Hugo’s pets – part 2

Fantasy, castration, kidnapping, rape

The darkest night of Timur’s life continues.

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Hugo’s pets – Part 2

When Timur awoke, he was completely naked and laying in a bed of rags, arranged nest-like on a floor made of stone flagstones.  But he didn’t care. All he cared about for the time-being, was the agony between his legs. He clambered to a sitting position, with his back against the rough, cold wall, spread his knees wide and looked down between his legs. His penis was tiny, almost shrunken fully inside his body, but his scrotum was just a little larger than normal, and looked as though it held two dark purple, misshapen fruits, each twice the size of a hazelnut. They were two throbbing lumps of agony, that emanated pain outwards, up into his stomach and even down into the top of his thighs. It felt as though the pain was travelling along his very veins and sinews, although in reality, it was the interconnected nerves that passed up into his abdomen and down his inner thighs that were screaming in protest at the abuse his testicles had suffered.

He opened his thighs even wider and timidly reached for his eggs, lifting them gently. They were heavier than usual, and even their own weight pained him. He grimaced at the bolts of throbbing pain that radiated continuously out from each testicle, almost as sharp as the moment the vampire had burst them.

Timur probed the left one as gently as he could, and even the lightest touch made him wince at the pain, but he had to know how badly they were damaged.

The death of his family hung like a dark cloud in his mind, but he didn’t even dare to contemplate the event. Right now, his own survival was paramount, but even before that, he had to deal with the pain that made it hard even to breath.

He gently explored the testicle, and quickly discovered the point where the tunica had split and the soft meat within had squirted through.  He had no medical comprehension, but he correctly intuited that when a part of your testicle is turned to mush, the testicle would be beyond saving. He let out a few grizzling sobs, before moving on to his right testicle. His brother used to tease him about how much larger it was than his left.

“Potato and the pea!” he used to joke.

Far more flesh had squirted out of that testicle, and now pooled in a sloppy mush at the base of his scrotum. He touched the evacuated meat gently. There was no sensation, but what remained of the testicle was agonising.


“He burst your eggs?” a voice asked.

Timur’s head whipped up and he saw a boy about his own age. The boy was naked. Timur noticed that his penis was also tiny and his scrotum appeared empty.

Timur gritted his teeth and gave a terse nod.

“He likes to do that. You must have upset him. Did you fight back?”

Timur nodded again.

“Who… what is he?” he asked, struggling to speak through the pain.

“His name is Hugo. He’s a vampire. A blood-sucker. And you’re his latest pet. He likes pretty boys. You’re the fifth. He’s very choosy. You’re lucky I suppose. Usually, he just fucks them and kills them.”

“My… my balls,” Timur groaned. “They hurt so badly. Can you help?”

“Did he bite you right after he burst them?”

Timur nodded.

The other boy looked sad.

“Then I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do. He did it deliberately just before he turned you. So that you would feel the pain a long time.”

“How long?” Timur managed to ask.

“Forever. You’ll learn to cope with it, maybe in a few months, maybe years, but it will never go away. It’s his way of reminding you never to defy him. It took Anatoly 2 years before he could cope with it, and I don’t think Kasimir ever got used to it.”

“I don’t understand,” Timur said in gasping breaths.

“It’s part of the curse,” the other boy explained dropping to his knees by Timur. “However you are when he turns you is how you will be forever. I was lucky. He took my eggs cleanly – crushed the cords with his nail. They were dead before he turned me, then they just withered away afterwards. Almost no pain.”

“But what does he want with us?”

The other boy looked almost surprised by the question.

“Why, to use us of course. Why else?”

Timur frowned in confusion, so the other boy elaborated.

“Have you dipped your rod yet? Fucked a girl?”

Timur nodded.

“Yes, a few times.”

“Well, that’s why Hugo keeps US. He likes to fuck boys. And he likes to have his rod sucked by boys. And a lot more besides. You’ll find out soon enough.”

He stood up.

“Anyway, the master sent me to collect you. Whatever you do, show him complete respect at all times. As bad as you feel now, he can make things MUCH worse, believe me.”

Timur looked at the other youth with a deep sense of dread. He was in so much pain that he could barely breathe. He accepted the hand that the boy offered.

“I’m Nikolai by the way. We’ll be getting to know each other very well.”

He pulled Timur to his feet, and Timur whimpered as the effort tugged on his cords of his testicles, increasing the pain. He limped slowly along, following Nikolai as the other teen lead him through the murky stone halls of what seemed to be a castle or a vast ancient manor house.

Every step sent bolts of pain through his groin. Timur had never been so aware of his testicles; the way they hung; the way they swung as he moved. He tried cupping them to stop them moving but the pressure of his hands only made things worse. Yet his eggs refused to tuck up higher for protection, and it felt as though his own body obtusely fought against him.

They arrived outside a heavy, well-worn oak door and Nikolai stopped.

“This could be bad. He can be very cruel. But nothing he does will kill you. Just remember, you’ll wake up no worse tomorrow than you are today. Be humble, respectful and above all, obedient, and hopefully the master will show you mercy.”

With that, he knocked on the door.

“Come,” the master’s deep voice commanded.

Nikolai opened the door and stood aside so that Timur could enter. Timur walked timidly into the room, his hands cupped in front of his groin. Waiting for him was the man who had murdered his family. Nikolai closed the door and withdrew, leaving them alone.

The man looked up and gave a half smile.

“My name is Hugo. You will call me master. From this point on your life is here with me. You will do whatever I tell you without question. As you have already discovered, I am more than willing to punish you, and quite capable of doing so in the most… uncomfortable of ways.”

His smile morphed into a smirk.

“How are your eggs by the way?”

Timur looked down towards his hands.

“Very, uh, very painful sir. Master.”

“Good. They will serve as a reminder never to defy me again. Now move your hands aside. Nothing you formerly owned is yours any more. Your body is mine. Your rod is mine. Your hole is mine.”

Hesitantly, like a coquettish geisha, Timur moved his hands aside in a series of small jerks. He was not generally shy about his body, but then his genitals were not generally the focus of attention.

Hugo was reclining on a padded chair next to his bed.

“Come closer boy, so that I can get a better look at you.”

Timur moved closer and Hugo stared at his groin.

“Your rod is small. Pain does that. It will shrink smaller still over time. It’s one of the few changes that this gift allows. Your eggs will never heal. That is the price you pay for defiance.”

“You were killing my little brother.”

Hugo’s hand whipped out, fast as a striking cobra, and he struck Timur’s injured testicles with the back of his fingers. Timur gasped and fell to the floor in agony, clutching at his testicles, rolling around making toneless groans of air.

“Watch your mouth boy.”

Timur turned his head up towards the vampire, his eyes filled with tears. He knew that he was going to have to watch every single word if he was to avoid a future filled with even worse pain.

Hugo reached down and gripped him by the throat, effortlessly lifting him off the floor with an impossibly strong grip. Timur grasped at the man’s arm, desperate to free his airway. Hugo threw him backwards onto the bed.

Timur lay, momentarily stunned by his utter powerless.

“Don’t move!” Hugo snarled at him, and Timur complied, laying absolutely rigid on the bed, looking back at him, terrified even to blink, his eyes wide.


Hugo tore open the front of his own breeches to reveal a hefty meat snake within. He pulled his cock out, allowing it to flop over the slit in the front of his trousers. Timur looked at it with dread. It was twice as big as his own under normal circumstances, but now, with his penis no more than a shrunken slug, the man’s snake was at least six times the size.

Hugo gripped it in his fist, unskinning the dark purple head with the first tug. He tugged a few times more, and it hardened shockingly fast. Within mere seconds it stood up, as thick as a baby’s arm, and hard as a branch. The man reached into a pot that stood atop his bedside bureau and withdrew a wad of grease. He slathered it onto his hard rod with his fingertips, smearing it across with his palm.

Hugo looked down at Timur.

“Have you had a rod in your hole before?”

Timur shook his head fearfully.

“Not even your brother’s?”

Timur’s head barely moved as he shook it once again.

Hugo grinned.

“Good. Then this will be a new experience for you.”

He leaned forwards and grabbed the boy’s ankles, yanking Timur towards the edge of the bed, lifting the boy’s ass into the air and spreading his legs as his did so. Timur instinctively placed hands across his groin.

Hugo grinned in the flickering orange candle light.

“It’s not your eggs I’m interested in; not this time.”

He switched his grip so that he was holding the boy behind the knees, spreading Timur’s legs to either side of his own body, and lifting the boy’s rump off the bed, then he aimed his cock at Timur’s hole.

“Please,” Timur begged. “not that! I’m a man.”

Hugo laughed.

“You’re a boy, not a man. And soon you’ll be more girl than boy. I’m going to turn your asshole into a cunt.”

“No master I…”

Timur never finished the sentence. Hugo made good on his promise and thrust his enormous rod into the helpless teenager’s virgin hole.

Despite the continuing pain in his tortured eggs, which now flopped back towards his belly, Timur still screamed anew as the vampire’s hard tool penetrated him, stretching then tearing his hole. This was no tender introduction to the pleasures of anal intercourse; it was a brutal invasion; a savage rape in which Hugo’s unnaturally hard member ploughed a new furrow into Timur’s hole.

Timur felt like a rabbit being fucked by a stallion, bloated by a cock that was far too large for him. Hugo pushed, balls-deep on his very first thrust, moving slowly only so that the boy could feel the full experience of being turned into a woman, and feel it Timur did. The stretching and tearing were terrible enough, but the feeling of being filled as 11, 12, 13 inches of thick vampire meat burrowed into him was the worst bit. The stretching was painful; more than painful, but feeling every inch of the man’s cock as it displaced his intestines was what made him feel as though he was being emasculated. He could see a ridge along his belly, denoting the progress of the superhuman meat.

Then Hugo started thrusting, smashing in hard on every down stroke, as though he was trying to destroy Timur’s insides, and the ridge appeared and disappeared. Timur gritted his teeth, reluctant to afford the sadist any more satisfaction, but his prick couldn’t lie. It was now shrunken to less than an inch; a quarter of its former size. He looked up at his now-pitiful cock as it wobbled against his belly with each pounding stroke, it pointed toward his chin like a tiny thumb.

“Come on boy, let’s see a little life in you!” Hugo said, and smacked the teenager’s destroyed eggs hard with a cupped hand.

Hugo jumped at the pain, arching his hips into the air, before dropping them back down and undergoing a pained, sinuous series of continuous writhing motions. Hugo gripped his hips to prevent him twisting right off his rod, but Timur’s squirming massaged Hugo’s rod, enhancing his pleasure significantly.

“That’s more like it! Do you like the feeling of my rod in your hole? You look as though you do. I’ll wager you never enjoyed poking a girl as much as you are enjoying being poked right now. I’m sure that you have been secretly waiting all your life for a man to give you a good cunting haven’t you?”

He grinned widely, and while Timur was greatly distracted by the agony in his eggs and hole, Hugo could see that his words were penetrating the red haze of pain, just as his cock penetrated the boy’s virgin hole. He enjoyed toying with his pets, especially in the early days, when they still saw themselves as virile males. Attacking their sense of masculinity with his words and actions was part of the fun.

He continued savagely fucking Timur in the candle light, and the young man continued to groan and cry, trapped between his need to fight for his sense of masculine identity, and the danger of putting up any resistance whatsoever.

Every so often, when he felt that Timur’s writhing had lost its intensity, Hugo would slap him again in his swollen testicles, energising the teenager into a new flurry of involuntary movement.

In between slaps, Timur became aware of something unsettling; the vampire’s erection was cold as ice.

“Cold as the grave,” Timur realised with a shiver.


Eventually, Hugo reached a noisy climax. Timur felt cold fluid spurting into him but Hugo hastily withdrew and took his enormous member in his fist, pumping it urgently to maintain the peak of arousal. A veritable fountain of fluid spurted from the eye, and Hugo directed it onto Timur’s upturned scrotum. It splashed from Timur’s broken eggs onto his face. Timur turned away in disgust, as his new master continued to annoint him with his cum.

“Your eggs will be forever dry, but don’t worry, mine are never dry, and I’m only to happy to share it with you,” Hugo sneered. “Of course, it won’t be as enjoyable for you as it used to be when you were the one squirting, but you can take it as a small consolation.”

He eventually stopped squirting, and looked down. Timur looked as though he had showered in the creamy fluid.

Timur wiped it from his eyes, and timidly looked up at himself. The vampire’s semen was glowing. Timur did not want to ask why, but he imagined it was like some kind of magical potion, not that he’d ever seen a magical potion to compare against.


Hugo reached down and gripped both of Timur’s goo-coated testicles in his hand. Timur looked up at him in alarm, his eyes pleading and the vampire paused. The boy hoped for a second that even in Hugo’s black heart there was a tiny grain of mercy. Then Hugo squeezed hard, renewing Timur’s pain.

“Ahhh, AHHHH!” the teenager screamed.

“I’m done for now,” Hugo said. “Go find one of the other boys and wash yourself off. I want you clean ready for supper.”

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