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The pledges at Alpha Chi Omega have to prove their commitment to join the fraternity. Three orgasms one after another, every day for a month.
How much would you pay to watch?

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    • Lord Alexander-
    • 5th March 2023 at 5:05 am-
    • Reply

    “No, really, dude, I’ve got tickets to the final Alpha Chi Omega. Suck Down.”
    “WTF, Day 30? No f-ing way, Jordan. Nobody can get tickets to that.”
    “My dad is a legacy.”
    “What? Not! Liar! If your dad was a legacy, you’d be in AXΩ at the next induction ceremony.”
    “Yeah, I know. And legacies don’t have to do the 30-day 3-times a day suck off.”
    “Dude! You mean it, you mean you have tickets and we can watch these desperate plebs try one last time to get to frat-gasm number three?”
    “Well, that’s just it. I said I had tickets. I didn’t say you could watch.”
    “You built that up just to tell me I can’t go?”
    “You can’t go. But, you can cum.”
    “See not all the pledges made it to day 30 and they need new members.”
    “I’m sponsoring you.”
    “What are the tickets for then?”
    “So, I can watch you suck yourself off three times on day one with hopes of doing it again 29 more times.”
    “WTF? Why would you think I’d even consider doing that.”
    “I’ve seen you in our dorm at night with your mouth wrapped around that big knob of yours.”
    “Why are you watching me?”
    “Dude, it’s always like 3 am and you have your legs over your head making noises like a stuck hog. Did you think I wouldn’t wake up?
    “And I know you can cum multiple times. So, you’re a perfect pledge.”
    “And, what, brah?”
    “And, if you don’t find a new pledge by the final day for the current group of pledges, you have to suck yourself off three times a day for a month even if you are a legacy.”
    “How ‘ta hell did you know that?”
    “Why do you think I’ve been practicing in our dorm every night where you could see me?”
    “So, you know that I’m a legacy?”
    “Yeah. And if you want to sponsor me as a pledge, you have to kiss me like you mean it.”
    “Damn, both of our dreams are coming true.”

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