Interdimensional Milking 2 – Max’s first week as a sperm donor

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Each boy permanently wears an EV suit which contains a portal panel in the groin. Their genitals protrude through the portals to harvesting stations millions of light years away, where they are each milked many times a day.

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Max’s first week as a sperm donor

Max’s first day at Friedrich Krupp high, started much as it had everywhere else he’d lived for the past four or five years – with a boner. He was having a fantastic dream about a girl he knew and she was doing all kinds of things to him, and then he woke up suddenly. He opened his eyes, with the unmistakable feeling that he was ejaculating. Furthermore, he could feel his dick and balls and even his asshole being worked on. He blinked, confused, and looked across the room. There was a teenage boy there. Why was there a boy in his room?

Slowly he realised where he was. Sam was already up and busying himself in readiness for his day. Sam glanced at him.

“Morning,” he said, far too breezily for that time of the day.

“Mmmning,” Max mumbled, in a thick, half-asleep voice.

Sam glanced at Max’s green light.

“Let me guess; you had a wet dream?” he said grinning.

Max turned on his side in case his boner was tenting the bed covers. He put his hands between his thighs. His groin was flat. There was no indication that his dick was hard. Max was bewildered. How did Sam know?

Sam saw the puzzlement on Max’s face and explained.

“It happens to everyone the first few weeks.”

Comprehension dawned on Max’s face.

“Man, this is going to take a while to get used to. It’s ages since I had a wet dream. I don’t think I’ve had one since I was 12 or 13.”

“Yeah, and that one doesn’t count against your four.”

“Beg pardon?”

“Wet dreams don’t count.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You know; you get milked four times a day. That one doesn’t count against that.”

“What! Why not?”

“Any time you get a boner, the computer kicks in. It assumes if you’re horny, you’re ready to be milked again. Most boys get milked in the morning. You can’t help it – it’s morning wood. But if you don’t like it, try not to drink anything for a few hours before you go to bed.”

“I don’t get you. How does that help?”

“Some people find it stops them getting morning wood,” Sam explained.

“So, every time I get horny, the computer…”

“Yup.” Sam replied, matter-of-factly.

“I am screwed,” Max said, half to himself.

Sam laughed heartily.

“Nah, it’s not that bad. When you cum a lot, you don’t feel so horny all the time.”

Max was unconvinced.

“But everything makes me horny. I get a boner in gym class all the time!” he confided.

Sam laughed again.

“Yeah, I used to as well. Especially when I was climbing the ropes! But trust me, it won’t be a problem anymore.”

Max contemplated what Sam said as he sat up.

“I kind of liked that problem.”



At 10.45, Max received his first scheduled milking. He was sitting in physics class solving equations on a pad, when he felt himself getting hard. Getting an erection in class was nothing new to him: feeling his dick getting licked and his balls teased whilst he was in a lesson, was a first. He gave a sharp intake of breath the second he felt the tongue on his glans. He stopped working, staring at his pad with a wide-eyed expression approaching horror. Even though he’d known it was going to happen at some time during the day, and thought he’d mentally prepared himself, it still came as a surprise. He tried to ignore it, but it was impossible to just keep on working as he felt a moist tongue sensuously sliding over his helmet.

Max furtively looked around the classroom, certain that everyone must be looking at him, but most were concentrating on their work. Two other boys were not working, and he could see that they were both showing green lights too. One of them was simply sitting at his desk, vacantly staring at his pad. He was visibly breathing heavily, but he was doing so quietly and appeared not to have attracted attention. The other boy; a scrawny looking guy, was leaning back with his head lolling, eyes closed, tongue slightly out, and wearing a really dumb sex expression. Max was determined NEVER to look that goofy. He realised he was holding his breath, and forced himself to exhale as quietly as he could manage. His breath made a shuddering sound as he tensed his diaphragm to cope with the pleasure in his groin. Max stared blankly at his pad, completely unable to simply carry on solving the equation. He swallowed self-consciously.

“Just keep working,” he told himself. “Nobody will notice if you don’t draw attention to yourself.”

He tried to continue working on the physics problem, but after reading the same simple formula half a dozen times, without taking it in, he realised that he was not going to be able to simply ignore what felt like simultaneous fellatio and rimming.

“Act natural,” he said to himself. But what was natural? He didn’t know how to behave when he was being sucked off in a room full of classmates.

Then he became aware that his hole was being pumped. This was another new sensation. He felt certain that as much as he tried to remain perfectly still and keep breathing normally, his butt must be visibly tensing in time with the reaming his mind told him it was now receiving. He tried to focus on the feeling of his butt cheeks, isolating it from all the erotic attention his body was receiving. HIs eyes darted back and forth across his pad as he concentrated.

There didn’t seem to be any external movement, and it didn’t feel as though his Envirosuit was moving against the surface of his skin. He felt certain that there must at least be some kind of squelching noise that  the blood rushing in his ears was preventing him from hearing.

Ever so casually, moving just his eyes, and without lifting his head, Max glanced around to see if he was attracting attention. The students continued working, oblivious of his milking.

It seemed incredible to him, that in a quiet room of 22 people, three of them were being casually masturbated, and nobody even noticed, much less gave a damn. The atmosphere was almost like a library, but his body felt like it was in a bordello. He couldn’t just act normal. He didn’t know how to anymore, so instead, he leaned forwards, and rested his head on his hands, eyes closed, waiting to cum.

Less than a minute later, he heard the teacher’s voice.

“Are you alright Max?”

He sat up and the class turned to see what was wrong with him.

“Fine thanks,” he responded tersely, as the virtual tongue flicked at the rim of his glans.

The teacher, Mr Darklighter, was an old-fashioned sort of man in his 180s.

“Oh, you’re occupied. I’m sorry, I couldn’t see your light.”

Max stared at the teacher, blushing furiously, and a couple of the girls tittered at his embarrassment.

“I’ll just leave you to, er, to continue,” Mr Darklighter said, and turned to continue talking to the student standing by his desk.

Max glanced at the sniggering girls, then returned to his former position to ride out the rest of the milking. Two minutes later, he heard someone making a sound.


Max glanced in the direction of the sound. It was the goofy kid, obviously experiencing an orgasm. There were a few brief glances and smirks from the other students, but they quickly returned to what they were doing. The kid breathed heavily for a few seconds, then returned to his work. Max noticed that the other kid with the green light had already resumed whatever he was doing.

Max put his head back on his hands. One and a half minutes later, he could feel the computer driving him towards an orgasm. It was nowhere near as intense as the one in Nurse Janeway’s office, but still more powerful than he was used to. He tensed his stomach, determined to give no sign as he came, but he couldn’t help but screw up his face a little as he climaxed.

As he passed the pinnacle, he relaxed, and lifted his head to continue working. A girl sitting in an adjacent desk leaned closer and whispered,

“Good one?”

“Okay,” Max responded minimally, trying to be cool, in case it was normal to talk to girls about it in this school.

“It looked like you enjoyed the end,” she pressed.

He studied her face, trying to ascertain whether she was taking liberties. She looked slightly bookish, but had a pleasant face, and bright eyes. He decided that she was just being curious. He gave her a tight smile and a small nod, then turned back to his pad to close down any further conversation.


After class, as Max was leaving, one of the girls made a playful comment as she passed him.

“Are you alright Maaaax.”

A few of the guys patted him on the shoulders like he’d just scored a touch-down.

“Nice job Max.”

“Welcome to the club.”

“Lots more where that came from.”

Max looked around him at all the students he didn’t even know, who were talking about his first public orgasm. He was feeling a little overwhelmed and very self-conscious about his experience being such public knowledge. He blushed.

“Err thanks, cheers, no problem,” he said to the boys encouraging him.


During the day, Max made three further donations, one during lunch, one in language class, and the last during maths at 4pm. He felt particularly self-conscious during lunch because he was in conversation with five other guys. But as luck would have it, two of them also turned green at almost exactly the same time as him. The first to go was Martin. His light came on, and he simply changed the subject mid-conversation.

“Back in five,” he said, and simply closed his eyes and sat waiting for the milking to be complete. Everyone had seen his light come on, so they knew what was happening.

Max quite liked his approach. It seemed to be the most dignified way of handling the situation, so when his own light came on 30 seconds later, he said, “My turn,” then closed his eyes and waited for it to be finished.


After the last milking, he was relieved to know that there would be no more collections during the day, and pleasantly surprised by the fact that he had managed to give five loads without discomfort. It was two more than he’d previously managed in a single day, and he feared his balls would not be able to manage it.


That evening after dinner, he spoke to Sam.

“Hey Sam, the first time, I erm…” he was still not comfortable talking about it. “When my light came on in class, that girl sitting next to me started talking to me about it afterwards.”

“What, Julie?” Sam asked.

“The one who was sitting to my left.”

“Yeah, that’s Julie.”

“I was wondering, is that normal? Do girls and guys just talk about that stuff?”

“Not really. I mean, it’s not like there’s any rules, but mostly, it’s just polite. You kind of ignore it when it’s happening, then act like nothing happened after. Some guys will make a big deal of it, acting like they’re studs, or playing up how good it feels for attention or a joke, or to interrupt a teacher. And sometimes there are some girls who talk about it if they feel like you might be embarrassed about it, or if they wanna seem cool. That’s why you mustn’t ever act like you’re uncomfortable talking about it, or they’ll do it just to make you flare.”



“Gotcha. That’s kind of what I thought. I wonder why she was doing it then?”

Sam laughed, “Julie? Dirty spreader probably figured that as you were new, she could talk dirty to you, and you wouldn’t know better.”

“Spreader?” Max queried.

That was two new words in 30 seconds.

“Yeah, you know, spreader. A girl who spreads her legs for money. Don’t you use that Earth?”

“No,” Max replied laughing as well.


Two days later, Max got a vone comm. He was in class when it came in, so he had to wait two hours before he could check his messages and return the comm. It was his fathers. Max had not heard from them since their goodbye at the gate three days ago, and he was eager to speak to them. He rushed back to his room where he could have a bit more privacy, sat on his bed with his legs crossed, and activated the com. A tiny hovercam buzzed out of his wrist-comp and hung silently in front of him. The comm answered almost immediately and the image of his fathers appeared in the air three feet in front of him. Max smiled like a kid on Christmas morning.

“Dads!” he said.

“Hey Maxie!” Jonathan replied in his usual ebullient manner. He was seated on a bed, and Dominic sat behind with his legs on either side of Jonathan’s butt, his arms around his husband’s waist, and his head on Jonathan’s shoulder.

“Hey kid,” he said, giving Max a wink and playing it cool. “We’ve really missed you. How you doing?”

Max really liked it when Dominic was chill like that. He loved both of his dads immensely. He looked to Jonathan for tenderness and emotional support and warmth, and he’d be the one that Max turned to when he just needed to feel better about something. But it was Dominic that Max increasingly viewed as a role model.

Dominic was a rugged sort of guy, and very masculine – but he was also really cool and laid back. He didn’t feel the need to prove himself all the time. But what Max most loved about him, was that he was not afraid to show his affectionate side either. If Max was feeling emotionally low, it was Jonathan he would turn to, but when he needed strength or encouragement, a hug and few words from Dominic was more effective. Something about being encircled by his father’s powerful arms, and pressing against the slabs of his pectoral muscles just made Max feel like the universe was safe and that things were going to be okay.

Even now as he was getting old enough not to depend on his fathers for much, just knowing that Dominic had his back gave Max a feeling of security: that even 50,000 miles apart, Dom could make his world safe.

“Why did it take you so long to vone?” Max asked.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry Max,” Dom said. “Solar spike. EM was high, and comms bandwidth was reduced to essential calls only for the whole trip. But we’re here now, and with the planetary boosters, we shouldn’t be out of comm very often – only when we’re working out in the field.”

“That sucks,” Max replied, relieved. “I thought that you’d just forgotten about me.”

“Forgotten you?! Sweetheart, how could you ever think that!” Jonathan interjected. “Darling, out of sight is definitely not out of mind. Remember when you went on your first Troop camp to Alaska back when you were 13? We missed you terribly! And I’ll let you into a secret,” he lifted his hand to his mouth in a theatrical shielding  gesture, and said in a conspiratorial voice, “even tough guy here was looking at his watch every half hour until you came home safe!”

Dominic said, “Hey you, don’t give all my secrets away. Now he’ll think I love him or something!” He punched Jonathan lightly on the shoulder. Jonathan turned to look over his shoulder with a smirk, and Dominic kissed him lightly on the lips. Jonathan smiled happily and they both turned back to Max.

Seeing their little exchange made Max feel so much better about their separation. Even though they were days apart, seeing his fathers still carrying on so playfully together reassured Max that nothing important had really changed in any of their relationships.

“So how are you settling in?” Jonathan asked. “Made any friends yet?”

“Things are okay. It’s a nice school. Yeah, I’ve made a few friends.”

“What about your room-mate, what’s he like? He seemed nice enough when we met him.”

“Sam? He’s really cool. I like him a lot. He’s really looking after me.”

“That’s good,” Dominic said approvingly. “We were hoping you’d get along.”

“And what about your teachers?” Jonathan asked.


And so the conversation proceeded for fifteen minutes, with Jonathan asking most of the questions, and Max telling them all about his new life.

Eventually, Jonathan said, “Hey Max, I love your clothes. Is that the school uniform?”

Max nodded.

“Actually, I wanted to ask you about that. They do this thing here. Apparently, it’s the law in all the big cities. It’s where they make you… where they collect sperm from you.”

“You mean milking?” Jonathan asked, grinning gleefully.

“You knew about it?” Max replied, shocked.

“Well of course we knew. We thought it would be a nice surprise. Do you like it?”

“Like it? Ummm, well…” Max felt a little put out that his dads had not warned him about it, and although he still felt really weird about being masturbated whilst he went about his daily business, he couldn’t deny that the experience was physically pleasurable. But it felt weird to admit it to his fathers. “I suppose. Kind of,” he conceded. “But I wish you’d warned me first.”

Dominic spoke up.

“Look the truth is, on Earth, people are a lot more private about such things, and we thought that it might make you worry if you knew in advance that it was going to happen. We felt certain that once you got used to it, you’d love it. I mean what guy doesn’t love a good wank eh?”

He chuckled.

“Yeah, but it’s at least four times a day,” Max protested, “and it’s at random times. I can be right in the middle of a lesson or even a conversation when it starts!”

“I imagine that must be a bit weird and distracting, but I’m sure you’ll quickly get used to it.”

“Hmmmph,” Max grumped.

“And hey, I bet it really takes your mind off a boring lesson!” Jonathan added, in his usual, irrepressibly upbeat manner.

Max smirked, trying to remain grumpy. It was impossible to stay annoyed at Jonathan for long. He was just so cheerful and bubbly, and nothing he did ever had a bad motivation.

“Anyway dads, I’ve gotta go. I’ve got a holophoner lesson in ten minutes.”

“Awww, Maxie, we miss you sooo much,” Jonathan said.

“Yeah, but we can speak any time you like,” Dominic added.

“I love you guys,” Max said, sincerely.

“We love you too Max,” Dominic responded, and Jonathan blew a big kiss.

Max smiled widely, and happily, showing his teeth, then turned off the comm, and the hovercam automatically returned to its recess in the comp.


On Friday, at 7.10, Sam returned to his room with a couple of girls and another boy. He destabilised the nanodoor to allow his friends to enter but was greeted by the sight of Max writhing on the floor.

Sam discreetly said, “I’ll catch up with you guys at the Shay later. I’m just gonna make sure Max is okay.”

Sam’s friends had all seen boys at the peak of high-level stimulation. It was something usually conducted in private, but occasionally, like now, a boy got caught out. The guys laughed at Max’s incapacitation.

Just before they left, in sing-song voice, Jade said, “Byyye Maaaax. Don’t have too much fuuun!”

Max was only peripherally aware of her, and she was completely inconsequential to him in that moment. He lay on his back twisting and turning, his face contorted by the torments of ecstasy. Sam entered and closed the door. He crouched next to his roommate, leaving a little space between them. Max was clawing at the floor, and kicking out with his legs like an overturned beetle trying to right itself. He was gasping and grunting as the implant told his brain that every erogenous zone on his body, from his earlobes to his toes, was being expertly stimulated. To an inexperienced viewer, his behaviour was indistinguishable from a grand mal epileptic fit, until you looked at his face, when a more observant viewer would see intermittent flashes of rapture appear and disappear. And if you paid really close attention, you might notice that he was not making the continuous deep groans of pain but pants of lust as his cock was being masterfully teased.

“Max, are you okay?” Sam asked.

Max continued writhing, almost oblivious.



Sam reached out and firmly put a hand on the front of Max’s shoulder, limiting the boy’s movement.

“Max are you okay?” he repeated more forcefully.

His words must have penetrated the all-consuming euphoria of Max’s feelings, and in desperate gasps Max panted, “Oh shi… oh shi… oh shi… oh shi!”

He was unable to muster the mental faculty to fully form the word in his mind, let alone the verbal coherence to utter it, instead remaining caught in the same verbal feedback loop. Sam smiled and took his hand away. He knew how Max was feeling. He looked at his wrist comp, 7.12.  Max had been freaking for 12 minutes now. He must be going out of his mind. After the first few cycles, most boys only chose to freak for five minutes, and a few for ten. There were less than a dozen who could manage it for fifteen minutes, and some of them, Sam was sure, only did it to be macho. In fact, it was a common penalty for their teenage games, to increase your freak by five minutes for the next three-month cycle.

Sam looked at Max.

Max gasped, “Let me c… c… c… cum. Gotta c… c… cum please!”

“I can’t help you Max. You chose 15 minutes. You’ve only got two minutes to go.”

Max frowned. He barely heard Sam’s explanation, and he certainly couldn’t think clearly for long enough to make sense of it.


Max had started on the bed. He’d lain on his back, hands behind his head, comfortable and ready to enjoy a relaxing stimulation session. But he hadn’t counted on the effects of 15 minutes of incredible edging. The first few minutes were arousing, just as before, but soon, he became eager to cum. More than eager; desperate. But the implant wouldn’t permit it. Unlike the stop/start edging of a human partner, the computer didn’t need to take him to the edge then stop and let him cool down to prolong the experience. It literally controlled his ability to ejaculate. Without the ejaculation inhibitor, he would undoubtedly have squirted after just two minutes of the mind-blowing masturbation, and would certainly have cum two or three times in the thirteen minutes that he’d been freaking for. But the inhibitor prevented his brain from initiating an orgasm. Instead, he continued to feel more and more aroused.

By seven minutes, his body was no longer under his own control. His movements were on automatic as he squirmed under the endless waves of neural flares that were preventing him from taking command of his own thoughts.

As his body was compelled into motions as sinuous and convoluted as any boa constrictor, he twisted and fell off the bed with a thud. The impact momentarily jarred him back to awareness, and he clambered to his hands and knees ready to stand up. But before he could rise, he experienced a delicious feeling in his balls that doubled him up at the intensity. Gasping, he tried to straighten, but it was his cock’s turn to receive extra attention. He felt a shiver run through his body, and he collapsed to his side. Before he could rally his thoughts, the computer had flooded his thoughts with delirious elation and he was beyond the ability to think once more.

His balls felt massive and he was sure that they were humming; actually vibrating with sexual energy. The corpus spongiosum along the bottom of his curved penis was so inflated that it stood out the size of a pinkie finger. If he could have touched himself, the rest of his penis would have been as hard as wood.

He could barely think. His attention flitted from his cock to his balls to his hole, but all the other erogenous zones were tingling from the gentle attention they were receiving too. HIs nipples stood out like Chinese coolie hats, and his lips were flushed and swollen.

At precisely 15 minutes, the computer sent an “ejaculate” signal, and a fraction of a second later, the orgasm inhibitor deactivated. The ejaculate signal triggered a massive orgasm, and Max couldn’t help but yell out loud with a husky voice at the intensity of the orgasm. His brain exploded with the white-hot intensity of a supernova, and his senses was seared by power of the orgasm. He literally lost his sight for over 30 seconds as white fireworks exploded behind his eyes.

The program continued to send the orgasm signal for a full minute, and Max’s balls attempted to comply with the command to provide semen. His body squirted 14, 15, 16, 17 jets of fluid before it had no more give, yet still his balls contracted, his hole puckered, and the base of his cock clenched.

After what seemed like an eternity, the program wound down, finally giving Max control over his own body again. He curled up into a ball, with his back to Sam. He was sobbing his eyes out. The blistering intensity of a one-minute orgasm on the back of fifteen minutes of dick-thrilling, ball-throbbing, hole-teasing edging was too much for his emotions. He didn’t know that his body could feel so good, nor that he could ever be stimulated so much that he would have given his eyesight just to achieve release.

Sam rubbed Max’s back sympathetically. Country boys, younger kids, and off-worlders sometimes had this reaction. They didn’t grow up with the wealth of sex toys and stim channels that were a normal part of city life. They didn’t know just how good their bodies could feel, and it fried their brains the first half a dozen times.

Max felt like a little boy being petted by his father after a boo boo. He stood up shakily, self conscious and feeling silly. He wiped his eyes with his fingers.

“Holy shit!” he said hoarsely, finally able to articulate his feelings.

He  staggered to his bed on legs  that felt like rubber. He looked at Sam with a bashful, sheepish grin. “That was fucking intense.” He didn’t usually use profanity, but regular language didn’t remotely have the weight to express his feelings.

“Yeah man,” Sam agreed. “It looked it.”

Max laid on the bed on his side. The lips of his asshole still pulsed and vibrated as they sucked at the fantasy object that had been fucking him.

“I think I need to ask Nurse Janeway to change me over to the five-minute program,” he said.

“Yeah, 15 is a lot to manage. But you can’t change programs for three months.”

“Three months!” Max said, remembering what Janeway had told him, “I can’t have any more like that!”

“It’s only 11 more,” Sam said laughing.

Max’s eyes widened and he gaped at the prospect. Sam chuckled and he left to meet up with his friends.



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