that it mean “fun”.

“Erm, okay. I’ll give it a try.”

“Great, get undressed and we can get started then.”

Brill took off his shoes and unzipped the legs and torso of his Envirosuit and removed them, so that he was dressed only in shorts. Max followed suit. He’d wondered why the EV suit had removable parts, but had not yet had a phys class to discover the purpose.

He stood in his EV shorts waiting to see how Brill wanted to play it.

“Let’s fight over here,” he said, and gestured to an unoccupied area of the mats.

Max walked over whilst Sam watched smiling.

Brill got down on his hands and knees. Max assumed that they were starting from par terre, and moved behind him and wrapped his arms around Brill’s waist.

“Whoa, what are you doing Max? Let’s not go too fast.”

Max let go and stood up, confused.

“Let’s take it easy. Kneel down there.”

Brill indicated the space in front of him. Max knelt down facing Brill, bewildered.

“Good, now let’s just grapple a while – nothing too intense.”

Max was unfamiliar with the drill, so he simply nodded and waited for Brill to take the lead. The other boy moved in placed a hand on Max’s shoulder. Max reciprocated. Brill started to grapple, and Max fought back, careful to moderate his effort to match his opponent’s. Max flipped Brill onto his back and the boy went down laughing.

“Nice move.”

Brill wrapped his arms and legs around Max from the bottom, like a koala bear hugging a tree, and he rolled back, reversing their position. It was a move Max had not encountered before, and it surprised him. He struggled to get out from underneath Brill, but the boy entwined his legs around Max’s. As Brill straightened his legs, it pulled their groins close. Max writhed and squirmed to escape, but Brill seemed to be holding him effortlessly. As he continued to twist and turn, it seemed to Max that Brill was not really trying to advance his position, as much as merely to lay on top of him.

When he had wrestled at school on Earth, it was something of an unspoken rule that you didn’t really allow your groin to press front-to-front against your opponent’s for any longer than was absolutely necessary. The ever-present danger of an unwanted erection and the public embarrassment meant that it was pretty well adhered to. But now this gangly kid had him tied up, with their groins pressing. Max began to wonder if they fought by different rules in Friedrich Krupp.

Max twisted to the side and managed to get a leg free, then he used the foot of the freed leg to push down on the front of Brill’s upper thigh. Brill collapsed away and lost the hold. Max dived in and tried to take advantage with a counter hold, but Brill was as evasive as an eel.

Before Max knew it, Brill had re-established the previous hold. The two boys struggled against each other, their bare skin, sweaty with exertion. Brill hooked his arms under Max’s shoulders from the front, pulling down on the teen’s shoulders from behind. It drew them close, chest to chest. Brill turned his head to the side, and nestled his chin against the junction of Max’s shoulder and his neck. Max could hear Brill breathing hard. He tried to push the boy off, but he was clamped in tight. As Max struggled, it seemed to him that Brill was grinding his pelvis down on him deliberately, moving in a circular motion. It didn’t seem as though the movement had any combat purpose.

Max summoned his strength, and pushed the boy’s torso up and away from him. He glanced over at the bench where Brill’s top was lying, and he saw that Brill’s light was green. Brill saw Max looking at his light and gave Max a lopsided grin.

“You’re really great Max. I didn’t know that Earthers were so boned.”

The penny suddenly dropped and Max looked over at Sam, with a wide-eyed, “What the fuck” expression. Sam grinned broadly back at him, and gave a “Go on” nod.

Max had never done it with a boy before. He hadn’t even masturbated with one, but knowing that Brill was getting off on him made him feel strange. Tingly. Excited. He looked up into Brill’s brown eyes. The boy was nice looking. He had an almost Elfen slenderness to his face, with high cheekbones, and a mop of sweaty dark blonde hair. Max looked at the boy’s nascent pectoral muscles appreciatively. Brill looked down at him smiling warmly, then at Sam, as if to ask why Max had stopped “fighting”.



Max made a decision. He decided to surrender. Not to Brill, but to his own inhibitions. Max ran his hand down the boy’s flat stomach, and over his small, tight abdominals. Brill instantly turned his attention back to Max with sparkling eyes. Max wrapped his own arms and legs around Brill, as the teenager had done to him previously, and pulled the boy down on him so that their sweaty stomachs were pressed together. Max’s light turned green, and then the two boys slid and grappled, in a parody of competitive wrestling.

Meanwhile, on planet 1RXS1609 b, the penises in portals 184,675,809 and 184,661,656 twitched and throbbed as their owners writhed together. The harvesting computer started to run the milking program, and as the boys slipped and slid off each other’s lean bodies, muscles straining and limbs intertwining. They both felt as though they were being sucked and reamed, and tantalised and pumped.

In the flesh and blood world, it would be impossible to strain and move around as much as the boys were, without dislodging or striking the sex partner, but because the penile and anal stimulation was all in their minds, the boys didn’t have to be concerned about disengaging, or accidentally kneeing their partner in the head, or crushing them with their thighs. The tension in their sinews, and the sheer muscular effort, and Brill’s warm sweating body, added to the sexual experience in a way that Max would not have thought possible. The harder he tried, the better it felt.

Max flipped Brill over onto his stomach, and lay on the boy’s back, groin to butt, and they “struggled” in that position for 30 seconds. Then Max allowed Brill to overpower him, and they found themselves in a mutual face to groin position that would have been perfect for a 69 if they’d both been naked. Brill buried his face in the flatness of Max’s portal panel, pulling fiercely with his arms around Max’s waist.

Max allowed himself to be locked up for 20 seconds before struggling free. As Max fell backwards onto his butt in a sitting position with his legs on the floor in front of him, Brill quickly went for a double leg-lock. Max allowed the lean boy to take the hold, curious about where it was leading. Clearly, in this version of wrestling, holds had totally different objectives.

Brill gripped each of Max’s ankles under his armpits, and leaned back, pulling Max roughly onto his back. Then he quickly moved closer so that he was kneeling, with his groin up tight against Max’s butt. Max turned his body to one side, then the other, putting up only token resistance. In response, Brill yanked Max’s ankles into the air, then pushed them backwards over his head, so that Max’s knees were resting on the mat to either side of his head. Max was surprised by the move, and momentarily nonplussed to find himself in such a totally submissive position, with his ass in air, and Brill clearly mounting him. Brill had risen to his haunches, and he was pressing down on Max with his full bodyweight, using his groin to push back against Max’s butt. He leaned forwards and gripped Max’s wrists, holding the boy’s arms above his head in a Mexican wave position. Brill used his shoulders to press down against the back of Max’s knees. The boy looked down at Max with a slight grin and a twinkle in his eye. Max looked at him wide-eyed, shocked to discover that he really was powerless to resist now. His mouth gaped with dismay. Brill leaned forwards and clamped his mouth to Max’s. Max instinctively turned his head to the side, and Brill followed, using the side of his head to steer Max’s head back to the front. Brill moved his face away from Max so that he could assess if Max was genuinely unhappy, or simply unused to the activity. Max immediately closed his mouth. Brill smiled warmly, looking into the new boy’s eyes.

“It’s good Max, don’t stop now. You’re white hot.”

Max had already come so far, and Brill seemed like a nice guy – rough and tumble, but sensitive at the same time. He opened his mouth just a little, and Brill accepted the invitation. He leaned forwards and clamped his mouth onto Max’s, pushing his tongue into Max’s mouth. Max was unsure what to do, but as he felt Brill’s tongue slithering across his own, he moved his tongue in response, in a miniature version of the wrestling match the boys were engaged in. Brill seemed hungry for the experience, and his tongue started moving with a desperation that reflected his state of arousal.

In the harvesting station, although he had not yet been allowed to ejaculate, the thin collection tube leading from Brill’s penis was filled with precum.

Brill was thrusting urgently with his groin again Max’s upturned buttocks. Although Max couldn’t know it, Brill was moving in time with the growing tempo of the reaming his implant told him his hole was experiencing, and the pumping that he felt working on his dick. Max found the unbridled animal lust unbearably arousing, and it felt to him as though his own dick had swollen fatter and harder than ever before; it was literally tingling with every fibre, as though he was cumming but not yet squirting.

Brill let out a few heavy breaths, “Uh, uhhh, ahhhhh.”

He collapsed on top of Max, releasing the boy’s hands. Max realised that Brill had reached orgasm, but the computer would not allow him to ejaculate for another 90 seconds. He was disappointed that Brill was finished. He pushed up with his legs and Brill allowed him to move where he wanted to go. Max wrapped his legs around Brill’s waist, and he hugged the slim boy fiercely, grinding his own pelvis against the blonde’s, urging his new friend to continue.

He need not have worried, because it was considered the height of bad form to stop wrestling before your partner was done, so after he’d caught his breath, Brill leaned forwards and resumed fighting earnestly, until Max achieved his own, considerably louder and more powerful orgasm. Brill held on tight to the bucking Earther, so that he was not bounced off.

Eventually, Max stopped writhing. Brill was on top of Max, and he looked into Max’s sweating, red face. Max looked back glowing with happiness and post-orgasmic bliss. Brill smiled at him, then leaned down nuzzled his neck with his mouth and nose. Max hugged the kid tightly and they lay together for a minute, enjoying the ambience, oblivious to anyone else in the room.

Brill broke the clinch first, climbed off slowly, and stood up, offering Max a hand up to his feet. Brill picked up a hytowel from the bleachers and threw it to Max, then picked up another for himself. He wiped himself dry, and the towel, which was built from smart fibres, both soaked away the sweat, and cleaned his skin so that there were no bacteria or odours. Max copied his example, and both boys got dressed again.


Sam walked over.

“All done?” he asked, massively downplaying the immense eroticism of what he’d watched. His own light had turned green shortly after Max’s, and he was feeling as chilled as the two wrestlers.

“You bet,” Brill said. “That was a really pacing squirt. Thanks Max.”

“You’re welcome Brill. That was my first alien sex!”

Brill and Sam laughed out loud, and Brill said, “Ha ha – great job Earthling. Maybe sometime we can do a double-green together?”

Max correctly assumed that Brill meant a double orgasm where they would continue fighting until they each ejaculated a second time.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” he said low fiving Brill with a happy smile.

Sam high fived Brill and said, “See you in Astro tomorrow.”

“Yeah, later Sam.”

Just before Sam and Max walked out of the wrestling hall, Max turned and glanced at the mat one last time. This time, he appreciated the thirty or so pairs of wrestlers very differently.

“You can come down here any time Max. There’s always someone waiting to wrestle.”

“White hot,” Max said in a mellow tone of voice.

“Yeah,” Sam agreed. “So, feeling better now?”

Max gave him a shy leer.

“Oh yeah!”



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