A group of young cadets are the first to join the involuntary donor program.

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    • Martín Ugalde Ruiz-
    • 30th May 2022 at 4:39 pm-
    • Reply

    Please, when you can write a story about this. I like very much your works. Greetings from Spain.

    • Anonymous-
    • 2nd June 2022 at 5:43 pm-
    • Reply

    I agree that a story to accompany these images would be great if you get a chance.

  • yum

    • Lord Alexander-
    • 8th January 2023 at 7:25 pm-
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    The involuntary training program is thought by many citizens to be a judicial process. They assume that some crime was committed and the offender is sentenced. No public official dissuades that belief.

    The benefits of the program are frequently expounded upon by the government and by CODE (The Commission On Determent Enforcement). which makes public approval of the program at nearly 100pct.

    When an offender involuntarily joins The Program, a CODE van will show up in the earliest hours of the morning at his home. Resistance to being taken in is useless. Four strong men with a large belt that gets wrapped around the offender’s waist can open the front door, enter the bedroom, hold the offender, strap the belt around, and have him in the van in under 2 minutes. If required, a gag and a TASER can be used. However, most offenders quickly realize that they have no choice and quietly go along.

    Most of the time schools, neighbors, and families are relieved to see the offender gone. Trouble lessons on all fronts, and homes become far more peaceful. Citizens know better than to ask about where an offender has gone or what he did once they see his name listed on the roster.

    Almost no citizens are aware that the decision that an offender will join the program is made entirely by CODE. CODE monitors school grades, infractions of school policy, complaints by neighbors, and if a home has obedient members. There is no check on CODE’s decision. No court has jurisdiction to overrule CODE.

    CODE also monitors health records and sometimes looks for males with attributes that will make them useful, or at least interesting to the techs, to the program. Committing an offense is not the only reason an offender might be taken to the program.

    If CODE wants to label a male as an offender, they simply do so and collect him. The reason could be as simple as one of the directors thinks the offender is good-looking and wants to see him naked. All CODE directors and techs are male.

    Offenders eventually return to society but, the length of time CODE will keep them in the program is never known.

    Tech training takes minimal time. Once the offender has been put in a straight jacket and leg spreaders, hanging him upside down is only a matter of hooking up the winch and raising the offender.

    The instant offenders are raised for the first time in the milking room, they become a Cadet. The rank above Cadet is called Parolee. This status is reached only on release from the program.

    Techs milk Cadets manually using any device or technique they desire. The only training for techs is on-the-job training. They milk their first Cadet the instant they are hired. Some techs pride themselves on how many Cadets they can bust (get to orgasm) in a day. While other techs like to see how many hours one single Cadet can last before producing the largest single load of milk in a day.

    Many techs use a vibrator because of how quick it is and they don’t want to touch another guy’s junk. After a few weeks, most techs overcome this objection and will often lube up a Cadet and milk in the same manner he wishes he could milk himself.

    Techs are all eunuchs – although not entirely. Every tech loses his penis the day he of his job interview. His testicles, and therefore his desire to cum, are left intact.

    Why CODE demands that only men with no penis become techs isn’t known. The techs speculate that it is to make them more ruthless in their milking techniques.

    Vibrators work most erotically on a Cadet’s penis. But, some techs will relieve their boredom by pushing the vibrator hard into the Cadet’s balls. Although painful at first, the Cadet will shoot a load and that is all the tech’s supervisor cares about.

    Officially, a Cadet’s juices are referred to as milk. Milk is used for science. The directors have found that pheromones in Cadet milk can be put into the air of the milking room to increase tech efficiency and Cadet milk.

    Mostly, however, the milkings are done as a behavioral modification. CODE has no use for over 95pct of the milk collected and it is placed into the food supply as a protein supplement.

    The images demonstrate the first Cadets and techs. Today, the program has over 10,000 Cadets and 3,000 techs. Every Cadet is milked at least once a day and some are milked as often as a dozen times a day.

    Society is very impressed with CODE’s success rate. Once released from the program a Parolee (former Cadet) is docile and has an IQ at just the functioning range. They gladly take the most menial jobs and have great work ethics as this was drilled into them at every milking.

    The mantra playing in Cadet’s earbuds was, “If you don’t want to return to the program, you will follow orders once released.”

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