Interdimensional Milking 1 – Arrival

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Each boy permanently wears an EV suit which contains a portal panel in the groin. Their genitals protrude through the portals to harvesting stations millions of light years away, where they are each milked many times a day.

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Interdimensional milking – Part 1

Three people stood together outside a large, modern complex of buildings. Although it was barely 8am, it was bright and warm, but none of the people were feeling very happy.

Max hugged his fathers, and then, overcome with emotion, they moved into a three-way hug and he kissed Jonathan on the cheek. He was way too old to be seen kissing his parents at school, but as he was probably not going to see them in person for the next couple of years, he didn’t give a damn who saw his display of affection.

Jonathan had tears in the corner of his eyes.

“Don’t be like that Jonathan, or you’ll start us all off,” his other father Dominic said, giving the man a friendly shove.

Jonathan looked sheepish and wiped at the tears. He’d always been the more emotional of Max’s parents. Max looked at them both sadly.

“I wish I could stay with you. I’m going to miss you so badly.”

“We’re going to miss you too darling,” Jonathan said, and Dominic nodded his agreement, and gave Max a manly hug.

“But your education is just too important. This is for the best. Once you’ve got your endorsements, you can get a job anywhere, and you can even come work with us if you like.”

Max knew his father was right, but this was the first time in his life that he would be away from them for any length of time and it pained him to say goodbye.


His new room-mate Sam, was standing a respectful distance away, waiting for them to complete their goodbyes.

Max forced himself to be strong.

“Goodbye then. Have a safe trip. Don’t forget to call as soon as you arrive.”

They hugged one more time, then he turned away from his parents, and walked with Sam through the security gates, towards the main building. Just before they entered, Max looked over his shoulder, and gave his still-waiting parents a final wave. They reciprocated, then watched him disappear inside.


“It feels weird thinking that I won’t see my dads again for at least two years,” Max confided, fighting to suppress the emotion in his voice.

“That’s harsh,” Sam commiserated, “but at least you can still talk to them any time on the Vone. It would be worse if they were living off-world.”

“That’s true. I just wish they weren’t working so far away. When we lived in Maine, they could commute anywhere on Earth in an hour, but now we’re on Herschel Majoris, it takes weeks to get to the other side of the planet.”

“That sucks. Why are your parents working so far away anyway?”

“They’re tectonic geologists. There’s some really amazing mountains over there apparently, but that part of the planet hasn’t really been developed yet, so they wanted to make sure I finished my education in a decent school instead of some frontier place.”

“That’s a good idea. I don’t blame them,” Sam said approvingly.


He lead Max along the school’s main corridor, and Max looked around with interest. The school was really nice, and it had a quiet atmosphere of studiousness to it, with scholarship awards, and holos of classical Greek figures. But the halls were bustling with other teenagers, ranging in age from 14 to 21 just like any other school. The kids were laughing and joking and socialising at the start of another school day.

Max noted with interest that every single one of the boys was wearing an identical jump suit. The suits looked as though they were made of a thick leather or rubberised material. He’d seen Sam wearing one, and assumed that it was a uniform for some sporting activity, but now that he saw all of the kids wearing them, it piqued his curiosity.

“Hey, what’s with the weird uniforms Sam?” he asked.

Sam looked at him curiously. “Haven’t you ever worn an Envirosuit before?”

Max shook his head, “No, what are they for?”

“Well, they’ve got temperature control, auto-hygiene, and radiation protection built in, and of course these include dimension seed-harvesters as well.”

“Seed harvesters. What the hell are they?”

Sam stopped in his tracks, with his hands on his hips, looking at Max with a mixture of incredulity and humour.

“You’re kidding. No-one told you that you’d be hooked up to a harvesting plant? Oh man, someone sure held out on you!”

Max was experiencing a sinking feeling.

“What’s a harvesting plant?”

Sam was surprised that Max was unfamiliar with the technology, but if the kid had come from Earth, they probably didn’t have a large enough population to contribute to the Human Expansion Program.

“A harvesting plant is a place on one of the frontier worlds, where they collect and store sperm. The sperm is taken from us.”

Max gaped, utterly bewildered.

“I don’t understand.”

“You know, jizz, spunk, cum. The Expansion Bureau collects it from all the students in the developed cities on Herschel Majoris and hundreds of other planets, and it goes to a breeding lab on one of the frontier worlds.”

“What do you mean ‘collect it’?” Max asked, a multitude of embarrassing possibilities running through his head.

“They use dimensional micro portals and machines that jerk you off and make you cum.”

Max’s mind was reeling.

“No-one is jerking me off!” he said, aggressively. “I didn’t come to this school just so some pervy machine could collect my jizz!”

Sam smiled at him.

“Yes they will. You don’t have any choice in the matter. And you’re just doing your bit for the future of the human race.”

“They can’t force me. I won’t let them. What can they do about it?”

“Of course they can force you. It’s the law in all cities with a tech level of 7 or higher. All the kids have to do their part. Believe me, you don’t want to find out what happens if you try to get out of it. And it’s really not that bad; you get used to it after a while.”

Max walked with Sam in thoughtful silence, looking around and taking in the ambience of the place he’d be calling home until he finished his education. The girls seemed to be dressed in a more usual school uniform.

“Why don’t the girls have to wear the uniforms?” Max asked.

“Because they don’t get harvested. They don’t make nearly enough eggs. The breeding labs use nucleated stem cells instead of eggs. That way, they can make as many eggs as they want.”

Max noticed that the suits of all of the boys they passed, had a single light on the front. It piqued his curiosity, but for now, he was more interested in how these artificial eggs were made.

“So where do the stem cells come from then?”

“Oh, I think they’re grown in a lab, cloned from millions of original donors.”

Max furrowed his brow. He had considered himself a fairly modern, well-informed teen. He watched Galaxy News daily, and spent hours each week jacked into the Overnet watching holos, but he suddenly felt like a backwoods hick.


Although Earth was the origin of mankind, and would always be shown a special reverence by humanity, the hub of human activity had shifted far closer to the Galactic centre, from where it was far easier to continue the expansion and colonisation program.


“Wow, I didn’t know this was going on. I am so out of touch.”

Max looked at walls covered with video ads for products he’d never heard of. Many were for products whose use he couldn’t even guess at. He really felt out of his depth.

They arrived at a door. Or more accurately, at the outline of a door on a solid wall.

“Here we are,” Sam said. “I’ll meet you back at our room to take you to lunch. You remember where it is don’t you?”

Max nodded, somewhat forlornly. Sam put a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey, you’re going to do just great here. It’s just going to take a couple of days for you to get used to things.”

Max smiled wanly.

“Thanks Sam. I’ll see you later.”

Sam nodded and disappeared into the throng of students on their way to their classes.

Max reached out and pressed the button by the nurse’s office door. Her face appeared on the video monitor above the button.

“You must be Max?”

“Yes ma’am,” he answered.

“Please come in,” she said smiling, and the nanodoor destabilised to allow him to enter.


In the nurse’s office, Max was given a very thorough medical exam. At the end of the examination, Nurse Janeway said, “Okay, one last thing; if you’d like to take your clothes off and stand on the pad so I can scan you, then we’ll be done.”

Max had already stripped most of his clothes off during the exam, and only his underpants remained.

“You want me to take my pants off?” he asked, reluctantly.

“Yes please.”

He looked at her sceptically, unwilling to be naked in front of her.

She said, “Most boys are uncomfortable being seen naked by a woman, but I’m a nurse, and a complete professional. You have nothing to feel embarrassed about. I’ve seen thousands of boys naked.”

“That’s what I’m worried about,” Max thought to himself, self conscious about his size. But he took his underpants off, placed them atop his other clothes folded on the table, and walked over to the pad where he’d been ordered to stand.

“Okay, please lift your arms up and stand still,” the woman instructed him. “You’ll see a red light beam and the pad will turn slowly. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m just scanning you to get your measurements.”

Max lifted his hands away from his groin, where they’d been shielding his privates, and held them out to the sides, feeling completely exposed.

“Straight arms, hands open, look directly ahead,” Janeway instructed. “Now, really deep breath and hold it.” Max did as he was told, and a tall, narrow light beam projected onto his body. The pad turned slowly, making a complete revolution in ten seconds. “And you can breathe out again.”

Max breathed out soundlessly, unconsciously trying to impress the nurse with his breathing control.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“The scanner? It’s a point cloud digitiser. It was measuring you for your Envirosuit. Each one is made to measure.”

“Oh,” Max said, “Sam told me about that on the way here. He said it does something else too.” He was nervous to put it into words in case Sam had been pulling his leg.

“Yes, the suits have harvester panels. Have you worn one before?” she asked.

“No. And I don’t want to. Do I have to?”

“Well of course you do Max. Everyone has to do their part for the expansion.”

“But why?” Max asked.

Nurse Janeway reached down and lightly held Max’s testicles. He straightened in shock.

“Turn and cough,” she said.

“Excuse me?!”

“Turn your head to the side and cough,” she repeated patiently, “I’m checking for a hernia. I need to make sure your testicles are healthy.”

Max turned his face to the side and coughed.

“Again please,” she said, lightly pulling on his testicles, and feeling the coolness of each one through his soft scrotum.

He coughed again.

“Thank you.”

She took out a small hand scanner and ran it over his pubic region and under his armpits.

“That’s it; the examination is over. You can get dressed.”

Max looked at her expectantly, waiting for her diagnosis on his testicles. Every boy wanted to make sure he was normal, especially down there.

She said, “You’re perfectly healthy in every way. In fact, you’re quite a big lad in some areas.”

She looked pointedly at his groin. It was a lie. He was actually a little on the small size for his age, but it was one that she told to all boys as a kindness for their self-esteem. He dressed, feeling a little happier.

“The reason why everybody has to do their part, is that it’s vital that the human race spreads throughout the galaxy as quickly as possible. The stars are moving away from each other so fast, that within 25,000 years, conventional near-light-speed travel will no longer be fast enough to reach even the nearest star systems. We need to colonise as far away as possible so that we can install space folding portals that will let us leapfrog out for as long as the human race is likely to exist. To do that, we need to place colonies on the furthest worlds. Transporting people is not feasible, but we can use dimension folding to supply gametes directly onto these distant worlds, then grow colonies directly on each one.”

“But why do WE have to give our sperm?” Max asked.

“Because somebody has to, and donors out here on high tech frontier worlds are the best candidates. There are over 100 billion people living on Herschel Majoris. 7 billion of them are boys between the ages of 14 and 21 – the most fertile time in a boy’s life. That’s why it’s a law that all boys become donors.”

Max was unhappy with the idea, but he couldn’t argue any more without sounding utterly selfish. He finished dressing.

Nurse Janeway said, “Okay, come back after lunch and your Envirosuit will be ready.”


Sam took Max to the lunch room and as they sat eating he said, “All measured up?”

Max nodded.

“I still don’t know how it’s actually going to work though.”

“They didn’t explain? No problem. Look around; see the panels at the front of all the boys’ Envirosuits?”

Max looked around. Every single suit had a panel about 4 inches square at the front of his crotch. The panel itself appeared to be made of soft satin, but was fixed into place with some sort of flexible metal stripping. None of the boys seemed to have much of a bulge. Max looked at Sam closely.

“All the guys seem a bit flat down there,” he whispered, not wanting to give offence.

Sam grinned.

“Well of course! That’s the point. All of the boys are COMPLETELY flat down there. Their junk is on another planet millions of light years away!”

“No way!” Max exclaimed incredulously. “How can that work?”

“Sorry man, I thought I’d already explained it to you. Look, you know the way that space folding lets you send stuff almost instantly between two points?”

Max nodded.

“Well, that same technology is used to run the harvesting plants.  That patch on the front of each guy’s crotch is actually a micro-portal node. On some faraway planet, there’s a tensor fold generator that folds space between there and here. Each of us is connected to it through these suits. It’s a portal between the two planets. Crazy as it sounds, all our dicks are literally on another world man!”

Max was dumbfounded. He was superficially aware of space folding; indeed, it was the technology that his family had used to travel instantly to Herschel Majoris from Earth, but he had no idea that it was so versatile, or could be made so portable. He pondered what Sam had said. Eventually he asked, “What does it feel like?”

“What, having your dick millions of light years away? Just the same as walking around nude, except without your dick and balls slapping against your leg all the time!”

Max laughed at the joke, even though his didn’t hang low enough to do that.

“The only weird thing is, even when I’m running around, or laying in bed, it still feels like my dick are balls are just hanging there, which they are. I’ll never get used to that.”

“And what does it feel like when they… harvest your sperm?”

“We all call it “milking.” Well, it’s like a cross between a really good wank, and a great blowjob.”

Max had never received a blowjob.

“It’s like, you can feel this warm hand jacking you off really fast, and there’s also a warm, wet tongue licking your helmet at the same time. It feels awesome if you’re in the mood, but if you’re not, then you just kind of, put up with it.”

Max imagined what it would be like to feel someone licking his glans. It sounded quite enjoyable, and his dick hardened slightly at the thought.

“So, there’s someone on the other end jacking you off?” he asked.

“No, it’s automated, but there are overseers. It’s just set up so that the machines feel really great.”

“How often do they milk you?”

“When you start off, it’s four times a day, but the machines gradually increase that until they reach the maximum number of times that you can squirt in a day.”

“So how often do they do it to you?” Max asked, “If it’s not too personal.”

“Personal? Max, every boy here is being publicly jacked off all day long. We all know it. The girls all know it. The teachers all know it. There’s no hiding it, especially when you cum. Personal doesn’t really matter anymore.”

“What do mean, ‘No hiding it’?”

“Well, have you ever had a really good wank, where you cum hard? How does that make you feel?”

Max was self-conscious even talking about his masturbation habits but he answered truthfully.

“Sleepy I guess. Sometimes it makes my balls ache,” he said, in a quieter voice.

“Yeah. Ever had a knee trembler, where you cum so hard that you kind of stagger?”

Max thought about the most epic wank he’d ever had. His parents were out, and it was in the shower. It had lasted over an hour. He kept stopping right on the edge of ejaculating, until eventually he came so hard he saw spots before his eyes, and almost collapsed to the floor, his legs as weak as jelly.

“Erm, maybe once,” he said, without disclosing the details.

“Well, you get at least one like that every single week here. That’s pretty hard to hide. Even the ordinary ones are pretty intense and distracting. It’s hard to just carry on like nothing’s happening when that’s going on. Look over there,” he pointed to the edge of the room, where three boys were sitting. One had his eyes closed, and a gentle smile on his face. The other two were simply staring off into space. “See the green lights on their chests?”

Max could see the half inch LEDs just above nipple height on the left side of each boy’s chest. He nodded.

“The green light means they’re being milked. That’s why they’re sitting there. Some boys carry on whatever they’re doing when that’s happening, but usually most of us find it hard to do anything else. And sometimes, when you can tell it’s going to be a really good one, you just have find somewhere out of the way to sit, and wait until it’s over like they’re doing.

Max looked around the dining hall. He could see eight more green lights, and although the boys were sitting at tables with other people, they were not engaged in any kind of conversation.

He looked at Sam’s light. It was blue.

“What does a blue light mean?”

“Ahh, that means busy but not milking.”

“What does THAT mean?”

“Well, for four hours every day, the milking machines do this thing where they just massage your balls and dick to make them bigger. By the time you’re 21, your balls will be at least the size of big hen’s eggs, and you’ll have a thick 9-inch dick.”

“Is that like a reward?”

Sam laughed.

“No, no, although it would be a good one if it was! No, it’s just that bigger balls make more cum, and thicker dicks can be milked more often.”

Max pondered for a minute.

“So, what does THAT feel like?”

“The massage? Well, imagine someone pulling on your balls firmly, and rolling them around between their fingers, just enough to make them ache the tiniest bit, but not enough to really hurt. And also imagine someone yanking on your helmet. That’s what it feels like.”

“That sounds pretty distracting too,” Max offered.

“Yeah, you’d think so, but actually you get used to it pretty quickly, and just kind of tune it out. You can decide when you want it to happen. You can even make it happen when you’re asleep, but almost everyone finds it wakes them up. I just let them do it in the morning, and at meal times. That way it doesn’t distract me whilst I’m doing anything important.”

Max looked around and out of the 300 or so boys in the dining room, at least 100 of their lights were blue.



Sam stood up.

“Come on, might as well get back to our room. We’ve still got 45 minutes till afternoon classes.”

Max stood and followed his new friend back to their room.

When they arrived at their room, Sam said, “I guess you’ll be getting your Envirosuit this afternoon?”

“Yeah, I have to get it right after lunch.”

“In that case, I guess you’ll be wanting to have a final wank before it’s too late.”

“What?” Max said, somewhat nonplussed at Sam’s bluntness.

“Well, you won’t be able to use your own hand now for quite a while, so now’s your last chance.”

Max’s eyes widened. He hadn’t really contemplated that aspect.  He looked at the floor, dismayed, then back up at Sam.

“I didn’t think of that,” he said.

“I can leave you alone for half an hour if you like?”

Max was not the kind of guy who talked openly about masturbation, but he realised that it was now or never. Bashfully, and unable to meet Sam’s eyes he said, “Erm, yeah. Yes please.”

“Okay, no problem. One final thing before I go, did they nuke your pubes yet?”

“What do you mean?” Max asked.

“They didn’t tell you? They often do that. You know the little blue scanner the nurse went over your groin and pits with with at the end?”

Max nodded.

“It wasn’t a scanner. It’s a hair remover. It turns your pubes to dust and kills them so you can’t grow new ones for at least ten years.”

Max looked shocked. He opened the front of his trousers and looked inside, then immediately pulled his trousers and underpants down, turning away from Sam. A scattering of dust that was all that remained of his pubes. It puffed from his pants to the floor in an almost invisible cloud. His penis looked as smooth and pale as a 12-year-old’s.

“Damn it, what did she do that for?!” he said angrily.

“Oh, it’s something about hygiene. If your junk is hanging in a warehouse with millions of others, they’ve don’t want to have to keep washing your sweaty dick, or shaving your pubes all the time!”

“Well, that’s just great. So now I have to look like a little kid?!”

Sam chuckled.

“It’s not like anyone’s going to be looking at you. Anyway, if you’re going to have a last wank, then you’d better get started.”

With that he left, and Max took care of business. Twice.



An hour later, after a quick shower, Max entered the nurse’s office where Miss Janeway was waiting for him with his new Envirosuit. It was lying spread out on the medical bed.

“Would you come over here please Max,” she said.

He walked to where she was standing. Beside her was a complicated piece of equipment hanging down from the ceiling on a multi-articulated arm.

“I’m just going to do some last checks on your brain,” she said, “hold very still,” then she clamped the equipment around Max’s skull. She pressed a button and a CAT scanner rapidly scanned his brain and the inside of his skull.

“Okay, now you’re going to feel a bit of a prick at the top of your head. It might sting for a few seconds. Try to stay still. Ready?”

“I suppose,” Max said, somewhat resentfully.

Janeway activated the insertion protocol and a computer-controlled arm moved to the top of Max’s skull. Using the CAT scan data, it carefully lined up an optimal trajectory through his skull, then a self-sterilising laser cutter burned a millimetre-wide hole through his skull to the sensory area in the middle of his neo-cortex. A micro-manipulator, almost too small to be seen, moved out of the laser head, carrying an even smaller piece of circuitry, and deposited the tiny component inside Max’s brain. Once it was there, the laser fired a low-intensity burst of light at the implant to activate it, and tiny filaments, like little octopus arms, snaked out of the component and formed neural connections with parts of Max’s brain.

When the sequence was completed, Nurse Janeway typed a few commands on her computer to establish the connection and verify that the implant was working. She watched the front of Max’s trousers rise as he developed an extremely hard erection. He felt it develop, but didn’t make the connection that what she was doing was the cause, instead assuming that it was an after-effect of his recent solo session. He was side-on to her, and didn’t dare to move to cover it, in case it drew attention to his “problem”. Instead, he tried to will it away, looking around the office hoping to distract himself. Janeway grinned to herself. It was always amusing to see the different ways that teenagers tried to cope with an unexpected erection. She typed another command and his penis instantly wilted, like a puppet with its strings cut.

Finally, the Nurse unclamped Max’s head, and dabbed a single drop of Steriseal over the tiny, already-cauterised hole in the boy’s head.

“What was that all about?” Max asked.

“Oh, just inserting a neural-implant into your brain,” she said casually, as though it was an everyday occurrence.

“A neural what?!” Max said, “What does it do?”

“Two things: first it acts as a tracking device, so we always know where you are. Wouldn’t ever want you to get lost. Now don’t worry, we’re not monitoring you 22/7 – it’s just a precaution in case we need to find you.”


Planet Herschel’s slow rotation meant that a day lasted 54 Earth hours, but because the human body-clock naturally settled at 22 hours, “days” were not marked by daylight and darkness (those days were called lights and darks), but by 22-hour cycles. This resulted in a rhythm of waking cycles that syncopated in relation to the darks and lights. One week you might be getting up in the middle of the light cycle, and the next, it could be pitch black. As a nod to tradition, just like most other colonised planets, the Herschelians retained Earth’s 7-day week, which provided a good balance between work and rest days.


“The other function is the one that you’ll like the most. It controls your sexual response. In short it can make you feel horny.”

Janeway deliberately used the non-medical term so that the message seemed a little less clinical. Max looked at her in surprise.

“Yes Max, that was me that just gave you a boner,” she said. “Or rather, the computer program.”

She gave a little titter at her joke, and unconsciously made a coy movement with her head. She was hot and she knew it. And she knew that the boys knew it too

But right now, Max was not impressed. He was annoyed.

“You just did that to me?” he asked, barely concealing his irritation.

“Yes. We have to test the program before giving you your Envirosuit.”

“You could have warned me,” he said grumpily. “And you could have told me that you were going to burn off my pubes earlier. I look like a little kid!”

“I’m sorry Max. It’s very difficult to know how to handle that situation. A lot of guys get very hostile about losing the ol’ shrubbery, and they get embarrassed about me forcing erections on them.”

She reverted to the clinical term in an effort to appeal to his maturity. It worked.

He huffed and said, “Well could you please not give me any more surprises. I’m nearly adult. I think I should be treated like one.”

Janeway smiled.

“I’m sorry Max. Then I should just tell you about the final function of the implant. It can be used to send you to sleep, or to incapacitate you. If you try to avoid wearing your suit, or you become violent, we can very easily trigger an event to get you under control.”

This was not news that Max was happy to receive, but he was a pretty law-abiding teenager. He didn’t do drugs or use Virtutrash like some kids he’d heard of. He found it hard to even imagine why kids would want the experience of raping or killing someone; but there were plenty of kids who spent their weekends jacked into illegally hacked simulators where they could experience precisely that.

“That doesn’t seem right. You can’t treat people like androids, and just switch them off because they don’t do what you tell them!”

“Actually, it’s by far the most effective way of ensuring compliance,” Nurse Janeway said. “Completely safe, and if needs be, it can be used to incapacitate an unruly student without any actual injury. But you’re worrying too much Max. We very rarely use it, and unless you become dangerous, we’ll be very unlikely to ever use it on you.”

“Anyway, let’s move on. I just need to confirm that the portal in your suit is working properly.”


The Envirosuit had a zipper that ran from the neck to the navel. She unzipped the suit and turned the groin area inside out. Inside, Max could see a patch of silvery, metallic material down between the legs. Janeway opened a desk drawer and took out a rubber homunculus doll: a small naked man with giant lips and hands and genitals that reached past its knees. It was deliberately used to add humour to the proceedings and to reassure the new wearers that the suit was safe. Max smiled in spite of himself when he saw it.

She pressed a key on the computer,

“What are you doing?” Max asked.

“Just establishing a connection and running the test program,” Janeway replied. “Need to make sure everything is working properly.”

She pressed another key, and the metallic material rippled like liquid mercury.

“Portal open,” she said.

She picked up the homunculus by the leg, and pushed it against the rippling patch, and it passed through without resistance. She pulled it back and it was undamaged. Then she pushed it through all the way, deliberately putting her hand through the portal as well so that Max could see that it was safe for living tissue.


“Put your hand through, see how it feels Max,” she suggested.

He was hesitant, but her test gave him confidence. He put his hand in. He felt nothing as he crossed the threshold portal. He wiggled his fingers on the other side. There was no more resistance than in the atmosphere on Herschel.

“It feels cool,” he observed.

“Quite right. Well noticed. Yes, your testicles work at their best at a cooler temperature.”

“So, what would happen if the power went out and portal closed whilst I was um, in there?” he said, still uncomfortable with describing his body to a woman. “Would it cut my, um, my penis off?”

He used the medical term to try to make it less embarrassing.

“Let’s find out shall we?” the Nurse said.

She reached for the computer terminal, but Max shouted,

“No!” and withdrew his hand in a panic.

“There’s nothing to worry about,” she said laughing reassuringly. “There’s a million safety protocols. The portals are powered by massive generators, and there are three backups for each harvesting plant, all at different locations, so even if one or two or even three of them failed, there would still be a backup. The chances of that are virtually zero. But if even one of them fails, the entire portal array sends a “close” signal, and your bits will be gently pushed back out into this world. It won’t chop it off, or stretch it, or vaporise you.”

“But what if all four DO fail,” Max asked.

Janeway smiled. They almost always asked that. Even though the chances were trillions to one against, boys just couldn’t help but imagine visions of their genitals being severed by a closing portal, leaving them forever separated on two different worlds.

“I completely understand your concerns Max,” she said, “every boy feels the same.”

“The fact is, although the portal is powered on the other end, it’s controlled on this end, in your suit. Your suit has a quantum generator, and whilst it’s not practical for it to power the portal continuously, if the portal ever completely loses power, the suit generator instantly takes over and gently closes the portal. Trust me Max, put your hand back in and I’ll demonstrate.”

With a look of great scepticism, he put his hand back into the portal.

“Closing portal,” Nurse Janeway said. Max winced and took a deep breath. It felt as though his hand was suddenly wrapped in warm cellophane. The “cellophane” tightened, and his hand was pushed back through the portal, which subsequently took on its non-liquid appearance. Max released his breath, pleasantly surprised, and it showed on his face. “See, nothing to worry about,” Janeway cooed.

“Now it’s time to put your suit on Max. Take all of your clothes off please.”

He reluctantly did as he was told. Without pubic or underarm hair, he really did look three or four years younger. He looked down at his genitals. They looked kind of pathetic without hair. Janeway noticed without surprise, that his glans and foreskin were a little redder than this morning – a sure sign that he had masturbated heavily in the intervening time. This was common. School medical staff even had a name for the phenomenon. They called it the “Goodbye wank.”



“Okay, one last surprise for you Max,” Nurse Janeway said. “Because you’re going to wear your suit for 6 days at a time, we need a special disposal system for your solid waste. This system combines a micro-portal and a stimulator.” She held up a six-inch rectal plug. It was about an inch and a half in diameter. It had a narrow, rounded tip, and at the base it narrowed to the width of a finger before flaring out to a wide, flat, rubber end. He looked at it with bewilderment. “It goes inside you,” she explained.

“How?” Max asked.

Janeway made an “inserting” mime with the plug. He stared blankly, and then a look of horror spread across his face, as he realised what she was indicating.

“You’re not putting that thing up my butt!” he protested. “It’s massive.”

“Actually, it’s no bigger than a poo,” she said, using baby language again to soften her message.

“I’ve never done one that long or that fat before,” he asserted.

“You’ll be surprised how easily it goes in, and once it’s there, you’ll barely notice it.”

“I don’t want that up my butt,” Max said, crossing his arms defiantly.

Adopting an assertive tone, she said, “Well I’m afraid it’s going in there whether you want it or not, so bend over the bed and stop being such a baby!”

He looked at her, weighing his options. He was not a particularly rebellious teen, but now that he had their implant in his head, he felt powerless to resist. With a scowl, he leaned over the bed, resting on it with his hands.

Janeway smeared lubricant from a tube of Slick onto the tip of the plug.

She leaned forwards and spread his smooth bottom cheeks, then placed the plug against his hole. He clenched instinctively.

“If you tense, it’ll only be more uncomfortable,” she warned.

But it was the one piece of defiance he dared. He tensed even more, trying to turn his sphincter into an impenetrable barrier. Janeway pushed firmly and he resisted. She wobbled her hand so that the tip rotated – it was a trick they’d taught her at medical school. Max was unable to sustain his resistance against the moving tip and it slipped into him. As soon as Janeway saw the plug slip in the first half inch, she pushed it in smoothly all the way, until its progress was halted by its flared base.



Using a special tool, she turned a dial on the bottom of the plug, and an inch up from the base, the plug bulged, forming a wide seal, and making it impossible to remove without ripping his hole to pieces. The screw head had a concentric locking mechanism that was very difficult for the kids to replicate, so it minimised the chance that they could remove the plug without her assistance.

The nose of the plug opened to reveal a one-inch portal. His faeces would pass directly into the plug to be disposed of by a separate plant.

“All done,” she told him. “You can stand up now.”

“It feels like I want to take giant shit,” he said, deliberately using coarse language as a petulant way of conveying his unhappiness.

“Yes, that goes away once the unit starts processing your faeces, but you may experience a slight feeling of fullness from now on,” she informed him.

Max was seething mad at the violation, and she couldn’t say she blamed him.

“Max, I’m sympathetic to your feelings, I really am. But the entire future of the human race is at stake. We need to colonise as many worlds as possible before the great expansion makes it impossible to travel interstellar any more. Surely you can understand that your discomfort, or even your embarrassment is a small price to pay for such an important mission?”

Max was a very community-spirited teenager; a member of the Junior Troop, when he was a kid, and now a Ranger. He could clearly understand the need for rapid galactic colonisation and the harvesting program, but he still felt coerced and violated. He glowered at the nurse without a word.

Ignoring his silence, she put a hand on his smooth bare shoulder.

“Right, no more unpleasant surprises Max, I promise. Let’s get you into your suit.”

She picked up the suit and handed it to him. He took it sullenly. It was extremely light. He put it on without a word. Although it looked like leather, the inside was very soft and spongy, and it almost felt like he wasn’t wearing anything at all. He pulled both legs up, and he could feel the shiny smoothness of the portal panel against his privates. He pulled his arms into the sleeves and carefully pulled the front zipper up, to the middle of his chest.

“That works best if it’s done all the way up.” Janeway said. “It’s an Envirosuit, the thermal and hygiene system is most effective when it’s on properly.”

He glowered at her, but didn’t move to raise the zipper. She patiently ignored his justified defiance.

“And anyway, it’s part of school dress-code.”

He pulled the zip up the last four inches, huffing and making a show of his irritation.

“Okay, let’s get your portal opened.”

His heart rate increased in nervousness at the impending opening. Nurse Janeway could see that he was apprehensive, as most of the boys who were smart enough to actually comprehend the technology usually were. She cupped his cheek tenderly and turned his face so that he was looking at her.

Speaking kindly in a soft voice, she said, “Don’t worry Max, you’ll be just fine. I promise.”

In spite of his resentment, he responded to her maternal tenderness, and forced a brave, tense, half smile.

“Here goes,” she said, and activated the portal.

The bulge at the front of his suit suddenly flattened, and he felt his genitals bounce free on the other side. He heavily let out the breath he’d been unconsciously holding.

There were thousands of worlds with harvesting plants, but all of the boys in this school were connected to the same one. In a dimly lit plant, hundreds of millions of miles away, in row 87, column 483, walkway 194, a modest set of pink, newly-shorn genitals flopped through portal 184,675,809.


“See, nothing to worry about,” Janeway said.

Max was looking down at his flat crotch. It was disconcerting to know that his genitals were no longer in the same room as him. It was even more unsettling to think of them, just dangling, on plain view, with who-knew-how-many people looking at them. He pressed the panel where his genitals had formerly been and instead felt his hand pressure inside his lower abdomen.

“So, my, um, junk is in a harvesting plant on another planet now?” he asked.

“Um hmm,” the nurse responded.

“Can anyone there see my stuff?”

“If anybody was looking they could, but the centre is fully automated. There are literally millions of genitals there, and I don’t want to put you down kiddo, but yours are not remarkable enough to attract any kind of special attention!”

She didn’t feel it necessary to let him know that every single portal also had a camera that she could monitor from her computer.

“Have you ever seen a harvesting plant? What does it look like?”

“I saw one on a training video. It just looks like a long wall with thousands of portals spaced about 6 inches apart across and up, and a young man’s genitals hanging out of each one. And there are thousands of walls one after the other in a giant hanger. There were no people in the video.”

“It sounds bizarre,” Max said, forming a mental picture of the place where his genitals now hung. “And how do they actually, you know, collect the, erm, semen?” he continued, embarrassed by the sexual talk.

“Well actually, you’re going to discover that bit for yourself in just a second. A small tube is inserted into your penis, and whenever you ejaculate, your semen is collected and delivered to a breeding area.”

She activated the intubation sequence.

“You’ll feel the system inserting the pipe now.”


On planet 1RXS1609 b, small robotic arms moved into action. Soft grippers held his penis by the base. He flinched in surprise. Another set of arms gripped very gently just behind his uncircumcised glans. The second grippers moved towards the first, retracting his foreskin and revealing his glans. A narrow pipe with a lubricated, rounded tip slid painlessly an inch into his urethra.

Max squirmed and looked at Nurse Janeway with a nauseous expression, his eyes widening as he was prepared. A small rubber bulb inflated inside Max’s urethra, near the end of the tube, holding it in place and preventing any fluids from escaping around the edges. An indicator flashed onto her computer screen to confirm that the process had been successfully completed.

“Okay, that’s finished. Any time you feel the need to use the bathroom, front or back, just go. The plug in the back will automatically dispose of solid waste as it’s produced, but if you feel the need to clear out a bit more urgently, just push like you would when you normally use the lavatory. The pipe in your penis will automatically route urine to disposal. It’ll probably take a while before you get used to the idea of just going, without having to visit the lavatory, but I think most guys find it rather convenient after a while.”

Max raised his eyebrows dubiously.

“Sounds disgusting.”

She continued, “Now all we need to do is a test collection just to ensure that everything is properly calibrated. If you just relax and enjoy this next bit, you’ll find it very pleasant. Why don’t sit in this chair?”

Max was far from happy about the idea of being jacked off whilst he sat in the Nurse’s office, but he knew he had no choice. He sat in the high stool she’d indicated and watched her with apprehensive, puppy dog eyes.

She went over to the computer and sat at the desk. The screen was between her and Max facing away from him.

“You’re going to feel something in your bottom as well as on your penis,” Janeway informed him, then she activated the milking sequence on high intensity.

The small implant in his brain started transmitting signals directly to Max’s sensory centres. He felt himself becoming extremely horny. He could feel his dick getting hard. Janeway watched it happen on the monitor. In the harvesting plant, the teen’s cock rapidly filled with blood and curved up towards the ceiling.

She wouldn’t have taken him for a bender. His cock looked so inoffensive in its flaccid state, but now, hard as nails, it has a distinct upwards curve. Although it was unprofessional, Janeway liked to guess at how the kids would look with an erection; whether they were growers or swellers, straight or benders, smooth or veined, whether the glans would inflate like a balloon or stay the same size.

What made the game so entertaining was that there was little way of telling by looking at the flaccid penis, exactly how it would behave when the boy was aroused.

Max could feel his anus being rubbed, and what felt to him like a tongue licking the rim, poking back and forth just inside. At the same time, he could feel warm lips enfolding his engorged glans, and a tongue flickering all across its surface. He sat up straight, and looked at Janeway wide-eyed and alarmed. These were new experiences for him.

“Just sit back and relax. Enjoy it,” she cooed.

Max could feel a fist encircling his dick and start pumping, but the mouth continued working on his glans. He couldn’t comprehend how both things could happen at the same time.

He could feel something bulbous, gently touching him deep inside, and in addition to the tongue at his hole, something small and softly knobbly was twisting between the outer and inner sphincter diaphragms.

It was surreal to Max, sitting in this still, quiet office, with Nurse Janeway patiently waiting opposite, whilst his body felt like it was being worked on by a team of expert whores. With an arsenal of sex toys.

He looked at Nurse Janeway with a perplexed, pained expression, but it wasn’t pain he was experiencing; it was ecstasy. He was unaccustomed to this level of genital pleasure. His solo sessions were artless and utilitarian, designed simply to drive him to ejaculation. Occasionally, he might hold out longer, simply to prolong the pleasure and increase the intensity of his eventual orgasm, but it had never occurred to him that his body was capable of producing such erotic sensations. Nothing should be touching his hole like it was being touched. It contradicted every masculine instinct in his body. He wanted to say something to Nurse Janeway; to command or beg her to stop it, but the feelings were too intense, and all he could do was open and close his mouth wordlessly. Truth be told, he didn’t want it to stop. He wanted to ride the wave all the way to the end, even though he was afraid where it would take him.

He started to flap his knees open and closed in a primal and automatic attempt to massage his prostate and the base of his own penis. He raised his hands a few inches in front of him, almost as though trying to ward off ghosts, then twisted his fingers and clutched his hands to his chest like an arthritic having a seizure. He had begun panting almost immediately, but now it turned into breathy little moans.

The “hand” pumping his cock increased to fever pace, and his hole felt so good that he almost wanted to shout at the pleasure. His balls were tingling, and although it made no sense, he was sure that someone was gently sucking them. In fact, he could feel the slick saliva on his smooth bag.

In the harvesting plant, 184,675,809’s penis stood up, hard as rock, just like thousands of others around it. It twitched in time with its owner’s heartbeat and excitement, but there was no army of trained fellators or masturbators expertly working it over. It was completely untouched.

Max was going crazy with excitement. He had no control of his body. He writhed and twisted, struggling not to fall off the stool, as the machine expertly stimulated him without taking him over the edge. His enraptured senses were elated, he found it impossible to maintain eye-contact with Nurse Janeway. His eyes wandered around the room and rolled back in his head as he threw his head back, grinding his teeth in the heights of passion.

Eventually, after five minutes of stupefying euphoria, the program allowed him to ejaculate. The tube leading from his urethra filled with thick, pearly semen. Each pump pushed the semen further along the tube, as more joined it. One inch, two, three, four, and so on, until seven inches of semen filled the narrow tube. When the air pressure sensors attached to the pipe, detected that there was no more, the station pumped Max’s donation away to the breeding lab.


He grunted and moaned as though he was making the cheesiest porno, but his reactions were unscripted and completely beyond his control. He bit both lips as he tried futilely to stifle the sounds of unadulterated pleasure. His adolescent whimpering continued through his nose. It was hoarse and emotional as his senses were overloaded by the sheer magnitude of his orgasm. He clung to the edges of the chair as his muscles contracted.


After the hugest ejaculation of his life finally came to an end, he could still feel himself being gently stimulated, with decreasing intensity, as he slowly regained his senses and came down from the greatest sexual experience he had ever known. Janeway sat watching quietly. A teenager’s first milking was an incredible experience, but some of them found it too overwhelming, and she had to be on standby in case of unforeseen reactions or side-effects. Max’s reaction was fairly standard, but Janeway never tired of seeing a boy discovering just how much more there was to sex, than mere masturbation.

As Max’s breathing returned to normal, he pulled himself up so that he was sitting upright on the stool. He’d slid so low during his rapturous orgasm that he was only just on the edge, holding the sides to stop himself falling off entirely. He looked at the nurse. His hair was matted and stuck to his head with sweat, and his cheeks were flushed from the arousal. Even his nostrils were slightly flared. He looked sheepish and embarrassed.


Janeway spoke in a calm voice.

“Most boys feel a bit self-conscious after the first one. They’re not used to those feelings, and many of them feel confused or even guilty about enjoying the feelings in their bottom. If that’s how you feel, you shouldn’t. Your reaction was perfectly normal. The program is designed to make you as excited as possible. Your body is simply feeling how it’s supposed to feel. You’re very lucky. Before this program, most men lived their whole lives never once feeling as good as you just did.”

“B… b… but… HOW?” he asked, still bewildered by exactly what had happened to him.

“The implant,” Janeway said. “That thing I put into your skull earlier. It makes your brain think your body is feeling all those things. In the early days, they really used to have machines that actually masturbated you, and there were wires on your testicles, but there’s a limit to the number of times you can masturbate someone before they get too sore.”

“Anyway, that was high intensity. You get one of those a week. That’s just for your enjoyment. It’s up to you when you have it, so long as it’s outside class-time. And you can decide how long you want it; five, ten, or fifteen minutes.”

“Fifteen minutes,” Max said without hesitation.

“Are you sure?” Janeway asked. “You just did five. Some boys find fifteen a bit too intense.”

“Fifteen.” Max said emphatically.

“Okay, fifteen it is,” Janeway said, typing his choice into the computer.

She smiled to herself. It amused her how one monumental public orgasm had destroyed this boy’s sexual inhibitions.

“Any idea what time you want it? Most boys prefer late in the evening, but some choose the morning.”

“Friday evening. 7 O’clock.” he answered, thinking to himself that it still left him the rest of the night to use as he saw fit.

“Fridays at 7 it is. Now if you don’t like that time slot or duration, you can change it once every three months okay?”

He nodded, but he didn’t see any reason why he would want to change.

“Now, you’ll experience four regular orgasms a day at first. They’ll be a lot less intense than the one you just had. Some boys can ignore them, but most have to stop whatever they’re doing. They’ll occur at random times throughout the day – any time between 7am and 10pm. Most boys just like to sit quietly without drawing attention to themselves until they’re over, but some find every single time quite intense, and they usually have to time out completely so that they don’t get distracted and fall down stairs or get into trouble like that. Your light will change to green, so teachers and other staff don’t interrupt you when you’re… making a contribution.”

“It seems kind of weird, telling everyone that I’ve got an, um, erection. I always tried to hide them.”

“Ha, ha, yes! I know a lot of guys find them embarrassing, but it’s not as though anyone will actually be able to see them. It’s just a sign that people should give you a bit of space. Just FYI, it’s considered rude to start talking to someone whose light is green. Imagine if you walked in on your best friend whilst he was masturbating; you’d show him respect and probably walk away until he’s finished. It’s the same here.”

Max considered what Nurse Janeway had said. The etiquette made perfect sense, but the idea of letting everyone know that you were being jacked off was going to take a looot of getting used to.

“Now, there’s one more thing I should tell you about Max. Because it’s so vital that each young man produces the maximum amount of sperm, the system will massage your penis and testicles for four hours every day.”

“Yes, Sam told me about that,” Max affirmed.

“Good, so it won’t come as too much of a shock to you. Eventually, you’ll get to decide what times throughout the day you want it to happen. Some boys find it a little… unsettling at first, so to cause you the least disruption, it will happen to you for an hour in the morning before classes, during lunch break, and for two hours right after your last class.”

“What if I’m already… busy when it starts?” Max asked, still coy about discussing his future milking.

“Then it won’t start until well after you’ve finished.”

“And what did you mean when you said some boys find it ‘unsettling’?”

“Well, I have to be honest with you, because this is an actual physical massage, not a simulated one, most boys find it can be a bit uncomfortable, even a bit painful for the first few months.”

“Painful how?” Max asked, getting nervous again.

“Nothing unbearable. Apparently, it feels like a dull ache in your testicles. Any discomfort goes away just minutes after the massage is over.”

“But they last for four hours every day!”

“Yes, but you’ll get used to it soon enough, I promise.”

“It doesn’t sound like a good idea to me,” Max protested. “Why do you even need to do it in the first place?”

“Because the bigger your testicles, the more semen they can produce. The massaging makes your testicles grow larger.”

Nurse Janeway laughed kindly.

“Every boy is unhappy with this part at first, but when you leave this school, and you’re a real stallion down there, you’ll be very happy you were part of the program. Imagine if you had a boyfriend, and you both undress, and then he’s twice as big as you?! Or you get a girlfriend who’s only ever known men that were part of the program. How do you think she would feel if you only had five or six inches down there?”

It was a sneaky gambit, but one that Janeway knew was almost guaranteed to work.

“I suppose I’d feel pretty embarrassed,” Max conceded grudgingly.

“Of course you would. Now has your erection gone down yet?”

“Yes,” Max affirmed. “Why?”

Nurse Janeway typed a few commands.

“I think the quickest way to put your mind at rest, is simply to run the massage program now.”

“No, you don’t have to!” Max said, in a panic. “You could do it later, when I’ve got used to the other stuff.”

“Too late,” Janeway said. “It’s already started.”


At portal 184,675,809, a scanner quickly identified the precise dimensions and orientation of Max’s flaccid penis and scrotum. A gripper with four soft rubber fingers on the end of a flexible, omni-directional hose arm snaked out of a panel and firmly gripped Max’s penis just behind the glans, and lifted it until it was vertical. Two more four fingered hands pressed into his scrotum with open fingers, using ultrasound locators, and gripped a testicle each. Using pressure sensors in the finger tips, the two testicle massagers pulled his testicles low, then started to roll Max’s balls back and forwards between the two pairs of opposing fingers, pressing firmly. Max frowned. It was exactly as Nurse Janeway had described; uncomfortable, but not unbearable. He felt a dull ache in both of his nuts that he seemed to feel spreading up the spermatic cords. The gripper holding his glans pulled the penis upwards as far as it would stretch, then eased off, repeating the pulling and releasing cycle every five seconds.

Max frowned at Nurse Janeway.

“See, it’s not so bad is it?” she asked.

“It’s really annoying,” Max responded churlishly.

“Yes, but as I said, you’ll quickly get used to it. Most boys don’t even notice after a while. Anyway, we’re all done. That massage cycle will continue for the next hour. Because it’s your first day, they won’t collect any more sperm from you today, but tomorrow, you can expect it four times. You’ve been given the rest of the day off, so feel free to explore the school, check out the clubs, and just generally familiarise yourself with everything. I guarantee that once you settle in, you’re going to love it here!”

“Yes ma’am”, Max said, rising, and heading for the door.

“Oh, and Max,” Janeway said, just before he passed through the nanodoor.

“Yes ma’am?” he said turning to look at her quizzically.

“Welcome to Friedrich Krupp High!”





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