Interdimensional milking 6 – Swimming

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Each boy permanently wears an EV suit which contains a portal panel in the groin. Their genitals protrude through the portals to harvesting stations millions of light years away, where they are each milked many times a day.

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Interdimensional milking 6 – Swimming

“Hey guys, wait up!”

Max and Bryan turned to see Troye running to join them. The boy was NOT a natural athlete. There was none of the easy grace of a cheetah, and none of the raw power of a thoroughbred racehorse. Instead, Troye looked like a former quadriplegic on his first day out of traction. He was angular, awkward, gangly, and thin as a rake. He was also the funniest person Max had ever met.

Max smiled.

“Hey Troye.”

“Greets Maxter!” the skinny boy replied with a toothy grin and a single-handed jazz-hands wave.

Max grinned. He wasn’t sure if Troye had his own uninhinbited way of expressing himself, even by Herschelian standards, or if it was merely that the kid used a lot of expressions that Max had simply not encountered elsewhere yet, but the dark-haired boy was certainly a very unique person. He was not camp, so much as flamboyant and extremely self-assured.

To anyone familiar with Earth’s 19 century, you might have said that Troye reminded you of a street urchin. Even though he was only wearing a single piece of skin-tight clothing, he somehow managed to make it appear dishevelled.

“Just got out of bed?” Max enquired.

“Nah, why?”

“Bed head,” Max responded, nodding at Troye’s wild hair, which was sticking up spikyly all over the place.

“Lolol!” Troye said. And patted his unruly hair down, smoothing it ineffectively with his finger tips.

He turned his attention to Bryan.

“Bry-annnnn. Sib.”

He leaped in the air towards Bryan, with his arm up in a high five. Bryan raised his own hand to meet it, but at the last second, they both pulled their hands back and simultaneously chimed, “Whoa, too slow mojo.”

They hugged warmly, and as they moved apart, Troye reached down between Bryan’s legs and made a jiggling motion with his fingers, as though he was playing with Bryan’s balls. Of course, thanks to the portal suit he was wearing, Bryan’s actual balls were dangling in a vast milking station light years away, along with his penis.

“So, how’s it going Bry – still pumping strong?” Troye asked.

“Not as strong as you.” Bryan answered.

He turned to Max.

“I swear, I never knew anyone who clocked more green time than Troye. How many you up to now, 15, 16?”

“Actually, it’s 27,” Troye said proudly. “I’ve got to max it out if I wanna impress the ladies!”

“How is walking around with a permanent cum face going to impress the ladies Troye?” Bryan asked.

“It’s not,” Troye answered with a lopsided grin, “but when we finally get out of these suits and I’ve got 14 inches to give them, and I can go all night, then we’ll see who’s laughing, pee pee!”

Bryan chuckled at the jibe. The term “pee pee” was a baby-talk expression used to deride the size of another boy’s penis.

Max listened to the light-hearted exchange amused. Troye had a reputation amongst the other students for the highest number of voluntary milkings. Apparently ever since he’d first arrived at the school, he’d been deliberately forcing himself to think about sex as often as possible so that the harvesting station would increase the frequency of his collection. Whenever a boy started to become aroused, the harvesting program activated a milking cycle. Over the course of the week, the average was recorded, and if it was higher than the week before, the computer increased the frequency of automated milking from that time onwards.

Max had become friends with Troye quite early on, and he noticed that the scruffy kid’s green light seemed to be on more often than not, but it never occurred to him that anyone could squirt 27 times in a day. When he lived on Earth, that would have been two or three weeks’ worth of orgasms.


Troye turned his attention back to Max.

“So Maxster, you any good at swimming?”


Max was momentarily bewildered by the right turn in the conversation.

“Yeah, swimming, splashy splashy,” Troye confirmed making doggy paddle movements with his arms.

“Erm, yeah, okay I guess. Why?”

Now it was Troye’s turn to look bewildered. He wrinkled his brow and looked to Bryan. Bryan gave an “I don’t know” shrug. With a lopsided grin, Troye spoke slowly like he was talking to an idiot.

“Beeecauuse weeee’ree abouuuut to goooo suwiiiimming!”

“No we’re not. We’ve got gym.”

“No, that was last month. This month it’s swimming.”

Max’s bewilderment deepened. He turned to Bryan his brows furrowed for verification.

“Yeah Max, he’s right. Didn’t you see the schedule?”

“I never read those. They send out so many, I started filtering admin mail.”

“You don’t wanna do that Max. Sometimes they send out important stuff. Just scan the briefs; you don’t have to read the whole thing.”

Max said, “Damn. I don’t have my shorts with me.” Then another thought occurred to him. “Hold up, how do we swim with the EV suits on?”

Max was referring to the Envirosuits that the boys were wearing. They were connected to a monitoring computer, and if they removed the suits for more than two minutes, it triggered a warning system, and the Expansion Bureau staff turned up to enforce the law. Because each boy had a chip embedded deep in his brain, which contained a transceiver and locator, it took real planning if he wanted to avoid being tracked and forced back into a suit.

Bryan explained, “The suit monitors are turned off during swim time, so that you can take the suit off.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” Max acknowledged, “but I still don’t have my shorts. Actually, I don’t think I even brought any with me. I’ll have to buy some for next time. Don’t suppose either of you can lend me a pair for now?”

“Shorts? What do you need shorts for?” Bryan asked.

“Well, what do you wear to swim?”

“Why would I wear anything? It’s swimming.”

Max studied Bryan’s face for a trace of deception as they walked towards the changing rooms. He saw none. He looked to Troye, but frankly, the kid always had a mischievous grin and a sparkle in his eye, so Max didn’t expect to glean much from his expression. Troye looked no more playful than usual.

“So, you’re telling me that you swim naked?” Max clarified.

“Of course. Who would wear anything to go swimming? Why would you need to?”

Max thought about it. The only reason was modesty, and he didn’t want to seem like an uptight prude by admitting it.

“I dunno. I guess, in case the girls saw you. Or something…” he trailed off lamely.

“Max, are you shy about anyone seeing your pee pee?!” Troye asked delighted at Max’s discomfort.

Max blushed and looked at the floor, unable to hide his embarrassment.

“I guess, a little,” he said, understating his feelings. “I mean, most of you guys have all been wearing EV suits for years. You’re all going to be a lot bigger than me. I just don’t wanna be the smallest, you know.”

“Yeah man, but really, what does it matter what you’ve got?” Bryan reassured him.

“I suppose,” Max conceded, but his sense of trepidation grew with each step nearer to the swimming pool that they took.


A few minutes later, they approached the door of the changing rooms. Max hoped against hope, that Bryan and Troye had simply been playing a joke on him, but as soon as he entered the changing room, he realised that they had not. There were about 25 teenagers either nude, or well on their way to being nude inside. He glanced around trying to play it casual, as he and his friends found some unoccupied benches and started to undress.

Bryan was the first one to get naked, and glancing at him furtively, Max could see that the boy had a respectable 7 inches of soft flesh between his legs. Like every other boy in the room, he was smooth as a baby, with not so much as a hint of pubic hair.

The harvesting station maintained all donors in that state for hygiene reasons. Once a month, as part of their daily cleaning cycle, they were sprayed with a special enzyme that prevented them from growing pubic hair. Although each of the boys was denuded when they first received their Envirosuits, the enzyme worked like a booster, that kept them as smooth as babies.

Although Max had been furious when he was tricked into surrendering his pubes, as he glanced at some of the other equally smooth boys, he couldn’t help but admit that they DID look better without  the unruly mess of pubic hair.

Troye stopped undressing and looked openly at Bryan’s genitals.

“Not bad. Not bad at all,” he said, nodding appreciatively. “So, you a shower or a grower?” he asked, referring to the size of Bryan’s penis when erect.

“Ah, I put on another couple of inches,” Bryan responded.


Max was still surprised at the easy way boys at Friedrich Krupp talked about their bodies and sexual matters. He wished that he had grown up there so that he was a little more comfortable with his own body.

In the two months since he’d been there, he’d had seven skin times – the weekly opportunity to get out of the Envirosuits for 30 minutes. Almost every boy at the school used it to masturbate or engage in some form of sexual activity. Max had missed out on the first skin time entirely because he hadn’t known it occurred. The second time, he’d got horny thinking about it, and had been harvested just minutes before, making it impossible for him to get it up in time to enjoy some hands on masturbation. Although his roommate Sam quite happily masturbated in front of him during skin time, Max was too shy to be seen aroused by his room-mate. Instead, he had covered himself, and gone to try to masturbate in the shower.


Max was determined to overcome his shyness, and quickly undressed, finishing before Troye. Just before he took his suit completely off, he hesitated, nervous that it would trigger a nudity alarm. It didn’t. His genitals simply slipped out of the suit. He could feel the slender tube withdrawing from his urethra as he pulled his genitals through the harvesting panel.

Troye hung his own EV suit up on a peg and turned to the others. He looked pointedly down at Max’s genitals. Max’s penis was three and a half inches long – a little shorter than its usual length, shrivelled by nervousness.

Troye murmured, “Awww” and made a mock sympathetic face.

Max crossed his arms defiantly as if to say, “So what? I am what I am. I’m not hiding for anyone.” It wasn’t how he felt inside, but as he couldn’t change his dimensions, he reasoned that the only way to deal with his enforced nudity was to brazen it out.

“Hey, you can’t speak noodle,” Bryan said defending Max. “At least when he fucks someone, they’re going to feel the sides!”

Max looked down at Troye’s genitals. The boy had a ten-inch tube of flesh flopping between his legs. Max immediately understood Bryan’s “noodle” comment. Troye’s proportions were way out of whack. Although he was impressively long, his penis was finger thin, and jiggled, serpentine, like a wet piece of spaghetti.

Troye grinned, good natured, and replied, “Hey, it’s not about width, it’s about length! When I’m pounding their kidneys and the ladies are moaning for more Troye salami, then we’ll see who laughing!”
Max couldn’t help but smile at Troye’s lewd brashness. The teenager had an unwarranted confidence, yet Max was certain that such self-assurance would work for him. He also had the sneaking suspicion that the boy wasn’t the kind of person to be deterred by rejection in any case.


The teenagers walked through a rear exit, passing through a shower area into the swimming pool. Max kept glancing at Troye’s snake-like penis, fascinated by the small ripples and jiggles that vibrated along its skinny length with each footfall.

They arrived in the main pool area, and stood along the side of the pool, a couple of metres from the water’s edge, as they waited for the coach to arrive. The pool was 50 yards long, grading from water that was three feet deep at one end, to eight feet at the other. Max and his friends stood near the four-foot marker. He could see a low G diving area off to the left.



There were 30 or so boys all told, standing in a casual row to either side of Max’s group. Looking up the line, he scanned the boys, taking the opportunity to get a good look at their junk so that he could compare against his own. He was easily one of the smallest there, but nobody seemed to be interested in ridiculing him. He looked to his left and was surprised to see two boys who looked quite out of place. They looked to be about 12 or 13 years old.

He nudged Bryan with his elbow.

“Hey Bryan, how old are those two kids?” He nodded towards the two younger boys.

“Those two, I dunno, about 13. Troye, do you know how old Maden and Jurnal are?”

“Yeah, they’re both 12.”

“Twelve!” Max repeated, surprised. “What are they doing here then?”

Troye answered.

“They’re from Pilar – they’re enhanced.”

“I thought genetic engineering wasn’t really allowed any more?”

“They’re not engineered. They’re just saturated. You know; using intensive brain imprinting. When they sleep, they get these direct transmissions to their brain. Those two rate over 250 points. They’re total brainoids.”

Max studied them more closely, intrigued. One of them looked every bit the twelve-year-old: small, timid, and out of his element amongst all these boys who were four to six years older than him. Max noted that, if the size of his genitals were anything to go by, he had not started puberty yet. He had a tiny penis, and a tight scrotum with balls that had clearly not dropped yet. He was standing with his arms across his body, looking as nervous as Max had felt.

The other boy was a little more robust looking. Still barely five feet tall, but with a lean body and nascent muscles visible beneath the skin of his belly. He was standing, legs apart, arms on his hips in a confident posture, as he talked to his shy associate. He was clearly the more self-assured of the two boys, and Max noted with interest that the kid had a semi-erection. And the kid’s boner was bigger than his. It was jutting out at 90 degrees to his body, but kind of drooping near the end. He was standing opposite the other boy chatting to him as though standing naked with an erection was nothing out of the ordinary. Although he was acting as though he was unaware of his erection, any psychologist would have recognised that he was in fact standing in that pose so that he could display himself to his pre-pubertal friend, in a primitive assertion of his superior masculinity. The shy boy kept glancing discreetly at the erection, making it was clear that the more mature boy’s posture was having the desired effect.

“Do they; you know: are they harvested?” Max asked Troye.

Troye looked at the kids.

“I dunno. Maden looks up for it, but Jurnal doesn’t look like he could even cum yet. Only Maden wears an EV suit.”

Bryan chipped in, “Why don’t you ask them?”

“Nah, I don’t want to be creepy. I was just wondering that’s all.”

“Why would it be creepy? There is one way you could tell,” Troye added. “Check if they’ve got waste plugs in their butts.”

“Oh yeah, of course,” Bryan said.

It was immediately obvious that Maden did indeed have a waste plug. Like all of the other older boys, the metallic base plate could clearly be seen between the cheeks of his bottom. They continued watching the boys for a few seconds, and soon enough they were able to confirm Troye’s earlier guess, that Jurnal had not been installed yet.


Waste plugs were part of the Envirosuit setup. Because the boys spent the vast majority of their week dressed in the suits, rather than allowing them to be removed for defecation, a six-inch-long waste plug was inserted into each boy’s anus, and locked in place. The plugs incorporated micro portals, so as solid waste made its way into a boy’s lower bowels, it was automatically rerouted to a disposal plant. At first, Max had hated the feeling of fullness that the plug produced in his rectum, as well as the sense that his anus was never quite closed thanks to the neck of the plug. But as he grew used to it, the advantages of being able to defecate anywhere, anytime, outweighed the feeling of strangeness.

As the guys waited for the coach to arrive, the sound of ribald laughter to his right attracted Max’s attention. He saw of group of boys who were two or three years older than him; perhaps 18 or 19. One of them had a massive erection, perhaps 11 inches long, and he was swinging it in front of him in large circles by gyrating his pelvis. Max was amused by the boy’s unashamed display. The boys around him were laughing loudly as he played the fool, and as he looked up and down the line, Max realised that at least half a dozen more boys by the pool had prominent erections, and nobody seemed all that bothered about hiding them.

“Lot of boners here,” he said to Bryan.

“Of course. It’s always like that when everyone gets out of their EV suits. I’d probably have one if I didn’t just get milked half an hour ago.”

Max was surprised by Bryan’s candour, but the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea that everyone was so unconcerned about their bodies. It was going to take him a while to get used to, but he felt certain that if he could drop his inhibitions, he would be a lot happier.

He continued watching the sausage performer, when a familiar face appeared behind the group, watching what they were doing. It was Brill. Although Max had seen Brill every week at Explorers, and they’d wrestled a couple more times, they hadn’t got to spend any real quality time together, so Max was thrilled to see the object of his fantasies. Brill’s face lit up and he walked over.

Max immediately felt his heart pounding as he realised that Brill’s nudity allowed him to get a good look at Brill’s penis. Max looked down at Brill’s dick, then immediately felt fearful of being caught looking. Even though it was completely accepted to be gay, especially out here on a frontier world that had left all the old bigotry behind, Max couldn’t quite shake his discomfort at openly expressing his growing same sex attraction.

Max quickly weighed that against the chance of not seeing Brill naked again, and how bad he would feel if he didn’t take this opportunity to add some actual first-hand visual footage to his fantasies. He put aside his discomfort, and took a good look at Brill’s dick as he approached. It was beautiful. So much better than the photo he’d seen on Sam’s pad.

“Hey Max. I’m up here,” Brill said with a smirk, as he arrived.

Max looked up and swallowed hard, embarrassed at being caught staring.

Bryan leaned in and whispered in Max’s ear, “Now who’s got a boner?”

Max was suddenly aware that his dick was indeed hard. Very hard. It pointed to Brill’s chin. He flushed, but refused to draw attention to it, or show shame by covering up. He was trying hard to fit in with the paradigms of this new school, and it was taking a very conscious effort not to shy away from all the new experiences.

Brill said, “Great to see you Max!”

He reached out and hugged Max tightly, and Max returned the hug, unsure if it was meant to be affectionate or not. He decided to play it safe and make it a bro hug, but his hard dick pressed against Brill’s leg. Brill dropped his arms from Max’s waist, and cupped his butt cheeks, pulling Max firmly towards him, in an undeniably sexual gesture. Then he stepped back and looked down at Max’s stiff rod.

“Looks like you’re happy to see me too, or is it just from being out of the EV suit?”

“I… I… “ Max stammered. He looked at the tiled floor, red-faced. “I’m happy to see you.” He was unwilling to make up a face-saving lie that might push Brill away.

Brill flashed him a sparkling smile.

“Good! Perhaps you could take that thing,” he waved in the general direction of Max’s boner. “And start a fight with Gomez.” He indicated the former willy-waver who was now bashing his erection against the equally stiff, if somewhat smaller erection of another boy, in a kind of humorous penile swordplay.

Max looked bashfully at Brill. There was no meanness or spite in his tone or his face. Gomez and his partner were too jockish for his tastes, but he thought how much he’d like to engage in some dick jousting with Brill.

“Unless there’s someone else you fancy doing it with. Someone closer,” Brill added, with a mischievous grin.

Max was shocked. Yet again, Brill seemed to pick up on his thoughts. He leaned forward and whispered in Brill’s ear.

“How do you do that?”

“What?” Brill asked with an exaggerated tone of innocence.

Max choked.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said, unable to admit to Brill how much he lusted after him.

Brill knew that Max’s inhibitions were making it hard for him to articulate his feelings. Brill looked him deep in the eyes. Max felt like Brill was looking right down to his soul, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable gaze because he saw nothing but warmth and affection in Brill’s eyes.

After what seemed like an hour, but was actually no longer than five seconds, Brill eased the intensity of his stare, and said with wink, “Not to worry. Some other time Max.”

Max started to breathe again. He felt almost tearful at the intensity of his feelings for Brill. He wanted to say something there and then, to tell Brill how much he liked him. He drew a breath ready to speak…


“Alright gentlemen, boners away, get into the pool with a partner!”

It was the voice of the coach who was standing on the other side of the pool. A ripple of disappointment passed across Max’s brow. Brill gave him a half smile.

“I know Max, I know.”

Max’s eyes widened at the comment. Did Brill really understand the emotions that he wanted to express, or was he talking about something else? Max was frustrated that the moment was lost, but at least he could partner with Brill for the rest of the lesson and enjoy his company.

Max turned and clambered down into the water, holding onto the side. There was a splash just in front of him, but to his surprise, it was not Brill’s face that surfaced. Instead, a spotty face he didn’t know rose out of the water.

“Hi there. You’re Macksh right? My namesh Shtan. You don’t mind if we partner do you?”

The kid in front of him was maybe 18, and far from handsome. His face was pock marked with acne, he had a nose that was too big, and ears that stuck out at far too sharp an angle. Max turned to look at Brill with a look of panic on his face. Brill grinned at him, and gave him a cheeky wink before walking off to partner someone else.

Max turned to face the boy in front of him, and he was disturbed to discover that the kid had moved right up, placing his arms on either side of Max’s body, leaning against the poolside, effectively cutting off any escape.

“You’re the Earther right? I’ve sheen you around. I’ve never met an Earther before. I wash watching you earlier,” Stan said. “You’ve got a nishe boner.”

Stan was right up in Max’s face, but Max didn’t want to hurt the kid’s feelings.

“Erm, thanks.”

“Sho do all Earthersh have bonersh like yoursh?”

“I don’t know. I never saw another one till I got here.”

“Oh really? What about when you have shecksh? Or do you only like girlsh?”

Max felt like this dweeby kid’s questions were way too personal for someone he didn’t even know.

“I don’t really want to talk about it with you Stan. I don’t even know you.”

“Oh, I undershtand,” Stan said, completely unphased. “You’re embarrashed right?”

“I guess, a little,” Max replied candidly.

Stan bent his arms so that he was only 18 inches from Max.

“You’re really cute when you’re embarrashed,” he told Max.

Although he respected Stan’s directness, Max was really feeling the pressure on his personal space, and Stan’s aggressive interest was making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Do you wanna get together later” Stan asked, moving even closer.

Max felt something brushing his abdomen a little way above his belly button. Stan pushed his pelvis forwards until their bellies were touching, and it became immediately apparent to Max, that the thing he’d felt touching him halfway up his stomach was Stan’s cock. Stan’s massive, thick cock, which was now trapped between their bellies.

Max was horrified, and he pushed the excited boy away.

“Can I get some fucking space please?!” he said, his anger flaring.

Stan grinned at him unabashed. Max looked down at Stan’s eager penis through the water. It had felt like a small canoe when it pressed against him, and now that he could see it, it appeared to be over a foot long and twice as thick as his own former erection.

“Shorry, but you’re jusht sho hot Macksh!” Stan gushed.

“Thanks, I really appreciate that, but dude, do you have to come on so strong?”

Stan looked momentarily abashed and awkward.

“Yeah, I can get like that if I really like shomeone. Shorry Macksh.”

Stan’s goofy lisp made Max feel sorry for the kid, and he felt guilty.

“No problem Stan. Let’s just get on with the class okay?”

“Roger!” Stan replied, with a happy grin.


The class started with some basic swimming drills. Stan and Max took it in turns to swim across the pool and back, using various strokes. When it was Stan’s turn to swim back stroke, Max saw the boy’s massive, and now flaccid penis trailing along between his legs, like some kind of aquatic monster pursuing him, biting at the root of his balls. Although Max had been the unwilling victim of its attentions, he couldn’t help but be impressed by its immense length. Even flaccid, it was at least ten inches long, and the root poked out of the water a good inch or two.

The class proceeded onto lifesaving skills. As the hour-long lesson moved into the final 15 minutes, the boys had to practice rescuing a drowning person. Max went first. He had to swim two widths of the pool on his back towing Stan along. Max lay on his back in the water behind Stan, who was also laying on his back. Max then wrapped his arm around the kid’s chest, and using a backwards sculling stroke, he towed Stan along. Now that he was closer, with Stan on his back, he realised that the kid had by far the largest, ugliest penis he’d ever seen. Although it was clean and smooth shaven, it had a greasy, dark brown appearance, and a lumpy surface, like cellulite. It had a thick, brutish foreskin, and a long bulbous glans, larger than a plum. Max was mesmerised and curious about why it was so huge but he didn’t want to ask about it, in case his curiosity gave Stan the wrong impression.

“I’ve been in an Enviroshuit shinsh I wash eight,” Stan said out of nowhere.

“Excuse me?” Max queried.

“I’ve been wearing Enviroshuitsh shinsh I wash eight yearsh old. That’sh why my dicksh sho big.” Stan clarified.

Max was shocked that Stan answered precisely what he was wondering. He continued swimming backwards.

“Why so early?” he asked, spitting water from his mouth breathlessly.

“My dad’sh the Cap. He figured it would shet a good example.”

“Of this school? Wow, that must suck.”

“Yeah, it’sh kind of annoying. Having him around all the time, alwaysh checking up on me.”

Max swam on in silence for minute whilst he digested this new information. Cap was the equivalent of a dean or headmaster, so knowing that Stan’s father was the most important person at Freidrich Krupp school explained a lot. Max had not seen the Cap many times since he’d been at the school, but the man was easily in his 60s, if not older, and even though teachers tended to be a lot less authoritarian than in the distant past, Dr Arnold still seemed excessively stuffy and uptight.

Eventually Max said, “Surely at that age, you didn’t…”

He let the sentence trail off.

“Jizsh? I dunno. I don’t think sho. But the implant shtill made me horny.”

Max wondered to himself if that was why Stan was so sexually aggressive and horny now.

“Probably.” Stan said.

“Probably what?” Max asked.

“Probably why I’m sho horny all the time,” Stan explained.

Max was unsettled. This was the second time that Stan had answered a private thought, and he wasn’t the only one – Brill had done so several times as well. He wasn’t a superstitious boy, but nor did Max believe in excessive numbers of coincidences.

As he reached the other side of the pool and turned, he noticed that Stan’s penis was hardening again. It slowly raised from between his knees, and flopped back onto his stomach with a slap. It extended along his belly like an extra limb. It looked better hard, but Max couldn’t imagine any hole that could accept its width, much less its length. He stared at it constantly as he towed Stan back to the side where he had started from. As they neared the edge, Stan’s foreskin retracted, to reveal its glistening head. The coach had noticed Stan’s erection. The boy was famous amongst the staff for the size of his penis, and even though he’d been looking at it for three years, Coach Sandusky was still impressed by it.



Max and Stan changed places, and Stan towed Max across the pool. Almost immediately, Max realised that Stan’s gargantuan penis was going to be prodding him in the spine the whole journey. As awestruck as he was by the monstrous appendage, he didn’t really want it rubbing against him for the next few minutes. He said nothing for the first half width, but it quickly became annoying to him.

“Is there any chance that you can do something about your dick rubbing against my back?”

“Shorry,” Stan said, not at all sorry.

In fact, the friction had been really turning him on. He turned onto his side so that his penis was not touching Max, but he was unable to swim strongly in that position, and they both rapidly sank beneath the water. They resurfaced spluttering.

“Shorry, can’t shwim on my shide.”

“Can’t you, well; can’t you bend it out of the way?”

“I’ll try,” Stan replied.

He tried to push his penis to the side, but it immediately sprang back to the centre. Then he pushed it down towards his knees. It sprang back up between Max’s legs, pressing tight up against Max’s genitals.

It was all Sandusky could do not to wet himself laughing. He knew that Stan was sexually aggressive, and he’d seen him coming onto other boys in the pool in the past. But his antics with the Earth boy were hilarious. Other boys tended to be much blunter in declining the kid’s advances, but Max seemed unwilling to risk offending the boy. It was a nice trait, but it was not serving him well now.

Max sighed, as Stan swam on. He wished he hadn’t said anything at all now. Stan’s dick was rubbing against his nutsack with every stroke. Eventually he could take no more.

“This isn’t working. I don’t want your dick whacking me in the balls the whole way. Put it back where it was to start with.”

“Okie dokey,” Stan said breezily, loving the entire experience.

He returned his penis to its original position and continued the swim.

It was just as well for Max that this was scheduled phys ed time, or Stan would likely have ejaculated onto his stomach whilst his dick was rubbing between Max’s legs. Stan had found it unbearably arousing as his thick cock had massaged the Earther’s testicles. However, whilst the implants in their heads allowed them to remove their Envirosuits without triggering a nudity alarm, the same implants also blocked the ejaculatory response. Thus, the boys could get extremely aroused, but could not ejaculate, wasting their precious sperm. Some boys used that as an opportunity to wank without the mess, but most simply found the idea of arousal without completion frustrating.

Just as Max had done to him, Stan looked at Max’s genitals for the whole time he was in tow. He was surprised at just how small Earther’s genitals were compared to the other students, and he was desperate find out how Max behaved when he came. He wondered if Max had even had sex yet.

Stan finally reached out and gripped the edge of the pool, disappointed that the exercise was over. Max was “saved”, and Stan released his hold around the boy’s chest. Max’s feet sank to the bottom and he stood up, relieved not to have Stan’s wang poking him in the back any more. He turned to Stan.

“Don’t take this the wrong way Stan, but I’m glad that’s over.”

“I’m not,” Stan replied honestly. “You’re sho cute Macksh.”

“Thanks Stan,” Max replied, genuinely touched by the older boy’s affection.

“Why don’t we get together for shkin time shome time?” Stan suggested, hopefully.

“Ummm, I don’t know about that Stan. I still haven’t even got used to skin time on my own, if you know what I mean.”

Stan knew exactly what Max meant. The Earther was so shy about his body. It was one of the things that made him so cute.

“How about wreshling then – at leasht we can do that, huh?”

Max was feeling pressured, but he didn’t want to hurt Stan’s feelings.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Great!” Stan said enthusiastically. “When?”

Max had no intention of following through on it, but he thought that if he was vague enough, he could stall Stan until he lost interest or forgot about it.

“I don’t know, next month some time?” he offered. “I’m pretty busy.”

“Nexsht month it ish.” Stan said, taking Max’s deferral as a firm date. “It’ll be great. I can’t wait!”

Max couldn’t help but be touched by Stan’s child-like enthusiasm. Stan reminded him of a kid thinking about presents as Hitchmas approached. But he also found the kid’s almost predatory sexual interest disturbing. He understood now, what people meant, when they said they just felt like a piece of meat, and frankly, he was relieved when coach Sandusky announced that the lesson was over and they should leave the pool.

Max climbed out of the pool, and glanced towards Brill, who was already out of the water five yards along the pool. Brill had a wicked smirk on his face, and he gave him a knowing wink. Max waited for Brill to reach him so that they could walk out together, but before Brill could get close, Stan’s arm draped around Max’s shoulder, guiding him towards the exit. Max turned to Stan surprised, and barely disguised his irritation at the way the boy seemed to be staking out ownership of him. He looked back over his shoulder at Brill, as Stan led him away.

“Actually Stan, I want to speak to Brill a moment. I’ll see you some other time.”

“That’sh okay, I can wait.”

“Nah, don’t bother, I want to speak to him in private,” Max responded.

Stan looked at Brill, then back at Max, and for the first time, Max saw an emotion cross his face that was not lust or puppy dog adoration. It was more like irritation. It stayed for a moment, and then was replaced by a more neutral expression.

“Okay Macksh. Don’t forget, wreshling nexsh month.”

Stan walked away to get changed, as Brill approached.

“Enjoy that?” he asked.

Max didn’t want to badmouth Stan, but his expression said it all. Brill laughed loud.

“Yeah, Stan can be a bit… intense. You’ll have to be strong with him or he’ll be all over you.”

“He was already all over me. I just spent the last ten minutes with his dong sticking me in the back!” Max whispered.

“Yeah, his dick’s really something huh? I feel sorry for him, with his dad and all, but he can really be a nuisance. You need to be careful.”

The boys carried on chatting as they made their way to the showers. In the showers, Max was surprised to find half a dozen boys, including Stan, openly masturbating. As he briefly stood under a shower jet chatting to Brill, Max studiously avoided looking at any of the masturbators.

“So how come you’re here Brill. I didn’t think you took phys ed the same time as me?” Max asked.

“I didn’t, but my schedule got changed so now I’m doing it the same time as you.”

“White hot!” Max said, delighted that he would get to see more of Brill.

He lifted his head to look at Brill, but across from him, Stan was pounding away at himself, and making no effort to disguise the fact that he was looking at Max’s dick. Max felt dirty and irritated, and turned his back so that Stan couldn’t see his genitals anymore.

Coach Sandusky walked into the showers and stood watching the boys showering for a good ten seconds, before saying, “Okay guys, hands off cocks. It’s time for lockdown again. Go and get dressed.”

The boys shuffled from the showers to the changing rooms, and after a quick rub-down with hytowels, they all dressed. Max pulled on his Envirosuit, and even before he’d pulled the zipper at the front of his suit all the way up, he could feel the robotic arms in the harvester station, reinserting the collection pipe into his penis. It was a strange feeling to have his body and his genitals in two totally different locations, engaged in two totally different activities, and it was something that he didn’t imagine he’d ever get used to.

As the period finished, and they left the changing room, within minutes, 32 of the boys’ harvesting lights turned green.


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