Hercules wrestling Diomedes the tyrant

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I recently discovered what may be one of the greatest sculptures ever – Hercules and Diomedes.

In Greek mythology, Diomedes, the tyrannical son of the god Ares, has a kingdom in Thracia (a region overlapping the borders of modern Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece), which he ruled brutally, feeding shipwrecked victims to his carnivorous, fire-breathing horses known as “The mares of Diomedes.”

As one of his twelve labours, Hercules defeats Diomedes in naked combat, then ties him up and feeds him to his own horses. Like you do.

The sculpture was created in 1560 by Vincenzo de’ Rossi, and shows Diomede’s innovative way of suggesting that maybe Hercules should NOT go through with the epic throw that he has set up to do.

I imagine Hercules took the hint and found another way of defeating him.

I hope you like my slight reinterpretation.

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