Nathan has joined this site!

Talented author Nathan has joined this site!

He writes castration stories, and has a fiendishly devious mind. Unfortunately, his work is not straight-forwards to access, and he invited me to host it on my site. His style is ajust a little different to mine; more enthusiastic about the narration shall we say.
There are not a large number of authors that I like enough to share their work; Nathan, Zipper, Byzwriter, Tim Foure, and of course the ever-superb Storytime Sam. I’ve shared one story by Sam, and none by any of the others, but all have inspired my art.

Nathan’s story are wide ranging, but he has three series in particular; “Gangs, Balls and…” in which castration or ball busting is used in a modern gang scene; “Fucking tables” in which a series of tables are used to unman the unfortunates whilst they fuck, and Ayzintion, by far my favourite, set in a fictitious Roman era city in which castration is as common a punishment as receiving a fine is today. There’s also a culinary element which is broadly historically accurate.

I will be hosting Nathan’s stories occasionally, covering some of my favourites and seeing where the tides take us.

Thank you for offering your work and welcome Nathan!

 Fans can reach Nathan directly at: nathan9001@yahoo.com

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